August 26, 2016 – Dualing GHs & a Quad of Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Good morning, Laura and Doc! Doc hopes Laura has no regrets. Geez, she’s barely got her eyes open and he’s throwing his insecurities out there.

Jason and Sam have asked Carly and Sonny to come to breakfast. Jason tells them that they’re getting married. Sam asks what they’re doing September 2nd. Carly gets excited, offering to bump whoever is using the MetroCourt that day, but Sam says they want it low key. Carly says simple is unacceptable and Sonny tells her she has no choice. She asks if they can host the wedding at their house and says she won’t stop asking if they don’t say yes, so they say yes. She promises it will be small and elegant. As she’s asking about the guest list, Carly sees Nell come in.

Carly introduces Nell to Sam and Jason. She’s about to tell them about the kidney donation, but Nell stops her, asking if they can speak privately.

Kristina sees Parker, who’s out jogging. Parker asks what she’s doing back on campus. Kristina was hoping to find out why Parker called.

Jordan shows Alexis the reporter’s video from the MetroCourt and asks what the hell she’s doing.

Laura tells Doc no regrets. He says his cryptography cases don’t usually end up this way. She says she hopes not, but if she’d known this was going to happen, she would have stopped working with him immediately, because she ended up putting him in danger. Doc says he’s the one who insisted on coming to Greece and really, he just wanted to be with her. He says he’s sorry to remind her about Nicholas. but Laura says she’d be mourning him no matter what and Doc makes it bearable. She says he helped her to finally get the better of Helena. This time she got led to unexpected happiness.

Parker says she got Kristina’s message, but didn’t call her back. Kristina shows her the phone and Parker says she must have pocket dialed. Kristina starts to leave, promising she won’t come back. Parker says the truth is that Kristina has been on her mind and they should talk.

Alexis asks where the video came from and Jordan says she has a friend at TMI (which I’m guessing is like TMZ) who gave her a heads up. She says it’s going online with the headline of “Violence Runs in the Family” in about a hour. Alexis says it was an unpleasant moment between a mother and daughter and it happens. Jordan disagrees, saying it’s a public comment on her temperament. Alexis says that’s not her problem, but Jordan says Alexis is a witness in a huge trial and doubts can be cast on her testimony against Julian. Jordan asks if that was her intention. Alexis says she’s being way too cryptic. Jordan asks if Alexis set the whole thing up to discredit herself. Wow.

Carly comes back to the table sans Nell and says she has to get moving on wedding plans. Sam says her sisters will probably want to help, so please reign them in. Carly goes back to Nell and asks why she doesn’t want them to know she’s Josslyn’s kidney donor. Nell says she wants to talk about it more privately than this and Carly says they’ll talk in the car.

Sam leaves for wherever. Sonny tells Jason he has the feeling there’s something Jason isn’t telling him. Jason says there is.

Doc leaves to go get coffee or something. Laura knocks some of his paperwork off the desk and sees a novel he’s writing. I’m going to stop right here and say that for her to read his personal papers is out of line at this point in their relationship. Totally.

Parker tells Kristina what she did was cowardly, but at the time she thought it was for the best. She says Kristina deserves better than that. Parker says it’s not just about what Alexis said, it’s about her own feelings. Kristina asks if Parker was attracted to her and Parker says yes, and she still is.

Alexis says Jordan is being insulting. I think so too. She says Jordan was at the other end of the wire when Julian ripped it off of her and then tried to kill her. Jordan says before that, Alexis protected him, and maybe he’s convinced her to do it again. She says Alexis knows how to influence a jury and maybe she doesn’t want Julian convicted. Man, what does this wreck of a woman have to do to convince everyone she’s done with that narcissist?

Nell and Carly are back at the house. Nell says she’s uncomfortable being treated like she made some big sacrifice when she had no say in it. She says she’s come to terms with what her parents did and doesn’t want to be known for it or dwell on it. Carly says Josslyn feels the same way about being the recipient, but she’d still like to tell Jason and Sam. Nell asks her to wait until after she leaves. Carly says Nell has a maturity she never did.

Sonny and Jason make small talk. Jason asks if he’s heard any more about Valentin. Sonny says he was extradited to Greece. Jason says he still doesn’t trust him. He switches gears, saying he wants to talk to Sonny about getting married. He needs a best man.

Kristina suggests she and Parker start over. Parker says they should never have gotten involved. She says they can never be a couple and she has nothing to give Kristina. Kristina says that night was the best of her life. Parker says she’s going back to her wife. I didn’t purposely try to rhyme that, but it sounds like a lyric from a country song.

Alexis tells Jordan that no one wants to fight with their kids in public, but she’s been a little tense, and Julian has nothing to do with it. Jordan says she’s on the visitors log at the jail and wants to know what she and Julian talked about. Alexis says none of her business and she needs to hunt down Kristina, who didn’t come home last night. Jordan tells her to put her emotions in check. Alexis says she doesn’t answer to Jordan. Jordan says she’s not going to have the case screwed up and Alexis tells her to go to hell. There’s a lot of that going around.

Nell runs down the list of things she needs for Avery. Carly says she’s the most conscientious babysitter ever and she’s not worried in the least. Nell gets a call form her supervisor, Mrs O’Brien.

Sonny says Carly might be miffed not to be the best person, but Jason wants Sonny. He says as his memory has come back, he’s remembered a lot about Sonny. He asks if Sonny has any advice, since he’s figured out this whole marriage thing. Sonny’s phone rings. It’s Max. Max has some news about a website and Sonny says he’ll check it out. He sees a picture Alexis grabbing Kristina’s arm at the MetroCourt.

Andre comes over to Jordan’s place. His patient canceled and he thought he’d surprise her with some food. She’s obviously distressed and he asks her what’s going on. She says, Alexis.

Sam visits Alexis. She tells Alexis they told Sonny and Carly about the engagement, but she doesn’t want to tell anyone about the baby yet. She says they’re having the wedding at Carly’s house and she doesn’t want Alexis to feel excluded. Alexis says with all the publicity, it’s probably best they don’t have the wedding at her place. Sam says Molly also asked her to check on Alexis, but gave her no details.

Doc comes back and Laura asks what’s this, showing him the papers. She says there’s a letter about a publishing deal and a manuscript that sounds like it’s about her. I understand why she’s miffed, but seriously, she had no business reading all that. She asks when he was going to tell her. She says they’d joked about it, but she didn’t think he was really going to do it.

Sonny tells Jason he’ll stand up for him, but don’t do it four times. He also says Jason should be true to himself. Note to self: Don’t go to Sonny for marriage advice unless brevity is the only criteria.

Jordan tells Andre that she’s not letting Julian wiggle out of this one. He asks what’s wrong, thinking there’s more to the story. She says she used to work undercover for the DEA and Julian caused her a lot of grief. She says they finally have a case and she’s not going to see him set free, no matter what Alexis or anyone does.

Alexis wants to focus on the wedding and Sam says they’ll talk about whatever’s bothering her another time. Sam says Jason asked Sonny to be his best man and she’d like Alexis to be her best girl. Alexis says yes, and she can’t wait to brag about being a grandma again. Sam has to go, but tells Alexis when she wants to talk, let her know.

Parker says she realized that she and her wife need to work on what they have. Kristina says Parker lied, that she told her the marriage was over and Kristina wouldn’t have slept with her otherwise. Kristina says she thought Parker was someone to emulate and had real feelings for her, but she used Kristina like everyone said she was doing. Parker says it’s more complicated than that. Kristina says it’s the oldest story in the book and the lectures about Kristina discovering herself were just a smoke screen. She says Parker is a liar.

Doc tells Laura that he started the book, but it went nowhere. Then she gave him the impetuous to write again, but no one ever saw it. She asks if he was going to tell her and he says he was. She’s annoyed that he kept it from her, but he says he never intended to betray her trust. She asks him what part their love making plays in this and if it’s just a good conclusion to the story, because she has a different ending in mind. Aw, Doc is a good guy. Don’t do this. At least give him five minutes. You only just got together.

Carly asks Nell what’s wrong. She says there were budget cuts and she lost her job, and she has to get back to Atlanta as soon as possible. She says she’ll be leaving tomorrow after the babysitting gig. I dunno about you, but I’m thinking there’s no Mrs. O’Brien and Nell is up to something. She seems too good to be true.

Doc says he’s not going to publish the book; he’ll burn it if Laura wants. He says what happened between them was real. She says a lie of omission is still a lie. He asks if they can talk about it and she says good-bye. I’m really disappointed in Laura.

Sam tells Jason that something happened, but her mom doesn’t want to talk about it. As far as the wedding goes, they just need someone to marry them. Jason says he has that covered.

Kristina tells Parker to get lost.

Sonny comes to Alexis’s place and says she’s going to tell him what happened right now.

Tomorrow, Paul tells Tracy that Julian is his highest priority. Heather tells Naomi to pay up or else, and Robert is in town!

General Hospital – Friday

Sonny tells Alexis that’s his daughter in the picture and he wants to know what happened. He tells her that Julian is going to walk free if she doesn’t get her act together. He says she doesn’t have the luxury of falling apart, and that grabbing Kristina’s arm could poison the jury pool. She says she’s been at this a while and doesn’t need him to educate her. Sonny asks what she’s going to do to make it right with Kristina.

Ava visits Julian, who claims to have accepted his fate that he’s going live out his life in prison. Ava says he’s not a quitter, but he says this is his world now. His wife and kids have cut him off. Ava tells him that he still has a loyal sister. Julian says he’s just what Paul needs to cement his reputation as a crime fighter.

Naomi tells Hayden to order whatever she likes because she has a system to cheat the credit card company. She asks if Hayden has made her decision to stay or go. The Clash plays in my head.

Elizabeth sees Franco and tells him to be careful hanging around the hospital, but he says he has a pass from the chief. He’s brought her toast with jelly smiley faces on it. They talk about their upcoming date. She suggests she pay since he isn’t working, but he says no. Doc calls him into the office.

Laura goes over her idiocy from the day before. Doc keeps trying to call and she’s ignoring it. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Robert! He says he got a call from Luke about ten hours ago. Luke told him about a problem on Cassadine Island. Laura tells Robert about the skeleton Lulu found and how they had the bracelet DNA tested. She says next time Robert hears from Luke, to have him call Lulu. Robert says Luke also asked him to send a warning.

Paul and Tracy are having lunch with Dillon, who’s late.

Hayden tells Naomi that there’s nothing left for her in Port Charles. Naomi is thrilled to have Hayden coming back with her. Naomi’s phone keeps ringing, and she says something has come up and she has to go. She walks into the hallway. It’s Heather who says Naomi knows what she wants and had better give it to her tout suite.

The jail must be in the next room, because suddenly, Naomi is in the visiting room with Heather. Heather is blackmailing her over something we don’t know. Heather says she’s several months in arrears. Naomi tells her money is tight. Heather says too bad, she’s not paying for Naomi’s poor business decisions.

Doc tells Franco from a psychological standpoint, he should be able to return to work. Franco talks to him about Elizabeth, but Doc says he’s the last person who should be giving romantic advice.

Robert says the warning is about Valentin. Laura says he was extradited and should be in prison for the rest of his life. Robert says that’s his understanding too, but Luke isn’t convinced. He says with only Spencer standing between Valentin and the Cassadine fortune, she has reason to be concerned and should beef up security. He has to go, but tells her to call if she needs him.

Ava says her brother doesn’t surrender and he still has fight left. She suggests he act on it or give up and make Sonny’s day.

Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina is still furious with her about Parker, but the peace treaty Molly started fell apart when Kristina realized Parker had called and Kristina wanted to find her. She says the picture is misleading. He asks what he can do, and she tells him to call Kristina and be supportive. She adds that Julian is deranged , thinking they’re getting back together. Sonny laughs and Alexis tells him to stay away from Julian. He tells her that she has to be on her game if she’s going to bring Julian down.

Elizabeth asks Doc if everything is okay with Franco. He says Franco has his foibles, but nothing should prevent him from employment or a date, and she knows they discussed her. She tells Doc that Franco has been a good friend. Doc says she can always talk to him. She thinks about the diamonds and says she’d like to.

Hayden comes back to Windemere, and Laura tells her that she’s putting Spencer in the school to be safe. She says it has the extra layer of protection that Spencer needs against Valentin.

Heather says she knows about Naomi’s settlement with the Feds and that she takes home six figures a year. Naomi wants to explain, but Heather won’t hear it. She says pay up or else. Franco comes in because they allow Heather to have how many visitors she wants, and says, or else what?

Dillon joins Paul and Tracy. He asks why Tracy conned him into coming to this torture session? He says he hasn’t heard from Paul in months because Paul’s family comes second to his ambition. Dillon brings Susan up and Paul says Dillon has no idea how much he loves his other children. He adds that he’s not apologizing for his ambition because it’s helped him reach his goals for his kids. Ava texts him. Paul gets up to leave and tells Dillon that Tracy is worried about him. Paul doesn’t know how to help him, but says Dillon can call any time. Robert sees Paul as he’s leaving.

Kristina arrives home. Alexis says she was worried and asks if she was with Parker. Kristina says Molly called it; it was just a butt dial and Parker is gong back to her wife. She tells Alexis to go ahead and gloat, adding like mother like daughter.

Sonny visits Julian. He says Julian has one chance to save his life.

Hayden says she’s bad at good-byes, and asks Laura to say good-bye to Spencer for her.

Heather says Naomi was just leaving. When she’s gone, Franco says he knows her from somewhere. He remembers her passing out at the MetroCourt and that she’s Hayden’s mother. Heather doesn’t know who he’s talking about and he explains that she’s really Rachel Berlin. Heather says she doesn’t take after her father and Franco wonders how she knows so much. He wants to ask Heather a favor. He asks if she could loan him money for his date.

Elizabeth tells Doc she’s afraid the good in Nicholas will get lost. She has something she thinks she can do to make it right, but she doesn’t know if it’s for him or her. Doc tells her to trust her instincts.

Tracy tells Dillon that she’ll never twist arm to have lunch with his father again.

Robert tells Paul that Anna is concerned about Julian. Paul says they have taped confessions, Alexis’s testimony, and other corroborating witnesses, so tell Anna to rest easy.

Sonny tells Julian what Nina said about his delusions. He suggests Julian plead guilty and alleviate Alexis’s pain. He says if Julian does, he’ll let him live.

Paul meets Ava. She thinks she can get Julian to plead guilty for a lesser sentence. Paul says not a chance, but he does have a deal for her. She’s going to testify against Julian or he’ll have her charged with Connie’s murder. He reminds her about the flash drive. She says he wouldn’t dare and he says just watch.

Sonny says if Julian pleads guilty, he’ll have Sonny’s protection. Otherwise, he’ll see what it’s like to be in prison without Sonny’s protection. Either way, he’s not to contact Alexis again. From this moment on, he’s dead to her.

Alexis asks Kristina if she wants to talk or sit together in unbearable silence. She apologizes for trying to stop her from finding Parker and says she was wrong. Kristina says she doesn’t matter to Parker and Alexis says Kristina matters to her. Kristina says she used to know herself and what made her happy, but now she’s lost and running in circles. Alexis says she is too, and isn’t sure about anything anymore, except that she has a courageous daughter who’s going to help her find her way.

Heather says she’s not Franco’s personal ATM. Franco says she told him her nest egg was large, but she says her funds are about to dry up. He suggests she must have been shaking down Naomi and he’ll get the money himself if she gives him the details.

Doc visits Laura. He needs to talk to her and begs her to hear him out. He sees the bags and asks if someone is taking a trip. Laura says she is.

Robert calls Anna with an update and tells her what Paul said.

Julian says he’s not going to plead guilty; in fact, he’s going to get acquitted. Sonny says once the judge takes a seat, his fate is sealed. Julian says he’ll tell Alexis and she’ll stop Sonny. Sonny laughs. Julian says no matter what Alexis says, she loves him and they’re going to be together again.

Laura tells Doc Spencer wants to go away. Doc says running away won’t help. Laura says it’s regrouping, and when he’s ready, he’ll come back. Doc says when she’s ready, he hopes she’ll give him the chance to make things right. He tells her safe travels and leaves. Laura calls upstairs to Spencer, telling him it’s time to go.

Sonny asks Paul for an update on the prep for Julian’s trial. Paul says they’re leaving nothing to chance.

Ava orders a martini at the MetroCourt. Hayden is at the bar and they start to talk. Hayden asks if Nicholas suffered, and Ava says no more than when he was married to her. Nasty. Ava says for Nicholas’s sake she’s letting Hayden know that Elizabeth is going to turn her in to the Feds. She tells Hayden about the diamonds.

Elizabeth calls the commissioner, saying she has evidence related to Hayden.

Heather tells Franco that Naomi pays her and she keeps her mouth shut about Naomi’s past with Jeff Webber and their brat. Does this mean Naomi is Elizabeth’s mother? I did suggest this a while ago.

On Monday, Lulu asks Robert if anything could have survived the explosion at the Cassadine compound, Finn asks Elizabeth why she’s calling the police, and Hayden asks Ava for more information about the diamonds.

Quotes of the Week

No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.Abraham Lincoln

I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes, I even put it in the food. — Julia Child

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.George Santayana

You can’t give hipsters a microphone. That’s like throwing gasoline on a pretentious fire.Kat Dennings as Max on Two Broke Girls


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