August 9, 2016 – The DNA Flies on GH & Both the Haves & Nots Conspire


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nell believes she’s Jocelyn’s donor. Everyone wonders why she just showed up unannounced. She said she was told Carly wanted to meet her.

Sabrrrina has good news. Teddy is going to be released. Sabrrrina is surprised to find that Joe works at the hospital now. In all the Cassadine Island brouhaha, I’d forgotten all about him.

Tracy startles Dillon who was about to take his antibiotics. Dillon suggests she respect his privacy for once. Good luck with that. How about getting your own apartment?

Hayden returns to Windemere. Lulu is there and needs to talk to her about Nicholas.

Jason leaves a message for Sam to call him back. He asks Elizabeth why Sam is in the hospital. She says Sam fainted and was fatigued, but thought it was due to the trip.

Finn says the pregnancy would explain Sam’s nausea and fainting spells. Sam says she had reconstructive surgery a while back, and the doctors didn’t think she could get pregnant again. Finn congratulates her, saying it’s not often he gets to give people such good news.

Sabrrrina says she thought there was a hiring freeze, and Joe tells her that it’s a fellowship and he’s going to be concentrating on his research. She asks why he didn’t tell her and he says he tried, but she’s been ignoring his messages.

Tracy asks if Dillon is sick. He says he’s taking antibiotics as a precaution because a friend has a condition. Tracy asks if he got a condition from someone he’s been spending time with and if that person is Kiki.

Lulu tells Hayden that Nicholas is dead. Hayden is like, I already know that, and Lulu explains what really happened. Hayden realizes Spencer must have known and that’s why he was acting so strangely. Hayden asks if Lulu is sure that Nicholas is really dead now, and she says Ava saw it happen. She says Laura just told Spencer, who is heartbroken. Hayden says he’s not the only one.

Nell says she got an email from Nina who gave her the address. Jax gets super annoyed, but Sonny says what’s done is done and asks Nell why she thinks she might be Jocelyn’s donor. Jax says Carly told him it was over and Nell’s timing doesn’t change that. He asks why Nina would have asked Nell to come, and Carly says Nina is a grown woman with a mind of her own. Nell tells Michael it’s her fault for not calling first. She says that she thought she was doing the right thing and he says she is. She asks why he’s different from the others who are being suspicious. He says she’s the perfect excuse to leave the room and let them duke it out.

Carly, Jax and Sonny join them since there is no escape. Carly says Nina confirmed she didn’t know anything about it. Nell says since that’s the case, she’ll leave, but Carly says no.

Joe says he wanted to make sure Teddy was healthy. He adds that Teddy is the most beautiful baby ever. He says Teddy has Carrrlos’s smile, before he became hard and cynical. I would hope Carrrlos wasn’t hard and cynical as a baby. He says he regrets the choices Carrrlos made and how he might have had a hand in them.

Dillon tells Tracy he might not have anything and if he does, it’s not from Kiki. She asks if he’s been trolling the streets, and he tells her his love life is none of her business. Lulu enters, asking if Tracy has heard from Luke recently.

Hayden looks at the copy of The Great Gatsby that she gave Nicholas. The doorbell rings. It’s Elizabeth to see Laura. Hayden asks if Elizabeth was in on it with Nicholas.

Finn is giving Sam release instructions and Jason shows up. Finn excuses himself and Jason asks Sam if they know what’s wrong with her. She says yes and no.

Sabrrrina asks Joe if he’s trying to win her back. He says that the hospital is good for his research and he wouldn’t have taken the fellowship otherwise. He says he sometimes wonders what would have happened if they’d left Puerto Rico together and pursued their dreams, but he wishes her well in her future with Michael.

Lulu tells Tracy about being held captive by Valentin and how she found the skeleton. She shows Tracy a picture of the bracelet. An obviously distressed Tracy says it looks familiar.

Hayden congratulates Elizabeth on her performance, accusing Hayden of Nicholas’s death when she knew he was alive. Elizabeth says every bad thing in the world is Hayden’s fault.

Nell says that when she read the details in Crimson, she wanted to meet Carly, but she almost had second thoughts when she got there. Carly asks for her story. Nell says her parents took her on a long car ride, telling her she was sick and needed an operation even though she felt fine. She woke up in a hospital, having had surgery. Her parents told her the operation would make her better, but it’s been the opposite; she gets sick easy and has a lot of pain. She says her father had financial difficulties, but after that, things seemed to be okay. Sonny wonders why she would come all this way and what she thinks she would get out of it. Nell says she used to be angry with her parents, but when she read the article, she realized she might have made a difference in someone else’s life, and maybe the bad thing that happened to her was good for someone else. She thought in finding that out, she could move on.

Jason tells Sam about getting into it with Elizabeth about Jake. Sam tells him that he’s burning up. Finn comes in and Sam asks him to take a look at Jason. Finn checks him out and his temperature is high. Finn says he’d like to take some blood and do some tests. Jason objects, but Sam is like, too bad. Cute banter between the three of them.

Tracy says Helena probably planted the bracelet and earring. Lulu says Helena couldn’t have known she was going to be there and if it was a setup, it was an extremely lucky one. Tracy says Luke is probably on a beach somewhere. Lulu wants to check the DNA and asks if there’s something she can have for comparison.

Elisabeth says that Nicholas wanted to get away from Hayden. She says Nicholas saw something in Hayden and married her. She says Nicholas loved her while she was scheming with Tracy. Hayden says she had no choice. Tracy knew she was really Rachel Berlin and was blackmailing her, and then Nicholas tried to have her killed because of a secret he was keeping for Elizabeth.

Michael tells Nell that it took a lot of courage to come there. Nell says Carly is the courageous one. Jax is concerned that Nell isn’t telling the truth. Sonny says it’s difficult to verify the story. Carly suggests they have her tested to see if she’s a match and if she is, go from there. Jax says go where? Even so, it would be no guarantee that Jocelyn was the one who got her kidney. He suggests they give Nell some money for her trouble and send her on her way.

Joe asks Sabrrrina if she has time to kill before Teddy is released. He asks if she wants to join him for dinner in the cafeteria.

Tracy says Lulu is Luke’s DNA, but Lulu says she’s not a match. Tracy says he took all his stuff, but Dillon remembers a baseball cap. Tracy says go get it, but it’s a waste of time as Luke is alive and well. I think so too. If that bracelet has his DNA on it, that’s because he put it there to fool everyone.

Hayden says it all started with Elizabeth. If Elizabeth hadn’t been so desperate to keep Jason’s identity a secret, none of it would have happened. She put Nicholas on the road to his death and should take some of the blame herself. Truth!

Carly thinks they should check Nell out. Sonny agrees. Nell watches from the other room since they have windows bewteen the rooms like an office building. What?

Joe says he’ll have Sabrrrina back by the time Teddy wakes up and he’d also like to see him. Sabrrrina is surprised he wants to be so involved in his nephew’s life.

Michael calls Sabrrrina and leaves a message.

Carly tells Nell she’s grateful and appreciates everything Nell has gone through. She asks if Nell is willing to prove that she’s Jocelyn’s donor.

Lulu takes the cap.Tracy tells her she’s sorry about Nicholas and if she or Laura need anything, to call. Lulu says she’s worried about Laura and ever since the reading of Helena’s will, she’s been on a wild goose chase involving Luke. Tracy tells Dillon when the DNA test comes back, they’ll see she’s right.

Elizabeth tries to brush it off. Hayden says she started a chain reaction that affected everyone in town. Elizabeth says Nicholas loved Hayden, and against all advice, opened his heart to her. She says Hayden had the chance to make a life with him and threw it away. She says she hopes Hayden never stops regretting what might have been.

Finn leaves for the lab and tells Jason to stay put. When he’s in the hallway, Sam asks what Finn thinks is up and he says the symptoms suggest malaria. She asks if it’s treatable and he says yes. Sam says he’s not acting like it’s good news. He says Sam also has to be tested. If Jason tests positive, it’s possible she has it too, and there could be complications with the pregnancy.

Tomorrow, Jax wants Nell to leave, Kiki tells Morgan that she gave ammunition to Ava, and Lucy is caught with Scotty who is wearing a towel.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Candace asks Mitch what the blip he did. Mitch tells her about how he set War up through some family contacts. She tells him that War is crazy and Mitch says his family is too. He says there’s a lot she doesn’t know about them. Candace says she gave War what he wanted and Mitch asks if that included herself. She says she has it handled and to stay out of it. He says War won’t bother her anymore and she says he doesn’t have to be on the streets to get her. Mitch says not if he’s around, and she tells him to knock it off.

They see Oscar, and Mitch asks who he is. Candace tells him to let her handle it and Mitch leaves. Erika asks what was up with Mitch and Candace tells her Mitch screwed her over big time by setting up War. Erika says Mitch still has the hots for her and what are they doing about Oscar. Candace says just watch and follow him for now. She needs to find out where the money is and pay the mortgage before Benny finds out. She says she has to watch her back now because of Mitch.

War tries to get Jim’s attention, but Jim remains silent. David comes in and Jim asks why he’s smiling. David tells him Wyatt isn’t dead and was just unconscious. Jim asks the question on all of our minds – why didn’t anyone call an ambulance – and says he knows a good lawyer. Ha-ha! Jim is all happy for the moment.

Hannah is with the still unconscious Wyatt. She tells the nurse she’s waiting for a call. The phone rings. It’s Kathryn asking if there are any changes. Hannah tells her the meds are going to be reduced. Kathryn thanks her. Hannah asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to come to the hospital, but Kathryn says she can’t bear to see him like that. Hannah he looks better than when she first saw him. Kathryn thanks her again, saying she really means it. She says she’s never met anyone like Hannah before and asks if Hannah can come over in the morning to talk about something. Hannah says okay. Kathryn asks her to put the phone to Wyatt’s ear. Kathryn tells Wyatt how much she loves him and that she’s not angry. She just wants him to come home and everything will be all right. She hangs up and starts to cry.

Hannah tells Wyatt to hang in there. Like he’s going anywhere. She sees Jeffrey in the waiting room. He apologizes, saying he doesn’t know what came over him. Hannah tells him he needs to get some help. She says hearing Veronica talk to him like that, all she could do was pray. She asks if he’s ever prayed. He says they never went to church and she says she’s not talking about that, she means talking to God. She gives him her number and says to call her. She adds that whatever kind of hellcat Veronica is, she’s still his mother. He asks if Hannah knows he’s gay. He says a lot of people condemn and judge him in his life and he’s concerned about her being a Christian. She says she’s not the type who goes around judging others. She says it’s a shame the way his mother treats him and the God she knows wouldn’t want anyone treated like that. She says he deserves better. Good of Tyler Perry to address this issue.

Jeffrey asks how Wyatt is. She says he’s better, but not awake. She tells him to go in and see Wyatt. She tells him that his mother is in the hospital somewhere. He asks if she’s okay, but Hannah says she doesn’t know and to be careful. He thanks her and goes in to see Wyatt.

Jeffrey sits on Wyatt’s bed. He tells Wyatt that he’s going to be okay. He asks Wyatt why he did this and tells him that they all love him.

Candace and Erika continue to stake out Oscar, who’s hanging out at the campaign headquarters. They see David go inside with him. Candace says that David had told her he’d send someone after her like a thief in the night. She says David is vulnerable and his wife is one crazy bitch. She asks if Erika has met him. When Erika says no, Candace says she should. Erika tells her it’s like old times and Candace says she wants Erika to get to his heart. She wants Erika to get to him…and his money.

At the hospital, Hannah visits Quincy Jr. He says he’s much better and wants to go home. She says she has to talk to the nurse. The nurse tells her he’s been there three days. Hannah asks if he can go home and the nurse says with the legal guardian, who would be his mother. She says if his mother doesn’t show by tomorrow, he’s being placed in foster care. Hannah asks if she can explain it to him, but the mean nurse says no and won’t even let Hannah say good-by. Idiot. She says she’ll explain that Hannah will be back.

Oscar asks if he should turn Benny’s phones back on. David says no, since Benny has been threatening Jeffrey. Oscar asks him if he’s sure he wants to do “this” and David says you have to treat a punk like a punk. Oscar gives him a gun and David says he’ll hear from him within the hour.

Jeffrey continues to hold vigil in Wyatt’s room. He tells Wyatt he loves him and not to leave him. He leans his head on Wyatt and there’s creepy Veronica watching. She tells Jeffrey that if his head was any lower, he’d be committing a crime. She says Jeffrey put a knife in her chest and could have killed her. He says he doesn’t know what happened. Veronica says he’s protecting his man and Jeffrey says Wyatt isn’t his man. She says she’s glad he knows that and she sees that crazy look in his eye. He says something about there being too many sharp objects in the room and he’s glad she recognizes that.

Veronica says she has to defend herself against some accusations he’s leveled against her and she needs a day of levity, so the engagement party is tomorrow. She tells him to be at dinner tomorrow, or the police will be at Candace’s with a search warrant. She adds that if he ever raises a hand to her again, what Quincy did to him will be a walk in the park compared to his next visitor. She tells him she loves him and she’ll see him tomorrow. He says she doesn’t love him. She says she loves him so much, she’ll do everything she says she will. Love to hate her.

War tells Jim he sees Jim got himself in trouble. Jim says apparently War did too. Jim says he’s been in worse places where the rats had it the best. Jim brings up Amanda and War says sorry. Jim says not as sorry as War is going to be and that kidnapping a judge is a federal offense. War says they’re both looking at the bars from the same side. Jim says he asked for War’s help before Candace extorted $7.4 million from him. War goes ballistic when he realizes Candace lied about how much money she had, saying Candace is dead.

War says Candace lied to him twice. Jim says his heart weeps. He says of course she lied; she thinks she’s smarter than everyone else. War repeats that she’s dead and Jim tells him to do them both a favor and do it.

Candace says she needs more information and they have to watch Oscar for a while. Erika says they have one problem – Grayson and his jealousy. Candace tells Erika to take a cab and she’ll follow Oscar in the car. Erika asks if she’s going to be okay and Candace says all she’s going to do right now is follow him.

Looks like the sandwiches aren’t too bad in jail. Jim gives War his sandwich. War says thanks and Jim asks who taught him manners. War answers that it was his grandmother. He tells a story about having heroin in his backpack and her hiding him from the police in a dumpster when he was six, and almost ending up in a garbage truck. Jim says he’s sorry. War says if he’s sorry for that, he should hear the rest.

Jim says he doesn’t understand how someone like War could choose crime instead of doing something with himself. War says Jim was privileged. Jim says he worked his way to where he is and War says Jim has the advantage of being white. Jim says explain all the guys like David who make it. War asks if this the part where Jim gets him to go straight. Jim says War isn’t six anymore and he needs to learn responsibility.

War says that Candace has the photos from the kidnapping, but he’s going to take care of her. Jim asks if War is the reason why Candace needed the mortgage. War says yes and asks how he knew about it. Jim says he and Kathryn are on the board at the bank and Candace should have remembered that. War says she’s desperate. Jim tells War about how the bank is going to foreclose in two weeks. He suggests they work together. He tells War to take care of their little problem and they can both live happily ever after. War asks if Jim can get him out. Jim asks if War can get the pictures and War says he can. They shake on it. War says if Jim burns him, he’ll throw him to the wolves in there. Jim says if War throws him to the wolves, he’ll come back leading the pack. Both War and I smile. It’s also not lost on me that Lisa Vanderpump‘s Real Housewives tagline is just about the same thing. Throw me to the wolves and I shall return leading the pack. Maybe War watches the Wives too.

David comes to the tow yard. He yells at Benny for threatening Jeffrey. Benny tells him that he’s not with Veronica anymore and to turn the phones back on. David keeps telling him to stay away from Jeffrey and Benny keeps repeating to turn the phones back on. They come to blows and David pulls out the gun. They begin to struggle over it.

Next time, Mitch says the phones will be back on, Candace tells Hannah there’s something she can do for her, and Hannah asks Kathryn if she can get her out of jail.


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