July 26, 2016 – Lulu Gets a Gun, the Haves Get Some Nots & Below Deck Gets a Good-by


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nina brings Carly printouts from Crimson’s website in response to Jocelyn’s story. Nina says she knows they’ll find the donor.

Kristina asks if Sonny can accept a gay daughter. He says it’s a lot of information to take in. Her phone rings and he asks her to shut it off. Thank you. It’s Alexis, wondering where she’s been.

Paul sees Alexis at the coffee shop and asks how she’s doing. She says she’ll be in the front seat at the arraignment.

Julian, who is out of his mind, talks to himself, saying he’s not going to the arraignment and he’s not giving up on Alexis, claiming the haters got to her.

Sam wakes up. The guard talks to her and Jason in Greek, like they understand. Sam gets up to get some water and keels over.

Valentin says he’d like to say he’ll let them go, but he can’t, so which one of them wants to die first. Lulu is suddenly there with a gun, saying she votes for him. Valentin says he wondered when she was going to show up. She says she’s here now, so drop the gun or she’ll blow a hole in him.

Julian’s crony shows up in scrubs, telling him it’s time for his sponge bath. Julian asks about Ava, but no one can find out where she is. Julian tells No Name that he needs more of the drug.

Paul tells Alexis that they really shouldn’t be talking. He says she’s going to be called out by the bar about not taking the deal for Carrrlos and not acting in the client’s best interest, and she needs to concentrate on that. He suggests she call Diane and work on a defense before she gets disbarred.

Sonny says he’s known gay guys, but they seemed to have always been aware that they were gay. When Kristina seems surprised, Sonny says he grew up in Brooklyn and went to clubs, making me laugh. He says there’s a lot she doesn’t know about him and vice versa. I love these dad moments of his.

Nina goes over some of the messages that Crimson received in regard to Jocelyn. Carly wants to contact some people who have nothing to do with Jocelyn to thank them for the organ donation. She says they can rule out certain factors, but will need to eventually do a DNA test. Carly asks why Nina is going out of her way to help. Nina says it’s driving traffic to the website and Crimson‘s social media platform is blowing up. She says her chance of being a mother came and went while she was asleep, but at least she can help with this. She tells Carly to call it what she wants. Carly calls it doing the right thing.

Lulu tells Valentin that he might think she won’t pull the trigger. He says he has n doubt she will, but he will too and wonders if Lulu can kill him before he kills Laura.

Jason screams at the guard to help Sam. When the guard does nothing, Jason turns into The Incredible Hulk and breaks the chains that are holding him to the chair. I’m serious. That’s exactly what he looked like just then.

Paul visits Julian and says he looks well. Julian says he doesn’t feel well and Paul suggests it’s guilt. He’s there to escort Julian to the courthouse. He says it will be a dazzling perp walk, since he’s arranged for the press to be there. Julian calls it a baseless witch hunt. Paul says if it makes him feel any better, he’s just the warm-up for the main event of taking down Sonny.

Kristina tells Sonny that before Parker, she’d never felt this way about a woman. She says she thought she was just into the class, but she was really into Parker. She says she was sure Parker returned the attraction. Sonny interjects until she turned Kristina in. Sonny asks if he hadn’t seen her kissing Parker if she’d have told him the truth.

Alexis talks to Diane on the phone. She sees Parker at the coffee shop. At least people have somewhere other than the MetroCourt to go now.

Sam regains consciousness. She asks what happened. Jason says it was an old chair and he was able to break it and knock out the guard. He wants Sam to stay there, but she says they’re in it together.

Dammit! Lulu surrenders the gun and I hate her at this moment. Valentin continues to make threats. It’s always the same. Like that scene in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. If you’re going to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.

Paul tells Julian his own words are going to send him to prison. Julian says the recording was illegally obtained. Paul says, doesn’t matter, Julian is sunk. No Name comes in and says he needs to check Julian’s vitals. Paul says he’ll see Julian later and No Name shows Julian the drug vial.

Alexis acts kind of nasty to Parker. Parker says she thought they’d left things on a good note. Alexis says she hasn’t heard from Kristina all night. Parker says Kristina fine and tells Alexis they spent the night together.

Kristina tells Sonny that Alexis already knows, but not to be mad because Alexis was encouraging her to tell Sonny too. She says she can’t manage a relationship and got suspended from school, and she was afraid to tell him. He asks if she was afraid he’d turn his back on her and she says yes.

Nina tells Carly she’s not going to miss Julian. Carly thanks her again. Jocelyn shows up. Nina tells her she’s been an inspiration to her and her readers, and jets. Jocelyn tells Carly she understands they mean well, but she wants them to stop the search.

Valentin days he doesn’t want to kill them, but it’s necessary for his survival. One of the guards comes toward Dante and Lulu protests. Everyone kind of stops what they’re doing and looks toward the window where I expect Jason to come busting in like whatever superhero he’s channeling now.

I swear, I looked away for a second and Jason and Sam have everything under control and I don’t know where the blip Valentin went.

No Name is about to administer the drug when Nina shows up. She wants Julian to sign a document giving her Crimson in exchange for her silence on certain matters. She says she needs to protect the magazine if he’s convicted. He says he’s not going to get convicted, but she says they can’t be sure about that. He signs. She says he missed a spot and bumps into No Name who drops everything everywhere, breaking the vial. Nina says good thing they’re in the hospital so he can get more meds. Julian, foiled again!

Kristina says Sonny is intimidating, and he says that’s what he’s heard, but they’ll figure this out together. He asks about Aaron. Kristina says she likes him, but what they have is on the surface and she connects with Parker on another level. Sonny says it worries him that Parker was her professor and mentor, which puts Kristina at a disadvantage emotionally. He says if she wants to date women, fine, but Parker isn’t for her.

Alexis says Parker took advantage of Kristina. Parker says Kristina sought her out for closure and it became something else. Alexis says Parker seduced Kristina, and Parker says they’re both adults. Alexis asks if she took time out from her marriage and Parker says she’s getting a divorce. Alexis is concerned Kristina is a rebound. She says Kristina sees a future with Parker and she wants an end to the fantasy.

Jocelyn asks if Carly’s search is more important than her privacy. She doesn’t see why everything needs to be public knowledge, and she’s sick of kids talking behind her back and pointing at her. Carly says they need the medical information. Jocelyn says the longer she doesn’t have a relapse, the less likely it is to happen. She tells Carly that her father understands, and if Carly doesn’t knock it off, the next time she visits her dad, she’ll stay there.

Valentin has himself locked in one of the rooms basically saying something about you meddling kids. I’m very disappointed in him. Dante asks Lulu where she got the gun. She says she’ll tell him later, but now they have to get out of there. Ava says they need to move, but the rest want to wait for Jason.

Jason gets into the room. No Valentin. He looks outside. Don’t put that gun down, you idiot.

Carly says she has to do everything in her power to make sure Jocelyn’s health is safeguarded. Jocelyn says her dad doesn’t agree, and asks if Carly thought about how it might affect her. Carly says she’s the adult and it’s part of her job as a parent. She says one day Jocelyn will understand.

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! about No Name dropping the vial. Julian tells Nina to get lost and she says she won’t be visiting him in Pentenville. She leaves and No Name says he doesn’t know where he can get more. Paul comes in and says it’s time to leave.

Carly calls Nina and tells her to remove the article from the website…for now. She says she can’t get into it at this moment.

Alexis tells Parker to do the right thing and it will save her and Kristina heartache later. Parker says she doesn’t know the future. Alexis asks about what the college will think, as well as Parker’s wife. Parker says she doesn’t want to hurt Kristina and Alexis says she should have thought about that before.

Kristina and Sonny talk. He tells her he’d never give up on her and she’s his daughter no matter what. They hug and it’s a touching moment.

Carly apologizes to Jocelyn. Sonny shows up and so does Nina. Nina tells them she passed the DA taking Julian out. She wonders why Carly called off the search and Sonny is like, what? Carly explains that Jocelyn feels her privacy is being violated, so they’re going to discreetly continue the search.

Jocelyn calls her father, telling him he was wrong and that Carly called off the search.

Kristina sees Alexis at the coffee shop. Alexis says she was worried and she knows Kristina was with Parker. Kristina asks if Sonny told her and Alexis is surprised. She says she’s glad Kristina told her father the truth. Kristina wonders how Alexis knew she was with Parker. She says she appreciates her parents’ concern, but she and Parker will figure it out together.

Sonny tells Carly that Kristina came out to him.

Parker starts to write a good by letter to Kristina.

Jason tells everyone that Valentin has disappeared. They get ready to leave. Um…a boat is where? Lulu says she doesn’t want to leave Nicholas behind , but Laura says they’ll have to.

Valentin is in the tunnels, playing Pokemon GO talking on his cell phone. He says they’ll never leave the island alive.

Tomorrow, Maxie admits she hasn’t been honest, Doc says to go on without him, nd Julian asks Sonny what he wants.

** In between shows note. I’m watching Hotel Hell and I swear, in every episode of every show he does, Gordon Ramsey says, “I’ve never seen such a [insert negative adjective here] business/restaurant/cooking in all my life.”

The Haves and the Have Nots

Veronica falls back into the chair with the knife sticking out of her chest as Jeffrey calmly walks out the door. Hannah is frozen. Kathryn tells Veronica not to move and Hannah to call an ambulance.

Veronica calls Jeffrey a son of a bitch and Hannah points out that she’s cursing herself. Kathryn warns Veronica not to take the knife out. Hannah calls 911, saying someone had an accident. Veronica says it was no accident. Every time I think Tyler Perry can’t surprise me on this show, he does.

The 911 operator asks a million questions. In the background, Veronica says that her son stabbed her. She asks Hannah for the phone. Hannah says there’s no danger and just send an ambulance. Kathryn tells Hannah to give her the phone. Veronica starts yelling Jeffrey’s description. Hannah tells the operator that she just needs an ambulance. She tells Veronica they’re coming and to shut her mouth. Veronica is worried that Hannah didn’t really call.

David meets with Jim. He tells Jim he’s sorry about Wyatt. Jim says he needs to talk to Jennifer. He wants to tell her that she killed Wyatt. David says that Jennifer is still the DA prosecuting his case and he needs to be careful. He says he’ll talk to Jennifer. Jim says he can’t believe it’s real until David sees Wyatt. He wants to hear that a mistake has been made. He thanks David for coming. Jim starts to cry when the guard comes and then gets a grip.

Jeffrey goes back to his hotel room, haunted by scenes from the past. He flashes back to just about everything. It culminates with him stabbing Veronica. Jeffrey calls Candace. She’s driving and says she can’t talk right now, but Jeffrey says he stabbed his mother. Candace is worried that Veronica said something about turning them in, but Jeffrey says it was about Wyatt. Then he gets worried about Veronica turning them in. He tells Candace it happened at the Cryers’ house and that Wyatt OD’d. He begs her to meet him at her place.

Candace asks if Veronica is dead. Jeffrey says he doesn’t know. Candace tells him she has to be somewhere, but she’ll have someone leave a key to another room for him and she’ll be there in an hour.

David goes to Jennifer’s office and tells her Jim would like to see her. She says that’s not possible, since she’s preparing a case against him. He tells her to drop it. He says she gave Wyatt access to more money than he could handle and it killed him. She asks what happened to Maggie and remarks that it’s suspicious his mistress was shot at his wife’s house. He says Maggie was his campaign manager and asks if this is about Jennifer’s anger at him. Jennifer asks if he’s going to Maggie’s funeral. When he says no, she wonders why, since Maggie got further with him than she did.

Jennifer refuses to see Jim. David asks her about Wyatt’s body. She says it’s not there yet, and homicide hasn’t been ruled out. She says it’s not the first time, bringing up the Cryers’ daughter, Amanda. David is shocked. She shows him a picture of Amanda’s room and asks him how blood could splatter so far. He says it was ruled a suicide. She explains that an M. E. who’s a friend of the Cryers reclassified it as a suicide, overruling the first M.E. She says until they can rule out foul play, he can’t see the body. David says the least she can do is let him confirm it’s Wyatt for his grieving parents. She writes something down for him and says the detective will let him in.

Jeffrey calls Justin and says he needs to see him and that he’s done something very bad. Justin, who’s in bed with his wife, asks if he knows what time it is. Jeffrey says he doesn’t know who else to call and Justin says he’ll be there. He tells his wife that it’s police business.

Mitch and Benny wait outside of David’s place. Benny wonders how David could have tampered with their phones. He wants to get David back, but Mitch says he has to be clever and out-think and outplay them. He says Benny has to hit David where it hurts, the way David hit Benny in the wallet rather than physically fighting him. Mitch says he has to figure out where it would hurt for David. He asks what Benny knows about him.

Benny says David is a judge and has a son. Mitch asks how much David loves his son. He says if you find a man’s weakness, you take his power. If David’s son is his weakness, Benny has the power and should pay the son a visit. Since Jeffrey is friends with Candace, wouldn’t Benny be very familiar with him?

Justin comes to Jeffrey’s room. Is this the new room or the old room? Justin tells Jeffrey to never call his house again. Jeffrey says he thinks he killed his mother. He says he stabbed her in the heart. Justin almost seems normal here, and asks him what happened. Jeffrey asks if he’s talking to him as a cop or the guy he handcuffs to the bed. Justin says if he wanted to bust him, he’d be gone already.

Justin asks if Jeffrey was sleeping with his mother’s boyfriend and says Candace told him that he was. Jeffrey says his mother doesn’t have a boyfriend and Candace is crazy. He says that Veronica was saying stuff and before he knew it, the knife was in her chest. Justin calls for dispatch. Jeffrey freaks, but Justin is checking to see if there’s a warrant out for Jeffrey. There aren’t any and Jeffrey tells him to check about his mother. Justin tells him to wait since he doesn’t want the calls too close together. Jeffrey starts to cry and says he lost his best friend. Justin tells him it will be okay. This is freaking me out because Justin seems genuinely concerned. Jeffrey tells Justin that he wants to show him something at Candace’s house.

Blane tells David there was no crime committed, but the druggies cleaned up before they left. Geez, Wyatt’s body is still lying there in the same position as when he died. I find this extremely hard to believe. David says Wyatt is breathing and to call an ambulance. Wha-a-a-at?

Candace calls Benny and tells him about Jeffrey stabbing Veronica. She wants him to call Hannah to verify the story, but he says Hannah is pissed off at him. He asks if there’s another way and Candace says if there was, she would have done it. He says he’ll call, but not to expect anything.

Veronica keeps insisting that Hannah didn’t call. Hannah tells Kathryn that she doesn’t lie, but Veronica is so emphatic, Kathryn calls to make sure the ambulance is coming. It is. Hannah tells Veronica she doesn’t lie. Veronica calls her a perfect little Christian. Hannah says she’s not, and Veronica agrees, saying Hannah is enjoying this. Hannah says what she’s not enjoying is Veronica messing with her son. She tells Kathryn that she’s trying to find compassion for Veronica, but Veronica isn’t making it easy.

The medics come in. Veronica says her son stabbed her. The EMTs take a look. One of them says it looks like the knife got the implant. Veronica says she doesn’t have implants and they’re like, okay. When asked if she can walk, she says she has a knife in her chest. The EMT plucks it out and they walk her to the door, Veronica complaining the whole way. When they’re gone, Hannah starts laughing. Kathryn says her son is still dead and Hannah apologizes.

Benny calls Hannah. She says she’s been dealing with something and asks what he wants. He feigns innocence and he asks where she is. She tells him the Cryers’ and asks why Veronica was at his house. He said he needed to talk to her and asks why Hannah is at the Cryers’. She tells him their son died. He says he’s sorry and she says she doesn’t want hers dying over some old whore. Benny says he has a problem, but won’t tell her what it is. She sees a car pull in behind her and says she has to call him back. He asks if Jeffrey stabbed Veronica. Hannah asks how he knew that and says she has to go. He asks if Veronica is okay, but Hannah has already hung up. It’s Jennifer with a cop in the other car, and she wants to see Kathryn.

Jeffrey calls Candace, telling her that he’s standing in her backyard with Justin. That Tyler Perry! He’s a crazy man!

Next time, War sees Jim in jail, Kathryn attacks Jennifer, David tells Jeffrey to stay away from Veronica, and Oscar’s identity is revealed.

Below Deck Mediterranean

We get a fast forward version of what’s happened up until now.

After insulting Julia, Bobby gets all stupid, yelling that everyone stood up for Danny and f-word all of you. Jen finally gets in his face and Bryan takes him out of the boat they’ve been sitting in and talks nonsense to him on the sidewalk. Julia is upset and none of the girls are pleased. Hannah is pissed that Bobby wanted to bring a girl back on the boat, Bryan defended him, and then Bobby tried to make it sound like the problem was Julia being jealous. Julia is fuming and starts to cry.

The next morning, Bobby wakes up with a serious hangover, wondering what he said. Good. In the break room, Bryan says it was all unfortunate. Jen tells him he was pretty bad and even Bobby can’t believe he was so ridiculous. Bryan says he was, even though he defended Bobby. Jen is like, you’re both idiots. Tiffany suggests Bobby apologize to Julia.

In his interview, Ben says Tiffany is a cool girl, which according to Your Tango means she doesn’t bug out over no commitment.

Bobby approaches Hannah, apologizing for whatever he said and says he feels sick about it. Hannah says a lot of people would have gone to the captain, but that goes against crew code or whatever. The captain calls them to the bridge to go over the next charter. It’s a sales team being rewarded for their hard work. They have something to do with ginger beer.

Bobby asks to talk to Julia. He tells her that he’s disgusted with himself and he’s sorry from the bottom of his heart. She says it’s not true about her being jealous and it wouldn’t have been so bad if he’d just went after her, but he dragged her boyfriend into it. Bobby says she’s the last person he wanted to hurt and she says this has changed things between them. He hopes she can forgive him before the end of the charter.

Ben asks Hannah how Julia is doing. Hannah says Bobby was rude to all of them, but Ben says it was the worst with Julia. He waxes philosophical about hurting the ones we love most.

Hannah figures nothing could be worse than the last charter. Probably not, but never say something like that. It’s just asking for trouble. These guys seem pretty normal though. Ben wants to do a whole fish for lunch and Hannah thinks he’s lovable. In his interview, Ben talks about liking Tiffany from the jump.

Bryan talks about Danny and in her interview, Jen says it’s typical of his character to be talking about someone who’s not there to defend themselves. Bobby joins in on the gossip. The guests are scheduled for a beach picnic. Bryan acts like his usual d-bag self and Hannah says his ego trip is getting old. The spot they’ve picked is too windy and Captain Mark approaches the guests, who are happy with having lunch on the boat. The head guy talks about how lucky they all are and toasts to his sales team. It’s about time someone appreciated their time on the yacht.

Ben asks Julia how it’s going with Bobby. She says everyone was liquor fueled, but it was a side of Bobby she hadn’t seen. She was astounded at being singled out for attack and Ben says it’s because Bobby has the most feelings for her. And he’s in middle school.

Moving on to dinner. As always, Ben creates cuisine fabulousness. Bobby says it’s eating him up that he doesn’t think Julia will ever forgive him. Staying out of her way might be a good start.

Some of the guests sleep on deck for the last night. Hannah and Ben discuss Bryan. She says Bryan is disrespectful to women and a psycho. Ben says Bryan needs to work on things.

Fastest. Charter. Ever. Hannah says it was the best way to end the season. The envelope is given to Captain Mark. The primary guest tells Ben that if food was music, his would be Jimi Hendrix, which I’m sure Ben takes as the huge compliment it is. The crew meets in the lounge. Two thousand dollars a piece, the best they’ve done. Captain Mark says it’s a great note to end on and the owners have arranged for a beach party tonight.

Hannah talks to the other girls about Bryan’s aggression. Hannah says she’s lost all respect for him after the other night. Jen radios Bryan and asks if he’ll meet them in the lounge. Hannah talks about having her biggest argument with Ben, but it didn’t make her feel as bad as Bryan’s attack. Everyone puts in their two cents, but Bryan has an excuse for everything. Julia says it’s just advice for the future and that he should treat women as equals. In her interview, Jen says he didn’t absorb a thing and was just waiting for them to stop talking. She’s right, since he tells Bobby how stupid it was.

The crew gathers on the beach, along with Captain Mark. He thanks the crew for a wonderful season, talking about how the crew pulled together like he must have been on another boat. Ben thanks him back for being a great captain. Captain Mark doesn’t stay long, which is probably wise. Hannah says the girls were amazing. Lots of drinking happens. Hannah follows Ben to the bar. He says he’s going to miss everyone and he usually doesn’t feel that way. She tells him she loves him and he has a piece of her heart. In his interview, he says he did want to be closer to her, but he had to draw a line. In her interview, Hannah says she hasn’t felt this way about anyone else. They sort of kiss.

Oh Lord, Bobby says he can’t leave Greece without telling Julia how he feels. He tells her he feels really bad and can’t say he’s sorry enough. She says they’ve all been drunk and said things they didn’t mean. He says it’s really him who’s jealous and starts going on about how he loves her. She tells him he shouldn’t throw that word around. He says she’s been what he’s been looking for forever. She tells him he’s a “vibrant character” and he’ll find someone. They hug it out and everyone goes back to the boat.

Bryan and Bobby compare abs to see who’s more ripped. Tiffany pours a seriously stiff drink. She and Ben goof around on the couch. She suggests they go to bed. Later, Bryan says Ben woke him up for condoms and now he can’t find him. Why? Does he want them back when Ben is done? Hannah nearly walks in on Ben and Tiffany having sex in one of the lounges.

In the morning, Tiffany tells Jen about having sex with Ben. Ben wakes up on the couch still loaded and stumbles around. I laugh. Ben talks to Hannah in French while he brushes his teeth. She says she was up way late and saw and heard everything.

Julia tells Hannah about Bobby saying he loved her. Hannah tells Julia about walking in on Ben and Tiffany. In her interview, Hannah says Ben will no doubt get bored with Tiffany and maybe he’ll want a “proper woman” in five years or so. Now whose ego trip is getting old?

Tiffany says it was real, but she’s never doing this again. She’s going home to get her captain’s license. She and Ben decide to keep it weird. Julia is nice enough to hug Bobby good-by. She hopes he finds the right girl, since it’s not her. In his interview, he says he wants to be there when she breaks up with her boyfriend. Not a chance, Bobby. She would never, ever hook up with you after she saw how angry you can get. Julia hasn’t decided her next move; she’s just glad to be going home.

The bromancers, Hans and Franz Bryan and Bobby, decide to meet in Fort Lauderdale. Jen doesn’t want to hug Bryan good-by. She says she gave him multiple chances to be a decent human, but he couldn’t stop bashing her. He says maybe he spoke the truth and she tells him at least she doesn’t reek of alcohol, trying to use it to escape her problems and reality. Oh, snap! He says she has a lot to learn about being a deckhand. She tells him about Ben and Tiffany having sex, I guess because she knows he was interested in Tiffany. In his interview, Bryan says not everyone has his mentality. That’s for sure.

Bryan says good-by to the captain. He hopes to be in Captain Mark’s position one day. Ben is also going to join him and Bobby in Florida. Hannah says she’s learned a lot. She and Ben promise to SKYPE. Ben says they never really connected, but he’ll miss her.

Ben says good-by to the captain. He makes some joke about them being like Greece because they can’t…never mind.

Good night, sweet Mediterranian.

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