July 15, 2016 – Dual GH, Elle Quotes & Not-So-Random Thoughts


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Sonny and Carly meet Kristina and Aaron in front of the new coffee shop. Sonny tells Kristina he’s happy with his business venture with Aaron. TJ and Molly come along so they can be the first customers. Aaron thanks Sonny again and Sonny tells him to thank Kristina. Kristina says if Aaron hadn’t had a sound business plan, Sonny wouldn’t have considered it.

Jordan calls Andre from the MetroCourt, telling him she’s free tonight and she misses him. Curtis approaches and says he wishes that smile was for him. She says she’s made her decision about him being a cop. Curtis says all the graduating cadets made him nostalgic, but he’s decided to work solo as a PI, and she’s off the hook. Just for curiosity’s sake he asks if she was going to help him out. Changing the subject, Jordan tells him about TJ overhearing that Shawn is his father and how because of it, Tj has cut her out of his life.

Valerie, who’s been assigned to the hospital, asks to speak to Nathan. She asks him if she can be an extra set of eyes in his investigation while she’s on break. He gives her some files to look at. Maxie asks him if he’s afraid to take Claudette to lunch. I hope not, since it looks like Maxie just texted Claudette on his behalf.

Griff introduces himself to Valerie who wants to share his office for a while. He recognizes her last name and she tells him she’s Bobbie’s niece.

Franco stops the elevator with Elizabeth in it and covers the camera. Why is he being an a-hole? I really like him. Stop this now. She tells him that she’s going to scream if he doesn’t start the elevator again. Franco tells her he wants to talk and asks what the blip is up with her, and why she’s suddenly standoffish.

Maxie tells Nathan she texted Claudette on his phone. Claudette responds, thanking him and adding a private joke. Nathan asks Maxie why this is so important. Maxie has a card in her hand and Nathan asks if that’s Claudette’s key card. She says she’d never do something as crazy as stealing that. Noo. Never.

Claudette requests a secluded table at the MetroCourt.

Curtis asks if Jordan blames TJ, but she says no, he’s just lashing out. Curtis says she’s been lying to TJ his whole life, but the only person she’s protecting is herself.

Aaron promises not to let Sonny down. Carly and Sonny place an order and I wonder where Molly and TJ went. At an outside table, TJ gets a text from Curtis telling him to make peace with his mother. Molly says she was livid with Alexis about staying with Julian, but when Alexis was almost killed, she didn’t think about that. She says she can’t stand to think about how she would have felt if she hadn’t made up with her mother.

Valerie and Griff discuss Franco. Valerie wonders if it was really a tumor that made him do crazy stuff.

Franco tells Elizabeth he felt close to her and thought they were friends, and that meant something to him. It meant that he’d changed. She says he can’t make her the reason he believes in himself. He says she told him she believed in him and wonders why she doesn’t anymore.

TJ goes to the MetroCourt. Jordan tells him she loves him and asks him to let her explain.

Kristina tells Molly about getting it on with Aaron. Molly asks what about Parker.

Carly tells Sonny people are already responding about the organ donor article in Crimson, where her contact details were given.

Maxie lets herself into Claudette’s room. She gets distracted by a cute outfit, but then sees the wedding picture. Curtis sneaks in the room behind her. It’s getting crowded in there.

Nathan meets with Claudette. She says she was surprised at his invitation after he ordered her to get out of town. He says he overreacted. She says probably not, considering what she did to him, when their marriage was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Griff tells Valerie that it is possible Franco’s tumor caused his behavioral problems. He says he likes to think people can change.

Elizabeth says she doesn’t have a problem with Franco. At least not before he locked her in the elevator. He says he heard her talking to Epiphany about not being on the same shifts. He asks why she doesn’t trust him and she says she can’t trust herself.

Jordan tells TJ that Curtis accused her of lying to make her own life more comfortable and maybe he was right, but it doesn’t discount her and Tommy’s love for him. She says Tommy was a good man and when he found out about her and Shawn, it literally ended up killing him. TJ says he understands about her not tell him when he was little, but why didn’t she tell him later?

Kristina says Parker is married and nothing was ever going to happen, and she has a good thing going with Aaron. She says he already heard her saying Parker’s name in her sleep, and she told him everything except that Parker is a woman. She says since she’d never been attracted to a woman before, maybe it was a fluke.

Carly says she appreciates Sonny’s help, but she wants to continue the investigation on her own.

Claudette goes down Memory Lane about when she and Nathan were together in NYC. They talk about Nina and all the years she was in a coma. Nathan thanks Claudette for visiting Nina with him, when Nina was so helpless and still. Nathan thinks all of Nina’s energy was bottled up and just has to get out now. Ha-ha! Maybe he’s right.

Maxie tells Curtis she’s calling security. She tells him that Claudette gave her the key. Curtis says oh, so he can tell Claudette that Maxie was going through her stuff. Maxie admits that she’s not supposed to be there, acting like she’s just being nosy about Nathan’s ex-fiance, and asks him why he’s there. He says the same thing – snooping – and that Nina hired him to check Claudette out.

Griff tells Valerie a person shouldn’t be defined by the worst thing they’ve done. (Well, of all people, she ought to know that.) He says Franco has changed and they need to go by his present actions. An officer comes in and tells them that Franco has a nurse trapped in an elevator and has covered the security camera. How’s that for timing?

Elizabeth says she’s made so many mistakes with men, she’s afraid of making another one. She says her feelings for Franco are growing. She’s not afraid of him, but afraid of how she feels about him. Oh ho!

Franco is about to reply – and I get thunderstorm warnings. Not even for my area. Thank you, overzealous tri-state weatherman. Franco asks Elizabeth to stop avoiding him. He’s smiling and she’s laughing and I have no idea what happened. She says she won’t change her shifts.

Sonny wants to check out anyone who contacts Carly, and she says she was just about to ask him to do that. He says he’s not going to let anyone break her heart.

Aaron tells Kristina that he cares about her and wants to do right by her. He says before everything happened with Alexis, she was about to tell him something about Parker. He wants that out of the way before they move on. She says she’s decided to leave Parker behind and they kiss.

Jordan tells TJ that she lied to Shawn too, but Shawn loves him. She says Shawn loved him even even before he knew TJ was his son, which she told him before he went to prison. She says Shawn kept quiet because he didn’t want TJ to live with his father being a criminal. She tells TJ that Shawn is a good man and she should have done better by all of them. She asks if TJ can forgive her.

Maxie finds sexy underwear and birth control. She makes a bunch of noises and Curtis points out that Claudette is a single young woman. Curtis wonders why Nina wanted to fire Claudette and Maxie fought for her to stay. He asks if it’s keeping her enemies closer and she says something like that. He asks if she thinks Claudette is going to steal Nathan.

Claudette gets a new key brought to the table, as she thinks she lost hers. She wants to show Nathan something (I’ll bet), but he brings up the first time he told her he loved her. She says she was a selfish brat and because he was wrapped up in other things like his job and Nina, she found attention from other men. She says she’ll never forgive herself for that. Nathan says he’ll never forgive himself for shooting her lover and asks if she can help find him.

Carly reads Sonny a letter from someone who sold a kidney around the same time as Jocelyn’s surgery and has the same blood type. Sonny says he’ll check it out. He leaves and Carly sets up a meeting. Sonny talks to Aaron about the business and tells Aaron to come to him with any problems.

Molly tells Kristina that PCU is hosting an event where the keynote speaker is Parker.

Jordan keeps apologizing and TJ tells her it’s okay. He says he knows she never meant to hurt him. They hug and she tells him she loves him. TJ says Curtis was right to tell him he should talk to her. Jordan seems surprised that Curtis intervened.

Maxie tells Curtis that she and Nathan love each other. He asks why she’s invading Claudette’s privacy then. Maxie says Claudette is a snake who might as well wear a sign saying “agenda.” She thinks Claudette could cause trouble for Nathan.

Nathan asks Claudette for her lover’s name.

The cops grab Franco coming out of the elevator. Elizabeth says the elevator got stuck and Franco didn’t trap her, he calmed her down. She tells the cops to let him go. They smile at each other. What the what?

Tomorrow, Curtis asks what Claudette has on Nathan, Doc shows up in Greece, Nathan wants the name of Claudette’s lover.

General Hospital – Friday

Waiting here for the show to start, since the president has chosen this time of day to pretend he cares. Like I care about whatever phony nonsense he wants to say.

In progress. Nicholas says Ava has been the saving grace in an impossible situation. He says Sam and Jason have proof he’s alive, so why don’t they just go home and leave him alone?

Darby is having coffee with Dillon and basically insults Kiki and Morgan. Kiki and Morgan are also having coffee. Morgan tells Kiki his dad has set him up with a job, and he has to leave for a meeting. Darby complains about her coffee, and Dillon goes to get something else for her. Kiki, who’s at the counter for a refill, asks him if he’s really on a date with such trash.

Claudette still insists she ended up in Port Charles by accident. Nathan presses her for the name of the guy he shot. She tells him it’s over and to forget about it. She thought that maybe they could be civil and move on, but says apparently she was mistaken.

Curtis tells Maxie that if she keeps messing around, Claudette is going to catch her. Before he leaves, he tells Maxie to wait 20 seconds, and take the stairs. She flips the wedding photo face down.

Nicholas says his life is hanging in the balance. Sam says, so is Jason’s because he’s wanted for murder when Nicholas is alive. Ava slips and says something about the diamonds.

Doc joins Laura, Lulu and Dante at the hotel. The storm is still raging, but Lulu and Dante go to check on the ferry. Doc gives Laura something from Lloyd and Lucy Jones, that came after she left. It’s a picture of the Ice Princess. He says the only other thing in the envelope was sand. Laura thinks something is going on that’s separate from Nicholas.

Dillon tells Kiki that calling Darby “a slutty train wreck” might be a little unfair. I’m not so sure. Kiki comes up with a few other choice adjectives and asks if he knows she dated Morgan. He says yes, but Kiki says she bets he didn’t get the details of how she deliberately exacerbated Morgan’s problems. She tells Dillon he can do better and he asks why she cares. He reminds her that she wanted to take a break from him. He and Darby leave.

Maxie picks up the photo and spends too much time staring at it and talking to it. Finally, she leaves the hotel room.

Nathan asks Claudette to sit down again for a second. He doesn’t want the lunch to end on an angry note. He says seeing her again brought back angry feelings and maybe her need for closure is a good thing. He wonders if it will be difficult for her to hear about the wedding and she laughs. She says she hasn’t exactly been celibate since their parting. Maxie shows up and Nathan lays a huge kiss on her.

Laura tells Doc about the Ice Princess and how it lead her and Luke to the Cassadines and culminated in Helena’s curse. She thinks it’s a dare to go back to the island. Doc thinks it’s suspicious that she was already on her way. Laura says it has nothing to do with Nicholas. She thinks Nicholas is being blackmailed by Hayden, which happened after Helena’s death. She thinks it’s a coincidence that Helena is trying to lure her to the same place that Nicholas is hiding. Doc is afraid it’s a trap. He asks her if she’s sure she wants to go. Lulu pops in and asks what’s going on.

The storm has cleared and Theo jets out of the door pretty quickly. Jason mentions the diamonds, and Nicholas asks why he cares. He says if Jason wants to take something from him, it’s going to be over his dead body.

Curtis approaches Griff. He says he doesn’t know Griff well, but Valerie speaks highly of him. Griff says he’s been cleared of being a murder suspect. Curtis says he doesn’t fit the profile anyway, which isn’t a doctor doubling as a priest. He says he’s never met a priest with another job and says a priest he once knew says you’re always a priest until you die.

Maxie asks if Nathan and Claudette cleared the air. Claudette says it was dicey at first, but things are cool now, and she’s excited to be working with Maxie. She says she thought Maxie had a meeting. Maxie says it was canceled, so she wondered if she could steal Nathan back. Claudette leaves. Maxie tells Nathan that Claudette is everything he warned her about – and worse.

Ava tells Jason he should let the authorities handle the rest. Jason says Nicholas needs to cut his losses and come back with them. Theo pops back in, saying a boat has landed. Jason says he’ll even fund Nicholas’s defense. Ava tells Nicholas she thinks Jason is right. He’s not a criminal, just a man who made bad choices. She says he can either continue to do that or turn it around for his son’s sake. Sam agrees, even though it’s hard for her to admit agreeing with Ava.

Surprise! Laura and company are at the door. Lulu runs to Nicholas and hugs him. He might as well go back now, since half of Port Charles knows where he is.

Back in her room, Claudette tells herself Maxie is going to be a problem and has to go. At the MetroCourt, Maxie tells Nathan that Claudette has to go. She tells him about Curtis sneaking into the room after her. Nathan is concerned that if Curtis finds out about the shooting, he could tell Jordan and Nathan could lose his badge.

Griff says at the end of the day, priests are human beings. Curtis asks if he’s just on a break, but Griff says he doesn’t know. Curtis says he can’t imagine living life without the ladies and Griff wonders why everyone always thinks that’s the only reason to leave the priesthood. Curtis asks him why he left then.

Morgan tells Kiki he’s going to start his job there soon and to get ready for free coffee. She says she gets that from the MetroCourt, but I say there is never enough free coffee. He asks what was up with her and Darby. She says when she realized Dillon was on a date with Darby, she told Dillon what she thought and he didn’t appreciate it.

Dillon brings Darby to her apartment. Darby blows Dillon off. He says he thought she was changing and they were going swimming, but she says she saw him get sucked into Kiki’s drama and she’s been there, done that.

Lulu says she wants to shake Nicholas and scream at him, but right now she just needs to hug him. Jason asks Dante how he figured it out and Dante tells him about Spencer’s phone. He says the charges against Jason have been dropped and he’ll take it from here. Laura tells Nicholas how unfair he’s been, especially to his own son. Nicholas says he couldn’t figure out another solution to his problems. Laura hugs him. He says he wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t speak to him again, but she says they’ll sort it out later. She’s just glad he’s alive.

Griff tells Curtis he has to get back to work. Curtis says he hopes everything works out.

Maxie tells Nathan she convinced Curtis that she was just being a jealous fiance. She says Nina hired him to help, but they can convince her to let it go. She tells him about the photo, and says as soon as she saw it, she knew Claudette wanted him back.

Claudette is seriously anal and realizes the picture was moved. She knows someone has been in the room and suspects Maxie.

Kiki says the day she walked in on Darby and Morgan was the worst. Morgan says Darby means nothing and to look toward the future. He says it’s all good.

Darby says until Dillon can prove he’s over Kiki, they’re done. He kisses her and she asks him to come inside. That didn’t take much.

Dante says they have to get going. He has to inform the PCPD about Nicholas. Theo comes back. He has a gun and says the party is just getting started. He tells them that the first one to break the rules is going to die. It might be good if he tells us what the rules are.

On Monday, Hayden asks her mother for help (score one for my guess), Dante wants to know who Theo is, and Theo holds Sam hostage.

Quotes of the Week

Men make mistakes because we think with our *dool. — Mike from Shahs of Sunset (*Persian word for penis)

It’s like Frozen for adults. — Jill referring to Hamilton on Odd Mom Out

And in honor of Legally Blonde’s fifteen anniversary:

Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed. — Elle Woods (I wonder if this goes for orange being the new black too.)

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t. — Elle Woods

You must always have faith in people. And, most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself. — Elle Woods (Because it’s Elle, I’ll let it pass that “importantly” is not a real word. Please, just use “important.”)

While I don’t write about all the shows I watch, there are a few I’d be remiss in not recommending. MasterChef, Motel Hell (which is also an unrelated, but equally fun, old horror film starring Rory Calhoun), Devious Maids, UnReal, and Zoo have been filling up my On Demand calendar.


I’m also enjoying Wandering Pines‘ second season. It’s very different from the first, as we’ve fast forwarded to where the first generation is in charge. Many critics thought this was a bad idea and some weren’t that crazy about the first season to begin with. One of my friends said that once the “abby” secret was out, she lost interest. I thought I might not like it as much this time, but I actually think I like this perspective better. It also evokes the sci/fi show V – more the original 1980s version than the millennial remake.

With the new Absolutely Fabulous movie coming out, I’ve also been catching reruns of the series on the Logo network. I’ve probably seen all of the episodes more than once, but they never get old. I literally lol several times every time. Those two are like Lucy and Ethel on crack.

If there’s a show you’d like me to write about, just let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with. Maybe you’ll introduce me to a new favorite or get me excited about an old one.





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