July 11, 2016 – GH & the OC – Spencer Confesses & Vicki Apologizes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nina and Carly are at the MetroCourt. Carly tells Nina she’s trying to solve a mystery. Nina says she understands, since she’s in the middle of the Crimson cover dilemma. She says now that Julian’s been arrested, she has to change her idea. She asks Carly what her mystery is, and Carly says, her daughter.

Teddy is going to be okay. Tracy praises Finn to Michael and Sabrrrina, and goes off to see what she can do about getting his job back. Sabrrrina says the way Michael is acting, it’s like they’re family.

Finn is trying to get another source for his medication. There’s a knock at his door and he yells at them to go away. It’s Hayden, who lies to get him to open the door.

Laura asks Spencer who he’s been talking to. He pleads the fifth. She suggests calling back the number and he says he’d hate to subject her to telemarketers. Laura isn’t buying it, since he’s been returning the calls. She wants the truth, but Spencer says she can’t handle the truth.

Nicholas tells Ava to sit tight. He says as soon as the storm breaks, he’ll try his phone. Sam and Jason discuss what happened to Nicholas, who could have done it, and why. A figure lurks in the next room, watching them. Sam tells Jason that she knows she shouldn’t let Helena get to her, but the conditions are perfect for Helena’s brand of mischief. She suggests tying up Nicholas and Ava, when Ava calls for help.

Laura says she can handle the truth fine. Spencer says ignorance is bliss, or so he’s heard. Doc tells him he needs to answer Laura’s question and Spencer tells him to butt out. Laura hits redial.

Ava is concerned that Nicholas is going to pass out. Jason says there’s not much they can do until the storm is over. He and Sam leave Ava and Nicholas locked in the room. Nicholas’s phone rings. Jason hears it and comes back. He asks if he has to take Nicholas’s phone away again.

Hayden brings Finn a bunch of supplements. He says thanks, but no thanks; he needs his medication. He tells her he’s working on a new connection and she says she has one.

Jason answers the phone, but neither he nor Laura can hear one another. Laura tells Doc the call dropped. Spencer wants the phone back. Laura tells him she’s going to take it to Dante and Spencer says, “No not the fuzz,” and I laugh. He finally relents and says he’s been calling his father. He tells them Nicholas is alive.

Nicholas tells Jason he has no idea what he’s just done. Jason tells Nicholas and Ava to take their shoes off because it’s harder to run without them. The intruder, dressed in black, peruses the family history book and knocks a ceramic to the ground, breaking it. Jason and Sam leave Ava and Nicholas again. Sam tells Nicholas maybe they can get some rest, and sees the broken ceramic. She says someone else is in the house.

Hayden tells Finn her father moved in influential circles and she still has connections with pharmaceutical people. Finn tells her to stay out of his life. Hayden says she’s just trying to help. Finn says he can manage his condition without her help and she reminds him of what she did for him in jail. He says she’s making a cause out of him to make herself feel better about her father being a thief. She says she’s genuinely concerned, but he says he doesn’t want her risking it and tell her to stay away. He opens the door and Tracy is there.

Michael tells Sabrrrina they should take their time figuring out what they want. She says Teddy’s health and happiness come first. Michael asks what’s next, and she says she wants to be a nurse again.

Doc asks how Spencer knows this. Spencer explains that Nicholas told him before the fake accident. Nicholas said something would happen and everyone would think he’s dead, but he’d really just be on the lam for a while. Laura says it makes sense considering Nicholas’s poor judgement lately. Spencer says Nicholas had to save himself. Doc asks from what and Laura says, no, from whom.

Ava gets comfortable in Helena’s bed until Nicholas tells her that Helena died there. She finds a journal of Helena’s. Nicholas says it must be a forgery, since Helena never kept a journal. She reads aloud about Helena feeling the dead members of her family around her. She says she knows she’s been poisoned and can’t do anything, but she’ll make sure they pay, including her beloved grandson Nicholas.

The intruder is grabbed by Jason from behind. It doesn’t look like Helena, unless she’s been taking hormones and grew a mustache.

Tracy asks if she’s intruding. Hayden says of course she is, but Finn tells her Hayden was just leaving. When Hayden is gone, Tracy tells Finn the walls at the hotel aren’t exactly thick and everyone could hear them arguing. She tells him that the hospital board has seen the error of its ways and he’s officially reinstated.

Carly tells Nina the story about Jake’s return. She tells Nina she still doesn’t know where the kidney originated or who the donor is. Nina starts to get weepy and talks about not being able to have children. She says she was a mother for a short time and knows what it’s like to have dreams for your child. Carly says she might never get answers, but she has to try. Nina says that’s what brought them together – they can help each other.

The intruder says his name is Theo and he didn’t mean to trespass. He says his boat was taking on water and he had to come to shore. He says he would have rather come anywhere but there, since people often don’t come back from Cassadine Island.

Ava asks Nicholas if he killed his grandmother, but he says Helena was paranoid. She says she thought she and Nicholas were kindred spirits, but maybe she was wrong.

Laura asks Spencer if Nicholas was ever going to tell anyone else. He says Nicholas was planning on coming for him. He says he didn’t mean to hurt anyone and wanted to tell her the truth. She says she knows how sorry he is, but he’s not half as sorry as Nicholas is going to be when she gets ahold of him.

Sabrrrina tells Michael that watching the nurses attend to Teddy made her realize what she was missing. Michael suggests he talk to Monica. Sabrrrina hugs him, saying she can’t believe it. They kiss.

Finn thanks Tracy. She says she owed him and she doesn’t like owing anybody anything, even people she likes. He says no time like the present to get back to work. She says he seemed tired, but he blames it on Hayden. She tells him not to overdo it, but he says he doesn’t know any other way. She leaves and he leans against the door.

Theo says this is his first time in the house and his only relationship with the Cassadines is selling them fish.

Spencer doesn’t know exactly where Nicholas is and Laura tells him to get dressed. Doc asks if she’s okay. She says she knows she should be relieved, but she’s angry. Doc says it sounds like Nicholas was in fear for his life. Laura says not his life, but the way he lives it. He asks what she knows and she says it wouldn’t be fair to confide in him.

Ava tells Nicholas his plan to start a new life is a failure. She says she also failed when she tried the same thing, but regrets are worthless. Nicholas asks what he is to her and she says that remains to be seen. He asks if she’s ever wanted a do-over. She tells him she has to see what’s in store for them before she wishes for one. They kiss.

Michael says it was too soon, but Sabrrrina says no. Finn enters the hospital and Sabrrrina tries to thank him, but he says he has work to do.

Tracy sees Hayden at the bar. Hayden explains that Tracy needs to use her influence to save Finn’s life.

Nina suggests using the magazine to tell Jocelyn’s story. She says at the very least, it will shed light on the organ donor black market. Carly agrees.

Laura says she doesn’t want Doc to perjure himself, so she won’t tell him the details. She says that Nicholas will be in trouble if he comes back and Jason has been left a fugitive. Doc asks what she’s going to do, and she says get Spencer home.

Theo says he was just there for shelter. Jason asks what he saw. He says a man and a woman. Sam explains they’re fugitives and it has nothing to do with him. Jason says something about Nicholas getting hit in the head.

Ava takes a pouch from Nicholas’s pocket while they kiss. It’s the diamonds. She says look, she pulled the family jewels out of his pants. BA-DUM-CHH!

Jason tells Theo to stay in plain sight. He goes near the fire to warm himself. Jason tells Sam to go to bed, but she decides to catch up on Cassadine history and takes the book. At the fireplace, Theo pulls up his sleeve, exposing a tattoo.

Tomorrow, Anna goads Julian, Hayden asks Tracy for help, and Laura tells Lulu that Nicholas is alive.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Briana and family are moving back to the OC. Vicki is glad to see the end of Oklahoma City. Briana has some health problems, so this will make things easier on her. I guess Ryan is staying behind to sell the house? We flash back to when he and Vicki weren’t exactly getting along, but now things are just peachy. Okay, Vicki explains that Ryan has to finish up his job, but he’ll also be overseeing the sale of the house.

Meghan is taking fertility shots and making a video diary for Jimmy who’s away at baseball camp or whatever. Concentrating on a future baby, Meghan overcomes her fear of needles and finally does it after I’m not sure how long because I wasn’t paying attention. She’s pretty proud of herself.

Shannon and David’s house is in escrow. She says they’ve been in escrow a few times and are waiting for buyers getting overseas money. She says it’s like a symbolic fresh start for the family and she’s looking forward to starting new. She visits the realtor (from Sotheby’s!), who’s hoping to see some action from the buyer by the end of the week. Shannon and the realtor discuss the family getting a rental while looking for another house. She wants to create a “green” home.

Briana is at the wheel as she, Vicki and the boys drive back to California. Briana flashes back to her and Vicki’s estrangement because of Brooks. One of the kids has to use the bathroom, but they’re in the middle of nowhere. Vicki suggests finding a bush, but good luck in that forever flatland. They discuss Briana’s health issues. Vicki wonders why a doctor can’t just fix her.

Meghan calls Kelly. The girls are going out, but Meghan isn’t feeling well, so she’s taking a pass. Kelly is nervous not to have Meghan with her and we flash back to Kelly’s awkward meeting with some of the group.

Thirteen hours to go and I have the feeling we’re on at least round three of complaining about everything. Briana has recently had surgery, and is feeling the struggle, and I’m not sure why Vicki isn’t driving. Vicki asks if Briana wants to spend the night in a hotel, but Briana just wants to get the blip home.

Kelly orders a shot for medicinal purposes because she feels a cough thing coming on. Heather tells the ladies about a book that she and Terry are writing about their adventures in health and beauty. She wants to do a launch party, but shes’ worried the house won’t be ready. Kelly also wants to have a party. She thinks the ladies should loosen up.

Tamra can’t wait to tell everyone that Kelly had lunch with Vicki. Kelly says she knew Vicki through a hairdresser and likes her. Heather explains that they’ve all just been through the mill with Vicki. In her interview, Kelly says she’s been in Vicki’s position, loving the wrong person, and sees herself in Vicki. Heather thinks Kelly should take their past with Vicki into consideration, but Kelly thinks they should cut Vicki some slack. It’s an agreement to disagree at this point, but I’m sure this will rear it’s ugly head later.

Hour twenty-one and Vicki and company make it home. In her interview, Briana talks about how uncomfortable she is with her leg swollen and bleeding, but I have to add that she looks really good. Last season, it seemed like she could barely bother to comb her hair, but now she looks much more pulled together.

Briana has to go to the hospital and the boys drive Vicki nuts. Ugh! This is not a fun grandma moment. She’s bringing a bag to Briana, and getting them in the car is a major achievement. One forgets his iPad and I just shake my head.

Tamra is having her BMI measured. She says she’d been praying for Christian people in her life and God sent her trainer, Mia. She says Mia is her therapist and spiritual guide as well. We flash back to Eddie telling Tamra to stay out of Ryan’s financial business. She and Mia discuss giving the control over to God and praying rather than worrying.

Heather is tired of working on the new house and just wants to move in. She’s looking at $7000 grills, and it reminds me of when my husband and I got a grill at Sears. There wasn’t a salesman to be found and we started to wander around, looking at the pricey ones, just like Heather is now. Voila! A salesman appeared. When he asked if he could help us, and we said we wanted the $300 grill rather than the $3000 one we had been looking at, his disappointment was apparent. We both said, “Sorry!” at the same time.

Heather tells us hexagonal ice is jewelry for your drinks. Shaking my head again.

Briana gets something in her arm to give her antibiotics and other medication while she’s at home. She says it wasn’t easy to convince the infectious disease doctors to let her go. Vicki talks about Kelly’s invitation to the party, but Briana wants to lie down. Vicki tells Briana that she has to get to work. In her interview, Briana complains, but in hers, Vicki says she just bought Briana a house and money doesn’t come out of thin air. Truth!

Kelly and Michael get ready for their party. Kelly nixes Michael’s outfit and chastises him for not putting the ice machine on the night before. They have a beach backyard where the party is going to be happening. Michael gets the fire-pit going and Meghan arrives. Kelly tells her she isn’t sure if Vicki is coming, but she told her to bring Briana.

The guests trickle in and there’s talk of a volley ball game. Vicki shows up in some really cute camo wedges. In her interview, Vicki says she doesn’t want the ladies to dictate her social life. She says hello to everyone. Kelly’s mother and brother are also there, and Jimmy actually makes an appearance.

It’s time to eat and I drool over the fancy sandwiches. Heather and Vicki discuss Briana. Heather has decided to treat Vicki as an acquaintance. Shannon is pissy about Vicki being there. Vicki sits with Tamra and tells her that she’s still healing from last year’s sh*tstorm. She says she misses her friends, but it goes both ways and she doesn’t feel that Tamra was there for her. Tamra says her story was always changing and wonders how she could live in the same house as Brooks and not know what’s going on. She asks why Vicki wouldn’t go to her friends.

Meanwhile, Shannon gives Kelly the skinny on the fake medical document and what went down between her and Vicki. Shannon doesn’t believe Vicki didn’t know about the lying and says there’s a difference between making a mistake and perpetuating a lie. Vicki tells Tamra that she believed Brooks and was rooked along with everyone else. Tamra tells her to be honest and Vicki says she has been. She repeats that she believed Brooks and was ganged up on by the women. Tamra says she’s disappointed that Vicki never apologized. Vicki says Tamra didn’t handle it well either. In her interview, Tamra says Vicki is best at blaming others for her own messes.

Vicki insists she didn’t lie about Brooks, but Tamra says even when the lies were exposed, Vicki still chose Brooks over them and her own daughter. She says Vicki needs to be less stubborn. Vicki starts to cry and asks Tamra to forgive her. In her interview, Tamra says Vicki will never admit she knew Brooks didn’t have cancer, but she’s going to let it go. Vicki wants to start an apology tour and Tamra says, just do it.

Next time, Party at Kelly’s, Shannon and Vicki get into it, Meghan tries for a baby, and Briana is back in the hospital.

** Hope you’re watching Odd Mom Out. Even if you don’t have kids, it’s easy to relate to. And although it out New York Citys every other show set in there (including Sex in the City – sorry, no real humans live that way), you don’t have to live there to “get it.” Tonight’s episode revolved around the futile effort of trying to get tickets for Hamilton, using several of the Broadway actors in bit parts. Very funny. I literally lol several times during every episode.

I’m glad Bravo has branched out into scripted territory with this dramedy, as well as The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. Both of these shows are sophisticated, yet full of laughs.


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