September 6, 2016 – GH’s Wedding Concludes, HAHN Finales & the Original Below Deck Returns


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sam and Jason’s wedding continues. Out of all the lovely outfits, I’m drawn to Danny’s blue ombre shirt.

Ava tracks down Paul. She thinks he’s avoiding her. She wants to discuss the strategy for Julian’s trial now, or she’s going to the cops.

Curtis asks Finn how much trouble Hayden is in. Finn says for one thing, she’s been arrested for murder. He says it’s complicated and Curtis says it always is. Finn says Hayden is innocent and they have to get her out.

Naomi tells Franco that Elizabeth is in the hospital and now is not a good time to tell her she shares a father with Hayden.

Monica tells Elizabeth that Sam and Jason are getting married. She says it’s just a small wedding, like this makes it better news. Monica gets a call and has to step outside. Elizabeth asks Sabrrrina if she was invited. Sabrrrina says yes, but she wanted to stay with Elizabeth and didn’t say anything about it for obvious reasons.

Spinelli begins to officiate. No surprise, he uses a lot of big words. He asks Jason and Sam if they’re ready to be married. He tells the guests that the size of the wedding shows them how important they are to the couple. He says they helped Jason and Sam become who they are today, and they’re here to join their lives for the rest of their lives. He talks about them being separated and how nothing could keep them apart. Dammit! He blew it by using that word I hate – soulmates – but I let it pass. He says the couple has prepared their own vows and Sam is like, really? we did?

Elizabeth tells Sabrrrina she’ll probably always love Jason, but she’s glad he’s moving on with his life and she is too. Sabrrrina wants to know who she’s dating and Elizabeth tells her it’s Franco.

Franco talks to himself or God or something. He says the one time he tried to do the right thing, it was the wrong thing, and he’ll just wait until he hears from the universe.

Naomi visits Hayden, who is still in the interrogation room, and tells her everything is going to be fine.

Curtis wonders why Hayden got arrested, and Finn says Franco found her standing over Elizabeth when she got pushed down the stairs. Curtis says sometimes the cops build a case too soon, and then need to prove themselves right. He says he wants to prove Hayden innocent. Valerie suddenly appears at the bar and asks if that’s so. I hate to be picky – even though I always am and think I deserve it after a 50 year investment in this show – but Valerie is pretty far away to have heard that. It’s not like Curtis was shouting.

Commercial break. Great. I’m confused as to what day of the week it is, because, holiday on a Monday. I’m also trying to shake my Z-Nation longing after watching it for nearly 24 hours.

Valerie is picking up lunch, on her break from “railroading innocent people.” Finn suddenly discovers the jukebox and gets away form the conversation. Curtis apologizes but says he knows Hayden and she’s not a killer. Valerie disagrees.

Naomi tells Hayden their lawyers are on it. Hayden says she hopes they believe she’s innocent. Hope they do better than they did for her father too.

Elizabeth tells Sabrrrina about getting to know Franco and how he’s not what people think. She says she tried to fight it and couldn’t. Sabrrrina says she understand more than Elizabeth might think, but other people might not see him the same way. Elizabeth says if they want to be stupid, so be it, but Sabrrrina says she won’t. She hopes things turn out better than they did for her and Carrrlos.

Paul tells Ava he can’t just drop the charges. Ava asks him what the plan is then.

Spinelli says he just assumed Jason and Sam wrote their own vows and looks for vows on his phone. Sam says never mind, there is something she’d like to say. She talks about how Jason is a partner, but doesn’t take away from her independence; he makes her more, not less. He taught her that the greatest risk of all was letting another person into her heart, and he made her want to take that risk. She promises to love him unconditionally, cherish all their moments together, and honor him and their family until death do them part and beyond. Buzz Lightyear pops into my head. Jason says he promised himself if he ever found Sam again, he’d never let her go. He lists all the things he loves about her and says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He says he’s not one for tradition, but recites the traditional vows. They exchange rings and Spinelli pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss. Very nice!

There’s dancing, and Alexis hits the champagne some more. Jake and Danny poke at the cake, so Sam and Jason decide to cut into it early. It’s really pretty. White with a small bouquet of flowers on top, and a lacy contrasting border at the bottom of each tier. It’s traditional white cake and Danny says he prefers chocolate. I understand and actually had a chocolate cake with chocolate icing at my reception. When I told everyone what it was going to be, my maid of honor said, “You can’t do that!” and I said, “Watch me!” Carly takes the kids into the kitchen to find chocolate. Sam feeds Jason a piece of cake and he puts icing on her nose. They goof around and kiss.

Sabrrrina says one of the things that makes Elizabeth a good nurse and friend is her perception, and if Elizabeth says Franco is recovered, she believes it. Sabrrrina takes a look at Elizabeth’s vitals and thinks they’re odd. She leaves to get someone else to check.

Paul tells Ava that every step is a chance for him to undermine the process. He says Julian will get off unless she opens her mouth and screws things up. She says she’ll be watching him. Sabrrrina overhears.

Alexis talks to her daughters, telling Sam that she’s happy for her; she has a man who loves her and that she can trust. Molly asks if she’s okay and Alexis says she’s allowed to be emotional as the mother of the bride. It’s obvious she’s starting to get drunk.

Jason thanks Spinelli for officiating. He says it’s his pleasure, but he was surprised because Jason isn’t one for a party. Jason says it’s all about family and their kids can also say they were there. Spinelli asks if they’re going to try for another child and Jason says maybe someday. Yeah, like 8.75 months from now.

Curtis tells Valerie he knows Hayden better than she does and she’s not a murderer. Valerie says there’s evidence. Curtis says not enough to make a case, but she Valerie says they’re working on it. He tells her to make sure she works to solve the case, not prove herself right. Valerie says she was trained to be impartial and examine evidence, and asks if Curtis trusts her.

Naomi tells Hayden that they have to make sure justice is served, with a nudge from their legal team. Hayden is worried about Elizabeth squealing about the diamonds and going to prison anyway.

Paul asks if he can help Sabrrrina. She says she couldn’t help noticing him talking to Ava and asks if he should be consorting with her. He claims he was telling her not to intervene on her brother’s behalf, now that she’s on the straight and narrow. Paul is going to end up having to kill everyone in the hospital pretty soon.

Sabrrrina runs into Monica. She tells her that Elizabeth’s vitals seem kind of off and Monica says she’ll have someone look in on her. She asks Sabrrrina about rejoining the staff.

Alexis tells Sam to throw the bouquet to her and she’ll hold it in reserve until after the divorce. Molly suggests she get some water and leads her away. Kristina asks Sam if she’d like champagne, but Sam says no. Kristina says all the more for her.

Carly takes pictures. She and Sonny go off to get cake. Jason and Michael talk. Jason tells Michael what a fine man he’s grown to be and that he’s proud of him. Michael says he was lucky to grow up with good people around him, including Jason and Sam. He’s glad they found their way back to one another.

Carly makes a toast. She tells Jason he deserves happiness more than anyone she knows. She tells Sam it took her a while ti admit it, but she’s a perfect match for Jason and welcomes her to the family. Sonny wishes them joy and happiness, and Spinelli uses some more big words. He tells Sam it’s bad luck not to drink after a toast. Carly says maybe there’s a reason and does she want to share with the class? Sam says she and Jason are having another baby.

Monica tells Sabrrrina they’re short staffed. She can’t promise anything but she’ll present the case to the board. Sabrrrina says she’d like nothing better

Curtis says he has mad respect for Valerie. She tells him to stay out of it then, and he asks if that’s a warning. She says she fights hard enough to be taken seriously and doesn’t want to fight him too. He says she doesn’t have to worry. She gets a call and has to go to the hospital. He rejoins Finn at the pool table. Finn asks if Curtis is backing out, but Curtis says he’s all in.

Franco visits Elizabeth. He tells her that he went to the station and confronted Hayden/ Elizabeth says she hopes he didn’t create a scene. He says he didn’t see her, but got clarity. He says he has something to tell her, but she might not like it. I’m guessing the universe spoke to him.

Spinelli makes a toast to the baby, hoping that he or she knows nothing but bliss, like he’s one of the Fairy Godmothers in Sleeping Beauty.

Finn wonders how Valerie will take it when she finds out Curtis is helping Hayden. Curtis says he knows Hayden is innocent.

Hayden thanks her mother for having her back. Naomi says it’s long overdue. Hayden says her support and honesty means everything. I’m sure she’s in for a disappointment.

Franco tells Elizabeth it’s not that he’s opposed to the truth, but if a lie gets him something, historically, he’s on board. Elizabeth says he’s stalling and he says she’s right. Elizabeth says whatever it is, she can handle it.

Valerie tells Monica that the syringe had no prints, which shows the killer is no amateur.

Paul revisits the stairwell and gets a text from Ava telling him not to go back on their deal. He flashes back to pushing Elizabeth down the stairs and looks ominously at the stairwell door.

Franco tells Elizabeth that it’s complicated, and realizes he’s stalling again. As he’s about to tell her what I’m assuming is that Hayden is her sister, Elizabeth goes unconscious.

Tomorrow, Morgan screws up again, Tracy tells Dillon to go for it, and Carly says it’s the best day ever, which is a sure sign that something horrible is about to happen.

The Haves and the Have Nots

The doorbell (they have one! I started to think no one did on this show) at the Cryers rings and Hannah answers it. It’s Lloyd. She lets Kathryn know and Kathryn says she just spoke to him. Lloyd tells her they have an issue; they can’t get Wyatt’s money back. DA Jennifer has gotten a judge to rule against them. Kathryn wonders if Jennifer is trying to kill Wyatt. She says if the courts won’t protect her son, she’ll have to. Lloyd apologizes for ruining her day. When he leaves, Kathryn says he’s going to ruin someone’s day, but not hers.

Hannah has to leave. Kathryn gives her the keys to Amanda’s car. Hannah says she’ll bring it back, but Kathryn says to keep it and hands her the title. Her name is on it and the gift tax is paid already. Kathryn was planning on giving it to her before she quit. Hannah says she appreciates it. Kathryn asks Hannah to come visit her. Hannah thinks that sounds weird, but says she’ll see Kathryn later.

Jeffrey gets a call from Justin while he’s visiting Wyatt. Justin says Jeffrey needs to talk to him before it’s too late, and asks where he can search. Jeffrey tells him the backyard by the garden. Jeffrey tells Justin that he needs to find the keys.

The cops are crawling all around Candace’s place. A crowd has formed, including Quita, who Pearl tells to quit leaning on the fence. A bunch of the cops bust into the townhouse.

Jeffrey gets a call and thinks it’s Candace. It’s Melissa, who wants to know where he is. He says he’s not there and Melissa hands the phone to Veronica. He tells Veronica he’s picking up a suit for tonight. She asks Melissa for privacy and tells Jeffrey to get his ass home now. She says they have a dinner party and Jeffrey needs to ask Melissa’s father for her hand in marriage. He says he’s not coming and says she has no more cards to play. She says she’ll call the DA and he says she already did. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so he tells her they’re searching Candace’s place. She’s surprised, and tells him he’s her only hope of getting out of this, but he tells her to go to hell.

Benny won’t talk to Candace. She tells him she’ll get the money back. Jeffrey tries to call her, but she says she can’t talk.

David picks up Erika, who finally tells him her name. He says he’s David, but she already knows that. He asks where she’d like to go. She says there’s a dive of diner around the corner that cooks Southern food like his mama. She tells him they’re walking and to lose the tie. He goes around to open her door and she says gotcha! to herself.

Jeffrey talks to the still unconscious Wyatt about Veronica making him get engaged. He says he might be away when Wyatt gets out, but he’s always loved him and always will. He says he’s sorry about not having Wyatt’s back and talks about how Veronica set him up in jail. Kathryn is at the door and wants to know what he just said. Jeffrey explains that Veronica arranged for a violent inmate to share Wyatt’s cell and Wyatt was raped. Kathryn sprints back out the door, no doubt headed for Veronica.

David is impressed with the diner food. He almost talks about his wife, but Erika stops him and says he must have really loved her. David says he still does, but it’s over. It’s too toxic and there’s no going back. He asks how old Erica is, and even though she says this is mistake number 5000-something, tells him she’s 28. He says she’s mature, but she says that’s because he hasn’t seen the kid in her. She puts a song on the jukebox and he says the blues isn’t for kids. She asks him to dance with her and he says it’s the middle of the day. I guess he lives in Colonial America. She says he has too many rules, so he gets up to dance.

She asks him if he kisses on the first date. David says he hasn’t had a first date in a long time. Erica says she guesses making love is out of the question and suggests they leave. Alrighty then.

Kathryn hightails it to the jail to see Jim, who is still in a holding cell, which seems kind of strange after all this time. He asks if it’s his lucky day. Kathryn says it depends on how he answers her question, and asks if Wyatt was raped in prison. He tries to be evasive and Kathryn says he’s going to tell her everything that happened. He says there was a mix-up and the wrong guy got in the cell. She asks why he’s protecting Veronica, and Jim asks how she knows all this. He says to let him handle the clean-up on this one, because she has a tendency to leave a mess while he tidier. Kathryn says Jim let Wyatt be abused as a kid when he was out with his whores and then let him be abused as a man. She says she hopes he rots in there and storms out with him yelling don’t do anything stupid. Fat chance of that.

In the hallway, Kathryn makes a call to Veronica, acting all friendly. Veronica asks how Wyatt is, and Kathryn says better, but her face says revenge. Kathryn wants Veronica to make an appointment for her with the DA. She wants Jennifer at her house now. Veronica says she has a dinner party and can she do it tomorrow. Kathryn wonders why she wasn’t invited and Veronica says it’s small because Jeffrey is getting engaged and she thought Kathryn was busy with Wyatt. Kathryn insists on meeting with both Veronica and the DA at her house immediately, and tells her it won’t take long. They arrange to meet in an hour.

Veronica stops by the stoop and grabs Quita, telling her that she means what she says. She says if her plan is ruined by anything Quita’s dumb country ass did, she’d better run. Veronica gets back in her car and peels out. Quita berates the guys for not having her back.

Benny asks Mitch if he put drugs in War’s car. Mitch laughs an says what? and Benny says that’s what Candace told him and she lies all the time. Mitch says she’s not lying. Mitch says he saw War taking advantage of Candace right out front, so he set War up. Benny says he’ll kill War, but Mitch says he’ll take care of it. Benny asks who the hell he is. Mitch says it’s not who he is, but where he came from – he’s a Malone. Benny doesn’t understand and Mitch shows him a picture on his phone. Benny realizes that mob boss Michael Malone is Mitch’s father. Mitch says he doesn’t want to be in that life. He tells Benny that War was going to kill him. Benny tells him about Candace mortgaging the tow yard and his house unless he comes up with $2 million. Mitch says he can get it, but it would have to be paid back, and Benny says no way. Mitch says he’s seen the way his family doesn’t play and that’s why he wants nothing to do with them.

Benny breaks out some champagne and Mitch gets paper cups. Benny says at least they were in business for a minute and pops the cork. They toast to the future.

Oscar sneaks around David’s empty campaign office. Then he gets a clonk in the head with a metal pole. It’s Candace, who beats the crap out of him while asking where her money is.

Veronica calls Jennifer, telling her that Kathryn wants to meet with her regarding Wyatt’s inheritance. She wonders if maybe Jennifer could give Kathryn partial access to the estate. Jennifer says maybe, and Veronica sets up the meeting. Jennifer says Kathryn had better not threaten her again.

Benny goes home and flops into a chair. Hannah and Quincy Jr. come downstairs. Quincy asks if he can stay there as long as he wants to and Benny says yes. Benny asks Hannah whose car is out there, and Hannah tells him Kathryn gave it to him. He’s obviously dejected and Hannah tells Quincy Jr to go upstairs and finish his book. Benny tells Hannah about Candace mortgaging the house and tow yard, and forging his signature. He says if the bank doesn’t get the money by tomorrow, they’re out.

Hannah says okay. Benny says, so that’s it? Hannah says she cooked a good meal, adding one day he’ll listen to his momma, but until then she can’t say anything and they’ll just enjoy tonight. We hear an old spiritual playing over the scene as Benny cries. Poor Benny. This really sux for him.

Meanwhile, At the Cryer household, Kathryn thanks Veronica and Jennifer for coming. Jennifer says let’s get going. Kathryn tells Jennifer that if Wyatt has access to his inheritance it will kill him. She tells Jennifer to go back to the judge. Veronica asks if she can at least reduce it. Jennifer says she can talk to Wyatt when he wakes up. Kathryn says she’s willing to take a chance on Wyatt’s life because she and Jim had an affair. Jennifer says they never slept together and that’s not just a lie, it’s a stretch. Veronica asks if it’s David she’s after, and calls her a vulgar piece of trash. Jennifer says aren’t they getting divorced and Kathryn claps her hands, saying she’s getting off track. Jennifer says she’ll talk to Wyatt. Kathryn says he’ll never do it and Jennifer says that’s all they have to say then.

Kathryn says that Veronica doesn’t fully know why she’s there, and she let a rapist in with her son. Veronica acts ignorant, and Kathryn says she’s here for two reasons, reminding me of the scene in Kill Bill Vol. 1 where The Bride explains to Sophie why she’s allowed to live. Kathryn tells Veronica that one, she’s the greatest attorney in the country. No one is better and she gets the worst of the worst off. Kathryn says Jim didn’t trust her, but she does because Veronica fears nothing. She tells Veronica that today she’s going to teach her who to fear and how, and she promises Veronica will fear her forever. Kathryn says the other reason is for her to witness the fury that runs cold in her veins. Unlike Veronica and Jim, she does her own dirty work, and doesn’t take the easy way out.

Kathryn asks Jennifer one last time to save her son. Jennifer says no. Kathryn pulls a gun out from under a pillow and shoots Jennifer several times. The force knocks Jennifer and the chair backward.


Kathryn points the gun at a terrified Veronica and says her job is to get Kathryn off. Kathryn walks past Jennifer’s body, adjusts a vase of flowers, and goes upstairs, leaving Veronica totally freaked. The credits roll in silence.

This was the finale, which makes me bummed, but If Loving You is Wrong will be back, so that’s the upside. I can’t wait to find out what’s up with Randall being trapped in that box.

Below Deck

Captain Lee is ready for a whole new set of challenges. I’ll bet he gets them. Ben is back and ready to roll, as are Kate and Kelley. Trevor is the senior deckhand; deckhand Nico, also called Freako (we’re off to a great start); Lauren, another deckhand; Emily, the second stew, who says she’s not normal; and Sierra, stew #3. Looking ahead, I see lots of drunken revelry.

It’s going to be the British Virgin Islands this time. Kate gets to the yacht first. The Valor has gotten a total interior makeover and looks gorgeous and much better than the garish decor of Mediterranean‘s Ionian Princess. Kate is concerned about breaking in two new stews, but says anything is better than Rocky from last season. Never say something like that, Kate. Kelly is next and Captain Lee tells him not to screw the pooch. We see flash backs from the last time he was a cast member, which wasn’t a good look for him. The captain says if his crew is screwing up, Kelley is the one he’ll be looking for.

Kate is friends with Kelley’s sister, Amy, and is willing to give him a second chance. The rest of the staff trickles in. Everyone introduces themselves. I’m smelling pita all over Trevor already. Ben! He’s glad to work another season with Kate after doing the Mediterranean gig. He and Kate are friends, sometimes more than that, which can complicate things. Kate is in sexual limbo, and at present has a girlfriend. More complication!

Kelley tells the crew no fraternizing with the enemy guests. OMG – the stew’s shirts are adorable! White short sleeve v-necks with a yacht on the back and sparkly anchors on the sleeves. Sierra hasn’t arrived yet, which concerns Kate.

Trevor introduces his egotistical self. Emily is from London, and she and Ben chat about life in the UK. Captain Lee calls everyone to the lounge. The captain tells Kate that her remaining stew missed the flight, so they’ll be short handed for a day. He says he always walks around with cash and plane tickets in case he needs to kick anyone home. Kate is happy with Emily. For now.

The deckhands talk about their love lives or lack thereof. Captain Lee goes over the guests and their preferences. The primary, Allison, is bringing some Instagram friends she’s never met. Ben says none of the guests like the same foods, so it’s going to be a bit of a nightmare. Isn’t that what we call “a challenge” now? Kate fills Emily in on what needs to be done before the guests get there. Kate tells Emily about her girlfriend. She says she was never in the closet, she just walked in, got a new outfit, and came back out. Ha-ha! Everyone bunks for the night. Trevor choosing his like he’s Ramona on The Real Housewives of NYC.

Kate is impressed that Emily isn’t freaking out over there not being a third stew. Ben says he’s missing four pounds of spinach and can’t deal with provisions coming just before the guests’ arrival.

And here they are. Kate says the guests go from complete strangers to being the center of your universe in about three seconds. She shows them around the boat. It’s unbelievably beautiful and the guests are appropriately dazzled. Trevor is sure there are bodies in all the suitcases because they’re so heavy. This is the part where I desperately want to be on this boat. Not with these people though. Right away, all the guests are on their phones.

They shove off and Trevor sort of reminds me of  Martin Short‘s Ed Grimly. Ben is doing family style platters. He says if you screw up the first meal, it’s usually hard to recover. It looks amazing and the guests concur. The Valor drops anchor.

Sierra calls Captain Lee and he asks what happened. She says she missed her flight. The captain offers to send someone to pick her up. Kate says she won’t hold it against Sierra, but she’ll be working double time to make up for it.

Kate suggests a place called Willy T’s to the guests – it’s a floating shipwreck where you can go topless. Is there a bar at least? They take a small boat over and fling their tops away. Kelley is already acting stupid over one of the guests. Sierra and Ben discuss Kate’s new girlfriend. Ben doesn’t think there’s a switch you can flip, but says whatever makes her happy. In his interview, he muses over the fact that Kate has a girlfriend and he’s still single.

Sierra finally gets to The Valor. In her interview, she says she doesn’t know what happened that she missed her plane and seems like a real ditz. She ought to get along great with Kate. Not really. Trevor has the mistaken impression that they’re going to be “besties.” Kate quickly shows her around.

The guests return. Captain Lee asks Kelley how the crew is doing. He says fine so far and the captain tells him not to make any knee-jerk decisions. Ben wants every dish to have a social media title and enlists Trevor’s help with the beef. He suggests InstaHam. Because ham is beef. Finally he comes up with Social Meatia. Not awful, but not very specific.
Kate gives the guests thumbs up signs like Facebook has and tells them to make comments on what they like. She says it’s too bad the guests won’t look up from their phones long enough to see the #hardwork they’ve done to plan the evening.

The captain joins the guests for dinner. Everything the crew says is now preceded by “hashtag.” Dinner is served. Ha-ha! – hashtag browns and chicken tinders! Kate is pleased that Kelley is ignoring the flirtation from the table. Trevor thinks he made the dinner happen. Oh brother. Captain Lee says #getmeouttahere and turns in. Kate and Ben soak their feet in the galley sink after the guests go to bed. Lauren and Kelley discuss Trevor.

The guests are loving breakfast. Nico tells Kelley he thinks they’re a good team, but Trevor needs to cool his jets. Kelley has to explain to Trevor that he’s not supposed to take his shirt off in front of the guests. Only Kelley is allowed to do that. Kelley tells Captain Lee that Trevor is a little brash and not treating the deckhands well. The captain tells him to sit Trevor down and tell him to ease up on the gas and that he’s not indispensable.

This season – Lots of water, lots of tips, lots of drinking, Kate’s girlfriend visits, Emily and Ben get together, a guest poodle is accommodated, a psychic tells Captain Lee that his mother is talking from the other side even though she’s not dead, Captain Lee has a problems with the deckhands, and Trevor and Emily get lectures.

** The Real Housewives of NYC’s Reunion Part Two airs on Wednesday, September 7 at 9 pm. Don’t miss Ramona whipping out some evidence!

A new nighttime drama on OWN, Queen Sugar, looks promising as well. It airs after The Haves and the Have Nots on Tuesdays.


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