August 23, 2016 – GH has Diamonds in a Boot, Haves & Nots has Hannah on the Run, & Tyler Perry has Done It Again


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sonny is proud of how Morgan kept control. Morgan says he wishes he had control to begin with instead of having to reign it in. Sonny tells him being bi-polar is different for everyone.

Ava switches Morgan’s lithium with something else. I’m assuming something that looks exactly like lithium.

Carly asks Nell if she can babysit tomorrow, but Nell says she has to get back to work in Atlanta. Carly offers to have her flown back, in addition to paying her for the babysitting.

Doc calls Laura a heathen and a blasphemer for never having seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. She says she was a little busy in 1981 (ha-ha! that’s the year she married Luke), but he says she raised children, so how is it possible? Laura suggests being on the run interfered with her education in film. Doc asks her up to his room for a nightcap.

Franco eats a terrible looking sandwich. Is that peanut butter on white bread? There’s a knock at the door. It’s Nina.

Elizabeth sees Nicholas’s name on the box has Nicholas’s name. She yells out, asking who left it there.

Carly explains she has no problem with Max and Milo watching Avery, but Ava will pitch a fit. She says Nell is a perfect candidate. She just needs one good reference. Nell gives her the phone number of a Mrs. O’Brien. While Carly is making the call, Ava comes down. She tells Nell that as much as she wants to spend the evening with her, Avery was sleeping so peacefully, she didn’t want to disturb her .

Morgan tells Sonny he’s on top of his treatment, but when he saw Mr. Six-Figures bother Kiki, he snapped. He wanted to hurt him, but felt a shift where he stepped outside himself and realized that was a bad idea. Sonny points out that this is a good thing and says he’s proud of how Morgan turned his life around. Morgan says it’s not the only change he’s making.

Nina says she’s sorry to bother Franco and he says it’s still her place too. She picks up a box of her stuff. He asks why she knocked when she has a key, and she says she doesn’t live there anymore. She asks why he’s not at work, and he tells her he’s still under suspension.

Doc tells Laura his only intentions are good conversation and a nightcap. They almost do a Who’s on First bit about how he’d never ever and never say never. She says, let’s go, and he says, check please. It’s like a new verse of Love is the Drug.

Elizabeth starts to open the box when the doorbell rings. It’s Ava wanting to talk to Laura. Elizabeth says she’s out. Ava wanted to thank Laura for inviting her to Nicholas’s funeral, even though she didn’t come. She thought her presence might disturb some of the mourners. Elizabeth invites her in, saying she didn’t know Nicholas and Ava knew each other. Ava says they found themselves in some situations together and clicked. Ava sees the box and asks what it is.

Elizabeth says the box just arrived. Ava asks why she’s not opening it, and Elizabeth says she doesn’t feel right about it, adding that it’s from Greece. She says it’s also not addressed to her. Ava says it might hold a clue to something, but it’s up to her. Elizabeth opens the box.

Laura and Doc have some burgundy. Laura says the hotel room is a little spartan for a long stay and Doc is such a guy. He says he wasn’t sure how to break it to her. Ha-ha! She asks how he likes the hotel amenities, but he says he hasn’t used them. She suddenly says she knows what he’s been doing.

Nina asks if Franco is going to take this lying down. He says he appealed, but nothing. Nina says she’s the editor of a high profile magazine and can help him. He says it’s sweet of her to offer, but he’s got this. She tells him even though it didn’t work out between them, she wishes him no ill.

Carly says clearly Mrs. O’Brien loves Nell. Nell says she’ll remember that next time she asks for a raise. Carly wants to give her $15 and hour plus $200 as a bonus for saving her the hassle of finding someone. Nell says she doesn’t even want the airfare. Carly says it’s the least she can do since Nell gave up her kidney for Josslyn, but Nell says that wasn’t her decision. Carly won’t take no for an answer.

Morgan tells Sonny some of his plans for the coffee kiosk social media. Sonny says he’s never seen Morgan so focused. Morgan says the meds might have something to do with it, but Sonny says it’s still him running with it and it’s a beautiful thing to see. Morgan says he wasn’t sure if it was all going to work, because he kept pushing everyone away, especially Kiki. Sonny says that happens. Morgan says he was afraid of the future and didn’t want to hope for anything. Sonny asks if he’s still afraid now that his emotions are manageable. Morgan says sometimes, but now it looks like he has a future. Sonny explains when you have children, you can’t wait to see the future and what happens with them. They both leave for home.

Franco gets Nina an awful sandwich too. She says it’s perfect and he says at least it’s one thing in the world he hasn’t screwed up. She says boo-hoo and there’s nothing worse than a perfectly capable, sexy man saying he’s no good at anything. She tells him he’s good at reaching people who can’t be reached. He asks how the magazine is going. She tells him it’s going good and she’s proud of her accomplishments.

Nina says maybe she’s a little too proud of herself and let it cloud her judgment. Franco asks what she’s talking about. She says she met a tall, dark, handsome stranger, and tells him about meeting Valentin. She says he asked about Nicholas, but she was too busy being wooed and charmed to see the red flag. She tells Franco that they had amazing sex all night, but she found out he wasn’t such a stranger; he was Valentin Cassadine.

The box contains Nicholas’s things. It’s from the Postmaster and they were required to be sent back to his address. Elizabeth pulls out the jacket that Nicholas was wearing when he fell. Elizabeth says it must have washed ashore. She also finds one boot. Elizabeth says she wishes she hadn’t opened the box because it makes his death real. Ava says she was there. Elizabeth says she should give the things to Laura, but Ava says Laura might feel worse when she sees them. Ava says it might sound weird, but can she have the boot? Elizabeth wonders why she’d want it and Ava tells her the story about Hux, and says it reminds her of their adventure. Elizabeth pulls a velvet pouch out of the boot and says this must be what Ava wants. It’s the diamonds.

Nina tells Franco she thinks Valentin is guilty and he’s done a lot of horrible things. She tells him about her visit to the police station. She wanted to see Valentin’s face when she told him that she got him arrested, but he wasn’t angry. Franco thinks it was a set-up, but Nina says they just met by chance and now he’s being extradited to Greece, so it doesn’t matter.

Nina asks about Elizabeth. Franco says whenever they get close, something happens to scare her, she backs off, and they start over again. Now they’re basically in limbo. Nina says if things are meant to be, they work out, but if not, there’s something better down the road.

Carly introduces Morgan to Nell. He tells her he’s the family screw up, and Sonny tells him to knock it off. Carly tells Sonny about Nell babysitting. It’s agreed that it’s better than Ava flipping out over the bodyguards doing it. Avery starts to cry and Nell says she’ll tend to her. Morgan goes along to show her where the nursery is. Sonny asks Carly about Deirdre, and she says it’s a story for another time.

Laura and Doc play video games. Laura is winning. They’re bouncing around on the bed and when they get close, they kiss.

Elizabeth says she’s taking the diamonds to the police. Ava asks why she would do that, and Elizabeth says they should have been confiscated. She says they’re evidence and Hayden will go to jail. Ava says they’ll just end up in an evidence locker somewhere, and Hayden will cop a plea and get probation. She thinks Elizabeth should hold on to them for Spencer’s future. She says she doesn’t know Spencer, but she cared about Nicholas. She says Elizabeth will be not only protecting Nicholas’s legacy but improving on it. Elizabeth says it’s not her decision. Ava says she knows whatever decision Elizabeth makes, she’ll do what Nicholas would have wanted. A just sayin’ here. I fail to see how finding the diamonds in Nicholas’s boot, which came from Greece, would implicate Hayden. Wouldn’t it just make Nicholas look bad?

Nell comes back downstairs and says Avery is asleep. Carly offers her a ride back. Nell tells Sonny that Avery is a wonderful little girl and she’ll take good care of her. Sonny says, see that you do.

Doc gets off the bed and Laura asks why he stopped. He says chivalry and adorable bashfulness. She tells him they’re grown-ups. He says she’s had an emotional day and might not be thinking clearly. He says he doesn’t care if it sounds stodgy and old-fashioned, he doesn’t want to be the reason she does something she regrets.

Laura asks if she seems regretful and he says not in the least, but when he asked her to his room, these weren’t his intentions. She says they weren’t hers either, but here they are. He asks if she’s okay with everything and she says unquestionably. They kiss. It’s about time they gave Laura someone to partner up with.

Nina thanks Franco for dinner, telling him he’s the best at making peanut butter sandwiches. Obviously, Nina has the palate of a seven-year-old. She thinks there are better things ahead for both of them. As she’s leaving, we see Elizabeth ducking out of the hallway. When Nina is gone, Elizabeth comes back. She tells Franco that she was wandering around thinking about stuff, and thought it might be good to talk about it to someone and that someone is him.

Nell leaves. Carly tells Sonny that Nell is good with Avery and it will keep the peace with Ava. She asks about Morgan. Sonny says it turned out he didn’t need help and he had the privilege of seeing Morgan handling things himself.

Morgan takes a non-lithium lithium.

Tomorrow, Hayden ponders the box of Nicholas’s things, Finn finds Obrecht in his office, and Elizabeth shows Franco the diamonds.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Benny sees the police outside his house and continues to drive past it. He calls Candace and she says it must be Veronica’s doing. He says he’ll be at her place in a few minutes.

Quita is still looking for Quincy. Xena approaches her and says that Quincy was taking care of her and she misses him. Quita blows her off, even though Xena says they’ve been friends since elementary school. It’s an understatement that this is not a nice group of people.

Benny calls Candace again, saying at least the cops aren’t at her place, and to open the door. Candace tells him about Veronica saying she’d turn Jeffrey in if he didn’t propose to Melissa. Benny asks her how many times they stabbed Quincy because he wants to take the rap. They argue and there’s a knock at the door because nobody has doorbells in soap land. It’s the police.

Candace answers the door. A cop is looking for Hannah. There’s a warrant out for her arrest in the abduction of Quincy Jr. Candace tells the officer that Hannah doesn’t live there. The officer wants to check Benny’s house, but Benny says she’s not there. He says he has a warrant and can break down Benny’s nice door. Benny says okay then, they can search. The cop wants to check out Candace’s place too, but she convinces him otherwise since she’s Quincy’s mother. She tells the officer that Hannah is dangerous and Benny says she is not. Benny asks if the charge can be dropped, but it’s a federal offense. Benny leaves with the cop.

Jeffrey sits in the driveway of Veronica’s house. Melissa comes out and tells him her father has chemo today and Veronica is being chilly with her checkbook. She says to get inside now and act interested.

Veronica greets Melissa and Jeffrey while she messes with a blonde wig. She tells them to keep the noise down. They go into their room, and Melissa says that means Veronica wants to hear noise. She starts making “Oh, Jeffrey!” moans, but Jeffrey won’t go along with it, calling Wyatt’s name instead. Melissa sees Veronica leave and Jeffrey says this is pathetic. Melissa says he’s pathetic. He asks how much money she needs. She tells him between her parents’ mortgage and medical bills, everything comes to $1.9 million and asks if he has that kind of money. He says no and she says neither does he, so can’t he just try?

Melissa says she’s trapped too. She says they don’t have to be lovers, they don’t even have to kiss, but he can at least be nice to her since she’s a human being. He says she tricked him into getting pregnant and good luck with him being nice to her.

The cops find nothing at Benny’s house. The cop tells him that Hannah could be in danger because a federal offense is serious and some cops might be overzealous. Benny tells him to get lost. The cops continue to watch his house.

Next on the officer’s list is the Cryer house. Kathryn tells him Hannah doesn’t work there anymore. She asks if they checked Hannah’s house and he says it burned down. He asks if she knows Hannah well and Kathryn says Hannah was her maid. Um…if she knew Hanna well, wouldn’t she know that Hannah’s house burned down? Kathryn says her husband is a judge and would have had Hannah locked up if she was a menace. Another um…doesn’t everyone in town know who Jim is and that he’s in jail? Jim is no one to brag about.

Jim calls Kathryn and asks about Wyatt. He wants her to visit, but she says she can’t see Wyatt in the hospital like that and sent Hannah. Jim says he wants her to visit, not someone else. She tells him to see Wyatt his damn self and hangs up.

Oh ho! Hannah is upstairs with Quincy Jr. Kathryn tells her she’s nuts, but agrees that Quincy Jr. shouldn’t be put in foster care and goes on about how cute he is. Hannah apologizes for dragging Kathryn into it and says she could get in a lot of trouble. Kathryn asks if she’s been around lately and starts to laugh, thinking about Hannah being a fugitive. She asks what Hannah is going to do. Hannah doesn’t know, but she can’t see Wyatt today and tells Kathryn she should go. Kathryn asks if he’s looking better and Hannah says yes. Kathryn agrees to go, wondering who she’ll be when she walks out of the hospital. She says the DA gave Wyatt money knowing he had a drug problem, just to get to Jim. When she thinks of her only child lying in the hospital bed, she doesn’t know which mother will emerge from the hospital. She compares it to how Hannah just broke the law for Quincy Jr. Hannah asks if Kathryn is going to break the law, and Kathryn says not intentionally. She says she doesn’t think Hannah can counsel her on this one after what she just did. This guilts Hannah and she says she’s got to take Quincy Jr. back. Kathryn says she’s going to stay there and get some rest, while Kathryn goes to see Wyatt and then find out if she has any more favors in this town so she can help Hannah. Hannah thanks her. Kathryn says she’s waited forever for the great Hannah Young to make a mistake that would land her in jail. She starts laughing again. She tells Hannah that she should be laughing too.

The police are also watching the tow yard. Benny arrives and Mitch tells him the phones are ringing off the hook. Mitch asks what’s up with the cop car. Benny asks to use Mitch’s phone and tells him the cop car is none of his business. Mitch gives him a “bat phone,” no name, no carrier. Benny calls Hannah and tells her to call him back at that number. Mitch wonders what’s happening, but Benny won’t tell him. Mitch asks when Benny is going to get a clue that he can gets things done and leaves to do a job.

Hannah finally calls Benny back and he asks what’s wrong with her. He tells her about the police and she says she and Quincy Jr. are safe, but she can’t tell him where. He says he’ll talk Candace into not pressing charges, but Hannah says she won’t agree unless Benny sues the Cryers. Hannah says she’s getting out of there with Quincy Jr., but Benny says she’s all over the news. She says she’ll get a car and she’ll be there shortly. Really? With the cops everywhere? She is nuts.

Quita, who obviously has no life and does nothing but hang around the stoop, is approached by two of her cronies. They show her a bag of tapes they got from Veronica’s house. Xena comes back again and asks Quita not to do her like this. KK (one of the dudes) tries to talk Quita into playing nice and she tells him wait until her brother gets back. He’ll be waiting a long time. The other guy tells Xena to apologize. She does. KK wants her to tell Quita the truth. Xena acts like she doesn’t know what he means. The other guy rips Xena’s shirt and she’s wearing a wire. Quita pulls out a gun and asks who’s listening. Xena tells her Veronica wanted to know what’s going on. Dude number two says that’s what the tapes are about. Quita asks how long this has been going on and Xena says since Quincy got out of jail. KK tells Quita Veronica is the one who got him out. Xena says Veronica has something on Candace, who is involved somehow. The group argues among themselves. Quita asks if Veronica hired Xena to do something to Quincy. Xena says no and she doesn’t know where he is. Quita takes the tapes and tells the guys to make Xena disappear. Xena begs Quita not to do this as they take her away.

Kathryn visits Wyatt. The nurse says he asked for her, and he’s been in and out a few times. Kathryn tells her that his first word was “mama,” and the nurse says it’s usually “daddy.” She says every day Wyatt is getting better and he’s lucky. She leaves, telling Kathryn to ring the bell if she needs anything. Kathryn tells Wyatt he is lucky and that’s why she named him Wyatt. She went into labor early on a ski trip in Wyoming. He came out fighting and always had to do everything on his own terms, including being born. She tells him she wasn’t holding his inheritance to hurt him, but to keep him from hurting himself. All she ever wanted was to love him and have him love her. She kisses his forehead. Okay, I looked up the name Wyatt and it means “brave in war.” Take from that what you will.

Oscar comes to David’s office. He says he has to leave town because he’s being followed. He found a tracking device in his car. David asks who it could be and Oscar says a number of people. He says he went to another guy named Raymond’s house. He was out of town, so Oscar pretended it was his family, and whoever followed him thinks he lives there.

He asks what’s up with David and David says he has a lot on his mind. Veronica shows up in the blonde wig. Oscar introduces himself as Jonathan and acts like he’s there about a plumbing issue. David asks what Veronica is doing there and she asks what he’s doing there, and if he’s reminiscing about what could have been. He tells her to get out and she says he finally did it; he filed for divorce on the day of their son’s engagement. He tells her she’s a confusing creature and gives her a restraining order against him and Jeffrey. She says that will be difficult because Jeffrey lives with her. David says until he finds out what’s really going on, the restraining order will stay in force. He tells Veronica if she keeps pushing Jeffrey, Jeffrey is going to kill her. She asks if this means he won’t be attending the engagement dinner. He suggests she hide all the sharp objects.

Benny goes to Candace’s place, sneaking in through the back door. She asks if he knows where Hannah is. He says no, but he’s spoken to her. He tells Candace that she needs to hand Quincy Jr. over to Hannah. When Candace says no way, Benny tells her he found out she wants him to sue. They argue. She tells him to check himself and he suggests she do the same. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Lloyd. He’s there to talk about he loans on the house and tow yard. Benny is like, whaaat?

Next time, David changes Erika’s tire, Lloyd shows Benny “his” signature on the loan documents, and DA Jennifer questions Candace and Benny about Quincy.

Too Close to Home

Tonight was also the premiere of Tyler Perry’s latest, Too Close to Home, about a chick named Anna who’s sleeping with the President. He almost dies in the saddle and his wife means to bring Anna down. Anna ends up running back to her hometown, Happy, Alabama, where things aren’t really very happy. Heather Locklear plays the President’s wife and it’s great to see her on the small screen again. If this character is anything like Veronica, we’re in for a real treat. I watched the first two episodes and Tyler gets it right again.

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