June 21, 2016 – GH, Danny Does the Mediterranean & the Haves & Nots Return


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

I want my old Nicholas back. I read he’s temporarily being replaced because of contract negotiations. (He also got his first Daytime Emmy this year.) Give him what he wants.

Ava bangs on the door and hollers. Nicholas reminds her that they’re captives. He says he comes from a long line of kidnappers and she’s going about getting out in the wrong way. He suggests they see what Hux wants. Right now, what he wants is to give them a snack.

Kiki can’t stop sneezing. Dillon is picking her up for their date and he tells her she looks amazing. She starts coughing and he asks if she’s okay. She says she’s fine, but when he asks if she has a cold, she says the worst in history.

Epiphany is cursing out the computer and I relate. She tells Carly about what happened with Finn. Epiphany says the mess is trickling down to the rest of them.

Hayden has the notebook that she got out of Finn’s locker. She asks what’s wrong with him anyway and he says he’s dying. He tells her that when he was traveling, he contracted a rare disease that there’s no cure for, but he found a way to keep it stable. The treatment is becoming less effective though. She asks if he’s under a doctor’s care, but he says no doctor can help him. He asks if she wants to play backgammon.

Julian wants to see Alexis and just barges into the interrogation room. Sonny hopes against hope that Julian rises to the occasion and plays hero for her, but he’s not optimistic. He gets a call from Morgan who asks him to come to the clinic.

Alexis says Julian must want to know what she’s said, but she’s not saying anything until her attorney gets there. She accuses him of setting her up.

Nicholas tells Hux he appreciates the food, but wishes he’d conclude his business with Ava so they can go. He wants to know why they’re being held captive. Hux says if Ava thinks about it, she’ll figure it out. He tells them to eat, drink and think. Ava wonders where the ruthless guy Nicholas has become went to. She says his manners aren’t going to get them anywhere. Nicholas asks what she has that Hux wants.

Julian is shocked that Alexis thinks he set her up. He tells her he loves her and everything he’s done, he’s done to protect them and their family. Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that before. Jordan and Anna watch from the window. Anna wonders who’s going to sell out who first.

Morgan tells Sonny the doctors want to release him, but he doesn’t feel ready and thinks Sonny is the only person who would understand. Sonny says Morgan can’t be objective about his condition, but if the doctors think it’s time for him to leave. then it’s time. Morgan says athe clinic, everyone tells him what to do, but wonders what he’ll do outside. Sonny says he’ll figure out his way, but if he has any trouble, he has his family to depend on. He tells Morgan he has to be positive and how proud he is of him. He says Morgan has been through a lot and has come out stronger. Morgan says he doesn’t want to let Sonny down. Sonny says he will, and Sonny will let him down too, but then they’ll pick each other up and make it right. They exchange I love yous.

Ava says she has no idea what Hux wants. Nicholas says ever since he staged his accident, he had no problem being undiscovered, but then he sat next to Ava. He wonders if she’s in on something with Hux.

Jordan asks Anna if there’s a chance that Julian will confess to save Alexis. Anna says no way, but at least Alexis will get a clue. Alexis tells Julian they have the weapon. She tells him it was genius to take something that could be traced back to her. He says he cleaned it and she tells him he missed a spot. Actually, she says it like, “Ya missed a spot,” as though he’d been cleaning windows. Ha-ha!

Ava tells Nicholas it’s an interesting, but flawed, theory. She says before they met on the plane, they’d never exchanged more than pleasantries, and how could she track him down on a commercial airline? She adds it would also be to shake him down for something he doesn’t have, since he’s broke. Hux returns. She says she doesn’t know what he wants and he says what he wants is otherworldly and divine.

Hayden asks if the disease is like cancer and if it’s contagious. He says no and no, she’s safe. He says no one knows about this except him and Roxie, and now Hayden.

Sonny asks Michael and Carly to meet him at the clinic. He brings in Morgan who tells them he’s coming home. Morgan says he was released in the morning, but he was hesitant and wanted to talk to Sonny first. Carly says she’s proud of him and he says he couldn’t have done it without his family. I will say, if I was going to be in a Port Charles family, this would be a good one, although I’d probably choose the Quartermaines, keeping to myself a lot and only joining them for dinner on holidays.

Alexis says the dagger has her prints and Carrrlos’s blood on it, and she’s screwed. Julian insists he didn’t set her up. She says there’s only one way she’s not going to prison. If he confesses.

Kiki says she didn’t want to cancel the date, but all of a sudden, her cold got worse, although she managed to get ready without collapsing. Dillon says she could have just called him, but she says she didn’t want him to think she was brushing him off. She says he’s been an awesome friend and she didn’t want to blow it. He tells her no chance of that and they kiss.

Now Elizabeth is having problems with the computer. When she’d caught Hayden getting Finn’s journal in the locker room, Hayden had said she had an appointment there. Elizabeth is checking to see if she really had one, but that’s a no.

Hayden tells Finn the hospital is railroading him for no good reason. She asks him if he could die if he doesn’t discover a cure. He says he likes his life and he hopes not. She asks to help him.

Nicholas tells Hux to stop the games. Hux asks what’s in Ava’s case and tells her he wants the “Weeping Nyad,” (not sure if I got that right) some figurine that had been stolen from his estate a long time ago. He tells her to give the case to him and she says no.

Julian tells Alexis he can’t do that. She says he told her he loves her and wants to protect her family, but she’s not surprised. He says he doesn’t have to confess and she doesn’t have to go to prison; there’s another way. He says she can be acquitted.

Ava argues with Hux, who slices Nicholas with a rapier he just happens to have handy. Ava gives him the case. Nicholas asks why he didn’t just take it and Hux says stealing is wrong and he wanted her to give it to him willingly, even though that’s not exactly what happened. He leaves with the case. Nicholas asks Ava what the blip a weeping nyad is. Hux comes back and tells Ava they have a serious problem.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany about catching Hayden in the locker room. Epiphany asks why Hayden would be in there. Elizabeth says she has no clue, but she’s going home since it’s been a long day. Epiphany gives her some crickets to drop off to Finn at the MetroCourt.

Hayden wants to help Finn, but he says no. They play backgammon. Hayden says respecting boundaries isn’t her strong suit, but she’ll try to mind her own business. He asks her to keep what she knows to herself. He says he wants to help people with the time he has left. She brings up his wife and asks if she had the same illness.

Morgan tells everyone how grateful he is and hands out a bunch of compliments. Morgan says he has something to do before he leaves.

Dillon and Kiki make out like bandits.

Alexis is astounded that Julian wants her to stand trial. He says he doesn’t want that, but if she pleads not guilty, they still have a chance. She says a chance at what and tells him their marriage is over. Jordan comes in and says time’s up.

Hayden agrees to keep everything to herself. She says Finn should appreciate her uncharacteristic caring about someone else. She says he does have to eat something though and he asks her to go get sandwiches from a vegetarian place. He asks why she’s not judging him on his vegetarianism and she tells him his secret is safe.

Hux tells Ava that it’s a reproduction. He throws it on the ground, smashing it, and asks where the real one is. She says if he wants it, he’ll have to glue it together. He tells her that if she doesn’t come up with the real one, she’ll never get out of the room alive.

Dillon calls in a prescription for Kiki. He leaves and Morgan knocks at the door. Wouldn’t they have passed each other?

Carly can’t believe Julian did nothing to help Alexis. Sonny says he’s the same coward he’s always been. He wants to tell Kristina about it before she hears from someone else.

Jordan tells Julian he’s done and get out. Anna comes in to see Alexis. She says she’s there to protect Alexis and knows she didn’t kill Carrrlos. She says if Alexis will help her convict who did, she won’t stand trial.

Tomorrow, Ava tells Hux she’s not lying, Nicholas tells Hux that Ava is lying, and Morgan has a confession to make.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Danny and Bobby are partying with the guests on the beach. Jerry, the primary, tells them he’ll give a hundred dollars to whoever can kiss the girl dancing on the bar first. Bobby approaches her about it and she says, sorry, but no. He tells Danny she doesn’t speak English well. Danny gets up on the bar and dances with her. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and Danny wins. Jerry calls Danny “ninja,” and Bobby “grasshopper.” Obviously, this is not going over well with Bobby.

Hannah is still dealing with her migraine. Julia tells her about the awkwardness with Bobby and how he doesn’t want to talk to her after she brushed him off. Bryan complains about Jen having no motivation. Hannah radios Danny, but he’s too busy having fun to notice. Or maybe he’s just ignoring her.

Danny chats up the girls for the guests and invites them to the yacht. He says he’s like the genie from Aladdin. I didn’t know he was gay. Ha-ha! Bobby can’t believe the luck Danny is having. Danny radios Hannah, telling her the guests want dinner at seven and they’ll be bringing another eight people. Ben isn’t sure what the blip he’s going to do.

The guests praise Danny for his party-worthiness. Ben makes a bunch of meat, cheese and fruit plates to appease the guests’ appetites until dinner. Hannah says it’s not unusual for charter guests to invite people on, but she’s a big fan of manners. Really? I wouldn’t have guessed that. Bryan complains about Danny again, but aren’t they supposed to do everything to make the guests happy?

Everyone gets back to the boat. Ben says you can only laugh and Hannah adds anything else will send them to prison. Danny tells the guests he has to get back to work. He offers to help the stews if need be. Tiffany says he talks a good game, but they never actually see him helping. He apologizes to Ben and says he’ll do whatever he can to help things run smoothly.

For the first time, I actually feel sorry for Hannah. This is a loud group and not a group to be around if you have any kind of headache, much less a migraine. Dinner is served. One of the guests asks why the boat is rocking so much when they’re not going anywhere. Um…because it’s on water and the water is moving, genius. Jerry makes fun of Bobby and offers Danny a job. Julia says Danny isn’t a yachty, he’s a salesman.

Bobby complains to the others about Danny. I wonder if he’s going to be complaining if the tip is bigger. Bryan says it’s not Danny’s role to create experiences for the guests; they’re supposed to do that for themselves. This is confusing, as since this show began it’s been impressed upon us that the crew is to do whatever the guests want to ensure they have a good time.

As usual, I go out of my mind over the food. Jerry tells everyone that after dinner, it’s hot tub time. Captain Mark isn’t thrilled about having to get the extra people back to shore, but he’s not as annoyed about Danny as Bryan would like.

Danny helps out in the galley, which bothers Hannah. The guests compliment the chef. Since Jerry has told Danny he looks like the Karate Kid, Danny breaks out his bandanna for them. The extra guests get ready to leave, although they’ve been mentally ready to leave for a while. Jerry gives the girls his number and says they’ll meet in Athens. Like they’re ever going to call.

Hannah goes over things with Ben, acting like its his fault there were extra guests. She tells him that having Danny in the galley is frustrating for her. She says she’s trying to work with it, since he’s helping Ben and Ben basically says too bad. He’s the chef and if he wants Danny’s help, that’s what he’s getting.

Hannah says when Ben pisses her off, she does something with Bobby to send a dagger his way. I highly doubt Ben cares. He’s just not that into her. The guests are up early, but no one woke Ben early, which he’s not happy about. He still makes a fabulous breakfast. Adding Ben cooking for me to my bucket list.

Danny says the guests are calling him the charter king, and Bryan reminds him that it’s the guests who are king. He says he’s already told them that it’s all about them. The guests do some jet skiing. Danny tells them they’re his favorite charter. I’ll bet he says that to all the charters.

The weather is getting iffy. Captain Mark tells Bryan that docking is going to be tough. Bryan gives the deckhands instructions. The guests have lunch inside. Jen has too much slack in her line and is having trouble. Everyone else has to compensate, but the docking happens without incident.

Jerry tells Danny to just say the word and he has a job. In his interview, Bryan says Jen has a false sense of entitlement and that she doesn’t work as well as she claims. Danny gives the guests pictures off of his phone and Bryan is miffed about this.

Tip time! I mean, it’s time to say good-by to the guests. Jerry gives Captain Mark the envelope, but he also has an “MVP” tip for Danny. Oh man, the rest of them must be boiling. In his interview, Bryan says he can’t wait to start the process of the deflation of Danny’s head. Per the “one for all” policy, he has to split it with the rest of them. In Danny’s interview, he says that even this doesn’t make them happy. I’m not crazy about Danny, and I think he was all kinds of wrong on the charter with the Tilted Kilt girls, but I’m with him here. I think he’s being unnecessarily picked on.

Captain Mark says it was a weird one because of the drunkiness and extra guests. He tells them Danny’s 500 EURO tip has been rolled into the community tip. Oddly enough, the tip is lower than usual and even the extra from Danny doesn’t make up for it. $16,000 USD, whereas it’s usually around $20,000. I was expecting more too.

Bryan tells Danny that he shouldn’t have been the focus of the guests’ good time. Danny says that wasn’t the goal, but he can’t help how people react to him. Bryan says he understands the confusion, but it isn’t the standard that they operate at.

Hannah complains that Ben hasn’t tried anything with her, even when they’re drunk. Julia says Bobby would be hot if he’d just shut his mouth. In her interview, she hopes Hannah and Bobby get together so he’ll stop bothering her.

It’s the crew’s night off and they go to dinner on shore. In his interview, Ben says he sees an attraction between Hannah and Bobby, but not much going on upstairs. Bryan brings up the small tip. Hannah gets antagonistic with Ben. She asks him if they’re friends or just colleagues. Danny tells Jen he hates how fake everyone is. In her interview, Hannah says she doesn’t want drama, but she’s annoyed with Ben. So in that case, drama is okay. Ben tells Hannah he didn’t like her throwing him under the bus, and she brings up Ben going to the captain about her. He says that was his generous side and she tells him f-u. With all their faults, and the revolving door of crazy and/or temporary workers, the original Below Deck crew was much more laid back. And I never thought I’d use that term in regard to them.

Ben says he didn’t want to be the target if there was a bad tip, and the next time Hannah screws up, she needs to work with him.Danny tells Hannah that she has an ugly personality and that she needs to stop being angry all the time. He starts to leave and she blocks him. She tells him he’s the one everyone hates. Julia asks where all that came from and Ben says from the sea, darling. Ha-ha! Hannah tells the camera people to get the cameras off of her.

Next time, Hannah and Bobby get busy, it’s a girls’ retreat charter, and Hannah complains to the captain about Danny. He’s going to be fired yet. At least he has a job with Jerry.

Note: I’m watching the later airing of the next show and Watch What Happens Live in between. Andy Cohen is being the biggest yenta I’ve ever seen, trying to hook Hannah and Bobby up for life.

The Haves and the Have Nots

The gunman waiting in Veronica’s house shoots Maggie a bunch of times. Veronica pretends to be shocked and ducks behind a car. This gunman is a supreme amateur because he walks right out the front door and is killed by the officer who’d been talking to Veronica. I mean, he didn’t even check to see who was out there and walked out in his ski mask, dressed in black and holding the gun. I guess going out the back door or at least not looking like a criminal didn’t occur to him.

Jeffrey and Candace ponder the blood still left on the floor. Candace asks Jeffrey if he told anyone about Quincy. Jeffrey blames Candace for everything and says he can’t take this. Candace says they have to find out how Veronica knows about Qunicy’s murder. He asks if she told her brother and tells her that Benny and Veronica have been sleeping together. Candace doesn’t want to believe it. She says she never told Benny anything and it’s disgusting to think Benny is sleeping with Jeffrey’s mother. Jeffrey says as soon as he gets his phone, he’ll prove it. Candace says he’d better find out how Veronica discovered what they did. He says he’s not going back there and Candace says fine, they’ll both go to jail then.

Candace repeats that Jeffrey needs to find out what Veronica knows and how she knows it. Jeffrey says he can’t go back and then realizes Veronica tracked him from his car keys. He says she controls everything and he has to get the keys. Candace says she’s not taking the chance of digging the keys up, since they’re buried with Quincy. She tells him to do it himself. He says Veronica was the best at whatever she did and she can put things together. He says nothing is a coincidence for her and she’s relentless. He wishes he could be as wicked, conniving and cunning as both Veronica and Candace, and then he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in.

Jeffrey is shouting by now and Candace tells him that’s enough. She asks what he thinks Veronica is going to do. He says anything she wants and that she hates him. Candace says Veronica hates her too, but Jeffrey says not as much as she hates him. Candace hugs him and tells him it’s okay. He says the only way to stop Veronica is to “do her” before she “does him.”

Wyatt has no pulse. The hotel manager complains that junkies give his hotel a bad name.

Lloyd calls Candace, telling her they’re approving her loan and they can get it to her in two days. He says he’ll call tomorrow with the details. Candace calls Warlock. He doesn’t want to talk on the phone and tells her to meet him. Lloyd tells Jim that it’s done. Jim tells him to take everything Candace owns in fourteen days. Jim goes back to his cell. And I don’t mean his phone.

Benny sees Hannah at the bus stop. He tells her she missed the last bus and she shouldn’t be too proud for him to give her a ride. She tells him that Candace hit her. He says she hit Candace first and they’re both wrong. After getting his mother’s disapproval, he amends it to Candace shouldn’t have hit her. He says he didn’t know where Candace had gotten the money and thinks he should still sue the Cryers. Hannah says she taught him that fair is fair and he’s already gotten plenty. She says Candace would rather steal than earn anything.

He asks why she cares. She says he’s been given a second chance at life and greed can only lead to his destruction. She explains why she never went to the police about Wyatt and that she had to be sure. She says she watched the Cryers’ lives fall apart and doesn’t want him to be a part of it. She tells him to earn his own money, to take what he’s already been given and move on. He says okay, he won’t sue, on the condition that she moves in with him.

Hannah says no. She still doesn’t like how Candace got the money. He says either he sues and wins and buys her a house or he doesn’t and she moves in. She says she has to go to Candace and ask for Quincy Jr. one more time. Benny thinks that’s a bad idea and she says then he should ask. He says he’ll bring her back to his house and go ask.

The ambulance is really slow in this town. David drives up to Veronica’s house and thinks something happened to her. He drives off, presumably to kill Jim.

Mitch is making out with a girl in the back of a truck at Benny’s tow yard. She wonders why, since he owns it, it has Benny’s name on it. They’re about to get busy when Warlock and Candace drive up. They duck down.

Candace tells War she’ll have his money in two days. He says she told him she had it and he got out of bed for nothing. He says he held a federal judge in his basement for days for her, and she owes it to him to be honest. He says she’s his girl and how dare she treat him like this? He tells her she’s lost all her dignity. She tells him about the loan and says she’s trying to redeem herself. He asks why she’s doing this to him. He says he doesn’t want to hurt Benny. He says Benny is his boy, but so was his pops and she knows what War did to him when his pops crossed him. He tells her she has two days.

War criticizes how she’s dressed, saying she dressed sexy to change his mind. She says she didn’t have time to change and knows better than to lie to him. He assaults her against the fence. Mitch sees what’s going on from the truck.

Jeffrey is hanging out at a bar when one of a group of ladies asks him to join them. He says he’s not interested. She’s obviously drunk and tells him he doesn’t have to be rude, throwing a drink at him. He gets in a bit of an argument with the group. The bartender calls one of them “judge” and it turns out to be the judge trying the Harrington case. Creepy cop Justin comes in and she tells him to apologize to Jeffrey because she’s not allowed to talk to him.

Justin sits down and asks what Jeffrey is doing there. Jeffrey tells him to be in whatever room number he’s in, in fifteen minutes. Justin acts ignorant and Jeffrey tells him don’t be late.

Benny goes to Candace’s place. She’s just pulling up and asks if Mitch called him. He says no, and he needs to talk to her. She says she needs to talk to him too, and they go inside. He says he’s sick of her lying and asks her where she got the money from. She tells him from Jim Cryer. Benny asks if she’s blackmailing him and she says Jim gave it to her. He asks why Jim would do that. She leads him into the bathroom, opens a hidden safe and hands him a folder.

Benny asks if she’s blackmailing him with the pictures and she says she’s just fulfilling his fantasy. He says so she’s a prostitute, but Candace says she’s Jim’s woman. Benny says Jim is married and Candace says she just provides a fantasy. Benny asks why she has the pictures and Candace says Jim is into videos too.

Benny tells her he’s not suing them. She asks if it’s because of their mother and he says it’s because of him, and they need to discuss Quincy Jr. She says he’s fine and Benny asks if Hannah can take him. Candace says no, and Benny asks if he can take him. Candace says that’s the same thing and she doesn’t want Hannah to do to Quincy Jr. what she did to them. She says if that’s why he came here, he can leave.

Candace brings up Veronica and says she’s heard some disgusting things about the two of them. Benny says he doesn’t want to talk about that. Candace asks what is he thinking and Benny suddenly wants to leave. She tells him good-by, “Mr. Harrington.”

There’s a knock at Jeffrey’s hotel door. It’s Justin, who asks why Jeffrey is talking to his wife and says Jeffrey set it up. Jeffrey says he didn’t know that was his wife and tells him he should really see someone. Jeffrey says he seems to like restrictions put on him and maybe that’s why he married a judge. Jeffrey says Justin is obviously intrigued by him. He tells Justin to relax and have a drink. He asks what happened to the arrogant cop who got aroused by touching him.

Justin starts to leave and Jeffrey says his wife is pretty. Justin turns back and asks if Jeffrey wants to disappear. Jeffrey says he just wants to talk and drink, and he’s not interested in Justin’s wife. He thinks Justin is a creep who hides behind a badge and wears cheap cologne and he had no idea that this was going to happen, yet here they are.

Justin asks why he’s there and Jeffrey says first have a drink and maybe they can help each other out. Justin asks how.

David requests to see Jim. He asks the guard to turn his back and not let anyone else in and the guard complies. David throws Jim up against the wall and proceeds to beat the snot out of him, kicking him when he finally falls to the floor.

Next time, Veronica pretends to be sad about Maggie, Jeffrey extends an invitation to Justin, and David confronts Veronica about Maggie.


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