June 20, 2016 – GH Not So Much, But the End of Charm & Returning Wives


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

I had a bit of an emergency, so I wasn’t able to live blog during GH. I was able to flip through the show though, and there really wasn’t a whole lot going on. The main takeaway point was that Alexis won’t talk without her lawyer.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Ugh! Meghan is back. I don’t care if she was right about Brooks, it’s her delivery and ageist attitude that I hate.

Tamra is taking menopause head-on and training for a fitness competition. She and Eddie have been married three years now and things are still going strong.

Meghan is having her kitchen redone. They’ve moved several times, and this time she’s taking charge and making it her home. She and Jimmy have also gotten into the candle business. Next is Tupperware. And they’re planning a baby using IVF. Jimmy had a vasectomy, but froze sperm beforehand. Lucky Meghan. She’s discussing baby fever as he stares, fascinated, at the candles and the barcodes on the candles.

Terry had promised to work less and spend more time with Heather and the kids, but is busier than ever. No one has spoken to Vicki since the Brooks debacle. Heather wants to get everyone together, as Terry recently had a false positive on a heart test and she’s thinking life is short. She wants some sort of making amends thing and Terry is skeptical that Vicki is ever going to have a mea culpa moment.

Brooks finally had the good sense to move out, although Vicki begged him not to. She’s never lived alone and isn’t liking it. The ten years I lived by myself was the best time of my life. If I’d had Vicki’s money, it would have been an even better time. She says that she misses Brooks – he was her best friend and she really loved him – but she wants her life and friendships back. She says she wasn’t a participant in the lie, but if she had it to do over again, she’d still defend her man.

Each OC girl talks about the stories Vicki was telling last season and we see flashbacks. Heather wants accountability, Tamra wants an apology and nothing will satisfy Shannon.

Shannon and David are doing well. She’s thrilled with the progress they’ve made in a year when the therapist predicted up to two years to get over infidelity. OMG – she has twin eleven-year-olds, and one of them is talking about dating already. What happened to Barbies and Girl Scouts? They talk about several topics at the family dinner, like getting a smaller house and getting a dog.

Meghan has an appointment at the fertility doctor and her mother comes along. She’d also had fertility issues and can relate. Meghan’s biggest fear is needles. She fainted when she got a tattoo (wow), so she’s pretty freaked when they have to take blood. Jimmy is off coaching somewhere. Afterward, they do the probe thing and it hurts pretty badly. I know she’s not exaggerating because I remember the Little Women episodes that involved IVF.

Heather has been building her house for two years and it’s ETA is 2020. Tamra is going with her to pick out some citrus trees. Heather talks about having a get together, and wonders about Vicki. Tamra says she gets the occasional text, but Vicki continues to play the victim. Heather asks if Shannon will be mad if she invites Vicki and Tamra says yes, but Heather needs to talk to her.

Meghan is out with new girl Kelly. They’ve been friends for about a year. Kelly used to vacation in the OC and her dream was to live there. I felt the same way about the shore. Believe me, that will change to a nightmare later, Kelly. Kelly also went through IVF, so they talk about that and also getting together with their husbands. Meghan tells Kelly about Heather’s party and invites her along.

Briana and Ryan are moving back to California and Vicki is making plans for the move. We flash back to all the mess with Brooks and Briana. Vicki says she doubts this would all be happening if Brooks was still in her life.

Heather calls Vicki and invites her to the party. She tells Vicki she can bring a guest and Vicki asks if she can bring Gina. Heather is surprised that Vicki didn’t sound like things were awkward. Dude, she sells real estate.

Shannon and Tamra are getting some kind of skin tightening treatment. Tamra says it hurts like a bitch, but in three months, you have a facelift. Apparently, Shannon and Tamra are good friends now. They both believe Vicki was involved in Brooks’s scam. Shannon isn’t thrilled to be going to a party with her, but says she can be cordial. Tamra wants to just sit down with Vicki and talk about it, but Shannon is more unforgiving, saying that faking an illness isn’t something she thinks she can get past.

Kelly’s mom and brother live with them. Kelly says they’re Mexican and that’s how they roll. Her husband is a lot older than she is and she says when they were dating, he was mistaken for her father, which didn’t sit well with him. I dunno. He looks pretty good. And all the women in the OC look younger than their husbands whether they are or not anyway. They also have a daughter and seem like a nice family. Kelly doesn’t seem like the type to stir the pot, but I’ll bet she takes sides.

Before Heather’s party, Gina and Vicki have a kiki. Gina looks great and I love Vicki’s haircut. Gina asks if groveling is going to be involved and Vicki asks Gina to help her through it, since she doesn’t want conflict.

Everyone arrives at the yacht Heather has chartered for the party. Tamra says her 40th birthday charter was like a fishing boat in comparison. Heather tells nearly every single person that they look gorgeous. Geez, you’re an actress. At least change it up a little. Kelly is introduced around. Shannon totally ignores Vicki, which isn’t being cordial. In her interview, she says there’s nothing Vicki could say to restore the friendship. Shannon tells Meghan that Vicki is “glomming” onto her friend, but Vicki and Kelly have already met a few times. At dinner, Meghan tells Kelly to be careful and Kelly pretty much tells her that she’ll form her own opinion. Score one for Kelly.

Heather gets up and makes a speech about the “wake up call” they had. In her interview, she says how irritating Terry can be, yet he’s the love of her life. She says they wanted to share an evening with the special people in their life – they weren’t available, so they called this group. BA-DUM-CHH! She makes a toast and everyone starts eating.

Vicki asks Heather to talk out on the deck. She thanks Heather for inviting her and asks her for forgiveness and to move on.

Next time, Heather only cares about Vivki’s involvement in the Brooks thing (can’t get rid of him), Eddie tells Tamra to stay out of Ryan’s business, and Kelly tells Shannon that she was standoffish

Southern Charm

It’s the finale, so this ought to be good.

We go back to the end of the last episode, where Thomas tells everyone off at his dinner party, they leave, and he kicks them out in retrospect.

Cooper shoves Thomas back inside. He comes back in laughing, calling them a bunch of wimps. He tells Cooper that they’re reptiles without a backbone. JD says typical Southern parties try to keep things light, but Thomas must be trying to start a new tradition. Kathryn says that Thomas was just speaking the truth and that no one is used to that or wants to hear it. She adds that Tennessee Williams wrote about it. Word.

The group goes back to one of their houses. Cameran says it wasn’t a dinner, it was a planned attack. Shep says Thomas is impulsive and when he drinks, it gets amplified. He tells everyone they should take the high road when it comes to Kathryn. This makes Landon ill. Craig says she’s just sticking up for her boyfriend, but Landon says Thomas is just her baby daddy.

Thomas asks Kathryn to stay over. Are they going for baby number three?

Craig talks to JD before work. He says he’s angry with himself for not having pursued law the way he should have. He says the bar is coming up and he doesn’t think he has enough time to study for the bar and work for JD at the same time. In his interview, JD says problem solved. So I guess Craig quit? Is that how they do it in the South?

Landon talks to her therapist about her pro and con list regarding having children. She says her husband saw her doing it, so she had him list what their lives would be like with and without children. It sounds like he really wants kids and she’s concerned that he might resent her if she doesn’t come around to his way of thinking. The therapist says that if this is due to childhood stuff, then it’s coming from fear. Cameran says she’s suffered from fear and anxiety her entire life.

Landon visits the latest addition to Dhep’s “dive bar collection.” He tells her he thinks they made a mature decision to stay friends after they gave it a go when she first came back to Charleston. He’s trying to find a nice way to tell her that he doesn’t feel the same way about her as she does about him.

Naomie is showing Craig her dress options for the Founder’s Ball. He says Naomie has changed his life and they tell each other everything. He tells her he hasn’t been completely forthright with her. He says he’s been using the work for JD as a crutch to avoid what he really wants to do. He says he wants to quit the job to study for the bat. She says she’s in.

Then I get an emergency alert monthly test on my screen. Thanks emergency alert system. I really appreciate you interrupting the show. It goes on forever and is so loud, I have to mute the TV.

Thomas meets with Whitney and JD for lunch. Whitney says he’s alienating himself from his friends. In his interview, Thomas says the message got lost in his delivery. Thomas tells them that he was in his cups and wants to make it right.

Thomas wants to use the Founder’s Ball as a vehicle to show everyone that he and Kathryn are getting it together. Kathryn says when she tried to talk to Landon calmly about things, Landon got insulting. Kathryn asks him what’s going on that she doesn’t understand. He says Landon is trying to undermine his and Kathryn’s relationship, but thinks she doesn’t really understand what she’s doing, which makes no sense. Kathryn says Thomas has to draw the line with Landon. In his interview, Thomas says he’ll say anything to placate Kathryn so that the family unit remains intact. He tells her that she is the oracle of reason and agrees.

Patricia is doing some kind of oxygen therapy. I can’t figure out how the machine works though. Whitney has come by to get some cuff-links. Everyone is getting ready for the ball. Shep says that Thomas picked on him at the dinner because up until then he had been picking on the women. Shep thinks that’s inappropriate and something for the women to sort out.

Landon doesn’t want to believe that Shep is a perpetual bachelor and says that deep down he wants the picket fence life. That may be so, but he doesn’t love you, Landon.

Landon visits Patricia, who’s allowing her to borrow some fancy stuff. Michael brings in some champagne. Landon says that Thomas called to apologize for the other night. If Landon doesn’t stop giggling in between sentences, I’m going to go out of my mind. Patricia shows her how do a “fur flip” and sit down in a fur coat. Landon borrows a really cool purple piece that Patricia bought in Monaco.

Kathryn asks if Thomas is going to apologize. He says he just wants to make sure he’s cool with everyone. When Kathryn asks about Landon, he says he’s not saying anything, but leaves out that he already did. It’s not the first time I’ve said this – a note to men – it’s not what you did that makes us so angry, but the fact you lied about it. And that includes lies of omission.

Let the ball commence! Shep walks in with Robyn, who’s a friend of Landon’s, and Landon’s reaction is worth watching the whole show. She can’t understand that if she was going by herself, why Shep wouldn’t ask her. She starts crying during her interview, but I find it difficult to feel sorry for her. He made it clear he wasn’t interested. Move on. Shep can tell that she’s disappointed, but rightly says that’s her problem.

Craig thinks everyone is fine with the Thomas thing. Cameran disagrees. When Thomas and Kathryn come in, they head straight to the bar without stopping at the tables. Kathryn sits at the table with the others while Thomas mingles. Shep comes by to say hi to Kathryn. Thomas pats Landon’s butt when he says hello, which is not missed by Kathryn, who goes to get another drink.

Kathryn approaches Landon and asks her to step in the hallway to talk. Kathryn tells Landon that she stirs the pot and tried to go after Thomas when she was pregnant with Julien. Landon runs to Thomas and says the three of them need to talk. She claims to want to squash the nonsense. Oh Lord, no wonder Kathryn gets so livid. Landon has the worst squeaky voice ever when she’s trying to make a point. Kathryn is right in that she sounds like a dolphin. Thomas insists there was never anything between him and Landon, as Landon babbles. Kathryn doesn’t believe it and tells Landon to shut-up.

Kathryn walks out. Landon babbles at Thomas, saying Kathryn can’t deal with the truth. Shep talks to Kathryn. Craig tells Landon they need to let each other speak, meaning that Landon has to let Kathryn finish a sentence before acting like Flipper. They go outside. Kathryn tells Landon she’s crazy and Landon says, no you. Kathryn tells her she needs to be accountable and she says she hasn’t done anything. Kathryn says she’s crazy then.

Kathryn calls Thomas out for cheating all over the place she tells him to tell the truth now and no more chances.

Just before we go to black, Robyn asks Shep if he thinks Landon is going to admit she slept with Thomas.

And along with Shep, I say, Whaaat?

Next time, reunion, part one.


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