September 15, 2016 – GH’s Killer Strikes Again & Z Nation is Coming!


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Normally, I recap both Thursday’s and Friday’s GH on Friday, but since Z Nation is having a two-hour season premiere tomorrow, I figured I’d drop off Thursday’s GH now. I couldn’t be more excited about Z Nation coming back, although this means I’ll have to catch the MasterChef finale On Demand. I think the blond chick is going to win.

General Hospital

Julian asks Scotty if he changed the plea. Scotty says no, and he has a better deal for Julian in the envelope he’s holding. It’s Julian’s ticket to freedom.

Alexis thanks Sonny for trying to convince Julian to do the honorable thing, but tells him that he was wasting his time. Paul comes running in, making up an excuse for being late.

Tracy threatens Monica that she’s going to put compromising photos of her online if she doesn’t wake up. She adds that she’s going to correct all the hideous decorating mistakes Monica has made over the years too. She waits for Monica to tell her to put a sock in it.

Lulu tells Dante it’s confirmed that there’s no record of Daphne living at the address she gave them, but obviously Daphne is a real person. Dante says they have no proof of anything and can only assume she worked for Valentin. Lulu asks if he’s giving up.

Sam and Alexis talk before the trial. Ava walks in, all dolled up in a chic, black, body-hugging number. Alexis says once Julian is behind bars, they’re rid of the Jerome family once and for all. Sonny tells Jordan funny how they’re on the same side this time. Ava calls Paul a bastard and says he’s railroading Julian. She’s putting on a show, but tells him quietly if Julian doesn’t go free, he goes to prison.

Michael runs into Jason at the hospital. He tells Jason that he has a surprise for Sabrrrina. I think maybe he’s the one who’s getting the surprise, since she’s unconscious in Monica’s office.

Lulu says no one said it would be easy to find the embryo. Dante says the logical explanation is that it was destroyed in the explosion. Lulu says if Helena got out, she took it with her. She says if she has a shot at finding out what happened to it, she’s going to take it.

Michael says he was inspired by Jason’s wedding. He tells Jason about Carly’s protests. Jason says no woman is going to be right for him in his mother’s eyes, but everything will go well if he sticks to plan. A doctor comes out and asks Jason if he’s there to visit his mother, confusing him. The doctor tells him Monica has been admitted as a patient.

Tracy tells Monica she didn’t get better just to have her check out. and she can’t do this alone.

Michael talks to Felix. When he sees the ring, Felix jokes around like it’s for him, saying he could get used to being a Quartermaine. Michael tells him that he’s going to ask Sabrrrina to marry him.

Ava and Paul continue to pretend argue. Paul tells her to take a seat. Alexis tells Jordan not to worry, that she’s got it under control. Julian is led in. Sam tells Alexis that he’s just another criminal. Judge Lasser takes the bench. She asks if Paul is ready to proceed, and tells him to give the opening statement.

Felix tells Michael that he didn’t know they were thinking about marriage and wonders why now? Michael says he didn’t want to wait another minute for them to become a family, but Sabrrrina can have as long an engagement as she wants. Felix tells him to go for it and make an honest woman of her.

Dante says if there’s an embryo out there and she gives birth to it, it will be Stavros’s child. She says that’s not the baby’s fault. Dante wonders why she would want to raise a child with Stavros’s DNA. She says it’s the last embryo that has her DNA. She asks Dante if he can love the child. He says he would, but there is no child, and they don’t even know if there’s an embryo.

Doc interrupts Dante and Lulu. He asks if he can talk to Lulu about her mother.

The doctor tells Jason about how Monica was attacked and says she’s in the ICU. Jason runs off to see her.

Paul makes his opening remarks. He’s going to prove Julian is guilty of murder, attempted murder, and conspiracy, because he values money above life. He says Julian has already convicted himself with his confession, and he’s confident the jury will see that justice is served by finding him guilty. The judge asks Scotty if he’s ready, but he says he wants a meeting first, since some evidence has come to light.

Michael has a plan where he’ll propose as a violinist plays. Probably the same invisible musician that played at Jason’s wedding. He wants Felix to take pictures, but Felix is still on duty. Felix goes into Monica’s office and finds Sabrrrina on the floor. Note: If you’re going to have someone take pictures of a surprise event, make sure the surprisee knows enough to dress well and put on makeup. This tip doesn’t apply to Sabrrina however, since no amount of makeup is going to fix this.

Dante says he has to make a call anyway, so he’ll let Lulu and Doc catch up. Doc asks if she’s heard from Laura. She says just an email here and there, while she gets Spencer settled in school. She says after that, Laura will probably be in touch with him. He says he hopes so. He tells her right when things were going well, he did something stupid and hurt her. He says he wants to make it up to her, but it’s difficult when she’s thousands of miles away.

The medics try to revive Sabrrrina, but she’s dead. I gotta say, they surprised me with this one.

Jason asks Tracy how Monica is doing, and Tracy says holding her own. She tells him the doctors say it could go either way, and the only thing they can do is wait.

Lulu tells Doc that she’s sure they’ll work it out. He says please tell Laura I love her…I mean, that he’s thinking of her. Dante comes back and tells Lulu he has to get to work. Lulu asks Doc if he wants to stay and have dinner with her, since Dante bailed. He tells her he’s a shrink and can’t help but have observed they were talking about something serious and asks if there’s anything she needs to talk about.

Scotty wants a meeting in chambers, but the judge says since he waited until the last minute, she’ll do it right there. She tells everyone they’re in recess, but don’t wander too far. Scotty gives her a request for the wire tap that got the confession. It was requested for Alexis’s home, but the address number was typed wrong, so the evidence was illegally obtained. He requests the evidence be thrown out. Puh-leeze.

Lulu tells Doc about how she believes someone lives at the address on Cassadine Island. He jokes with her and says she reminds him of Laura. He reminds Lulu about how she discouraged Laura from doing the same thing, and she says okay, she’s a hypocrite. She says now that she’s in Laura’s shoes, she understands, and won’t rest until she finds out what happened to the embryo.

Tracy says she could have let the board close the hospital, but Jason says none of this is her fault. She says she knew there was a risk. He says she kept a hospital open so that people could get the medical treatment they need.

Hey, does no more Sabrrrina mean no more Joe? I wonder if there will be a custody battle with Michael for Teddy. Dante asks Felix for a list of who has access to the area. Felix says it’s not restricted, so pretty much anyone could be there. Dante asks where Felix was, and Michael steps in and tells Dante what they’d been doing. He says he was texting Sabrrrina and ran into Felix, they talked for a while in front of the office, but no one came in or out. He says when Felix went in, he found Sabrrrina on the floor. A detective tells Dante that Sabrrrina was strangled. Dante says that the theory is Elizabeth was pushed by the killer and they have a picture from her phone.

Paul says the request is a copy that could easily have been doctored. Judge Lasser says she’ll send for the original, and when she gets it, she’ll make a ruling as to whether it’s admissible. Sonny asks Jordan if there was any problem, but she says Scotty is grasping at straws. Scotty taunts Paul, but Paul says it will be thrown out.

Ava tells Julian to have patience and she’ll tell him everything when he’s out and treats her to a martini.

Alexis tells Paul to please tell her this isn’t going to fall apart.

Dante asks Michael if Sabrrrina had any conflicts with anyone. Michael says it was her first day back and she was excited about it. He tells Dante to find out who did this and asks to see her. Dante leaves him alone with Sabrrrina’s body.

Doc says best case scenario, Lulu finds the embryo and has a child, but what happens when the day to day comes in. He says it wasn’t conceived in love. The child will be a product of her and her attacker, and would be a constant reminder. He asks what happens if she looks down at the child and sees Stavros looking back at her. Lulu says she and Dante already discussed it. Doc says reality might be different and asks if she’s ready to face that.

Michael sits next to Sabrrrina’s body, saying he doesn’t know how to say good-by. He says he just got her back and their time together meant everything to him. He thought they’d have forever, but he’s glad they didn’t waste what they did have.

Jason talks to unconscious Monica. He talks about how she dealt with him after his accident. All he wanted to do is be left alone, and she let him, and then he realized how alone he was. At the time he didn’t understand because he didn’t have kids of his own, but now he gets it. He tells her there’s another one on the way and he’d do anything for his kids, just like she would do for him. He thanks her for that and for how much she loves him. He calls her mom.

The judge tells the court about the typo. She reviewed the original and says Alexis’s address was incorrect. They can’t use the taped confession. Jordan says she filed the warrant herself and knows it was correct. The judge says no more speaking out and let’s proceed. Scotty says he moves that the case be tossed out because of insufficient evidence.

Lulu says Doc is right; they have no idea how this will affect them, but Nicholas was Stavros’s son and she loved him, and has no doubt Dante will love the baby. She also wants to give Rocco a sibling. She says the bottom line is that part of her is out there and she needs to find it. Then she’ll decide what to do.

Jason says family means everything to his kids and he expects Monica will continue to spoil them and spoil the new one. He needs her to stick around. His kids need her and he needs her. He keeps calling her mom while he’s talking. Monica opens her eyes.

Paul says despite the loss of the wire tap, the prosecution wants to proceed. The judge says if the people think they can make their case, she won’t stand in the way. She tells Scotty to make his opening statement.

Scotty says Julian isn’t guilty. He’s innocent. That’s it? That’s Scotty’s opening statement? The judge says the people can call their first witness. Paul calls Alexis.

At the hospital, Tracy sees Dante and asks who it is this time? She sees Felix and knows. She sees Michael through the window. He puts the ring on Sabrrrina’s finger. Ok, I won’t make a joke about this, but it’s killing me not to, no pun intended. He says he’ll always love her.

Tomorrow, Jason wonders if Sabrrrina’s death is connected to Monica’s attack, Carly introduces Nell to Nina, and the trial continues.

😱 And Tomorrow is Z Nation!


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