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August 30, 2016 – GH’s Ava Knows All & So Does HAHN’s Benny


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Felicia and Maxie are in a booth at the bar. Maxie takes apart a wedding collage she’s made and is going to burn the pieces. Felicia tells her to hold off. Maxie says that Nathan wants these things with Claudette and she has to destroy her false hope. Maxie gives Felicia a condensed version of the Claudette/Nathan/Griff story. She tells Felicia about how Nathan was ready to tear Griff apart when he saw Griff kissing Claudette. Felicia says but he listened to Maxie when she told him to stop. Maxie says Claudette still has a hold on him, and Felicia says, break it then.

Nathan tells Nina that Maxie won’t talk to him. Nina thinks he’s still harboring feelings for Claudette. She wants to know how he really feels before she goes to bat for him. He says he wouldn’t have proposed to Maxie if he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life with her. He says he harbors feelings of anger toward Claudette, but he’s not in love with her. Nina says he has to make that clear to Maxie, especially since he attacked Griff. Nathan says he wasn’t jealous, he was angry. Nina says it must have been a horrible flash back and he says it was like reliving the whole thing in a couple of minutes, and he lost it. Nina wonders how Maxie might have viewed his reaction.

Monica is stumped as to why the back up generator didn’t kick in immediately. Everyone starts using their phone flashlights.

They rerun Elizabeth getting pushed down the stairs and I take a better look at the hands. Still think it’s Paul.

Claudette and Griff are also stuck in the dark in the locker room. She thinks it’s some kind of sign that he’s been in the dark since she left him, but he says maybe it’s a sign of how dark she is. He wants her to leave, but she says they have things to talk about. They have unfinished business that started when he kissed her.

The generator comes on and everyone scrambles to check on patients. Monica calls the chief engineer, asking him to execute emergency protocol.

Elizabeth is a mess, but she’s alive. Hayden finds her and she regains consciousness for a millisecond. This is not a good look.

Felicia says walking away from the situation would be the easy way out. Maxie says Nathan should be fighting for her. Felicia says maybe he is, but she’s been ignoring his calls and texts. Maxie says she’s not ready to talk to him yet and Felicia says she needs to decide what she wants. Maxie says to go back in time and tells her how Claudette refuses to go away. Felicia says she didn’t ask about Claudette.

Nathan says that Maxie must have thought he still cared about Claudette since he basically ignored her being there. Nina says Maxie felt insecure and inconsequential, and it’s awful to be odd man out. She says he’d better convince Maxie that he loves her before it can’t be fixed.

Griff tells Claudette that he didn’t kiss her (I dunno about that – if nothing else, he sure kissed back), and he’s either repentant or he’s not. Claudette insists he’s still in love with her. He puts her hand on his scar and says that’s what he feels when he sees her – a bullet tearing through his flesh.

Ava calls one of her cronies for a favor. She needs a passkey for the MetroCourt.

Monica has all ambulances diverted until things get straightened out. Finn and Andre tell her everything is fine with the patients.

Franco calls out for Elizabeth. Hayden tells him she’s on the landing. He asks Elizabeth what happened and she passes out before she can say anything, but we already know what the deduction is going to be. Another reason I think it’s Paul.

Nathan goes to the bar and sees Maxie. Felicia suddenly has to go. He sits down. He says Mac told him where she was, and Maxie calls him a traitor. She says she’s surprised he could think about her with all the space in his brain being taken up with Claudette. He says he does have feelings for Claudette.

Claudette says the bullet wound healed, but Griff hasn’t. She says he has to decide what he wants, the running theme today. She asks if he’s ever wondered why his superiors didn’t give him more of an argument about leaving the priesthood. She thinks they see what he doesn’t want to face, that he belongs with her, not the church. She says he’s not a failure, he’s human. He says when Claudette is given the choice, she consistently chooses selfishly without any consideration for anyone else. She says she could be better with him. He asks about Nathan and says she came there because she wanted something from him. She says she had trouble, but she can get through it with Griff. He tells her she needs to come clean and asks what trouble she’s in.

Andre tells Monica that the power whatever malfunctioned. It wasn’t an accident and was tampered with.

Um…it might behoove someone to get help for Elizabeth. Franco tells Hayden to get going and she sees Paul at the top of the stairs. I still say it’s him. Hayden might be a conniver, but she’s not a murderer.

Maxie tries to leave, but Nathan stops her. She asks Nathan if he loves Claudette and not her. He says he had to see himself through her eyes to understand what was going on. He says he blamed himself for what happened, wondering what he did to push Claudette away. He says he knows now that Claudette never loved him and there’s nothing he could have done. When he got angry it was just his demolished ego getting revenge and Maxie was right to stop him, since it’s all in the past. He’s free to move on with her.

Franco yells that Elizabeth needs a doctor and Hayden blows past Paul. Paul says he’s calling for help, but just stands there.

Andre says a bunch of wires were yanked loose. Hayden comes bursting in and tells Finn that she found Elizabeth on the stairwell and she needs help. Monica makes a call.

Griff asks what Claudette wants from him and what she needs from Nathan. Andre comes in and tells Griff about Elizabeth and says they need him.

Franco tells Elizabeth that her boys need her and so does he. He asks her to squeeze his hand if she can hear him, but nothing happens. He tells God that if she ends up okay, he’ll stop being an idiot. Instead of pretending to be the guy she needs, he’ll be that guy. Paul comes running down and asks Franco if Elizabeth and Hayden were together. Finn is right behind and checks Elizabeth out. Paul says he has questions for Hayden, but Finn calls for a neck brace and they both go up the stairs.

Ava lets herself into Paul’s room. She sees one of his ties and remembers seeing the cufflinks when he put the tie on. She flashes back to a liaison between the two of them where he said she didn’t know the first thing about him. In the present, she says she’s beginning to get an idea and looks for the cufflinks.

Griff checks Elizabeth’s vitals. He asks if Elizabeth can hear him. Finn runs back upstairs since the elevators may be out. Andre tells Franco they’re doing all they can

Paul asks Hayden if she found Elizabeth and she says yes, explaining that the elevators went out, so she took the stairs. He asks normal questions, but I read more into them. Monica tells Paul about the power junction being intentionally disabled. He tells Hayden not to leave the hospital. Hayden asks Finn if Elizabeth is going to be okay and Finn says it’s too early to tell, He asks what happened and what she’s holding back.

Felicia runs into Nina and introduces herself. They talk about Claudette showing up out of the blue. Felicia says she just wishes Nathan had been more forthcoming about his ex. Nina thinks he and Maxie will work things out, but Felicia says it remains to be seen.

Nathan asks Maxie if they still have a chance or has he ruined it. She says it sounds good, but she’s believed him before. He pulls out his old wedding ring. He kept it as a reminder of his stupidity and naivety, and hoped to get rid of it one day with no regrets or second thoughts. He throws it in the trash at the bar. I think. He threw it somewhere. He tells Maxie there’s no going back and she’s the only one for him.

Nina and Felicia have coffee. Nina tells Felicia that Nathan loves Maxie more than life itself, but Felicia wonders if he loves Claudette too. Nina says it’s a misunderstanding and he made a mistake, but Maxie has made mistakes too, and she thinks they’re good for each other. Felicia agrees. Nina says that selfishly she wants to believe they can make it work.

Maxie tells Nathan what his new ring should look like and says she loves him. She says they can make it work as long as Claudette is out of the picture. He swears she is. Claudette would be great on one of the reality shows, since she loves to show up where she’s not invited.

Felicia says she has faith they’ll work things out. Nina says Nathan never gave up on her, so he has tenacity. Both of their phones ring and they know it’s worked out. Nina says they’re going to in-laws. Claudette watches them.

Finn says Hayden was livid when she left and she says she’s always livid. Finn reminds her of what she said. Hayden says she was angry, but she wouldn’t really hurt Elizabeth. Elizabeth comes through on a gurney. Hayden asks Franco if she’s going to be okay and he says they both know Hayden would be better off if she was dead.

Ava can’t find anything. She checks behind the nightstand and find the drugs and syringes. I wonder how Paul is going to wiggle out of this one.

Monica is looking for one of the doctors in an isolated area. Paul comes up behind her with a syringe. At least he’s predictable.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth isn’t out of the woods, Hayden is in trouble, Ava gets a clue, and Julian is on the loose.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Benny is shocked that Candace mortgaged the house and tow yard. Lloyd shows him the paperwork and asks if it’s his signature. He says no. Lloyd says he didn’t think so, and they have a problem. Candace wants to talk about it later, but Lloyd won’t leave. Benny asks how much the loan was and Lloyd says $2 million. Lloyd says Candace has thrown the loan into default and could face prison time. He says she needs to have $2 million in their office by tomorrow, or he’s calling the Feds.

Lloyd says he’s sorry, but they need the money back. Candace asks for more time and he says she has until tomorrow. He says he gave her the loan in good faith and she forged a signature. Benny offers to sign the papers. Lloyd says too late, but Benny can sign over everything in his and Candace’s life and vacate immediately. They have until 5 pm the next day to decide. This is way past a rock and a hard place, although Benny could say he never told Lloyd it wasn’t his signature. Benny goes outside. Lloyd leaves. What a bastard that dude is.

Candace joins Benny outside. She tells him about meeting Jim as an escort, adding she was an escort to pay for school. She says she didn’t know he was Amanda’s father at first, but when she found out, she decided to blackmail him. Benny looks like he might cry. She tells him about Jim kidnapping her and threatening to kill her, and how once she got out, she returned the favor with War’s help and took compromising pictures. Then she extorted $7.5 million from him and used it to pay for everything. She probably should have stopped there. She says she told War she got $400k from Jim and gave him $150k. When Benny told him about the $4 million, he threatened to kill her if she didn’t give him half, so she did what she had to do. She says Mitch saw War force himself on her and set him up. She says War is in jail now and probably thinks it was her. He’ll come after her soon and might come after Benny.

She tells him about how Oscar marked her and once Benny leaves, she’s going to get the money back. She promises to make it right. Benny says she’s lying and that she always does. He says Hannah claims she lies when the truth will do. He tells her that War had their backs and that Mitch couldn’t possibly do something like that, since he ain’t from the streets. Geez, Benny must live in a serious bubble. He knows nothing about anybody and is very unobservant.

Hannah calls Benny and says she has a car. He tells her that Candace is going to let her have Quincy Jr. Hannah asks what he had to promise and he says, nothing. She asks him what’s wrong. he says he’s fine and to stay with the baby. He’ll give her a call when it’s clear. Candace asks him to move his car and Benny says she’s not going anywhere but the child welfare office to give Hannah custody. She goes inside to get her keys and purse. Man, and I thought I had a bad day.

Kathryn visits Jim in jail. She asks how he is and he says fine considering. She says her too, and he asks if she’s in jail somewhere. Well, in a way, yes. She says she went to see Wyatt and he’s going to be okay. She says they need to get his inheritance money back and asks if he knows a judge who can help them get control again. He tells her to try Margaret Preston. She says she did and no go. He says do it again and tells her to mention something about Christmas in the Hamptons in 2013. Kathryn says they’ll put Wyatt in rehab when he’s better. Jim says the DA would eat her young to get to him, and she’ll stand in the way of getting Wyatt help. Kathryn says okay, but Jim says he’s seen that look in her eye and asks what she’s going to do. She tells him she’s not like him and gets her hands dirty.

Erika pretends to have car trouble. David comes along and says he’d help, but doesn’t want to be cussed out again. He starts to walk away and she says she can’t believe he’s walking. She pretends that she doesn’t know where they met before and David reminds her. She says never mind, she can deal with the car herself, but David insists on helping. She tells him she’s a country girl from Raleigh. What a coincidence! That’s where he’s from. And they went to the same school! They flirt a little.

David says the lug nuts are rusty and thinks Erika needs to call a tow truck. Erika says let her try. He says if she forces it, she could break it off. He asks if she wants him to call a tow, but she has a meeting. He offers her a ride and she pretends like she doesn’t want to take a ride from a stranger. He talks her into it. I’m a little sad about David getting taken. I don’t like how he set up Candace, but he’s a good guy who’s in a bad situation.

Blake tells Jennifer that Benny and Candace are there and there’s a warrant out for Hannah kidnapping Quincy Jr. Jennifer calls to find out how Wyatt is doing. She asks when she can come and see him, and asks how his memory might be. She’s told it’s too early to tell. Benny and Candace come in to the office.

Jennifer introduces herself to Benny and she tells him about being called to testify in the hit and run case. Benny tells her about how the case against Hannah was a misunderstanding and they want Hannah to get custody. Jennifer asks Candace who the father is. When she finds out it’s Quincy, she says his sister is there. She’s said that Candace killed Quincy and she can’t find him. Candace says that’s something a crackhead would say. Jennifer checks Candace’s ID and says she’ll be right back.

Candace tells Benny they have to leave. Too late. Jennifer brings in Quita. Quita has a picture of Candace’s floor with the stuff Veronica put on it that shows where blood has been. Candace says it’s a pet stain from the previous owner. Benny interjects that they need the warrant taken off Hannah. Jennifer says she’ll help and takes Quita back out, despite her protests. Candace tells Benny again that they need to leave, but he says they’re not going anywhere.

In the car, Erika says she can tell David is married. He tells her he’s going through a divorce. She asks why every man who meets a pretty girl is going through a divorce. He says she’s beautiful and he really is going through a divorce. She says it’s just a ride anyway. He asks what she does and she asks what she does. He says he’s a judge and she says she’s a glorified accountant who usually works out of Atlanta. She laughs and tells him he’s not very good at flirting. He says he’s just helping a lady in distress get to a meeting. Erika says he should probably start thinking like a free man. She asks how long he was married and when he tells her 27 years, she says almost as long as Mandela was locked up. She suggests he not be so rigid and have some fun.

They get to Erika’s destination. David thanks her for the advice and she thanks him for the ride. He asks if she needs a ride back after the meeting. She tells him she’s out at three. He says he’ll be right there and if she accepts the ride, he’ll see her then. He asks for her name and she tells him how rusty he is and leaves the car without giving him her name. She’s good.

Jennifer gets the warrant lifted. Benny thanks her and Candace asks if they can go. Jennifer says sure. When they’re gone, she tells Blane to talk to the neighbors and when he gets something, she’ll get a warrant out for Candace’s arrest.

At the office, Oscar tells David he’s leaving and he knows where to find him. David tells him there’s a young lady he’d like Oscar to check out. Then he waffles, saying he’s just paranoid. Oscar says being paranoid is his gut telling him something is wrong. He tells him about overhearing the argument Erika had in the bar. Oscar wonders if they wanted him to hear it. David doesn’t think so, and tells Oscar about their exchange in the bar. Oscar says sounds good so far, and David tells him about the flat tire. Oscar says that’s a red flag. David tells him about the ride and gives him the name of the company, but says he doesn’t know her name. Oscar says it’s interesting, it sounds legit, but he doubts it. He says he can’t run anything without a name. David tells Oscar to let him know if he leaves town and they part company.

Blake knocks on Pearl’s door and she asks him if he’s there about the odor from Candace’s backyard. She says her son thinks she’s crazy, but she saw a man go into the house and he never came out. She says she has it on camera and Candace is a “tawdry young thing.” She asks if he’d like to see it, and tells him that Candace’s mother told her the guy is Quincy Maxwell. The other detective goes inside and Blake calls Jennifer, telling her what Pearl said and to get the search warrant ready.

Hannah gives Quincy Jr. ice cream at Kathryn’s house. She introduces him to Kathryn who says he’s a cute little thing and Quincy Jr. tells her she’s not so bad herself. Hannah tells Kathryn about the warrant being called off and that Candace is going to let her keep Quincy Jr. Kathryn says seeing Wyatt in the hospital, and then she can’t finish. The phone rings.

It’s Lloyd. Kathryn says she just left Judge Preston’s office and she’s sending him a document to release the rest of Wyatt’s inferitance to them. After she hangs up, she takes out a little safe and opens it with a combination. There’s a gun inside.

Justin calls Jeffrey. He asks if there’s something Jeffrey needs to tell him and that they’re about to search Candace’s house. He says tell him now if there’s anything he needs to know. Jeffrey acts ignorant, but Justin says if Jeffrey isn’t honest with him, he won’t be able to help him.

Next time, the grand finale, Veronica attacks Quita, Jim tells Kathryn to let him handle the clean up, David goes on a date with Erika, and Kathryn threatens Veronica.

August 29, 2016 – GH’s Killer is Revealed & in the OC, Rifts are Healed


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Lulu is on the phone with someone in regard to the compound explosion. At the end of the conversation, she says she doesn’t believe they really wish they could help her at all and she sounds just like me. I hate when I hear that stuff, or even worse, the old “I understand.” No, you don’t.

Ava gives Hayden a heads up about the diamonds. She doesn’t know what Elizabeth’s plans were, but she thinks the Feds might have them.

Heather digresses, but Franco wants the Jeff Webber story. She says she can tell him the source of the money, but not the why or where, since she made a promise. She says she needs her leverage back to scare Naomi into making payments again. Franco thinks there’s a way for her to keep her promise and still tell him.

Elizabeth tells Finn what’s going on with the diamonds, but he’s disappointed because he’d thought she had a lead on the murders when he heard her say she was calling the cops. She says she wishes, since everyone is on edge, looking over their shoulders, and filing complaints against everything. Finn says that has to stop and then goes over to Monica, telling her that he wants to file a complaint.

Andre visits Jordan at work, bringing her a collectible currency book, thinking it might help her with the cuff-link. She thinks it’s a touching gesture, but also thinks they’ve exhausted the internet. He says what’s important to her is important to him. She asks why he’d have a book like that, and he says he’s a secret nerd. She wonders if he has a Star Wars man cave, but he can’t confirm or deny.

Robert visits Lulu. He tells her that Luke is definitely alive and said he hadn’t been on Cassadine Island “since before the witch breathed her last breath.” Lulu says she thought as much, but it’s a huge relief to have that confirmed. Lulu talks about how Luke went through a lot of changes and needed to go find out who he is now. She doesn’t like it, but accepts it and loves him for who he is. Robert says she and Robin should form a club, since he got the same speech from her. Lulu asks if there was any further message from Luke, and Robert says Luke wanted to warn her about Valentin.

Dante says the warning came late. Robert says he heard about what happened and he’s sorry about Nicholas. He says he’d never heard of Valentin, but now he’s on Interpol’s radar and his files with the WSB have been pulled. Lulu says he’s supposedly the Cassadine all other Cassadines fear. Dante says Valentin’s beef is with his own family and he said he has nothing against the Spencers. Robert says maybe, but Luke thinks he’s dangerous. He and Dante are both going to investigate. Lulu asks if Robert thinks something could have survived the compound explosion.

Franco tells Heather that they can play a getting warmer type game; she can tell him if what he says is possible or not. The result: She was obsessed with Jeff and stalked him after he left Port Charles (or as she puts it, just checking up on him without him knowing). She says he was cheating on his second wife and had a secret relationship with Naomi.

Hayden tells Ava she has to leave town. Ava says to take a bus since there’s less scrutiny. Hayden wonders why the authorities haven’t come for her, and deduces that Elizabeth hasn’t turned the diamonds over. When Ava adds “yet,” Hayden says yet is good and that means there’s still time. She leaves to convince Elizabeth not to do it or stop her.

Monica tells Finn that Dr. Obrecht demanded he be fired. She told Obrecht that where her staff goes and how they get there is none of the hospital’s business, and that she’s bordering on harassment. She suggests Finn drop it though, because it’s not exactly like he’s been forthcoming. She’s going to let it slide for now. She tells Finn that Obrecht has a personal vendetta against him (like he doesn’t know) and is disappointed he’s not the killer.

A code blue alarm sounds. It’s a patient Andre came to see. By the time the other staff members get there, Andre is doing CPR.

Robert says Lulu would know more than him about the explosion, since she was there. She says they didn’t stick around to go through the rubble and she might have left something behind. She explains how Stavros took her embryo for his own purposes, and wonders if it could have survived.

Ava gets called into the police department. Jordan wants to talk to her about a murder and she flashes back to Paul threatening her with the flash drive. Ava says the DA is always coming up with ways to harass her. Jordan says she’s not a person of interest, but her expertise might help with a case, since she’s an art dealer. She shows Ava the coin picture and asks if it looks familiar. Ava says actually, it does.

The patient flatlines. Monica asks what happened. Andre says he was talking with the patient and he seemed fine, but suddenly grabbed his chest, said it hurt, and that was it. Monica sends Elizabeth to get the police. Andre says no one came in and killed him, and asks if she’s implying he had something to do with it. Geez, it’s not like she accused him of anything. Way to make yourself look guilty.

Heather tells Franco that she felt obligated to step in. She went through Naomi’s place and found a positive pregnancy test in the trash can. Naomi was pregnant with Jeff’s baby. Franco asks if Naomi is Elizabeth’s mother. She says Jeff had three girls and doesn’t know about the third. Hayden is Elizabeth’s sister. I KNEW IT!

Lulu explains what happened with the embryo to Robert. She says it’s a long shot, but if the embryo is viable, it’s her last chance at a child that’s biologically her and Dante’s.

Paul comes to the hospital. Andre says a patient had a heart attack and he’s being blamed. Paul asks Monica if he should rule out natural causes. Well, I don’t think she’d get him involved if that wasn’t the case. Monica asks permission to draw blood for testing and Paul asks Andre to stick around .Andre says not without a lawyer, and he’s calling Jordan.

Ava tells Jordan that the coins were really popular a while back. She says a man who wears them likes to show off and present himself as having power. And she’s sure she’s seen someone wearing them.

Hayden approaches Elizabeth and asks if there’s anything she has to tell her. Elizabeth says no, and Hayden tells her that she knows about the diamonds and to hand them over.

Franco is like wha-a-at, Elizabeth and Hayden are sisters? Heather says she waited for Naomi and told her she knew all about the affair. Naomi begged her not to say anything, so she kept her silence for a large amount of money. Naomi was never to see Jeff again and to pay Heather every month. Heather adds that she met someone who told her how to invest it, which is a story for another time. Franco wants to tell Elizabeth immediately and Heather says, no you don’t.

Finn tells Andre that if he doesn’t protect his own rights, no one will. Paul tells Finn to move along and tells Andre that if he’s really innocent, he should cooperate.

Elizabeth tells Hayden that the diamonds don’t belong to her. Hayden says Elizabeth is a hypocrite, who lied to Jason, keeping his family from him, and who conspired with Nicholas, culminating in Hayden getting shot. She adds that Nicholas would be alive if it wasn’t for her. Elizabeth says that she’s not the one who stole the diamonds and hid them. She says too bad they don’t have family cells so Hayden could be locked up with her father. Hayden slaps her and Finn makes an oooh face.

Heather says Franco should think twice, especially since he squandered the last bunch of money she gave him. He says he has to be honest with Elizabeth. Heather keeps saying, “Don’t,” as he walks out.

Finn steps in. Elizabeth wants to tell him what happened and he says he doesn’t care; he just wants it to stop. Finn tells Elizabeth that Monica needs to see her. When she leaves, Hayden tells Finn he made it clear there’s no friendship between them, so leave her alone.

Both Ava and Jordan have the same feeling of recognition. Jordan wonders if the killer is close by.

Elizabeth sees Paul alone in Monica’s office, messing around her desk. He says he was looking for a pen and will tell Monica that she stopped by. When she leaves, it’s revealed that Paul is wearing a surgical glove on one of his hands and is holding a syringe. I think we all knew the second she saw him, but now my mind is trying to go back over where he was when each person was killed. It actually crossed my mind that it was him when he showed up at the hospital so fast, but all of them seem to have Star Trek transporters, so I discarded that as evidence.

Lulu asks Robert if the WSB inventoried the wreckage and if he could check for a thermos or other cold storage container. He says he’ll pull the records. He gets up to leave, saying he’s sorry about Nicholas, but despite all Lulu and Dante have been through, they seem to have it together. Lulu says even if they never have another baby, they have a lot to be grateful for. Robert leaves and Dante says no matter what, he’s with her all the way, but he looks like something is disturbing him.

Franco gets to the hospital, but just misses Elizabeth.

Finn apologizes to Hayden, saying he was going through some stuff when he’d last talked to her. She says she has to catch Elizabeth to make sure she keeps her mouth shut.

Elizabeth skips the elevator and takes the stairs.

Jordan gives a copy of the picture to Ava and says to give her a call if Ava thinks of anything. In the hallway, Ava realizes it’s Paul’s cuff-link and says OMG.

Uh-oh. Paul is sure Elizabeth saw something and goes after her.

Monica says there was no murderous drug in the patient’s system. Andre says he doesn’t appreciate being a suspect and Finn says he understands that. Monica says the last thing they need is another murder at the hospital.

Suddenly, the power goes out in the hospital. In the stairwell, Elizabeth uses the flashlight on her phone. Two hands come from behind and push her down the stairs. No doubt Hayden will be a suspect, but I vote for Paul since he had a head start.

Tomorrow, Nina asks Nathan if he still loves Claudette, Franco looks for Elizabeth, and the source of the power outage is found.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Shannon is still “in a cloud” over the birthday party/vow renewal. The family is having breakfast at the hotel, and then Shannon and David are going to Cabo for a second honeymoon.

Vicki has rented the Merv Griffin estate in Palm Springs for her birthday weekend. Tamra is unsure as to who Merv is. Kelly has no clue who he is, but hopes he’s single. Well, that’s up for debate since he’s dead.

Meghan and Jimmy are going to be in the vicinity of Vicki’s party and Meghan has decided to make an appearance. Meghan tells Jimmy it’s time to move on from the feud. Thank God. Heather is doing something with her kids and isn’t coming, but I think she’s not coming because Kelly will be there.

Vicki talks about dating, and in her interview, Tamra suggests she find someone who has a job, good teeth and doesn’t lie about having cancer. Sounds reasonable. Tamra discusses Vicki’s dating life with Briana. Briana is glad her mom is playing the field because she’s never been single. She says everyone should have their “slutty years,” but she just doesn’t want to hear about it. In the kitchen, Vicki tells Kelly that she’s surprising Briana with Ryan tonight.

Vicki tells Kelly that Meghan wasn’t sure if she could make it, but Shannon is going to Cabo. Vicki says Shannon wouldn’t have come anyway and she’s disappointed that Shannon wants to throw away their friendship. Me too. Vicki isn’t stupid and I honestly think she knew in her heart that Brooks was a liar, but talked herself into believing him. And really, she hurt herself more than anyone else, so what’s the big deal? Tamra tells Kelly and Vicki about Shannon’s surprise party. In her interview, Vicki says she wishes them the best, but it didn’t work for her and Don. We flash back to their vow renewal. She thinks David is going to pay for the affair for the rest of his life. I dunno. If anyone can make a second go of it, it’s those two.

Heather and Terry are having a date night. She says they’ve been doing a lot of work projects together, but it’s nice to have some personal time. Terry says their daughter, Max, has been sending him photos of empty chairs since he hasn’t been able to make her events. It’s the empty dad chair. Terry admits she’s right that he’s been absent. Heather says they’re going in the wrong direction, but the next direction is up to him. He claims that he’s in a situation now where he can be free on weekends and have dinner at home. Heather says she’ll believe it when she sees it.

Kelly asks if Heather is okay with her or hates her. Vicki says hate is a strong word and Tamra says she wouldn’t call Heather mad. So what’s the deal if it’s neither? Kelly thinks Heather acts like she’s better than everyone else. She talks about Heather asking her to leave the party when it wasn’t her party. In her interview, Tamra says she wants to like Kelly, and she is likable, but sometimes she doesn’t think before she speaks.
Heather tells Terry about the apology text that Kelly sent and he rolls his eyes. Heather says she appreciates it, but Tamra said Kelly made fun of her after she left the party. Let me touch on a few points here. Nice of Tamra to do that, but no surprise. When Kelly made fun of Heather, it was directly after their altercation, so no doubt her emotions (and drunkenness) were still high. I’m not making excuses for her – and no woman should ever call another woman the c-word – but I’m just sayin’.

Kelly tells Tamra that she got no reply to her text. Tamra says it has to be more than a text and maybe they should go to lunch. Good luck with that. We know how the lunch with Shannon went. Tamra is having an event for Eddie’s birthday, but is hesitant to invite Kelly, especially since there will be kids around.

The ladies sit down to dinner. Vicki says they’re celebrating Briana’s birthday too. Briana talks about how much she misses Ryan and how he has to get written permission to leave the state, since he’s in the military. Kelly gives both Vicki and Meghan gifts. Tamra has something for Vicki, and she’s like thanks a lot for not telling me it was also Briana’s birthday. The gifts are opened and Vicki tells everyone how much she loves celebrating her birthday. Her son, Mike, shows up and they discuss real estate. She takes him on a tour of the place. Briana’s kids beat him with a pool noodle.

Ryan arrives and Briana starts crying. She’s thrilled that Vicki was able to make it happen. Vicki says the gift of family is the best gift anyone can give. Let me add that cash is good too.

Meanwhile in Cabo, Shannon and David are keeping a video diary of their second honeymoon. We flash back to the last time they were in Mexico. It wasn’t good. In her interview, Shannon says fighting for her marriage was the best thing she ever did. I don’t always agree with Shannon’s choices, but my hat’s off to her with this one. I’m really rooting for them.

Tamra talks to Vicki about inviting Kelly to Eddie’s birthday. She says every time Kelly is around, there’s a scene, and Heather is concerned about bringing her children. In her interview, Vicki wonders how Heather made this about herself. She says Kelly is a mother and understands how to act around children. Kelly comes in and Vicki repeats what Tamra told her.

Commercial break. The original Below Deck is back Tuesday, September 6 at 9 p.m. I have to admit to a TV crush on Captain Lee and couldn’t be more pleased. I must not be the only one, since one of the ads focuses totally on him.

Tamra calls Heather from one of the bedrooms. She tells Heather that Kelly said her beef was with Shannon, not Heather, and was annoyed that Heather told her to leave the party. Heather tells her about the text and Tamra asks why she didn’t respond. Heather mentions Kelly making fun of her and in her interview, Tamra says she still needs to work on her big mouth. Yep. She suggests the three of them go to lunch, but Heather is hesitant. Heather finally tells Tamra she’ll go, but it’s on her, since she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. In her interview, Tamra says being a peacemaker blows and it’s a hard job. Often being the diplomat of the group myself, I agree.

Outside, Kelly talks about what happened at Meghan’s party and how she thinks Heather is overreacting. Tamra joins them and they decide to hang out by the pool. Vicki brings up a time when she and Tamra did too many fireballs and ended up in the pool with their shoes on. They decide to initiate Kelly by pulling her in fully clothed. Then they join her.
Meghan arrives. She comes bearing gifts for Vicki and asks why the three of them are in the pool with their clothes on. Meghan thinks she’s pregnant, and shows them her bump. Since I can see her hip bones framing it, it’s pretty easy to tell. She thanks Vicki for inviting her and Vicki thanks her for letting bygones be bygones.

Back in Cabo, Shannon says the vow renewal and second honeymoon have made her ecstatic, because David did something she didn’t think was possible. They talk about getting naked and I go ♫ la-la-la ♫!

Heather, Tamra and Kelly meet at a Laguna Beach restaurant for dinner. Heather doesn’t really want to be there, but is doing it out of respect for Tamra. Kelly arrives after the other two. Tamra is concerned about being blamed if the dinner goes horribly wrong. Heather breaks the ice by saying she and Kelly had been getting along really well, but the sushi dinner was full of anger and vulgarity. Kelly says she’s ashamed of herself. In her interview, Heather says Kelly has acted unacceptably on a couple of occasions and she has no guarantee that it won’t happen again. Heather brings up Kelly making fun of her after she left, and Kelly says she did it because Heather told her to leave. Heather says she told everyone to leave, but that didn’t happen. Heather says once the c-word is called out, all bets are off. Kelly apologizes again, but adds that Vicki told her that Heather didn’t want her around her children. Heather says she didn’t say that, but that did happen. We flash back to prove both these points. Hmm…seems like Heather has a tendency to make it up as she goes along.

Tamra says the last thing they want is another freak out to happen around children. Kelly says that’s not the way she acts around kids, and that she’d had too much to drink and was emotional. She says her integrity was being attacked, and it hit a nerve. Tamra says both times they’ve seen her in a group setting, it wasn’t good, but does understand how she felt set up at Shannon’s 70s party. Kelly starts to cry. In her interview, she says she feels like she’s treading water and drowning. In her interview, Heather says she believes Kelly’s tears are real, but she can’t forget what happened. For Tamra and the party’s sake she hopes Kelly is telling the truth.

Next time, the pregnancy test results are in, Shannon’s house goes into escrow for real. Eddie’s birthday happens, and so does a dune buggy accident on the beach.

Suggestion: If you’re not watching Too Close to Home, you’re missing out. This latest Tyler Perry venture into nighttime drama isn’t on the OWN network this time, but he’s branching out to TLC. It’s got everything an after dark soap should have, with a compelling storyline and characters you can invest in. And Heather Locklear. I got reeled in immediately.

August 28, 2016 – NJ Wives Go to the Spa & the Feared Dead Go to a Hotel


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Everyone is getting ready for the Crystal Springs spa trip. Dolores wonders why Melissa needs 47 bags for a weekend. So do I. Teresa asks Melissa and Dolores if they’ve talked to Jacqueline. Melissa says she has, but kind of blows off the question. In another car, Jacqueline says they should all be able to play in the same sandbox. In her interview, she says if Teresa doesn’t play nice, she’ll bury her. Not too defensive. Siggy thinks it all comes from insecurity and that Jacqueline is upset because Teresa isn’t as invested in the friendship as she is.

Teresa brings up Jacqueline’s remark about her federal offense. I don’t blame her for thinking that it was a low blow. I think that’s about all Jacqueline is capable of.

Crystal Springs looks amazing and we haven’t even gotten in the door. A butler greets them on the porch with champagne. Everyone claims their rooms. At least Ramona isn’t here. Jacqueline and Siggy arrive after the others and Jacqueline ignores Teresa. Because she’s such a grown up like she said she was. Siggy won’t let this happen and makes Jacqueline say hello to Teresa. Time stops.

In the meantime, Joe #2 is perplexed as to how to feed his kids. He struggles to make some chicken nuggets, wondering how they cook so fast. He’s appreciating Melissa to no end right now. Chris calls as Joe attempts to make some fish. Chris suggests they get together later. At least the popcorn is a success.

It’s dinner time at Crystal Springs. Everyone toasts to friendship and new beginnings. Good luck with that.

The girls discuss different trips they’ve been on. Jacqueline warms up a little when Teresa talks about the trip they went on to Italy. Dolores thinks maybe they just needed to get out of their environment. Jacqueline talks about the new company Chris is starting and how much it costs to raise a child with autism. Siggy says everyone has gone through hardships and talks about living with her parents after her divorce. She says when you’re down, you find out who your true friends are. Melissa talks about not even being able to afford diapers at one point. Teresa tell the group about how so many people thought she should leave Joe #1, but she loves him. Siggy says they’re all survivors at the end of the day, and they toast to that.

Next they go to the fire and water deck, whatever that is. They sit around a fire pit, drinking wine and making s’mores. They discuss when they had their first children, and Jacqueline brings up going ring shopping with her future son-in-law, Pete. Melissa is bummed about missing things with the kids while she’s dealing with her new business. She says when her father passed away, it was devastating for her mother because she’d never worked, and you never know what’s going to happen. Teresa talks about missing the kids when she was in prison camp. Jacqueline gets weepy about it and Teresa invites her and Chris to her book party.

The ladies don their pajamas. Teresa FaceTimes with Joe #1, and she and Jacqueline pretend there’s a big fight going on and Teresa tells him to come and pick her up. Then Jacqueline gives him a cleavage shot. What a couple of comediennes! In her interview, Dolores thinks if they can stay away from discussing the past issues, they’ll be okay. They move on to play wine pong. Tipsy silliness ensues.

Chris plays with his kids. Zzzzz…..

Melissa is the only one who wakes up in full makeup. A chef has arrived to cook a fabulous breakfast. The ladies talk about their kids again. Jacqueline leaves the table and is crying in the bathroom. OMG – they’ve run out of coffee. I’d cry too. Siggy talks to Jacqueline, who is upset because her proud mommy moments are very different from the other women’s. Siggy tells her that Nicholas doesn’t know any different, so it’s not like he’s comparing himself to the other kids. The girls gather around to give support. Melissa says you can’t always be a rock.

Teresa privately tells Dolores that maybe when Jacqueline snapped at her, she was just reacting to how much she has on her plate. Jacqueline is happy about Teresa being supportive. The ladies hang out by the pool on lounge chairs. Melissa talks to Dolores about her relationship with Teresa. In her interview, she says Joe #2 is happy with how things are, so she’s picking her battles. Jacqueline is aware that she and Teresa are being talked about and asks if they’d like to share it with the rest of the class. Dolores asks what they’re talking about, and Jacqueline says they’re talking about what she and Melissa are talking about.

Jacqueline and Teresa go for some spa treatments. Jacqueline talks about getting Nicholas involved with more children. Teresa says Milania loves him and to call her whenever she’s having a bad day. Jacqueline apologizes for saying stupid stuff. Outside, Siggy says she wishes that Jacqueline could see how much Teresa has changed, but Melissa says Jacqueline needs more proof.

The girls are making dinner. Melissa asks Teresa how things are going with Jacqueline. Teresa tells her about Jacqueline’s apology. They grill some steaks and everyone pitches in with the meal.

Chris and Joe #1 go out to eat at Reno’s restaurant. Reno sits with them and Joe talks about how Teresa’s lost weight and has a smaller behind now. He says once he leaves, it will probably be emotional, but there’s nothing he can do about anything, and his main concern is his family’s safety. He’s gotten a German Shepherd that he’s having trained.

The meal the girls have made looks freaking amazing. Everyone is thrilled about how well Jacqueline and Teresa are getting along. Jacqueline talks about how when she gets mad, she says ugly things. Siggy explains that sometimes the two of them just aren’t coming from the same place and it creates a communication problem. Everyone gets goofy during dessert. Teresa sits on some chocolate and much fun is made of the brown mess on the back of her pants.

Jacqueline calls out Melissa and Dolores for talking about her and Teresa at the pool. In her interview, Melissa says Jacqueline’s paranoia is coming into play, because she and Dolores weren’t discussing them. But they were. Teresa says Jacqueline needs to relax and Jacqueline agrees that she thinks too much.

Teresa teaches the girls some yoga. Teresa talks about yoga stimulating going to the bathroom and how you’re encouraged to pass gas. Then she has to explain what queve is. I’m not going to. Look it up. She ends the class with, “Namaste, bitches,” Dina’s old tagline.

Next time, it looks like Dolores might have had to put Boo to sleep 😟, Rosie misses everyone, and Teresa has a book party.

Fear the Walking Dead

Nick wakes up in the La Colonia infirmary. He walks out into the street and wanders around the town. There isn’t another soul to be seen. He sees a little girl crying. He goes to her and looks out to the townspeople saying good-by to one of the men who is about to walk out into a group of zombies. It’s the girl’s father.

The people chant some nonsense in Spanish as the guy walks through a bus to the zombies outside. (I find out later that they’re saying, “From death we come, and to death we deliver ourselves.”) Um…that chanting isn’t going to help anything. Nick moves the girl so she can’t see. No big shock, the man is attacked and eaten. Good job, folks. What did you think was gong to happen? Nick is appalled.

Madison and the others are out driving around looking for Nick and Travis. It’s been two days since they left. Alicia wants to go back. Victor says they’re riding on fumes and should go back to the boat. Madison goes back to the truck.

Nick wanders through the now active marketplace. A lady calls him over. Alejandro tends to one of the men who believes he’s not long for this world.

Uh-oh. The boat’s gone. Victor thinks the military was waiting for them to land and took it. Ofelia suggests they walk into the sea, but Alicia thinks finding shelter in a nearby hotel is a better idea. Alicia tells Madison that it’s the two of them now, whether she likes it or not. A message is left on the beach: Abigail Lost Head North.

The group checks out the hotel. They don’t see anything moving. Even though there might be something unsavory awaiting them inside, they figure better inside than outside. They approach, Victor breaks the front door lock, and they go inside. Alicia wonders where the person who locked up is now. Victor hits the desk bell and Madison asks if he’s out of his mind. He tells her the service stinks there.

Luci tells Nick they have work to do. He follows her. She brings Nick through the bus, fights off some zombies and pins one to a wall. She tells Nick to stay quiet. They put zombie blood on themselves. Nick asks why him and she says no one will miss him.

The group wanders through the hotel. The banquet room has been set up for a wedding. Ofelia says she almost got married once and he was a good man. Victor says not that good, since it was almost. She says he was leaving for New Mexico and she needed to stay with her parents. Victor tells her not to dwell on the past.

Nick asks what was up with the thing that morning. Luci explains that they keep a wall of zombies outside the fence for protection and when one of them gets infected, they volunteer to be one of the wall to protect their people. He asks what if the guy just became lunch for no reason. She tells him he has no faith. She compares it to the ocean cleansing itself and says the dead are returning, and when they go, the world will be new. She tells him that Alejandro was bitten and she saw it happen, but he didn’t turn.

Victor and company continue through the hotel. Alicia wants to split up, but Madison doesn’t like it. Too bad, she goes off with Ofelia anyway. Victor tells Madison she needs and drink and so does he.

Luci takes Nick to see a gang from East Tijuana who deal with supplies. She tells him to keep his mouth shut, that they’ll hang you for looking at them wrong. She gives the guy at the door pharmaceuticals. They give her a cart and tell her to fill it. She says it used to be two, but the guy says it isn’t anymore. Just like the EpiPen!

Victor makes martinis and calls Madison a Southern belle. She tells him his martini is bullsh*t and to bring her the tequila. Ofelia and Alicia go through the rooms. They hear zombie noises from some of them. Alicia notices that someone put “do not disturb” signs on the rooms with the zombies in them. They go inside a safe room and grab some supplies. They find a zombie in a shower who tried to commit suicide, but just got hung up on the shower-head. Alicia puts a do not disturb sign on the door as they leave.

Luci tells Nick to get whatever they can use for the infirmary. He wants to add a package of snack cakes, but that’s a no. No cakes for you. They get quite a few jugs of water as well.

Ofelia tells Alicia there’s still hot water. Alicia empties the mini-bar and asks Ofelia why the guy in the shower gave up. Ofelia says maybe he was tired of surviving. Alicia says you just push on. Ofelia says they’re not going to make it. She talks about her father being one step beyond hope. Alicia says it’s all they have and if they lose that, they’re dead. She tells Ofelia she’s family now.

Luci and Nick leave with the cart. One of the gang members knocks Nick to the ground. Nick has the cookies in his pocket. The guy hits Nick in the head with what looks like a billy club. Why on earth did Nick think he was slick enough to get away with that? On the other hand, technically, the crackers would have fit in the cart, so…

Commercial break. Please, spare me the car ads with Matthew McConaughey.

Gang dude says rats who steal get their paws cut off and prepares to chop off Nick’s hand. Luci translates as Nick threatens them with no more Oxy. He saw gang dude tending to his sick sister, and tells him if she’s without it for a week, he’ll hope she turns, because he’ll want to kill her. He says the gang needs Oxy and La Colonia has it. And if they want it, not only will he let Nick go, but the gang will give them another cart of water. Dude throws him down, but agrees. Nice negotiating, Nick! They could use you on The Walking Dead right about now.

When they leave the area, Luci is concerned about being followed. She says she’s never been followed, but she also never had a stupid gringo threaten them. Nick says sorry.

Madison and Victor talk over drinks. Victor talks about what might have happened had they met at another time. He says he’s a seducer of people who would have it on her and it would have been fun. He says now there’s no world to talk about; there’s not even a bar. Madison says Alicia is right. they’re never going to see Nick again. Victor says Nick is bullet proof and he’s alive. Madison says Nick was born lost, like his daddy. If you leave him alone, he heads toward death.

Victor asks how Nick’s father died. Madison says he was late coming home and went into oncoming traffic. Victor asks if he fell asleep at the wheel and she says that’s what she told the kids. She says she keeps trying to save the kids and they keep dying over and over. Travis stopped it for a while, but now he’s gone. Victor says we can only live with things, we can’t choose. Madison says she didn’t have to be a mother, but she chose to be. She’s getting a little drunk and throws her glass. Then she gets another glass and pours them another shot. They drink to false hope and she throws that glass too.

Victor goes over to the piano, but it’s all out of tune, which is totally appropriate. As he plays, we see zombies locked inside a shop trying to get out. All this noise is attracting their attention.

Alicia takes a shower. She calls to Ofelia that it’s her turn, but then can’t find her. She sees something fall from the roof. She looks over the side of the balcony and sees a couple of zombies take nose-dives off the balconies on the other side of the hotel. Zombies start falling from everywhere and Alicia runs calling for Ofelia. She opens a door to a stairwell and it’s crawling with zombies. I want to see more of the zombies taking headers. That was kind of cool. I do have to lodge a complaint here though. I realize I’m working with a huge suspension of disbelief, even accepting that there has been a zombie apocalypse at all. Cool as it was, these zombies were falling several stories and just getting up. Even if  they’re the undead, they would still have broken bones and not be able to walk away. Okay. I feel better now.

Nick and Luci make it back to La Colonia. Nick sees the little girl whose father went to the wall and gives her the cakes. Luci sees and realizes Nick isn’t the selfish dumbass she thought he was. Nick goes to see Alejandro. He says he heard Nick almost started a war. Nick says he thought the little girl needed something, some comfort, and there should be some things that are not about death. Alejandro says when they run out of cake and drugs, where will they turn? Nick says what good is faith when the water runs out? Alejandro says when the world is washed of death, the faithful will remain. He says they are the chosen who will outlast death. Nick sees the healed bite mark, and Alejandro tells him that he’s welcome to stay, but if he puts the people in danger again they’ll feed him to the wall.

Victor and Madison are getting really sloshed. Victor is banging on the out-of-tune piano and Madison is flinging glasses around. Victor looks out the floor to ceiling window and sees the zombies falling outside the widow and says they have to go now. Too late. Zombies are getting in everywhere.

Alejandro makes a speech to the people about the Lord and how life is a sigh between two deaths. He tells them the migration of the dead has begun. He says that the world is for them, the faithful, and death will not take them. The people start their chant and Nick joins them. Alejandro says as long as he lives, they’ll never leave.

This is interspersed with Victor and Madison fighting the zombies without conventional weapons, using liquor bottles and chairs. Holy! They’re surrounded.

Next time, Alicia shows what she’s made of, and Travis and Chris get involved with a new group of people who look pretty militant.

August 26, 2016 – Dualing GHs & a Quad of Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Good morning, Laura and Doc! Doc hopes Laura has no regrets. Geez, she’s barely got her eyes open and he’s throwing his insecurities out there.

Jason and Sam have asked Carly and Sonny to come to breakfast. Jason tells them that they’re getting married. Sam asks what they’re doing September 2nd. Carly gets excited, offering to bump whoever is using the MetroCourt that day, but Sam says they want it low key. Carly says simple is unacceptable and Sonny tells her she has no choice. She asks if they can host the wedding at their house and says she won’t stop asking if they don’t say yes, so they say yes. She promises it will be small and elegant. As she’s asking about the guest list, Carly sees Nell come in.

Carly introduces Nell to Sam and Jason. She’s about to tell them about the kidney donation, but Nell stops her, asking if they can speak privately.

Kristina sees Parker, who’s out jogging. Parker asks what she’s doing back on campus. Kristina was hoping to find out why Parker called.

Jordan shows Alexis the reporter’s video from the MetroCourt and asks what the hell she’s doing.

Laura tells Doc no regrets. He says his cryptography cases don’t usually end up this way. She says she hopes not, but if she’d known this was going to happen, she would have stopped working with him immediately, because she ended up putting him in danger. Doc says he’s the one who insisted on coming to Greece and really, he just wanted to be with her. He says he’s sorry to remind her about Nicholas. but Laura says she’d be mourning him no matter what and Doc makes it bearable. She says he helped her to finally get the better of Helena. This time she got led to unexpected happiness.

Parker says she got Kristina’s message, but didn’t call her back. Kristina shows her the phone and Parker says she must have pocket dialed. Kristina starts to leave, promising she won’t come back. Parker says the truth is that Kristina has been on her mind and they should talk.

Alexis asks where the video came from and Jordan says she has a friend at TMI (which I’m guessing is like TMZ) who gave her a heads up. She says it’s going online with the headline of “Violence Runs in the Family” in about a hour. Alexis says it was an unpleasant moment between a mother and daughter and it happens. Jordan disagrees, saying it’s a public comment on her temperament. Alexis says that’s not her problem, but Jordan says Alexis is a witness in a huge trial and doubts can be cast on her testimony against Julian. Jordan asks if that was her intention. Alexis says she’s being way too cryptic. Jordan asks if Alexis set the whole thing up to discredit herself. Wow.

Carly comes back to the table sans Nell and says she has to get moving on wedding plans. Sam says her sisters will probably want to help, so please reign them in. Carly goes back to Nell and asks why she doesn’t want them to know she’s Josslyn’s kidney donor. Nell says she wants to talk about it more privately than this and Carly says they’ll talk in the car.

Sam leaves for wherever. Sonny tells Jason he has the feeling there’s something Jason isn’t telling him. Jason says there is.

Doc leaves to go get coffee or something. Laura knocks some of his paperwork off the desk and sees a novel he’s writing. I’m going to stop right here and say that for her to read his personal papers is out of line at this point in their relationship. Totally.

Parker tells Kristina what she did was cowardly, but at the time she thought it was for the best. She says Kristina deserves better than that. Parker says it’s not just about what Alexis said, it’s about her own feelings. Kristina asks if Parker was attracted to her and Parker says yes, and she still is.

Alexis says Jordan is being insulting. I think so too. She says Jordan was at the other end of the wire when Julian ripped it off of her and then tried to kill her. Jordan says before that, Alexis protected him, and maybe he’s convinced her to do it again. She says Alexis knows how to influence a jury and maybe she doesn’t want Julian convicted. Man, what does this wreck of a woman have to do to convince everyone she’s done with that narcissist?

Nell and Carly are back at the house. Nell says she’s uncomfortable being treated like she made some big sacrifice when she had no say in it. She says she’s come to terms with what her parents did and doesn’t want to be known for it or dwell on it. Carly says Josslyn feels the same way about being the recipient, but she’d still like to tell Jason and Sam. Nell asks her to wait until after she leaves. Carly says Nell has a maturity she never did.

Sonny and Jason make small talk. Jason asks if he’s heard any more about Valentin. Sonny says he was extradited to Greece. Jason says he still doesn’t trust him. He switches gears, saying he wants to talk to Sonny about getting married. He needs a best man.

Kristina suggests she and Parker start over. Parker says they should never have gotten involved. She says they can never be a couple and she has nothing to give Kristina. Kristina says that night was the best of her life. Parker says she’s going back to her wife. I didn’t purposely try to rhyme that, but it sounds like a lyric from a country song.

Alexis tells Jordan that no one wants to fight with their kids in public, but she’s been a little tense, and Julian has nothing to do with it. Jordan says she’s on the visitors log at the jail and wants to know what she and Julian talked about. Alexis says none of her business and she needs to hunt down Kristina, who didn’t come home last night. Jordan tells her to put her emotions in check. Alexis says she doesn’t answer to Jordan. Jordan says she’s not going to have the case screwed up and Alexis tells her to go to hell. There’s a lot of that going around.

Nell runs down the list of things she needs for Avery. Carly says she’s the most conscientious babysitter ever and she’s not worried in the least. Nell gets a call form her supervisor, Mrs O’Brien.

Sonny says Carly might be miffed not to be the best person, but Jason wants Sonny. He says as his memory has come back, he’s remembered a lot about Sonny. He asks if Sonny has any advice, since he’s figured out this whole marriage thing. Sonny’s phone rings. It’s Max. Max has some news about a website and Sonny says he’ll check it out. He sees a picture Alexis grabbing Kristina’s arm at the MetroCourt.

Andre comes over to Jordan’s place. His patient canceled and he thought he’d surprise her with some food. She’s obviously distressed and he asks her what’s going on. She says, Alexis.

Sam visits Alexis. She tells Alexis they told Sonny and Carly about the engagement, but she doesn’t want to tell anyone about the baby yet. She says they’re having the wedding at Carly’s house and she doesn’t want Alexis to feel excluded. Alexis says with all the publicity, it’s probably best they don’t have the wedding at her place. Sam says Molly also asked her to check on Alexis, but gave her no details.

Doc comes back and Laura asks what’s this, showing him the papers. She says there’s a letter about a publishing deal and a manuscript that sounds like it’s about her. I understand why she’s miffed, but seriously, she had no business reading all that. She asks when he was going to tell her. She says they’d joked about it, but she didn’t think he was really going to do it.

Sonny tells Jason he’ll stand up for him, but don’t do it four times. He also says Jason should be true to himself. Note to self: Don’t go to Sonny for marriage advice unless brevity is the only criteria.

Jordan tells Andre that she’s not letting Julian wiggle out of this one. He asks what’s wrong, thinking there’s more to the story. She says she used to work undercover for the DEA and Julian caused her a lot of grief. She says they finally have a case and she’s not going to see him set free, no matter what Alexis or anyone does.

Alexis wants to focus on the wedding and Sam says they’ll talk about whatever’s bothering her another time. Sam says Jason asked Sonny to be his best man and she’d like Alexis to be her best girl. Alexis says yes, and she can’t wait to brag about being a grandma again. Sam has to go, but tells Alexis when she wants to talk, let her know.

Parker says she realized that she and her wife need to work on what they have. Kristina says Parker lied, that she told her the marriage was over and Kristina wouldn’t have slept with her otherwise. Kristina says she thought Parker was someone to emulate and had real feelings for her, but she used Kristina like everyone said she was doing. Parker says it’s more complicated than that. Kristina says it’s the oldest story in the book and the lectures about Kristina discovering herself were just a smoke screen. She says Parker is a liar.

Doc tells Laura that he started the book, but it went nowhere. Then she gave him the impetuous to write again, but no one ever saw it. She asks if he was going to tell her and he says he was. She’s annoyed that he kept it from her, but he says he never intended to betray her trust. She asks him what part their love making plays in this and if it’s just a good conclusion to the story, because she has a different ending in mind. Aw, Doc is a good guy. Don’t do this. At least give him five minutes. You only just got together.

Carly asks Nell what’s wrong. She says there were budget cuts and she lost her job, and she has to get back to Atlanta as soon as possible. She says she’ll be leaving tomorrow after the babysitting gig. I dunno about you, but I’m thinking there’s no Mrs. O’Brien and Nell is up to something. She seems too good to be true.

Doc says he’s not going to publish the book; he’ll burn it if Laura wants. He says what happened between them was real. She says a lie of omission is still a lie. He asks if they can talk about it and she says good-bye. I’m really disappointed in Laura.

Sam tells Jason that something happened, but her mom doesn’t want to talk about it. As far as the wedding goes, they just need someone to marry them. Jason says he has that covered.

Kristina tells Parker to get lost.

Sonny comes to Alexis’s place and says she’s going to tell him what happened right now.

Tomorrow, Paul tells Tracy that Julian is his highest priority. Heather tells Naomi to pay up or else, and Robert is in town!

General Hospital – Friday

Sonny tells Alexis that’s his daughter in the picture and he wants to know what happened. He tells her that Julian is going to walk free if she doesn’t get her act together. He says she doesn’t have the luxury of falling apart, and that grabbing Kristina’s arm could poison the jury pool. She says she’s been at this a while and doesn’t need him to educate her. Sonny asks what she’s going to do to make it right with Kristina.

Ava visits Julian, who claims to have accepted his fate that he’s going live out his life in prison. Ava says he’s not a quitter, but he says this is his world now. His wife and kids have cut him off. Ava tells him that he still has a loyal sister. Julian says he’s just what Paul needs to cement his reputation as a crime fighter.

Naomi tells Hayden to order whatever she likes because she has a system to cheat the credit card company. She asks if Hayden has made her decision to stay or go. The Clash plays in my head.

Elizabeth sees Franco and tells him to be careful hanging around the hospital, but he says he has a pass from the chief. He’s brought her toast with jelly smiley faces on it. They talk about their upcoming date. She suggests she pay since he isn’t working, but he says no. Doc calls him into the office.

Laura goes over her idiocy from the day before. Doc keeps trying to call and she’s ignoring it. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Robert! He says he got a call from Luke about ten hours ago. Luke told him about a problem on Cassadine Island. Laura tells Robert about the skeleton Lulu found and how they had the bracelet DNA tested. She says next time Robert hears from Luke, to have him call Lulu. Robert says Luke also asked him to send a warning.

Paul and Tracy are having lunch with Dillon, who’s late.

Hayden tells Naomi that there’s nothing left for her in Port Charles. Naomi is thrilled to have Hayden coming back with her. Naomi’s phone keeps ringing, and she says something has come up and she has to go. She walks into the hallway. It’s Heather who says Naomi knows what she wants and had better give it to her tout suite.

The jail must be in the next room, because suddenly, Naomi is in the visiting room with Heather. Heather is blackmailing her over something we don’t know. Heather says she’s several months in arrears. Naomi tells her money is tight. Heather says too bad, she’s not paying for Naomi’s poor business decisions.

Doc tells Franco from a psychological standpoint, he should be able to return to work. Franco talks to him about Elizabeth, but Doc says he’s the last person who should be giving romantic advice.

Robert says the warning is about Valentin. Laura says he was extradited and should be in prison for the rest of his life. Robert says that’s his understanding too, but Luke isn’t convinced. He says with only Spencer standing between Valentin and the Cassadine fortune, she has reason to be concerned and should beef up security. He has to go, but tells her to call if she needs him.

Ava says her brother doesn’t surrender and he still has fight left. She suggests he act on it or give up and make Sonny’s day.

Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina is still furious with her about Parker, but the peace treaty Molly started fell apart when Kristina realized Parker had called and Kristina wanted to find her. She says the picture is misleading. He asks what he can do, and she tells him to call Kristina and be supportive. She adds that Julian is deranged , thinking they’re getting back together. Sonny laughs and Alexis tells him to stay away from Julian. He tells her that she has to be on her game if she’s going to bring Julian down.

Elizabeth asks Doc if everything is okay with Franco. He says Franco has his foibles, but nothing should prevent him from employment or a date, and she knows they discussed her. She tells Doc that Franco has been a good friend. Doc says she can always talk to him. She thinks about the diamonds and says she’d like to.

Hayden comes back to Windemere, and Laura tells her that she’s putting Spencer in the school to be safe. She says it has the extra layer of protection that Spencer needs against Valentin.

Heather says she knows about Naomi’s settlement with the Feds and that she takes home six figures a year. Naomi wants to explain, but Heather won’t hear it. She says pay up or else. Franco comes in because they allow Heather to have how many visitors she wants, and says, or else what?

Dillon joins Paul and Tracy. He asks why Tracy conned him into coming to this torture session? He says he hasn’t heard from Paul in months because Paul’s family comes second to his ambition. Dillon brings Susan up and Paul says Dillon has no idea how much he loves his other children. He adds that he’s not apologizing for his ambition because it’s helped him reach his goals for his kids. Ava texts him. Paul gets up to leave and tells Dillon that Tracy is worried about him. Paul doesn’t know how to help him, but says Dillon can call any time. Robert sees Paul as he’s leaving.

Kristina arrives home. Alexis says she was worried and asks if she was with Parker. Kristina says Molly called it; it was just a butt dial and Parker is gong back to her wife. She tells Alexis to go ahead and gloat, adding like mother like daughter.

Sonny visits Julian. He says Julian has one chance to save his life.

Hayden says she’s bad at good-byes, and asks Laura to say good-bye to Spencer for her.

Heather says Naomi was just leaving. When she’s gone, Franco says he knows her from somewhere. He remembers her passing out at the MetroCourt and that she’s Hayden’s mother. Heather doesn’t know who he’s talking about and he explains that she’s really Rachel Berlin. Heather says she doesn’t take after her father and Franco wonders how she knows so much. He wants to ask Heather a favor. He asks if she could loan him money for his date.

Elizabeth tells Doc she’s afraid the good in Nicholas will get lost. She has something she thinks she can do to make it right, but she doesn’t know if it’s for him or her. Doc tells her to trust her instincts.

Tracy tells Dillon that she’ll never twist arm to have lunch with his father again.

Robert tells Paul that Anna is concerned about Julian. Paul says they have taped confessions, Alexis’s testimony, and other corroborating witnesses, so tell Anna to rest easy.

Sonny tells Julian what Nina said about his delusions. He suggests Julian plead guilty and alleviate Alexis’s pain. He says if Julian does, he’ll let him live.

Paul meets Ava. She thinks she can get Julian to plead guilty for a lesser sentence. Paul says not a chance, but he does have a deal for her. She’s going to testify against Julian or he’ll have her charged with Connie’s murder. He reminds her about the flash drive. She says he wouldn’t dare and he says just watch.

Sonny says if Julian pleads guilty, he’ll have Sonny’s protection. Otherwise, he’ll see what it’s like to be in prison without Sonny’s protection. Either way, he’s not to contact Alexis again. From this moment on, he’s dead to her.

Alexis asks Kristina if she wants to talk or sit together in unbearable silence. She apologizes for trying to stop her from finding Parker and says she was wrong. Kristina says she doesn’t matter to Parker and Alexis says Kristina matters to her. Kristina says she used to know herself and what made her happy, but now she’s lost and running in circles. Alexis says she is too, and isn’t sure about anything anymore, except that she has a courageous daughter who’s going to help her find her way.

Heather says she’s not Franco’s personal ATM. Franco says she told him her nest egg was large, but she says her funds are about to dry up. He suggests she must have been shaking down Naomi and he’ll get the money himself if she gives him the details.

Doc visits Laura. He needs to talk to her and begs her to hear him out. He sees the bags and asks if someone is taking a trip. Laura says she is.

Robert calls Anna with an update and tells her what Paul said.

Julian says he’s not going to plead guilty; in fact, he’s going to get acquitted. Sonny says once the judge takes a seat, his fate is sealed. Julian says he’ll tell Alexis and she’ll stop Sonny. Sonny laughs. Julian says no matter what Alexis says, she loves him and they’re going to be together again.

Laura tells Doc Spencer wants to go away. Doc says running away won’t help. Laura says it’s regrouping, and when he’s ready, he’ll come back. Doc says when she’s ready, he hopes she’ll give him the chance to make things right. He tells her safe travels and leaves. Laura calls upstairs to Spencer, telling him it’s time to go.

Sonny asks Paul for an update on the prep for Julian’s trial. Paul says they’re leaving nothing to chance.

Ava orders a martini at the MetroCourt. Hayden is at the bar and they start to talk. Hayden asks if Nicholas suffered, and Ava says no more than when he was married to her. Nasty. Ava says for Nicholas’s sake she’s letting Hayden know that Elizabeth is going to turn her in to the Feds. She tells Hayden about the diamonds.

Elizabeth calls the commissioner, saying she has evidence related to Hayden.

Heather tells Franco that Naomi pays her and she keeps her mouth shut about Naomi’s past with Jeff Webber and their brat. Does this mean Naomi is Elizabeth’s mother? I did suggest this a while ago.

On Monday, Lulu asks Robert if anything could have survived the explosion at the Cassadine compound, Finn asks Elizabeth why she’s calling the police, and Hayden asks Ava for more information about the diamonds.

Quotes of the Week

No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.Abraham Lincoln

I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes, I even put it in the food. — Julia Child

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.George Santayana

You can’t give hipsters a microphone. That’s like throwing gasoline on a pretentious fire.Kat Dennings as Max on Two Broke Girls

August 24, 2016 – GH’s Franco Gets the Girl, Little LA’s Briana Gets Served & The Countess Gets the Truth


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Lulu talks to Dante about missing Nicholas. They discuss the upcoming baby making.

Franco tells Elizabeth this is a change, usually he’s chasing her. She says she really needed someone to talk to and she shows him the diamonds.

Naomi tells Hayden she needs to get out of Windemere and Port Charles, and away from Elizabeth. Hayden sees the box from Greece.

Finn talks to his dead wife. He thinks he’s close to an answer. He leaves his office and leaves the small recorder he’s been using on the desk. Obrecht comes in and starts looking over his paperwork.

Kristina can’t find her phone and Molly apologizes for tossing it into the bushes. They’re having dinner at the MetroCourt and Alexis enters. Molly set things up because she wants Kristina to make her peace with Alexis.

Elizabeth explains how she got the diamonds. She thinks everything washed ashore after Nicholas died. She also tells Franco about Ava, and how she said that she and Nicholas bonded. She says Ava claimed to want the boot for something to remember him by. Franco says Ava doesn’t have a sympathetic bone in her body and a boot is hardly a memento. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know what to do with the diamonds. Franco suggests giving them to Laura or Spencer (really? although Spencer might actually be the most mature of the bunch), but Elizabeth says Nicholas stole them from Hayden. Here’s what I think. Nicholas is still alive and sent those diamonds back to Windemere or had someone else do it. First of all, that boot didn’t look like it had been soaked and secondly, I doubt the pouch of diamonds would have never stayed inside of it.

Hayden realizes that it’s Nicholas’s stuff in the box. Naomi suggests searching through it for the diamonds.

Finn asks Obrecht what she’s doing. She asks what he’s doing. He grabs his research and she says she’s already seen it and it explains why he was sneaking around on Sonny’s plane, because he’s dealing with dangerous drugs. She thinks he and Sonny are in cahoots to sell something on the black market and she’s going to report it to the authorities.

Lulu tells Dante about the IVF procedure. They figure she’ll be pregnant in October. Dr. Lee calls and Lulu asks if her ears were burning. Dr. Lee has bad news.

Molly says she tricked Alexis too. Alexis says she’d love Kristina to stay, but if not, she’ll leave. A reporter comes up to Alexis asking her about her suspension. Thanks, dooood.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the diamonds had been a necklace and when the government seized Raymond Berlin’s assets, it shoud have been with them, but Hayden had it broken down and hid it. Franco says those diamonds could pay for all of her kids’ college educations.

Alexis tells the reporter that if he doesn’t get lost, she’s calling security. He backs off and Molly asks if what he said was true. Alexis tells her yes, she’s suspended for a year, but she was waiting to tell them. She says it’s a cautionary tale on how not to define yourself by your career. Kristina says it’s her fault for wishing it.

Finn tells Obrecht to start with the FDA, who he’s working with on infectious diseases. Obrecht says she should talk to Valerie about it.

Naomi says there are no diamonds in the box. Hayden is hugging Nicholas’s blazer and Naomi apologizes for being insensitive. Hayden says Nicholas could have hidden the diamonds anywhere, but most likely they were on him and are gone forever. Naomi says all the more reason to start her life somewhere else, since there’s nothing there for her. Hayden says she’s starting to think there might be.

Elizabeth says as much as she hates Hayden, she doesn’t want to make a decision based on bad motivation . Franco says whatever happens to Hayden is her fault. Elizabeth says she’ll turn them in then, and let the chips fall where they may. Franco asks why she would come to him with a moral dilemma.

Finn asks what happened with Valerie. Obrecht says he must know, since he was the perpetrator. Finn tells her to do her worst. Oooh! She swipes his recorder as she leaves.

Naomi tells Hayden that Finn is an addict and she shouldn’t feel badly just because her father squandered his research money. Hayden says that Finn has a disease. Naomi thinks Hayden is gullible when it comes to men because of her father. Hayden says she couldn’t pick her father, but Naomi picked her husband. She walks out and Naomi’s phone rings. It’s Heather.

Elizabeth says she wanted to talk things out with someone who wouldn’t judge her. Franco says he can’t do this anymore. He says she knows how he feels about her and it’s time she either like him back or don’t. He wants her to decide now.

Kristina says she was just mad about Parker. Alexis says she knows Kristina didn’t mean it and the only one at fault for the suspension is her. She says she let her judgement get clouded and she’s sorry. Molly and Kristina tell her they love her.

Dante gets off the phone. Lulu asks how this could have happened. I don’t even get what happened, but the outcome is that Lulu can’t have another baby. She cries in Dante’s arms. Lulu says the embryo tested viable when Obrecht (red flag) returned it and she can’t figure out what went wrong. Dante says it could have been anything and they’re closer than ever.

Alexis says she wasn’t thinking clearly and shouldn’t have interfered with Kristina and Parker, and apologizes. Kristina says that’s all she wanted and ultimately Alexis was right. Alexis gives Kristina her phone. She says Aaron found it and returned it to her. Kristina tells Alexis how the phone got lost and sees that Parker called her back.

Heather wants to see Naomi right away. Naomi isn’t happy, but says she’ll be there.

Hayden comes to Finn’s office, saying that the cactus is still alive and well. She tells him what her mother said about her having nothing in Port Charles and wonders if she’s wrong. Finn says she’s right; Hayden should get away from there and him. He says this is about her and her pinning her future on another man.

Elizabeth tells Franco she was raped. He tells her he’s sorry and she says it was a long time ago. She says even though she recovered, it changed her forever. Franco says she’s endured too much, and he realizes no matter how he’s changed, she’ll believe that he’s someone who’s capable of hurting her. He says he can’t do the back and forth dance anymore and asks her to leave.

Hayden asks why Finn is talking to her this way. He says she wanted him to beg her to stay. She says, no, but it would be nice if he said he’d miss her if she left. He says she doesn’t need justification from a man. He says he’s no prince and has no interest in being the next man she uses to define herself. She’s surprised that’s what he thinks of her. He says she’s beautiful, smart and funny, and if she stays, she should stay for a better reason, but if she leaves, go find someone who isn’t going to die on her. She tells him she wants nothing from him and to go to hell.

Alone, Finn tells his dead wife he did it for Hayden’s own good, so why does he feel badly? He can’t find his recorder because Obrecht is listening to it.

Franco says it’s too painful for this to continue. Elizabeth says she can’t shake Jake telling her that Franco makes her happy. He says he’s perceptive, but it has to be something she wants and he can’t keep going back and forth. Elizabeth says it’s on her and she came to him with an ethical dilemma because she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. Franco says she’s right. He’s probably always going to say or do inappropriate things, but he’d never intentionally hurt her. She says she believes him and they kiss. I get a little teary. Even though I’m no fan of Elizabeth’s, it’s nice to see Franco get what he wants.

Lulu asks Dante what if they still have a chance. She says there’s still an embryo that Stavros stole and what if it’s still out there? Dante says no way it survived the explosion.

Molly tells Kristina not to read too much into it because Parker didn’t leave a message. What if it was a butt dial? The girls go back and forth. Alexis says it appears nothing has changed. She says it didn’t take much persuasion for Parker to walk away. Kristina asks if Alexis would have preferred Parker try to kill her like what happened with her and Julian. We see the reporter recording everything as they argue. Kristina leaves the table and Alexis grabs her and tells her to stop being so self-involved and grow up.

Dante tells Lulu to remember what they have and stay positive. He adds that Spencer lost his father and there are lots of kids around for them to love.

Obrecht listens to Finn’s recording. He walks into her office and catches her. He asks how much she heard and she says more than enough. He tells her if she makes a move against him he’ll kill her with his bare hands.

Hayden asks Naomi to make her a drink. Naomi asks if it’s a celebration. Hayden says she’s starting over whether its there or someone else and she’ll teach the doubters how wrong they are. They drink to the future.

Franco asks Elizabeth if she’s sure this is what she wants. They start to get busy and there’s a bugle call. It’s a phone reminder for Elizabeth to pick up the boys. She tells Franco maybe he wants to think it over. She’s a single mom with three boys and this is what her life is like. He says maybe she wants to get a babysitter again and they can have a real date. She says she wants to take her time, but she is going to see him again. They kiss.

Kristina yells at Alexis to let go of her. Alexis says she’s sorry and Kristina says every time Alexis says it, she believes it less. She walks out. Molly tells Alexis that Kristina is an adult and she can’t control her the same way she couldn’t control Julian, and look what that got her. Molly asks if she can afford to lose anything else.

Tomorrow, Sonny thinks Jason isn’t telling him something, Kristina visits Parker, and Jordan shows Alexis the reporter’s video.

Little Women: LA

Kerwin and Tonya go bike riding. Tonya is trying to whip him back into shape. She’s having a Western style barbecue to welcome Kerwin to LA. She’s unsure about inviting Terra since they haven’t been getting along. She brings up how Terra won’t let the lotus flower logo discussion die. She doesn’t want to argue while Terra is pregnant. Kerwin thinks they should resolve things right away.

Christy and Todd are walking in the park. They sit at a picnic table and Todd says he’s been considering looking for his birth parents. He was adopted as a baby and now that he’s older, wants to know more about his medical history. It was a closed adoption, which throws a wrench into things.

Joe and Terra go vegetable picking, along with Jasmine and Chris. Since both of the girls are pregnant, they’re trying to eat more healthfully. Terra asks Jasmine if she’d prefer an average sized child or a little one. Jasmine says because of her own health issues, and average sized child might be preferable. She talks about her hair loss problem and how she was made fun of for that as well. She says it took her a long time to accept herself as a little person. Terra says she thinks every little person goes through a time of wishing they were otherwise.

While they’re paying for the vegetables, Jasmine talks to Terra about her meeting with Tonya. She says Tonya was really hurt by Terra’s comments about her logo. Terra thinks she’s the only one being honest and she doesn’t want Tonya to fail. She says that Tonya clearly talked about this with Christy and she’s not too happy about that either. Jasmine asks if she’s going to Tonya’s party, but so far, she hasn’t been invited.

Briana tells Matt that the doctor has said her fluid is too high, and it can cause premature birth. She says she had no problem with having her daughter, but with this pregnancy, she’s been in and out of the hospital. Matt asks who he should call when the baby comes. Briana says a group text is fine, but leave out Christy. She’s done with the friendship. She’s trying to build a relationship with Matt and doesn’t want Christy getting in the way.

Todd is going to talk to his adoptive father about finding his birth father. Christy hopes he’ll be supportive. His father is understanding. Todd tells him that Christy was nervous that he’d be upset, but he just laughs. Todd says he also wants to thank his birth parents for giving him great adoptive parents. His father says Todd was a lot of fun to raise.

Terra meets with Tonya’s daughter, Angelique. She tells Angelique that she and Tonya have been on the outs and she wants to make things right. Angelique says Tonya thinks Terra is crapping on her, but Terra says that’s not her intention. Terra asks for an invite to the party and Angelique tells her that she’s inviting her. Terra asks what Kerwin thinks, but Angelique hasn’t discussed it with him and thinks Tonya is settling as far as her relationship with him goes.

Tonya needs to let out some frustration, so she goes to the gym and does a boxing class. Angelique is with her and she asks if Tonya invited Terra to the party. Tonya says they haven’t been talking. Angelique doesn’t think that’s right and Tonya says, you invite her then. Angelique says she already did and tells Tonya about the meeting, which annoys her. Angelique says Terra wasn’t trying to hurt her, but Tonya won’t listen to any more.

Briana and Terra go baby shopping and discuss their pregnancies and surgeries. Briana talks about being unable to thrive when she was a baby and being underdeveloped. Terra says she didn’t walk until 14 months, but at 15 months, Penny still isn’t. Briana thinks once Penny has a little brother or sister, she’ll move ahead because she’ll want to keep up.

Briana asks about the rift with Tonya and Terra tells her about the meeting with Angelique, and how Angelique invited her to the party. She says Tonya won’t even answer her texts. In her interview, Terra talks about Tonya being her family when she moved to LA and she can’t believe she wasn’t even invited to the party. She tells Briana that she’s going and she’s not leaving until Tonya talks to her. Well, we all know how uninvited guests go on a reality show and it’s never pretty.

Tonya is getting ready for the party. She’s miffed about Angelique inviting Terra. The party venue is a pseudo ranch, with picnic tables and various animals in open stalls. In her interview, Jasmine says the last time they wore cowboy hats, the night ended with police reports. Christy shows up and Briana barely acknowledges her. Tonya is nearly as rude when Terra shows up.

Tonya thanks everyone for coming and says she planned this for the love of her life, Kerwin. Jasmine asks how Terra is feeling and she says awkward. She tells Elena and Jasmine that Tonya didn’t invite her, even though she knows Kerwin well. She thinks Tonya is purposely sharing things with Christy to get under her skin. Elena says she’s just making an assumption. Terra says regardless, she doesn’t want Christy knowing her business. She says she’s not leaving until they talk it out.

It’s time for the mechanical bull. Kerwin lasts about ten seconds, although none of the other guys do much better. Tonya does pretty well, but it wasn’t too speedy for her. The food is next and it looks damn good. Wise to do the eating after the bull riding. Terra and Joe are sitting by themselves and discuss Christy and Todd. Joe says he wants to talk to Tonya. When Terra says if she talks to him, she’ll be upset since Tonya isn’t talking to her, Joe asks if she gets along with anybody.

Christy gets weepy about Briana. Um…this is not the place. Uh-oh, here’s comes a guy who looks like a process server. He’s the attorney for Julie, Briana’s ex-publicist. He says she’s in default of a signed agreement and she has thirty days to rectify it. Matt is sure Christy told him where Briana was going to be. He says it shows how classy they both are. In her interview, Briana says that’s the only way Julie could have known where she was.

Terra asks what’s up and Briana tells her, and says that Christy must have been involved. In her interview, Terra says she never thought she’d say this, but Christy is making Matt look good. Joe asks Terra what’s going on, but Terra says until the news is out, she’s not saying anything.

A guy comes out to give lasso lessons. Terra manages to rope the guy instead of the fake cow. Terra asks to talk to Tonya. She doesn’t want the fight over the activewear to destroy their friendship. Tonya says some of what Terra told her was constructive criticism, but she said she doesn’t see Tonya as a face of fitness. She says it’s her vision, not Terra’s. Terra moves to Tonya inviting Christy and Tonya counters with Terra meeting with Angelique to get an invite. Elena comes over and asks if everything is okay. She tells Tonya that Terra was hurt about not being invited and that she doesn’t see a future for the activewear line either. Tonya says Jasmine hasn’t even seen it and she doesn’t care what either one of them thinks anyway. Party over.

Next time, more fitness, Briana discusses Christy with Matt who accuses Christy of being on drugs, Tonya confronts Angelique about what she said about Kerwin.

The Real Housewives of NYC

Dorinda goes to The Countess’s room. The Countess tells her the bad news about Tom. Jules joins them and The Countess goes to Bethenny’s room and asks to see the picture. Bethenny gives The Countess her phone. Yep, that’s Tom making out with someone at The Regency bar. Bethenny tells her that he was making out with this girl for an hour and he was very drunk, even leaving her with the tab. The Countess runs to the bathroom.

The Countess tells Dorinda and Jules. Dorinda is shocked that it happened and also that Bethenny chose to tell The Countess just before they’re leaving Miami. Dorinda asks if she’s sure about the date and tells her to get all the facts first. I totally get why Bethenny did this just before they left. She didn’t want to ruin the trip, but she wanted The Countess to know before she went back to the city.

Sonja, Carole and Ramona go to Bethenny’s room where she’s hiding under the blanket. Ramona tells her not to blame herself and that it’s already all over NYC and this wasn’t the first time. Ramona says she wishes someone had prepared her before she found out about Mario on Page Six of the Post. Bethenny says she and The Countess aren’t that close and she hated to be the one to tell her. Ramona says better her than The Countess finding out through the press. Bethenny orders Sonja to get her some alcohol, stat.

Dorinda encourages The Countess to call Tom. She says The Countess will get through it one way or another.

Bethenny says she didn’t want things to be gossipy. The Countess knocks on her door and she asks the others to leave. The Countess claims she was with Tom on the day in question, so this isn’t possible. Bethenny, between a million apologies, tells her she talked to the manager there, trying to do a CSI before anything was said. In her interview, Bethenny says if you’re going to drop a bomb, you have to be ready to answer follow-up questions. Bethenny suggests The Countess needs to have her info lined up before she talks to Tom. The Countess asks if Bethenny knew when they got there and she says she did. The Countess gets a text from Tom saying he’ll call her later.

Bethenny says she knows The Countess loves Tom, but she’s not so sure she’d trust him. The Countess says she knows Tom loves her, but he was probably drunk. In her interview, Bethenny says The Countess should run and that the whole thing happened too fast. The Countess asks how Bethenny could keep it to herself. She says she spoke to Carole, but only because she had to tell someone.

The rest of the girls discuss. Sonja wonders why everyone is so surprised.

The Countess says she’s not going to let this ruin her marriage. Bethenny gives her the time frame and the phone rings. Bethenny tells The Countess to use her bathroom. Apparently, Tom says he has no recollection of anything. The Countess keeps telling him she saw the picture and asking how he could do this, especially in public. She finds out that after he left her, he went out. He tries to make it sound like it was just a kiss, but The Countess says it was going on for over an hour. He claims it will never happen again, but she says how can she know that? Bethenny wishes she could disappear and not hear all this. The Countess says she can’t do this right now and walks back to her room.

The Countess tells the other girls that she needs to handle things. She doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Ramona is crying and tells her they’ll work it out. In her interview, Sonja says The Countess doesn’t want to deal with reality because she just wants ot get married. Yep. The Countess tells Dorinda she doesn’t want to talk about it and proceeds to talk about it. Dorinda says she didn’t know this side of Tom. She says he has to make it right because they’re all too old for this. The Countess demands a Bloody Mary and calls for Bethenny. She’s pretty distressed that everyone and their mother knows.

Bethenny – oh, I got distracted by The Countess’s ultra cool sunglasses – tells The Countess this is why she asked her if they were monogamous. She thought maybe they had an arrangement. She gives The Countess some straight vodka. The Countess agrees that she would rather know now. Carole says saying he doesn’t remember is the oldest line in the book. The Countess goes to pack.

Carole tells Bethenny that The Countess is in total shock. Ramona says if he’s doing this now, it’s not going to stop.

Back in the city, The Countess checks into a hotel. She says she needs to wrap her head around this. She and Tom are meeting the next day and she needs to make a conscious decision about things. She calls Jules, since she can’t get ahold of Dorinda. She asks if it’s too early to start drinking. In her interview, The Countess begins to justify Tom’s actions.

Dorinda is sick and Ramona comes over bearing chicken soup. Ramona says The Countess doesn’t want to deal with pain, so she sweeps things under the rug. That’s an understatement.

Carole visits Bethenny. Bethenny says she’s reached out to The Countess several times, but she’s not texting back. She wonders if she’s the bad guy now. She tells Carole about The Countess telling Tom how dare he do this publicly, and focusing on what things looked like, rather than the actual problem.

Dorinda tells Ramona that The Countess called her from The Regency and handed the phone over to Tom. She says Tom wants to bring waiters to Dorinda’s to “explain” things and have Dorinda be the messenger to the other girls. When she said no, he told her if she didn’t do it, she’s not invited to the wedding and not allowed to be friends with The Countess anymore and hung up on her. Are we five? Is he Dorinda’s father? What’s up with that? Tell you what, if someone I was engaged to said something like that, we’d be done. What a d-bag, tool, and whatever other crappy word comes to mind.

Ramona calls Tom an a-hole, saying he should just admit what he did and apologize. Dorinda says there’s no getting away from the pictures. Ramona says this isn’t the first time and it’s not going to be the last. She says they haven’t even gotten to know one another and you can’t base a relationship on lies.

Bethenny tells Carole that Tom wanted Dorinda to “take a bullet” for him. Bethenny is also having a party and wonders if Tom is going to be there and how awkward that might be.

The Countess tells us that she and Tom talked and he’s devastated. She says the kiss meant nothing. They’d had an argument and Tom went to The Regency and “fell into the girl’s clutches.” Please, please and please. And why didn’t we hear about this argument earlier? She says she’s not going to let a silly kiss ruin her life. She calls Jules and asks if she can go to the party with her. All of a sudden she wants to confront Bethenny about her detective work and why she’s so curious about Tom. Um…somebody else sent her the picture and brought this into her life.

The venue where Bethenny is having her fiesta looks awesome. There’s a photo booth with props and a Margarita pinata with 10K worth of both fine and good costume jewelry in it. I want to go to one of Bethenny’s parties. Adam has a new short haircut that’s a hit with the ladies. Bethenny says Carole and Adam are the only ones who really seem like their relationship is a good one. When The Countess arrives, she says she’s working on things. In her interview, Bethenny says The Countess and Tom are already out and about partying and The Countess has low self-esteem. She says you have to love yourself in order to not get taken advantage of.

Sonja has been set up with Rocco. She says he has good qualifications, but she doesn’t know if he’s the boyfriend for her yet. She says The Countess has been keeping her distance, since she doesn’t even want to deal with the first issue of Sonja having dated Tom.

Here comes John with Dorinda. We haven’t seen him in a while. He and Bethenny have come to a truce. I don’t even hear what Bethenny says because I’m concentrating on the pinata, but The Countess comes flying over, saying if Bethenny doesn’t stop talking about her, she’s leaving. Okay, I know she didn’t say anything about The Countess. Bethenny says if she wants to leave, fine, but they were talking about the pinata. In her interview, Carole says Tom should have been the pinata. The Countess says don’t talk about Tom, but Bethenny says they weren’t talking about him either.

Ramona says she couldn’t sleep and The Countess tells her to shut up about Tom. Ramona says she was thinking about Mario. The Countess says she and Tom are in therapy and in her interview, Ramona wonders if they’re doing therapy at the bar. She doesn’t understand why The Countess wants to “succumb” to this kind of relationship.

Jules has an eighth anniversary coming up. She says the number eight is lucky in the Asian culture and is hoping that it brings them good fortune. D’oh!

Dorinda wants an apology fir being dragged into the Countess/Tom thing, but says the party isn’t he place to discuss it. Thank you. The Countess talks to Adam and Carole and manages not to breath fire. Jules tells Bethenny that Dorinda told her she should stand up for herself and that Bethenny said she’s like a sick patient. Bethenny calls over Dorinda, who says she doesn’t remember what she said and Bethenny says she’d better remember something. Geez. Dorinda says Bethenny said Jules reminds her of her mother and can’t be around her. Bethenny says she’s allowed to have a perspective and feelings.

Dorinda tells Ramona she’s sweating bullets and Ramona blots her pit with a bar napkin. Eww! Bethenny tells Jules she loves her, but doesn’t apologize. Everyone does the photo booth thing and Jules puts a giant cardboard watermelon slice on her head. Personally, I like Carole’s choice of teeny tiny sombrero.

Bethenny tells The Countess she heard The Countess was angry with her. The Countess wonders why Bethenny had so many details. She tells Bethenny to stay out of her life with Tom and what happened means nothing. Bethenny says she shouldn’t have told her and if she sees him screwing someone on the street, she’ll keep her mouth shut. The Countess says she and Tom love each other and Bethenny says she could tell by the way he acted two weeks into the engagement. The Countess says Tom made a mistake, she’s a grown woman and will make her own decisions. She leaves. In her interview she says she just wants to be with Tom and be in her own bubble. Exactly. Finally, a word of truth from this woman.

It’s pinata time! The only rule is that no one can get two pieces of the fine jewelry. The girls rip the pinata apart. Dorinda gets a diamond martini glass. Ramona loses her shoe in the frey.

Since it’s the finale, we get some parting words about each of the women. Sonja has had three dates with Rocco; Jules is in the process of divorce; John and Dorinda are still dating, but not living together; Carole and Adam are still together, but the cookbook is on the back burner; Ramona is still dating, but making sure none of them have dated her friends: The Countess’s wedding is still on; Bethenny is finally done with her divorce – no more bleeding financially or otherwise.

Bethenny makes a toast to the empowerment of women and says they’re all still standing.

Next time – The Reunion part one.

My favorite exchange this season – The Countess: Don’t let it be about Tom. Bethenny: It’s about Tom.

August 23, 2016 – GH has Diamonds in a Boot, Haves & Nots has Hannah on the Run, & Tyler Perry has Done It Again


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sonny is proud of how Morgan kept control. Morgan says he wishes he had control to begin with instead of having to reign it in. Sonny tells him being bi-polar is different for everyone.

Ava switches Morgan’s lithium with something else. I’m assuming something that looks exactly like lithium.

Carly asks Nell if she can babysit tomorrow, but Nell says she has to get back to work in Atlanta. Carly offers to have her flown back, in addition to paying her for the babysitting.

Doc calls Laura a heathen and a blasphemer for never having seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. She says she was a little busy in 1981 (ha-ha! that’s the year she married Luke), but he says she raised children, so how is it possible? Laura suggests being on the run interfered with her education in film. Doc asks her up to his room for a nightcap.

Franco eats a terrible looking sandwich. Is that peanut butter on white bread? There’s a knock at the door. It’s Nina.

Elizabeth sees Nicholas’s name on the box has Nicholas’s name. She yells out, asking who left it there.

Carly explains she has no problem with Max and Milo watching Avery, but Ava will pitch a fit. She says Nell is a perfect candidate. She just needs one good reference. Nell gives her the phone number of a Mrs. O’Brien. While Carly is making the call, Ava comes down. She tells Nell that as much as she wants to spend the evening with her, Avery was sleeping so peacefully, she didn’t want to disturb her .

Morgan tells Sonny he’s on top of his treatment, but when he saw Mr. Six-Figures bother Kiki, he snapped. He wanted to hurt him, but felt a shift where he stepped outside himself and realized that was a bad idea. Sonny points out that this is a good thing and says he’s proud of how Morgan turned his life around. Morgan says it’s not the only change he’s making.

Nina says she’s sorry to bother Franco and he says it’s still her place too. She picks up a box of her stuff. He asks why she knocked when she has a key, and she says she doesn’t live there anymore. She asks why he’s not at work, and he tells her he’s still under suspension.

Doc tells Laura his only intentions are good conversation and a nightcap. They almost do a Who’s on First bit about how he’d never ever and never say never. She says, let’s go, and he says, check please. It’s like a new verse of Love is the Drug.

Elizabeth starts to open the box when the doorbell rings. It’s Ava wanting to talk to Laura. Elizabeth says she’s out. Ava wanted to thank Laura for inviting her to Nicholas’s funeral, even though she didn’t come. She thought her presence might disturb some of the mourners. Elizabeth invites her in, saying she didn’t know Nicholas and Ava knew each other. Ava says they found themselves in some situations together and clicked. Ava sees the box and asks what it is.

Elizabeth says the box just arrived. Ava asks why she’s not opening it, and Elizabeth says she doesn’t feel right about it, adding that it’s from Greece. She says it’s also not addressed to her. Ava says it might hold a clue to something, but it’s up to her. Elizabeth opens the box.

Laura and Doc have some burgundy. Laura says the hotel room is a little spartan for a long stay and Doc is such a guy. He says he wasn’t sure how to break it to her. Ha-ha! She asks how he likes the hotel amenities, but he says he hasn’t used them. She suddenly says she knows what he’s been doing.

Nina asks if Franco is going to take this lying down. He says he appealed, but nothing. Nina says she’s the editor of a high profile magazine and can help him. He says it’s sweet of her to offer, but he’s got this. She tells him even though it didn’t work out between them, she wishes him no ill.

Carly says clearly Mrs. O’Brien loves Nell. Nell says she’ll remember that next time she asks for a raise. Carly wants to give her $15 and hour plus $200 as a bonus for saving her the hassle of finding someone. Nell says she doesn’t even want the airfare. Carly says it’s the least she can do since Nell gave up her kidney for Josslyn, but Nell says that wasn’t her decision. Carly won’t take no for an answer.

Morgan tells Sonny some of his plans for the coffee kiosk social media. Sonny says he’s never seen Morgan so focused. Morgan says the meds might have something to do with it, but Sonny says it’s still him running with it and it’s a beautiful thing to see. Morgan says he wasn’t sure if it was all going to work, because he kept pushing everyone away, especially Kiki. Sonny says that happens. Morgan says he was afraid of the future and didn’t want to hope for anything. Sonny asks if he’s still afraid now that his emotions are manageable. Morgan says sometimes, but now it looks like he has a future. Sonny explains when you have children, you can’t wait to see the future and what happens with them. They both leave for home.

Franco gets Nina an awful sandwich too. She says it’s perfect and he says at least it’s one thing in the world he hasn’t screwed up. She says boo-hoo and there’s nothing worse than a perfectly capable, sexy man saying he’s no good at anything. She tells him he’s good at reaching people who can’t be reached. He asks how the magazine is going. She tells him it’s going good and she’s proud of her accomplishments.

Nina says maybe she’s a little too proud of herself and let it cloud her judgment. Franco asks what she’s talking about. She says she met a tall, dark, handsome stranger, and tells him about meeting Valentin. She says he asked about Nicholas, but she was too busy being wooed and charmed to see the red flag. She tells Franco that they had amazing sex all night, but she found out he wasn’t such a stranger; he was Valentin Cassadine.

The box contains Nicholas’s things. It’s from the Postmaster and they were required to be sent back to his address. Elizabeth pulls out the jacket that Nicholas was wearing when he fell. Elizabeth says it must have washed ashore. She also finds one boot. Elizabeth says she wishes she hadn’t opened the box because it makes his death real. Ava says she was there. Elizabeth says she should give the things to Laura, but Ava says Laura might feel worse when she sees them. Ava says it might sound weird, but can she have the boot? Elizabeth wonders why she’d want it and Ava tells her the story about Hux, and says it reminds her of their adventure. Elizabeth pulls a velvet pouch out of the boot and says this must be what Ava wants. It’s the diamonds.

Nina tells Franco she thinks Valentin is guilty and he’s done a lot of horrible things. She tells him about her visit to the police station. She wanted to see Valentin’s face when she told him that she got him arrested, but he wasn’t angry. Franco thinks it was a set-up, but Nina says they just met by chance and now he’s being extradited to Greece, so it doesn’t matter.

Nina asks about Elizabeth. Franco says whenever they get close, something happens to scare her, she backs off, and they start over again. Now they’re basically in limbo. Nina says if things are meant to be, they work out, but if not, there’s something better down the road.

Carly introduces Morgan to Nell. He tells her he’s the family screw up, and Sonny tells him to knock it off. Carly tells Sonny about Nell babysitting. It’s agreed that it’s better than Ava flipping out over the bodyguards doing it. Avery starts to cry and Nell says she’ll tend to her. Morgan goes along to show her where the nursery is. Sonny asks Carly about Deirdre, and she says it’s a story for another time.

Laura and Doc play video games. Laura is winning. They’re bouncing around on the bed and when they get close, they kiss.

Elizabeth says she’s taking the diamonds to the police. Ava asks why she would do that, and Elizabeth says they should have been confiscated. She says they’re evidence and Hayden will go to jail. Ava says they’ll just end up in an evidence locker somewhere, and Hayden will cop a plea and get probation. She thinks Elizabeth should hold on to them for Spencer’s future. She says she doesn’t know Spencer, but she cared about Nicholas. She says Elizabeth will be not only protecting Nicholas’s legacy but improving on it. Elizabeth says it’s not her decision. Ava says she knows whatever decision Elizabeth makes, she’ll do what Nicholas would have wanted. A just sayin’ here. I fail to see how finding the diamonds in Nicholas’s boot, which came from Greece, would implicate Hayden. Wouldn’t it just make Nicholas look bad?

Nell comes back downstairs and says Avery is asleep. Carly offers her a ride back. Nell tells Sonny that Avery is a wonderful little girl and she’ll take good care of her. Sonny says, see that you do.

Doc gets off the bed and Laura asks why he stopped. He says chivalry and adorable bashfulness. She tells him they’re grown-ups. He says she’s had an emotional day and might not be thinking clearly. He says he doesn’t care if it sounds stodgy and old-fashioned, he doesn’t want to be the reason she does something she regrets.

Laura asks if she seems regretful and he says not in the least, but when he asked her to his room, these weren’t his intentions. She says they weren’t hers either, but here they are. He asks if she’s okay with everything and she says unquestionably. They kiss. It’s about time they gave Laura someone to partner up with.

Nina thanks Franco for dinner, telling him he’s the best at making peanut butter sandwiches. Obviously, Nina has the palate of a seven-year-old. She thinks there are better things ahead for both of them. As she’s leaving, we see Elizabeth ducking out of the hallway. When Nina is gone, Elizabeth comes back. She tells Franco that she was wandering around thinking about stuff, and thought it might be good to talk about it to someone and that someone is him.

Nell leaves. Carly tells Sonny that Nell is good with Avery and it will keep the peace with Ava. She asks about Morgan. Sonny says it turned out he didn’t need help and he had the privilege of seeing Morgan handling things himself.

Morgan takes a non-lithium lithium.

Tomorrow, Hayden ponders the box of Nicholas’s things, Finn finds Obrecht in his office, and Elizabeth shows Franco the diamonds.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Benny sees the police outside his house and continues to drive past it. He calls Candace and she says it must be Veronica’s doing. He says he’ll be at her place in a few minutes.

Quita is still looking for Quincy. Xena approaches her and says that Quincy was taking care of her and she misses him. Quita blows her off, even though Xena says they’ve been friends since elementary school. It’s an understatement that this is not a nice group of people.

Benny calls Candace again, saying at least the cops aren’t at her place, and to open the door. Candace tells him about Veronica saying she’d turn Jeffrey in if he didn’t propose to Melissa. Benny asks her how many times they stabbed Quincy because he wants to take the rap. They argue and there’s a knock at the door because nobody has doorbells in soap land. It’s the police.

Candace answers the door. A cop is looking for Hannah. There’s a warrant out for her arrest in the abduction of Quincy Jr. Candace tells the officer that Hannah doesn’t live there. The officer wants to check Benny’s house, but Benny says she’s not there. He says he has a warrant and can break down Benny’s nice door. Benny says okay then, they can search. The cop wants to check out Candace’s place too, but she convinces him otherwise since she’s Quincy’s mother. She tells the officer that Hannah is dangerous and Benny says she is not. Benny asks if the charge can be dropped, but it’s a federal offense. Benny leaves with the cop.

Jeffrey sits in the driveway of Veronica’s house. Melissa comes out and tells him her father has chemo today and Veronica is being chilly with her checkbook. She says to get inside now and act interested.

Veronica greets Melissa and Jeffrey while she messes with a blonde wig. She tells them to keep the noise down. They go into their room, and Melissa says that means Veronica wants to hear noise. She starts making “Oh, Jeffrey!” moans, but Jeffrey won’t go along with it, calling Wyatt’s name instead. Melissa sees Veronica leave and Jeffrey says this is pathetic. Melissa says he’s pathetic. He asks how much money she needs. She tells him between her parents’ mortgage and medical bills, everything comes to $1.9 million and asks if he has that kind of money. He says no and she says neither does he, so can’t he just try?

Melissa says she’s trapped too. She says they don’t have to be lovers, they don’t even have to kiss, but he can at least be nice to her since she’s a human being. He says she tricked him into getting pregnant and good luck with him being nice to her.

The cops find nothing at Benny’s house. The cop tells him that Hannah could be in danger because a federal offense is serious and some cops might be overzealous. Benny tells him to get lost. The cops continue to watch his house.

Next on the officer’s list is the Cryer house. Kathryn tells him Hannah doesn’t work there anymore. She asks if they checked Hannah’s house and he says it burned down. He asks if she knows Hannah well and Kathryn says Hannah was her maid. Um…if she knew Hanna well, wouldn’t she know that Hannah’s house burned down? Kathryn says her husband is a judge and would have had Hannah locked up if she was a menace. Another um…doesn’t everyone in town know who Jim is and that he’s in jail? Jim is no one to brag about.

Jim calls Kathryn and asks about Wyatt. He wants her to visit, but she says she can’t see Wyatt in the hospital like that and sent Hannah. Jim says he wants her to visit, not someone else. She tells him to see Wyatt his damn self and hangs up.

Oh ho! Hannah is upstairs with Quincy Jr. Kathryn tells her she’s nuts, but agrees that Quincy Jr. shouldn’t be put in foster care and goes on about how cute he is. Hannah apologizes for dragging Kathryn into it and says she could get in a lot of trouble. Kathryn asks if she’s been around lately and starts to laugh, thinking about Hannah being a fugitive. She asks what Hannah is going to do. Hannah doesn’t know, but she can’t see Wyatt today and tells Kathryn she should go. Kathryn asks if he’s looking better and Hannah says yes. Kathryn agrees to go, wondering who she’ll be when she walks out of the hospital. She says the DA gave Wyatt money knowing he had a drug problem, just to get to Jim. When she thinks of her only child lying in the hospital bed, she doesn’t know which mother will emerge from the hospital. She compares it to how Hannah just broke the law for Quincy Jr. Hannah asks if Kathryn is going to break the law, and Kathryn says not intentionally. She says she doesn’t think Hannah can counsel her on this one after what she just did. This guilts Hannah and she says she’s got to take Quincy Jr. back. Kathryn says she’s going to stay there and get some rest, while Kathryn goes to see Wyatt and then find out if she has any more favors in this town so she can help Hannah. Hannah thanks her. Kathryn says she’s waited forever for the great Hannah Young to make a mistake that would land her in jail. She starts laughing again. She tells Hannah that she should be laughing too.

The police are also watching the tow yard. Benny arrives and Mitch tells him the phones are ringing off the hook. Mitch asks what’s up with the cop car. Benny asks to use Mitch’s phone and tells him the cop car is none of his business. Mitch gives him a “bat phone,” no name, no carrier. Benny calls Hannah and tells her to call him back at that number. Mitch wonders what’s happening, but Benny won’t tell him. Mitch asks when Benny is going to get a clue that he can gets things done and leaves to do a job.

Hannah finally calls Benny back and he asks what’s wrong with her. He tells her about the police and she says she and Quincy Jr. are safe, but she can’t tell him where. He says he’ll talk Candace into not pressing charges, but Hannah says she won’t agree unless Benny sues the Cryers. Hannah says she’s getting out of there with Quincy Jr., but Benny says she’s all over the news. She says she’ll get a car and she’ll be there shortly. Really? With the cops everywhere? She is nuts.

Quita, who obviously has no life and does nothing but hang around the stoop, is approached by two of her cronies. They show her a bag of tapes they got from Veronica’s house. Xena comes back again and asks Quita not to do her like this. KK (one of the dudes) tries to talk Quita into playing nice and she tells him wait until her brother gets back. He’ll be waiting a long time. The other guy tells Xena to apologize. She does. KK wants her to tell Quita the truth. Xena acts like she doesn’t know what he means. The other guy rips Xena’s shirt and she’s wearing a wire. Quita pulls out a gun and asks who’s listening. Xena tells her Veronica wanted to know what’s going on. Dude number two says that’s what the tapes are about. Quita asks how long this has been going on and Xena says since Quincy got out of jail. KK tells Quita Veronica is the one who got him out. Xena says Veronica has something on Candace, who is involved somehow. The group argues among themselves. Quita asks if Veronica hired Xena to do something to Quincy. Xena says no and she doesn’t know where he is. Quita takes the tapes and tells the guys to make Xena disappear. Xena begs Quita not to do this as they take her away.

Kathryn visits Wyatt. The nurse says he asked for her, and he’s been in and out a few times. Kathryn tells her that his first word was “mama,” and the nurse says it’s usually “daddy.” She says every day Wyatt is getting better and he’s lucky. She leaves, telling Kathryn to ring the bell if she needs anything. Kathryn tells Wyatt he is lucky and that’s why she named him Wyatt. She went into labor early on a ski trip in Wyoming. He came out fighting and always had to do everything on his own terms, including being born. She tells him she wasn’t holding his inheritance to hurt him, but to keep him from hurting himself. All she ever wanted was to love him and have him love her. She kisses his forehead. Okay, I looked up the name Wyatt and it means “brave in war.” Take from that what you will.

Oscar comes to David’s office. He says he has to leave town because he’s being followed. He found a tracking device in his car. David asks who it could be and Oscar says a number of people. He says he went to another guy named Raymond’s house. He was out of town, so Oscar pretended it was his family, and whoever followed him thinks he lives there.

He asks what’s up with David and David says he has a lot on his mind. Veronica shows up in the blonde wig. Oscar introduces himself as Jonathan and acts like he’s there about a plumbing issue. David asks what Veronica is doing there and she asks what he’s doing there, and if he’s reminiscing about what could have been. He tells her to get out and she says he finally did it; he filed for divorce on the day of their son’s engagement. He tells her she’s a confusing creature and gives her a restraining order against him and Jeffrey. She says that will be difficult because Jeffrey lives with her. David says until he finds out what’s really going on, the restraining order will stay in force. He tells Veronica if she keeps pushing Jeffrey, Jeffrey is going to kill her. She asks if this means he won’t be attending the engagement dinner. He suggests she hide all the sharp objects.

Benny goes to Candace’s place, sneaking in through the back door. She asks if he knows where Hannah is. He says no, but he’s spoken to her. He tells Candace that she needs to hand Quincy Jr. over to Hannah. When Candace says no way, Benny tells her he found out she wants him to sue. They argue. She tells him to check himself and he suggests she do the same. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Lloyd. He’s there to talk about he loans on the house and tow yard. Benny is like, whaaat?

Next time, David changes Erika’s tire, Lloyd shows Benny “his” signature on the loan documents, and DA Jennifer questions Candace and Benny about Quincy.

Too Close to Home

Tonight was also the premiere of Tyler Perry’s latest, Too Close to Home, about a chick named Anna who’s sleeping with the President. He almost dies in the saddle and his wife means to bring Anna down. Anna ends up running back to her hometown, Happy, Alabama, where things aren’t really very happy. Heather Locklear plays the President’s wife and it’s great to see her on the small screen again. If this character is anything like Veronica, we’re in for a real treat. I watched the first two episodes and Tyler gets it right again.

August 22, 2016 – Let’s Go to GH for Coffee & the OC for a Birthday Party


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Jordan talks shop on the phone as she enters her apartment. She hears someone moving around and says to freeze, she has a gun. Put that gun away. It’s Andre. Um…you did give him the key.

Kiki meets Morgan at the coffee kiosk and Ava sees them kiss. I want a shirt like Morgan is wearing with the kiosk logo on it.

Carly asks Sonny if everything is cool, since he’s late. He says he had something to take care of. Yeah, Julian. Nell visits bearing flowers.

Lucy sees Doc in the hospital elevator. He’s being released. She says he looks pretty spiffy and wonders if he has a date with Laura.

Laura, looking pretty spiffy herself, talks to Elizabeth, who feels badly about not coming to the funeral. Laura tells her it’s fine and she’s going to dinner with Doc. Elizabeth asks about Spencer. Laura says Spencer slept in her room last night. She thinks it makes him miss Nicholas not saying good-night less. She says they had an interesting conversation, and he wants to go to boarding school in France, something Nicholas had promised him. Laura asks if she should let him go away and Hayden appears, saying over her dead body.

Andre reminds Jordan that she gave him the key and they were supposed to meet after work. He tells her that he was setting up something special. She apologizes for forgetting. He’s made some Pad Thai that he says puts take-out to shame and she says clearly she has a lot to learn about him. He says he’ll get dressed so they can eat, because apparently he cooks shirtless, and she says she has a better idea. My idea is that cooking with any kind of oil while not wearing a shirt is a bad idea.

Carly tells Nell that Josslyn is out, and dinner’s not quite ready yet. Nell says sorry she’s early, but that’s the way the buses roll. Carly says she could have sent a car and also suggests she put Nell up at the MetroCourt. Nell says paying her own way is important to her and Sonny says he was the same way.

Kiki asks Ava what she’ doing there, and Ava says getting coffee. Kiki asks if there’s anything Ava wouldn’t do to drive her and Morgan apart, and we flash back to Ava messing with Morgan’s meds. Ava says that Kiki will understand when she’s a mother, and that she had a private conversation with Dillon that she thought would remain private. Morgan wonders why Kiki didn’t tell him about it.

Elizabeth tells Hayden that decisions about Spencer are Laura’s to make. Laura says it breaks her heart to send him away, but she has to consider his wishes. Hayden and Elizabeth start to argue, but Laura stops it. She says that elite families attend the boarding school that Spencer wants to go to, and it has very tight security. She’s concerned about Valentin still possibly being a threat. Hayden says if she sends Spencer away, she’ll lose him forever.

Lucy walks Doc to the MetroCourt. She wants to give him dating advice, but he’s not receptive to it. He tells her he’s glad they’re friends again, but it’s none of her business. His phone rings and she grabs it, reading the message from Laura that she’s going to be late.

Hayden tells them about her own relationship with her father. They had been very close and he got got distant when she was in high school. To protect her from the infighting between them, her parents sent her to boarding school and she hated it. Her mother walks in behind her and says, “Really?” I hate that woman. She pops up at the worst times.

Nanny Deirdre brings Avery home and Carly introduces her and Avery to Nell. Deirdre points out how “fire” Carly’s earrings are, and how she could never afford a pair like that. Carly says no matter what they cost, Avery will be after them, and takes them off. Deirdre goes upstairs to get Avery’s things ready for a visit with Ava. Carly explains to Nell how Avery has a different mother, but Sonny wants Avery to have a relationship with her. Nell says she’s seen a toll taken on children because of their parents. She says Avery is a lucky girl.

Morgan tells Ava to back off. She says sooner or later, he’ll hurt Kiki again and she won’t just be standing by.

Some dude demands service at the kiosk. Kiki tells him Morgan will be back in a minute. He suggests Kiki whip something up for him and tries to make a pass at her. He touches her and she backs away. He tells Kiki to relax and she tells him to drop dead. He says he pulls in six figures and can pay for more than a coffee. Kiki says she’s not for sale and walks away, but when dude tries to follow her, Morgan steps in.

Afterglow and Pad Thai at Jordan’s. She orders Andre to quit his job and just cook. She says maybe she can make an exception for some things – like cooking in the bedroom. I added that last part. They get busy and her evidence folders get knocked over. Andre sees the picture of the coin and says he’s seen it before.

Naomi claims to have come to give support. Hayden suggests they have dinner somewhere else. Laura makes a soap opera face at Elizabeth.

Doc tells Lucy he’s having dinner with Laura. She brings up how well he’s dressed and he says she must be meeting someone too, considering what she’s wearing. Like we’ve ever seen Lucy not dressed well, even in her underwear. She tells him she’s meeting Scotty.

Morgan steps on dude’s earpiece and dude punches him. A fight starts and Kiki calls Sonny. She tells him that Morgan is in trouble and to get to the kiosk.

Sonny apologizes for leaving dinner before dessert. Deirdre says Avery’s stuff is ready for her overnight. Nell starts to clear the table and bumps Deirdre. Deirdre drops her bag and Carly’s earrings fall out.

Kiki tries to stop the fight and dude calls her a stuck up bitch. Morgan brings his fist back for a good punch in the face. Kiki tells Morgan to stop. Ava shows up, asking if Kiki really wants to live her life like this. Finally Morgan lets dude go, telling him to get lost, but dude says he’s calling the cops.

Deirdre says she has no idea how the earrings got in there. Carly wants her key back. She tells Deirdre she’ll pay her for the week, but she’s fired. Nell is playing with Avery and tells Carly maybe Deirdre was telling the truth. Carly says she has to be particular about security measures and can’t take chances. She says her search for a nanny is back on. You see where this is going and how it got there, right?

The cops show up at the coffee kiosk..

Andre says it’s a Roman coin from whatever A.D. Because Andre has already been consulted on the murders, Jordan explains about Valerie and the cuff-link. Andre asks if she thinks the murderer was trying to get the cuff-link back. Jordan says she thinks it’s a good lead, but she also thinks she knows who it belongs to. She believes that the killer is right under her nose, but she can’t see it.

Ava shows up at Sonny’s and asks why she saw the nanny being escorted from the property. Carly says something about her being a thief and Ava is like, I don’t want that around my daughter. She asks if Nell is the new nanny and Carly says it’s none of her business. Ava goes upstairs to get Avery. Carly tells Nell that in the beginning, they were just like the parents Nell described, but Sonny realized that he had to change that for Avery’s sake. She tells Nell that Ava is more copacetic, but still can’t be trusted. Upstairs, Ava sneaks into Morgan’s room, confirming what Carly just said.

Morgan tells the cops that dude bothered Kiki. One of the officers asks if Kiki is okay and if Morgan wants to press charges. He says he just wants dude gone and the cops escort dude out. Sonny arrives, but Kiki says Morgan had it under control.

Doc says he didn’t know Lucy was seeing Scotty. She says it’s just casual, and Doc says he gets it. She apologizes for rubbing it in his face. He says when she cheated with Scotty, it hurt him, but he’s past that. He does think Scotty isn’t good enough for her though. She brings up that they’re two formerly married couples switching partners. Please, don’t suggest a double-date.

Laura wants to cancel her dinner plans. She says going out after losing Nicholas doesn’t seem right. Elizabeth says Nicholas wouldn’t want her to stop living, and Doc is probably the only man he’d deem worthy of her attention.

Hayden and Naomi sit down to dinner. Naomi says she didn’t realize how much Hayden hated school. Hayden says Elizabeth just got under her skin and thanks Naomi for being supportive. Naomi says she had her lawyers go over the financials, and it’s not good – Laura has been put in charge of everything. Naomi tells her to come back to the city. She says Hayden doesn’t need to be around Elizabeth and Hayden asks what she’s talking about.

Andre says serial killers feel like they’re bringing order to the chaos in their lives because of some real or imagined slight. He says they’re usually arrogant micro-managers who are also charismatic. She says he just described half the doctors at GH and it could even be him. I hope she’s kidding around, although he’d be one of the few men who might wear cuff-links. I have to add that at the beginning of the scene, Jordan gave him some coffee while he was talking and he threw a thank you her way in the middle of the sentence, which made it seem like a real conversation. Bravo, Anthony Montgomery!

Laura meets Doc and thanks him for encouraging her to get out. Lucy sends over champagne.

Elizabeth talks to Nicholas’s picture. The old Nicholas’s picture. Hmm… This makes me think he’s not dead, because if he was, wouldn’t we see the last guy’s picture? She starts to go out the door and almost trips over a box that’s been delivered. It’s from Nicholas.

Naomi says it’s not just Elizabeth, it’s the entire situation. She says no one has given Hayden anything but grief since she got there and she should get away. Hayden brings up Spencer and Naomi says no way anyone is going to let her get involved. She tells Hayden she’s not walking away with anything and she should close the book on Port Charles.

Carly looks for someone to babysit temporarily, but can’t find anyone except Max and Milo. Carly wonder what about Nell? Big shock.

Kiki apologizes for calling Sonny. Morgan says he understands, but he finally felt like he could think before he acted. Sonny says as long as he sticks to therapy and medication, he can handle anything. We see Ava picking up Morgan’s bottle of lithium.

Tomorrow, Sonny can’t wait to see what Morgan does, Doc asks Laura to come up for a nightcap, and Nina tells Franco that she met a tall, handsome stranger.

The Real Housewives of the OC

When we last left, Heather was sobbing in the limo to Terry about Kelly’s behavior at Tamra and Meghan’s party. After she tried to throw Kelly out of a party that she wasn’t hosting. I actually thought that was pretty funny.

Meghan sends a wish-you-were-here text to Jim while she’s at the doctor’s office. Meghan rehashes the party with her mother, telling her that Kelly called Shannon a see-you-next-Tuesday name. The doctor comes out and gives Meghan the lowdown. There are four viable embryos. She gets Jim on the phone. It’s three girls and a boy, and Jim already has three boys. The doctor says the best embryo is one of the girls with a 90% chance and the least viable is one of the boys, with a 60% chance. Jim wants to talk to Meghan alone. They’d wanted a boy, but since the girl has the better chance, she suggests they do both. Jim agrees. Meghan says she never imagined her husband wouldn’t be in the same room with her when she got pregnant, yet here we are. The implant is done pretty quickly.

Tamra meets Heather at a place called The Writing Studio, where Heather’s daughter is taking a class. Heather tells Tamra she’s exhausted and damaged. I have the feeling she doesn’t even know what damaged is if she thinks seeing someone behave badly at a party can be filed under that. Tamra thinks there’s something seriously wrong with Kelly, and that she lashes out against other people because she’s been hurt. Heather says she’s proud of Tamra for being so reasonable and not reacting like a heathen at the party. Heather wonders how they’ll be able to invite Kelly to anything again. Tamra has a trip planned and is on the fence about what to do. Heather is bringing her kids, so she’s concerned Kelly might flip out in front of them.

Kelly visits Meghan, who is back from the implanting. She shows Kelly the first ultrasound. Kelly has been through the same procedure, so she can identify. Meghan says she’s going to be blunt, she’s on Shannon’s side this time and Kelly was wrong to name call. Kelly says she went from 0 to 10 immediately and she’s sorry. Meghan says she was hypocritical as well, since the whole thing started with Kelly being upset at being called a prostitute. She says even though she loves Kelly, she was embarrassed to be her friend when she was acting psychotic. I never thought I’d say this, and I’m still not crazy about her, but I’m with Meghan here. I totally get why Kelly is pissed about Shannon inviting those girls to the party, and I’m even not so sure it wasn’t done on purpose, but she has got to get herself under control.

Kelly says she felt ganged up on and got defensive, and nothing like that had ever happened to her before. She should have stopped there. She goes on to tell Meghan that it wasn’t about herself and that Meghan will understand when she’s a mother. In her interview, Meghan says that Kelly is way out of line here and isn’t considering what affect her behavior might have on her own daughter. Meghan suggests Kelly can move beyond this by stopping and considering logic next time. I think Kelly knows how badly she screwed up and now she’s scared. Kelly says she’s lucky to have Meghan as a friend.

David calls Shannon and sings Happy Birthday. He says he has some special things planned and to pack a suitcase and be ready in twenty minutes. They’re going on an overnight. In her interview, Shannon says it’s hard for David to surprise her. Even when he was going to propose, the jewelry store called and left a message that he ring was ready.

David arrives and Shannon is gathering up the million things she needs, trying to pack. We flash back to last year’s birthday, which was not the best. Just packing all her potions, lotions and holistic treatments takes Shannon forever.

The gang has all been invited to a surprise party in Santa Fe. On the party bus, we find out that David has also planned a vow renewal. Heather has been helping him on the sly.

Shannon is pretty excited. David tells her that it’s something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Shannon has gotten a lot of birthday texts, as well as a phone call from Vicki inviting her to Vicki’s birthday celebration that is coming up. She says she forgives Vicki, but doesn’t want to be her friend anymore and thinks Kelly is a nutcase. Hey, at least she didn’t get an enema doohickey stuck in herself.

They arrive at the inn where Shannon and David got married. They’re in the Honeysuckle Suite. Shannon is thrilled at David’s thoughtfulness. I have to admit, he’s recovered well from the cheating thing.

Vicki meets Kelly for lunch. Kelly says they’re the odd men out, since everyone else is at Shannon’s party. Vicki says a lot has changed in a year, since at this same time last year, she and Shannon were very close. Kelly tries to justify what she did at the party, although she admits she shouldn’t have called Shannon the c-word. Vicki says her mother was a screamer and she’s the same way. We flash back to the 80s party from God only knows how many seasons ago. Yep. She’s a screamer.

Kelly wants Vicki to teach her how to be a better person. Vicki suggests poise. Good luck with that. I don’t think poise is Kelly’s strong suit. Vicki adds that they’ll make fools of the other women. Highly unlikely. Kelly says they’re hated because the others want to be them. Nope.

Jeff, Jenni and Gage from Flipping Out are at the party. David tells Shannon they’re going to dinner. Heather coordinates with David and has everyone stand at the ready. Shannon is totally shocked at seeing all the guests. Lots of applause and happy birthdays. How long before someone brings up Kelly and Vicki?

Vicki and Kelly discuss going to Greece. Vicki asks if Kelly is okay with going without her husband. Kelly says of course, and the reason they’d separated was because he was too controlling. They talk about Kelly’s marriage and how one minute she’s madly in love and the next she wants to jet.

David takes Shannon outside and she gets all emotional. Inside, Jeff talks to Tamra about the rift between Shannon and Vicki. Heather tells the others that David has another surprise and took Shannon back to their room. The hostess comes in to escort them to the next venue. It’s a gorgeous outdoor space with lots of candles and twinkles, where it looks like a fairy wedding is about to take place.

At the Honeysuckle Suite, David tells Shannon he’s nervous and she wonders what he has to be nervous about. He walks her to where the others are. Shannon is totally freaked and asks why the kids are there. She tells David she’s blown away and that she would have worn a different dress. Yep, that’s the downside to surprises. You have to go with whatever you’re wearing at the time.

In her interview, Shannon says she wouldn’t be with David today if it hadn’t been for the pastor who’s officiating. She says this reinforces that the choices she made in staying together were the right ones. David tells Shannon how much he loves her and can’t wait to spend the next 50 years growing old with her. In her interview, Shannon says it’s a gift that her children are able to witness this. Heather says blah-blah-blah because I’m annoyed with her. The pastor re-pronounces them husband and wife. Shannon says it would have been easier to give up, but their children were all worth it. Meghan says it’s spectacular to make this kind of rebound from an affair less than two years later. I agree. Oh Lord, that’s the second time I’ve agreed with Meghan tonight.

Shannon thanks everyone for coming. The hostess comes out and points everyone to the diner table. Shannon tells David everything is surreal. He tells her there’s another surprise. The next day they’re going on a second honeymoon in Cabo. He’s even arranged for someone to take care of the kids.

David stands up to make a toast, saying he’s proud of where they’ve been and where they’re going. Holy! Someone makes a joke about the cake having a bonfire on it, but it’s true. Shannon blows out the candles.

Next time, it’s Vicki’s turn for a birthday celebration, Meghan might be pregnant, Ryan comes home to the OC and Heather confronts Kelly.