September 13, 2016 – GH Has Secret Sisters, Wrong Loving Has Returned & Below Deck Has an Unstable Deckhand


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Andre goes to Jordan’s office. She needs his help finding the killer before the hospital suffers. Nathan joins them and says the hospital will have to be shut down if they don’t find the killer.

Paul talks to Susan on the phone. He wishes he could be there for her birthday, but he has a commitment to keep – for her. He says if everything goes as planned, he’ll be finished soon. He says he has one more present on his list and she just walked in.

The new Perks baseball hats come in. Kiki likes them, but Morgan says they’re not exactly right. He gets very anal about it and then says no big deal. Kiki suggests they ditch work and go for a swim. I’m in! She says his only customer left a stack of books on the table and he says they’re his. He’s enrolled in PCU. Kiki isn’t that enthusiastic and he tells her to restrain herself. She thinks business and marketing might be a heavy workload, and he thinks she doesn’t believe him.

Sabrrrina talks to Tracy while wearing some really cute purple scrubs. Tracy tells her to keep her resume updated. The hospital might be closed by tomorrow.

Hayden wakes up on Finn’s couch. He asks for help with his shot and asks how she’s feeling. She says better than when she was in the interrogations room and thanks him for his help. She wants to help him too, but he says his problem is his. She says he’s not the only one with the disease and asks if he’s too proud to let her help others.

Franco whispers to Elizabeth while she sleeps. He tells her she has a secret sister. She stirs a little. Sabrrrina walks in and he says Elizabeth is stable, but not awake. Sabrrrina says rest provides healing. She thinks Franco must be delirious from lack of sleep and escorts him out. She tells him to get some food and take a nap. He says she doesn’t care about him, but she says Elizabeth does.

Monica talks to Tracy over coffee. Tracy just came from an emergency board meeting and the board wants to close GH. She says this so loud, I’m surprised heads don’t turn. Shouldn’t this be on the QT?

Nathan and Jordan go over all the people who have been murdered and the attempted murders. Andre asks about the timing and if there’s any connection between the victims, but there’s nothing. Jordan says a syringe was found in the locker room and maybe the target was another staff member.

Elizabeth wakes up saying Franco’s name and “secret sister.”

Jordan thinks maybe the killer was thrown off of his intended target and that’s why he got rid of the syringe. Nathan brings up the blackout. Andre says no one was killed, but Elizabeth was pushed down the stairs and maybe everything is connected.

Monica tells Tracy to get the board to back off and she’s like, oh yeah, sure. Paul joins them and I realize what his motive is. Tracy explains what’s going on. He asks if the hospital can survive a shut-down like that.

Sabrrrina asks Elizabeth what she was saying about a secret sister. Elizabeth doesn’t remember, and asks her why she’s in scrubs. Sabrrrina tells her that she’s back on staff and Elizabeth is her first patient. Elizabeth asks what happened, and Sabrrrina tells her about the spleen thing, but says someone donated blood. She tells her about Franco and says the police might also want to talk to her. Elizabeth wonders why, since it was Hayden who pushed her. Sabrrrina tells her that Hayden was released.

Hayden tells Finn about her deal with Franco and says that she’ll sell the diamonds to fund the research. Finn says they should have this conversation when she has the diamonds. She asks if he’d prefer discussing their feelings and brings up the kiss. Finn says she’d been drinking and neither one of them were thinking straight, but she doesn’t buy it. He says he’s still dying and still in love with his wife.

Kiki tells Morgan he’s being unfair and that she’s stuck by him. He says she didn’t even congratulate him. She says he never expressed an interest in college. He says he’s sick of handing out espressos, but Kiki interjects that he’s never liked school. He says it was years ago, when he didn’t have a purpose and wasn’t thinking about the future. He says he’s not an un-medicated nutjob now. She thinks he should give it more thought. He says maybe she’s threatened, since she’s directionless. He immediately apologizes. She tells him to get back to his books and she’ll get back to going nowhere. Ouch.

Darby shows up at Perks. She asks if Morgan is okay, and he says yes, other than having to tell his girlfriend he had an STI. Darby says someone should tell his girlfriend to take a step back and see what she’s got in him. Yeah, an un-medicated nutjob.

Franco shows up at the bar and tells Kiki a nurse kicked him out. He asks if she has any tips about Elizabeth for after she gets out of the hospital. She tells him to back off and that Elizabeth hasn’t even recovered from surgery yet. She says he reminds her of Morgan right now. She tells him to slow down and let Elizabeth’s family be there for her.

Finn says he’d never lie to Hayden and the reason he gets up in the morning is to find a cure for the disease that took his wife. She says if he’d never come to Port Charles, that they wouldn’t have met, but he says he likes to think their paths would have crossed somewhere and quotes Hemmingway. He says perhaps if things were different, and she says, but they’re not. She says she’s still grieving too, and rebounds are always a bad idea, but she’s still going to make things right for once.

Elizabeth is shocked that Hayden is out of jail. She insists that Hayden pushed her down the stairs and starts getting excited and tries to get out of bed. Sabrrrina tells her to just say what she needs and she’ll deal with it. Elizabeth tells her she has something of Hayden’s, a pouch full of diamonds that Hayden was hiding. She says if she turns them over to the cops, Hayden goes to prison. She tells Sabrrrina where they are. Sabrrrina says she’ll take them to the police if Elizabeth promises to stay put.

Nathan says it’s too coincidental to have two would-be murderers. Andre says they need to assume whoever pushed Elizabeth down the stairs is also the killer. Jordan wonders why the killer would deviate, and Andre says it‘s situational. He says that it’s possible that Elizabeth found out something she isn’t even aware of, but before that, the killer was very specific about who he wanted dead.

Monica talks about two other times the hospital was shut down. She says they can take care of the victim’s families, but the longer the hospital is closed, the longer the staff has to find other employment. Tracy says they can still block the closure and tells Paul to get the police on it or GH will close for good.

Morgan tells Darby about going back to school. She’s like, no way, and he wonders why everyone is reacting like that. She says she’s just surprised and congratulates him. He says he already has a paper due and hasn’t even read the material. Darby suggests buying a paper.

Andre says serial killers are notoriously rigid about their patterns. Nathan brings up Dr. Mays. Andre tells him maybe it’s not a serial killer and they’re looking for something that’s not there. He says maybe it’s someone with a particular ax to grind against particular issue. He asks why each patient was in the hospital. Jordan looks through the files and they all had similar stomach problems. Andre says it’s no accident that they ended up at GH.

Finn asks Tracy what’s up, and she says impending doom. He’s like, before lunch? She says she needs his expertise.

Franco wolfs down his meal, telling Kiki that toast is his lucky breakfast food. He blames himself for not being there for Elizabeth and Kiki says that’s not just self absorbed, it’s crazy. He says he made the blood transfusion happen and neither one of them will ever know the truth. Kiki asks what truth, but he says it’s best he doesn’t tell her, but then asks for her advice on whether to tell Elizabeth. She asks what he thinks.

Hayden goes to Elizabeth’s room. Elizabeth asks if Sabrrrina is back already and Hayden says, guess again.

Morgan scoffs at buying a paper. Darby says he said he’s behind, you can get any paper for twenty bucks, and it’s okay to do if you’re stuck. He says what’s the point of going to school if he’s not going to learn. She tells him he’s noble and she’ll see him on campus.

Jordan says she had Epiphany check the records and they all had the same stomach bug. Nathan wonders why make people sick just to kill them. Andre says maybe the hospital itself is another victim.

Tracy talks to Finn about what’s happening with the hospital. He says if the hospital closes, the closest one won’t be able to handle the overflow and on a personal note, he can’t move his research.

Kiki tells Franco to trust his instincts and do what he thinks is right. She says she would chose diplomacy, because some people like living in their own world, but ultimately he has to do what’s right for him. Yeah, like get to Elizabeth’s kitchen where she stashed the diamonds. Sabrrrina calls Franco, saying Elizabeth is awake and alert and wants to see him.

Elizabeth starts to freak, saying Hayden tried to kill her. Hayden says Elizabeth wouldn’t be there screaming like an idiot if it wasn’t for her. She tells Elizabeth about the deal she made with Franco. Elizabeth says the diamonds are gone and she’s going back to jail.

Kiki calls Morgan and he apologizes. He says she has a lot going on in her life right now and he knows she’ll get back on track. She says she’s sorry too, and she’s supportive of whatever he decides. She tells him to get back to work cracking the books. He’s playing solitaire on his laptop.

Andre thinks the hospital and victims have wronged the killer somehow, and he’s looking at it as payback. Nathan gets a call and goes out into the station. He meets Sabrrrina and she gives him the pouch. No, no, no, no, no! She explains that Hayden was hiding them. Why did Sabrrrina do this when Elizabeth was obviously wrong about Hayden pushing her? Better yet, why is Elizabeth doing this when she has done so much worse, like standing by while Nicholas had Hayden shot? Why am I even asking?

Elizabeth tells Hayden she’d better run and that they’re coming for her. Hayden says Elizabeth had no right to get in her business. She tells Elizabeth that she saved her life and this is how Elizabeth repaid her. Hayden says next time someone pushes her self-righteous ass down the stairs, she’s on her own. Franco comes in and tells her to be nice. That’s her sister.

Jordan says the killer has a vendetta against the hospital. Andre says they have to find a common thread before he kills again.

Tracy asks Finn to speak to the board because he does quantifiable good at the hospital and the board likes quantifiable things. She tells him Monica is pursuing other avenues and they’re not taking this lying down.

Monica answers her office phone. Paul comes in behind her with a syringe.

Tomorrow, Carly tells Sonny that Julian is going to prison and they’ll have their lives back, Sabrrrina finds Monica, and Franco spills the sister beans.

If Loving You is Wrong

Alex looks frantically for her baby. She sees a trail of blood and follows it into Randal’s house where she sees a huge puddle of it. She goes out to the infamous shed, but nothing there. She goes back into the house and hears moaning. It’s Randal’s mother calling for Marcie.

Louise is covered in blood. She says to call the police and that it was that man next door and Alex who did it. Alex is horrified. Louise keeps calling her Marcie and asks why she’s just standing there. She realizes that Alex isn’t Marcie and pleads with Alex not to kill her. She tells Alex to get out and says she’s calling the police and telling them it was her. Alex runs out the door, and Louise passes out.

Alex goes back home, not knowing what the blip to do. So she calls her mother. Why? Why, Alex, why? Oddly enough, her hillbilly parents have an answering machine where she leaves an incoherent message.

Meanwhile, at the shooting site, Lushion calls for an ambulance. Faun calls out for Joey, asking if he’s okay. Natalie comes out and starts kicking one of the bodies, I’m assuming the guy who shot Joey. Lushion grabs her and says he’s called the police and to get herself together. She wants to know why Joey isn’t moving. She goes to Faun and tells her that it’s not her fault and to save her strength. Faun says she had the money and Joey was trying to protect her. She keeps asking if Joey is okay, but Natalie says she doesn’t know. Lushion calls again for an ambulance. Lushion tells Natalie to ask if Faun can feel her toes.

Esperanza is with her daughter at Kelly’s place and they’ve just had dinner. Kelly tells thekids to go in the other room, which her son determines is code for they want to have girl talk. Esperanza apologizes for Kelly having to pinch hit for her, and says she picked up a shift at the last minute. She asks Kelly what happened with Ramses, and Kelly said he’s mad at her for jumping to conclusions about the woman who was in his house. She says she apologized, but she doesn’t want to run after him. Esperanza calls her stubborn. Kelly says she’s surprised Eddie lets Esperanza work the night shifts, but Esperanza says he’s her ex and is going to stay her ex and has no say.

Esperanza asks Kelly what the look is for. Kelly says Justice’s father called. He’s out of jail and wants to come live with her. Esperanza is shocked. She says this man Kelly never talks about wants to live with her? Kelly says they haven’t spoken in four years, but he thinks she owes him for going to jail. She says he was involved in something illegal when they were together and he took the fall for both of them. She says she was young and stupid and it was something that could ruin her life. Since she had Justice, his father saved her ass. Esperanza says she needs to tell him he can’t come, but Kelly says it’s easier said than done, and admits owes him.

Kelly informs Justice that Esperanza’s daughter is staying overnight, so he’ll have to bunk with mom. Esperanza tells Kelly to call her later.

Skeevy Eddie asks Ben what happened with Pete. Ben says Pete is still in his hospital bed. He says there are cameras, but Eddie isn’t having any. He still wants Ben to kill Pete. Ben says Andrew’s girlfriend is also the nurse. He says he’s been feeling badly about Pete, and keeps flashing back to Pete trying to call for backup. Eddie tells him this is no time to find Jesus and he needs Pete taken out. Ben says that Pete might not even remember when he wakes up, but Eddie doesn’t want to take any chances. He tells him to find Claudia too. Ben says how, just ask people? Eddie tells him when everyone leaves, go through the database. Ben asks what about Andrew and Eddie says he’ll take care of that right now.

Eddie leaves and Ben makes noises about how Eddie shouldn’t keep messing with him. Steve comes by his desk and asks him if he’s talking to himself. He asks how Pete is doing and Ben says no changes. Steve says he’ll call the doctor later. Ben asks how long he’s on Pete duty and Steve says for as long as it takes. Which I guess means until they bump Pete off.

Eddie sees Andrew in the locker room. Andrew asks if he’s okay and Eddie says he’s not good. Not at all. He wants to know what Andrew’s girlfriend is doing putting cameras in Pete’s room. Andrew acts ignorant. Eddie says if Andrew has something to say to him, he needs to say it to him. He asks what Andrew has to say, and Andrew says he doesn’t know what Eddie is talking about. Eddie says Andrew’s girlfriend couldn’t have put the cameras in by herself and he wouldn’t want her to get shot. Andrew tells him not to threaten his girlfriend and Eddie slaps him. Eddie tells him to learn the ropes so he doesn’t get hung by them. Idiot.

A bunch of guys go running out of the station. Eddie asks Steve what happened, and Steve tells him to get to the car. Instead, Eddie sits down and Steve tells him to get in the car – now. Eddie tells Ben it’s quiet right now, so he needs to get the deets on Claudia. When Eddie is gone, Andrew tells Ben that he shouldn’t let Eddie lead him down the wrong path and he knows what the two of them are doing. He says the cameras aren’t coming down and they’re going down. Eddie tells him he’s the fool in this place, and if he doesn’t get with Eddie, he’s gonna get got. Andrew says he doesn’t know what Ben is talking about. Ben says Andrew that he’s nobody if there isn’t someone watching his back. Andrew says he does have someone, and funny how Ben can stand up to everyone except Eddie. He asks what Eddie has on him and if it’s drugs. He says he knows Ben was on a lot of pain meds in the hospital. Ben punches him out and says he has more seniority and more skills and don’t make him whoop his ass again.

Ben goes to the computer in Steve’s office. This place is more lax than the police station in Port Charles.

Alex is crying and quietly freaking out. Why she’s just waiting for her mother to call her back and not calling the police, I have no clue. She calls her mother again, saying to herself that it’s been a half hour. For the love of all that’s holy, is she just going to let Louise drown in her own blood? She calls Brad and gets voicemail. She leaves a message that it’s an emergency. She calls back again immediately, crying and asking him to pick up the phone.

Alex calls Marcie, who says, hey bitch what do you want? Alex begs Marcie to put Brad on the phone. Marcie tells her to call Brad’s phone and she says she did. Alex says she knows he’s there, but Marcie says he isn’t. Alex asks if Marcie knows where he is, and Marcie asks if Alex knows where her husband is. Alex begs her to put Brad on, but Marcie says don’t call her again. She hangs up and calls Brad, telling him Alex called and sounded desperate. He says he’s in the middle of something, but when he’s done, he’ll call her.

Looks like he’s in the middle of burying something…or someone.

Andrew pulls Julius over and asks for his license and registration. Julius asks for his name and he repeats himself and tells Julius to take the documents out slowly. Andrew looks at the papers and asks Julius if he’s been drinking. Julius asks if Andrew knows that’s illegal and Andrew asks him again. Julius says he was drinking before he was driving. Andrew does not think that’s funny and Julius asks where his sense of humor is. Andrew says he lost it with all the people who lost their lives because of someone like him, and tells him to get out of the car. He’s under arrest. As he hustles Julius to the squad car, Julius says he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Andrew checks Julius’s car. Julius sees Andrew’s notebook where he has stuff about Ben written. When Andrew comes back, Julius asks if he’s sure he wants to do this. Julius asks about his car and Andrew says it will probably be towed. Julius tells him he’s making a mistake, but he could use someone like him in his organization. Andrew says he already has a job. Julius tells him that he could make a lot more money, but Andrew says he’s fine where he is. Julius asks if Andrew knows his name and Andrew says it’s right on his license. Julius says if he’s going to take notes on fellow officers he shouldn’t leave them out on the seat. He asks if Andrew knows Eddie and asks questions about the notes, but Andrew ignores him and starts the car. Julius calls him a rookie. I’m wondering if Andrew is going to survive this episode.

Travis sits on Kelly’s porch. The kids come out and make small talk with him. Kelly makes them go inside and asks what Travis is doing there. She tells him to go home. He says he wanted to see her and she says well, you did, go home. He grabs her and she scrambles to get free. She tells him to go home and he says he is home. She says no, go home to yo momma. He says he can’t believe she had sex with him and then didn’t return his calls. He grabs her again and throws her up against the side of the house. He says they belong together. She struggles with him, telling him never to come back again. He says he’ll pay her and tries to kiss her. She says she can’t breathe and he’s not going to take advantage of her. He says he wants to hurt her like she did him.

Randal pounds on the box he’s trapped in underground. Ooh, it’s like Kill Bill Vol. 2. He hears someone laughing. He calls out that he can hear them and yells for help. We hear Alex’s father saying, “Yell all you want, boy.” Not a good sign. Randal screams nooo! as Rusty says he’s going to die.

I love this show.

Next time, Julius goes to jail, Kelly apologizes to Travis, and Alex goes to Kelly for help.

Below Deck

Kelley talks to Captain Lee about Trevor. The captain tells him to tell Trevor no one is indispensable, and basically tells Kelly to figure it out for himself.

Kate says she wishes all the guests were this social media obsessed. She could just lie in her bunk and tweet them when dinner was ready and post menu options.

Kelley seeks Trevor out. In his interview, Trevor says the deckhands should have come directly to him if they had a problem.

Kate instructs the other stews on how to do a beach party. She says she used to love beach parties until she became chief stew. Now she stays behind. Chef Ben says they’re running out of gluten free, fat free, tasteless ingredients. Kelley has Nico load the inflatable boat. Sierra and Emily talk about Kate having a girlfriend.

Trevor pretends he has something else to do, so he doesn’t have to help Nico. He’s miffed because Nico complained about him to Kelley. Trevor takes his sweet time getting over to the beach. Like the jerk he is, when he gets to the shore, he tosses Nico a broom so it lands in the water. Nico says Trevor should at least act like he’s working. On the yacht, primary guest Allison talks about how hot dogs lead to childhood leukemia.

Kate is pleased with her stews and their eagerness to learn. That is unusual for this show. Kate gets the guests ready and they head to the beach. As always, the food looks fabulous. Ben and Kate discuss tonight’s dinner.

Kelley flirts with guest Kelsey without flirting. Emily and Sierra discuss how cute the crew is. The guests frolic in the surf. The beach party is over all too soon. Kate tells the captain how thrilled she is with her team. Nico complains to Lauren about how Trevor acted like an idiot and he had to do all the work.

Trevor babbles at Ben while Ben cooks dinner. Lauren helps in the galley, doing mindless chores, which she finds almost therapeutic. Kelley tells us it’s been five months. I don’t want to know. Another amazing dinner is served. One of the guests has an aversion to barley and Ben says it’s tough keeping up with all the restrictions. The guests talk about how cute Kelley is, while he tells the deckhands that guest Ashley was making googly eyes at him on the beach. OMG – someone’s Wi-Fi isn’t working. Oh the humanity of it! Or lack thereof.

Ben presents himself at dinner. He questions whether the guests are actually eating the food or just posting it on Instagram. After Kelley is hunkered down for the night, Kelsey gets ahold of a walkie-talkie and calls him. She requests that he play a Battleship type game with her.

Trevor shows off his tattoos, and tells Emily and Lauren the stories behind each one like he’s The Illustrated Man. Sierra brings the captain a cup of coffee. She’s put the entire sugar packet in it – I mean the actual packet, not just the contents – and he says it must be time released sugar. Ha-ha! Captain Lee looks out to Trevor doing arm signals to help steer him toward shore and doesn’t know what the blip Trevor is signaling. Kelley informs everyone that he and Kelsey are following each other on Instagram. Must be love.

Ben gets annoyed because he’s burned the toast two days in a row and it’s the stews’ job. Kate tells him that she didn’t even know toast was supposed to be happening. Ben argues so much about it, I don’t think it’s about the toast. It’s about it being early in the morning. Later he apologizes. Sort of. They do a pretend hug.

It’s time to dock. Captain Lee says Trevor needs to learn how to control his mouth and just do what he’s told. The guests ask to take pictures of the deckhands. In his interview, Trevor says Kelley is a hypocrite, since they’re not supposed to get close to the guests and he’s all about Kelsey. Kelley calls Trevor to get a cart or something, and Trevor gives him a hard time. Does he not realize that Kelley is his boss?

It’s good-by to the guests. Allison gives Captain Lee the envelope and says, hashtag loveyouall. It’s tip time! Captain Lee compliments the interior crew and says the deck staff is doing okay, but should dial it back a bit. He says it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. The staff gets 15 large, or $1300 and change per person. The crew can go out, but tomorrow, it’s back to work.

While the other guys are cleaning, Trevor buys a car online. Captain Lee is baffled that he’s doing this right in front of him. Nico says they spend half the day talking about Trevor and the other half talking to him. Kate radios Trevor about a plumbing problem in the bathroom. She says it delicately, but it sounds like the toilet won’t flush. Yep, that’s it. After he finishes with that, Kelley calls him to the main deck. He says he’s busy, and Kelley just repeats that he wants him on deck. In his interview, Trevor says he’s been a bosun and could teach Kelley a thing or two. When Trevor gets there, Kelley tells him to never say he’s busy, especially when Captain Lee can hear. Kelley tells Trevor he’s poor at communication.

Trevor and Ben start drinking early while everyone else gets ready to go out. They go to a tiki bar and Kelley makes a toast to a great first charter. Since Kelsey is gone now, Kelley flirts with Emily. Drinking and eating commences. Trevor gets weird when Kelley doesn’t want another drink at the moment. In his interview, Ben says Trevor seems like the type that can go off at any moment. Dancing happens. Trevor begins to be an annoying drunk, bragging about his money and how much he can drink. On the way back to the boat, Nico tells Trevor to slow down.

Back at the yacht, Trevor says things that make no sense. Kelley tells him he needs to guide the deckhands, not boss them around. Trevor keeps saying something about being undermined and says it’s not the alcohol talking. I believe it if you believe it. He gets in the hot tub. Nico begs Lauren not to leave him with Trevor and Kelley.

Trevor insults Nico’s tattoos. He talks about being undermined again when Kelley tells him that he’s rude. Nico leaves and tells Trevor to keep his opinons to himself. Kelley tells Trevor that was a perfect example of his leadership and he doesn’t respect anyone. In his interview, Kelley wonders if Trevor has more than one brain cell, or is it just one bumping against the side of his head. Trevor tries to argue with Kelley, who tells him it’s time to go to bed and that’s an order.

In his interview, Trevor says Kelley blew it out of proportion and he already has a dad. Nico is concerned about going back to his cabin with this nut, and Kate tells him to sleep in a guest room. Trevor wants to talk to Nico and Ben stops him, saying that’s a bad idea. Kelley tells Trevor to go to bed again, and they’ll talk in the morning. In his interview, Trevor says sh*t’s hitting the fan soon. I can’t wait.

Next time, the Valor gets a poodle as a guest, another beach party, Kate and Ben argue, and Trevor drinks during charter.


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