July 20, 2016 – GH & NYC Wives vs the Mohegan Sun


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Darby and Dillon bask in the afterglow. Bleh. Kiki sees Darby’s hashtags about their date.

Carly asks Morgan how it’s going. He says the new job is more his speed rather than lugging coffee bags around. He says he has plans with Kiki, but she might not be in the best mood after a run in with Dillon.

Sabrrrina tells Michael that Teddy’s getting better every day. He’s obviously distressed and she asks what’s wrong. He says he thought they were building a relationship, but he found out she applied for a lease on an apartment.

Alexis calls the hospital to see what’s up with Julian. Kristina asks what she’s doing.

Sonny wants to see Julian, but Felix says it’s after hours. He gives Sonny the skinny on Julian’s condition. Sonny thinks the timing is pretty convenient.

Julian talks to himself since he has no one else to talk to. Oh, wait, Carrrlos is there! He says Julian should have killed Alexis while he had the chance and now he has no future. He only has prison to look forward to.

Darby brings up Kiki, but Dillon says they agreed to stay away from that subject. She asks about his job and he says he looks at it like he’s a storyteller. Love her earrings, but it’s highly doubtful she’d be wearing gigantic ones to hit the sheets in.

Carly asks what happened with Kiki and Morgan tells her that Darby was with Dillon. He says Darby isn’t Kiki’s favorite person after she caught Morgan with her, so she was obviously annoyed. He asks about the kidney donor project and Carly says she has a couple of leads. Morgan tells her not to give up because he didn’t and now he’s president of the United States.

Carly sees Kiki outside. She asks about Kiki’s argument with Dillon. She says Kiki told her in the park that she was done with Dillon. Kiki says she is and Carly says she hopes so, because she doesn’t want Morgan’s progress hindered.

Alexis suggests that she and Kristina talk about Parker. She asks Kristina if she’s going to see Parker while she’s in town.

Sonny tells Felix that Julian is staging the whole thing. Meanwhile, Julian chats with Carrrlos, who tells him he took too much of the drug that gave him a heart episode and he’ll be joining Carrrlos soon, but at least that’s one way to get out of jail.

Sabrrrina says this isn’t the way she wanted Michael to find out. Michael says he thought they were finally in a good place and he was thinking about Teddy and their future, but now she wants to run away again.

Dillon has to leave for work. Darby keeps thinking up reasons he should stay, but it’s a no. He says he’s picking up food at the MetroCourt to eat in his office.

Carly says she’s not trying to attack Kiki and she understands if she has problems with Morgan, but she doesn’t want Kiki to lead him on. Kiki says she’s not and she knows how important the first few months out are. Carly leaves and Kiki meets Morgan, who got them a room at the MetroCourt. He says he doesn’t want to wait any longer, but Kiki says she doesn’t know if she’s ready.

Kristina says there’s no point in seeing Parker, since she’s dedicated to her wife. She just wants to put it behind her. Kristina leaves and Alexis looks at her wedding photo, which is creepily in the same place where the dagger was in the cabinet. She flashes back to the wedding.

Felix checks Julian’s vitals. Sonny watches from the doorway.

Carly sees Dillon at the MetroCourt and approaches him. She asks about Kiki, saying it seems like they’re pretty close. She says Morgan is completely invested in Kiki and things might go bad if Dillon continues to pursue her. Not too much meddling.

Kiki says she doesn’t know what the big rush is. Morgan says he never stopped loving her. Kiki talks about the last time they were together and how his medication interfered. She wonders how he’ll react if it happens again. Morgan says he has his emotions under control now. Kiki says things were good until they went bad, and she doesn’t know if she can do it again. He asks if she still loves him.

Kristina goes to Parker’s hotel room. Parker tells her she shouldn’t be there, but Kristina says she’ll just be a minute. OMG – I love her shirt! It’s blue with thin white stripes, and has a crossover neckline. The huge sleeves are the best part though. Parker says it’s Kristina’s closure, so she should say what’s important. Kristina tells her she’s moving on and has met a great guy.

Felix tells Sonny his presence is agitating the patient. Sonny says the patient is a coward who’s afraid of his own shadow, and leaves. Julian says something about “him” being there. I’m guessing Felix thinks he means Sonny, but he’s talking about Carrrlos. Felix tells Julian there’s plenty of security and he’ll be fine. When Felix leaves, Carrrlos returns, popping out from under the bed. That Carrrlos, he’s such a card.

Alexis runs into Sonny at the hospital and says she wasn’t expecting to see him there. He asks if she’s there to visit Julian.

Sabrrrina says the last thing she wants to do is run away. Michael asks why she’s leaving then. She says she doesn’t want to take advantage of him. She wants to give him his space, and if they’re going to date, they shouldn’t be living together. He says he doesn’t want space and everything he needs is right in front of him.

Parker asks if Aaron knows about her. Kristina says yes and no. Parker asks if she left out the part where she’s a woman, which Kristina admits. Parker tells Kristina that her journey is her own and she’ll know who the right one is, whether it’s a man or woman. She tells Kristina she wishes her all good things. Kristina notices Parker isn’t wearing her wedding ring and Parker tells her the marriage is over.

Carly asks Dillon what’s going on between him and Kiki. Darby is suddenly at the table with something Dillon left at her apartment.

Kiki tells Morgan she just wants to take her time. He starts to get agitated, saying he’s always going to be stupid and a screw up. She kisses him and tells him he’s wrong about that. They start making out.

Julian says Carrrlos isn’t real. Carrrlos says what’s real is that he’s going to prison. He says thanks to Julian’s wife, the cops have all the evidence they need. He laughs about how Alexis got Julian to admit he killed both Carrrlos and Duke. He says the world knows who he is now and there’s no going back. Unless…

Sonny tells Alexis that Julian took something to stall the arraignment. He asks why she’s there and she pulls out divorce papers, asking him if he can think of a better time to serve Julian. Sonny says good for her.

Michael tells Sabrrrina he’s not asking for a commitment and the priority is Teddy’s health. He asks if they’re dating and she says yes. They kiss. His phone rings with an ELQ crisis. He says he’ll be back as soon as he can. He asks if he can rip up the application and Sabrrrina tells him she and Teddy aren’t going anywhere.

Kristina tells Parker she feels horrible, but Parker says it has nothing to do with her. She says it was a long time coming. Parker starts to cry and Kristina puts her arm around her.

Morgan and Kiki get to the hotel room and he tells her all systems are go. I guess so, since the next stop is the bed.

Darby and Dillon make out for a second and Carly is like, don’t let me interrupt. Carly leaves, and Darby asks what Carly was questioning him about. Dillon says it was a misunderstanding.

Carly goes behind the bar. Sonny is there and she says she wants to buy him a drink. She says they just dodged a bullet and tells him about her meddling. Sonny tells her she should mind her own business and that Morgan would be mortified if he found out. She says he’s not going to because Darby is with Dillon now.

Morgan focuses on Kiki’s scar and says he did that. Kiki says no, he didn’t, and she remembers almost nothing except his voice and his arms around her. She tells him she loves him and she came back for him. She says the scar is ugly, but a beautiful reminder that they didn’t die. There’s a song part while they do-dee-do-dee-do. I crop some pictures.

Julian tells Carrrlos that he’s not real and to go away. Carrrlos says there’s only one way out, to kill Alexis. Although that doesn’t make much sense, since the police already have the evidence. Julian says he wishes he could go back and re-do it all because he loves Alexis so much.

Sonny says Carly dodged a bullet, but not the one she thinks. He says Morgan would be highly pissed off if he found out, and makes her promise to stay out of it. Carly gets a text from the donor she’s supposed to meet. Sonny says he wanted to run interference, so she didn’t have to be disappointed if things didn’t pan out. She promises not to get her hopes up.

Darby asks about later, but Dillon says he doesn’t know how long he’ll be working and he’ll call later. She leaves and he sees a picture of Kiki on his laptop. Meanwhile, instead of basking in the afterglow, Kiki doesn’t look very happy.

Kristina says she knows what Parker means by being confused. She is too. She says Aaron is a great guy, but she can’t help thinking about Parker. They kiss. A lot. And start taking off their clothes.

Alexis approaches Julian’s bed. He’s sleeping and she tosses the divorce papers onto the bed. Onto him really.

Sabrrrina says she and Teddy are finally getting their happy ending. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Carrrlos. But he’s all cleaned up with his hair back in nice clothes. Ha-ha! Told you he’d never die. I wonder if it’s a twin or something.

Tomorrow, Franco has something for Elizabeth, Lucy asks Scotty what he wants, and Sonny says he’ll help Finn if Finn helps him out.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Mohegan Sun trip! The hotel is kitschy, but cool. I like stuff like that. Niagara Falls, Canada, is one of my favorite places in the world. It’s like something out of the 50s. Surprisingly wisely, Ramona has everyone draw for the rooms. Like pick-a-card. Since she’s the hostess though, she already has her room set up. Dorinda says on a trip, two things are certain, Ramona gets the best room and Carole and Bethenny bunk together.

Jules tells Sonja it’s odd that the creator of the Skinnygirl brand is picking on a real skinny girl. She says she’s never sharing anything personal with Bethenny again, and that for someone who claims to know so much about eating disorders, Bethenny doesn’t know how to treat someone who has one. Good point. I like Bethenny, but sometimes she goes too far.

At dinner, Ramona’s holiday party is rehashed. Bethenny doesn’t want to hold a grudge against Sonja, who she thinks doesn’t mean any harm. We travel down Memory Lane about Sonja’s nonsense. Bethenny claims Sonja has more clarity now that she’s stopped drinking. They discuss the bus trip over. Dorinda was once a step instructor and apparently displayed her talents on the way there. She and Bethenny discuss step and yoga. Bethenny shows off a pose where she’s basically on her head doing the splits in the air. Ramona talks about how no one answers their phone anymore. None of them can get in touch with The Countess.

Next, the girls do a little gambling. Not my thing. I think they’re playing Blackjack, but I think everything looks like Blackjack. The extent of my gambling career is an evening in Atlantic City at the slot machines while waiting for a Barry Manilow concert. Neither one of us wanted to be there. In her interview, Bethenny says when she was broke, she loved to gamble because what’s more money on your credit card? (Well, your credit rating, for one.) But when you’re successful, losing fifty bucks makes you cry. Dorinda says she’s a Catholic gambler – when she gets the money, she’s all excited, but when she loses, she wants to crucify herself.

Ramona and Sonja dance with glow sticks on the patio.

Carole got an email from an agent saying the proposal for the cook book is adorable and marketable. She reads it to Adam. She tells him that it will be about a year before it comes out, if they sell it. She talks about her friends and how no one has “figured it out” yet as far as relationships go, and that they seem to be the most “normal” of the bunch. She points out how everyone razzed them in the beginning. Carole says no matter what, they’ll always have Paris the book. They talk about what might happen if they break up. On a scale of one to ten, Carole says her happiness is an eight. Adam says his is a ten, but Carole doesn’t believe him because he waited for her to go first.

Ramona goes shopping with Sonja. They discuss the trip to Mohegan Sun and Sonja points out that they all got along, which is probably why we saw so little of the trip. She says it means a lot to her that she and Bethenny reconnected. Ramona wants to organize an engagement party for The Countess. Sonja thinks she’s out of her mind. Ramona can’t get ahold of The Countess and wants to text Tom, but Sonja tells her not to. Too late, she already did it. Sonja thinks it was a bad idea and that The Countess might not like it since Ramona and Tom had dated. Ramona suggests Sonja not bring up that they both had relationships with Tom anymore. Throughout this entire scene, Ramona has been wearing a faux fur maxi vest that she was trying on and I can’t help but notice the clerk keeping an eye on her. And rightly so, since she’s been known to walk off with clothes she doesn’t own before. On top of it, she joked about how she could walk out with it. On second thought, I’d be making her take it off unless she pays for it.

Bethenny puts an Elsa-from-Frozen hat on her dog and takes a picture. She and her assistant are packing up some stuff for Brinn, who Bethenny is taking on a ski trip. Bethenny is disappointed that she’s going to have to take it easy because of her medical issues. She’s also concerned about the altitude. Her assistant doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to go at all, but Bethenny says she doesn’t want to disappoint Brinn. She thinks Bethenny is a little bit in denial about being sick.

Ramona and Dorinda meet for lunch. Or dinner. Ramona tells Dorinda she finally got ahold of The Countess and told her they want to do something for her. Dorinda can’t figure out why Ramona would want to be the one to host the party. She mentions that The Countess isn’t too thrilled about her having dated Tom. She says when you’re dating someone, you want to forget anyone else existed in their life. Ramona says The Countess told her everything is cool now. We flash back to their talk when The Countess reamed her out. Dorinda thinks it’s a better idea for her to host, especially since she introduced them.

Jules, who’s wearing a fabulous high-end sweatshirt, is meeting with a potty training specialist. It’s only two grand for a guarantee the kid will learn to use the toilet in a few days. I am not making any of this up and think I might change careers. One of the first things the trainer tells her is to say, “it’s time to go,” rather than asking if they “want to go,” which makes it sound like it’s optional. That makes perfect sense, but not $2000 worth.

The girls are meeting at a restaurant to celebrate The Countess’s engagement. Dorinda conferred with The Countess, who wasn’t comfortable with Ramona throwing a party and preferred that Dorinda organize it. The Countess is late, and Dorinda tells everyone that she thinks now that they can get along, they should take a real trip. She passes out leis to let them know it’s going to be Hawaii. In all my years on this earth, not one of my friends has surprised me with a trip to Hawaii.

Carole shows up, saying she didn’t know she was going to get leid. Ha-ha, groan. They discuss whether The Countess is mad about Tom having dated Sonja and Ramona. It seems to be a split decision. Carole says if anyone deserves to be married, it’s The Countess, as she’s a better woman with a man than without one.

The Countess arrives. In her interview, she says the night is all about her, so she’s going to put the last gathering behind her. Carole tells The Countess that she’s genuinely happy for her and gives her a gift of a heart crystal. The Countess shows off her huge yellow diamond ring that Tom picked out. It’s okay. He proposed during their trip to Vail and The Countess tells them all about it. A toast is made. In her interview, Sonja says she hopes The Countess is sure, since she never thought of Tom as the marrying type.

The Countess says they’re probably going to wait until the new year to get married. In her interview, Sonja says a year from now, The Countess could be engaged to someone else. The Countess passes around a picture of Tom proposing. Who took that? The Countess holds up her glass to make a toast when Ramona interrupts with her own. The Countess tells her to back off and makes her toast.

Next time, a yachting cruise, Bethenny gets a text and wonders if the wedding is off, Ramona wonders how Sonja is going to feel seeing Tom again.

** Interesting information: I was watching The Bravos, and Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm won the Susan Lucci Award. She thanked her son, Whitney Sudler-Smith, for being the creator and producer of the show. I hadn’t known that!


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