July 19, 2016 – GH, Having & Not, & a Deck Plane Ticket Home


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Why? Why when there’s “breaking news,” it’s always between 3 and 4 pm? This time it’s a crane collapse on the Tappan Zee bridge. There were no life threatening injuries. So why do we need to be hearing about this now?

Alexis answers the door to Diane who tells her it’s time for Julian’s arraignment. Diane sees the pregnancy test and asks Alexis if she’s pregnant.

Griff tells Julian there’s no reason he can’t be released into police custody, answering the question in my head. One of Julian’s cronies comes in and Julian tells him he’s not going anywhere.

Curtis and Jordan run into each other at the MetroCourt. She thanks Curtis for intervening with her and TJ. He says it seemed best for everyone to bury the hatchet and move forward. He says forgiveness feels better than carrying a grudge and maybe she should try it some time.

Dante asks Valentine why they’re being held hostage. Nicholas rephrases and repeats the question. Valentine points out his brief mention in the family record book. He says he’s disappointed and insulted and Nicholas tells him to get over it. Valentine complains that Nicholas was raised in luxury while he was raised in squalor. Nicholas says sorry, but there’s nothing he can do about that now. Valentine says he wants it all.

Jordan tells Curtis that she’s grateful and that she and TJ are going to visit Shawn. Andre arrives and Curtis excuses himself. Andre asks Jordan what’s up with TJ.

Alexis says she’s not pregnant and Diane thanks God, saying they have one less thing to worry about than they did two seconds ago. She asks if Alexis is okay. Alexis says, hardly.

Griff asks Valerie if there’s been any progress in catching the murderer. She says when it happens, she’ll probably find out on social media. Griff tells her about Julian being discharged from the hospital.

Julian’s cronie says that what he’s talking about is dangerous. Julian tells his guy to get out of the hospital, since he doesn’t want him around when whatever goes down. Griff comes in with the test results.

Diane thinks that Alexis’s pregnancy scare might have brought out some feelings. She says Julian being a vile human being doesn’t change that he’s Alexis’s husband and she once loved him.

Jordan explains to Andre that TJ learned Shawn was his father. She tells him about how Curtis stepped in to encourage TJ to make peace, and now she and TJ are going to visit Shawn. Andre says he can imagine how difficult it’s been keeping the secret, especially since she didn’t tell him about it.

Curtis and Nina sit down for lunch. He says he encountered a slight hiccup in Claudette’s room. Nina says Nathan told her about Maxie and she needs to call off the investigation.

Valentine wants Nicholas to sign over all of his assets to him. Nicholas tells him the request is absurd. He says he owes Valentine nothing. It sucks that he grew up poor, but Nicholas didn’t know about it. He says he’ll be glad to help Valentine out, but he’s not just handing over everything. Valentine replies that he can shoot the hostages one by one and grabs Ava. This is kind of a stupid plan. I seriously think his sudden good fortune would be questioned.

Valentine thinks Nicholas might be more cooperative if he picks Laura. Nicholas says he’s offering Valentine an absurd amount of money, but Valentine says he wants the whole shebang.

Nina says she wants to know everything about Claudette, but Nathan has talked her out of having her investigated. She says it’s the right thing to do and Curtis says there’s a lot of that going around.

Jordan says she doesn’t make a habit of broadcasting her business. Andre says he’d like to think they’re involved with each others lives, but instead of coming to him for support, she handled it on her own. He says if she’s not going to include him in her life, it doesn’t give them much to build on.

Nina tells Curtis to concentrate on the unethical surgeon project. He says a doctor has already put him on the trail of illegal fillers.

Oh yay, an update from Mayor Cuomo which we need like…I can’t even think of anything.

Diane says she’s thrilled that Alexis no longer has feelings for Julian because he’s going under. She says the less nostalgic Alexis feels about him, the better. Alexis gets a call from the commissioner, who wants to see her before the arraignment. Diane says she’ll come along. Alexis says she doesn’t need a lawyer for that, but Diane says she’s going as a best friend. They hug.

Griff checks Julian’s vitals. He tells Julian he suffered some kind of cardio episode. Griff says Julian is stable now, but it might be symptomatic of something else, so they’ll have to watch him. He’s ordering tests to find out what happened. What happened is, Julian fooled him.

Nicholas says he’ll sign everything over. He tells Ava he doesn’t see any other way out at the moment. She suggests that once Nicholas gives him everything, Valentine won’t need him anymore and might kill all of them anyway. Lulu tells Laura it’s okay and Nicholas knows what he’s doing. Laura jokes to Doc that he must be glad he came along. He says so far they make a great team and he thinks there’s a way out that doesn’t involve someone dying.

Alexis and Diane go to Jordan’s office. Jordan thanks Alexis for being cooperative. Diane says they’ll expect a statement from the PCPD about Alexis being pivital in Julian’s arrest. Jordan gets a call saying that there’s been a problem.

Valerie approaches Curtis and they start kissing. Nina tells them lunch is over and to go have fun.

Laura says one of the tunnels goes to the harbor. She says you can get there through the wine cellar, but if you make a wrong turn, you’ll end up in the lab compound. She explains how to get to the wine cellar. Doc says there are more hostages than guards and they can create a distraction. Geez, with everyone just milling around and the guards snoozing, they could have been out of there an hour ago.

Nicholas tells Valentine to let everyone go. Valentine says get signing. Surprisingly, there aren’t that many papers and only one place needed for a signature. After Nicholas signs the document, Valentine says he has to tie up some loose ends, starting with Ava. He aims his gun at her, but Nicholas grabs his arm. For all the years this guy had to plan this, you’d think he’d have thought it out better. Seriously, wouldn’t anyone think it’s odd that Nicholas did this? When he’s supposed to be dead? And if Valentine kills everyone, won’t that be even more suspicious?

Jordan says the arraignment will have to be postponed because Julian has taken a turn for the worse.

Dante makes Lulu repeat the directions to him. Laura is worried about Nicholas, who is upstairs, struggling with Valentine. Valentine shoots Nicholas who falls backward over the balcony. He’s getting good at that.

Tomorrow, Carly wonders whats going on between Dillon and Kiki, Sabrrrina wants to move out, Parker and Kristina meet, and Ghost Carrrlos makes an appearance.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Hannah tells Jim that Wyatt OD’d. He asks what happened, but she doesn’t have the details. She tells him Wyatt was found at a hotel, but she doesn’t know if he was alone or who found him. Jim calls for the guard. He says he needs to see DA Jennifer right now. He gets aggressive and a guard takes him down. He begs Hannah to tell Jennifer something and she says she’s not his messenger. He offers to pay her, but she says she doesn’t want his money. Hannah walks out as Jim is dragged back to his cell. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Benny tells War that David did something to his phones. War asks if Benny wants him to deal with it, but Benny says he’ll talk to him personally. War tells him to chill out. Mitch is out in the parking lot. After blocking the entrance to the office with a truck, he puts a spare tire in War’s trunk. He goes inside and asks if there’s been any calls. Benny says no, and adds that War told him to calm down. Mitch says that doesn’t sound like War.

Benny and Mitch are about to leave and War blocks the door. When Mitch wonders what the hell, War says he was just playing and leaves. Benny and Mitch decide to visit David. War comes back and wants Mitch to move his car.

Jeffrey takes Melissa to “their” room. She thinks it’s nice, but he tells her not to get too comfortable. He asks her what it feels like to be a two bit whore and she tells him that he ought to know. She says she doesn’t want this either, but she has to take care of her parents. She tells him if he has an alternative, she’d be glad to hear it. He says he’s getting out of it. Melissa says if he can find a way out where she can still give money to her parents, she’ll take his mother down, but if not, he’d better act like she’s the hottest thing on the planet.

Veronica sees David. He tells her he’s there for his son and she tells him not to ruin the festivities. Melissa and Jeffrey come downstairs. David tells Jeffrey they’re leaving. He says he’s filed for divorce and Jeffrey isn’t safe there. Veronica says Jeffrey isn’t leaving, and Jeffrey tells David he’s staying there. David says Veronica has nothing on him now, but Jeffrey says she does. David says whatever it is, it can’t be that bad. Veronica says it is. She says Jeffrey and Melissa are moving in until after the baby comes. David tells her she’s crazy and Veronica says they’ve already established that. She tells Melissa to leave them. David tries to get Jeffrey to tell him what Veronica is holding over him. and Veronica tells him to go ahead. Jeffrey says nothing.

There’s a phone call for Veronica. It’s Kathryn. Veronica tells her she’ll be right there and tells David and Jeffrey that Wyatt is dead. David keeps telling Jeffrey to come with him. David finally leaves and Veronica tells Jeffrey first David’s bitch dies, and now his does, but he still has Melissa and the baby.

Candace meets War with the money. He asks what took her so long and she says Lloyd had to call three branches to make it happen. He asks if he has to count it and she says it’s all there. He congratulates her for coming through. She asks if they’re good, and he says he keeps his word. He says he’s sorry about all this and she says she’s sorry too. She says she should have told him about the money in the beginning and thanks him for having her back. He says she has his respect back. She asks him to call if he’s coming by. They part company. Alone in her car, Candace begins to cry.

Jeffrey asks why Veronica is just sitting there and accuses her of lying about Wyatt. He tells her he’s going to the Cryers. She says she needs him to drive her since she’s been drinking and tells him to sit down. She says he’s grieving his man, but Jeffrey says Wyatt was his friend. She says if looks could kill, she’d be dead and asks if that’s what he wants. She says it’s just as well about Wyatt, since Wyatt was ruining him. She prattles on about Melissa, obviously getting drunk, and starts talking about how poor Black girls always want to eat fried chicken and Melissa wouldn’t know a vegetable if she saw one.

Veronica gets another drink. She tells Jeffrey that when he stops his pansy-ass sniveling, they can go to the Cryers. She doesn’t want him going in all sappy. She says she’s glad Melissa is having a boy so she can have a do-over and raise a man. She says whenever she sees him, she wants to give him an ass-whoopin’ again. She moves on to how he sure got Quincy back and tells him to dry his eyes so they can go.

She calls Alice in and tells her they have to postpone the party. She also tells her to burn all of the clothing Jeffrey brought with him. She has a new wardrobe for him upstairs. She lets Melissa know they have to leave for a while. She says Alice will help her unpack and suggests Melissa take a bubble bath. She makes Jeffrey kiss Melissa, telling him that’s what feminine lips taste like.

War gets stopped by the police. An officer tells him to step out of the car. The cops have their guns drawn and he’s told to get on his knees. He gets cuffed and the car is searched, one of the officers saying they’ve heard he’s dealing again. They find the money in the trunk, along with cocaine in the tire Mitch put there. Good one, Mitch! As they take War away, he swears revenge on Candace, who he thinks set him up.

Hannah brings Kathryn something to eat, but Kathryn says she can’t. Veronica and Jeffrey come to the door. Veronica throws her coat on the floor and tells Hannah to pick it up. Hannah tells her to pick it up her damn self. I guess Veronica didn’t get the memo about Hannah quitting her job. Jeffrey joins Kathryn on the couch and starts to cry. Hannah comforts him. Veronica sits and tells Jeffrey that they’re there to show strength to Kathryn. Kathryn says it’s fine and that they knew how much Jeffrey loved Wyatt. Veronica tells Hannah that her son doesn’t need to be comforted and Hannah says neither does hers, but Veronica does it anyway. Veronica says on this side of the tracks, they’re civilized, and Jeffrey’s acting like he comes from her neighborhood. Hannah tells Jeffrey it’s okay. Veronica tells her to quit touching her son and Hannah says as soon as Veronica quits touching hers, because Veronica didn’t learn from her first remark.

Kathryn tells Veronica that she didn’t need to come; she just didn’t want her to hear it on the news. Veronica wants to leave, but Jeffrey wants to see Wyatt because it doesn’t seem real. Veronica tells Jeffrey to stop embarrassing her and get in the car. Kathryn offers to have her driver take Veronica home, and Veronica argues with her. Hannah asks what kind of mother Veronica is to treat Jeffrey this way when he’s hurting. Veronica says this is why she wanted to wait. She wants him to stop being a drama queen and get up. She harangues him, asking why he keeps looking at the bottle on the lunch tray. He tells her it’s because he wants to hit her with it. She laughs and asks what’s stopping him. He says because she’s his mother. She says real men have the heart for battle, but he’s not a real man, sitting there crying over another man. He says Wyatt was his friend. She says they all loved Wyatt, but not one of the women in the room is acting like he is, not even Wyatt’s mother.

Kathryn offers her driver again, but Veronica says she wants Jeffrey to get it. She says she’s sorry and she shouldn’t have brought him. Whoa. As she’s babbling at him, Jeffrey takes the knife from the tray and stabs her. Alrighty then.

Next time, Jeffrey thinks he killed Veronica, David asks who would want to kill Wyatt, Jim and David talk.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Ben sniffles over Julia’s criticism. Hannah hugs him and he says he doesn’t want anyone to see. In his interview, Ben says he cares about people, not where they were educated. Hannah tells Julia she struck a nerve.

In his interview, Bobby says Danny’s cell phone is like his pacifier – as we see him in the break room staring at his own cell phone.

The yacht gets to Santorini. The captain says it’s a collapsed volcano that’s difficult to dock at. He orders donkeys for the guests to get to the town. That actually fits in really well with these guests. They also have to leave in the middle of the night to get their flight back. I pray one of these people falls off their donkey, but it doesn’t happen. In town, the guests meet up with one of their friends, Marcos.

Danny shows a video of him and his sister to Tiffany. Bobby and Julia take pictures of the sunset. Bobby wishes he and Julia could be closer and share the moment. Bryan is annoyed because he can’t find his black pants. Instead of asking Tiffany nicely to help, he acts like his normal a-hole self and wonders what’s wrong with her.

Julia approaches Ben. He says they’ll talk later, but claims his mood has nothing to do with her.

The guests go back to the boat and I’m disappointed we didn’t see more of the town, which is beautiful. They bring Marcos back. It’s also his birthday. Think Ben will make another cake? Hannah asks Ben if he can turn the cheesecake into a birthday cake and he says sure. In her interview, Hannah says it seems like when you see a man cry, you have something on them, because Ben is acting so nice.

Ben tells Julia that it bothered him to be grouped in with the very people he doesn’t like and are the reason he left England. They hug it out and have some laughs. In her interview, Julia says Ben is a softie inside.

Hannah says the guests are the epitomy of money can’t buy you class, but she’s been killing them with kindness. They start the dinner with a shot. One of the guests falls out of his chair before he even drinks it, but manages not to spill a drop. After the fastest dinner ever, the birthday cheesecake is brought out.

Bryan sees Ben and Tiffany talking on the deck and acts like this doesn’t bother him. I silently cheer.

Bryan takes a picture of Danny talking with the guests while he has his phone. Danny jets to the captain before Bryan does, saying he made a mistake and needs to tell him about it. I swear, if Bryan put half the energy he uses complaining and making everyone’s life miserable into making money, he would be a millionaire. Danny claims he’d forgotten he had his phone in his pocket and one of the guests asked him to take his number.

Ben tells Bryan they’re not there to teach Danny lessons. They’re supposed to be working together and getting him though the season. He says you can’t change someone in six weeks.

The captain talks to the guys about Danny. He tells them there’s only one more charter. Ben thinks they should give it a rest. The captain asks if Danny would show his phone and Bryan and Bobby follow him to his cabin. Danny has taken the sim card out and they accuse him of the Kennedy assassination.

The primary guest is thrilled with everything and hands the envelope to Captain Mark. Hannah wishes they’d just get off the boat already.

Tip time! Captain Mark says sometimes the most difficult charters don’t give the best tips, preparing the crew for it not being stellar. It’s 22,000 euros or 1,850 euros each.

Danny says something to Bobby and Bryan about being in love with each other. Captain Mark comes in and Danny explains that he took the sim card out so the captain would know he didn’t delete anything. Bobby gets crazy, saying he’ll beat Danny’s ass. In his interview, Danny says if you don’t stand up to a bully, you’ll be bullied your whole life. Bobby acts totally insane and when Tiffany asks him to keep it down, he gets even worse.

Bryan tells Danny he’s a liability. Danny does an imitation of Bryan trying to catch him doing something and tells him he’s a child. Bryan says he tried to look after Danny, but Danny is dead to him now. Danny says the only one Bryan ever looked out for was himself. Like the big baby he is, Bryan runs to the captain and exaggerates everything. Methinks Dany will be getting a plane ticket home.

Danny says instead of helping him grow, Bryan has hindered him from being the best he can be. He tells Captain Mark that Bryan and Bobby don’t trust him and he doesn’t trust them either. The captain says he doesn’t trust Danny either and (bingo!) gives him a ticket home. He says Danny’s work has been sub-par and he’s been a liability. Bryan escorts him to his cabin to pack up.

In his interview, Danny says the bullies came out on top and it doesn’t sit well with him. Ben tells Danny he’s sorry, but he doesn’t think yachting is for him. Jen thinks he’s lucky to have stayed this long. Danny says he doesn’t want sympathy and wants to leave on good terms with everyone, but it’s not possible with everyone. He says the beautiful thing about sub-par is that there’s room for improvement.

Idiot Bryan tells Danny that the trolleys are broken, so he’ll have to ride a donkey to town. In his interview, Bryan says the trolleys weren’t really broken and Bobby watches from the boat with binoculars. I totally get why Captain Mark fired Danny, but both Bobby and Bryan have something seriously wrong with them, while Danny is just immature.

Bobby claims Danny being gone will help Bryan’s attitude. Jen agrees that Danny might have been bringing people down, but thinks Bryan has a problem all his own. Julia can’t wait to get off the boat and go home.

The crew hangs out on deck. Bobby plays guitar and gifts Julia with a harmonica. Surprise talent! They play for a while, and then she leaves to call her boyfriend. In his interview, Bobby says it sucks being rejected over and over, and apparently he’s even more clueless than I thought, since she’s told him she;s not interested.

The captain – who must be legally blind – tells Bryan he handled things well. He says Bryan is officially the first mate going forward. Bryan tells the others that his probation is over. In her interview, Jen tells him congratualtaions; he’s officially a d-bag. I literally lol.

The crew takes a trolley up to town. Tiffany is excited to hang out with Ben. Let the drinking commence! Bobby toasts to Bryan. Ben and Tiffany make out. In his interview, Ben says it’s nice to have female company and not be obligated to anything.

Bobby chats up some girl. Julia is glad his attention is elsewhere. Bobby wants to bring the girl back to the boat, and Hannah tells him to quit being an idiot. He says they can do what they want because Danny got away with murder. Hannah says she outranks him, but obviously Bryan is giving his approval. Bobby leaves his lady behind. On the tender, Bobby gets nasty with Julia, calling her boyfriend names.

Next time, it’s the last charter, Tiffany asks for advice, Jen tells Bryan it hasn’t been a pleasure to work with him, and Ben and Hannah kiss.


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