August 16, 2016 – GH is Raining Babies & the Haves are Reigning


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Carly tells Josslyn that Nell was her kidney donor. Joss gets all emotional. Carly says they can sort it all out later, but the main thing is that Nell has given her the best gift ever. Joss hugs Nell and thanks her.

Paul asks Tracy if something is going on with Dillon. He says Dillon thinks he treated Tracy badly and wants nothing to do with him. Tracy says instead of redeeming himself, and doing what he said he was going to, Paul just ignored things. Paul tells Tracy that Dillon isn’t five and Tracy says Dillon is in trouble and they have to do something.

Nina asks Curtis to find her a baby. Not for a photo shoot, but for her.

Dillon tells Ava that unless something changed in the last hour, Morgan and Kiki are still together. Ava says all that Kiki needs to call it quits with Morgan is Dillon.

Morgan tells Dr. Andre that he’s back and better than ever. He says the combination of meds is perfect and things with Kiki are going great, except for Dillon’s interference.

Jason, who hasn’t been shaving lately and looks like a scruffy older dude, tells Sam he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and she says she’ll marry him.

Ava tells Dillon how excited Kiki was when they had a date. She says it was a relief from the fear for her. Dillon says she seems fine now, but Ava doesn’t think so.

Curtis says he doesn’t think it would be a problem for Nina to get a baby the conventional way now that Franco is out of the picture. Nina says all anyone has to do is google her to find out her baby kidnapping past, but she wasn’t in her right mind when she did it.

Josslyn tells Nell the kidney is working fine and asks if she ever notices it’s missing. Nell tells her not really and she’s glad to know she helped someone. Joss says she’s glad it didn’t come from someone who died, but then she turns to Carly, asking her why she didn’t drop the search like she said she would.

Sam and Jason make goo-goo eyes and love talk.

Carly explains that she started the search because she wanted the donor’s medical history. By the time she agreed to stop the search, Nina had already sent an email to Nell. Michael tells her how he stopped Nell from leaving town, and Josslyn asks why he didn’t tell her. He says if it didn’t pan out, there wouldn’t have been a need. Joss asks Sonny if he knew and she starts to get upset because no one told her anything. She says no one respects her enough to talk to her and runs off.

Tracy tells Paul about Dillon’s STI. Paul’s face is priceless and would make a wonderful meme. She explains it’s treatable and Paul asks why she scared him like that. She tells him because Dillon is making poor choices.

Dillon tells Ava that Kiki is happier with Morgan. Ava says that Morgan tells Kiki he needs her and she feels sorry for him, but that’s not a relationship. She’s not ready to admit it, but Kiki is ready to cut Morgan loose. Dillon asks if Ava is looking to hook up with Morgan.

Kiki is in the MetroCourt parking garage. She has a flat tire and can’t get anyone on the phone to help.

Morgan babbles to Andre about Kiki. Andre tells him to drop the act. He says he’s not insinuating Morgan is manic, but he thinks there’s something Morgan dreads confronting. He asks Morgan to be honest. Morgan says he’s scared to death.

Nell asks to talk to Josslyn. Carly tells her to give it a shot, but Joss is stubborn. Nell says she’s not the only one. Carly apologizes to Jax and hopes Nell can get through to Josslyn.

Nell approaches Josslyn. Joss says she figured they’d send Michael, but Nell says she volunteered and they both have the most at stake. Josslyn says she can’t believe no one told her anything, even after Nell got there. Nell says everything they did was to protect her and spare her pain, and what if Nell had been lying? Joss tells her not to lump Michael in with the others, and Nell says he’s the one who talked her into staying because he loves Joss so much. She says even her family’s mistakes were because they love her.

Ava says all that is is history and this has nothing to do with her and Morgan. She says all Morgan will bring Kiki is pain, if he doesn’t get her killed. Dillon thinks Ava had an agenda in wanting to hire him and is using him to separate Kiki and Morgan. He tells her to go to hell. Does this mean he won’t be taking the art photos?

Morgan tells Andre about Kiki thinking he was off his meds. He wonders if he’ll be able to tell if he slips into a manic state. Andre says he can’t guarantee he’ll never go to the hospital again and patients can go through changes where medication needs to be adjusted. Morgan says he needs to be out in the world with his family and with Kiki.

Kiki tries to change her own tire and only makes things worse. Dillon comes along and says he’d thought she claimed that she could change one. She says she meant she was good at supervising. He takes over.

Curtis suggests Nina get a lawyer to broker a private adoption. Nina says no mother in their right mind would consider her a good candidate. She starts to get weepy, saying she is a good candidate and would protect a baby with her life. She begs Curtis to help her.

Sam wants to know if Jason asked her to marry him because she’s pregnant. He says partly, but he knew he was going to do it when they signed the divorce papers. He tells her he knows she’s worried, but what if everything is okay? He says he wants to face both the good and bad times together with her. Because he’s totally fictional.

Michael asks what’s up with the tension between Jax and Sonny. Sonny says he has a bad feeling about Jax protesting knowing who the donor was. Michael says maybe he was worried about Josslyn. Sonny tells him that Jax said he has his own reasons, but he wonders what they are.

Josslyn comes back in and apologizes for getting so mad. Carly and Jax tell her they love her.

Paul and Tracy argue over who’s the worst parent. Paul wonders how he was supposed to bond with Dillon, when he they didn’t even speak until Dillon was 20. Tracy says he could have reached out too, and wonders why he never brings up his other children. He gets angry and tells her not to bring up Susan. He says Susan has no idea what he’s done for her.

Dillon asks Kiki if she did this on purpose to have a chance encounter with him. They talk about when they got together. He tells her he’s not good at hiding his feelings and has to tell her something. He recounts Ava’s visit.

Andre tells Morgan he’s in no danger of going back to the hospital and he’s just learning to deal with his illness. He stresses the importance of continuing with therapy and meds, and says maintaining doesn’t mean perfect, but Morgan has to learn as he goes.

Nina says maybe Curtis could offer some money to someone who can’t take care of their baby. He’s like, you want to buy a baby?

Sam worries about the baby not being okay, and Jason tells her not to think about that. Too late. The hospital is calling. She asks Finn about her test results and breathes a sigh of relief that the baby is okay. She and Jason hug. he makes her promise to stop protecting him

Dillon says Ava can tell he still has feelings for Kiki and Kiki says maybe she was giving off vibes of her own. Morgan calls. Kiki makes plans to meet him. Dillon says it sounds like they’re doing well and Kiki says they are, so Ava had no right to drag him into this. Dillon says he told Ava where to go.

Ava finds out she doesn’t have malaria. She sees Morgan coming out of his appointment. Morgan is having a hard time getting phone reception. He puts down his backpack and walks away. I smell what’s coming. Seriously though, this would be like walking away from your purse. Not a good idea.

Nina is aghast about buying a baby. She says she’s talking about someone who needs a loving home for their baby without going through the formalities. Curtis says he’s sorry. He feels badly about her backstory getting in the way because he can relate, but he’s not buying her a baby. She says she’ll do it herself then.

Michael thanks Nell for being cool and she says shes never been prouder of doing anything. Josslyn asks her to stay. Nell says she has to get back to work, but she’ll keep in touch. Carly tries to give her some money for her trouble, but she refuses. Nell promises to send her medical records and and says that she wants what’s best for Josslyn. Sonny gets a weird look on his face. Sonny, the man of a thousand hmm… faces.

Jason wants Sam to promise to tell him if something is wrong and he’ll do the same even if he thinks it might hurt her. He says they have to do it right this time. They kiss.

Tracy apologizes to Paul, saying it’s not her place to judge. Paul says he’s not brushing off her concerns, but young men are known to sleep around, and hopefully Dillon has learned his lesson. Tracy suggests a lunch with the three of them. Paul tells her that despite how it seems, he loves his children and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them.

Dillon tells Kiki as long as she’s happy with Morgan, he’s happy for her. She says she is and he says that’s all that matters. As usual, Kiki is looking fabulous, with these earrings that look like liquid silver, a cute embroidered spaghetti strap top and distressed jeans. I’m very impressed.

While Morgan is away from his backpack, Ava messes with his meds.

Nina tells Curtis about how badly she wants to be a mother. Curtis doesn’t want her to go it alone and says if she wants a baby so bad, he’ll find her one. I like Curtis.

Michael says he wants to keep in touch with Nell too. Nell says she has to catch the bus. He offers to drive her, but she says she needs to process everything and doesn’t want to lose it at the bus station. She hugs everyone good-by.

Sneaky Jax is on the phone saying Nell isn’t a threat and doesn’t know how Josslyn got the kidney. He says she’s leaving town, so it won’t be a problem. Her contact with Carly will be minimal.

Meanwhile, Carly and Josslyn ask Nell if she’ll stay for a while.

Tomorrow, Lulu is ready to get pregnant (omg, it’s like babyworld on this show right now), Alexis goes before the bar, and Laura and Tracy bond.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Benny and David struggle over the gun. Mitch runs up and grabs Benny off of David. David and Benny exchange words as Mitch hangs on to Benny. Benny says a lot about Veronica and David calls him a child, telling him the phones are the least of his worries. David asks if Benny remembers the car and the cocaine. I assume he’s referring to War being set up, in which case Benny wouldn’t have a clue, which he doesn’t. Mitch finally gets Benny to go inside, although he’s yelling at David the whole way.

David lost his keys in the tussle and Mitch asks David if he’s all right. David tells him to stay away. Mitch tells him David needs to hear what he has to say. He finds David’s keys and makes him listen. He tells David to let it go and turn the phones back on because he’s headed down the wrong road. David tells him both he and Benny need to leave town because he’s unleashing hell on them tomorrow. Mitch tells him how wrong he is and that his phone is ringing, in his car. He gives David the keys, saying the phone call might change his mind.

David answers his phone. It’s Mama Rose. She tells him that they’re right behind him. David asks what’s going on. Rose says the guy in front of him is Mitch Malone, as in her grandson. David says he had no way of knowing that. Rose says Mitch wants to make his own way and is trying to walk the straight and narrow, and he doesn’t involve himself with the family unless he needs them. She tells David she knows Benny is banging his wife, but he needs to leave them alone and get the phones back on. David says okay and Rose tells him to have a good night.

David calls Oscar and tells him to turn the phones back on – now. Oscar, calling himself Brandon, makes a phone call to get the phone service back. David leaves the tow yard and Mitch smiles. I like Mitch. He’s probably the most likable guy on this show.

Erika calls Candace, who is still staking Oscar out. She says her mark date cancelled and asks if she should come back, but Candace tells her to go to the hotel bar where David should be showing up for a drink. Candace tells her what she thinks David would like and that he loves a damsel in distress. She tells Erika to call Lee and have him make her cry. Candace says if David offers her something, she’s got him hooked, but don’t accept his initial offer. Erika says it’s like old times, but bigger fish. Candace adds that she should wear something yellow on her second date because David likes southern charm. Not the show. I’m thinking that Candace should be a little more specific. Nothing like a bright yellow bandage dress says “the South.”

Hannah keeps calling Candace and Candace finally picks up. Hannah tells her Quincy Jr. is still at the hospital. She tells Candace that they’re getting ready to put him in foster care and asks if it’s what she wants. Candace hangs up and Hannah calls again. Candace throws the phone and Hannah only gets her voicemail. If I had a quarter for every time someone asked, “Are you sure?” on tonight’s episode, I could probably get a small latte.

Benny asks Mitch who he thinks he is. Mitch tells him the phones are coming back on and Benny says he doesn’t hear them ringing. Benny keeps talking about how he won the fight and Mitch tells him sometimes all you need is a conversation. Suddenly, the phones start ringing off the hook. Benny is back in business! Benny wants to know what Mitch did, and Mitch says he just talked to David. He adds it must have been the ass beating Benny gave him and everything is all happy.

Lee and Erika wait for David. Lee is impatient and Erika reminds him that if all works out, she’ll pay him, and he is an actor in training. David enters the bar and Lee starts an argument with Erika. They act like he’s her lover and she just found out he’s married. She tells him to go back to his wife. He leaves and Erika begins to cry.

David approaches Erika with a napkin and she blows him off, walking to another part of the bar. She calls Candace, pretending she’s calling her mother. Candace asks if Erika was mean and when Erika tells her yes, Candace tells her to go back and apologize. She also tells her that Oscar seems to have a family. She checked out the mailbox and says his name is Brandon and his life looks like a storybook. She’s going to turn it into a nightmare, but not tonight.

Commercial break with important information – If Loving You Is Wrong is back on September 13 at 9 pm. It looks like Randall gets imprisoned in a box. Interesting. And a new Tyler Perry show, Too Close To Home, is debuting on TLC August 22, 9 pm. It looks pretty good.

Nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz Pearl is poking around Candace’s property. Hannah is there and asks what Pearl is up to. Pearl says walking her dog. Hannah points out that she has a leash, but no dog. Pearl says the dog died, but she still walks with the leash. It’s creative if nothing else. Suddenly, Pearl says she smells something foul and that she’ll have to call the city. I guess Quincy is starting to stink. She asks if Hannah has a key and Hannah says she’s going to have to wait for Candace.

Pearl tells Hannah that the man never did come out of Candace’s house, casually mentioning that her husband was a police officer and her son is also. She shows Hannah a picture of Quincy taken by the security camera, and Hannah says he’s Quincy Maxwell. She asks if Pearl is sure Candace let him in. Pearl says he went in and a white man came out and she thinks Quincy caught them doing something. Pearl has to go; her ride to bridge or Bingo or whatever she does is there. Candace drives up.

Hannah asks Candace what she has to do to get Quincy Jr. Candace says there’s nothing she wants from Hannah. Hannah tells her about Pearl having a picture of Quincy and begs Candace to give her Quincy Jr. She tells Candace she has $866 to her name and Candace says she’ll take it. Then she tells Hannah it won’t even buy her a purse. Hannah asks if she’ll call and Candace says she wants more. She hands her back the money, saying Hanna has nothing to offer her. Hannah pleads with her and Candace tells her to get off the property.

Candace tells Hannah to wait and says there is something she can do – tell Benny to sue the Cryers. She says if Hannah tells Benny to sue, she’ll bring Hannah her son. Hannah wonders why Candace cares and she says they should pay for Wyatt hitting her brother. Hannah argues with her and refuses to do it. Candace says she doesn’t get Quincy Jr. then. Hannah asks who Candace is and says she’s done. Candace asks if she promises, since she’s said that before.

Hannah tells Candace she’ll never understand what it’s like to be a mother who has hope for her child and that Quincy Jr. is precious and innocent. Candace tells her good-by and goes inside. I just have to mention that for someone who has no money, Hannah is wearing a gorgeous blouse that looks expensive. Maybe Kathryn gave it to her.

Lloyd visits Jim in his cell. He tells Jim that Candace got all the money in cash, but some of the board members aren’t thrilled. Jim says he and Kathryn will handle it. Lloyd adds that Candace falsified some documents and they’d wanted to call the police because Benny’s signature doesn’t match. Jim says this is even better. Lloyd is to tell Candace they want the money back in cash in 24 hours or they’ll call the police.

Hannah visits Kathryn. Kathryn says she’s amended her will and wants Hannah to read something. Hannah asks if she’s dying and if the cancer has come back, but Kathryn says she’s fine. Hannah is like, what then? Kathryn asks if Hannah has a will, and when she says no, tells her that she should. Hannah says she doesn’t have anything and Kathryn tells her she’ll need to make a will after she reads this. She’s left Hannah five million dollars and won’t take no for an answer. Hannah says she hopes Kathryn outlives her and they both talk about the drama and stress in their lives. Hannah thanks her and says it’s the kindest thing anyone has ever done for her.

Kathryn asks Hannah to drop in on Wyatt while she’s in the hospital and Hannah says she’ll call. Hannah says she has a favor to ask Kathryn. She says if she goes to jail, will Kathryn get her out? Kathryn asks if she’s planning on committing a crime and Hannah says yes. Kathryn wants to know what’s going on and Hannah says, sorry, and jets.

Jeffrey visits Candace, surprising her. She asks if he’s been crying and he admits he has. She asks if it’s Wyatt, and Jeffrey says he’s okay and that he didn’t die. He asks what she’s been crying about and she asks what’s the point in talking about it? He suggests she might feel better if she does. She says she loves her son and she’s afraid. She says she can’t bring him to her home because his father is dead and buried in the backyard, and what if he wants to play out there? She says she can’t leave him with Hannah because Hannah isn’t right. Jeffrey says Hannah walks in kindness, but Candace says not with her. Jeffrey says people change and Candace asks if his mother has. He says they’re two different people – his mother is a hater and Hannah comes from a pure place. Candace says she’s giving Quincy Jr. up for adoption. She says she’s messed up and broken and conned too many people. Someday it’s all going to catch up and it’s starting to catch up already.

Jeffrey asks if she’s sure (ka-ching!) that she can’t leave Quincy Jr. with Hannah. Candace asks if he’d leave her son with his mother. He tells Candace he’s moving back in with her. Candace suggests that he didn’t put the knife in deep enough. Jeffrey says he didn’t mean it; he just snapped. After telling him to snap again, Candace asks what they’re going to do. Jeffrey tells her she’s a bad bitch and she always has the answers. Candace says this bad bitch is tired and running out of answers and time.

Hannah comes down the hospital stairs with Quincy Jr. and the biggest teddy bear I’ve ever seen. She runs out the door with him.

Next time, Veronica tries to seduce David, Candace insists that Jeffrey sue the Cryers, and Hannah brings Quincy Jr. to Kathryn, who finds the whole thing hysterically funny.

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