July 13, 2016 – GH & the Wives of NYC


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Alexis takes off her wedding ring set. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Sonny. Alexis thanks him again and he says he’s just glad she’s okay, but she wonders if she is.

Hayden tells Tracy she has a problem with being a drug mule. Oh come on, Hayden, it will be fun. Finn is looking everywhere for something and tearing the room apart, like it’s a scene out of Lost Weekend. He finds nothing but an empty vial. He tells Roxie not to judge him. He tells her that he knows he hid a couple of doses somewhere; he just has to find them.

Franco approaches Elizabeth at the hospital. He applied to an art camp for Jake and she wants to know why. Franco says it’s a great opportunity for him. Elizabeth says it’s two grand that she doesn’t have. Franco tells her to read the whole email and points out that there’s financial assistance. Elizabeth says her other two boys want to go to camps, but she’s not likely to get scholarships for all three. Franco suggests an online campaign, but Elizabeth nixes that idea. She says it would have been better if he’d checked with her first.

Claudette talks to Nina about the job. Nina thinks she’s going to be a perfect fit. Maxie comes in and Nina toasts with her coffee, asking what the “C” in CJ is for. Maxie says “Claudette,” and Nina chokes on her latte. Nina asks her to explain. Claudette says CJ is her professional name. Nina tells her she’s fired.

Nathan tells Griff he’s been officially cleared in the hospital murders.

Alexis tells Sonny to go ahead and tell her “I told you so.” She says at one point, Julian did leave the mob and it was a great ten minutes. Sonny says he knew what Julian is capable of and Alexis says she thought she did. Sonny says he’s her friend and wants her to know it. Where did this gregarious Sonny come from?

Hayden says she wants to help Finn, but not at the expense of her own freedom. Tracy says she’ll do it herself, but Hayden has to tell Finn.

Alexis says she’s made some bad life choices, although at least she got children she loves dearly out of them. She says no wonder she’s confused. Sonny says it’s over and Julian is on his way to prison. Alexis says she should have turned Julian in earlier and Sonny says hindsight is 20/20, but he has no doubt she’ll rise up again.

Tracy and Hayden go to Finn’s room. He asks them to come back later, but Tracy says it will only take a minute. She sees the condition of the room and asks if he lost a contact lens. He explains that he was looking for doses he’d hidden. Hayden says the Feds are looking at her, so she doesn’t want to be a mule. Tracy says to just tell her where to go and who to talk to, and she’ll take care of the rest. Finn thanks her, but says Hayden is right. He doesn’t want either one of them getting his drugs.

Maxie asks for a moment with Nina. Maxie tells Nina that Claudette can sue if she’s fired for personal reasons, although I’m not sure about that. Nina asks why Maxie wants her there, and Maxie says because she doesn’t trust her and wants to keep an eye on her.

Epiphany is going out of her mind at the desk. There’s a sick-out because of the serial killer being on the loose. Nathan tells her it’s high priority and they’ll bring the killer to justice in no time.

Franco tells Elizabeth he’s just learning to be considerate and thought he was doing a good thing. She thanks him for being supportive, but thinks boundaries should be set. She says if he has any ideas about Jake again, to talk to her first.

Sonny tells Alexis to give herself a break and blame Julian. He says she got enough evidence to send him to prison. Sonny asks her how she faked the pregnancy test. She tells him she learned a lot of things in law school and Anna knows some good tricks too. Don’t tell us or anything.

Tracy tells Finn she’ll bring the mountain to Mohammed. He tells her to remember the last time she left US soil and almost lost her life, and that her body is still recovering. Tracy says she’ll be the judge of what she can handle. Finn says as her primary physician, he doesn’t think she should be taxing her body right now. Tracy says his only solution is Hayden. Finn says he doesn’t want her to risk it.

Nina tells Claudette that maybe she overreacted in being protective of Nathan, and the job is hers. She adds that Claudette should thank Maxie and makes something up about what Maxie said. Curtis has shown up and Nina takes him into her office. Maxie offers to show Claudette around.

Nina gives Curtis his first assignment on bad plastic surgery. She talks about surgeons leaving people maimed and broke. She says his mission is to investigate the frauds. She’s made an appointment for him. He says he’ll investigate Claudette at the same time.

Elizabeth asks Epiphany not to schedule her and Franco together. She says whatever Franco thinks they are, he’s mistaken and he’s been overstepping his bounds. Epiphany says she’ll do it. Franco lurks by the water fountain.

Sonny tells Alexis she was brave. She thanks him and says she never wants to do anything like that again. Sonny says when she shoved the knife in Julian’s back, he wasn’t sure if she was protecting him or it was because Julian had it coming.

Tracy thinks she can convince someone to take the trip on her behalf. Finn finds a dose he’d hidden and asks if she doesn’t think enough people know about this already. Hayden hustles Tracy out, and Finn gives himself a shot.

Curtis says he’ll get some dirt on Claudette to give Nina leverage. Nina gives Curtis the information she has on Claudette and tells him what Claudette said about why she applied for the job under a different name.

Maxie sees Claudette’s purse and almost picks it up, but Claudette comes back with coffee. Claudette thanks Maxie, who says she did what’s best for the magazine. Claudette tells her she’s just there for the job. She’s moved past her relationship with Nathan and wants what’s best for him. Maxie asks what that is. Claudette says obviously it’s Maxie, but they don’t have to socialize outside of the office if Maxie doesn’t want to.

Epiphany asks what Franco wants. He asks what’s the point in being a better person when it doesn’ t get you anywhere? I know the feeling. He says he’s through with being nice.

Sonny says maybe it’s best Julian didn’t die so Alexis isn’t shouldering the blame. She says she’s glad that he’ll spend the rest of his life behind bars paying for his crimes. Sonny says he used and abused Alexis, but in the end, she took him down.

Tracy and Hayden confer. Hayden thinks Finn has a point. Tracy says if she’d gone alone, she would have at least found out what drug it is. Hayden pulls a paper out of her purse that she swiped from Finn’s room. It has the name of the drug on it.

Nathan asks Griff who was on duty when Lucas was treated, but Griff doesn’t remember. Maxie runs in, telling Nathan they need to talk. Griff leaves and Maxie says she needs a favor.

Alexis tells Sonny she’s going to meet with Diane later. He asks if she’s all right and she says she will be eventually. He says he’s there if she needs him. Outside, he makes a phone call, asking if it’s all set. Alexis checks her phone. She sees dates marked on the calendar. Hmm…is she really pregnant?

Nina tells Curtis to get something on Claudette quickly, and he says he’s already on it.

Maxie wants Nathan to take Claudette to lunch.

Griff tells Finn it’s great to have him back, and that he looks better. Finn says he doesn’t need Griff monitoring him and that it’s none of his business. Geez.

Hayden tells Tracy they can get the drug without leaving the country. She says she knows someone who can help, but it’s the last person on earth she wanted to ask for a favor. (Her mother?)

Franco gets in the elevator with Elizabeth. She asks how his day is going and he stops the elevator.

Tomorrow, Sonny asks Carly for a promise, Maxie asks Nathan if he’s afraid, and Jordan asks if Andre made a decision.

The Real Housewives of NYC

We return to The Countess stomping off from Dorinda’s dinner party. Jules and Dorinda try to get her to come back. The Countess says she came for a drink like she promised and everyone came down on her. Dorinda tells her to call in the morning. In her interview, Dorinda says that The Countess sometimes has a misconception of how she’s viewed.

Dorinda tells the other girls that The Countess has separated herself from the group. Bethenny talks about when The Countess used her Countessness to separate herself early on, and then calls out Ramona for being on her phone. Ramona is texting The Countess an apology. Sonja brings up the Tom thing and how it wasn’t like she was interested in anything serious with him. Everyone talks at once and Jules says they should let The Countess be happy. Bethenny talks about how self-absorbed The Countess is.

Jules tells Bethenny that she’s sometimes the same way, and when she tried to show Bethenny concern, Bethenny ignored her. Jules tells Bethenny she’s sick and tired of Bethenny treating her like she’s stupid. Bethenny talks about Jules baking the measuring cup into the calzone (really, that happened) and Jules says it was a joke. Jules says Bethenny puts people down and thinks it’s funny. We flash back to Bethenny being sarcastic with her. Jules says she’s been genuine and she trusted Bethenny. She says Bethenny has been talking smack about her marriage behind her back.

Bethenny says she never did that and has always said positive things about Michael. Bethenny wants to know who said that. For some reason, Bethenny thinks Jules is indicating it’s Dorinda. Dorinda talks about something that Jules had told her about Michael and we flash back. Dorinda says she did tell Jules to be careful who she talks to about her marriage and her eating disorder. Jules thinks they’re missing the point – that she doesn’t want them talking behind her back. She says they should address her personally.

Bethenny says she’s been distant because she grew up around an eating disorder. Jules tries to talk and Bethenny says let her speak. She says part of the disease is about lying and she’s allowed to protect herself. She says she hasn’t said anything bad about Jules either. In her interview, Bethenny says it was like a bank robber moving in with an FBI agent when Jules joined the group. Jules says she wrestles with her disease all the time, but she’s trying to be accountable, telling them she threw up recently. Sonja says she feels Jules has always been honest. Dorinda thinks Behenny and Carole have been insensitive. Carole says she knows denial when she sees it.

Dorinda says she’s not doing any more events since they all end up being a sh*tshow. Ramona wakes up from her phone trance and decides she wants to take a girls trip to Mohegan Sun. All of the arrangements have been made and they’re leaving on Tuesday, minus The Countess who has a previous engagement. Everyone just rides along on the Ramonacoaster and I’m dumbfounded.

The Countess is walking with Ramona in the city, and tells her that she’s disappointed about the other night. Ramona says she’s disappointed too, because The Countess didn’t feel Ramona had her back. The Countess says that Dorinda told her that Ramona isn’t her friend. In her interview, Ramona says that just because she says something less than positive doesn’t mean she’s not a friend. She points out to The Countess that it takes a year to get over a major upheaval and no one should rush marriage. The Countess says she’s old enough to know better. She tells Ramona not to judge her and it’s none of her business.

She says she doesn’t care about Sonja or anyone else who came before her. In her interview, Ramona wonders why she’s so upset about it then. Ramona tells The Countess that she broke girl code when she scooped Tom out from under another girl who’d been dating him for several months. It sounds like the girl went to the bathroom while they were on a date, and The Countess walked out with him.

The Countess says the only bright side of the evening was Carole. Ramona says Carole suggested they talk. The Countess says she’s going off to Vail with Tom, because she’s the type who dumps her girlfriends the second a guy is in the picture.

Dorinda visits Carole, who says they both seemed to be part of the tirade Jules was having about something that didn’t happen. Adam is there cooking cauliflower pizza. Bethenny arrives. They discuss Bethenny’s medical issues. She’s been getting some kind of IVs to combat the stress. She brings up the dinner party. Carole wonders why Jules singled out Bethenny. Carole isn’t sure what Jules was trying to accomplish besides alienating them.

Bethenny swears she’s been treating Jules like glass and thinks Jules is paranoid because she told Bethenny some secrets, even though Bethenny swears she’d never repeat them. Bethenny says she isn’t mad about it, but she doesn’t want some kind of talk with Jules to make things right. I’m fascinated with Adam’s pizza crust.

Sonja is mapping out her dinner party. Only Dorinda, Jules and their significant others are invited. Jules is also bringing a date for Sonja.

She’s borrowed her brother-in-law’s butler for the evening, and has an intern greeting the guests. I’d forgotten about John until he and Dorinda show up. Michael and Jules bicker outside the door. Eww! Michael’s hair is always slicked back and greasy looking. Mystery guest, Rocco, arrives and Sonja already knows him through mutual acquaintances. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s like a dance of the peacocks. Sonja is happy with the promised Rocco.

The table looks beautiful. John points out how huge the napkins are and Sonja explains that they’re 100 years old and back then, you used the napkin for a week. Huh. Rocco is impressed with the old world vibe. Jules is pleased with her own match making talents.

Dorinda is proud of Jules speaking her mind at the previous dinner party. Jules tells the others about how Bethenny and Carole hit a soft spot. Sonja says that Bethenny’s honesty was great, but she can’t be a real friend with the issues she has. Jules says she and Carole broke her trust and she’s not going to tell them anything personal anymore. Dorinda compliments Sonja on the dinner party.

Ramona has the party bus stocked. If all buses were like this, I’d take them all the time. Sonja just had oral surgery and seems a little loopy. Ramona is glad that they’re off to a good start and we flash back to the Atlantic City debacle from last season. She says they can feel the tension between Bethenny and Jules though.

The Countess is officially engaged. They discuss The Countess and happiness for a while. Sonja is a little disappointed that she’ll be losing a roommate. Bethenny talks to Dorinda about the Jules thing. Jules wonders if they think she’s deaf or want her to hear. Dorinda realizes the volume and removes herself to get a drink.

Jules tells Dorinda she can’t believe the obsession with her. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s nothing new for the bus to split into groups. Bethenny decides to talk to Sonja and tells her that she was hurt when Sonja came to her office to talk about Tipsy Girl. She says she didn’t handle it well. Sonja says she realized she had to step back and gather her thoughts about what she’d done and give Bethenny space. Bethenny says Sonja has a good heart and she wants to let it go.

Next time, Mohegan Sun, lots of drinking, lots of gambling, and The Countess shows off her ring.


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