June 18, 2016 – GH Times Two & Father’s Day Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Andre apologizes to Jordan for how he handled things and tells her that he loves her. She doesn’t know what to say and wonders how he got to point B from their point A argument over Anna. Andre says he had to shrink himself and find out what was going on in his own head. He says it became clear that he cherishes her, even when she’s angry. He doesn’t expect saying I love you will fix things, but he wanted her to know how he really feels.

Monica asks Finn why the syringe and works were in his locker.

Curtis tells Valerie they should take the celebration elsewhere, but Hayden interrupts. She needs his help. Curtis says he’s not available for her right now, but she wants to know how to declare someone legally dead. He says she’ll have to wait until tomorrow or consult a lawyer. He tells her that friendship is a two-way street and he’s busy right now. Valerie says he’s all Hayden’s because she wants to celebrate with her fellow cadets.

Ava and Nicholas sit by the fire in the hotel lobby. Nicholas asks if she followed him and she says it’s the place she always stays while in London because it’s discreet. She says if she was going to turn him in, the police would be there by now, and the hotel is perfect for people with something to hide. He asks what she’s hiding.

Sam and Jason bask in the afterglow. Sam says life on the run is exciting and gives her a rush. She calls Spinelli who has gotten her the code for the alarm at the pawn shop. Jason asks if she’s sure she wants to do this herself. He says two heads are better than one, but she says she can be faster alone.

TJ gets a paid internship at GH. He and Molly celebrate.

Monica says she’ll have the syringe tested and has no choice but to suspend Finn’s duties in the meantime. He says he’s done nothing wrong. Tracy says Monica will suspend him over her dead body. Monica explains the situation and tells Tracy that a syringe was confiscated from his locker and she has no choice because he won’t tell her what it is. Tracy says if he’s a psychopath, why wouldn’t he have started with her. Finn says don’t worry, it’s all good. Tracy tells Monica she can kiss her job good-by.

Nicholas says he assumes the police would think he took a private plane and Ava says he should have taken it a step further and flown coach. He asks her what she wants. She says she wouldn’t mind a dinner companion. He asks again what she wants in exchange for her silence. She says the same thing she wanted on the plane, an explanation as to why he’s a dead man walking.

Hayden gives a glowing report to Valerie about Curtis.

Jordan says she once let her feelings trump her job and she doesn’t want it to happen again. Andre says he doesn’t expect her to say it back, he just wanted her to know. He says he’s not trying to manipulate her, just stating his position. He hopes she can get over the Anna thing, as his life would suck without her. They kiss. She says it feels amazing to know he loves her and as soon as she gets through the work piled on her desk, he’ll definitely see her again.

TJ introduces Molly to Curtis. Curtis says maybe they can spend some time together, but he’s on a date right now. Valerie asks to steal him away. She asks Curtis if it’s okay that she spend more time celebrating with her peeps, and he says he totally understands. He says she’s also given him the best idea he’s had in a long time.

The bartender tells Finn to get “that thing,” meaning Roxie, out of here. He says she’s a service animal and Hayden threatens to record the conversation. The bartender shrugs and asks what they’re having. They order and Hayden pets Roxie.

Ava says she was accused of murder, but what possessed Nicholas to ditch his wonderful life and deprive himself of his son and his son of him? She wonders if it’s Hayden. Nicholas says he’s not going to tell her what she wants to hear. Ava says that the only thing that could keep her away from her daughter is prison. Huck shows up saying what a coincidence.

Sam puts the code in the alarm and goes into the pawn shop. She gets the info she wants pretty quickly, but the owner comes out with a gun.

Jordan is startled when she walks in the office and Curtis is sitting there. He asks if Valerie kicked him to the curb, and he says she’s still celebrating. She says Valerie deserves the celebration. He goes down Memory Lane about being a cop and says he’d like to go back to it. Jordan thinks he’s just being nostalgic and says as good as he was at his job, he still blew his career. Curtis says not if you believe in second chances and asks her to help him become a cop again.

Molly says she’s left the house and she’s not coming back until Alexis gets a clue about Julian. TJ suggests they live together next semester. Molly says her dad should be okay with it, but what about Jordan? TJ says she should be fine with it too, and Molly suggests they talk to Sonny.

Monica tells Tracy to go ahead and try, but she has good reason for suspending Finn, and that all of the evidence points to him. She explains that one of his deceased patients had the same drug in them that Lucas did. Tracy says his syringe might contain something harmless, but Monica asks why he didn’t tell her then.

Hayden tells Finn that she had a bearded dragon as a kid because her father was allergic to furry pets. She says she named him Mr. Darcy. Finn asks if Nicholas was her Mr. Darcy. She says he came close, but like her pet, he disappeared one night.

Huck sits with Nicholas and Ava and starts babbling. Nicholas says they’re having a private conversation and would like to be alone. Huck invites them to dinner at his private manor and won’t take no for an answer.

Sam tells the shop owner that she didn’t take anything; she was just in a rush for her documents. He says whether he lets her go or not depends on how nice she can be. She pretends to go along with it and kicks him in the cajones. He reaches for the gun, but Jason pops out of nowhere and gets it first.

Curtis says he’s not just being sentimental. He’s investigated things and since he quit and wasn’t fired, and he’s still in good standing. He asks what he needs to do to convince her that he’s not using anymore. Jordan asks if he’s even talked to his sponsor. She asks what if he gets tempted. He says one thing about recovery is discovering the why, and his using drugs was a mistake. He also made it his job to tell Tommy that Jordan was creeping with Shawn and it affected a lot of people. He says if she doesn’t want to support him because of what he did, at least believe he’s punished himself more than anyone else ever could.

The shop owner says he’s going to call the cops and Jason says he doesn’t want to get on the bad side of Sonny. Jason tells him after this, he’s to take a month long vacation. Sam gets what she needs and Jason tells him to lie face down, turns out the lights, and they leave.

Ava thanks Huck for the invite and says “Niles” has been dodging fans. Huck says there will be none of that at his place. Nicholas says Ava can go, but no thanks for him. Ava says she’s not going without him and he has scripts to read before a meeting tomorrow. Huck leaves and Ava says she doesn’t think running into him was a coincidence.

Finn says he could use another drink and Hayden says he doesn’t look too good and asks if he has his insulin. He says he’ll be fine and she asks him to tell her the truth and asks if he’s really a diabetic.

Curtis says he pours out his heart and that’s all he gets? Jordan says he never expressed regret before. She says she had to give Tommy a reason to come home safe after he was deployed. Curtis says he’d give anything to relive the day and he would have made different choices. He says he loves TJ and he would never tell him that Shawn is his real father. Mic drop.

Tracy and Monica bicker. Tracy says Monica let a good man go while there’s still a murderer wandering around GH.

Finn asks Hayden to help him and Roxie get back to the hotel.

Back at the hideout, Jason asks if Sam’s okay that he came to check on her. She says yes, but she had it under control. She gives him the passports and says they’re headed to London.

Ava says she can give Nicholas a ride since she has a car coming in the morning for a meeting .He asks what that will cost and she says she’s on his side. He says he’ll take the ride then. She says to be ready at 6 am.

Huck hears them and says he’ll be waiting

Tomorrow, Maxie asks Nathan if he still wants to marry her, Sonny says Julian is finally getting what he deserves, and Curtis talks finances.

General Hospital – Friday

Jason says all they have to do is find Nicholas, bring him back and clear Jason’s name. There you go. It’s all very simple.

Nicholas (who is being played by someone else today) and Ava are at Huck’s place. Nicholas says they have to catch a flight, but Huck says that Heathrow is four hours away and they’re not going to make it to the airport on time. Did I miss something? What are they doing there in the first place and wouldn’t they already know how far away the airport is?

Laura takes Spencer to visit Doc. Spencer says he has to run his life with the course that’s been set for it, without his father, cracking me up. Doc says he understands why Spencer might not want to talk to him since they don’t know one another well, and Spencer asks if anyone ever really knows anyone.

The pictures are being taken for the Crimson real man issue and Curtis is doing some boxing moves. He looks all serious about it, and I’m thinking this actor must feel stupid right now. Maxie asks Nathan to talk in the other room. She says she loves him and she’s sorry she judged him. She says he shouldn’t be defined by one mistake. She forgives him and wants him to forgive himself. She asks if he still wants to get married and he says yes. She says good, because she wants to marry him too.

Paul and Anna are talking and Sonny interrupts, saying if it wasn’t for Anna they wouldn’t have anything on Julian and she should be there when he goes down. Paul says everyone is entitled to their opinions, but Sonny’s doesn’t count at the PCPD. He says he’s actually is on Anna’s side, but it was Jordan’s call. He tells them that evidence was recovered at Julian’s place.

Julian calls Alexis, saying he misses her and expects a warm welcome when he gets home. Oh man, he’s getting creepier by the second. This is way past not getting the hint. Kristina asks Alexis what’s wrong and Alexis makes something up. Since it’s obvious Julian wasn’t home the night before, Kristina asks how much trouble her mom is in.

Nina says she thinks she’s found the Crimson cover guy. Curtis says the more he shows, the more money she has to show. Julian walks in. Nina asks if he shouldn’t be in jail by now.

Laura tells Spencer if they could talk about his dad, they might both feel better. Spencer asks if Doc is trying to shrink him.

I did miss something. I guess Huck pretended he was going to take them to the airport. They fell asleep in the car and he took them to his house.

Sam and Jason get to the hotel where Ava and Nicholas were staying. Sam asks the desk clerk to have “Niles’s” room called, but the clerk says he checked out this morning.

Huck says the weather has taken a turn for the worse and they’ll never get through the fog. He tells them he’ll get some refreshments while they make other arrangements. He says there’s no choice since there’s nothing and no one for miles around.

Sonny asks what the evidence is and Paul says he can’t talk about pending cases. Sonny says he’ll find out anyway, so Paul might as well tell him now. Anna agrees they should tell him. Paul takes them into the interrogation room and Anna tells Sonny about the dagger. Sonny says Julian claims he has an alibi, but Paul says it’s not as iron-clad as Julian thinks. Anna tells Sonny not to do anything to screw things up.

Alexis tells Kristina the less she knows the better. She says the police think Julian is involved in a crime and they searched the house. Kristina asks if it’s Carrrlos’s murder. Alexis says she thinks nothing will come of it and Kristina says legally or personally? She tells Alexis she deserves better and Alexis tells her it’s going to be okay, because that’s the kind of lie moms tell.

Julian asks to talk to Nina. She asks why he put her on the spot with the police in telling them he was with her all night long. She says they both know that’s a lie.

Spencer says it’s best to move on now that Nicholas is lost to them. Doc says he understands and Spencer doesn’t have to talk to him. He gives Spencer money for the vending machine. Doc asks Laura if he can see Spencer on a formal basis, because he’s clearly holding something in. While at the vending machine, Spencer calls Nicholas, leaving a message that he has his father’s back and he should win an Oscar.

Nicholas and Ava can’t get any bars on their phone. Um…doesn’t Huck have a normal phone out in the country? Huck leaves to get them snacks and Ava tells Nicholas she’s calling the police the second she gets a chance. Nicholas tells her don’t you dare. I’m not liking this Nicholas. Where’s the real one?

The clerk won’t say where Nicholas went, but Sam makes up a story about Spencer needing him. The clerk won’t give up too much so she pushes some money his way and he goes on break. Sam looks at the paperwork and sees what flight Nicholas is supposed to return on.

Anna tells Paul that it’s better to keep Sonny in the loop so he won’t take matters into his own hands. Paul says he might anyway, but she says that if he’d wanted to kill Julian, Julian would be dead already. She says if Julian tries to leave town, Sonny will be there to stop him.

There’s a knock at Alexis’s door. It’s Sonny. She tells him Kristina is upstairs, but he says he’s there for Julian. She says he’s not there and Sonny tells her to call him and have him get home now.

Nina tells Julian she told the police he was there for a while, but the time was hazy. He says that’s good enough for him. She says she does remember seeing the stain on his shirt and believed it was red wine at the time. He asks if she told the cops about the shirt and she says they didn’t ask. She asks if it isn’t her civic duty to come forward. He asks what it will take for her to stay out of it and she says him naked on all fours. What?

Nathan says he has to leave, but tells Maxie to call him if Julian gives her any trouble. Nina tells Julian she doesn’t want to jump his bones, but she wants to put them in the real man issue. She says women are usually used as objects, so she’s literally making the men pose as such. She sees him as a coffee table she’s resting her feet on. Ha-ha! I like it.

Sonny tells Alexis he’d never take advantage of Carly’s love to save his own ass. Alexis tells him to get out. He says he will as soon as Julian gets back. She says she’ll call the police, but he says they’re already on their way and he’s going to watch Julian get arrested. Kristina comes downstairs and asks what’s up. Sonny says they’re just having a talk about nothing that concerns her. She leaves for wherever she goes now.

Alexis says Sonny is mistaken. She says the police took evidence, but she doesn’t think it will amount to anything. He says really, a murder weapon? She says there are lots of knives out there, but Sonny says not with Carrrlos’s blood on them

Paul tells Anna that he wants her there when Julian is questioned.

Doc tells Laura that if she needs to talk, he’s there. They discuss being friends. Laura says it’s funny how it took one of Helena’s sick games to bring them together. Doc says he did a little digging and hit pay dirt.

Sam calls somewhere, pretending to be Anna and asks to speak to the special agent for Heathrow. She says they have a wanted man on board a flight.

Nicolas and Ava argue about who’s in the wrong. They realize the door to the room is locked.

Laura asks what Doc found out. He says Lloyd and Lucy Johnson are real people and they’re behind the holding company that owns the disco. They also live in Port Charles. Laura says she can’t concentrate on this right now, and Doc says when she’s ready, they’ll pick up the trail.

Sam tells Jason the flight took off before she made the call, but Nicholas wasn’t on it. She wonders if he booked another flight to cover his tracks, but Jason wonders if he made it at all. She tells the desk clerk, who tells her that Nicholas had a companion.

Nicholas says there must be a mistake and Ava says yeah, theirs for coming there in the first place. Ava wants to try a window, but Nicholas says it’s 50 feet straight down.

Julian doesn’t see the need for him to participate and suggests Nina find real men on the street. She says none of them is her publisher who needs an alibi.

Anna asks Paul what the angle is. He says there isn’t one. He says she’s the one who holds sway over him. Anna says she’s just trying to find out if he has something else in mind. Nathan interrupts saying there’s a DNA match on the dagger.

Alexis tells Sonny Julian is in his office and if he wants to see an arrest, it’s probably going to be there. Sonny asks if she even cares.

Laura makes an appointment for Spencer with Doc. Spencer says he doesn’t need to talk. He says he hasn’t lost his father, but catches his own mistake and makes up something about Nicholas being in a better place. Yeah, London.

Ava suggests they jump Huck. Huck comes back and says he forgot to pay the bill and the phone has been shut off. He lives in a freakin’ manor and he doesn’t have someone who takes care of that? Nicholas says they’ll take their chances with the weather. Huck says he can’t allow them to leave and they haven’t yet begun.

The clerk describes Ava to Sam and Jason, and tells them good luck. When the clerk walks away, Sam checks the roster and tells Jason that Ava had checked in.

Nicholas tells Huck that Ava had a business meeting and will be missed. Huck says he doesn’t care about Nicholas; it’s Ava he wants.

Nina asks Maxie if Nathan is still around. Julian tells her he’ll pose for the magazine.

Sonny tells Alexis she’s getting out just in time before Julian dragged her down with him. There’s a knock at the door. Apparently, no one has a doorbell in Port Charles. It’s Nathan. He arrests Alexis for Carrrlos’s murder. This is a little odd to me, but I guess her prints are the only ones on it.

On Monday, Olivia asks Julian what’s going on, Sonny tells Nathan that Julian is the one he wants, and Nina asks Franco if he wants to get nakey.

Happy Father’s Day Quotes of the Week

When I come home, my daughter will run to the door and give me a big hug, and everything that’s happened that day just melts away.Hugh Jackman

My father used to say that it’s never too late to do anything you wanted to do. And he said, ‘You never know what you can accomplish until you try.Michael Jordan

When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years. — Mark Twain

Never raise your hand to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected. — Red Buttons

I had the best father in the world, and I’ll always miss him.me


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