July 17, 2016 – West Coast Shahs & East Coast Wives


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Shahs of Sunset

Reza and his mother go out to lunch. She’s very happy that Reza has Adam to share his life with. Reza points out that most traditional Persian parents wouldn’t feel that way. He tells her that Adam loves their culture, which pleases the both of them. Reza asks if she’s going to Oklahoma to meet Adam’s family, but she says no. She has bad memories about going their with his father. In his interview, Reza says that his father would have gotten a “D” in parenting, while she got an “A.” They laugh about something, but I don’t hear it because the dogs started barking.

Mike meets with his business partner, Edd. Edd who stutters when he spells his name. In his interview, Mike says he’s been spending a lot of money on his shoe line and ignored the old adage of not putting all your eggs in one basket. The shoes are being manufactured in Mexico and a big launch event has been planned at Kitson. Mike is concerned about the shoes being ready on time.

MJ and Tommy go to some batting cages. MJ says they’ve been nesting, so it was time to get out and do something. MJ will not have to worry about the MLB knocking on her door any time soon. Tommy talks about bringing their future child there. MJ is less than enthusiastic, but in her interview tells us she isn’t sure if she’s ready, even though the doctor says now is the time. She definitely wants marriage first. What a concept.

Adam and Reza are in Palm Springs with Asa along for the ride. Reza says their dog’s anal glands need to be expressed and I have all kinds of sympathy for him, as well as thinking better him than me, being the owner of tiny dogs myself.

Reza and Adam are looking for a property to rent out. Asa goes with them to look at a house. We’re in agreement that it’s all kinds of hideous, with random patterns of tile absolutely everywhere. Reza assumes whoever remodeled was legally blind.

GG, who is wearing a vest that I totally covet, meets Shervin for lunch. Shervin asks GG what the blip happened in Belize at the ruins. GG feels that Reza has no business in her medical business, considering that he’s never even been to a doctor’s appointment with her. Sherwin wonders how GG and Reza got to the place they’re at. GG says she couldn’t just sit back while Reza was making fun of her, and asks Shervin why he’s justifying what Reza did. He suggests that rather than jumping the gun, she hear others out. In her interview, GG says she tried to be the bigger person a few times, but it backfired.

Asa is hauling some chairs up a mountain for a photo session with Reza and Adam for her couples project. They’re the same chairs that Adam and Reza got married in. We also learn that Asa is still dating Jermaine Jackson and will be including a picture of the two of them. She tells Reza and Adam to just be in the moment.

For whatever insane reason, Analise wants to see Shervin for a second date. Since she lives in Australia, they’ve mostly video chatted and texted. I have no clue why this gorgeous woman, who seems like she actually has a brain, wants to get involved with this dweeb, who lives halfway across the globe, no less. Asa has taken pictures of them as well, and Shervin says Analise has to come and see them because he doesn’t know how to use the internet.

Asa visits Mike. Mike shows her the shoe samples. They’re okay – well, maybe not that shocking pink pair – but don’t look like anything new. Mike says he went to temple for the first time in a long time, and assessed his life. Asa says he’s experiencing amazing growth and needs to present that to Jessica and woo her back. She’s been rebuffing all of his attempts at communication, so Mike and Asa decide to work on an email together. Asa gives him a simple paragraph, asking to meet with Jessica. We flash back to better days. Mike says he wishes Jessica would give him the chance to show her who he’s become.

Reza and MJ go for ice cream. They discuss Reza and Adam’s relationship. Reza says he has a hard time with the word “husband.” MJ tells him he’s still hung up on traditional roles. Reza tells MJ about his cousin seeing Jessica out on the town dressed in hoochie-mama clothes. They try calling her and the number is no longer working. Reza says she’s gone for real and his heart is breaking for Mike. He tells MJ that Mike needs to start figuring out life post Jessica.

There’s a problem with the shoes at customs and are they’re stuck in Mexico. Mike has to actually drive down to handle things himself. He says whatever could go wrong, is, and he’s just found out that Jessica disconnected her phone. Their guy calls and says he has all the paperwork, but customs is closed on Saturday.

Mike calls the Kitson rep and explains about the customs problem, saying that he and Edd are going to San Diego and will get the shoes there in time for the event. Dude isn’t pleased, but says keep him updated.

Finally, the shoes make it across the border. Now they just have to get them back in time for the launch party.

It’s two hours to the launch and they’re still 80 miles away from LA. Mike’s people had taken the shoes out of the boxes, flattened the boxes, and put everything in their luggage. Smart. Now comes the part where everything got mixed up and they have to put it all back together.

The launch party starts. Asa looks amazing in a silky, off-white jumpsuit that drapes her beautifully. It’s 6:10; the party is 6 to 8, but Mike and the shoes are still in traffic. Mike does some woolgathering, thinking about how Jessica would have been his support in this situation if they were still together. Asa talks to Mike’s parents, telling them how great the samples were. MJ shows up, making a big deal out of Asa’s jumpsuit, so it’s not just me.

Asa texts Mike, asking where he is. Edd says to tell her they’ll be there soon. Mike hasn’t been texting anyone back because he can only think of rude responses. The party is pretty crowded at this point, but as long as there’s liquor, I see no reason why it still can’t be a success. Reza avoids GG.

Still 25 miles away. Even I feel agitated. Mike is afraid that by the time they get there, the venue is going to be closed. Um…it might be a good idea to text someone back.

At last, Mike arrives. He’s touched at how his family and friends are there to be supportive. He gives a little speech about getting the shoes there and thanks everybody. Lots of sales happen, but Asa’s father passes on the pink pair. Reza asks how Mike is feeling with Jessica out of the picture and Mike says he’s just going to have to go on, as Celine Dion plays softly in the background (not really). Asa says something philosophical about ends and beginnings. Mike gets all zen.

A few months later, Kitson went out of business.

Next time, Reza finds out he and Adam aren’t technically married, Tommy goes ring shopping, and Mike gets into it with Vida. I can’t wait to see that.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

We go back to Teresa’s release date and her lawyer giving a press conference. Jacqueline gets all choked up and says she never stopped caring. Bleh. I don’t like Jacqueline. We flash back to her making fun of Teresa’s message and I like her even less. Jacqueline wonders if Teresa is sincere. She and Dolores make fun of Teresa having a new car even though they don’t know any details about it.

Melissa is excited about Teresa coming for Christmas Eve. As they left things, they were at peace, but not really settled. She’s trying not to judge Teresa for not putting her on the visitor list

Teresa and her daughters are having their eyebrows waxed at home as the paparazzi camp outside. Teresa calls brother Joe regarding the logistics in getting her to his house. We flash back to the Giudice family Christmas cards. This year, a magazine is footing the bill. Teresa has decided to take advantage of the amount the tabloids are willing to pay for her photo and I don’t blame her. She looks fabulous and is wearing a red, distressed cardigan that would be perfect for me. Joe picks her up for the party.

We flash back to the sprinkle cookie incident. In her interview, Melissa makes fun of the whole thing. She says Teresa walked in like she’d only taken a trip to the mall, but she could see how much she’d been through in her eyes. Teresa is thrilled to see her parents, and happy that her father is still with them, as he’s had some health issues. Husband Joe says the prayer before dinner. Joe gets Christmas mixed up with Easter and Melissa nearly chokes on her wine. Teresa suggests he go to church more. I’d add, and pay attention.

Melissa asks Teresa about how the bracelet thing works. They go into the kitchen and Teresa tells Melissa she’d like to get back to the way they used to be early on. Melissa says she would too. Teresa says her brother would be happy about it, but Melissa says she doesn’t want to be friends just for him. She says sometimes she’s felt like it was just on the surface. Teresa says sometimes she doesn’t feel like it’s genuine either. Melissa says she feels like Teresa is a sister to her and Teresa tells her to show it then. It’s a tense moment and in his interview, Joe says the two of them talking makes him nervouc.

Teresa brings up the christening. Melissa doesn’t want to go back to the past, but Teresa says that’s where snowballed and Melissa should have stuck with her no matter what. We flash back to the first reunion with Melissa, where Teresa was ganged up on. Teresa says Melissa should have shut down what the others were saying. We flash back to more arguments. They both admit to wrongs and say from here on out, they’ll have each other’s backs. They shake hands and hug it out.

Dolores is having a therapy session. She talks about her husband cheating on her when she was pregnant and their subsequent divorce because he wouldn’t give up his mistress. Nice. She got engaged again, but got another winner, and moved back to her old house. The therapist says she has to figure out what’s important to her and stop people pleasing. (Two hundred bucks, please!) Dolores says because of the way she grew up, she’s not used to talking about her feelings.

Gia wants to go out New Year’s Eve. Teresa asks her brother if he can imagine what their father would have said to that. She says they spent their New Year’s Eves with their parents until they were married. She thinks Gia deserves the night out though. Husband Joe comes in and gets snippy with Gia.

Jacqueline, buzzed on espresso, talks nonsense with her daughter. Ashlee wants to move away, but Jacqueline wants her to stay. Ashlee points out that she’s twenty-five and her boyfriend is over thirty. Ashlee says she and her mother have been getting along great, but she and Pete want their own hangout. Yeah, it’s called not living with your parents any more.

Dolores picks Teresa up and they go for a pedicure. Dolores asks Teresa about how she was treated in prison, and if she felt picked on, but Teresa says she was only watched a little more closely. Dolores’s brother texts her a happy birthday and Teresa says they need to do something to celebrate. Dolores isn’t into a big birthday deal, but says a reunion dinner would be fun. She makes up a guest list and Teresa is hesitant about Jacqueline, but says it’s up to Dolores.

Melissa wants to be a successful businesswoman as well as a wife and mother, and she’s overseeing the construction of her upcoming boutique. Husband Joe and the kids stop by. Joe claims he’ll be finished in two weeks, but Melissa wants to open in two weeks. Joe squawks about her working and him having a part-time wife. She says as soon as everything is up and running, she’ll be able to pitch in more. He whines about being a single parent and Melissa’s employees give the stink eye.

Everyone is getting ready for Teresa’s New Year’s Eve party. Teresa says she’s been tired since she got home and she only wants family and close friends there. Contrary to her usual way of doing things, she’s also having it catered.

Jacqueline asks Chris if her leggings are giving her camel toe. Do you not have a mirror? Because she wants it both ways, Jacqueline is hurt that she wasn’t invited to Teresa’s party. Chris says somebody has to make a move. Kathy and her husband come over, along with Rosie, since they weren’t invited to Teresa’s either. Rosie is a little surprised, since she’s pretty good friends with Joe. She says since Teresa came home, Joe hasn’t been communicating with her.

It’s time for Gia to leave. She’s running late and Teresa wants to take pictures, but Gia doesn’t want to take any more time. Joe #1 is now insisting she be home before midnight. He says if she’s not home by twelve, there’s going to be a problem. In her interview, Dolores says every Italian has to go through her father’s stress and that she had to be home by eleven on her wedding night. Ha-ha!

Dolores is headed to Jacqueline’s and Teresa decides to call to wish Jacqueline a happy new year. Jacqueline tells her welcome home. Teresa says she looks forward to new beginnings. The Wakhilis yell “happy new year” in the background, catching Teresa off-guard. After they hang up, Jacqueline says it was weird. She says that she didn’t get a sense of a connection and doesn’t know how to respond. Rosie says it’s great that Teresa is reaching out, but she doesn’t get what Teresa has against her. Rosie says her new year’s resolution is to be a bigger bitch since every time she’s nice, it doesn’t pay.

Teresa tells Melissa about calling Jacqueline. She says Jacqueline seemed a little cold, but Melissa says she was probably startled.

When Dolores arrives, Jacqueline grills her about the phone call. In her interview, Dolores says the two of them are from totally different worlds and don’t understand one another. Teresa grew up not talking about feelings and Jacqueline puts her heart on her sleeve. IMO, Jacqueline talks a good game about being tough, but she certainly doesn’t act that way whenever there’s a problem.

Time to count down to the new year! Happy 2016! I love how those cheesy hats and noisemakers never change. Gia comes home at 12:15 and all is well. She tells daddy Joe that she loves him. Teresa says it’s going to be another tough year, but they’ll get through it.

Next time, a birthday, Melissa wears red shoes, and Jacqueline and Teresa meet.


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