August 29, 2016 – GH’s Killer is Revealed & in the OC, Rifts are Healed


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Lulu is on the phone with someone in regard to the compound explosion. At the end of the conversation, she says she doesn’t believe they really wish they could help her at all and she sounds just like me. I hate when I hear that stuff, or even worse, the old “I understand.” No, you don’t.

Ava gives Hayden a heads up about the diamonds. She doesn’t know what Elizabeth’s plans were, but she thinks the Feds might have them.

Heather digresses, but Franco wants the Jeff Webber story. She says she can tell him the source of the money, but not the why or where, since she made a promise. She says she needs her leverage back to scare Naomi into making payments again. Franco thinks there’s a way for her to keep her promise and still tell him.

Elizabeth tells Finn what’s going on with the diamonds, but he’s disappointed because he’d thought she had a lead on the murders when he heard her say she was calling the cops. She says she wishes, since everyone is on edge, looking over their shoulders, and filing complaints against everything. Finn says that has to stop and then goes over to Monica, telling her that he wants to file a complaint.

Andre visits Jordan at work, bringing her a collectible currency book, thinking it might help her with the cuff-link. She thinks it’s a touching gesture, but also thinks they’ve exhausted the internet. He says what’s important to her is important to him. She asks why he’d have a book like that, and he says he’s a secret nerd. She wonders if he has a Star Wars man cave, but he can’t confirm or deny.

Robert visits Lulu. He tells her that Luke is definitely alive and said he hadn’t been on Cassadine Island “since before the witch breathed her last breath.” Lulu says she thought as much, but it’s a huge relief to have that confirmed. Lulu talks about how Luke went through a lot of changes and needed to go find out who he is now. She doesn’t like it, but accepts it and loves him for who he is. Robert says she and Robin should form a club, since he got the same speech from her. Lulu asks if there was any further message from Luke, and Robert says Luke wanted to warn her about Valentin.

Dante says the warning came late. Robert says he heard about what happened and he’s sorry about Nicholas. He says he’d never heard of Valentin, but now he’s on Interpol’s radar and his files with the WSB have been pulled. Lulu says he’s supposedly the Cassadine all other Cassadines fear. Dante says Valentin’s beef is with his own family and he said he has nothing against the Spencers. Robert says maybe, but Luke thinks he’s dangerous. He and Dante are both going to investigate. Lulu asks if Robert thinks something could have survived the compound explosion.

Franco tells Heather that they can play a getting warmer type game; she can tell him if what he says is possible or not. The result: She was obsessed with Jeff and stalked him after he left Port Charles (or as she puts it, just checking up on him without him knowing). She says he was cheating on his second wife and had a secret relationship with Naomi.

Hayden tells Ava she has to leave town. Ava says to take a bus since there’s less scrutiny. Hayden wonders why the authorities haven’t come for her, and deduces that Elizabeth hasn’t turned the diamonds over. When Ava adds “yet,” Hayden says yet is good and that means there’s still time. She leaves to convince Elizabeth not to do it or stop her.

Monica tells Finn that Dr. Obrecht demanded he be fired. She told Obrecht that where her staff goes and how they get there is none of the hospital’s business, and that she’s bordering on harassment. She suggests Finn drop it though, because it’s not exactly like he’s been forthcoming. She’s going to let it slide for now. She tells Finn that Obrecht has a personal vendetta against him (like he doesn’t know) and is disappointed he’s not the killer.

A code blue alarm sounds. It’s a patient Andre came to see. By the time the other staff members get there, Andre is doing CPR.

Robert says Lulu would know more than him about the explosion, since she was there. She says they didn’t stick around to go through the rubble and she might have left something behind. She explains how Stavros took her embryo for his own purposes, and wonders if it could have survived.

Ava gets called into the police department. Jordan wants to talk to her about a murder and she flashes back to Paul threatening her with the flash drive. Ava says the DA is always coming up with ways to harass her. Jordan says she’s not a person of interest, but her expertise might help with a case, since she’s an art dealer. She shows Ava the coin picture and asks if it looks familiar. Ava says actually, it does.

The patient flatlines. Monica asks what happened. Andre says he was talking with the patient and he seemed fine, but suddenly grabbed his chest, said it hurt, and that was it. Monica sends Elizabeth to get the police. Andre says no one came in and killed him, and asks if she’s implying he had something to do with it. Geez, it’s not like she accused him of anything. Way to make yourself look guilty.

Heather tells Franco that she felt obligated to step in. She went through Naomi’s place and found a positive pregnancy test in the trash can. Naomi was pregnant with Jeff’s baby. Franco asks if Naomi is Elizabeth’s mother. She says Jeff had three girls and doesn’t know about the third. Hayden is Elizabeth’s sister. I KNEW IT!

Lulu explains what happened with the embryo to Robert. She says it’s a long shot, but if the embryo is viable, it’s her last chance at a child that’s biologically her and Dante’s.

Paul comes to the hospital. Andre says a patient had a heart attack and he’s being blamed. Paul asks Monica if he should rule out natural causes. Well, I don’t think she’d get him involved if that wasn’t the case. Monica asks permission to draw blood for testing and Paul asks Andre to stick around .Andre says not without a lawyer, and he’s calling Jordan.

Ava tells Jordan that the coins were really popular a while back. She says a man who wears them likes to show off and present himself as having power. And she’s sure she’s seen someone wearing them.

Hayden approaches Elizabeth and asks if there’s anything she has to tell her. Elizabeth says no, and Hayden tells her that she knows about the diamonds and to hand them over.

Franco is like wha-a-at, Elizabeth and Hayden are sisters? Heather says she waited for Naomi and told her she knew all about the affair. Naomi begged her not to say anything, so she kept her silence for a large amount of money. Naomi was never to see Jeff again and to pay Heather every month. Heather adds that she met someone who told her how to invest it, which is a story for another time. Franco wants to tell Elizabeth immediately and Heather says, no you don’t.

Finn tells Andre that if he doesn’t protect his own rights, no one will. Paul tells Finn to move along and tells Andre that if he’s really innocent, he should cooperate.

Elizabeth tells Hayden that the diamonds don’t belong to her. Hayden says Elizabeth is a hypocrite, who lied to Jason, keeping his family from him, and who conspired with Nicholas, culminating in Hayden getting shot. She adds that Nicholas would be alive if it wasn’t for her. Elizabeth says that she’s not the one who stole the diamonds and hid them. She says too bad they don’t have family cells so Hayden could be locked up with her father. Hayden slaps her and Finn makes an oooh face.

Heather says Franco should think twice, especially since he squandered the last bunch of money she gave him. He says he has to be honest with Elizabeth. Heather keeps saying, “Don’t,” as he walks out.

Finn steps in. Elizabeth wants to tell him what happened and he says he doesn’t care; he just wants it to stop. Finn tells Elizabeth that Monica needs to see her. When she leaves, Hayden tells Finn he made it clear there’s no friendship between them, so leave her alone.

Both Ava and Jordan have the same feeling of recognition. Jordan wonders if the killer is close by.

Elizabeth sees Paul alone in Monica’s office, messing around her desk. He says he was looking for a pen and will tell Monica that she stopped by. When she leaves, it’s revealed that Paul is wearing a surgical glove on one of his hands and is holding a syringe. I think we all knew the second she saw him, but now my mind is trying to go back over where he was when each person was killed. It actually crossed my mind that it was him when he showed up at the hospital so fast, but all of them seem to have Star Trek transporters, so I discarded that as evidence.

Lulu asks Robert if the WSB inventoried the wreckage and if he could check for a thermos or other cold storage container. He says he’ll pull the records. He gets up to leave, saying he’s sorry about Nicholas, but despite all Lulu and Dante have been through, they seem to have it together. Lulu says even if they never have another baby, they have a lot to be grateful for. Robert leaves and Dante says no matter what, he’s with her all the way, but he looks like something is disturbing him.

Franco gets to the hospital, but just misses Elizabeth.

Finn apologizes to Hayden, saying he was going through some stuff when he’d last talked to her. She says she has to catch Elizabeth to make sure she keeps her mouth shut.

Elizabeth skips the elevator and takes the stairs.

Jordan gives a copy of the picture to Ava and says to give her a call if Ava thinks of anything. In the hallway, Ava realizes it’s Paul’s cuff-link and says OMG.

Uh-oh. Paul is sure Elizabeth saw something and goes after her.

Monica says there was no murderous drug in the patient’s system. Andre says he doesn’t appreciate being a suspect and Finn says he understands that. Monica says the last thing they need is another murder at the hospital.

Suddenly, the power goes out in the hospital. In the stairwell, Elizabeth uses the flashlight on her phone. Two hands come from behind and push her down the stairs. No doubt Hayden will be a suspect, but I vote for Paul since he had a head start.

Tomorrow, Nina asks Nathan if he still loves Claudette, Franco looks for Elizabeth, and the source of the power outage is found.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Shannon is still “in a cloud” over the birthday party/vow renewal. The family is having breakfast at the hotel, and then Shannon and David are going to Cabo for a second honeymoon.

Vicki has rented the Merv Griffin estate in Palm Springs for her birthday weekend. Tamra is unsure as to who Merv is. Kelly has no clue who he is, but hopes he’s single. Well, that’s up for debate since he’s dead.

Meghan and Jimmy are going to be in the vicinity of Vicki’s party and Meghan has decided to make an appearance. Meghan tells Jimmy it’s time to move on from the feud. Thank God. Heather is doing something with her kids and isn’t coming, but I think she’s not coming because Kelly will be there.

Vicki talks about dating, and in her interview, Tamra suggests she find someone who has a job, good teeth and doesn’t lie about having cancer. Sounds reasonable. Tamra discusses Vicki’s dating life with Briana. Briana is glad her mom is playing the field because she’s never been single. She says everyone should have their “slutty years,” but she just doesn’t want to hear about it. In the kitchen, Vicki tells Kelly that she’s surprising Briana with Ryan tonight.

Vicki tells Kelly that Meghan wasn’t sure if she could make it, but Shannon is going to Cabo. Vicki says Shannon wouldn’t have come anyway and she’s disappointed that Shannon wants to throw away their friendship. Me too. Vicki isn’t stupid and I honestly think she knew in her heart that Brooks was a liar, but talked herself into believing him. And really, she hurt herself more than anyone else, so what’s the big deal? Tamra tells Kelly and Vicki about Shannon’s surprise party. In her interview, Vicki says she wishes them the best, but it didn’t work for her and Don. We flash back to their vow renewal. She thinks David is going to pay for the affair for the rest of his life. I dunno. If anyone can make a second go of it, it’s those two.

Heather and Terry are having a date night. She says they’ve been doing a lot of work projects together, but it’s nice to have some personal time. Terry says their daughter, Max, has been sending him photos of empty chairs since he hasn’t been able to make her events. It’s the empty dad chair. Terry admits she’s right that he’s been absent. Heather says they’re going in the wrong direction, but the next direction is up to him. He claims that he’s in a situation now where he can be free on weekends and have dinner at home. Heather says she’ll believe it when she sees it.

Kelly asks if Heather is okay with her or hates her. Vicki says hate is a strong word and Tamra says she wouldn’t call Heather mad. So what’s the deal if it’s neither? Kelly thinks Heather acts like she’s better than everyone else. She talks about Heather asking her to leave the party when it wasn’t her party. In her interview, Tamra says she wants to like Kelly, and she is likable, but sometimes she doesn’t think before she speaks.
Heather tells Terry about the apology text that Kelly sent and he rolls his eyes. Heather says she appreciates it, but Tamra said Kelly made fun of her after she left the party. Let me touch on a few points here. Nice of Tamra to do that, but no surprise. When Kelly made fun of Heather, it was directly after their altercation, so no doubt her emotions (and drunkenness) were still high. I’m not making excuses for her – and no woman should ever call another woman the c-word – but I’m just sayin’.

Kelly tells Tamra that she got no reply to her text. Tamra says it has to be more than a text and maybe they should go to lunch. Good luck with that. We know how the lunch with Shannon went. Tamra is having an event for Eddie’s birthday, but is hesitant to invite Kelly, especially since there will be kids around.

The ladies sit down to dinner. Vicki says they’re celebrating Briana’s birthday too. Briana talks about how much she misses Ryan and how he has to get written permission to leave the state, since he’s in the military. Kelly gives both Vicki and Meghan gifts. Tamra has something for Vicki, and she’s like thanks a lot for not telling me it was also Briana’s birthday. The gifts are opened and Vicki tells everyone how much she loves celebrating her birthday. Her son, Mike, shows up and they discuss real estate. She takes him on a tour of the place. Briana’s kids beat him with a pool noodle.

Ryan arrives and Briana starts crying. She’s thrilled that Vicki was able to make it happen. Vicki says the gift of family is the best gift anyone can give. Let me add that cash is good too.

Meanwhile in Cabo, Shannon and David are keeping a video diary of their second honeymoon. We flash back to the last time they were in Mexico. It wasn’t good. In her interview, Shannon says fighting for her marriage was the best thing she ever did. I don’t always agree with Shannon’s choices, but my hat’s off to her with this one. I’m really rooting for them.

Tamra talks to Vicki about inviting Kelly to Eddie’s birthday. She says every time Kelly is around, there’s a scene, and Heather is concerned about bringing her children. In her interview, Vicki wonders how Heather made this about herself. She says Kelly is a mother and understands how to act around children. Kelly comes in and Vicki repeats what Tamra told her.

Commercial break. The original Below Deck is back Tuesday, September 6 at 9 p.m. I have to admit to a TV crush on Captain Lee and couldn’t be more pleased. I must not be the only one, since one of the ads focuses totally on him.

Tamra calls Heather from one of the bedrooms. She tells Heather that Kelly said her beef was with Shannon, not Heather, and was annoyed that Heather told her to leave the party. Heather tells her about the text and Tamra asks why she didn’t respond. Heather mentions Kelly making fun of her and in her interview, Tamra says she still needs to work on her big mouth. Yep. She suggests the three of them go to lunch, but Heather is hesitant. Heather finally tells Tamra she’ll go, but it’s on her, since she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. In her interview, Tamra says being a peacemaker blows and it’s a hard job. Often being the diplomat of the group myself, I agree.

Outside, Kelly talks about what happened at Meghan’s party and how she thinks Heather is overreacting. Tamra joins them and they decide to hang out by the pool. Vicki brings up a time when she and Tamra did too many fireballs and ended up in the pool with their shoes on. They decide to initiate Kelly by pulling her in fully clothed. Then they join her.
Meghan arrives. She comes bearing gifts for Vicki and asks why the three of them are in the pool with their clothes on. Meghan thinks she’s pregnant, and shows them her bump. Since I can see her hip bones framing it, it’s pretty easy to tell. She thanks Vicki for inviting her and Vicki thanks her for letting bygones be bygones.

Back in Cabo, Shannon says the vow renewal and second honeymoon have made her ecstatic, because David did something she didn’t think was possible. They talk about getting naked and I go ♫ la-la-la ♫!

Heather, Tamra and Kelly meet at a Laguna Beach restaurant for dinner. Heather doesn’t really want to be there, but is doing it out of respect for Tamra. Kelly arrives after the other two. Tamra is concerned about being blamed if the dinner goes horribly wrong. Heather breaks the ice by saying she and Kelly had been getting along really well, but the sushi dinner was full of anger and vulgarity. Kelly says she’s ashamed of herself. In her interview, Heather says Kelly has acted unacceptably on a couple of occasions and she has no guarantee that it won’t happen again. Heather brings up Kelly making fun of her after she left, and Kelly says she did it because Heather told her to leave. Heather says she told everyone to leave, but that didn’t happen. Heather says once the c-word is called out, all bets are off. Kelly apologizes again, but adds that Vicki told her that Heather didn’t want her around her children. Heather says she didn’t say that, but that did happen. We flash back to prove both these points. Hmm…seems like Heather has a tendency to make it up as she goes along.

Tamra says the last thing they want is another freak out to happen around children. Kelly says that’s not the way she acts around kids, and that she’d had too much to drink and was emotional. She says her integrity was being attacked, and it hit a nerve. Tamra says both times they’ve seen her in a group setting, it wasn’t good, but does understand how she felt set up at Shannon’s 70s party. Kelly starts to cry. In her interview, she says she feels like she’s treading water and drowning. In her interview, Heather says she believes Kelly’s tears are real, but she can’t forget what happened. For Tamra and the party’s sake she hopes Kelly is telling the truth.

Next time, the pregnancy test results are in, Shannon’s house goes into escrow for real. Eddie’s birthday happens, and so does a dune buggy accident on the beach.

Suggestion: If you’re not watching Too Close to Home, you’re missing out. This latest Tyler Perry venture into nighttime drama isn’t on the OWN network this time, but he’s branching out to TLC. It’s got everything an after dark soap should have, with a compelling storyline and characters you can invest in. And Heather Locklear. I got reeled in immediately.

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