August 19, 2016 – GH Twice, Just Like Nicholas’s Funeral, & Weekly Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Maxie tells Nathan that she dreamt Claudette slithered out of their lives. She asks him if this could be a reality, but he says Claudette made it clear she’s not going anywhere.

At the MetroCourt, Nina works her phone, trying to get information on Valentin. Claudette approaches her. Nina thought she’d left town and tells her that she’s not getting her job back. Claudette says that’s okay, she’s found other opportunities.

Griff gets a message from Claudette saying she has a surprise for him. He thinks he’s had enough surprises from her and throws the message away. He checks in with Finn who blows him off and goes back to his research. He thinks he might be close to an answer and one step closer to saving everyone who has the disease that he does.

Yet another memorial service is held for Nicholas. The family gathers at Windemere afterward.

Sonny visits Alexis. She asks what time it is and realizes she missed Nicholas’s funeral. That’s okay. There will probably be another one.

Nathan tells Maxie that Claudette is only a threat if they let her be. He says his life begins and ends with her now.

Finn talks to his dead wife, saying he might be joining her soon, and Roxie will be the most well cared for bearded dragon in the world, since he has no one else. He starts talking about Hayden and how she only took him on as a project. Valerie interrupts him. She’s conducting a sweep and he asks her not to upset any research. She finds a cuff-link on the floor, but Finn says it’s not his. How many men wear cuff-links to work there?

At Windemere, Hayden thanks Curtis for being there for her. He asks if she wants him to stick around, but she says it’s going to be a bunch of family stuff, so he leaves. Hayden tells the others that there’s food if they want, but no one is hungry. She suggests they talk about Nicholas. Lulu gets nasty and Laura tells her to get something to eat. Maybe a Snickers bar? Laura tells her that Nicholas would want her to go on with her life and be happy.

Sonny noses around. Alexis mimics leaving a message for Laura, apologizing for missing the funeral, but saying that Nicholas is not really dead, and Cassadines show up when you least expect it. My point exactly. Sonny asks her what’s going on with her. She tells him about Kristina finding out she talked to Parker and giving her a rundown of how she’s failed as a parent. I guess Sonny can tell she has a hangover because he says he’s never known her to drown her problems in booze. He says if she doesn’t tell him what’s going on, he’ll drag it out of her.

Alexis says she’s not in the mood to give an update on her life. Sonny says he needs her to look at renewing the lease for the coffee kiosk. She says she’s not a lawyer anymore and doesn’t know if she ever will be again.

Laura apologizes to Hayden for Lulu’s behavior and thanks her for not trashing Nicholas. Hayden says you always think you have plenty of time to fix things and then find out you don’t.

Curtis sees Finn at the hospital. They talk about Hayden. Finn says she never mentioned the funeral. Curtis says it wouldn’t be like her to ask for emotional support, but next time Finn sees her, be nice. He asks if Finn has seen Valerie and he says she’s in the lab.

Valerie pokes around the lab. Someone whacks her in the back of the head.

Alexis tells Sonny what happened at the hearing. She asks him not to tell anyone, since she wants the girls to hear it from her. Nina rings the bell. Alexis asks Nina what she wants. She tells them that Julian tried to escape last night.

Hayden wonders what Nicholas would think about her and Laura bonding. Doc says he’d take comfort in it, but I think he’d be amused. Hayden’s mother calls, asking about the prenup and how Nicholas’s death will affect it. Laura hears Hayden talking about a settlement, and Laura comes up behind her taking the phone and saying Hayden will have to go through her to get anything. Seriously though, is she supposed to exist on air? Thy were married and he tried to have her killed for goodness’ sake.

Maxie meets Lulu at the MetroCourt. New old Maxie is looking really good. She must have gone on vacation during contract negotiations. I am so glad to see her back. I wasn’t crazy about the substitute actress. And she was a brunette, making me think that Nathan was cheating every time I saw them together. Lulu says she can’t wait for the wedding. Maxie says her either, if it ends up happening. Lulu asks why it wouldn’t, and Maxie says, Claudette.

Griff shows up for a staff meeting and only Claudette is there. She says she has a new job at the hospital.

Nathan and Dante discuss the investigation. Nathan says they need a break in the case before more people die.

Curtis finds Valerie lying on the floor of the lab.

Nina explains how she found Julian trying to get the keys to the cell. Sonny tells her the guard must have been bribed and left the keys. Nina says that’s why she gave the keys to the desk sergeant. That gets a thumbs up from Sonny, who  says he’s going to stop that psychopath and leaves. Nina tells Alexis that Julian said she’s still in love with him.

Curtis yells for help. Curtis asks what happened and Valerie tells him. He says she probably has a concussion and they should call Jordan, but treatment before procedure. Valerie can’t find the cuff-link. There was a found cuff-link the first time Nicholas died. I don’t think there’s a connection, but geez, they reused that plot device pretty quickly.

Nathan asks Dante to be his best man. Dante asks if he wants a Vegas bachelor party, but Nathan says they’ve bumped up the wedding date. He tells Dante about Claudette planting herself in Port Charles.

Maxie says she’s afraid Nathan wanting to get married quickly is just a reaction to Claudette. Lulu tells Maxie that she should trust their love. She says Maxie said the same thing to her once, and she was right.

Griff asks if this is a joke. Claudette says Crimson was a bad fit and GH feels right, as she puts her feet up on the conference table. Griff says he can’t wait for her to make things right; he’ll have to do it himself. He’s going to tell Nathan that he’s the one Nathan shot. He can ease Nathan’s guilt and open his eyes about Claudette.

Laura accuses Hayden of only wanting the money .Hayden tries to explain that it was her mother pressing the matter, but Laura won’t listen. She tells Hayden she’s going to see how hard Laura can fight for her family. As Hayden is about to leave the house, she runs into Finn.

Finn gives her a cactus. He says he didn’t know what she’d like and didn’t strike him as a bouquet of sunflowers kind of girl. He asks why she didn’t mention Nicholas’s funeral to him and suggests they go for a drink.

Laura complains about Hayden to Doc. Laura takes the blame for all the troubles in the world and says she failed her son, sacrificing him for her own freedom. She cries over the years they lost and now he’s gone. Doc says Nicholas was out of her control. She says she didn’t protect him and made the wrong choices. Like how old is/was Nicholas? 55? And she’s crying about this now?

Lulu tells Maxie not to give Claudette the power by focusing on her. She and Maxie leave to do wedding chores.

Claudette tells Griff that Nathan isn’t over her and he’ll kill Griff if he confesses. I have a hard time believing Griff would buy that, since he knows Maxie pretty well. He doesn’t believe Claudette coming to Port Charles was a coincidence. Claudette admits she had a Nathan agenda, but says Griff changed that. She wants him to tell her he loves her because she never stopped loving him. This chick needs to make up her mind.

Valerie says she had the cuff-link in her pocket. Curtis looks around, but finds nothing. Valerie thinks whoever knocked her out, took it. Curtis wonders who would knock her out over a cuff-link. She says someone who would know it was evidence to a crime. Great PI work on Curtis’s part.

Alexis wonders why Nina is telling her about Julian and Nina relays their conversation. She says he only sees his own reality and believes Alexis still loves him.

Sonny meets Rick. They make small talk. Sonny asks what kind of man power Rick has and if they’re discreet. Rick says he has a good team. Sonny asks how long it will take to round them up. Rick says he’ll make arrangements immediately and asks what the job is. Sonny says, Julian.

Laura apologizes to Doc, who says that’s not necessary and she’s reacting normally. She says she has to pull herself together for Spencer. Doc tells her that she’s pulled together enough already. She says he’s her friend but doesn’t have to be her therapist. He asks if that’s all they are to each other and they kiss.

Hayden and Finn go to the MetroCourt. Hayden tells him he seems different and asks if he’s in a good mood. He says he’s made progress in his research.

Curtis wonders why the killer would be in Finn’s lab. Curtis says he believes Valerie, but she’ll have to do better than just conjecture. I have to add that in all this time, the help Curtis yelled for never came.

Griff says they can’t go back to what was – it was a test and he failed. Claudette says he doesn’t really feel guilty about Nathan or his vows. His guilt is about not being true to himself about loving her. She says the only solution is to be with her the way he’s always wanted. Narcissistic much?

Maxie walks Nathan to the conference room where he’s supposed to make an update.

Griff kisses Claudette. No, Griff! No!

Sonny tells Rick that Julian is coward, but has resources. Rick asks if Sonny thinks Julian is going to run and Sonny says yes. Sonny tells Rick to find any information, things like bank transfers or people helping Julian. Sonny says if the court won’t exact justice, he will. Go, Sonny…Go, Sonny…Go, Sonny…

Tomorrow, Sam tells Alexis about the pregnancy, Doc apologizes to Laura, and Jake tells Elizabeth that daddy has big news.

General Hospital – Friday

Paul tells Jordan the investigation seems to be at a standstill and he’s wondering if they’re doing everything possible to catch the hospital killer.

Jason brings Jake to Elizabeth after they’ve had breakfast. Jake tells her he ate a record amount of pancakes, but it doesn’t even come close to the news daddy has. I’m sure Jason appreciates that.

Alexis asks the eternal question we all do – with a million channels, why is there still nothing to watch on cable? Sam checks in on her, asking if she’s sick. Alexis says she’s just hung over. Sam asks if she needs anything and Alexis says what would help is hearing something good and asks how Sam is. Sam runs upstairs, sick.

Doc apologizes to Laura for kissing her and says it won’t happen again.

Griff and Claudette have a mini make-out session. He says he’s missed her. Maxie and Nathan stand in the doorway, gaping.

Franco asks Valerie about the investigation. Valerie can’t tell him anything, but he says if he’s no longer a suspect, to tell Monica so that she lifts his suspension. Valerie says he’ll be the first to know about any changes.

Jason tells Jake that he’d like to talk to Elizabeth alone. He asks about the funeral. Elizabeth says she kind of checked out because she can’t believe Nicholas is gone. I don’t believe it either. She asks what the news is, and he confirms that Sam is pregnant and adds she’s malaria free. He says he doesn’t want to tell the kids until she’s past her first trimester. He also tells Elizabeth that they’re getting married.

Sam comes back downstairs and Alexis has already guessed she’s pregnant. She says it’s about time the Davis girls got some good news. Sam is glad Julian will never see the baby.

Laura asks Doc why he’s apologizing. He says he obviously overstepped. Laura says it’s okay and it wasn’t torture. She wasn’t expecting it, but she knew there were romantic possibilities with them, and she kissed him as much as he did her.

Claudette tells Nathan and Maxie they weren’t expecting to see them. Maxie says, obviously. She asks Griff if he’s going to stray, why Claudette, and if he even knows who she is. Nathan says he thinks Griff does.

Nathan asks what the name of Griff’s parish was. He talks about Claudette being a devout church goer and ends up revealing that Griff was the man he shot. Maxie says she trusted and confided in Griff and asks how he could let her go on like that and not tell her.

Doc is surprised Laura wanted to kiss him back. Laura asks if he doesn’t think it’s been building. She says the wild goose chase into her past pointed her toward her future. He thinks she means she wants Luke back, and says he’d be a fool to stand in the way. FOr being a smart guy, he’s a real dimbulb.

Elizabeth says she’s happy for Jason and Sam, and wishes them nothing but the best. Jason says it means a lot to him. He leaves, and Elizabeth makes a sad face. Franco approaches her and asks if she’s all right. She says no.

Sam and Alexis decide not to dwell on Julian. Sam tells Alexis about getting engaged. Alexis is happy for her and Danny. The doorbell rings. It’s Diane, appalled at what Alexis is wearing. Alexis tells Diane that Sam is pregnant and getting married. Diane says Alexis will need a project to fill her time. Sam wonders what she means by that.

Jordan says they don’y have any leads. Valerie enters and says they do. Yeah. A missing cuff-link.

Laura tells Doc she hopes he’s more intuitive with his patients. Good one, Laura! She says her past is her past, and she’s concentrating on her future, which isn’t Luke. Doc says he was sleep walking for years, trying to fix a broken marriage, and then stopped feeling anything, but Laura brought him back to life. She tells him he told her that on the plane. He says now she knows it wasn’t just the drugs and fever – it’s how he really feels.

Franco says he’s there to fight the suspension, but what’s up with Elizabeth? She says she doesn’t want to talk about it, but then tells him about Jason and Sam. She says she must seem pathetic, but it’s one thing to know it’s over, and another to see him move on. Franco says he’s sorry.

Alexis tells Sam about the hearing and her license suspension. She says she’ll find something else to do for a year and then go back to practicing. Sam says she knows Alexis must feel awful, but Alexis says she’ll live with it. Sam leaves and Alexis tells Diane thanks a lot.

Valerie tells Jordan about the cuff-link. Jordan asks if she could sketch it. She says it was made out of some kind of coin. I would think Valentin, but he’s in custody.

Griff says the affair was a low point in his life and now he feels worse. He says that’s why he didn’t report the shooting. Nathan asks why he didn’t at least come and find him? Griff says no matter what, Nathan was still a cop who shot an unarmed man.

Diane apologizes. She says Alexis can’t hide something like that from her girls who are her support system. She says it’s a setback, but it’s how you handle a setback that’s the important thing, and Alexis would say the same to her. She tells Alexis to go get dressed.

Sam talks to Jason about Alexis. He’s amused about the hangover. She tells him about the suspension and all the mess that’s happened because of Julian. She says she despises him and everything she thought she felt for him was based on lies. Jason says he’ll be in prison soon, and they won’t have to think about him. Sam says she doesn’t want to think about him now; she just wants to count her blessings.

Franco tells Elizabeth she’s everything and if Jason can’t recognize that, he doesn’t know what to say. She says she loved Jason and wanted to be his happily ever after. Franco says she deserves to be with someone who puts her first and treats her right. She says someone like him? and he says yes. He tells her no matter what, he wants her to be happy and believes it will happen. She says she wants him to be happy too. Mutual admiration society.

Valerie looks online and finds the coin. It’s a Roman coin, and Paul says it’s used in a lot of designs. He knows this stuff because he is a snappy dresser. Jordan says they’ll check out the antique stores in the area. She tells Valerie to go get some rest.

Nathan says what happened wasn’t because of him, it was because of Griff. Claudette tells him not to blame Griff, but blame her. Okay. I’m down with that.

Laura thanks Doc for making her smile and forget what she lost for a while. He suggests they stretch that out and go on a date.

Curtis tucks Valerie in with an ice pack. She says they make a great team, and I think of when Elaine’s finance tells her that in The Graduate. She tells him that she kept him at arm’s length, but it had nothing to do with him; she was gun shy after Dante. He asks how she feels now, and she says she could trust him with her life. She says he must have been a good cop. He says he was, but he couldn’t stay out of his own way. He says he can tell she’s going to be a fine cop. He starts to leave. She asks him to stay and they kiss.

Sam lets Jason know that she told Alexis and Diane about the pregnancy. She adds she told Alexis about the engagement as well, and says Alexis was happy about it. Jason says he told Jake about them getting married, but not about the baby yet. He says he also talked to Elizabeth and everything is cool.

Franco says he has time before his meeting. Elizabeth is glad he’s appealing the decision. She says his patients miss him. Jake shows up with two candy bars and gives one to Franco. He tells Franco that his dad is getting married.

Nathan says they’re both cheaters since Griff was married to the church. Claudette apologizes to Griff, saying she didn’t want everything to come out this way. Griff tells Nathan he forgives him and Nathan slams him up against the wall. Geez, I wonder what he would have done if Griff held a grudge?

Curtis and Valerie get busy. I feel a song part coming on… Yep, I’m right.

Jordan is also going to send the picture of the coin to GH to see if anyone recognizes it. She tells Paul it looks familiar to her.

Doc wants to go on their own date and not something Helena dictated. Laura concurs and says she has to change. Doc suggests dinner at the MetroCourt. Where else? He tells her he’ll see her later.

Diane approves Alexis’s outfit, and Alexis says she’s all dressed up with no place to go. Diane suggest lunch at you-know-where and says they could use some Bloody Marys. I see Diane is a good influence for Alexis. That year will fly by.

Franco tells Jake he already has the world’s greatest mom and leaves. Elizabeth asks if Jake is okay with Sam now. He says she makes Jason happy the way Franco makes her happy.

Maxie reminds Nathan he’s a cop. He lets Griff go and walks out. Claudette tells Griff now that everything is out in the open they can be together. He says they can never be together. She says he still has feeling for her He says when they’re together, people get hurt and it can’t happen again.

Maxie follows Nathan, asking what just happened. Nathan says Griff has been there all along, lying to the both of them, how was he supposed to react? Maxie says he still loves Claudette and wouldn’t have done that if he wasn’t jealous.

On Monday, Kiki grills Ava, Laura wants Spencer to go away to school, and Jordan is in danger.

Quotes of the Week

Youth itself is today more famous than anybody, than any single person…There is a sense of self. They’re their own movie stars.Dustin Hoffman, Rolling Stone

She’d change her name to “TV Listings” just to get it in the paper.Donald Sutherland as Bob Garvin in Disclosure

You remember the Imitation says ‘Bear your cross, for if you try to get rid of it you will probably find another and worse one.’C.S. Lewis referring to The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis


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