July 24, 2016 – Shah MJ Celebrates Renewal & NJ Wives Celebrate Dolores


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Shahs of Sunset

I really wish they’d change their opening song. It’s the worst.

Shervin visits MJ. She’s having a yard sale at a friend’s house, and she’s going through racks of clothes. She hands him various dresses that have bad memories attached and talks about them. Shervin says when he looks at his clothes, he sees a black shirt. Ha-ha! I’ve always said that a woman has a story for every piece of clothing she owns. Asa joins them. They pile the car with stuff and MJ thinks she could possibly have OJ’s glove in all the mess.

GG claims she doesn’t have time for a job, since she’s busy all day with things like manicures and massages. Sigh. She’s having a meeting with her acupuncturist. She says it really helps. Better than that. She says it’s like heroin. Really now? In her interview, GG talks about Reza not believing that she’s really sick. I do believe she’s sick, and I know what it’s like to be sick and not look sick, but I also think there’s something else going on there.

The garage sale friend doesn’t have a name. The caption just says “MJ’s Friend.” Yeah, I don’t blame you, MJ’s friend. I might not want anyone to know who I was either. MJ starts pulling things out that she doesn’t want to sell. A surprising amount of people show up, even though this doesn’t look like a real active street. MJ keeps trying to intercept the sales, while Asa is pushing them, giving customers suggestions on what to wear with what. Suddenly, MJ gets with the program and helps move things along. I understand. I have an eBay store. It can be hard to let go of the emotional attachment, even though you know you’re never wearing that size 6 neon green micro-mini from the 80s again. As Don Aslett says, keep the memory, get rid of the object.

Adam wants to change his last name, since he and Reza are married now. When they get to the window with the paperwork, Adam suggests Reza change his too, but Reza isn’t receptive to the idea. The clerk tells them they need a marriage license for Adam’s status to change. They never got one because of the wedding being a surprise. Oops! Forgot about that. Now they’re going to have another ceremony to make it official, because technically, they’re not married.

Asa is working on her couples portrait project. Originally, she was going to shoot Mike and Jessica together, but now it’s Mike by himself. Asa is glad that he’s facing his truth. Even though he’s going through with it, Mike feels dejected, being photographed with his dogs rather than his woman. I actually like the dogs better than I did Jessica. In his interview, Mike asks how much you can fight for something that’s a lost cause. He says he feels like a failure. The photos are fantastic. Mike says they’re like a funeral for him – the death of his relationship.

GG and MJ video chat. MJ is having a renewal party. GG asks if MJ is having vaginal rejuvenation, but it’s more of a renewal in the spiritual sense. MJ wants to celebrate moving forward in her life. She tells GG to clear her afternoon and wear black. She’s going to commemorate a rite of passage.

Reza is happy about having another wedding ceremony. Asa comes by his and Adam’s place. She looks amazing in a figure-hugging white blouse and black skirt. She’s usually wearing a caftan, or something else loose-fitting, so it’s a surprising change. In a good way. MJ arrives as the witness. Adam reads some vows he wrote, since he didn’t get a chance the first time. In his interview, Reza says it’s the wedding he imagined, with just Asa and MJ there. The license is signed, making it official.

Shervin is going ring shopping with Tommy. The last time Shervin was at the jewelry store was to pick out a ring for an engagement that didn’t work out, so he tries not to have flashbacks. Tommy picks out a pretty standard-looking ring, but the band is patterned, giving it something extra. The clerk quotes a price of $8500, but Shervin bargains for Tommy, countering at $7000. They meet in the middle at $7500. Tommy hopes that MJ’s answer will be yes.

You know those places where you can get together with friends or a date and make pottery? MJ goes to a similar place where you bake stuff. She’s meeting her mother there. Why? Why doesn’t she cut this cancer out of her life? Another sigh. She asks Vida to come to her renewal party. Wet blanket Vida says what renewal, since MJ hasn’t changed. MJ asks the loaded question, is her mother proud of her and Vida is like, as far from it as you can get. They’re decorating a cake together, and Vida just takes what MJ puts on the cake right off, saying it looks horrible. Honestly, she just takes everything off with her hand and plops it on the table. It’s indicative of the way she wipes out any opinion MJ has and forces her own.

Somehow, Vida gets on the topic of MJ’s love life. Vida does not like Tommy and in her interview, MJ says Vida is headed to the bleachers. I’d have put her outside the stadium long ago. There is seriously something wrong with this woman.

MJ’s outfit for the party rocks! She looks like a fairy queen bride, in white with a crown of flowers and matching bouquet. She’s having the ceremony at a cemetery. There’s a casket so she can say a proper good-by to her past and symbolically bury her bullsh*t. A choral group is performing and white doves are going to be released. It must be fun to have money to throw away on nonsense! She gives the choir musical and apparel directions. The doves wait, possibly terrified, in their cages.

Tommy has a flask he keeps nipping from, as he’s picking this party – or whatever it is – to propose. There’s even a bar. I’m just amazed and wonder how much she gave the cemetery owner to let her do this. GG is a little freaked and surprisingly respectful of where she is. Everyone gets a drink and sits.

Wait for it…

Vida asks if Jessica is coming and Mike answers with another question, asking if MJ’s dad is coming. Vida is like, of course not, and then she asks Reza about Jessica, since Mike isn’t answering. Mike tries to make light of it, but Vida gets insistent. Several of the Shahs ask for another drink. Vida checks out the casket and Mike tells her to jump in. Obviously, I laugh. She says no wonder Jessica isn’t there and he says no wonder her husband left her. In his interview, Mike thinks Vida is there just to ruin MJ’s event and is pissed that no one ever stands up to her. I don’t blame him one bit, although I do understand when Shervin says that it’s their culture not to talk like that to an elder. I don’t like her either, but MJ wanted her there, so he should at least respect that.

Everyone is telling Mike to shut up. Even GG says they need to respect their friend’s mother. In his interview, Mike says culturally, he screwed up, but who would blame him? Tommy takes him aside and tells him to knock it off, because even though she’s a maniac, this is his future mother-in-law. Mike promises to behave.

MJ drives up in a cool, huge car. That’s about as much as I know about cars. She walks toward to casket, the choir preceding her, humming something that sounds like an old spiritual. MJ was specific in not wanting lyrics. MJ stands before the casket and makes a speech. She acknowledges all of them and their support. She talks about forgiveness and moving forward. She throws some costume jewelry into the casket to symbolize being fake, she throws in some blush in to symbolize Vida no longer making decisions for her, and something else that looks like bra pads, talking about how she found Tommy. Tommy walks up and says how happy she makes him and how he’s her best friend. He starts to cry and it’s actually very touching. He tells her that he wishes her father was there and gets down on one knee and proposes. I probably like Tommy the most of all the cast members. He can be juvenile at times, but he has a good heart and seems genuine. Actually, that’s one thing the whole cast has going for it – they all seem real, not like the Housewives, who often strike me as just vying for camera time.

Tommy pulls out the ring and tells MJ how much he loves her. He asks her to marry him and MJ says yes. All the friends start to cheer. Vida must be having a coronary. The doves are released.

Vida comes up to the front, calling, “Mercedes! Mercedes!” as MJ (Mercedes to Vida) and Tommy kiss. She starts to walk out, saying she shouldn’t have come.

Next time, the finale (sniff), Asa is in OK magazine, Adam and Reza conflict about having children, Vida acts like a lunatic, and Reza and GG tangle.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa is going into the city (Manhattan for the unenlightened) to pick out merchandise for the boutique. She hassles husband Joe on the phone.

Teresa is pretty tired, saying that it’s great to be back, but it’s been a whirlwind, which she pronounces “worldwind,” and I type it that way before I go, wait a second… Since she can’t walk the kids to the bus due to her ankle bracelet, she hollers for husband Joe to help. Dog Frankie tries to escape while all this is going on.

There are a bunch of whiny Jacqueline flashbacks where she wonders what Teresa wants from her. Several. Stemming from one, one paragraph text. A short paragraph.

Teresa talks about how her marriage has always been “old school,” where Joe took care of the finances and she stayed out of it. She says she got into a little trouble for that – ha-ha-ha – so now she’s paying attention. Jacqueline knocks at the door unannounced.

Teresa wonders why Jacqueline is just showing up. She asks how Jacqueline’s New Year’s Eve was and Jacqueline stammers. Joe makes an appearance and says hello. Jacqueline says she’s getting mixed messages from Teresa, who wonders how that happened, since she’s only been home a week. Jacqueline says it goes back to when they last talked in Arizona, and hadn’t really defined where they stood. Teresa says when they got back was when her problems with the law started and she was told not to discuss it with anyone. She says it isn’t that she didn’t want to be friends anymore.

Jacqueline brings up two reunions ago when Teresa says she didn’t miss her. I have to stop here to mention that Jacqueline sounds kind of selfish. It’s no secret that Teresa stood trial and then went to prison, so how does Jacqueline make this even one iota about her? Teresa probably wasn’t thinking about missing anyone except her own self in New Jersey. Teresa says she’s done a lot of reflection and praying and has learned forgiveness since then. Jacqueline asks where they go from here and Teresa suggests rebuilding the friendship. They hug and talk about their kids. Teresa tells Jacqueline about her new love of yoga. In her interview, Teresa says it’s like the old days. We get TMI about jail sex and they discuss Teresa’s homecoming. More TMI.

Teresa suddenly remembers that she has an orthodontist appointment that the doctor came in early for. That’s what happens when people just show up out of nowhere at your door. Self-centered Jacqueline doesn’t even apologize.

Melissa meets with her business partner. Jacquie has a store in Florida and Melissa admires her business acumen. Not so much her style though, as they disagree on what Melissa should be carrying in her store. Melissa wants it to seem like you’re walking into her closet and has the final vote, since it is her store.

Siggy visits Dolores. Dolores wants to redecorate, as the house is frozen in time from when she raised her kids there. They discuss Dolores’s birthday party and how they’d like to see Teresa and Jacqueline get their friendship back on track. As if on cue, Jacqueline shows up. I wonder if she called first. They open some champagne. I liked champagne for about 10 minutes when I was in my 30s.

Jacqueline tells them about her meeting with Teresa. Siggy and Dolores act like two cheerleaders, jumping up and down when Jacqueline says she and Teresa are going to rebuild their friendship. They toast to the new year and new beginnings.

Melissa visits Teresa. Teresa tells her about Jacqueline dropping by. In her interview, Melissa says Jacqueline is the type who wants answers, while Teresa just wants to move along. She hopes the kumbaya lasts.

Dolores and family gather for pizza and Italian take-out. Her ex lives down the block and everyone is friendly with everyone, including the ex’s girlfriend. They tell their kids the story of how the broke up and remained friends.

Siggy is meeting Teresa to plan Dolores’s party. She talks about herself in the third person in her interview and I’m like, please don’t do that. She wrote a book on relationships called Write Your Own Fairy Tale, which I vaguely remember seeing in the bookstore. She says she’s a true blue friend and likes old school people.

Theresa and Siggy meet at the restaurant where they’re having Dolores’s party and introduce themselves. Siggy likes Teresa right away. She shows Teresa the leopard patterned invitations. Dolores is going to wear red, with everyone else wearing accents of leopard. Siggy is concerned that guests might have to buy a leopard accessory, but Teresa tells her everyone in New Jersey has something leopard. I have to admit, she might be right.

Dolores’s paternal grandmother is 102 and reminds me of Big Edie from Grey Gardens. How come my grandmother wasn’t like that? Dolores is having her family over and they talk about how well she and her ex get along. She wonders if it has anything to do with her being single. Dolores also looks an awful lot like a brunette Dina and I keep doing double-takes, thinking Dina is back on the show.

It’s party time! Let the leopard wearing commence! Everything looks amazing. Teresa isn’t thrilled to see Kathy, but moves past it. She makes a toast to true and new friendships. In her interview, Dolores says she’s not keen on celebrating her birthday, but feels blessed that her friends have gathered in her honor and are showing the love.

Rosie shows up and feels like Teresa doesn’t hate her, but just doesn’t want to be bothered. Melissa invites everyone to her boutique opening. Siggy asks for funny stories about Dolores, with one guest telling them while another two act it out. Melissa volunteers first, talking about how Joe #2 had the hots for Dolores when they were kids. Teresa goes next and tells another prison sex story, which confuses me since it’s not about Delores, but maybe I missed something.

Afterwards, Melissa asks about Jacqueline and Teresa’s new friendship. In her interview, Melissa tells us that things are changin’ in Jersey. Dolores thanks everyone for being there for her. A leopard icing-ed cake with a sparkler in it is presented.

There’s a discussion of calories. Teresa asks Siggy about her husband and more TMI happens. Finally, it’s time to go home and Teresa is the designated driver for a drunk Melissa. I’m kind of surprised that the court allowed Teresa to go to a birthday party. Although it might classify as work. They call Joe #2 from the car, and tell him how drunk Melissa is. She’s actually pretty funny. They get to the house and Teresa helps her inside.

Next time, a champagne toast to Melissa’s boutique, Chris tells Jacqueline it’s becoming tough to pay the bills (tell me about it), and it’s getting close to Joe #1‘s jail time.

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