July 29, 2016 – I Raise You Two GHs & Three Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Lulu asks Daphne if she knew Helena, but she says she only knew of her and once spoke to her briefly. Daphne leaves and Laura tells Doc that as soon as the antibiotics come, he’ll be okay. He says he doesn’t think so because he has the fastest moving infection ever. Laura tells him he doesn’t want to quit until he can use this experience for his next book.

Sonny asks Alexis why she lied. He wants to know when she was going to tell him that Parker was a woman. Alexis confirms that Parker was the professor that Kristina propositioned, but thought it was Kristina’s place to tell him. She says Kristina is an adult who told her something in confidence. He asks if she told Julian. She says she doesn’t want to discuss him, and says Sonny is just angry that Kristina didn’t confide in him.

Kristina goes to the coffee shop. She wants to talk to Aaron, but first, he gives her a letter a woman dropped off. She says it’s from her mentor and goes off by herself to read it. She’s all happy, but we already know it’s Parker’s kiss off goodbye letter.

Nathan calls Maxie, leaving a message that they might have been wrong about Claudette. He says to call him before she does something they both regret.

Claudette claims her software can trace untraceable items (really now?) and the malware is traced back to Maxie’s computer. Gee, why don’t we all have this software? Nina asks why Maxie would do something like this, and Maxie says because of Claudette. She says Nina doesn’t trust her either since she hired Curtis to dig into her background. She claims that Claudette set them up because Maxie is going to marry the man Claudette drove away. She leaves and Nina tells Claudette that Maxie will be reprimanded. Claudette says she’s glad it happened because she realizes there’s no place for her there.

Lulu thinks the address is no coincidence and says Helena wanted her to come there. Ava says it’s not all about her. They hear noises in the bushes and Dante draws his gun. He tells everyone to get down, but it’s only Jason and Sam. Jason says he thinks they found a way off the island. Is it called a boat?

Sam says they saw someone they didn’t recognize and Lulu tells her about Daphne. Sam goes over to Doc, who’s not doing too well. Jason says they found a jet. Ava asks if anybdy can fly one and he says he thinks he can. Laura says Doc has to get to a hospital and they all agree to take the jet. Laura wants to wait for Daphne to get back with the drugs.

Sonny says he does the best he can to put his children first. Alexis apologizes for implying otherwise. She says she respects his role in Kristina’s life, but thought that any further information should come from her. He mentions how he found out and Alexis says if it makes him feel any better, Kristina is glad she finally told him. Sonny thinks Parker is taking advantage of Kristina and that she’s going to get hurt. Alexis suggests they talk to her calmly.

Kristina sits crying over the letter. Aaron asks her what’s wrong. She says it’s embarrassing. She says she’d asked her mentor if she should go back to school, but was told there’s no place for her anymore. Aaron says he’s sorry it didn’t work out, but he can’t say he’s disappointed that she’ll be staying in Port Charles.

Claudette tells Maxie that they have more in common than she thinks, and says Maxie liked her before she knew who she was. She says she got another job offer and she’s going to take it. She says she’s glad she finally met Nina while she’s conscious, mentioning how she came to visit with Nathan when Nina was in a coma. Nina pretty much hustles her to the elevator, saying their door is always open. When she’s gone, Nina tells Maxie she did the right thing.

Ava says she’s going to the plane. Sam says she’s going by herself because they’re waiting for Doc. Ava suggests Jason and Dante stay behind until Doc gets the antibiotics, saying it’s better not to be in a large group anyway. They hear someone coming and duck down again. It might have been a good idea to move Doc to a less conspicuous spot.

It’s Daphne with the supplies. They give Doc the pills.

Aaron asks what Kristina was going to tell him, but she says it’s unimportant now. She asks him to hold her. Sonny and Alexis show up. Alexis asks if they can speak with Kristina alone. Alexis asks what’s wrong and Kristina says Parker left her after they’d decided to give things a shot. She wonders why Parker would suddenly change her mind.

Maxie says she thought Nina was furious with her. Nina says she is and now is not the time to screw things up. She says if Maxie does it again, she’ll fire her. She adds that while she doesn’t like the method, she’s down with the motive. She says she could see in Claudette’s eyes that she’s still in love with Nathan.

Claudette knocks on Nathan’s door.

Doc has a drink and Ava says they should get going. Dante and Jason half carry Doc. Laura thanks Daphne, saying she won’t forget her. Daphne watches with a weird face as they leave. Did anyone actually check to see what the pills were? Honestly, for a bunch of spies and adventurers, everyone is very lax.

The group gets to the jet and Jason asks Dante to co-pilot. I hope they checked the gas tank. I don’t trust their judgment at this point. Doc tells Laura she’s his favorite doctor.

Sonny tells Kristina they have her back and always will. She says she gets that now. She says she had a great guy and blew it by going after someone who brushed her off in the first place. Sonny tells Kristina that she’s their daughter and they’re proud of her. She hugs Sonny and cries.

Nina says she would have done the same thing and starts talking about her own situation. Maxie says she and Nathan love each other and she trusts him.

Claudette tells Nathan that Maxie sabotaged her. She says it’s obvious she and Maxie can’t work together, and for his sister’s sake, she doesn’t want the magazine to suffer. She’s booked the next flight out of Port Charles. Have an airport, do they?

Jason starts the plane.

Claudette says she got a job offer in Manhattan. Someone please tell me why on earth she’d even want to bother getting revenge or whatever in Port Charles when she could be working and living in Manhattan? Nathan wants them to straighten things out, but Claudette says at least this time they can get closure and leave on better terms.

Maxie says she and Nathan can’t blame outside obstacles for any problems they have. She thanks Nina and says she’s going to try and make everything right.

Sonny says Aaron seems concerned about Kristina and she tells him that she gave him a story about school. Alexis asks if she has any feelings for Aaron and Kristina says if she can let Parker go, they might have something. Alexis says she can only find happiness within herself. Okay, Confucius. Kristina decides to talk to Aaron. Sonny and Alexis pat themselves on the back for being great parents. Sonny is glad Parker is gone. Alexis says she thinks she’s done something to make Kristina hate her again.

Kristina tells Aaron she hasn’t been honest and she has to be if they have any future. She says last night she slept with someone else. Aaron says that hurts, but they never had a conversation about being exclusive. He asks if she’s been seeing someone else, and she says no, it was her professor, the same one who got her kicked out. She says that’s what the letter was really about. He asks if the letter was from a woman and Kristina says yes. Did he assume that from the fancy handwriting?

Doc tells Laura she has beautiful eyes and she says the meds must be kicking in. He goes on about how she’s a mystery and she tells him to rest. He thanks her and she says he’d do the same for her. He says for the past few years, he’s been sleep-walking, trying to salvage a marriage that didn’t work, but she brought him back. He says he wants her to know in case he doesn’t make it. She tells him not to talk like that.

Lulu ponders the address, but Ava says sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Ha-ha! She says thank God they’re off the island since she thought they were going to die there.

Suddenly, the fuel light comes on. What did I say? They’re leaking fuel and Jason thinks Valentin must have tampered with the tank. He tells Dante and Sam that they have to land. Dante is like, we’re over the water, but Jason says he’ll find an island. Greece is full of them.

Alexis tells Sonny about her talk with Parker. He says he would have done the same thing. He says right now Kristina is heartbroken, but she’s accepted the relationship is over, so he wants to keep it that way.

Aaron asks if Kristina is gay. She says no, and he asks if he’s just a guy to show her parents. She says she likes him and she’s attracted to him, and she thought there was something there before she messed it up. She asks if they can at least be friends and see where it goes. He says he has to think about things.

Maxie gets the message from Nathan. Claudette’s tells Nathan that her car was canceled (no explanation) and Nathan offers to drive her to the airport. He says Maxie will understand. Claudette thanks him, saying he’s always the hero. Maxie calls back, but Nathan’s phone is sitting on the desk. Really? He’s a cop and left his phone at home? She leaves a message saying it really doesn’t matter what Claudette thinks and feels; they love each other and nothing will change that. I don’t suppose he’ll be getting that message.

Jason says when they land, Sam is to get everyone off the plane and he’ll check things out with the fuel. Lulu gives everyone instructions for landing because she’s a flight attendant. Ever the optimist, Ava says they’re going to die.

It’s a rough ride and Jason tells them to brace themselves.

Tomorrow, Nathan’s car breaks down, Curtis says he wants nothing from Jordan, and Valerie frisks Franco. Say that three times real fast.

General Hospital – Friday

Amy 2.0 tells Valerie that Franco was holding a vial of something when he came out of a patient’s room. Valerie tracks him down and searches him. No surprise, he’s ticklish. She wants to know what he was doing in Miss Prescott’s room.

Jordan sees Curtis at the coffee shop. She tells him she took TJ to see Shawn. She says it meant a lot to the three of them to be a family and she thanks him again. He says he doesn’t need her gratitude or anything else from her. She says she needs something from him.

Maxie is on her laptop working. She checks her phone. Nathan is late and she has no messages. She blows out the candles she had lit for a romantic evening. Nathan’s phone rings and she realizes he left it. She sees the photo in the trash and wonders if Claudette was there and if she’s with Nathan.

Yes, she is. The car has broken down. Nathan is puzzled as to what’s wrong. Claudette pretends to be concerned. Nathan is totally annoyed and Claudette says it’s all her fault.

Maxie calls Dante, but Nathan wasn’t scheduled. She tells him that Nathan left his phone and she’s trying to figure out what’s going on.

Claudette says she was afraid she’d miss her flight and wanted to avoid traffic by taking a back road. Nathan is starting to think nothing is a coincidence and says funny how her phone battery died too. (It didn’t.)

Griff asks Elizabeth how Jake is doing. She says he’s doing great and she thanks him for the help he gave her after her house blew up. He says people often come into our lives when we need them, that it’s a gift. She tells him about Franco and asks his opinion. He says he tries to give people the benefit of the doubt and asks if she holds Franco’s past against him.

Franco says he was giving the patient a ceramic she’d made in art therapy class. He says he found the vial on the floor and thought since it was medical waste, he should pick it up. He says maybe instead of tickling him, Valerie should nominate him for employee of the month. Valerie asks Amy how the patient is.

Elizabeth says she wants to see the best in Franco and they’re going on a date tonight. Griff tells her he gets why she’s asking now, and tells her that she looks lovely. She does. Nice wrap-around dress. He asks if she needs a sign or blessing, but she says she doesn’t think anything will make her feel confident.

Amy says the patient is sleeping and there was a ceramic piece where Franco said it would be. There’s some chit-chat and Franco leaves. Valerie tells Amy to keep an eye on him, and that she’s going to have the vial tested.

Curtis tells Jordan she must be desperate. She apologizes for how she shut him down and waved his drug problem in his face. Curtis says he knows he disappointed a lot of people, including himself. Jordan says she could say the same about herself. She reviews the whole Shawn-is-TJ’s-father thing to bring new viewers up to speed. She says she takes responsibility for the break-up of her family, and that the visit to Shawn was freeing. She also realized that TJ is missing out on a male figure in his life. She says it’s not possible for Shawn to be a strong, male presence in TJ’s life, but Curtis can be

Maxie checks at the hospital to see if Nathan is there. She tells Griff what’s going on. Griff asks if Nathan might be in danger and asks if someone is threatening him. She says someone is threatening them as a couple.

Claudette tells Nathan that she thought they could all peacefully coexist, but obviously she threatened Maxie, who in turn threatened her professional life. Half-sarcastically, she apologizes for all the inconvenience.

Curtis says he loves TJ and wouldn’t mind, but Jordan has always kept them from being close. He says just 24-hours ago, he came looking for forgiveness and she wasn’t having it.

Griff and Maxie go to the coffee shop. She tells him that she did something sneaky and underhanded, and it boomeranged. She says it worked out for the best though, since the threatening person is gone, but now Nathan is missing. She thinks she brought it on herself. She wonders why Griff told Nathan he deserved to be shot and how a priest would even be in that position.

Nathan says he’s worried about Maxie. Claudette is like, yeah don’t worry about me at all, and then “trips” twisting her ankle.

Franco gives Elizabeth a flower and babbles about Ralph Waldo Emerson. Elizabeth asks if he’s nervous and he says yes. He wants to surprise her with where they’re going. She says she doesn’t like surprises, and he says she’s just like everyone else; she doesn’t trust him.

Amy checks on Miss Prescott again and calls code blue.

Claudette makes up some nonsense about not being the same since she fell when they were camping. Seriously? You have ankle issues and wear 6-inch heels? Nathan says when she had the camping fall, he thought he’d lost her. She says she didn’t want to leave him, and that’s how she managed to stop the fall. They each say the break-up was their fault. Bleh. I see where this is going.

Griff says he doesn’t blame the shooter, but that’s all the information Maxie is getting. She says it sounds like he could use some forgiveness too.

Jordan says she’s made so many mistakes, she can’t count them anymore. She says even Andre called her on keeping her feelings to herself. She says TJ has a million questions, but she can’t even explain things to herself. She says TJ needs someone he can turn to, a man he can respect. Curtis says she doesn’t trust or respect him. Jordan says TJ does, and she trusts him with her son. Curtis agrees to mentor TJ. He says Jordan called needing something from him, but he got much more. He says he has his family back and it’s the best he’s felt in a long time.

Valerie wonders why they didn’t hear the monitors. Amy tells Valerie someone must have turned them off, adding the patient was due to be released. The doctor says they won’t know what the cause of death is until the autopsy, but it looks like the other deaths. Valerie wants to seal the room off as a crime scene.

Franco and Elizabeth go to The Floating Rib. He asks why she said she was ready to go on a date with him when she clearly isn’t?

Claudette asks how Nathan can blame himself for her cheating. He says it takes two to make a marriage work and it takes two to break one, and he owns the lack of attention he gave her. There’s a sound from the woods and Nathan calls out, saying he’s armed. I fully expect it to be the geek who fixed Claudette’s computer.

Griff says maybe he needs to hang on to the guilt to make sure he doesn’t make the same mistake. He says he was selfish and reckless and betrayed everything he believes.

Curtis asks what was up with Jordan and Andre at the bar. She says that he was right. If she wants them to be close, she needs to open up more. Curtis suggests maybe the problem is Andre. Jordan’s phone rings. It’s Valerie, and Jordan has to leave for the hospital, since the police commissioner is the only one available. Curtis says he’s coming along to see Valerie.

Franco asks again why Elizabeth agreed to go out with him. She says Ric was being annoying about how she puts her boys at risk, so she called Franco about the date in front of him to annoy him back. Franco is insulted and starts to leave, but she asks him to stay, She tells him she’s flawed and he always gives her the benefit of the doubt and she wanted to do the same. He says that’s not enough, and he wanted to take her somewhere special, but if she doesn’t trust him, there’s no point in continuing. She says she doesn’t want to hear him complain about how lousy their date was, so she’s game for whatever he planned.

Griff brings Maxie some decaf, since she’s jazzed already. She says she’s not supposed to have caffeine anyway because of the heart transplant, and she tells him that story. He tells her she has a good heart and she says not after what she did today. He says she should just move on and try to do better, and she asks why doesn’t he give himself the same advice. She tells him to stop blaming himself for what some violent, crazy person did with a gun.

Claudette is hiding in the car and Nathan joins her. She thinks it’s a bear (geek in a bear suit?) and Nathan says he can make some noise. Claudette says she can do better and puts on the radio. What a shock. It’s their wedding song. This is making me ill.

Amy brings back the test results from the vial and it’s the same drug that was involved with the recent patient deaths.

Franco brings Elizabeth to his art studio. He locks the door and smiles.

On Monday, Ava thinks Jason is dead, only Franco’s fingerprints are on the vial, and Roxie makes an appearance.

Quotes of the Week

If there’s a fire you’re trying to douse, you can’t put it out from inside the house. — Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.Anne Hathaway as Princess Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries

If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing. — Margaret Thatcher

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