July 18, 2016 – GH Welcomes a New Cassadine & the OG of the OC Continues Her Apology Tour


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Someone startles Julian awake. It’s Lucas. Julian tells him he’s not who everyone says he is. (Oh no, not the “that’s not me” excuse.) Lucas asks if he tried to kill Alexis, and Julian blames Carrrlos. That’s right, blame the dead guy. Julian claims he never would have gone through with it no matter how betrayed he felt. Lucas says that’s a laugh and Alexis wouldn’t be alive if Sonny hadn’t shown up. Lucas says Tony Jones is his father and Julian is nothing to him. I get nostalgic for the Tony days.

Alexis gets another pregnancy test because you can never have too many. Gotta catch ‘em all! Her daughters want to have a girls night in with her. She tries to beg off, but they won’t let her.

Finn is at the bar when Sonny comes in. He introduces himself and asks if he can buy Sonny a drink. Sonny astutely asks if he wants something. Finn asks why Sonny would ask that and Sonny says he thought Finn might want a favor back for the one he did Carly. I always forget that Finn’s name is actually Hamilton. It’s surprising that they haven’t used that as some kind of joke like they’ve done with Brad Cooper.

It’s nighttime and Tracy and Hayden are waiting in the park. Tracy thinks they’re waiting for Hayden’s drug dealer when Hayden’s mother comes strolling along. Hayden introduces Naomi to Tracy. Naomi asks what Hayden needs. Hayden says a mutual friend needs drugs.

Theo apparently isn’t too Greek, since he lost his accent. He calls in his cronies, grabs Sam and says if everyone will cooperate, they’ll get through this. It would be really great if we knew what it was we’re supposed to be getting through.

Alexis goes down Memory Lane about how she thought Julian loved her. She says the only thing she feels in the house now, is betrayal, and wonders how she could love a man like him.

Theo asks for everyone’s cell phones. I note how good looking he and his crew are. Nicholas asks who he is and Theo says the usual “all in good time.” It’s a standard response from Being a Villain for Dummies. He has someone take Jason upstairs and follows with Sam, telling the guards to shoot anyone who moves except Nicholas. Upstairs, Theo tells Jason he wants full cooperation or Sam gets shot. Jason asks what’s up, but Theo says he and Sam were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He leaves one of his men there to guard them.

Julian tries to smooth things over with Lucas. Lucas says he never asked Julian to be in his life and everything he’s ever done isn’t out of love, but to protect himself. He says he didn’t think Julian was a mobster, a liar and a killer, but he was wrong. He says Julian used his and Brad’s wedding as a distraction while the cops searched the house. He asks if Julian would have tried to kill him too, if he’d known the truth and tried to turn him in. He says Julian is going to rot in prison alone and he’s not going to cry about it. Olivia walks in behind him, saying she won’t either.

Alexis warns her daughters that if anything seems wrong in a relationship, don’t try to fix it because it’s going to stay wrong. She tells them to run if they get even a whiff of deception. Molly goes to the kitchen and Alexis asks Kristina about Parker. Kristina says she hasn’t talked to her, but she’s on the summer speaking circuit.

Hayden asks Naomi to put them in touch with her source. She says she can’t do that.

Finn asks Sonny if he has connections in the realm of pharmaceuticals, especially the ones not distributed in the US. Sonny says he doesn’t, but Finn says it’s been rumored he occasionally does business outside the law. Sonny says a drug conviction is a federal case, and he’d rather not risk it. Finn explains his situation and asks if Sonny can do anything to help.

Dante encourages Lulu to try and sneak out while he creates a distraction. She says not to risk it. Theo comes back down. Nicholas asks what the blip is going on.

Naomi says she doesn’t know any garden variety drug dealers. Tracy says it’s not a garden variety drug. She and Hayden explain about Finn and how Hayden’s father was involved with stealing the funds from his research organization. Naomi asks to talk to Hayden alone. Tracy steps away and Naomi asks what it’s worth to Hayden.

Laura thinks Theo is the one who sent her the picture of the Ice Princess. Nicholas says he has no idea who Theo is, but nobody believes him. Laura wonders if he’s finding a way to stay there and not be prosecuted. Theo asks if he should answer for Nicholas.

Jason tells Sam he thinks he’s been at Cassadine Island before. Sam says of course he has, but he tells her about Helena saying he’d never remember about what happened Jake there. He says he recalls the day Helena died and how easy it was to break in, like he’d done it before. He says he has no conscious memory of being there with Helena, but thinks he was. Sam wonders if Theo had been working for her, and that’s why he wanted Jason out of the way. Jason says Theo is clearly going after Nicholas.

Olivia tells Julian that he’ll never see Leo again. She says he tried to kill a pregnant Alexis and Julian says Alexis was lying about the pregnancy. Like that makes it okay to try and kill her.

Molly comes in with a glass of red wine for Alexis. Kristina goes to get mac and cheese to go with it. Really? Molly tries to ask about Julian, but Alexis doesn’t want to talk about it. Kristina comes back out with the pregnancy test and asks whose it is.

Nicholas says he has no idea what’s going on. Theo says only he can explain who he is and what he’s after.

Kristina asks if the test is Molly’s, since she and TJ recently decided to move in together, but Molly says no. Molly suggests it’s Kristina’s, but Kristina says she was just with Aaron five minutes ago, so it’s not hers. Alexis admits it belongs to her.

Olivia says Julian would sacrifice anything or anyone to save himself. She says Leo isn’t even going to know Julian’s name.

Hayden is appalled that Naomi wants money to save a man’s life. Naomi thinks there’s more to it than that and says Hayden must feel guilty about her father. Hayden says she’s spent her whole life only caring about herself until she met Finn. Naomi agrees to help.

Finn explains about his disease to Sonny and how the money to find a cure was invested with Hayden’s father and they went bankrupt after he embezzled all of it. He says he knows enough about the disease to manage it now. He talks to Sonny about the FDA, and explains the drug has a narrow scope and is addictive.

Tracy is shocked that Hayden’s drug dealer is her mother. Naomi says her dealer seems confident that he can get what Finn needs, but tells them that her contact said the drug isn’t a known treatment for anything and is highly addictive. She asks if they’re sure Finn is sick, and thinks he must be a junkie just because the drug has a street name.

Finn tells Sonny he’s addicted to being alive. He says he’s functional on it and when he’s functional, he can do his research. When he finds a cure, he’ll stop using it. He asks if Sonny can help him. Sonny says it’s possible he might know someone who knows someone.

Julian says Leo will hate Olivia for it, and what is she going to do when Leo wants to look for him? Julian brings up Sonny. Olivia says she didn’t like what Sonny chose to do for a living, but he’s a good man who would lay down his life for his family. She tells Julian that he’ll rot in prison and he’s dead to her. Lucas says to him too, and he’ll also be dead to Sam when she finds out. Olivia tells Julian no one cares if he lives or dies.

Molly asks what Alexis is going to do if she’s pregnant with Julian’s baby, and encourages her to take the test.

Sam and Jason decide Theo and Nicholas aren’t working together. Ava asks Theo if he’s on Helena’s payroll, but he says Helena means nothing to him. They see the Cassadine crest that Theo has tattooed on his arm and Nicholas says he knows who Theo is.

Alexis says she’d rather be alone to take the test as she’ll need to process things. Kristina suggests she and Molly go to the movies. Alexis says she’ll be fine, but she and Molly are going to discuss her moving in with TJ at a later time. The girls leave.

Julian says that man isn’t him. Puh-leez. Olivia says he has no character, or ability to love and sacrifice. She and Lucas leave Julian alone. Julian says he’ll find a way out of this.

Alexis looks at the test. Not sure if she’s relieved or freaked.

Sonny says he’ll help Finn because Finn helped Carly. Finn says he doesn’t have time to weigh options and Sonny says he has no choice.

Hayden talks about Finn nearly dying in jail. Naomi insists that Finn needed a fix and says he must be lying. She says that Hayden’s been had. (Say that 3 times real fast.)

Jason tells Sam they’ll wait for the guard to get tired and the guys downstairs to forget about them. Sam suggests she take the guard out. Jason says they should rest and conserve their energy, and he’ll keep watch while she sleeps. He tells her they’ve been in worse spots. She says no matter how it turns out, she’s glad they’re together.

Nicholas says Theo is his grandfather’s bastard son. Theo says he’s Valentine (pronounced val-en-teen) Cassadine, Nicholas’s bastard uncle.

Tomorrow, Nicholas threatens Theo/Valentine, Nina calls off the investigation, and Alexis tells Diane she wants to take Julian down.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Meanwhile, back at Kelly’s beach party…

The sun is starting to set and it’s getting cold, so everyone goes inside the house. Kelly’s place is bright and modern in design, not usually my taste, but I like this one. It’s got a fresh look. Vicki hesitantly gives Shannon a hug and says they have to talk. In her interview, Shannon says she didn’t want to hug and Vicki says it was like hugging a corpse. She and Shannon sit down and Vicki says she has no excuses for Brooks, but she’s sorry and wants to put it behind them. Shannon says Vicki is too astute not to have known that Brooks was lying. Vicki insists that she was lied to as well, but Shannon isn’t having it. Vicki asks what the benefit would have been in her lying. Um…more screen time? Shannon gets snippy with Vicki. I’ll never know for sure whether Vicki was in on the lie, but IMO, she was blinded by her love for Brooks and didn’t want to know. I also think she feared being alone. I don’t get what was so great about Brooks, but we’re all different, and maybe that fear outweighed the bad stuff about him. Her mother also died last season, which was a tremendous blow which I understand completely.

It’s obvious to the others what’s going on. At the bar, Kelly says she doesn’t want to get in the middle, but she feels badly for Vicki. Vicki accuses Shannon of not being able to move past it. Shannon says Vicki called her disgusting and vile, and Vicki says that’s how Shannon was being at the time. Shannon wonders if it’s an apology or an attack. She tells Vicki that while she forgives her, she doesn’t know if they can have their friendship back. With nothing left to say, Vicki thanks her and moves along.

Meghan says she has to give herself a fertility shot and in her interview, Heather says she’d rather watch Meghan shoot herself with a needle than watch the needling going on between Shannon and Vicki. Me too, but only if Meghan shoots herself in the eye.

Kelly shows the ladies her closet. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it’s huge and amazing, like every Housewife closet. Except maybe Kim Richards. Meghan injects herself and everyone applauds. Vicki tells Kelly she’s leaving because trying to be friends with everyone again is too much. Meghan says they were never friends, which is so lovely of her. Vicki tells Kelly she can’t do the girls thing anymore. Kelly feels protective of her, knowing what it’s like to be ganged up on. Tamra asks Shannon if Vicki apologized, and Shannon says yes and no.

Meghan and Jimmy have to pick up his frozen sperm. TMI already. Jimmy is going to Florida, but Meghan’s mom is coming up for the presentation…I mean, implantation. The doctor pulls a couple of frozen tubes out of some contraption and they pack them up in a cooler. Okay, it’s really called a cryo tank, but same thing.

Heather confers with her assistant. Terry is working on Mother’s Day and she wonders if he’s ever going to say no to work and yes to family time. Heather’s builder drops by and he’s figuring May for a move date. They discuss the logistics of an onyx bar and theatre room.

Jimmy and Meghan go over the procedure for implantation. Really Meghan goes over it and Jimmy doesn’t even act interested. She wants to cry and he tells her everything will be all right and to let him know when the kid is in college. I made up that last part.

Briana is having difficulty breathing and Vicki takes her to the hospital. She’s telling Vicki she’s not going to make it and passing out. I guess calling 911 isn’t an option? Finally, Vicki pulls into a gas station and calls. Oddly enough, Tamra’s son Ryan’s ex-fiance, Sarah (did you get all that?), is at the gas station at the same time and is able to help. She’s going to watch the boys until the sitter gets there, so Vicki can go to the hospital. Tamra goes to Vicki’s and tells Sarah about getting the call from Vicki with Briana gasping for air in the background. When Tamra called Sarah, she just happened to be at the same gas station. Tamra thanks Jesus, Who I wish would get involved in some other areas of Tamra’s life.

Sarah and Tamra discuss Ryan, agreeing that Sarah should vent to someone else about him, even though she and Tamra are friends. In her interview, Tamra says she wishes Sarah and Ryan could figure it out, but sometimes two people aren’t meant to be together. Sarah says their daughter loves both of them, but the ball is in Ryan’s court. I have no clue what happened between them or what that means.

Kelly is getting ready to go to Meghan’s for some girl time. Her brother jokingly asks her which one of her friends she’s going to hook him up with, and she tells him Vicki. Meghan shows Kelly the progress on the kitchen, which is pretty much none. Kelly brings up Shannon, and Meghan suggests she stay away from the whole thing. Kelly says if no one wants her to interject, she doesn’t need to be hearing the sniping from all of them. Meghan says Shannon is very hurt and that Kelly has only known Vicki for two weeks. In her interview, Kelly says that Meghan thinks the world revolves around her and I totally agree. She adds that she’s not a child and can make her own decisions.

Vicki is juggling watching the boys and trying to get ready for work. Owen and Troy are quite a handful. Vicki grows nostalgic for the days of sticking a kid in a playpen. Tamra calls and Vicki tells her that Briana is getting a CT scan on her stomach. She gets a text from Briana saying she has a 104 temperature and they’re trying to find the source of the infection. To put the cherry on Vicki’s cake, the hot water tank is leaking. It doesn’t rain, it pours.

Shannon is going to have a 70s party and confers with the planners. We flash back on her previous party disasters. They’re going with a peace-love-far-out theme followed by disco.

Heather asks which of her kids are going to miss the house and there are no takers. She tries to get them interested in some pictures of the new place. In her interview, Heather says the job she loves most is being a mom, like every other famous person says.

Vicki calls Briana’s husband (another Ryan), who can’t get out of Oklahoma due to his military service. Briana has been discharged from the hospital and Vicki gives him an update on her condition.

Shannon meets Tamra for lunch. Tamra tells her about what happened with Briana. Tamra had asked Vicki if not having Ryan around is affecting Briana’s emotional state, and Vicki said no doubt. Shannon wonders why Briana moved away and suggests Vicki is being manipulative by buying Briana a house and luring her there. She and Tamra discuss the strings that must be attached, and I wish Jesus would come down on a cloud and thump the both of them on the head, since they’re just making it up as they go along, never once thinking Vicki might be concerned about Briana’s health or that Briana and Ryan might have wanted to move.

Briana’s lymph nodes were so enlarged, they were affecting her breathing process. She says they’re still trying to find where this is coming from, but for now, she’s okay. Vicki feels like a failure because Briana’s health hasn’t improved and starts questioning her decision to bring Briana back to the OC.

Tamra and Shannon go down Memory Lane about another time they visited the same restaurant with the girls. Shannon remembers that Vicki hadn’t gone to Meghan’s party (to which Shannon hadn’t been invited), so she could be there with her. She struggles with whether or not she should invite Vicki to her 70s party. She reads a text to Tamra that she’s written to Vicki. She begins by pointing out that she’s not interested in a friendship anymore. Tamra thinks she’s being passive aggressive, going in with a jab, turning the knife and pulling it out slowly. She tells Shannon if she’s going to forgive, she doesn’t have to be Vicki’s best friend, but needs to soften it up a little. Shannon’s second text is marginally better, but you can tell that she’s in a fighting mood.

Next time, Jimmy seems uninterested in the baby-making process, the 70s party happens, and Kelly says no wonder David cheated on Shannon. Whoa.


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