August 30, 2016 – GH’s Ava Knows All & So Does HAHN’s Benny


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Felicia and Maxie are in a booth at the bar. Maxie takes apart a wedding collage she’s made and is going to burn the pieces. Felicia tells her to hold off. Maxie says that Nathan wants these things with Claudette and she has to destroy her false hope. Maxie gives Felicia a condensed version of the Claudette/Nathan/Griff story. She tells Felicia about how Nathan was ready to tear Griff apart when he saw Griff kissing Claudette. Felicia says but he listened to Maxie when she told him to stop. Maxie says Claudette still has a hold on him, and Felicia says, break it then.

Nathan tells Nina that Maxie won’t talk to him. Nina thinks he’s still harboring feelings for Claudette. She wants to know how he really feels before she goes to bat for him. He says he wouldn’t have proposed to Maxie if he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life with her. He says he harbors feelings of anger toward Claudette, but he’s not in love with her. Nina says he has to make that clear to Maxie, especially since he attacked Griff. Nathan says he wasn’t jealous, he was angry. Nina says it must have been a horrible flash back and he says it was like reliving the whole thing in a couple of minutes, and he lost it. Nina wonders how Maxie might have viewed his reaction.

Monica is stumped as to why the back up generator didn’t kick in immediately. Everyone starts using their phone flashlights.

They rerun Elizabeth getting pushed down the stairs and I take a better look at the hands. Still think it’s Paul.

Claudette and Griff are also stuck in the dark in the locker room. She thinks it’s some kind of sign that he’s been in the dark since she left him, but he says maybe it’s a sign of how dark she is. He wants her to leave, but she says they have things to talk about. They have unfinished business that started when he kissed her.

The generator comes on and everyone scrambles to check on patients. Monica calls the chief engineer, asking him to execute emergency protocol.

Elizabeth is a mess, but she’s alive. Hayden finds her and she regains consciousness for a millisecond. This is not a good look.

Felicia says walking away from the situation would be the easy way out. Maxie says Nathan should be fighting for her. Felicia says maybe he is, but she’s been ignoring his calls and texts. Maxie says she’s not ready to talk to him yet and Felicia says she needs to decide what she wants. Maxie says to go back in time and tells her how Claudette refuses to go away. Felicia says she didn’t ask about Claudette.

Nathan says that Maxie must have thought he still cared about Claudette since he basically ignored her being there. Nina says Maxie felt insecure and inconsequential, and it’s awful to be odd man out. She says he’d better convince Maxie that he loves her before it can’t be fixed.

Griff tells Claudette that he didn’t kiss her (I dunno about that – if nothing else, he sure kissed back), and he’s either repentant or he’s not. Claudette insists he’s still in love with her. He puts her hand on his scar and says that’s what he feels when he sees her – a bullet tearing through his flesh.

Ava calls one of her cronies for a favor. She needs a passkey for the MetroCourt.

Monica has all ambulances diverted until things get straightened out. Finn and Andre tell her everything is fine with the patients.

Franco calls out for Elizabeth. Hayden tells him she’s on the landing. He asks Elizabeth what happened and she passes out before she can say anything, but we already know what the deduction is going to be. Another reason I think it’s Paul.

Nathan goes to the bar and sees Maxie. Felicia suddenly has to go. He sits down. He says Mac told him where she was, and Maxie calls him a traitor. She says she’s surprised he could think about her with all the space in his brain being taken up with Claudette. He says he does have feelings for Claudette.

Claudette says the bullet wound healed, but Griff hasn’t. She says he has to decide what he wants, the running theme today. She asks if he’s ever wondered why his superiors didn’t give him more of an argument about leaving the priesthood. She thinks they see what he doesn’t want to face, that he belongs with her, not the church. She says he’s not a failure, he’s human. He says when Claudette is given the choice, she consistently chooses selfishly without any consideration for anyone else. She says she could be better with him. He asks about Nathan and says she came there because she wanted something from him. She says she had trouble, but she can get through it with Griff. He tells her she needs to come clean and asks what trouble she’s in.

Andre tells Monica that the power whatever malfunctioned. It wasn’t an accident and was tampered with.

Um…it might behoove someone to get help for Elizabeth. Franco tells Hayden to get going and she sees Paul at the top of the stairs. I still say it’s him. Hayden might be a conniver, but she’s not a murderer.

Maxie tries to leave, but Nathan stops her. She asks Nathan if he loves Claudette and not her. He says he had to see himself through her eyes to understand what was going on. He says he blamed himself for what happened, wondering what he did to push Claudette away. He says he knows now that Claudette never loved him and there’s nothing he could have done. When he got angry it was just his demolished ego getting revenge and Maxie was right to stop him, since it’s all in the past. He’s free to move on with her.

Franco yells that Elizabeth needs a doctor and Hayden blows past Paul. Paul says he’s calling for help, but just stands there.

Andre says a bunch of wires were yanked loose. Hayden comes bursting in and tells Finn that she found Elizabeth on the stairwell and she needs help. Monica makes a call.

Griff asks what Claudette wants from him and what she needs from Nathan. Andre comes in and tells Griff about Elizabeth and says they need him.

Franco tells Elizabeth that her boys need her and so does he. He asks her to squeeze his hand if she can hear him, but nothing happens. He tells God that if she ends up okay, he’ll stop being an idiot. Instead of pretending to be the guy she needs, he’ll be that guy. Paul comes running down and asks Franco if Elizabeth and Hayden were together. Finn is right behind and checks Elizabeth out. Paul says he has questions for Hayden, but Finn calls for a neck brace and they both go up the stairs.

Ava lets herself into Paul’s room. She sees one of his ties and remembers seeing the cufflinks when he put the tie on. She flashes back to a liaison between the two of them where he said she didn’t know the first thing about him. In the present, she says she’s beginning to get an idea and looks for the cufflinks.

Griff checks Elizabeth’s vitals. He asks if Elizabeth can hear him. Finn runs back upstairs since the elevators may be out. Andre tells Franco they’re doing all they can

Paul asks Hayden if she found Elizabeth and she says yes, explaining that the elevators went out, so she took the stairs. He asks normal questions, but I read more into them. Monica tells Paul about the power junction being intentionally disabled. He tells Hayden not to leave the hospital. Hayden asks Finn if Elizabeth is going to be okay and Finn says it’s too early to tell, He asks what happened and what she’s holding back.

Felicia runs into Nina and introduces herself. They talk about Claudette showing up out of the blue. Felicia says she just wishes Nathan had been more forthcoming about his ex. Nina thinks he and Maxie will work things out, but Felicia says it remains to be seen.

Nathan asks Maxie if they still have a chance or has he ruined it. She says it sounds good, but she’s believed him before. He pulls out his old wedding ring. He kept it as a reminder of his stupidity and naivety, and hoped to get rid of it one day with no regrets or second thoughts. He throws it in the trash at the bar. I think. He threw it somewhere. He tells Maxie there’s no going back and she’s the only one for him.

Nina and Felicia have coffee. Nina tells Felicia that Nathan loves Maxie more than life itself, but Felicia wonders if he loves Claudette too. Nina says it’s a misunderstanding and he made a mistake, but Maxie has made mistakes too, and she thinks they’re good for each other. Felicia agrees. Nina says that selfishly she wants to believe they can make it work.

Maxie tells Nathan what his new ring should look like and says she loves him. She says they can make it work as long as Claudette is out of the picture. He swears she is. Claudette would be great on one of the reality shows, since she loves to show up where she’s not invited.

Felicia says she has faith they’ll work things out. Nina says Nathan never gave up on her, so he has tenacity. Both of their phones ring and they know it’s worked out. Nina says they’re going to in-laws. Claudette watches them.

Finn says Hayden was livid when she left and she says she’s always livid. Finn reminds her of what she said. Hayden says she was angry, but she wouldn’t really hurt Elizabeth. Elizabeth comes through on a gurney. Hayden asks Franco if she’s going to be okay and he says they both know Hayden would be better off if she was dead.

Ava can’t find anything. She checks behind the nightstand and find the drugs and syringes. I wonder how Paul is going to wiggle out of this one.

Monica is looking for one of the doctors in an isolated area. Paul comes up behind her with a syringe. At least he’s predictable.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth isn’t out of the woods, Hayden is in trouble, Ava gets a clue, and Julian is on the loose.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Benny is shocked that Candace mortgaged the house and tow yard. Lloyd shows him the paperwork and asks if it’s his signature. He says no. Lloyd says he didn’t think so, and they have a problem. Candace wants to talk about it later, but Lloyd won’t leave. Benny asks how much the loan was and Lloyd says $2 million. Lloyd says Candace has thrown the loan into default and could face prison time. He says she needs to have $2 million in their office by tomorrow, or he’s calling the Feds.

Lloyd says he’s sorry, but they need the money back. Candace asks for more time and he says she has until tomorrow. He says he gave her the loan in good faith and she forged a signature. Benny offers to sign the papers. Lloyd says too late, but Benny can sign over everything in his and Candace’s life and vacate immediately. They have until 5 pm the next day to decide. This is way past a rock and a hard place, although Benny could say he never told Lloyd it wasn’t his signature. Benny goes outside. Lloyd leaves. What a bastard that dude is.

Candace joins Benny outside. She tells him about meeting Jim as an escort, adding she was an escort to pay for school. She says she didn’t know he was Amanda’s father at first, but when she found out, she decided to blackmail him. Benny looks like he might cry. She tells him about Jim kidnapping her and threatening to kill her, and how once she got out, she returned the favor with War’s help and took compromising pictures. Then she extorted $7.5 million from him and used it to pay for everything. She probably should have stopped there. She says she told War she got $400k from Jim and gave him $150k. When Benny told him about the $4 million, he threatened to kill her if she didn’t give him half, so she did what she had to do. She says Mitch saw War force himself on her and set him up. She says War is in jail now and probably thinks it was her. He’ll come after her soon and might come after Benny.

She tells him about how Oscar marked her and once Benny leaves, she’s going to get the money back. She promises to make it right. Benny says she’s lying and that she always does. He says Hannah claims she lies when the truth will do. He tells her that War had their backs and that Mitch couldn’t possibly do something like that, since he ain’t from the streets. Geez, Benny must live in a serious bubble. He knows nothing about anybody and is very unobservant.

Hannah calls Benny and says she has a car. He tells her that Candace is going to let her have Quincy Jr. Hannah asks what he had to promise and he says, nothing. She asks him what’s wrong. he says he’s fine and to stay with the baby. He’ll give her a call when it’s clear. Candace asks him to move his car and Benny says she’s not going anywhere but the child welfare office to give Hannah custody. She goes inside to get her keys and purse. Man, and I thought I had a bad day.

Kathryn visits Jim in jail. She asks how he is and he says fine considering. She says her too, and he asks if she’s in jail somewhere. Well, in a way, yes. She says she went to see Wyatt and he’s going to be okay. She says they need to get his inheritance money back and asks if he knows a judge who can help them get control again. He tells her to try Margaret Preston. She says she did and no go. He says do it again and tells her to mention something about Christmas in the Hamptons in 2013. Kathryn says they’ll put Wyatt in rehab when he’s better. Jim says the DA would eat her young to get to him, and she’ll stand in the way of getting Wyatt help. Kathryn says okay, but Jim says he’s seen that look in her eye and asks what she’s going to do. She tells him she’s not like him and gets her hands dirty.

Erika pretends to have car trouble. David comes along and says he’d help, but doesn’t want to be cussed out again. He starts to walk away and she says she can’t believe he’s walking. She pretends that she doesn’t know where they met before and David reminds her. She says never mind, she can deal with the car herself, but David insists on helping. She tells him she’s a country girl from Raleigh. What a coincidence! That’s where he’s from. And they went to the same school! They flirt a little.

David says the lug nuts are rusty and thinks Erika needs to call a tow truck. Erika says let her try. He says if she forces it, she could break it off. He asks if she wants him to call a tow, but she has a meeting. He offers her a ride and she pretends like she doesn’t want to take a ride from a stranger. He talks her into it. I’m a little sad about David getting taken. I don’t like how he set up Candace, but he’s a good guy who’s in a bad situation.

Blake tells Jennifer that Benny and Candace are there and there’s a warrant out for Hannah kidnapping Quincy Jr. Jennifer calls to find out how Wyatt is doing. She asks when she can come and see him, and asks how his memory might be. She’s told it’s too early to tell. Benny and Candace come in to the office.

Jennifer introduces herself to Benny and she tells him about being called to testify in the hit and run case. Benny tells her about how the case against Hannah was a misunderstanding and they want Hannah to get custody. Jennifer asks Candace who the father is. When she finds out it’s Quincy, she says his sister is there. She’s said that Candace killed Quincy and she can’t find him. Candace says that’s something a crackhead would say. Jennifer checks Candace’s ID and says she’ll be right back.

Candace tells Benny they have to leave. Too late. Jennifer brings in Quita. Quita has a picture of Candace’s floor with the stuff Veronica put on it that shows where blood has been. Candace says it’s a pet stain from the previous owner. Benny interjects that they need the warrant taken off Hannah. Jennifer says she’ll help and takes Quita back out, despite her protests. Candace tells Benny again that they need to leave, but he says they’re not going anywhere.

In the car, Erika says she can tell David is married. He tells her he’s going through a divorce. She asks why every man who meets a pretty girl is going through a divorce. He says she’s beautiful and he really is going through a divorce. She says it’s just a ride anyway. He asks what she does and she asks what she does. He says he’s a judge and she says she’s a glorified accountant who usually works out of Atlanta. She laughs and tells him he’s not very good at flirting. He says he’s just helping a lady in distress get to a meeting. Erika says he should probably start thinking like a free man. She asks how long he was married and when he tells her 27 years, she says almost as long as Mandela was locked up. She suggests he not be so rigid and have some fun.

They get to Erika’s destination. David thanks her for the advice and she thanks him for the ride. He asks if she needs a ride back after the meeting. She tells him she’s out at three. He says he’ll be right there and if she accepts the ride, he’ll see her then. He asks for her name and she tells him how rusty he is and leaves the car without giving him her name. She’s good.

Jennifer gets the warrant lifted. Benny thanks her and Candace asks if they can go. Jennifer says sure. When they’re gone, she tells Blane to talk to the neighbors and when he gets something, she’ll get a warrant out for Candace’s arrest.

At the office, Oscar tells David he’s leaving and he knows where to find him. David tells him there’s a young lady he’d like Oscar to check out. Then he waffles, saying he’s just paranoid. Oscar says being paranoid is his gut telling him something is wrong. He tells him about overhearing the argument Erika had in the bar. Oscar wonders if they wanted him to hear it. David doesn’t think so, and tells Oscar about their exchange in the bar. Oscar says sounds good so far, and David tells him about the flat tire. Oscar says that’s a red flag. David tells him about the ride and gives him the name of the company, but says he doesn’t know her name. Oscar says it’s interesting, it sounds legit, but he doubts it. He says he can’t run anything without a name. David tells Oscar to let him know if he leaves town and they part company.

Blake knocks on Pearl’s door and she asks him if he’s there about the odor from Candace’s backyard. She says her son thinks she’s crazy, but she saw a man go into the house and he never came out. She says she has it on camera and Candace is a “tawdry young thing.” She asks if he’d like to see it, and tells him that Candace’s mother told her the guy is Quincy Maxwell. The other detective goes inside and Blake calls Jennifer, telling her what Pearl said and to get the search warrant ready.

Hannah gives Quincy Jr. ice cream at Kathryn’s house. She introduces him to Kathryn who says he’s a cute little thing and Quincy Jr. tells her she’s not so bad herself. Hannah tells Kathryn about the warrant being called off and that Candace is going to let her keep Quincy Jr. Kathryn says seeing Wyatt in the hospital, and then she can’t finish. The phone rings.

It’s Lloyd. Kathryn says she just left Judge Preston’s office and she’s sending him a document to release the rest of Wyatt’s inferitance to them. After she hangs up, she takes out a little safe and opens it with a combination. There’s a gun inside.

Justin calls Jeffrey. He asks if there’s something Jeffrey needs to tell him and that they’re about to search Candace’s house. He says tell him now if there’s anything he needs to know. Jeffrey acts ignorant, but Justin says if Jeffrey isn’t honest with him, he won’t be able to help him.

Next time, the grand finale, Veronica attacks Quita, Jim tells Kathryn to let him handle the clean up, David goes on a date with Erika, and Kathryn threatens Veronica.


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