August 1, 2016 – A Missed GH Boat in Greece & Party Aftermath in the OC


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

The vial that Franco was carrying has tested positive for the drug that killed the other patients and the only prints on it are his. Amy II makes a bunch of accusatory noises and Jordan tells her she’s not a police officer. Now I’m wondering if it’s Amy who’s killing off the patients. Although she doesn’t need drugs. She can talk them to death.

Elizabeth asks Franco what he wants with her because she’s really, really stupid, and doesn’t understand how she ended up with children.

Nina is at The Floating Rib, going over the stories that people have sent her in regard to the organ donation story.

Carly, who is babysitting Roxie, tries to get her to eat something. Finn comes in saying hello to “his best girl.” Carly thanks him, but he picks up Roxie and kisses her. I gotta say, it’s really cute. Every time he kisses her nose, her little feet go up in the air. I’ve always wanted a lizard.

The group in Greece has landed on some island. Doc is sleeping and Sam suggests someone stay awake at all times in case a boat comes by. Oh look! It’s the Ionian Princess! Not really, but that would be funny.

Sam wants to go back to the crash site to find Jason. She says if he’s hurt, he’s not going to make it through the night. I guess I missed something here. Like the part where everyone left the plane and he didn’t make it.

Valerie talks about Franco leaving the statue for the patient. Curtis wonders if the patient didn’t bring it back to her room herself. Amy says Franco was acting “shifty” and “ominous.” She makes up some nonsense and Curtis questions her, but Jordan says she’ll handle it. Curtis and Valerie make a rain check for their date.

Franco says he hasn’t really thought about what he wants long term, but right now he was thinking dinner. Elizabeth says the studio is weird (yeah, it’s an art studio) and he says he brought her there hoping she’d get to know him better. He suggests she open and pour the champagne. He tells her she can try to call the cops while he looks for glasses, but the reception is lousy.

Carly says she wasn’t expecting Finn back so soon. She gets a call. It’s some kind of emergency, and she has to go. Finn tells Roxie he’s sorry he didn’t bring anything back for her. Ingo Rademacher (i.e. Jax) is behind him and says, from the looks of things, it’s true love. When did he show up? While checking the spelling of his name, I found out he was born in West Germany, which surprised me.

Finn tells Jax that Roxie is his service animal. He says Jax seems pretty familiar with bearded dragons and Jax explains he used to see them all the time when he lived in Australia. Carly comes back and asks Jax (say that three times real fast) what he’s doing there.

Amy tells Jordan and Valerie that Franco and Elizabeth are on a date. Jordan wonders where they might have gone, but Amy says he doesn’t share information with too many people. Jordan expresses concern about Franco’s temperament. Andre comes out of the elevator and Jordan says she could use his help.

Elizabeth tries to text her babysitter and finally gets it to go through. She pours the champagne and asks Franco what all the stuff is around the studio. He says some of it is for inspiration and some he just can’t get rid of. He talks about his work being dark and angry and how it bothers some people.

Curtis joins Nina at the bar. She tells him that Carly told her to stop pursuing the organ donor story, but she thinks Carly is being pressured, so she’s ignoring that.

Sam is afraid Jason might be disoriented. She thinks he got off the plane before it exploded. Missed that too. Ava says they owe Jason their lives because he gave them time to get away, but there’s no way he could still be alive. That’s right, because even after Carrrlos dying and coming back a dozen times, this could not even be a possibility.

Carly introduces Jax to Finn. Finn says Jocelyn shares Jax’s appreciation for bearded dragons. Carly asks if Jocelyn knows he’s there. Jax says he texted her, but she seems to be busy, so he was going to surprise her.

Curtis asks Nina what she wants him to do. She says nothing illegal, but she could use his investigative talents. He says as long as she’s paying. He asks why she’s at the bar alone. She says her life partner wan’t in it for life.

Franco tells Elizabeth how he thought he’d lost his motivation to paint when the tumor was removed, but he suddenly has new feelings he wants to express. She says he never lost his talent and it sounds like he’s getting his confidence back. He wants to show her a painting that’s motivated by feelings other than anger. He says she hopes she doesn’t find it disturbing.

Jordan brings Andre up to speed. Andre says he did a psyche evaluation when Franco was reinstated. He tells her that Franco seemed to have an unnatural fixation with death. Jordan has Valerie look around his locker and asks Andre to come with her to the art therapy room. She asks if he minds. He says it’s strictly professional and they’ll leave their personal stuff out of it.

Sam says she gave up on Jason once and she’s not doing it again. Ava suggests she wait until morning and Dante seconds that. She says she’s going now and collapses. I guess she’s waiting.

Valerie tells Jordan nothing is out of the ordinary. Jordan says they have to track down Franco immediately. He’s been drawing death masks of the patients who were killed. Andre says that doesn’t mean it has anything to do with the murders. He says Franco is used to expressing himself with his art and could be using it as a coping mechanism. Jordan says he wouldn’t have known about the last victim and they have to track him down.

Elizabeth asks why Franco is nervous, since he’s shown his art all over the world. He says the painting is of her. He shows her and she says it’s beautiful.

Nina says Franco is one of the few people in her life who understood her, but she thinks she outgrew him. She changed and she didn’t think he could follow. She says she’s proud of what she’s accomplished and likes herself, but Franco couldn’t deal with that. She thinks there’s a part of him that he can’t control or trust. What one has to do with the other, I’m not sure. Jordan and Valerie overhear.

Carly tells Finn about dropping the search. He asks why the change of heart. Jax says Jocelyn asked them to and they’re honoring her wishes. Finn says it’s a mistake.

Sam is like, I’m fine now, let’s get going. The group hears something and thinks it’s a boat. Has everyone forgotten about Valentin and that he could still be hunting for them?

Finn says he wants to make sure they make an informed decision. Jax says they appreciate it, but he and Carly will take it from there. Finn leaves to take Roxie for a walk, and Carly chastises Jax for jumping the gun telling Finn before she had a chance to. He asks if she’s really changed her mind.

Jordan asks Nina if they’ve seen Franco, but she says no. Valerie interrupts, saying she thinks Franco brought Elizabeth to his art studio. Nina says Franco didn’t waste any time. Curtis tells Nina that Franco is an idiot, and that she shouldn’t be drowning her sorrows.

Um…the painting is nice, but it resembles something I’ve seen at the 4-H exhibition. Elizabeth says it reminds her of a Renoir because she knows less than nothing about art. Franco talks about studying the masters. He says the impressionists had the right idea about finding beauty in an imperfect world. Elizabeth says she thinks they painted things accurately for the first time and that she once dreamed of being an artist, but that’s not who she sees herself as anymore. Franco says someone as beautiful as she is shouldn’t have a problem creating beautiful things. He asks if she thinks he’s being stalkerish by painting her without her knowledge. She says no. He asks if he could do another painting. She says only if she can paint him.

Amy acts stupid about Finn’s lizard, like it might attack her. If only. He asks if she can help him in reestablishing his lab.

The boat passes. At least Lulu suggests it might have been Valentin. The others wander off and she tells Dante that she found something on Cassadine Island that upset her. She shows him the bracelet and tells him she found it on a skeleton in the tunnels.

Amy tells Finn he has to talk to Obrecht. He guesses he’ll have to bite the bullet and decides to track her down tomorrow. Amy asks what he’s researching. He says since she’s so good at keeping a secret and it’s not for the public, she’ll have to wait.

Curtis sees Andre. He tells him not to be too hard on Jordan. He says that she’s been dealing with TJ on her own for a while, so don’t expect her to be open. Andre is totally rude and says he didn’t ask for relationship advice.

Elizabeth is impressed with Franco’s cooking. They smile at each other and there’s a knock at the door. It’s Valerie and Jordan. Jordan says they have some questions.

Nina goes back to her room. She drops her key before she can get the door open and hears someone in the hallway.

Dante tells Lulu not to jump to conclusions. Laura says she thinks the antibiotics are working. Sam wants to get moving again. Dante says she could be walking into a trap. Sam hears something, yells, “Jason, is that you?” and goes running into the woods. Dante runs after her and I laugh because it looks like he’s trying to tackle her. Seriously here. Why would Sam act so reckless?

Tomorrow, Jax tells Carly to let the organ donor search go, Franco tells Jordan to get a search warrant, and Spencer calls his father.

The Real Housewives of the OC

When last we left, Shannon’s 70s party ended up a huge success total disaster. I’m quite sure we’ll be feeling the aftermath for the rest of the season.

Meghan and her mother are at the doctor for the embryo transfer preparation. I’m not sure what’s up with Meghan’s hair. Either she has those awful highlights that make it look like you have grey hair or she’s getting grey hair. Meghan is annoyed that Jimmy isn’t there, but they pump her full of drugs and she doesn’t care anymore. In her interview, Meghan tells us to say yes to drugs. I think Meghan’s brain is probably that same fried egg with or without them. It turns out that the doctor’s ex-wife was one of the twits that started the whole debacle at Shannon’s party. Meghan tells him that his ex has a colorful mouth.

Vicki and Tamra chat, and Vicki thinks they might be able to rekindle their friendship. Tamra is still trying to process what happened at the party. Vicki says she had nothing against David, but she does now.

Shannon is upset that Vicki said she was manufacturing drama. Well, who invited those two-bit ho’s who ganged up on Kelly? We flash back to Shannon, hysterical and barely making sense, trying to get David to stand up for her. She’s not happy about what Kelly said, but she’s also not happy with the way she reacted.

Kelly says it was 100% an ambush. She explains that she was engaged to someone else while she was legally separated from her husband, which explains Shannon’s babbling about her having an affair. I totally understand this, having been in nearly the same position myself. Apparently both of us decided that the evil we knew was better than the one we didn’t.

Meghan has been invited to speak to a group of colon cancer survivors on Capital Hill. She’s advocating for a colon cancer screening bill and Heather is going with her. She wants LeAnn to look down and be proud of her. It’s strange how Meghan seems to have become closer to LeAnn after LeAnn’s death. She and Heather discuss having kids. Meghan toys with the idea of twins, and Heather tells her that twins are pretty difficult. In her interview, Heather says it makes you want to kill yourself.

Shannon goes to see Dr. Moon. She says he keeps the good energy flowing. Maybe she should have checked in with him before that party. He sticks a bunch of plastic cups on her and she tells us that “cupping” brings the toxins out of the body. She hollers “ow!” every time he sticks another one on and it grates on my nerves. Looking at her with these cups on her back sucking her flesh reminds me of the leech treatment scene in The Devils. Dr. Moon pokes holes in her skin to help release the toxins. Have I used the word “insane” yet?

Heather and Meghan go to dinner. Meghan tells Heather that she’s pissed about Jim not being around. She says on the two days he had off, he dared to play golf. She says he’s not going to be there for the embryo transfer, although her mother will be. Nice of her to be grateful that she has the latter. In her interview, Heather says she understands it from both sides, since Jimmy already has four kids and he’s not the enthusiastic type. That’s an understatement. She complains about Terry working all the time and Meghan frets about feeling like a single mom. She’s hoping Jimmy is a more involved father than pending father.

Kelly says the worst problem in their marriage is that Michael doesn’t listen to her or take her advice. I’m identifying all over the place tonight. Kelly’s brother and mother are having dinner with them, and she tells them about Shannon’s party. Her mother is all diplomatic, saying she should give Shannon a chance and maybe she’s not “that way.” Michael wants her to figure out how to make things work and mom says some nonsense about forgiveness. All that’s fine, but how about the issue of Shannon setting Kelly up?

Tamra is meeting with her trainer, Mia, who is also her spiritual adviser. Tamra is training to be a bikini competitor. Oh, it’s that kind of competition. I was thinking more along the lines of Corey Everson. As though she read my mind, Tamra tells us that Mia was once a Miss Olympia. Mia explains how Tamra has to present herself. They video chat with the costume designer and work on Tamra’s walk. Tamra seems to have trouble with stripper heels, which confuses me, since I thought all of these women wear them on a daily basis. Mia tells her she’ll need to flirt with the judges. After some uncoordinated first attempts, Tamra finally gets the walk down.

It’s time for Meghan’s speech. At first, she has difficulty not stammering and doing a lot of um’s and uh’s. Once she actually gets into talking about the disease, she gets better. In her interview, Meghan says she’s grown a lot in the last year and she’s proud of herself for taking on all the responsibilities that she has. She now never says LeAnn’s name without prefacing it with “my friend.” I guess what’s bugging me about this is, she makes it sound like she was friends with LeAnn all along, when she wouldn’t have even known LeAnn if she hadn’t married LeAnn’s ex-husband.

I just Googled this and Jim had a wife in between them, who Megan is definitely not friends with. And it sounds like there’s a reason.

Briana is redecorating the house Vicki got for her in the OC. In her interview, Vicki says the best thing about breaking up with Brooks is that she has her daughter back 100%. We flash back to a few unsavory scenes with Briana cursing out Brooks. Briana’s kids are at the house, tripping over things, when neither one of them should be anywhere near a plug, power tool or anything that has to do with construction. Briana is nervous about how much everything is going to cost.

Tamra drops by. They’re in the same neighborhood, although Briana is “outside the gate.” That reminds me of the scene in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert when Bernadette wonders if the gate is there to keep outsiders from getting in or to keep them from getting out. In her interview, Briana says she needs more medical tests, but right now her leg problem is stable. Troy locks himself inside the car. I would never, ever babysit these children.

Kelly calls Shannon. Ew. She asks if Shannon would meet her for coffee. In her interview, Kelly says that she believes Shannon set her up, but after listening to her mom, she thinks they should talk. She says if Shannon says she didn’t do it, she’ll try to believe her.

Tamra calls Heather in Washington. Heather says they’re working hard, but Tamra says she can hear the champagne. Damn if she isn’t right. Meghan tells Tamra she had a moment with Vicki at the party when she told Vicki about the IVF and showed her bloated belly. We flash back and there’s an awkward hug. It’s Megan and Tamra’s last chance to drink for a while, so they want to get together with the girls, but Heather is hesitant about Shannon and Kelly being in the same room. Tamra tells her that they’re getting together on their own.

Meghan says that when she was at the party, she saw Shannon taking the two bullies aside to talk and she smelled a set-up. She says she likes Shannon, but she saw what she saw. For a moment, I like Meghan. I’m like that too. Even if you’re my best friend, if you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

Kelly and Shannon meet. Kelly doesn’t beat around the bush and asks her how long she’s known Jacquie and if she’s a good friend. Shannon wonders why she’s being put on the witness stand. In her interview, she says she thought it was going to be an apology, not a cross-examination. Kelly doesn’t buy that Shannon wasn’t aware that Kelly knew Jacquie, even though she says she didn’t. Shannon says she’d never have a party to stir things up. She says that Kelly insulted a third of her guests.

Shannon brings up Kelly saying David looked like a pedophile. This is kind of stupid, since she was referring to his costume, she was right and it was funny. Shannon says something about Kelly calling her ugly and then says Kelly looked like an Indian. Kelly asks if this means Shannon thinks Indians (I assume she means Native American) are ugly. Sounds that way to me. It doesn’t take long for it to escalate to Shannon putting her finger in Kelly’s face and talking about how Kelly said no wonder David had an affair. Even though I don’t believe Shannon either, that was a pretty low blow.

Commercial break. I see an ad for the movie Sausage Party and wonder why this film even exists.

Shannon is like, how dare you? and Kelly says Shannon accused her of having an affair. Shannon truthfully points out that she said it after Kelly said what she did about David’s affair. Kelly says she really thought Shannon set her up, but if she says she didn’t, she’ll believe her and she’s sorry. She says apologizing is hard for her and Shannon tells her not to then. Kelly says she just wants them to get along. Shannon insists she’s not lying and Kelly says she just wants to move on. In her interview, Shannon says she’s going to approach Kelly with caution from now on.

Next time, Vicki wants Ryan to work for her, Shannon gets a text from Kelly, Meghan wants to have a girls night, and Heather goes ballistic.


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