August 24, 2016 – GH’s Franco Gets the Girl, Little LA’s Briana Gets Served & The Countess Gets the Truth


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Lulu talks to Dante about missing Nicholas. They discuss the upcoming baby making.

Franco tells Elizabeth this is a change, usually he’s chasing her. She says she really needed someone to talk to and she shows him the diamonds.

Naomi tells Hayden she needs to get out of Windemere and Port Charles, and away from Elizabeth. Hayden sees the box from Greece.

Finn talks to his dead wife. He thinks he’s close to an answer. He leaves his office and leaves the small recorder he’s been using on the desk. Obrecht comes in and starts looking over his paperwork.

Kristina can’t find her phone and Molly apologizes for tossing it into the bushes. They’re having dinner at the MetroCourt and Alexis enters. Molly set things up because she wants Kristina to make her peace with Alexis.

Elizabeth explains how she got the diamonds. She thinks everything washed ashore after Nicholas died. She also tells Franco about Ava, and how she said that she and Nicholas bonded. She says Ava claimed to want the boot for something to remember him by. Franco says Ava doesn’t have a sympathetic bone in her body and a boot is hardly a memento. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know what to do with the diamonds. Franco suggests giving them to Laura or Spencer (really? although Spencer might actually be the most mature of the bunch), but Elizabeth says Nicholas stole them from Hayden. Here’s what I think. Nicholas is still alive and sent those diamonds back to Windemere or had someone else do it. First of all, that boot didn’t look like it had been soaked and secondly, I doubt the pouch of diamonds would have never stayed inside of it.

Hayden realizes that it’s Nicholas’s stuff in the box. Naomi suggests searching through it for the diamonds.

Finn asks Obrecht what she’s doing. She asks what he’s doing. He grabs his research and she says she’s already seen it and it explains why he was sneaking around on Sonny’s plane, because he’s dealing with dangerous drugs. She thinks he and Sonny are in cahoots to sell something on the black market and she’s going to report it to the authorities.

Lulu tells Dante about the IVF procedure. They figure she’ll be pregnant in October. Dr. Lee calls and Lulu asks if her ears were burning. Dr. Lee has bad news.

Molly says she tricked Alexis too. Alexis says she’d love Kristina to stay, but if not, she’ll leave. A reporter comes up to Alexis asking her about her suspension. Thanks, dooood.

Elizabeth tells Franco that the diamonds had been a necklace and when the government seized Raymond Berlin’s assets, it shoud have been with them, but Hayden had it broken down and hid it. Franco says those diamonds could pay for all of her kids’ college educations.

Alexis tells the reporter that if he doesn’t get lost, she’s calling security. He backs off and Molly asks if what he said was true. Alexis tells her yes, she’s suspended for a year, but she was waiting to tell them. She says it’s a cautionary tale on how not to define yourself by your career. Kristina says it’s her fault for wishing it.

Finn tells Obrecht to start with the FDA, who he’s working with on infectious diseases. Obrecht says she should talk to Valerie about it.

Naomi says there are no diamonds in the box. Hayden is hugging Nicholas’s blazer and Naomi apologizes for being insensitive. Hayden says Nicholas could have hidden the diamonds anywhere, but most likely they were on him and are gone forever. Naomi says all the more reason to start her life somewhere else, since there’s nothing there for her. Hayden says she’s starting to think there might be.

Elizabeth says as much as she hates Hayden, she doesn’t want to make a decision based on bad motivation . Franco says whatever happens to Hayden is her fault. Elizabeth says she’ll turn them in then, and let the chips fall where they may. Franco asks why she would come to him with a moral dilemma.

Finn asks what happened with Valerie. Obrecht says he must know, since he was the perpetrator. Finn tells her to do her worst. Oooh! She swipes his recorder as she leaves.

Naomi tells Hayden that Finn is an addict and she shouldn’t feel badly just because her father squandered his research money. Hayden says that Finn has a disease. Naomi thinks Hayden is gullible when it comes to men because of her father. Hayden says she couldn’t pick her father, but Naomi picked her husband. She walks out and Naomi’s phone rings. It’s Heather.

Elizabeth says she wanted to talk things out with someone who wouldn’t judge her. Franco says he can’t do this anymore. He says she knows how he feels about her and it’s time she either like him back or don’t. He wants her to decide now.

Kristina says she was just mad about Parker. Alexis says she knows Kristina didn’t mean it and the only one at fault for the suspension is her. She says she let her judgement get clouded and she’s sorry. Molly and Kristina tell her they love her.

Dante gets off the phone. Lulu asks how this could have happened. I don’t even get what happened, but the outcome is that Lulu can’t have another baby. She cries in Dante’s arms. Lulu says the embryo tested viable when Obrecht (red flag) returned it and she can’t figure out what went wrong. Dante says it could have been anything and they’re closer than ever.

Alexis says she wasn’t thinking clearly and shouldn’t have interfered with Kristina and Parker, and apologizes. Kristina says that’s all she wanted and ultimately Alexis was right. Alexis gives Kristina her phone. She says Aaron found it and returned it to her. Kristina tells Alexis how the phone got lost and sees that Parker called her back.

Heather wants to see Naomi right away. Naomi isn’t happy, but says she’ll be there.

Hayden comes to Finn’s office, saying that the cactus is still alive and well. She tells him what her mother said about her having nothing in Port Charles and wonders if she’s wrong. Finn says she’s right; Hayden should get away from there and him. He says this is about her and her pinning her future on another man.

Elizabeth tells Franco she was raped. He tells her he’s sorry and she says it was a long time ago. She says even though she recovered, it changed her forever. Franco says she’s endured too much, and he realizes no matter how he’s changed, she’ll believe that he’s someone who’s capable of hurting her. He says he can’t do the back and forth dance anymore and asks her to leave.

Hayden asks why Finn is talking to her this way. He says she wanted him to beg her to stay. She says, no, but it would be nice if he said he’d miss her if she left. He says she doesn’t need justification from a man. He says he’s no prince and has no interest in being the next man she uses to define herself. She’s surprised that’s what he thinks of her. He says she’s beautiful, smart and funny, and if she stays, she should stay for a better reason, but if she leaves, go find someone who isn’t going to die on her. She tells him she wants nothing from him and to go to hell.

Alone, Finn tells his dead wife he did it for Hayden’s own good, so why does he feel badly? He can’t find his recorder because Obrecht is listening to it.

Franco says it’s too painful for this to continue. Elizabeth says she can’t shake Jake telling her that Franco makes her happy. He says he’s perceptive, but it has to be something she wants and he can’t keep going back and forth. Elizabeth says it’s on her and she came to him with an ethical dilemma because she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. Franco says she’s right. He’s probably always going to say or do inappropriate things, but he’d never intentionally hurt her. She says she believes him and they kiss. I get a little teary. Even though I’m no fan of Elizabeth’s, it’s nice to see Franco get what he wants.

Lulu asks Dante what if they still have a chance. She says there’s still an embryo that Stavros stole and what if it’s still out there? Dante says no way it survived the explosion.

Molly tells Kristina not to read too much into it because Parker didn’t leave a message. What if it was a butt dial? The girls go back and forth. Alexis says it appears nothing has changed. She says it didn’t take much persuasion for Parker to walk away. Kristina asks if Alexis would have preferred Parker try to kill her like what happened with her and Julian. We see the reporter recording everything as they argue. Kristina leaves the table and Alexis grabs her and tells her to stop being so self-involved and grow up.

Dante tells Lulu to remember what they have and stay positive. He adds that Spencer lost his father and there are lots of kids around for them to love.

Obrecht listens to Finn’s recording. He walks into her office and catches her. He asks how much she heard and she says more than enough. He tells her if she makes a move against him he’ll kill her with his bare hands.

Hayden asks Naomi to make her a drink. Naomi asks if it’s a celebration. Hayden says she’s starting over whether its there or someone else and she’ll teach the doubters how wrong they are. They drink to the future.

Franco asks Elizabeth if she’s sure this is what she wants. They start to get busy and there’s a bugle call. It’s a phone reminder for Elizabeth to pick up the boys. She tells Franco maybe he wants to think it over. She’s a single mom with three boys and this is what her life is like. He says maybe she wants to get a babysitter again and they can have a real date. She says she wants to take her time, but she is going to see him again. They kiss.

Kristina yells at Alexis to let go of her. Alexis says she’s sorry and Kristina says every time Alexis says it, she believes it less. She walks out. Molly tells Alexis that Kristina is an adult and she can’t control her the same way she couldn’t control Julian, and look what that got her. Molly asks if she can afford to lose anything else.

Tomorrow, Sonny thinks Jason isn’t telling him something, Kristina visits Parker, and Jordan shows Alexis the reporter’s video.

Little Women: LA

Kerwin and Tonya go bike riding. Tonya is trying to whip him back into shape. She’s having a Western style barbecue to welcome Kerwin to LA. She’s unsure about inviting Terra since they haven’t been getting along. She brings up how Terra won’t let the lotus flower logo discussion die. She doesn’t want to argue while Terra is pregnant. Kerwin thinks they should resolve things right away.

Christy and Todd are walking in the park. They sit at a picnic table and Todd says he’s been considering looking for his birth parents. He was adopted as a baby and now that he’s older, wants to know more about his medical history. It was a closed adoption, which throws a wrench into things.

Joe and Terra go vegetable picking, along with Jasmine and Chris. Since both of the girls are pregnant, they’re trying to eat more healthfully. Terra asks Jasmine if she’d prefer an average sized child or a little one. Jasmine says because of her own health issues, and average sized child might be preferable. She talks about her hair loss problem and how she was made fun of for that as well. She says it took her a long time to accept herself as a little person. Terra says she thinks every little person goes through a time of wishing they were otherwise.

While they’re paying for the vegetables, Jasmine talks to Terra about her meeting with Tonya. She says Tonya was really hurt by Terra’s comments about her logo. Terra thinks she’s the only one being honest and she doesn’t want Tonya to fail. She says that Tonya clearly talked about this with Christy and she’s not too happy about that either. Jasmine asks if she’s going to Tonya’s party, but so far, she hasn’t been invited.

Briana tells Matt that the doctor has said her fluid is too high, and it can cause premature birth. She says she had no problem with having her daughter, but with this pregnancy, she’s been in and out of the hospital. Matt asks who he should call when the baby comes. Briana says a group text is fine, but leave out Christy. She’s done with the friendship. She’s trying to build a relationship with Matt and doesn’t want Christy getting in the way.

Todd is going to talk to his adoptive father about finding his birth father. Christy hopes he’ll be supportive. His father is understanding. Todd tells him that Christy was nervous that he’d be upset, but he just laughs. Todd says he also wants to thank his birth parents for giving him great adoptive parents. His father says Todd was a lot of fun to raise.

Terra meets with Tonya’s daughter, Angelique. She tells Angelique that she and Tonya have been on the outs and she wants to make things right. Angelique says Tonya thinks Terra is crapping on her, but Terra says that’s not her intention. Terra asks for an invite to the party and Angelique tells her that she’s inviting her. Terra asks what Kerwin thinks, but Angelique hasn’t discussed it with him and thinks Tonya is settling as far as her relationship with him goes.

Tonya needs to let out some frustration, so she goes to the gym and does a boxing class. Angelique is with her and she asks if Tonya invited Terra to the party. Tonya says they haven’t been talking. Angelique doesn’t think that’s right and Tonya says, you invite her then. Angelique says she already did and tells Tonya about the meeting, which annoys her. Angelique says Terra wasn’t trying to hurt her, but Tonya won’t listen to any more.

Briana and Terra go baby shopping and discuss their pregnancies and surgeries. Briana talks about being unable to thrive when she was a baby and being underdeveloped. Terra says she didn’t walk until 14 months, but at 15 months, Penny still isn’t. Briana thinks once Penny has a little brother or sister, she’ll move ahead because she’ll want to keep up.

Briana asks about the rift with Tonya and Terra tells her about the meeting with Angelique, and how Angelique invited her to the party. She says Tonya won’t even answer her texts. In her interview, Terra talks about Tonya being her family when she moved to LA and she can’t believe she wasn’t even invited to the party. She tells Briana that she’s going and she’s not leaving until Tonya talks to her. Well, we all know how uninvited guests go on a reality show and it’s never pretty.

Tonya is getting ready for the party. She’s miffed about Angelique inviting Terra. The party venue is a pseudo ranch, with picnic tables and various animals in open stalls. In her interview, Jasmine says the last time they wore cowboy hats, the night ended with police reports. Christy shows up and Briana barely acknowledges her. Tonya is nearly as rude when Terra shows up.

Tonya thanks everyone for coming and says she planned this for the love of her life, Kerwin. Jasmine asks how Terra is feeling and she says awkward. She tells Elena and Jasmine that Tonya didn’t invite her, even though she knows Kerwin well. She thinks Tonya is purposely sharing things with Christy to get under her skin. Elena says she’s just making an assumption. Terra says regardless, she doesn’t want Christy knowing her business. She says she’s not leaving until they talk it out.

It’s time for the mechanical bull. Kerwin lasts about ten seconds, although none of the other guys do much better. Tonya does pretty well, but it wasn’t too speedy for her. The food is next and it looks damn good. Wise to do the eating after the bull riding. Terra and Joe are sitting by themselves and discuss Christy and Todd. Joe says he wants to talk to Tonya. When Terra says if she talks to him, she’ll be upset since Tonya isn’t talking to her, Joe asks if she gets along with anybody.

Christy gets weepy about Briana. Um…this is not the place. Uh-oh, here’s comes a guy who looks like a process server. He’s the attorney for Julie, Briana’s ex-publicist. He says she’s in default of a signed agreement and she has thirty days to rectify it. Matt is sure Christy told him where Briana was going to be. He says it shows how classy they both are. In her interview, Briana says that’s the only way Julie could have known where she was.

Terra asks what’s up and Briana tells her, and says that Christy must have been involved. In her interview, Terra says she never thought she’d say this, but Christy is making Matt look good. Joe asks Terra what’s going on, but Terra says until the news is out, she’s not saying anything.

A guy comes out to give lasso lessons. Terra manages to rope the guy instead of the fake cow. Terra asks to talk to Tonya. She doesn’t want the fight over the activewear to destroy their friendship. Tonya says some of what Terra told her was constructive criticism, but she said she doesn’t see Tonya as a face of fitness. She says it’s her vision, not Terra’s. Terra moves to Tonya inviting Christy and Tonya counters with Terra meeting with Angelique to get an invite. Elena comes over and asks if everything is okay. She tells Tonya that Terra was hurt about not being invited and that she doesn’t see a future for the activewear line either. Tonya says Jasmine hasn’t even seen it and she doesn’t care what either one of them thinks anyway. Party over.

Next time, more fitness, Briana discusses Christy with Matt who accuses Christy of being on drugs, Tonya confronts Angelique about what she said about Kerwin.

The Real Housewives of NYC

Dorinda goes to The Countess’s room. The Countess tells her the bad news about Tom. Jules joins them and The Countess goes to Bethenny’s room and asks to see the picture. Bethenny gives The Countess her phone. Yep, that’s Tom making out with someone at The Regency bar. Bethenny tells her that he was making out with this girl for an hour and he was very drunk, even leaving her with the tab. The Countess runs to the bathroom.

The Countess tells Dorinda and Jules. Dorinda is shocked that it happened and also that Bethenny chose to tell The Countess just before they’re leaving Miami. Dorinda asks if she’s sure about the date and tells her to get all the facts first. I totally get why Bethenny did this just before they left. She didn’t want to ruin the trip, but she wanted The Countess to know before she went back to the city.

Sonja, Carole and Ramona go to Bethenny’s room where she’s hiding under the blanket. Ramona tells her not to blame herself and that it’s already all over NYC and this wasn’t the first time. Ramona says she wishes someone had prepared her before she found out about Mario on Page Six of the Post. Bethenny says she and The Countess aren’t that close and she hated to be the one to tell her. Ramona says better her than The Countess finding out through the press. Bethenny orders Sonja to get her some alcohol, stat.

Dorinda encourages The Countess to call Tom. She says The Countess will get through it one way or another.

Bethenny says she didn’t want things to be gossipy. The Countess knocks on her door and she asks the others to leave. The Countess claims she was with Tom on the day in question, so this isn’t possible. Bethenny, between a million apologies, tells her she talked to the manager there, trying to do a CSI before anything was said. In her interview, Bethenny says if you’re going to drop a bomb, you have to be ready to answer follow-up questions. Bethenny suggests The Countess needs to have her info lined up before she talks to Tom. The Countess asks if Bethenny knew when they got there and she says she did. The Countess gets a text from Tom saying he’ll call her later.

Bethenny says she knows The Countess loves Tom, but she’s not so sure she’d trust him. The Countess says she knows Tom loves her, but he was probably drunk. In her interview, Bethenny says The Countess should run and that the whole thing happened too fast. The Countess asks how Bethenny could keep it to herself. She says she spoke to Carole, but only because she had to tell someone.

The rest of the girls discuss. Sonja wonders why everyone is so surprised.

The Countess says she’s not going to let this ruin her marriage. Bethenny gives her the time frame and the phone rings. Bethenny tells The Countess to use her bathroom. Apparently, Tom says he has no recollection of anything. The Countess keeps telling him she saw the picture and asking how he could do this, especially in public. She finds out that after he left her, he went out. He tries to make it sound like it was just a kiss, but The Countess says it was going on for over an hour. He claims it will never happen again, but she says how can she know that? Bethenny wishes she could disappear and not hear all this. The Countess says she can’t do this right now and walks back to her room.

The Countess tells the other girls that she needs to handle things. She doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Ramona is crying and tells her they’ll work it out. In her interview, Sonja says The Countess doesn’t want to deal with reality because she just wants ot get married. Yep. The Countess tells Dorinda she doesn’t want to talk about it and proceeds to talk about it. Dorinda says she didn’t know this side of Tom. She says he has to make it right because they’re all too old for this. The Countess demands a Bloody Mary and calls for Bethenny. She’s pretty distressed that everyone and their mother knows.

Bethenny – oh, I got distracted by The Countess’s ultra cool sunglasses – tells The Countess this is why she asked her if they were monogamous. She thought maybe they had an arrangement. She gives The Countess some straight vodka. The Countess agrees that she would rather know now. Carole says saying he doesn’t remember is the oldest line in the book. The Countess goes to pack.

Carole tells Bethenny that The Countess is in total shock. Ramona says if he’s doing this now, it’s not going to stop.

Back in the city, The Countess checks into a hotel. She says she needs to wrap her head around this. She and Tom are meeting the next day and she needs to make a conscious decision about things. She calls Jules, since she can’t get ahold of Dorinda. She asks if it’s too early to start drinking. In her interview, The Countess begins to justify Tom’s actions.

Dorinda is sick and Ramona comes over bearing chicken soup. Ramona says The Countess doesn’t want to deal with pain, so she sweeps things under the rug. That’s an understatement.

Carole visits Bethenny. Bethenny says she’s reached out to The Countess several times, but she’s not texting back. She wonders if she’s the bad guy now. She tells Carole about The Countess telling Tom how dare he do this publicly, and focusing on what things looked like, rather than the actual problem.

Dorinda tells Ramona that The Countess called her from The Regency and handed the phone over to Tom. She says Tom wants to bring waiters to Dorinda’s to “explain” things and have Dorinda be the messenger to the other girls. When she said no, he told her if she didn’t do it, she’s not invited to the wedding and not allowed to be friends with The Countess anymore and hung up on her. Are we five? Is he Dorinda’s father? What’s up with that? Tell you what, if someone I was engaged to said something like that, we’d be done. What a d-bag, tool, and whatever other crappy word comes to mind.

Ramona calls Tom an a-hole, saying he should just admit what he did and apologize. Dorinda says there’s no getting away from the pictures. Ramona says this isn’t the first time and it’s not going to be the last. She says they haven’t even gotten to know one another and you can’t base a relationship on lies.

Bethenny tells Carole that Tom wanted Dorinda to “take a bullet” for him. Bethenny is also having a party and wonders if Tom is going to be there and how awkward that might be.

The Countess tells us that she and Tom talked and he’s devastated. She says the kiss meant nothing. They’d had an argument and Tom went to The Regency and “fell into the girl’s clutches.” Please, please and please. And why didn’t we hear about this argument earlier? She says she’s not going to let a silly kiss ruin her life. She calls Jules and asks if she can go to the party with her. All of a sudden she wants to confront Bethenny about her detective work and why she’s so curious about Tom. Um…somebody else sent her the picture and brought this into her life.

The venue where Bethenny is having her fiesta looks awesome. There’s a photo booth with props and a Margarita pinata with 10K worth of both fine and good costume jewelry in it. I want to go to one of Bethenny’s parties. Adam has a new short haircut that’s a hit with the ladies. Bethenny says Carole and Adam are the only ones who really seem like their relationship is a good one. When The Countess arrives, she says she’s working on things. In her interview, Bethenny says The Countess and Tom are already out and about partying and The Countess has low self-esteem. She says you have to love yourself in order to not get taken advantage of.

Sonja has been set up with Rocco. She says he has good qualifications, but she doesn’t know if he’s the boyfriend for her yet. She says The Countess has been keeping her distance, since she doesn’t even want to deal with the first issue of Sonja having dated Tom.

Here comes John with Dorinda. We haven’t seen him in a while. He and Bethenny have come to a truce. I don’t even hear what Bethenny says because I’m concentrating on the pinata, but The Countess comes flying over, saying if Bethenny doesn’t stop talking about her, she’s leaving. Okay, I know she didn’t say anything about The Countess. Bethenny says if she wants to leave, fine, but they were talking about the pinata. In her interview, Carole says Tom should have been the pinata. The Countess says don’t talk about Tom, but Bethenny says they weren’t talking about him either.

Ramona says she couldn’t sleep and The Countess tells her to shut up about Tom. Ramona says she was thinking about Mario. The Countess says she and Tom are in therapy and in her interview, Ramona wonders if they’re doing therapy at the bar. She doesn’t understand why The Countess wants to “succumb” to this kind of relationship.

Jules has an eighth anniversary coming up. She says the number eight is lucky in the Asian culture and is hoping that it brings them good fortune. D’oh!

Dorinda wants an apology fir being dragged into the Countess/Tom thing, but says the party isn’t he place to discuss it. Thank you. The Countess talks to Adam and Carole and manages not to breath fire. Jules tells Bethenny that Dorinda told her she should stand up for herself and that Bethenny said she’s like a sick patient. Bethenny calls over Dorinda, who says she doesn’t remember what she said and Bethenny says she’d better remember something. Geez. Dorinda says Bethenny said Jules reminds her of her mother and can’t be around her. Bethenny says she’s allowed to have a perspective and feelings.

Dorinda tells Ramona she’s sweating bullets and Ramona blots her pit with a bar napkin. Eww! Bethenny tells Jules she loves her, but doesn’t apologize. Everyone does the photo booth thing and Jules puts a giant cardboard watermelon slice on her head. Personally, I like Carole’s choice of teeny tiny sombrero.

Bethenny tells The Countess she heard The Countess was angry with her. The Countess wonders why Bethenny had so many details. She tells Bethenny to stay out of her life with Tom and what happened means nothing. Bethenny says she shouldn’t have told her and if she sees him screwing someone on the street, she’ll keep her mouth shut. The Countess says she and Tom love each other and Bethenny says she could tell by the way he acted two weeks into the engagement. The Countess says Tom made a mistake, she’s a grown woman and will make her own decisions. She leaves. In her interview she says she just wants to be with Tom and be in her own bubble. Exactly. Finally, a word of truth from this woman.

It’s pinata time! The only rule is that no one can get two pieces of the fine jewelry. The girls rip the pinata apart. Dorinda gets a diamond martini glass. Ramona loses her shoe in the frey.

Since it’s the finale, we get some parting words about each of the women. Sonja has had three dates with Rocco; Jules is in the process of divorce; John and Dorinda are still dating, but not living together; Carole and Adam are still together, but the cookbook is on the back burner; Ramona is still dating, but making sure none of them have dated her friends: The Countess’s wedding is still on; Bethenny is finally done with her divorce – no more bleeding financially or otherwise.

Bethenny makes a toast to the empowerment of women and says they’re all still standing.

Next time – The Reunion part one.

My favorite exchange this season – The Countess: Don’t let it be about Tom. Bethenny: It’s about Tom.


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