September 12, 2016 – GH’s Hayden Gives Up Her Blood & OC Wives Give Meghan Grief


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Alexis practices her testimony. Molly tells her she’s monologue-ing and that she’ll only be able to answer questions. Alexis says Molly is a trooper for sticking by her. Molly says all that matters is that they’re on the same page now.

Scotty visits Julian in his cell. He thinks he just swung things in Julian’s favor.

Ava sees Paul at the station and asks him how Julian’s case is going, alluding to his promise to her. He drags her into the interrogation room and accuses her of making veiled threats.

Michael goes to the hospital to pick up Sabrrrina. She tells him that she’s on staff again. He asks if that’s a good idea.

Jason feels badly about leaving Jake, but Sam tells him that Jake is in good hands. She asks him if he wants to check on Elizabeth. He says he wasn’t planning on spending his wedding night in the hospital, but Sam says plans change and he’ll be spending the rest of his life with her, so she’s all right with him being involved with the mother of his child. He thanks her for being awesome. She says she has to check on someone too.

Hayden tells Franco she won’t let tragic, pathological liar Elizabeth die, but she wants the diamonds back. That’s her trade – her freedom for Elizabeth’s life.

Molly grills Alexis as though she’s the defense lawyer. She asks if Alexis advised Carrrlos wrongly because of Julian. Alexis says they need to stop; she has a splitting headache. Molly says she enjoyed herself at the wedding. Alexis says it’s one way to forget, but unfortunately the problems are still there. She tells Molly that she would make a good lawyer. Molly says none of the girls are abandoning her and they’ll get through this.

Scotty seems to think they can get an acquittal. He says Paul wasn’t even there during the jury selection. Julian says maybe it wasn’t that important to him because he has a slam-dunk case. Scotty says he must have Tweety birds over his head – ha-ha! – because they have their own aces up their sleeves.

Ava says she knows what happened with the jury selection, and two chosen jurors referred to Julian as a mobster. Paul says Scotty didn’t say anything and he didn’t want to look suspicious himself. Ava says better to look suspicious than end up in prison.

Tracy joins Michael and Sabrrrina. Michael tells her that he’s worried about Sabrrrina working there because of all the murderous goings on. Tracy says everything will be fine.

Hayden says Franco is going to give her the diamonds, and when Elizabeth wakes up, he’ll convince her not to pursue it. If he agrees, she’ll donate her blood. Finn walks in with the papers that Hayden needs to sign. Hayden asks Franco what it’s going to be.

Tracy tells Michael he’s a Quartermaine, no matter what name he uses. She says the hospital is in crisis and the last thing they need is for him to be telling his girlfriend it’s not safe to work there. Sabrrrina says it’s not up to him and being back at GH is a dream for her. He asks her to wait until the killer is caught. She says her career and independence are important to her, and she hopes he can understand that.

Finn asks if anything is wrong, and Hayden says she’s just nervous and looking for reassurance. Franco tells her to be reassured that she has nothing to worry about. He leaves and Finn says he doesn’t even want to know. She says he’s not looking that great and asks what’s up with him. Franco runs into Jason by the elevator.

Sam goes to Alexis’s place to bond with the Davis women. She tells Alexis that she needs to relax. Alexis says she’s unemployed and all she’s doing is relaxing. Sam suggests they order food and watch a movie. Alexis gets out a huge wine glass and starts to give it to Sam. She says she forgot, and Molly says forgot what?

Jason asks Franco how Elizabeth is. Franco says they’ve found a donor and Jason asks who.

After Hayden gets her blood drawn, Finn tells Hayden she’s a free woman again. Hayden says she owes him and Curtis, and she has good people in her life that she doesn’t deserve. She gets woozy and Finn tells her to rest. Naomi comes in, excited about the charges being dropped. She thanks Finn and he leaves to get some sugar for Hayden. Naomi says she’s a trooper and Hayden says she didn’t have much of a choice since Franco told her everything.

Finn goes to the vending machine to get candy, but he’s shaky because he needs his shot. When the machine doesn’t work, he starts banging it around. Curtis appears and says he doesn’t look so hot.

Michael says he’d never stand in the way of Sabrrrina’s career or ambitions, he’s just worried about her. Tracy says he has no doubt his concern is genuine, but he’d rather have Sabrrrina home with Teddy. Sabrrrina leaves and Tracy tells Michael that Sabrrrina needs the hospital as much as it needs her.

Paul says it’s a long game they’re playing and if Ava wants Julian to walk wit double jeopardy protection, she needs to cool her jets. He says he can’t take the chance of being removed from the case, and it’s in both their interests to make it appear like he’s doing his job well. She says they’re done – for now.

Scotty tells Julian to knock it off with the woe is me stuff. He says he’s been practicing a long time and there’s no such thing as a slam-dunk case. Julian asks how he’s going to get an acquittal when there’s a confession. Scotty says they’ll have to assassinate Alexis’s character.

Molly realizes Sam is pregnant and gets all excited. Alexis goes to get sparkling cider. Molly asks Sam if the baby is a boy or a girl, but Sam says it’s too early to tell and she’s just in her first trimester.

Franco tells Jason that Hayden is the donor. Jason says he’ll get filled in by the doctors.

Naomi tells Hayden that the only important thing is that she’s been cleared.

Curtis tells Finn he looks shaky and asks if he’s coming down with the flu. Finn says it’s just man vs. machine. He thanks Curtis for helping with Hayden. Curtis bangs once on the machine and the candy comes out. Curtis says Hayden has been through enough already, and Finn brings up Nicholas having her shot without saying it. Curtis is surprised he knows about that.

Franco says Jason doesn’t have to respect him, but he needs to respect Elizabeth’s choices, and she chose him. Jason says he’s not just going to believe that because Franco said it, and he’s not going to watch him manipulate Jake to get to Elizabeth.

Curtis says Finn was shaking and twitching a minute ago, and now he seems fine. Finn says he’ll catch up with him later.

Nurse Amy 2.0 gives Hayden props for giving Elizabeth blood when they’ve been at odds. She applauds her for putting aside her personal feelings and doing the right thing. Finn comes in with the candy. Naomi tells her she’s lucky to have someone like Finn in her corner and she’ll see her later. Hayden tells Finn her mother is the definition of fair weather. She says she’s exhausted, and he suggests they leave.

Sam says she was hoping she could keep the pregnancy quiet until Julian was in prison. Alexis tells her not to worry about him getting out. Sam says Alexis will be seeing him in court tomorrow. Alexis says she’s been seeing him everywhere and that he’s been haunting her. Molly asks why she didn’t say anything, and she tells them if Scotty gets wind of it, he’ll discredit her. She says once it’s over, she’ll be able to exercise him from her mind, and they have a group hug.

Scotty and Juian argue. Ava joins them and Scotty tells her Julian won’t let him attack Alexis’s character. Ava says that implies she has any. Scotty leaves and Julian tells ava not to try and talk him out of it. She says despite his attitude, she has every confidence that it’s going to work out. He asks if she knows something he doesn’t

Tracy says she knows what it’s like to throw everything away for the love of a loser. Michael says it’s not about Carrrlos, but Tracy says it is. He wants to take care of Sabrrrina, and she wants to take care of herself. Tracy tells him that Monica wouldn’t have brought her back if she was at risk and she needs his support. Sabrrrina comes running in saying Elizabeth’s spleen ruptured. Once again, the spleen.

Finn takes Hayden back to his hotel room. He tells her she’s welcome to stay for a while and she asks why he’s so hospitable. He says she went from convict to hero of the day. She says she wishes everyone would stop calling her that, and that everything she did was to save herself.

She tells Finn that she blackmailed Franco. She’d donate the blood and he’d get the diamonds back for her. Finn asks her if Franco hadn’t agreed, would she have let Elizabeth die? She says, well, no, and he says she always does the right thing.

Sabrrrina explains about Hayden being a match. Paul busts into the conversation, telling her they need to go over her testimony. Sabrrrina wishes she didn’t have to do it, but Paul says when someone hurts your family, you do what you need to in order to see that justice is served. She says Elizabeth is hurt and whoever pushed her is still out there.

Amy tells Franco that Elizabeth asked for him.

Hayden tells Finn that maybe he’s right. He says he always is, but she tells him not to be too proud. Maybe she marginally does right, but at least she doesn’t have to say good-by to him. She falls asleep and Finn puts his coat over her.

Amy tells Franco that Elizabeth said not to worry and thanked him for being there for her. He asks if there was anything else, but she says no and she has to get back to work.

Sabrrrina wants to get back to Elizabeth. Paul says to give her his best and tells Sabrrrina that the testimony will go fine. Tracy suggests he make sure Sabrrrina is protected. Michael is concerned about Julian going free.

Alexis tells the girls good night and goes upstairs. Sam hopes that Julian is put away forever, for all their sakes.

Ava tells Julian that the walls have ears and she can’t talk about what she knows. Julian says maybe it’s women’s intuition. She says maybe it’s a hunch, but he’ll walk out a free man.

Tomorrow, Franco tells Elizabeth she has a secret sister while she’s sleeping, Paul has one last present for someone, and Hayden wonders if she and Finn should explore their feelings.

The Real Housewives of the OC

We relive the dune buggy accident. Eddie wheels Tamra out of the hospital. There’s nothing majorly wrong, but she doesn’t want to go through the three-hour drive home, so she’s going back to camp. She calls Heather, who tells her about Vicki. She feels responsible for the accident, as well she should, although Eddie tells her accidents happen. Not so much though if you don’t drive like a maniac.

Meghan tells Shannon she’s pregnant. Shannon pretends she can see the baby bump, but she really can’t. The two couples go for a golf game. Meghan fills Shannon in on the dune buggy accident. Shannon wonders why Meghan waited until they were golfing to tell her.

Heather calls and Shannon asks if Tamra is okay, and then asks about Vicki. Heather says they wouldn’t let anyone go in the helicopter with her and Briana is sick. Shannon suggests they call her son, but Heather doesn’t have his number. They get cut off and Heather wonders why no one is offering to see Vicki. Because they’re nasty, unforgiving pieces of work, that’s why. Heather calls back and Shannon makes a bunch of excuses about why they can’t get to the hospital. Meghan claims it’s only 45 minutes from the camp because she did a map search. Let me tell you about those, Meghan. It’s as the crow flies. Google Maps thinks Philadelphia is right around the corner from me. Heather says talk later, and hangs up.

Kelly is like, have some compassion. Heather texts Meghan telling her it wasn’t cool. Kelly checks the map thing and it says closer to three hours. In her interview, Kelly says she’d go out of human decency.

Shannon complains about Heather pressuring them. David says tell Vicki to text Brooks and let’s golf. I’m hating these people right now. I’ve actually been in this kind of postion, and even though I didn’t like the person, stepped in to help. What Kelly said.

Tamra limps back into camp. Heather tells her that she’s never driving with her again. Tamra says that they did a CT scan and everything is fine except she has bulging disks that she irritated. Heather tells her about calling Meghan and Shannon, and the whole discrepancy about the distance.

Shannon, Meghan and the husbands discuss the situation at dinner. They focus on how Kelly was drinking a beer afterwards, so it couldn’t have been too bad. Maybe she needed a beer because it was too bad. Meghan shows Shannon pictures of Vicki on a gurney, which Shannon finds suspect. She says if Vicki was that bad off, she wouldn’t be taking a selfie. Um…she didn’t. She was on a gurney and someone else took the picture. Damned if you prove things and damned if you don’t.

Vicki gets sent home and calls the girls at the camp. Tamra feels badly about Vicki being alone. Kelly tells Heather what a good job she did in calming everyone down, and apologizes to her. In her interview, Kelly says she misjudged Heather and saw the compassionate side of her.

Meghan tells Shannon about stopping by Vicki’s birthday party and how they talked about putting things behind them. She says but she knows Vicki too well and has been hurt by her, so it’s hard for her to forgive and forget. Shannon says she personally can’t get past Vicki being “in on a cancer scam.” Meghan agrees because she is a big fat phony, who said something totally different to Vicki.

It’s time to leave the camp. Heather says good-by to Tamra, who continues to apologize.

Meghan calls Tamra. Shannon asks what’s going on, and Tamra tells them about the accident that she caused. Shannon acts all OMG, even though five minutes ago she wasn’t believing anything. Tamra starts crying and says she can’t believe these two twits won’t even go see Vicki. Meghan says she doesn’t appreciate the accusation that they don’t care because they do. What a load. Tamra tells Meghan to go to hell and hangs up. I cheer.

Jimbo says the whole thing is asinine. In her interview, Meghan says she and Shannon might have misjudged the severity of the situation. Okay, Mr. Spock. Vicki calls Briana, who is in San Diego getting a PET scan. In her interview, Briana thinks maybe her mother is embellishing things a little to get attention and I just stare at her. Idiot Meghan shows up at Vicki’s house with candles from the new line she and Little Jimmy are coming out with. Gee, don’t over-extend yourself in the gift department. Meghan gets all stupid and weepy over Tamra’s “recklessness.” Vicki appreciates the visit, but wonders why it takes a near death experience to get compassion. Meghan goes humana-humana, and says that when Heather called, she thought Heather was just being overly dramatic. In her interview, Meghan says surprise! Vicki really was hurt, and it’s ironic that she’s having to apologize to her. I can’t believe Vicki has to hand her tissues. I’d throw the freaking box at her head.

Tamra is working out, seeing what she’s capable of. Eddie asks if she’s okay and she says that she feels like her “bell has been rung,” whatever that means. She’s worried she won’t be able to compete and feels disappointed. Eddie tells her that it was an accident and sh*t happens. Her trainer told her to put competing off and Eddie says if she won’t listen to him, maybe she’ll listen to the trainer. In her interview, Tamra says Eddie has changed her life and maybe Jesus is telling her to slow down.

Heather visits Vicki, bringing Vicki’s suitcase along. Vicki tells her about Meghan coming over and bringing a crap gift. In her interview, Heather is startled that Meghan made a longer trip than it would have been to go to the hospital. Kelly and Tamra arrive next. Everyone feels a bump on Kelly’s tailbone. The girls are shocked that Meghan managed to have some feelings for someone other than herself.

Vicki tells them about Meghan saying that she thought Heather was just being theatrical. Heather says she doesn’t like how Meghan is doing some clean up maneuver after the fact. Meghan has also been telling everyone that Tamra was being reckless. Kelly thinks it’s a deflection so that Megan doesn’t look like the jerk she is. Vicki says that when this is over, she’s going to have a party or something. In her interview, she says she just wants her friends back.

Heather and Tamra go out to eat. Heather asks if she’s given any more thought to the competition. Tamra says she’s been in a fog. Shannon joins them. In her interview, Shannon says she feels awkward since they’re last conversations weren’t that positive. Gee, why was that? Shannon tells them about how Meghan waited until they were golfing to tell her about the accident. She adds that they didn’t even keep Vicki overnight, so not to blame Meghan for thinking it wasn’t that serious. She tells Heather not to let it interfere with their friendship. Heather says Meghan hasn’t even called her since the accident to see how she is, and wonders how she could visit Vicki later and not even bring a pair of sweatpants to her in the hospital. Tamra tells Shannon that Vicki had to take an Uber home in a paper gown. Tamra says she’s disappointed in both of them, and wonders if Shannon is pissed because Vicki is the victim now. In her interview, Shannon goes back to the picture, trying to justify her thinking Vicki was fine because someone took a photo of her. Heather says now that Shannon knows the story, she doesn’t understand why Shannon isn’t annoyed at Meghan. Shannon thinks they’re being unfair and Meghan didn’t have bad intent. Heather tells her about Meghan saying Tamra was reckless, making her feel even guiltier. She says if Meghan goes there with her and tries to turn it around, she won’t be okay with it. Shannon plays the hormonal card in absentia for Meghan.

The buyer for Shannon’s house wants the furniture as well, so she has to make an inventory. She’s decided to call Vicki, since she’s the only one who hasn’t, saying she’s the remaining apple or a-hole, I couldn’t decipher which. She gets Vicki’s voicemail and leaves a message. I catch it the second time around and she did say a-hole. She says she didn’t realize how bad it was, but does now.

Heather meets Meghan for lunch. In her interview, Maghan says her hormones are going haywire and she’s depressed. She asks how Heather is and Heather says she thinks she has PTSD and tells Meghan how scary the accident was. Meghan whines about Heather hanging up on her and Heather says it was the path of least resistance. Meghan brings up how they sounded like they were laughing and Kelly was having a beer afterwards. Heather says she was trying to let them know bad it was and was annoyed about the whole map thing. Meghan says she could have gone and Heather asks if she was supposed to leave all her son at camp and make a three hour drive. She says now that Meghan has hindsight and understands the accident, maybe she should take a step back and get a clue. In her interview, Meghan complains that Shannon is getting a pass, while all the blame is being put on her.

Meghan says she thought Heather was being patronizing. I wonder if Meghan knows the definition of patronizing. Heather is like, I’m theatrical and patronizing, thanks for letting me know. Meghan breaks down, saying she wishes she had handled it differently, instead of trying to read between the lines. Heather thanks her for the apology. In her interview, Heather says it was a long walk to get it. However, Meghan has officially revoked Heather’s badge as the morality police. Oh the horror.

Next time, Tamra and Meghan have it out, Shannon’s daughter plays a gig, and Shannon and David argue.



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