August 3, 2016 – GH’s Franco Gets Freed, Little LA Gets Twins, the Shahs Get Closure & NYC Wives Get to Miami


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nathan takes Claudette to the hospital. How they got back, I have no clue. The real Maxie has returned and is looking for him at the hospital.

Morgan says he has a life-changing surprise for Kiki. Sounds frightening.

Franco meditates, using Elizabeth as a muse, when Scotty shows up bearing breakfast. He tells Franco he has no alibi and was seen coming out of Miss Prescott’s room. Scotty says they’re going to search Franco’s studio and apartment, and they already found the sketches of the dead people in his locker. Scotty asks if they’re going to find out anything that will bury Franco deeper.

Elizabeth asks Griff to pinch hit and check out Claudette, although she doesn’t use Claudette’s name. Maxie finds Nathan. She starts to tell him about the computer hack, but he says Claudette already told him about it. He also tells her about Claudette smashing the wedding photo. He explains about offering to drive Claudette to the airport. After every sentence, Maxie asks if Claudette is gone, and finally Nathan tells her she never made it to the plane.

Claudette waits in the examining room. Does she know Griff is a doctor at GH?

At the coffee shop, Kiki tells Morgan about Franco not coming home last night. He barely acknowledges this and tells her how great it was waking up next to her and how much he missed her. He says he doesn’t want to miss her like that again. She asks what’s up and Lucy interrupts.

Oh good God. Griff almost goes into the examining room – he has his hand on the doorknob – and Valerie says she needs to talk to him.

Maxie asks for an explanation. Nathan tells her about going down a random country road and the car dying. Maxie tells him how she had a farewell-to-Claudette dinner ready. He tells her not only did he leave his phone at home, Claudette’s phone died. He says they spent the night in the car until some joggers came by in the morning and helped them. Once again, Maxie asks if Claudette got a flight out of there, and he says not exactly.

Griff asks Elizabeth what happened with her Franco date. She says it ended up with Franco being hauled off as a person of interest in the latest hospital death.

Lucy says she felt being in cosmetics was shallow and now she’s a realtor, which is a much more honest and thoughtful business. Lucy didn’t say that last part; that’s my sarcasm talking. She says Morgan has chosen a great place for them and all Kiki has to do is co-sign the lease. Kiki is speechless, but not in a good way.

Nathan tells Maxie that Claudette is still in Port Charles. He says he accused her of arranging them getting stranded, she got mad, stomped off and fell, aggravating an old injury. Maxie asks where Claudette is and he says she’s at the hospital.

Claudette wanders around the examining room, obviously not hurt. She takes out her phone and messes with it. Griff’s picture comes up.

Griff asks Elizabeth if she thought Franco’s behavior was weird and she says not any more than usual. She says the date was actually going well until he got arrested. She thought they might have something between them.

Franco says as an artist, he’s always been out there. Scotty says he drew pictures of everyone who was lethally injected and asks why. Franco says who knows why an artist does what he does, and lists various artists who painted the dead. Scotty says none of them were accused of murder. He says the only way he can get Franco out of this is changing the venue to Mozambique. Franco says he’s not the killer and asks if Scotty believes him.

Elizabeth tells Griff about the vial that Franco was found with, and his explanation. Griff asks if Elizabeth thinks Franco could be responsible for the murders.

Lucy shows Kiki pictures of the apartment. I guess the rent is free, since she never mentions how much it costs. Lucy pulls out papers and asks Kiki to sign. Kiki says she needs to talk to Morgan privately. She asks Morgan what’s going on and why he did all this without telling her. He says he wanted to surprise her. Lucy pops back up and tells them to take their time. Her other client, Dillon, is there.

Scotty asks again if the police will find anything. Franco says the police can make something out of nothing and he has a lot of weird objects in his studio. He asks if, as his father and lawyer, Scotty believes him, and Scotty says he’s trying. Franco wants to call Elizabeth.

Elizabeth recounts all the stuff Franco said to the police and how uncooperative he was. Griff says that’s no indication of guilt. She says she needs clarity on the timeline. Her phone rings. It’s Scotty. He asks if she’ll talk to Franco.

Maxie reviews the evening. Nathan says he knows how it seems and she asks if they had any sweet bonding moments. Valerie interrupts, asking Nathan to help with the questioning. Claudette pops out of nowhere, telling Maxie they slept in the front seat, leaning against each other. Yes, now she’s wandering around the hospital.

Morgan asks Dillon if he’s looking for a new apartment. He says he is and asks if Morgan and Kiki are moving in together. Morgan says yes, but Kiki is like, we have to talk about this. Lucy monopolizes Dillon and Kiki takes Morgan somewhere they can talk.

Maxie tells Claudette that she’s transparent and asks how it feels to have her plans fall apart. Claudette asks what plans. Maxie says just because Nathan didn’t leave her in the dust, doesn’t mean he wants to get back together. Maxie asks if she’s ever going to get the hell out of their lives.

Nathan tells Valerie she’s officially off duty and asks if he needs to tell her it’s an order. I think she’s been at the hospital 72 hours straight now. He goes in the room where Elizabeth and Griff are and says he has some questions.

Franco says Elizabeth won’t talk to him. Scotty says he should make Elizabeth off-limits since she has a son with Jason. He says if Franco gets out of this mess, he should stay away from her and asks what happened with Nina. Franco says that Nina told the commissioner she thinks there’s a part of him he can’t control. He says no one believes in him.

Nathan asks if Griff saw anyone suspicious. He says no, that he ran into Elizabeth and they talked for a while. Elizabeth talks about how they discussed Franco. Griff says after that, he took Maxie for coffee to calm her down and then they both went home. A light bulb comes on over Elizabeth’s head, and she says that when they found Miss Prescott, Amy said the monitors were off, but earlier, Amy had checked on her and everything was fine. She says after that, Franco was with her. Griff says she may have just exonerated Franco. Please don’t tell me the killer is Amy. If so, it’s kind of lame.

Morgan is a total idiot, so he doesn’t understand why Kiki is upset, especially since they’ve lived together before. She says um…they didn’t talk about it. She says couples discuss things and consider each other’s feelings, because Morgan needs the simplest social skills explained to him. He asks if she thinks it’s impulsive and the entire viewing audience agrees that it is. Except that one guy. Morgan says go ahead and say it, she thinks he’s off his meds. If she doesn’t, I do.

Dillon tells Lucy that he needs some more time and will be in touch. He runs into Valerie and asks if she’d like coffee. She tells him high octane.

Nathan says Franco will be free to go and thanks them for their time. Griff asks if Elizabeth is starting to believe in Franco.

Scotty tells Franco he’s been released. He says that someone figured out the timeline didn’t match and he could’t have turned off the monitors.

Claudette tells Maxie that Nathan insisted she get checked out and as soon as she does, she’s out of there. She says Nathan talked about his love for Maxie and they got the closure they needed. She adds that she and Nathan did have a real marriage though, and have memories together. Claudette tells her about listening to their wedding song together. Maxie says the secret to winning is to get the opponent to stop playing their game and start playing your own, and that it’s all going to stop. She knows what Claudette wants and she’s not going to get it. She tries to get Claudette to sit in a wheelchair and they argue. Nathan walks up and asks what the what?

Maxie says she was just offering Claudette a ride to the airport. Claudette says she hasn’t been seen by a doctor yet and Nathan says she shouldn’t be walking around. She gets in the chair and he pushes it back to the examining room. She’s all like all, oh this hurts, now. She says she didn’t mean to upset Maxie and Nathan says she never means to do any of the things she does. He leaves her in the room and goes back to Maxie.

Maxie says Claudette set her up and she fell for it. She says Claudette wants them to turn on each other and she’s done playing Claudette’s game

Griff enters the examining room. Surprise!

Nathan asks Maxie if she loves him. He says they should make it official and they should get married today. What? No dress drama? He has no idea what he’s asking.

Scotty sees Lucy who tells him real estate sucks. He tells her about getting Franco released and suggests cocktails at the MetroCourt. She says she ran up a tab there and has to stay away. He suggests martinis at a private place he knows. She’s in. I’m guessing it’s his place.

Morgan says every time he’s hopeful about their future, Kiki thinks he’s off his meds. She says look at the way he’s acting and that she thinks he’s having a manic episode.

Dillon tells Valerie his love woes. She says she’s dating someone unattached now, so there’s hope. He says he’s going out with someone too, but it’s casual. His phone rings and he says maybe it’s not so casual after all. Darby must have changed her Facebook status.

Elizabeth sees Franco. She says he’s glad he’s out and he says him too. He says he noticed there was no call or text from her and he gets it. He’s going to leave her alone and tells her to tell Jake he’s sorry and he’ll miss him.

Tomorrow, Spencer has a visitor, Claudette hugs Griff, and Theo asks Nina if she’s having second thoughts.

Little Women: LA

Christy and family go to an animal sanctuary to see if it’s a good fit for Autumn’s independent study. Christy says she’d rather have her daughter chasing after dingos than dumb boys. She talks to Todd and her mother about Briana and how Briana was upset about Christy talking to her family. In her interview, Christy says they both used to be close to their families, but since this isn’t the case with Briana anymore, she doesn’t know if they can be friends. We flash back to Briana telling Christy she’s dead to her, so I think this decision has already been made. Christy says when Briana falls, she’ll be there. The Jackson Five play in my head.

Jasmine is out shopping with Briana and tells her that a couple months after Briana has her baby, she’s got a play date. Her way of telling Briana she’s pregnant. She wants to throw Briana a baby shower. She says if Briana wants her to, she’ll invite Matt. Briana okays to inviting all the guys, as well as Terra and Tonya. Christy is a no. Briana tells Jasmine about her talk with Christy and how it didn’t end well.

Terra and Elena are going to Tonya’s for girls night. Elena is late and Terra says she doesn’t seem to be taking the preeclampsia seriously. She says pregnancies for little people are risky enough. Tonya tries calling Elena and it goes to voicemail. She leaves a message, but Terra is worried, saying death is one of the side effects of preeclampsia. Preston calls back, saying they’re at the hospital.

Elena’s blood pressure was high and she ended up having the babies early. They SKYPE with Elena. Eleana says the doctors were afraid she was going to have a stroke, but her blood pressure is coming down now. They’ve named the babies Xavier and Cairo. She says one baby needs to have oxygen and both will have to stay at the hospital a while. They still have to do a blood test for dwarfism.

Christy meets with Jasmine at a restaurant. Jasmine doesn’t want her to hear about the baby shower from someone else and just show up. She asks for Christy’s side about the conversation with Briana. Christy claims she told Briana’s family nothing and she didn’t cross the line. Jasmine says she thinks Christy did cross the line with the family. She says now isn’t the time to break up the marriage that Briana has been fighting for. Christy tries to justify everything and makes it all about her. Jasmine says if she wants Briana in her life, she has to slow her roll. In her interview, Christy acts high and mighty, and like she’s the only one who knows Briana.

Jasmine tells her that Briana doesn’t want her involved with the shower at all. Christy says, check, please.

Briana goes shopping for some healthy food with her friend Lisa. She’s been on a low fat high fiber diet and has to say good-by to food that tastes good and hello to kale. They stop for something to drink and talk about the upcoming baby and baby shower. In her interview, Briana says Matt has been a gem ever since she got sick. Lisa is hesitant about Terra and Tonya being invited. She’s afraid she won’t be able to hold her tongue if they pick on Briana or Matt.

Terra and Tonya, along with their guys, go to the arcade and play Skeeball, reminding me of my great aunt who was a Skeeball champ. In her interview, Tonya says it’s been close quarters for her and Kerwin, so she’s glad to get out with another couple. Terra tells Tonya about them being invited to the shower. In her interview, Terra says she’ll probably never forgive Matt for the things he said at the reunion, but she hopes she and Briana can move forward.

Kerwin complains about closet space. Then he complains about Tonya’s ex and business partner still having some inventory she needs. Terra tries to intervene, and Kerwin says he doesn’t know what the problem is. In her interview, Terra says she totally understands Kerwin’s viewpoint.

Jasmine is nervous about the shower. She wants everyone to be on their best behavior, which is probably asking too much. Jasmine asks Tonya if she’s heard from Christy. Tonya says no, and Jasmine says if she shows up, she’ll have to ask her to leave. She tells them that she invited Matt and Tonya says she’s going to act like he’s invisible. Nice.

Matt and Briana arrive. Briana is hoping this is an opportunity to start fresh. Terra tells Briana that Elena had the babies, but everything is fine. Briana feels out of the loop, and feels badly, since Elena and Preston have been so supportive.

Jasmine starts a game. It’s a race to see who can finish the apple juice in a baby bottle first. Tonya wins and Kerwin says they’ll discuss it later. Terra thinks they’re all getting along because Christy isn’t there. Lisa asks Terra and Tonya how they’re feeling about Matt. Tonya says they’re supportive of Briana and Lisa says she was wondering about that. Terra thinks it’s inappropriate that Lisa is asking questions hoping to catch them saying something bad about Matt.

Terra tells Briana that she wants the best for her, regardless of how she might feel about Matt. Briana says she’s not okay with what he did, but she wants to give the marriage a chance. Terra says she doesn’t want to ruin the relationship over something that wasn’t her business to begin with. In her interview, Terra says she never wants the last exchange between them to be negative. They hug it out.

Jasmine says Briana and Matt wanted a special way to tell everyone whether they’re having a little or average-sized baby. She brings out two huge balloons – one for Briana and one for Matt. Whichever one has the confetti is the baby size they’re going to have. Briana gets the confetti, so a little person it is.

Terra takes Tonya aside because she’s being vocal about a little person being a blessing. Tonya says an average-sized child might take advantage of Briana and if Matt leaves the picture, it might be easier for her to deal with a little baby. Terra says she might have an average-sized child, but Tonya says she and Joe are totally different. She says Briana isn’t strong and demanding of respect the way she and Terra are. Terra keeps bringing it back to her own situation and Tonya keeps telling her it’s not the same.

Elena is bummed because the twins are in the hospital. She and Preston are staying at a nearby hotel. They look at a video of the babies. So tiny and cute! Elena starts to cry. Preston tells her the babies are doing good and getting stronger every day. She says the nursery is empty, but he says it won’t be for long. She says she knows the twins have to be taken care of, but she feels helpless. She’s grateful to be a mom, but wishes she could have protected them better than this. She says it’s not easy to look at them in glass boxes.

No preview for this show.

Shahs of Sunset – Reunion Part Two

Andy asks some fan questions. Mike is asked about his new business, since he seems to have a different one every season. They talk about Kitson going out of business after the requested a billion shoes from him. Mike says you can get the shoes through his website now. Some Instagrams of Mike’s are shown. Mike says for the most part, reactions are positive, but he tends to focus on the bad stuff, even if it’s just one comment among hundreds.

Asa says Nordstrom has contacted her about her caftans. Andy asks about diamond water, which has expanded to Dubai. I dunno. I’ve never seen it in Shoprite or Staples. Andy moves to Reza’s stand-up act, saying sometimes when you’re funny situationally, it doesn’t always translate to a comedy club. Everyone is supportive though, and Reza says he’s working on a new project where he’s the Persian Medea.

They talk about Asa’s couples project and Andy says she’s not very forthcoming about her own relationship. She says Jermaine doesn’t want to be on camera and Andy asks if the others resent that she keeps things private when all their stuff is aired. Asa says a lot of people aren’t real about a lot of things and brings up MJ’s real estate “job.” MJ says her real estate transactions were left on the cutting room floor. Asa says it’s not really how she makes her money. Well, how does she make her money? MJ says Asa isn’t open about Jermaine, while she has nothing to hide.

MJ tells Asa to bring it on. Asa alludes to the fact that MJ has something to hide. She tells MJ she’s being dramatic and MJ says she’s being an a-hole. GG suggests Asa will have a longer lasting relationship because she keeps it private. Moving on. Andy asks why GG and Shervin never dated. He asks if they’ve ever hooked up and Shervin says it’s a close relationship, but it’s not like that. Andy asks what the difference is between enabling and being a good friend. Shervin says he might have crossed the line a few times.

Reza says GG has nothing going on in her life and all she does is drink and strategize on how to create drama. MJ says she wakes up early, takes a pill and goes back to sleep. GG says the pill she takes is for her nausea and asks MJ why she’s turning on her. Shervin says GG is in a different place. He says at one time he was afraid she was going to hurt herself or someone else, but he doesn’t feel that way now.

Andy asks why Shervin plays peacemaker. Reza intimates he’s trying to look good for TV. He says he wishes he could be like that. Andy reads a question about Reza turning on a friend every season. Shervin says he’s had legitimate beefs. GG says Reza attempted to go after Shervin and it failed. Shervin says Reza and Asa didn’t want him on the camping trip and there’s a natural resistance to new people in the group.

Reza says he didn’t want Shervin to come camping because he was afraid he’d be a crutch for GG when she needed to hear the facts. Asa says she was always open to new people, while the others weren’t.

They talk about Jessica and Reza says it’s been easier for him to be friends with Mike without her trash talking all of them. We flash back to various tumultuous points in Mike and Reza’s relationship. Mike says Reza is like his brother. Reza says that he never juded what was happening, but he didn’t want Mike to be worried about telling him things. He says Mike doesn’t want to lose his luster. He says Mike’s heart is pure gold and he was trying to fix things before the group found out about them. We flash back to all that.

Mike says MJ pries into situations a little too much. He says he gets that she loves him, but he needs to be comfortable before he tells them something. GG wants to know why he’s okay with Reza sticking his nose into things. Mike says there’s a difference between a man/man bond and a man/woman bond. He says he was angry at first, but they have a different relationship, and girl talk is different than guy talk. MJ says she doesn’t think Mike respects women. He says he comes from a woman who was both mother and father to him, and he couldn’t be more respectful. Asa says Mike just feels closer to men. Mike says he’d stand up for MJ in a heartbeat, but she needs to be more sensitive to what he’s going through.

Andy asks GG about RA. She says it’s been six years since she was diagnosed, but this past year was the worst. We flash back to her treatments and Reza’s disbelief. Reza says if GG would change her lifestyle, she wouldn’t need chemo infusions. Reza says he investigated this for himself. Shervin interjects that he went to treatments with her. He explains that the treatments she gets slow down the progression, but it’s not the same kind of chemo that cancer patients get.

Reza says GG is a bad person who makes up stories because she has nothing going on in her life. Andy brings up the video that GG claimed to have of Reza. She says the guy he was supposedly with told her about it. Reza says that she told him she had the video. She tells him to shut up and he calls her mentally ill. Andy wonders what difference an old video would matter anyway. GG says that there are plenty of things that Reza involves himself in where he shouldn’t. Andy asks why GG threatened Reza, and she says because he was playing dirty, she wanted to play dirty.

Asa says to say something so extreme about a friend is a lot. A fan wonders if GG was hurt at some point and that’s why she hurts others. Andy asks if someone hurt her and she says she’s not here to talk about that. Reza gets snarky and tells her that instead of dealing with her RA, she should deal with her mental illness. Someone should clue Reza in that if he thinks GG is really mentally ill, he’s going about this all wrong. And if he doesn’t, he needs to stop using that as an insult. I also didn’t like that he equated it with being “a bad person.” He really surprised me this season

Andy asks about Reza and the apology letters. Reza says he thought if GG heard everything out loud, she would have an epiphany and really be sorry for the things she’s said and done. GG says he’s never talked to her from his heart and he snarks some more. We flash back to the scene of GG going after Reza after the art show. Reza says if he did that, all hell would break loose, and she says he did it to her emotionally. Andy asks if GG is sorry she brought up the video. She says yes, and that she harbors no resentment against Reza.

Reza gets all emotional, saying that she tried to mess with his life when he had a man he loved and just married. He says it did a lot of damage and affected his job and credibility. He basically says she does nothing and she says she does plenty. Reza walks off crying. GG asks if she needs to cry to show that she’s hurt. Asa says GG is always the one who goes there first, really low and really fast. GG says she’s not the one who made fun of someone’s illness. Andy goes after Reza and MJ, who has followed him. He asks them to come back. He has an idea. That Andy, he’s just full of ideas.

What’s bothering me is that Reza keeps repeating that his credibility was tarnished. From a rumor that came from GG? Really? I have no doubt he’s hurt, but no one believes anything she says unless there’s concrete proof.

Andy says they both have to own what they did to each other. Reza sips out of a juice box (juice bag really) and GG apologizes. Reza says something that’s hard to hear with his blubbering. He says he didn’t want to cry and talk like this. He says the whole thing was humiliating and hurtful to Adam. GG says she feels terrible and loves Reza. Andy says they’re both hurt.

GG says she apologizes 100%. Andy says that GG was hurt by Reza’s doubts about her RA and asks if Reza can apologize too. Reza says he’s definitely sorry and GG accepts that. Andy asks if everyone is willing to think GG is on the right track and Reza says he’s hopeful.

Shervin says he’s down with his peeps; Mike says it will be a different Mike next season; Asa wants to be friends with MJ; MJ says it’s not happening; Andy thanks everyone for a great season. Mike and Reza can’t get out fast enough.

Afterward, GG talks to Reza. She talks about feelings and how much she cares about him. She says she doesn’t care if it’s a percent of a percent, and asks if they can fix it. He says right now, he’s emotionally spent, but it’s a possibility. They hug. She says even if he doesn’t want to be friends anymore, she hopes he sees that she’s grown.

And we out. For this season anyway.

The Real Housewives of NYC

The girls discuss The Countess. Ramona thinks it’s bizarre that she’s engaged to a guy who had just slept with one of her girlfriends five minutes ago. Carole asks Sonja how she feels about the whole thing and she says she’ll deal.

The Countess holds court with the other guests. Dorinda joins them first, getting accolades for introducing The Countess to Tom. The rest of the girls come out. Sonja thinks the crowd is kind of iffy, whatever that means. Everyone introduces themselves. In her interview, Ramona says it’s not football and The Countess doesn’t need to block her from Tom, which she totally is. Carole says she wouldn’t have missed the sideshow of Ramona, Sonja, The Countess and Tom in the same room.

Sonja gets her mojo up and says hello to Tom. In her interview, The Countess says she’s secure in her relationship and that Sonja and Tom are friends, as they all are. That’s why she beats a path over to where they’re talking. In her interview, Sonja is surprised that Tom is so distant. I’m not.

Ramona tells another guest how she and Tom met, and says they went out four or five times. Tom says they went to dinner once. She wonders why he’s making stuff up and in her interview, says that’s no way to start an engagement. Sonja flirts with some old guy. She wonders if he has less in his bank account than she does. Tom confuses us all by flirting with Ramona, telling her she smells like grapefruit. I actually read that a grapefruit scent makes a person seem younger. I’m not making that up.

It’s time to do shots, which this group should never do. Ramona claims she doesn’t need a man to dance and demonstrates this theory. In her interview, Carole says Ramona and Tom have an easy-going relationship, but he should be telling The Countess she smells good, not Ramona. Sonja tells The Countess that she and Tom look great together and The Countess rubs it in her face that they’re getting married, like we didn’t know.

A cake that looks like it’s from Costco is presented. Dorinda attempts to make a toast, but she’s pretty drunk, so it barely makes sense.

In the morning, Jules calls the kids, who are at their grandparents’ house. She finds out that Michael isn’t there and she is not thrilled. She calls Michael who’s in New York. He says where else would he be and she suggests with his kids. He says he’s going there later and she says they were asking where he was.

Dorinda wakes Carol, saying she can sleep when she’s dead. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s a morning person, but I think morning people get up earlier than 10 am. Carole tells Dorinda about meeting Tom when Ramona was dating him. She wonders why he’s lying about how many times they went out. Dorinda calls Ramona in to get to the bottom of things.

Ramona tells them about her and Tom’s mini dating history and talks about him drawing a heart with their initials on her hand. Because we’re in middle school. The Countess interrupts, telling them when breakfast will be ready. When she’s gone, Ramona finishes her story, saying after dinner, she went back to his apartment to play backgammon. Carole is like, yeah, right, but Ramona says there wasn’t really any chemistry.

Ramona tells Sonja she can’t imagine how she must feel, since Ramona only dated Tom, but Sonja slept with him. Sonja says she’s happy for them, but sad at the same time. She says she feels badly about The Countess gloating.

Dorinda says something to The Countess about the girls discussing Tom. The Countess says she’s not going to have it. For whatever reason, she focuses on Ramona, getting all pissed off.

Ramona asks Sonja if Tom ever said good-by to her. The Countess bursts in and tells Ramona she’s inappropriate and if she doesn’t shut her mouth, she’s going to throw her over the side of the boat. She says Ramona is making up stories. Ramona says she never talks to the press about who she dates and The Countess is the one who brought it up. Sonja decides to stay out of it.

Carole joins Dorinda and Jules for breakfast. In her interview, Jules says Dorinda should keep quiet.

Ramona tells The Countess she’s perpetuating it because she’s the one who was quoted. She says she doesn’t need her name in the press and The Countess is the one who should shut up. She goes to the breakfast table and tells Dorinda she’s a sh*t stirrer. Yep.

Ramona says The Countess is the one who talked to the press and the press said she was the one sleeping with Tom. She says Sonja never had closure with him and she’s pretty upset. Dorinda says it’s stupid to cry over that. She says she doesn’t know when friends with benefits turned into a relationship. The Countess continues to complain to Sonja.

The girls on deck see a boat of shirtless military guys and go out of their collective minds. The Countess calls Ramona over like she’s a maid. She says she’s sorry she lost her temper, but Ramona needs to apologize for speaking Tom’s name. She tells her to stop talking about Tom. Ramona says there’s nothing left to say. Jules says she hopes when they get to Miami, they can have a good time.

In her interview, Sonja says The Countess just wants to laugh her and Tom off her. Once again The Countess rubs Sonja’s nose in the marriage thing.

On to Miami. Bethenny is already there. In her interview, Bethenny says the day before the engagement party, she got a series of texts that could cancel the engagement. She calls Carole, who’s in the car with Ramona and Jules. Bethenny says she’s glad she wasn’t there. She asks if Tom seemed like he was into The Countess. Bethenny says she has a lot of information that she doesn’t know what to do with, and Carole says it sounds ominous.

The girls arrive at the hotel. There are five rooms for six of them and Dorinda says every vacation starts off with room panic. The Countess sees Bethenny before the others do. Bethenny asks if she’s 100% sure about Tom and she says absolutely. In her interview, Bethenny says The Countess is about to sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and in the meantime, she has a phone full of hot texts.

Bethenny tries to weasel in some questions, asking if The Countess and Tom have talked about their pasts and if they’re monogomous. The Countess says if they weren’t monogamous, they wouldn’t be getting married. Bethenny asks how she knows she can trust Tom, and The Countess says they’re soulmates. In her interview, The Countess thinks Bethenny is being cagey, not mean, but asking odd questions.

The girls gather for some food. The Countess tells Jules that she thinks Bethenny is being weird because she’s gone through a hellacious divorce.

Ramona and Carole talk to Bethenny. Carole tells her The Countess seemed frazzled, and Bethenny tells her that The Countess had an open marriage before and she asked what the deal is with Tom.

Bethenny says she’s heard that Tom isn’t really wealthy, but only dates wealthy women. She also says he hasn’t been faithful. Ramona tells her not to say that and then asks who it is. Bethenny says Tom was making out with a girl in a bar two days before the party. Ramona wants to pretend it’s not true, but Bethenny says it’s a fact. She says it was at the Regency Hotel and Ramona says he goes there all the time. Bethenny says she shouldn’t be telling them this before saying something to The Countess.

Bethenny asks for a vote as to whether or not she should say something.

… to be continued

Next time, Sonja says she slept with Tom around Thanksgiving, The Countess ponders Bethenny’s questions, Sonja is pissed at Tom, and Bethenny gives The Countess a reality check.


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