September 9, 2016 – A Double Helping of GH, a Side of MasterChef & Quotes for Dessert


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Maxie meets Lulu at The Floating Rib. Lulu asks if all of Maxie’s problems are in the rear view mirror now. Maxie says she and Nathan talked things out, but Claudette hanging on is the problem. Lulu suggests she leave it alone. Maxie tells Lulu they had to push the wedding date up again and Lulu be in her second trimester. Lulu starts to cry.

Robert meets Dante at Perks and tells him that he and Lulu will be interested in what he found.

Hayden’s bail has been denied. Valerie tells her that a cell will be ready soon. Hayden says she’s innocent, but Valerie says that’s up to a jury to decide.

Jason meets Jake in the park. He tells Jake that his mom is in the hospital and that she got hurt.

Griff tells Franco that Elizabeth is still in surgery, but there’s a serious problem. There was more hemorrhaging than expected, and she needs more blood than they have on hand.

Curtis calls Finn, asking him to hurry up with the ID so he can pose as a visiting doctor. He says he’s going to check on Hayden. She needs to know she’s not alone so she doesn’t do something stupid like cut a deal.

Franco asks Griff how it’s possible they don’t have enough blood and Griff tells him that the blackout wiped out some of their supply. Franco suggests a blood drive, but Griff says Elizabeth has a weird blood type and it might be hard to find a match. Yeah, type BTCH.

Jason tells Jake that Elizabeth is in surgery, explaining her injuries. I can’t believe it. That kid already knows what a spleen does and I just found out the other day from a soap opera. Jake asks how she got hurt, and Jason says she fell. Jake asks if it was an accident.

Valerie tells Hayden that she had a public confrontation with Elizabeth before Elizabeth fell down the stairs, and Elizabeth made a statement that Hayden pushed her. Hayden says she found Elizabeth unconscious, so how could she possibly know that, and for all she knows Elizabeth threw herself down the stairs. Valerie says she had the means, motive and opportunity, and her best option is to admit it and take a deal. I have to add an IRL comment here. It’s doubtful that they would have taken Elizabeth’s statement that Hayden pushed her as anything except speculation on Elizabeth’s part, since yeah, she didn’t see who actually pushed her.

Valerie sees Curtis at the station. She thinks he’s there to see her, but he says he’s working on a job. Valerie realizes he’s working for Hayden.

Lulu tells Maxie that she just got a little emotional, and asks if Maxie wants to go over some wedding details. Maxie says if she’s uncomfortable being a pregnant matron of honor, they can change the date. Lulu says she’s not getting pregnant because the remaining embryo was no longer viable. She cries and Maxie says she’s sorry. She says it sounds cliche, but time and love will heal her. Lulu says she believes that, and Maxie says she and Dante are here for her always. Lulu says she’s blessed to have Rocco and not every dream is meant to come true.

Robert gives Dante a folder that contains everything about the explosion, including an inventory of what was found. Dante sees something that might be what they’re looking for

Maxie asks what she can do to help. Lulu says if she starts to wallow, remind her how lucky she is. Maxie thinks Lulu needs retail therapy. They start to leave, and Dante calls needing to see Lulu. He doesn’t want to talk on the phone and asks her to meet him at Perks. She tells Maxie she has to take a raincheck.

Valerie says she thought Curtis respected her position. He says he does, but Hayden is his friend and deserves a defense just like anyone else. Valerie says all Hayden has ever done is pay him for his services. Curtis says if he turned his back, is that the kind of man Valerie would want? Valerie says Hayden has been dodging charges for years and if this doesn’t stick, another one will.

Griff tells Franco that Elizabeth’s doctors are the best and they might be able to pull her through. Franco asks about the blood, and Griff says they have to go to her family to find a match.

Curtis walks into the interrogation room. He asks Hayden how she is and she gives him a laundry list of all her problems, including being sleep deprived. She says she’s never felt more scared and alone. He asks her to walk him through what happened and tells her no detail is insignificant. She thinks he’s wasting his time and she can’t get out of this.

Jason tells Jake that Elizabeth fell down some stairs at the hospital and was hurt, but she’s in surgery and she’ll be fine. He says the other kids are with their grandmother, but he’s going to take care of Jake. Jake asks if they can visit Elizabeth. Jason says he doesn’t know if they can see her right away, but they can go to the hospital and say some prayers. Because the hospital is always where you go to pray.

Naomi stops Finn and introduces herself. She says she was there to see Elizabeth, but she’s not family and the staff isn’t very forthcoming. Finn tells her that Elizabeth is in surgery. He asks how Hayden is. Naomi fills him in and says Haydn didn’t attack Elizabeth. Finn says he knows she’s not a would-be killer and she’ll be exonerated. Naomi says she’s glad to know that there’s someone besides herself who cares.

Griff says his shift is over, but he told the staff to keep Franco apprised of the situation. Franco asks about the kids giving blood, but Griff says they’re too young. Franco asks what if there was another family member no one knows about and Griff tells him to get them in there.

Lulu joins Dante and Robert at Perks. Dante gives her the folder and she asks what she’s looking at. Robert says it’s something no one is allowed to look at, but he’s bending the rules for the daughter of his dearest friend, and it’s an inventory of everything found after the explosion. Dante shows her something in the folder.

Sitting on a bench outside, Maxie talks to herself about wanting a cake that makes a statement. Griff comes along and asks if she wants to bounce any ideas off of him. She wonders how many weddings of his are invalid because of his unpriestly ways? He says he deserved that, but none of his failings invalidated any marriages. He asks if he can sit because it’s not a stellar day, and tells her about Elizabeth.

Franco flashes back to his conversation with Naomi telling him that sometimes a clear conscience only helps the person who’s keeping the secret. The elevator opens. Jake and Jason come out. Jake tells Franco about Elizabeth, but Franco says he already knows. Jake asks if Franco wants to come to the chapel, but Franco says he’d like to talk to Jason, and gives Jake the keys to his studio. Franco tells Jason about the hospital not having enough blood supply, so he has a heads up if he needs to tell Jake.

Naomi says she’s surprised that Hayden has a friend. Finn says that’s a little harsh coming from her mother. Naomi says that Hayden was raised privileged, but has rough edges that have come to the surface lately. She says she’s glad Hayden isn’t as alone as she thought, and leaves.

Hayden tells Curtis what happened. He says just because there was an altercation and she found Elizabeth doesn’t necessarily mean she’s screwed. He says he hasn’t begun to dig yet, but he has to get back to his partner, Finn. He tells Hayden that she has friends, but she needs to trust them. He calls her “cupcake,” and says everything will be okay. I just love Curtis.

Franco stops Naomi, saying they need to have a chat about Hayden and her sister Elizabeth. Franco grabs her arm, steering her around the corner. He says Hayden has to have the same blood type as her sister.

Valerie says they’ll have a cell for Hayden soon. Hayden says she might get out sooner. Valerie says one talk with Curtis and she’s free? She tells Valerie that he’s come through for her before. She lists all of Curtis’s great qualities and says how highly he regards Valerie. Hayden says if he’s right about that, maybe Valerie should consider that he’s right about her too.

Finn gives Curtis the ID and says it should keep people from asking questions, except for the ones who know him. Curtis says he’ll keep a low profile. A nurse comes by and Finn asks about Elizabeth. The nurse says she’s still in surgery, but she has Elizabeth’s personal stuff to deliver. Curtis says she’s probably busy, so he’ll do it. The nurse asks if she knows him.

Maxie tries to leave and Griff asks her not to. She says after asking her to trust him, he was dishonest with her for months, so what would she get out of the conversation? He says an apology and that he should have trusted her and Nathan with the truth. Even worse, he gave Claudette an opening to cause more damage. He says maybe one day he can make it up to them. Maxie says she has an idea about how he can do that now.

Lulu sees a fireproof freezer listed that was still intact. Robert says it was empty, but there was a key in the lock, meaning someone might have taken out what was in it prior to the explosion. Lulu puts two and two together, saying maybe their embryo was inside. Good luck finding that a million years later. Lulu thinks Helena might have taken the embryo.

Jake asks Jason if he’s seen Franco. Jason says he had something to do and he’ll leave the keys at the nurse’s station. Jake shows him some pictures he drew for his mom. He asks what if she doesn’t get better?

Franco says that Naomi wants to help Hayden, and he wants to help Elizabeth. He says maybe they can do both without the secret coming out. He says no matter what, he’ll get Hayden to cooperate.

Curtis shows his ID as Dr. Ashford to the nurse. Finn tells her that he’s been recruited from another hospital to help out during the staff shortage. Finn takes Elizabeth’s things from the nurse and she leaves. Curtis tells Finn he would make a great PI, and wonders who would want Elizabeth dead. He says maybe there’s something in her belongings that will tell them.

Maxie tells Griff that she thinks Claudette has another agenda with Nathan and she wants to know what it is. She suggests Griff seduce it out of her. Griff is like, excuse me? She says it’s not like he hasn’t done it before, and she saw them kiss. She tells him to use it to get information.

Dante tells Lulu they’re getting ahead of themselves. She says no way Helena would allow a potential heir to be destroyed. She can’t believe they were just on Cassadine Island and could have searched. Robert says it’s all speculation. Lulu says if there was any chance of a child from Helena’s beloved Stavros, she wouldn’t have let that go. Robert says Helena is dead. Lulu tells him that there’s an entire lab compound under the house and it could have been stored there. They have to go back.

Griff tells Maxie it’s dishonest and against his vows. Maxie says it’s not like he hasn’t done it before. Griff says there has to be another way. Maxie says fine, she’ll do it herself, but don’t pretend he cares. She says the only one he’s ever protected is himself, and he’s not the pious man he pretends to be; he’s just a man.

Jake says he doesn’t want to leave his brothers. Jason says that won’t happen. He says he doesn’t know what lies ahead, but he loves Jake. They hug.

Valerie calls Curtis, who’s at the hospital going through Elizabeth’s things with Finn. Valerie asks if he’s free, but he says he’s going to be stuck for a while. She tells him if he gets off early, she’ll be at The Floating Rib. Franco walks into the station.

Finn looks through Elizabeth’s phone. Curtis tells him to check the browser history and maybe they can retrace her steps. Finn says even better would be to follow the person who pushed her.

Franco goes in to see Hayden. He tells her the doctors are worried, but she can save Elizabeth’s life.

Tomorrow, Griff talks to Sonny, Dante asks Lulu if it’s worth risking their lives, and Franco tells Hayden there’s something she needs to know.

General Hospital – Friday

Morgan wakes up late. Carly tells him to get going and he calls himself a loser. She says it’s not that big of a deal and asks what’s going on with him, since he’s been sluggish and moody. He says he’s taken all of his doses, but it must be just one of those days.

Griff meets with Sonny at TFR. He wants to know what the chances are of Julian getting convicted. He says with Anna out of town, Sonny is the only one he trusts to be truthful.

Robert tells Lulu that Cassadine Island isn’t a resort. She says if her embryo is there, they have to find it. I’m totally aware of how ridiculous that sounds if you don’t watch the show. Maybe even if you do.

Finn says it looks like Elizabeth’s phone took a picture when she put on the flashlight. He says it’s definitely a man who pushed her down the stairs.

Paul asks Jordan why Hayden isn’t in cell. He gives her some ridiculous reason as to why he cares. He gets snippy with her and tells her to do her job.

Franco tells Hayden that Elizabeth will make it out of surgery with her help. He says there’s something about the two of them she needs to know.

Morgan keeps apologizing, but Carly says she only wants to understand. He says he’s just tired. Nell comes to the door. Morgan answers and gets all excited. He tells her to come on in and give him some relief from the interrogation. He leaves for work. Nell asks Carly about the job leads she mentioned, and Carly says she has the perfect one – working for her.

Sonny tells Griff about Alexis wearing a wire and getting the confession, and how Julian tried to kill her afterward. Griff asks if Sonny thinks it’s enough to sink Julian. Well, I’d hope so.

Lulu says they’ve been to Cassadine Island twice and survived, adding that Helena is dead and Valentin is in prison. Dante thinks it might be a set up and reminds her of the will. Robert asks what he’s talking about and Lulu tells him about the empty envelope that Helena left to her.

Curtis says they don’t have much, but it clears Hayden. Finn suggests they blow up the picture. Curtis snatches the phone from him, so he doesn’t do something stupid like delete it. Curtis calls Jordan and says he’s coming there with something major.

Franco tells Hayden that the hospital is running out of blood and Elizabeth’s body will only accept her blood type. Hayden says she has a rare one and she’s never known anyone else to have it. Franco says, now you do, but she knows he’s not telling her something.

Carly wants to hire Nell as her personal assistant. Carly tells her it’s not a made-up job and the job requires no formal training or education. Nell says thanks and all, but she has to turn Carly down.

Griff says he saw the picture of Alexis and Kristina. Sonny says Alexis is ragged (ha-ha! funny word for Sonny to use) and she’s been drinking a lot. He says her confidence has been shaken because she believed in Julian. He tells Griff that she can’t admit Julian didn’t really love her, and it might affect her testimony.

Curtis and Finn bring the phone to Jordan, who doesn’t even want to know why they have it. They show her a picture of the bottom of a man’s pants legs and his shoes.

Franco insists that Hayden pushed Elizabeth and now she has a chance to save her, so it might look good for her. She says she’ll do it. Franco is like let’s go, and she says she’s still in police custody, showing him she’s cuffed. He starts to mess with her cuffs using a paper clip and Jordan walks in. She wants to know what’s going on, but I think she should understand by now that everyone just comes and goes and does what they want here, like they do at the hospital.

Griff asks if Sonny tried talking to Alexis. Sonny says she thinks he’s just gloating, telling Griff that Julian has been gunning for him since he came to town. In the beginning, he hid behind Sonny’s grandson, Danny, knowing Danny needed his bone marrow to live. Sonny says Alexis thought she was protecting the man she loved. Griff says Alexis seemed fine with everything until she got dragged into it, and wonders how he can trust her to do the right thing. Sonny asks if Griff isn’t the one always preaching forgiveness.

Nell says Carly doesn’t owe her anything .Carly says she wants to help her because of what happened, but she’s not so grateful she’d entrust her business to her if she didn’t think Nell was capable. She says her last assistant ran off to Niagara Falls with a guest and she needs to fill the position immediately. She gives Nell a job description and goes to take a call. Morgan comes downstairs and Nell asks if he knew Carly’s last assistant. Morgan says yes, and he says it’s important to be organized. Nell tells him about Carly’s job offer. He says she just got offered a job and he just got chewed out at his.

Lulu tells Robert about Daphne said she lives at the return address on the envelope. Robert says it sounds like a trap. Dante doesn’t want to risk going back. Lulu says there’s no other way to get answers. Robert says maybe there is.

Franco tells Finn about Hayden having the same blood type as Elizabeth. He wants Finn to check the records to make sure. Finn wonders how he would know this. Franco avoids the question, saying Elizabeth is in the ER and if she runs out of blood, they run out of time. Finn makes a call.

Franco goes back into the interrogation room. Curtis says Hayden won’t be a prisoner much longer. Paul walks in and wonders what’s going on. Jordan says there’s evidence that Hayden didn’t do push Elizabeth and shows him the phone. GET THAT OUT OF HIS HAND! NOW! He sees his own shoes and makes soap opera faces. Paul says he wanted to be kept posted, but didn’t want any tin foil hat theories. Curtis says he used the GO locator to find out the picture was taken on the hospital stairs. Paul says just because it looks like Elizabeth’s phone doesn’t mean it is and the photo changes nothing, because he’s desperately grasping at straws. Very thin paper ones that go flat after a few sips. He says Hayden needs to go to her cell. Franco says she’s going to give blood. Paul starts yelling that she’s not going anywhere and totally overreacting.

Sonny gives Griff a run down on what happened to Alexis and says he’s no one to judge. Griff says him neither and Sonny says Griff’s father made his share of mistakes, even though in the end he wanted out. He was going down a bad road and changed direction because he wanted to be a better man. Sonny thinks Duke would have been compassionate with Alexis.

Nell tells Morgan that bosses can suck. Morgan says if he was his own boss, he’d fire himself, but Aaron isn’t like that. He tells her he hopes she wasn’t put off by him and his mom is tough, but fair. He says the money is good, but she’ll work for every penny. Nell says she wants to be a teacher though, and doesn’t know if she can pursue it at the same time. She doesn’t want it to get in the way of her true goal. Morgan asks when she figured out what she wanted to do, and she says she just always knew. She wonders if she could use the job as a stepping stone to becoming a teacher and end up with the best of both worlds. Morgan says going to school was great, although he didn’t appreciate it at the time. It helped him to focus.

Carly comes in and Morgan says he has to go deal with something. Nell asks Carly again if the job isn’t charity. Carly says if she sucks, she’ll fire Nell’s ass. Nell says okay, she’ll do it.

Robert says there was a complete sweep of the island, including Daphne’s address, which has been abandoned for years. Dante says they never saw the house, Daphne just said she lived there. Robert says there’s no record of her anywhere.

Finn comes bursting into the interrogation room, and despite Paul’s protests, Hayden gets hustled off to the hospital. Jordan talks about getting her released. She says the photo isn’t great, but it obviously wasn’t Hayden. Paul makes a bunch of noise. Jordan says she’s not okay with sending an innocent woman to jail. Curtis says this could lead them to exactly who pushed Elizabeth down the stairs. Geez, they’d better make a print out and several thousand copies so this evidence doesn’t get “lost.”

Griff tells Sonny that he’ll try to follow his fathers example and give a the benefit of the doubt. He wonders if Julian will be convicted and Sonny tells him not to worry about the trial. Griff says it’s not justice if you take the law into your own hands. He’s good with those little pearls of wisdom. He probably took a class in it at priest school. Griff sees Robert walk in and asks for an introduction. Sonny says that Robert hates his guts, but okay, and introduces them. Robert says they saved him a trip, since he wanted to talk to both of them. I’m intrigued.

Nell thanks Carly for the advance so she can get her stuff. They thank each other and hug. Hmm…Nell’s face. Nell leaves and Carly asks Morgan, who’s working on his laptop, if he’s working from home. He says Aaron got someone to cover for him and you can’t sell a latte from home. He tells her that he’s enrolling in school full time.

Curtis says the picture is good for Hayden, but not so good for finding the criminal. Jordan says she found out that the phone is Elizabeth’s and they need to let Hayden go. Paul whines and stomps his foot, but she says they can still consider her a person of interest. If they’re wrong, they can get her back later. She says it doesn’t look good for the department if they don’t look for the real criminal. Paul finally agrees and says they need to talk about how everything is going to proceed from here on out.

Hayden asks how Franco how he knew about the match. She says Finn was saying something that Franco kept interrupting. She asks again how he knew her blood type was a match. Finn walks in.

Carly tells Morgan to back up. She says ten minutes ago he thought he couldn’t do anything, and now he wants to go to full time school? He says he’s majoring in marketing and realized he’s not there to serve coffee, but to get people to buy something. He said he got everyone to think, including Nell. He says he felt a little jealous at the passion she has that he doesn’t have, but then he discovered he did have it, and all his ideas led straight to going back to school. Carly asks if he’s sure. He gets all excited and hugs her. Definitely getting manic.

Robert joins Sonny and Griff at the table, telling Griff that he looks like Duke. He says Anna would have come back for the trial, but got convinced to stay in Berkeley a while. She wanted Griff to know she didn’t abandon him, but Griff says he didn’t think that. The three of them toast to justice for Duke.

Lulu says it doesn’t add up, and Dante says it’s not supposed to. She says there’s no trace of Daphne living at the address and the place is empty. Helena said she owed Lulu the most, and left her the most valuable thing. What would be more valuable than an heir? She wants to go back to Cassadine Island and thinks if the WSB digs deeper, they’ll find something. Maybe the embryo is at the address? That seems awfully simple, but come to think of it, why wasn’t this address investigated earlier? Like five minutes after Helena died.

Paul tells Jordan to keep him apprised. She says he seems awfully invested in a simple assault case. He says he wants justice done. Today’s theme.

Hayden starts to ask Finn about the blood type and he gets a call that the charges against Hayden have been dropped. He says there’s no time for celebration though; he has to check on something. Hayden tells Franco that she told him so. For a moment, she pretends like she’s not going to give her blood now, but then tells him that she will. However, he needs her blood and she needs something from him.

On Monday, Sam needs to check up on something, Julian tells Scotty that he’s doomed as doomed can be, and Hayden says she wants freedom in exchange for Elizabeth’s life.


I don’t usually recap this, although I’ve been known to dabble in MasterChef Junior. But there was something that stood out tonight.

They’re down to the final four and break into teams of two, cooking for a restaurant of food critics. David is on the losing team, which ends up having to do a pork pressure test, using pork belly, chops and tenderloin. I thought it was amazing when he owned up to his mistake in the team effort, saying he was the reason that his teammate and friend had to endure this. But then when they had to critique each others dishes, he didn’t exactly make nice and deflated my balloon. She was also the one who ended up making an exit.

They’re down to the final three, but I don’t really have a favorite. While I’ll watch anything with Gordon Ramsey in it, and love watching a cooking competition and lusting after the food, I can never seem to invest in the competitors much.

Quotes of the Week

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde

I love my body, and I would never change anything about it. I’m not asking you to like my body. I’m just asking you to let me be me. Because I’m going to influence a girl who does look like me, and I want her to feel good about herself. — Serena Williams, Self, September 2016

Listen, I’m engaged to this man and I’m going to marry him, so back off. Just back off.  — The Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Real Housewives of NYC Reunion Part Two


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