July 22, 2016 – GH a Deux & Quotes a Trois


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Scotty and Lucy meet at the MetroCourt. Lucy asks him what he wants and he says just dinner with his beautiful ex-wife. She knows he’s just trying to butter her up. She tells him to just let her know what it is she’s probably going to regret giving him.

Elizabeth tells Franco to quit lurking around. She says a lot of employees have called in sick because of the killer on the loose and it’s spooky enough. He says he’s not lurking; he has a gift for her.

Hayden asks Finn if he’s a drug addict.

Carly tells Sonny about Wendy, the kidney donor who got in contact with her. Sonny tells her to be careful and that there are a lot of frauds out there.

Yep. Carrrlos has a Brother. Sabrrrina calls him Jose, but he says now that he’s in the states, he goes by Joe. He’s very Rico Suave.

Franco gives Elizabeth a check for $6000. She says she can’t accept it. He says it’s for all her kids to go to summer camp.

Lucy says she was hoping that Scotty changed his ways, but he’s not going to twinkle his way into her pocketbook again. He says he’s just looking for work, but she says it always ends in disaster when they work together. She says he must have clients and Ava must keep him busy in and out of court. He says it’s not like that. He begs her not to leave him flapping in the wind. She says she’s broke.

Finn is appalled and asks what right Hayden has to ask that. Hayden says since she was recruited to get his meds. She tells him what she learned about the drug and how it’s akin to heroine. He tells her to back off. She says she was just trying to help. He says he appreciates that, but he thinks he’s found another solution.

Sonny tells Carly that until Julian is in prison, he’s a threat. He tells her about the arraignment being postponed. He has to leave and she promises not to do anything stupid. She gets a text from Wendy about meeting right away.

Joe says he found out where she was from the hospital, since he’s Teddy’s uncle. Michael comes in and tells Joe to get away from Sabrrrina, thinking that somehow Carrrlos survived. Sabrrrina tells him he’s not Carrrlos, but his brother.

Sabrrrina introduces Joe to Carrrlos, who produces ID. She says he left Puerto Rico when she was still a teenager. Joe tells Michael he’s a pediatric doctor now.

Franco says he was gifted with the money and he’s choosing to give some to Elizabeth for her children. When Elizabeth finally gets it out of him that the money came from Heather, she says she already signed up the boys for Lila’s Kids. Franco wonders what to do with the money and suggests they could use it for their first date. Elizabeth tells him to slow his roll and that she needs to think about it. Ric is lurking around the corner.

Lucy says her money was stolen by her broker, Raymond Berlin. Scotty sees Rachel’s mother at the bar.

Hayden says she’s sorry for doubting Finn. He says if she’s counting on him to restore her faith in humanity, God help them. She says she’ll start with only him then, and asks if he’s who she thinks he is or has he been lying the whole time?

Scotty and Lucy approach Naomi. She asks if she can help them. Lucy says she can start by coughing up the money her husband stole. Naomi says she’s no longer married to him, she doesn’t have the money and she doesn’t know where it is, so shoo. Lucy says she can’t dismiss them like that. Naomi asks who they are, and Lucy introduces herself and Scotty. Lucy asks again where the money is. Naomi says she knew she’d be slumming in going there.

Finn tells Hayden she expects too much, that people are flawed and struggle and fail. He says they’ll always disappoint you, but if he disappoints her in any way, it won’t be because he lied. Sonny comes to the door. Finn says Hayden was just leaving.

Ric says hello to Elizabeth. He tells her he’s working on a project for Sonny and asks if she’d like to get a cup of coffee. She’s like, with you? He says she won’t give him the time of day, but she’s mooning over Franco.

Sonny says the FBI might be interested in where Naomi is. Um…don’t they know already? I distinctly remember them questioning her after Nicholas’s “death.” Speaking of which, are we getting the old Nicholas back or are we stuck with this Chandlerish version? Naomi asks if she has to call security. Franco shows up and tells Lucy and Scotty about the money from Heather. Naomi overhears and gets weird about hearing Heather’s name. She faints.

Joe says he was estranged from his brother. He thought when he heard Carrrlos was dead, they’d never have a resolution. Then when he found out Carrrlos was still alive, while he was busy making up his mind about contacting him, Carrrlos was killed. He says Sabrrrina and Teddy are his only links to his brother and he doesn’t want to waste any more time.

Carly asks what the three of them did to Naomi. She says she doesn’t know what she would have done if the paramedics hadn’t been close by. She tells them they’d better order big for dinner.

Wendy shows up and introduces herself to Carly.

Sonny says he ran a background check on Finn, but none of his colleagues had anything to say, which implies there’s something to hide. He says he’ll help Finn, providing Finn returns the favor.

Michael asks why Joe and Carrrlos were estranged. Joe says they were very different people and wanted different things…sometimes. Sabrrrina says she actually dated Joe first. Joe says Carrrlos felt  abandoned when Joe left to go to medical school, and he feels like he failed his brother.

Franco picks up the tab for an elaborate dinner with Lucy and Scotty. Lucy asks what he’s going to do with the rest of the money. Scotty says it might be a good idea to retain a lawyer in case he becomes a murder suspect. Lucy seconds that, but Franco says no thanks.

Elizabeth tells Ric that Franco has worked hard to get his life on track. Ric says he’s playing her and Elizabeth says no, that’s him. She brings up how he lied to get her to marry him, and he counters with her lying to Jason. She says Franco was sick, but got better after treatment. She asks what Ric’s excuse is.

Hayden comes to the hospital. Naomi tells her she had a panic attack. Hayden wonders what precipitated it. Elizabeth walks in.

Carly asks Wendy what she does. Wendy says she works in a restaurant, but she wanted to be a nurse. Wendy asks how Jocelyn is and Carly says she’s doing well. Wendy explains that the kidney was more of a sale than a donation because she needed to pay for school. She says a friend of a friend hooked her up, and when she saw the story in Crimson, thought the donor must be her. Carly asks about her hospital records. Wendy says she had some serious post op complications and she could use help paying down the bills. Carly accuses her of looking for a payday.

Sonny asks Finn to take over Julian’s case. Finn says what then, and Sonny says Finn will “take care of him.” I guess we’re supposed to think Sonny means “kill him,” but I’ll bet that isn’t it. Finn says he’s not a hit man. Sonny says he’s not asking him to be. (Told ya.) He just wants Finn to make sure Julian can get to his arraignment. He says in return, he’ll get Finn a private plane and take him to where the drug is legal. He wants Julian’s progress sped along.

Wendy says if it wasn’t for her, Jocelyn wouldn’t be alive. Carly says she doesn’t even know if Wendy is really Jocelyn’s donor. Wendy shows her a scar and Carly writes a check. I thought she said she wasn’t going to do anything stupid? Carly tells her she’ll get more when Carly gets the medical information. Carly asks what Wendy’s blood type is. When Wendy says A/B, Carly says Jocelyn is B, so they’re not compatible.

Joe says he wants to help Sabrrrina and Teddy any way he can. Sabrrrina hesitates and he gives her his contact information. Sabrrrina tells him thanks and that she and Teddy are in a good place.

Scotty is aghast that Franco wanted to pay for Elizabeth’s kids’ summer camp. Lucy says she thinks it’s generous. Scotty asks what Franco thinks Jason is going to do when he finds out he’s been harassing Elizabeth. Franco says it’s not harassment when the feeling is mutual.

Hayden asks for another nurse. Elizabeth says they’re understaffed. Naomi tells Hayden to get her discharge papers because she’s feeling better. Hayden doesn’t want to leave her mother, since the killer is still free, but Elizabeth says don’t worry, nothing will happen on her watch. Hayden says except death by snark and Naomi suggests she was raised by wolves. Naomi asks Elizabeth about herself and as Elizabeth is talking, Naomi has another attack.

Finn asks what if Julian is really sick? Sonny says he’s heard Finn is a miracle worker and all he wants is Julian healthy for court. Finn says okay.

Wendy asks Carly not to call the cops. Carly asks where she got the scar. Wendy asks what difference does it make? Carly tells her to take the check and go.

Michael says he knows what it’s like to seek redemption from family and that Joe could have walked away and never looked back. He says Sabrrrina will eventually come around.

Carly and Sonny confer. Carly tells him that Wendy wasn’t the person they’re looking for, but she’s in it for the long haul. Sonny says they’ll do it together.

Naomi recovers. Hayden asks what happened. Naomi says she felt flushed, but it passed. Elizabeth leaves to get medication. Hayden says something nasty about Elizabeth and Naomi tells her to knock it off and that they should learn to get along with each other. What does Naomi care? Please don’t tell me we’ll find out these two are related.

Scotty says he doesn’t want to see Jason kill Franco. Lucy tells him not to overreact. Franco gets a call. It’s Elizabeth. She suggests a date tomorrow night. Franco says he’ll pick her up at seven. He hangs up and tells Scotty and Lucy that he and Elizabeth are officially more than friends. Ric bugs Elizabeth because he’s nosy.

Hayden wants to call her father’s attorney about Naomi’s condition. She thinks her father should know what’s going on. When she leaves, Naomi says her father won’t care – not the one she knows or the one she doesn’t know.

Tomorrow, Morgan forgets his meds, Julian wants more of the drug that gave him the heart episode, and Kristina says it was the best night of her life with Parker. Gee, sorry, Aaron.

General Hospital – Friday

Kristina surprises Parker with a room service breakfast. Parker says last night was a big step and asks if Kristina is okay. Kristina tells her it was the best night of her life. Parker says it was amazing for her too, but it must have been different for Kristina. Kristina says she now knows the difference between having sex and making love.

Morgan wakes Kiki. He tells her that he feels that things are falling into place. Kiki asks Morgan not to post anything about them on social media yet because she wants to talk to her mother first. She has to leave for work and Morgan tells her he loves her. She says, “me too,” and we all know what that means.

Dillon sits down with Tracy at the MetroCourt. He says they haven’t had breakfast together in a while and she tells him that’s hard when he spends nights in someone else’s bed. Tracy asks if she’s going to meet a young woman soon. She sees Sonny and Finn talking, and tells Dillon he just got a reprieve from her questions.

Griff tells Julian whatever caused his heart issues seems to have passed. He says the sooner Julian is out of there, the sooner his father will have justice, and so will Julian’s wife. He tosses Julian the divorce papers.

Laura says it’s been eight hours since Valentine went upstairs and all they’ve heard is a gunshot. She wonders if something has happened to Nicholas.

Ava tells Valentine she had trouble sleeping after Valentine killed Nicholas. He says it was regrettable and she asks why he let her live.

Finn tells Sonny he’ll do everything in his power to make sure Julian stands trial, but he won’t do anything unethical. Sonny says he respects Finn’s code, since he has one of his own. When he leaves, Tracy asks Finn what’s going on.

Griff tells Julian that Alexis dropped off the papers while he was sleeping and apparently doesn’t want to talk to him.

Valentine says he let Nicholas go out fighting like a Cassadine. He tells Ava she didn’t ask for any of this, so he wants her to be comfortable. He’s surprised that she doesn’t seem alarmed. She says she understands vendettas and to Google her. He says she’s trying to find common ground so he spares her. She tells him that he went to a lot of trouble to be king of the castle, and what’s a king without a queen?

Kiki waits on Dillon at the MetroCourt. He says he can go somewhere else if he’s making her uncomfortable, but she says she doesn’t want him running when he sees her. She asks if they can’t go back to being just friends.

Tracy says Finn hasn’t answered any of her calls and she’s worried about him. He says he appreciates the kindness, but his problem is being handled. She says good, because she hasn’t forgotten about the backgammon rematch.

Sonny asks Aaron how business is going and he says great. Sonny want to talks about Kristina – man to man. Aaron says he’ll be happy to. Sonny says Aaron gives a good first impression and seems sincere. Aaron says the business thing was Kristina’s idea and he doesn’t want Sonny to think that’s the reason he got together with Kristina. He says he respects Kristina and wants to assure Sonny that he’s all about supporting her. He says they’ve been honest with each other about their pasts.

Parker says she was in Kristina’s shoes once too. Kristina says her mother told her she was just confused, but last night was far from confusing. She says she felt something she never felt before. Parker says it was a beautiful moment, but it was just a moment, and when the convention is over, she has to get back to what’s left of her life.

Doc tells Laura that Valentine is using psychological tactics and explains what he thinks Valentine is doing. He says not to worry about Nicholas, but figure out a way that Lulu can slip out. Lulu and Dante discuss who’s going to leave. She thinks that Dante just wants her out of harm’s way. That might be true, but she is the smallest and probably the most agile. Dante makes Lulu repeat the tunnel directions again. He asks if she’s ready to go and says they have to create a distraction.

Ava says she can offer Valentine a lot of advice, and in exchange, she sits at his right hand and in his bed. He asks if it isn’t a ruse and she tells him to frisk her. Woo-woo!

Kristina says she and Parker have a connection. Parker agrees, but says their relationship is all kinds of inappropriate and she has things to figure out, as does Kristina.

Kiki tells Dillon that she and Morgan “made things official” last night, and she didn’t want him to hear about it elsewhere, which I guess means Facebook. He congratulates her. A table full of guys calls her over. They act rude. One of them says it’s his birthday, and he wants Kiki to help blow out the candles. Dillon overhears.

Finn gets to the hospital and starts looking over some folders. Griff startles him and asks why he’s looking at Julian’s chart. He adds that Finn doesn’t seem okay.

Mystery cronie goes to Julian’s room. Julian tells him he needs more of whatever it was that gave him the heart episode, so he can postpone the arraignment again. He says when Ava gets back and he makes bail, he can make some moves. Julian’s guy is concerned this might not be a good idea.

Ava says of course she’s using Valentine’s attraction to her to her advantage. She says she always picks the winning side and suggests he strip search her. They start making out. While he’s distracted, she whacks him with the huge family history book. Valentine starts yelling.

Downstairs, Dante uses this to his advantage and starts an argument with Doc. Lulu runs out while a guard is busy with them. One of the guards brings Ava back downstairs. I don’t know why she didn’t play this out longer. There are a whole lot of better ways this could have gone.

Kristina says they all have things to figure out – it’s called life – and if she waited until she was sure about everything, she wouldn’t do anything. Parker says as long as she can tell herself Parker is the only woman she’s attracted to, she’ll never have to explore if she’s really gay.

Aaron tells Sonny that he knows about the guys who have treated Kristina badly and he’d never disrespect her. Morgan comes by and Aaron goes back to work. Morgan tells Sonny everything is great, and he and Kiki are giving their relationship another shot. He says nothing is going to come between them this time.

Dillon goes over to the table that was hassling Kiki, telling him he’s the manager there while he’s waiting to get his MBA. He says someone heard them mentioning PCU and thinks they might be underage, so he has to go through the formality of looking at their IDs. I’m so glad I moved to NYC when the drinking age was 18. Not that anyone ever checked my ID anyway. Dillon asks whose birthday it is, and they admit that it isn’t any of them. Kiki, who’s carrying a cupcake with a candle, says she guesses no one is getting the cake then, and she and Dillon eat it instead.

Griff tells Finn that he’s worried about him. Finn says thanks, but he has work to do. Griff says as a peer, he has to report anything amiss. He says they can figure out a way to approach the board and save Finn’s reputation, but Finn says he has nothing to confess.

Ava tells Laura that Nicholas is dead. Oh come on. The last time he fell off a balcony, he ended up in England, so who knows? Maybe he bounced back to Port Charles.

Kiki tells Dillon those jerks have been bothering her all summer. They come close to flirting. Dillon says he needs to get back to breakfast and she thanks him for the assist.

Sonny tells Morgan that hardships will be thrown at him in life, but he knows to reach out now. Suddenly, Morgan realizes he left his meds at the hotel. Sonny offers to go get them and reminds Morgan of how important they are.

Kristina says maybe she’s not into labels. Parker says she can’t embrace “no labels” if she’s avoiding the questions herself. Kristina says if Parker wants to pull back, she can’t pin that on her. She says no one questions high school sweethearts who are couples throughout their lives, and Parker says but they’re not in high school and they’re not a couple. Kristina asks her if it would be so bad if they were a couple?

Ava tells Laura and Doc what happened upstairs. Laura is pretty freaked out. She asks if Ava actually saw him fall and Ava says yes. Laura starts to cry and Doc holds her, telling her they’ll get through it. Valentine comes downstairs. He says he was willing to take Ava up on her offer, but now he’s going to end her life.

Dillon sits back down. He tells Tracy that he and Kiki are just friends and she laughs, saying from the look of it, that will never be enough for them. Kiki calls Morgan to tell him she loves him. She realized she left him hanging with that “me too.”

Finn tells Julian whatever it was, he seems fine now, and turns him over to Griff. Griff says it might have been a panic attack, but Julian says he thinks something is really wrong. Finn tells Sonny that Julian has the all clear and Sonny says he’ll get the plane ready for tonight.

Kristina accuses Parker of getting her out of her system and then wanting nothing to do with her. Parker says they both know it isn’t going to work. Kristina wants to know why they just can’t let tomorrow be tomorrow and kisses Parker. Sonny sees this from the stairway on his way to Morgan’s room. I’m surprised his eyes don’t pop out of his head like a cartoon.

Lulu gets lost in the tunnels. She trips over a skeleton. Great. I guess someone else got lost a while ago.

Laura, verging on hysteria, starts lecturing Valentine. She says he claims to hate the Cassadines, but acts just like one of them. She says Nicholas wasn’t like that and would have welcomed him into the family. She tells him she’s never going to cooperate and he might as well kill her too. Valentine says this is what happens when you don’t cooperate and raises the gun. Doc intervenes and gets shot.

On Monday, Kristina sees Sonny, Hayden asks Finn about where he’s getting the drugs, and Laura asks Doc if he can open his eyes.

Quotes of the Week

Offense is always an opportunity to identify what is lacking in our own heart. — Unknown

If it works broke, don’t fix it. — Jill from Odd Mom Out

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.Marilyn Monroe

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