July 12, 2016 – Half a GH, an Entire Deck & the Whole Haves & Nots


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

GH has already been in progress for a half hour while the president said blah-blah-blah during the first half.

At the hospital, Anna rags on captive audience Julian about how he’s such a d-bag. I love that they’re just leaving her alone in his room.

Theo is surprised that Nicholas is alive. Jason suggests he talk to him personally.

At the MetroCourt, Laura talks to Dante and Lulu about Nicholas. Dante says he has to call it in immediately, but Laura isn’t certain where Nicholas is.

Ava tells Nicholas it’s clear that he did something bad, and now he’s trying to cover it up. She says in the moment, it seems necessary, but no matter how careful you try to cover your tracks, you miss something, and one mistake snowballs until it tries to take over your life. She says you dream of the moment before it happened and think you can change it, but when you wake up, that’s impossible.

Jason brings Theo to Nicholas. Theo says he’s glad to see him alive and safe.

Hayden tells Tracy what she knows about Finn’s condition. Tracy agrees to help.

Finn starts to write in his journal, but he’s too agitated. He tries making a call, but no one picks up.

Anna tells Julian about everything that’s wrong with him, and to add insult to injury, keeps comparing him to Sonny, who she defines as a good guy. She says Alexis and Julian’s children despise him now. Barely conscious Julian says it could have been Anna going to prison for murder and she’s no better than he is. She says she owned up to what she did and was exonerated. She says she learns from her mistakes, but he never has, which is why he’s there. She says she’s done with him and she’s leaving town to spend the rest of the summer with her family because she’s free and never threw her life away. She tells him how much she hates him and says everything we’ve wanted to say all along. She breaks down in tears outside the door.

Griff sees Anna slide to the floor and takes her hand. Man, Griff and Nathan have it all. How did Claudette get so lucky?

Sam gives Ava and Nicholas their shoes back. Jason has decided he wants them downstairs where he can keep an eye on them. Theo tells Nicholas his wife is very beautiful, but he says Ava isn’t his wife. He asks if Theo ever met Helena, but Theo says no; his father would bring the fish to the kitchen back in the day.

Laura suggests they all go to Cassadine Island. Dante says his first thought about Greece is no, but he knows if he says that, they’ll just do what they want anyway, and they should do this as a family.

Finn tells Roxie he’s running out of time. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Hayden and Tracy, who says they got there just in time.

Griff tells Anna she deserves a break, but he’ll miss knowing she’s there. He sits next to her on the floor and asks how it went with Julian. Anna expresses her disgust at how unfair it is that Julian is still breathing and Duke is gone. She says she’s been holding onto vengeance and calling it justice. She says the longer you carry it, the heavier it gets, but she feels like she finally let the weight go. Griff says she liberated her spirit, but Anna says she wouldn’t go that far. She says Julian has lost everything he cares about and only has himself to blame.

Amy asks Julian if he needs anything, adding that she has pepper spray and she’s not afraid to use it. It’s highly doubtful though, that Julian is going to be attacking anybody.

Griff says he’s wavered a little in his life. He says there are things in his history he’s not proud of, but Anna says regret is part of the human condition. Griff wonders what Duke would think of him. Anna says he’d love and accept Griff with open arms and heart. She talks about how Duke would want to build a relationship with him and Finola Hughes is so believable, I almost start crying. She tells Griff she’ll see him when she gets back and not to take off and reinvent himself again. They hug.

Hayden tells Finn she had to call in the cavalry, meaning Tracy. Tracy says she considers Finn a friend, but friends ask for help when they need it. She asks Finn what drug he needs. He says it’s illegal in this country and explains they need a drug mule. Tracy volunteers herself and Hayden.

Dante tells Lulu he’s not doing this for Nicholas, but for her. Laura calls Doc and tells him she’ll be out of town to find Nicholas, but doesn’t want to give him too many details. She says his friendship has meant everything.

Jason tells Sam he wants to keep an eye on these people. She says Nicholas isn’t going anywhere, but Jason says that’s not who he’s worried about. We see Theo’s tattoo again as he looks over the family history book.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth questions Franco, Hayden has a problem with being a mule, and Finn tells Griff to mind his own business.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Kathryn asks if it’s happening again and Hannah tells her it is. Kathryn cries about how unfair it is. She thinks she’s being punished for covering up Wyatt’s hit and run. Kathryn brings up something Hannah said to her ages ago and Hannah tells her to get some rest. Kathryn says it won’t help because Wyatt still won’t be there when she wakes up. Hannah tells her she does believe we reap what we sow. Kathryn asks if that’s why Wyatt died. Hannah says this is why she didn’t want to have this conversation right now, but we get back what we put out there. She doesn’t think God took Kathryn’s children away as punishment, but there’s a reaping coming. She says if you plant an apple tree, you can’t be surprised if apples grow on it. Yep.

Kathryn says there are apples all around and Hannah suggests they not do this now. Kathryn thanks her for coming. She wonders who’s going to tell Jim, and then asks Hannah to tell him. She says there’s no one else. Hannah says she’s not doing that and I’m also thinking Kathryn is asking too much. Hannah says Kathryn should do it, but she says she can’t even look at Jim. She begs Hannah to tell him. Kathryn says Hannah is a child of God and represents compassion and Jim sees that. Hannah is aghast that Kathryn would ask such a thing of her. Kathryn starts to beg. She says she doesn’t want him to hear it from the DA or another prisoner.

Warlock wakes Candace, telling her time’s up. She says she’ll get the money today. He says when the clock strikes five, she’d better have it in cash. She says she can’t get cash and he gets abusive.

The phones still aren’t ringing at Benny’s tow yard. Mitch asks how well Benny knows War. He thinks there’s something wrong with him. Benny calls David and leaves a message to call him back. Mitch wonders if Candace and War are hooking up, but Benny says War is like family. Benny says if the phones aren’t ringing in an hour, he’s paying David a visit. Mitch says he doesn’t want to go into business with War. Benny says War has had his back, and Candace’s, and he’d be in jail if it wasn’t for him. He tells Mitch that War would die for either one of them and to back off. It was like they were having two different conversations there for a while. Benny says if Mitch wants in on the business, that’s cool, but War is definitely in.

Warlock enters. Benny asks if he’s going in on the business. War says he wants to observe, and Benny says it’s a slow day. Mitch says he’s going out for coffee. Benny offers War a seat. War has a serious face and I’m not sure why he’s not making Benny nervous or at least curious.

Jeffrey visits Candace. She gives him his new phone. He tells her about Maggie, but she’d already heard about it. Candace goes upstairs and the phone rings. It’s Justin who wants to see Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he’s busy, but Justin insists.

As Candace is leaving, Mitch is coming up the walk. He wants to know what’s going on, but Candace says she can’t talk right now. He says just tell him and Candace says she owes War money. He offers to give it to her, but she says he doesn’t have that kind. Mitch mentions his brothers and Candace tells him not to get them involved and asks if Benny knows about them. Mitch asks if War is raping her for the money and she says no. She thanks him for caring and he says he always has. I like Mitch. I’m assuming his brothers are in the Mafia or something though.

When Candace leaves, Mitch calls someone. He asks if they still have a narc cop on payroll. He tells whoever to set War up.

Jeffrey gets to his mother’s house and sees someone cleaning the blood off the walkway. Veronica, who has a rockin’ new hair-do, hugs him and critcizes his wardrobe. She tells him she wants him to go home and change, but she wants him to see his room first. He says he’s not moving back in, but she doesn’t hear that and calls for champagne. I love Veronica. She is so on another planet. An evil, twisted planet.

Veronica shows Jeffrey the room. With a crib in it. She says that’s where he and Melissa are going to live. So, in that huge house, she can’t make a separate nursery? She asks if Jeffrey wants champagne and he asks if she remembers Maggie was murdered there yesterday. She says she heard someone was also murdered at Candace’s place. She asks if he’d like to talk about that or the wedding. Jeffrey chooses the wedding.

She tells him to wear a black suit when he comes back tonight. She says she invited his father and hopes he comes because it’s a festive occasion. She says, “Happy time, happy, happy,” like a full-blown nut.

Lloyd has Candace sign the papers. She wants to read them and he tries to rush her. She tells him she needs the money in cash. Lloyd is like, wh-a-a-at? and says that kind of money has to be ordered. Candace says she needs it in cash by five. He says he’ll call some of the branches and see what he can do.

Justin, in bed with Jeffrey, tells Jeffrey to uncuff him. Justin says Jeffrey is angry today, and does his usual he’s not gay riff. Jeffrey says he’s not going to see Justin again. He says he doesn’t like it. Justin says he can’t just start this and then stop it. He says Jeffrey has said a lot of things that make sense to him. Jeffrey says Justin is a sick man and to just get out. Justin says Jeffrey is temperamental, just like a chick, and Jeffrey says at least he wasn’t screaming like one. Justin grabs Jeffrey’s throat and Jeffrey says go ahead. Again, Justin asks what’s wrong and Jeffrey tells him to get out. Wow. Justin almost seemed human in that scene.

WTF? Does Candace have a camera at Benny’s office? She’s looking at her phone and sees War there with a gun. She calls War and puts Lloyd on the phone to tell him the money is coming in and they’re working as fast as they can. He asks for Candace again and asks her what she’s trying to pull. She pretends they’re going on a trip to Vegas together and he’s some kind of promoter.At the tow yard, War makes up something about the call.

Justin says he’d thought Jeffrey was a good guy. Jeffrey says sometimes people make you change. He thanks Justin for being one of them. Justin leaves.

Candace calls War and says the money is in. She asks him to meet her at the bank. He fingers his gun.

Ha-ha! Jeffrey shows up at Veronica’s in a purple flowered suit. She asks if he’s afraid of her and he says she knows he is. She says it must not be too much, since he showed up in something that looks like a dress. She says she should send him back home, but instead gives him the ring for Melissa. Veronica wonders where David is and says he hasn’t been taking her calls.

Melissa arrives. Veronica says she’s not showing yet, which is an understatement, making me wonder if she’s really pregnant. Veronica tells Jeffrey that when a lady enters the room, he’s to stand, and he asks where the lady is. Ouch! Veronica tells him to kiss Melissa and he pecks Melissa on the cheek. She tells Jeffrey to show Melissa their room while she checks on dinner.

Jim is brought to the visiting room. Hannah tells him she’s there for Kathryn. She says it’s about Wyatt. Jim thinks she’s there to curse him out or watch him fall apart. He says it’s not going to happen. He goes on about other theories and the lawsuit. He asks if she’s going to take it all and asks what she wants. Hannah says she’s there at Kathryn’s request and that Wyatt is dead. She says Kathryn couldn’t tell him herself and she didn’t want him to hear it from someone else. She tells Jim that Wyatt OD’d.

Nwzt time, Jim offers hannah money, veronica forces melissa on jeffrey, and Melissa offers to help Jeffrey take Veronica down.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Mark tells Hannah that the guests are “perceiving” her displeasure with them. She tells the captain that she’s been professional, but the guests are vulgar, disgusting and rude. Now tell us how you really feel. The captain suggests having Tiffany and Julia pinch hit. He says it’s just a personality thing and not a level of service issue, so it’s all good.

Word gets out about the guests extending their charter. Hannah lets the other stews know they’ll need to fill in for her.

Bryan has Danny and Bobby clean something or other. In his interview, Bryan calls Danny a turd burger because he’s incredibly mature. The guests wonder what the crew must be doing while they’re hanging out needing drinking supplies. For one thing, cleaning up the guests’ disgusting messes. I’m not even going to tell you what Tiffany found. Greek snacks are demanded, and I’m not sure if Ben even knows what that means. Julia takes the guests’ drink orders. One of the primaries says she’s nice in a hateful way. In the galley, Julia says it would be nice if they’d say please and thank you.

Danny wants his phone back, but Bryan isn’t too receptive to that. Julia asks Danny if he actually works, as he leans up against the washer, watching Julia and Tiffany doing the laundry. Julia says every time she gets near the guests, they want something else and Hannah thinks they might run out of vodka. Ben is getting testy.

Hannah says the guests wouldn’t know five-star service if it smacked them in their Botoxed faces. From the looks of one of the bathrooms, they’re a bunch of slobs. It’s anchors away and Danny asks Captain Mark if he can have his phone back, promising to keep it in his cabin during work hours. The captain is okay with it, making Bryan livid.

Surprisingly, the guests go to bed when they get back from a night out on shore. One of them makes plans with the captain for the next day. Hannah and Ben talk. The captain tells Bryan that the guests want ATVs for the morning, which means they have to go back to where they came from because it’s the only place that has them.

Julia talks to her boyfriend and says she can’t wait to get off the boat. She tells us that people think yachting is glamorous, but it’s a sixteen hour day and she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep it up.

The captain tells Bryan and Bobby that the guests have requested designated drivers for tomorrow, and they plan the logistics. Julia asks Bryan if he can get croissants from the local bakery for one of the guests. Jen is getting tired of the Danny thing and says he’s like a sinking ship that you don’t want to get too close to. Julia orders breakfast burritos from Ben, but in the meantime, Bryan has come through with the miracle croissants, which only one guest wants now. Why not have both?

In his interview, Bryan says something about Jen and Danny being like farts in the wind, like he’s Confucius. Ben thanks Bryan for the croissants. Julia starts talking about how one of the guests wanted them and suddenly she and Ben are arguing. I think it’s really about something else though, because Julia starts to cry.

Hannah tells Julia to breathe and that everything is fine. Ben tells Jen he can’t figure out what the big deal is. Julia tells Hannah she’s tired of people taking advantage of her because she’s nice.

Breakfast is served. Julia says she doesn’t get Ben’s ups and downs. She thinks he acts condescending toward her because he comes from a different, more educated class than she does.

Captain Mark tells Hannah he needs one of the stews for the excursion. Tiffany tells Bobby about what happened with Julia and Ben. She seems to encourage his unwanted flirtation with Julia, which isn’t very sisterly. Bryan tells Danny he’s going to be one of the drivers, but his phone stays on the boat.

Bobby approaches Julia. She tells him thanks, but she’ s okay. No surprise, Danny enchants the guests. He, Bobby, Ryan, and Tiffany are the drivers. The ATVs go up a humongous hill and it looks like stunt driving to me. Danny is miffed because the other two guys take pictures with their cell phones.

Ben tells Julia she’s confusing him and wonders why she created an issue in the galley. She says she heard him talking to Bryan about the croissants and that he uses his intelligence to put people down. She says he’s the kind of upper crust person she tries to avoid in England. Ben says she’s overtired. Julia says he’s constantly overreacting and she’s tired of his arrogance.

Ben doesn’t feel right about how Julia is looking at him. He says he grew up privileged, but didn’t want to rest on his laurels because that’s not how his father taught him, and that’s why he left England. Tiffany thinks Ben is just being funny, not condescending.

On land, the group goes to a bar. Bryan frowns, seeing Danny look at one of the guests’ phones. The captain calls, trying to move things along. Danny only has one female ATV passenger and gets her number. Back at the boat, Bryan desperately wants to say Danny screwed up, but he didn’t, so it’s killing him.

The boat docks for the evening. Dinner is served. Danny shows Jen a calendar one of the Tilted Kilt girls sent him and Bryan rolls his eyes. There is constant cleaning behind the scenes.

After the guests go to bed, Ben talks to Hannah about Julia. He says he’s more sensitive than people think. Hannah says maybe Julia isn’t used to working with his kind of personality. He whines that it doesn’t mean he’s the worst human that ever lived and Hannah says no, that was Hitler.

I have the sudden desire for a croissant. Ben is having the feels about the issue between him and Julia. He tells Hannah it hit home. He says being privileged and educated has worked against him. He’s just an everyday person with an accent and everyone takes him for having a silver spoon in his mouth. Ben starts to cry and Hannah hugs him. Well. Ben says he left home young and did everything for himself. He can’t believe he’s crying and neither can I.

Next time, we visit Santorini, the crew has a night out, Danny gets caught with his phone, and Bobby and Julia argue.


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