September 21, 2016 – GH’s Hayden is Free & Little LA’s Elena is Trapped


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

A reporter tells us about the closing of the hospital. He says they claim it’s short term, but rumor has it they won’t be opening again. He adds that Mayor Lomax thinks they should have closed sooner and avoided more deaths. The reporter puts his mic in Epiphany’s face and she tells him to get out before she calls security. She talks to Dr Hardy’s picture, saying that she’s sorry and they tried.

Finn is taking a box of stuff out of his office. Tracy wonders if all he has is one box. He tells her that a lot of his research requires refrigeration and the mini-fridge at the MetroCourt isn’t going to cut it. She asks about his medication, and he says he has enough for a couple of weeks. She asks what he’s going to do after that.

Naomi visits Hayden in her cell. She asks when her mother was planning on telling her Jeff Webber was her father.

Elizabeth wonders if she has more siblings wandering around. Good question.

Franco tells Epiphany he’s sorry for her loss of Sabrrrina. She thanks him, but says she doesn’t have time to grieve right now. He suggests not telling Elizabeth about it yet.

Lulu and Dante arrive at the Quartermaine’s with a casserole. Lulu tells Michael how sorry she is. She asks about Teddy. Michael says he’s sleeping, but it’s hard to get him settled without his mom. Lulu says they can help with the funeral arrangements. Michael says he has to figure out what happens next, especially with Teddy. Lulu leaves to give him and Dante brother time.

Morgan comes in saying the cops aren’t doing anything about the murder and starts pinging off the walls.

Griff tells Maxie that closing GH is the only way the board could think of to keep people safe. She asks if he’s got a minute.

Nathan tells Claudette she’s nuts because there is no “us.” She tells him it’s about her and her daughter, and if he won’t help her, at least help her daughter. Nathan says she told him she didn’t want kids. She says she didn’t plan it, but when she got the results back she knew she’d love the baby more than anything, but she also wasn’t cut out to be a mom, so she sent her child to live with someone else. Nathan is angry because she lied. She says the only way she can keep her daughter safe is to keep her secret.

Griff says the last thing he can think about is Claudette, and tells Maxie about Julian being found not guilty. Maxie is like, whaaat? and asks what part of attempted throat-slitting is innocence. Griff explains about how the case fell apart and tells her about Sabrrrina’s murder. Nothing like throwing everything at her at once. Maxie asks what she can do, and Griff says, leave.

Tracy wants to make calls on Finn’s behalf. Finn says it’s time to face the fact that it’s a losing battle for him. She says she’s not going to lose another friend.

Morgan is all manic, saying Sonny needs to kick down doors and take names. Michael says this is no time for that, and Sabrrrina’s murderer must be found. Sabrrrina’s phone rings. It’s Elizabeth, who leaves a message wanting to know what happened with the diamonds.

Franco brings Elizabeth some water and he asks how it went with her father. She says she was leaving a message for Sabrrrina and she didn’t have it in her to call her dad. She says she’ll be losing the fairy tale of her parents’ marriage and part of her father too, and she can’t stand to lose anything else right now. Well, this is going to be some bad timing.

Hayden tells Naomi that if Elizabeth had known they were sisters, she might not be here. Naomi says she thought she was protecting her. She says Raymond Berlin is the father who loved her, and growing up with him afforded her every opportunity. Hayden says it afforded Naomi those opportunities too, and she didn’t keep the secret for Hayden, but for herself.

Nathan asks who Claudette is keeping her daughter safe from, the guy in prison? She says he takes care of things for important people and she got involved in one of his shadier operations. It was one compromise after another and she finally decided to walk away. When he found out she had a child, he threatened her, finding out where her daughter was by tracking the money sent to her. He said if he couldn’t have Claudette, he’d harm her daughter.

Hayden says if Richard found out about Naomi’s cheating, she would have been thrown out on the street. She says that must be why he didn’t want to see her in prison – he found out the truth and just stopped any contact with her. Hayden asks if he threatened divorce and if that’s why Naomi turned state’s evidence. Naomi says no, and leaves to check if the lawyers are there.

Epiphany comes in to prep Elizabeth for her trip to Mercy Hospital. Epiphany explains to her about the hospital shutting down. Elizabeth doesn’t want to go. Franco suggests they let her go home and have a private nurse. He leaves with Epiphany. In the hallway he thanks her for not saying anything, but Epiphany says they have to tell Elizabeth about Sabrrrina before she finds out from someone else. Yeah, like Nurse Amy.

Morgan tells Michael the killer better hope the cops get to him before Sonny does. Dante tells him to get his head straight and not be ranting and raving about revenge. Michael needs his support. Michael brings Teddy in, saying he misses his mother. We can tell by the way Teddy is transfixed by the light fixture.

Joe rings the bell at the Quartermaines’ and asks to come in. Michael asks why he’s there and he says he’s there for his nephew.

Franco tells Epiphany that Elizabeth has healing to do, and he doesn’t want to jeopardize her recovery. Epiphany asks if he really thinks he can keep it from her.

As he gets in the elevator, Tracy tells Finn she won’t allow him to give up on himself. She tells him she needs him to believe he can find a cure. He says there’s always hope. The elevator doors close.

Michael introduces Carrrlos’s brother to everyone. Morgan asks why he’s there. Joe says he’s Teddy’s closest living relative and he’s sure there were no legal arrangements. He asks if Michael was appointed Teddy’s legal guardian in the event of Sabrrrina’s death. Morgan gets in Joe’s face and Joe says Michael is nothing to Teddy. Morgan punches him.

Claudette says she knew the guy could make her disappear, so she disappeared on her own, hiring someone to erase her tracks. Nathan asks why she thinks he can help. She says she knows he’s a stand up guy and that he’d protect his family at all costs. Nathan asks if the daughter is his.

Finn tells Roxie that her daddy is unemployed again. He says she’ll be seeing more of him, but the way things are going, it might not be for much longer. He says he’ll find her a good home, maybe with Josslyn. He goes through his stuff and finds an old letter from his dead wife.

An agent tells Hayden that she’s free to go. He says her mother told them everything, and they have no more reason to detain her. Naomi tells her she told them the truth, that she took the diamonds and hid them in Hayden’s things.

Tracy walks in as Joe is telling Morgan he doesn’t want his nephew growing up around someone like him. Tracy says she has her lawyers working on keeping Teddy in the home he knows. Joe says he’ll fight her. Tracy says she’ll drag it out indefinitely and take away whatever legal visitation he’s given. Joe says he’ll fight her for as long as it takes. Michael says there won’t be a fight.

Claudette admits Nathan is the father. She says she found out she was pregnant after he filed for divorce and she didn’t want to be accused of doing it on purpose. He asks how she knows it’s not Griff’s baby.

Epiphany tells Griff about how she yelled at Sabrrrina once and now she’ll never get the chance to tell her what a fine nurse she was. Elizabeth overhears. She says it’s not true, but Franco says it is and holds her.

Claudette says she and Griff were careful, but she and Nathan weren’t. I guess that settles it then. Just as good as a DNA test. She shows him a picture of their daughter, Charlotte. Nathan says he has to think about this and talk to Maxie. Claudette says the fewer the people who know, the safer Charlotte will be, but Nathan says he can’t keep this secret from Maxie. She tells him to keep the picture so he remembers who he’s fighting for.

Michael says he could tie Joe up forever in court, but it wouldn’t be fair to Teddy. He grew up in the middle of a custody fight and doesn’t want to make Teddy a prize in a war that nobody wins. He asks everyone else to leave. Morgan asks if he’s sure about this, and Michael says he is. Everyone acts like they’ll never see Teddy again.

Joe thanks Michael for being reasonable. Michael says he’s doing it for Teddy and Sabrrrina.

Back in her hospital bed, Elizabeth tells Franco about how happy Sabrrrina was. She wants to go home and see her boys. Franco says people are getting her house ready as they speak. They kiss.

Naomi tells Hayden not to cry. She’ll be fine as long as she knows Hayden is free from the lies that have plagued their family. She tells Hayden to promise not to let her heart be held prisoner by lies. She says Hayden isn’t as alone as she thinks, and she needs to stay where she is.

Finn tells Roxie about the letter, and how his wife asked him to fight on, so she wouldn’t die in vain. He says he failed her and couldn’t even save himself. He starts to cry and then gets crazy, throwing everything around the room, including the furniture.

Franco wheels Elizabeth out of the hospital. It’s all quiet and dark, and he tells her she’s the last one out. She asks for a moment alone where the photographs are.

In the chapel, Griff tells Epiphany it’s clear Sabrrrina was loved and will never be forgotten. She asks him to pray with her. He starts The Lord’s Prayer, and we hear his words over the other scenes.

Maxie asks Nathan if everything is okay, and he says they need to talk.

Claudette tells Charlotte’s photo that everything is going to be all right, and that Nathan will make sure they’re safe.

Naomi is put in handcuffs. Hayden calls Finn and leaves a message that she’s a free woman. She says she could use a friend and asks him to call her back.

Michael tells Teddy he loves him. He says Teddy won’t remember him, but he’ll always be thinking about him and wishing him well. He says if Teddy ever needs him, he promises to be there. What is up with this? I thought Joe had…oh, GH is closed. Joe comes back in and says they’re ready. He tells Michael that he’s doing the right thing.

Griff finishes the prayer. He and Epiphany say amen.

Elizabeth asks Franco to take her home. GH is totally silent. They get into the elevator and the door closes.

Tomorrow, Sonny talks to Morgan, Kiki talks to Carly, Claudette wants to talk to Griff, and Nathan talks to Maxie about Charlotte.

Little Women: LA

Elena’s mother and sister have come from Russia to see the babies. It’s going to be Elena’s birthday soon, so they’re planning a quiet celebration as well. She asks her mother if she’d like more grandchildren, which she would. In her interview, Elena says right now it’s like a casino in the house, since she’s up all night and things are going on all the time. The slot machines only give you poopy diapers though.

Christy and her mother go down some weird giant slide on the side of a building. I’m not sure what the purpose is, since the slide isn’t all that long and only takes about three seconds. Christy tells her mother about the photo shoot and how she had Plastic meet her there. She says she doesn’t feel badly for ruining the photo shoot; Tonya did that. She exaggerates what Tonya said to Plastic. I can’t even believe I’m writing that name.

They discuss Christy’s father’s health issues. His kidneys are failing and might kill him before the cancer. Christy’s mother isn’t accepting it though. They’ve been married 52 years and she wants to believe he’ll get better.

Tonya and Terra go to a DIY car wash. Tonya has her hair down and it looks amazing – we rarely see it like that. In her interview, she says washing a car is difficult for little people and she should have left it to the professionals. Well, maybe if they’d quit chasing each other with the hoses it would be easier.

Terra tells Tonya that Preston wants to plan a surprise party for Elena’s birthday and rent a yacht. Tonya asks who he’s inviting and Terra says she hopes he’s going to be selective. Tonya says knowing Preston, he’ll probably invite everyone. She brings up Christy and Plastic at the photo shoot. She says she feels badly for some of the things she said to Plastic, but for Christy to drag her into Briana’s business isn’t right. She tells Terra that if Christy comes to the party, she’s going to have words with her.

Terra and Joe go to a signing class. OMG – Penny is so cute! A pudgy, curly red-headed cherub. Since Achons develop differently, they want another option for communication. Joe thinks she should learn how to sign things like “hang loose,” but Terra nixes that idea.

They’ve also found a new house, but the seller doesn’t want to move out. Joe wonders if Christy is the realtor. Terra is annoyed because they’re paying a mortgage and rent. If the seller hasn’t moved out by the weekend, they’ll have to start eviction proceedings. Ugh!

Briana and Tonya want to get Elena something unique for her birthday, so they’ve decided to make her a blown glass ornament. It’s really a cool process to watch. Afterward, they discuss Briana’s new baby. Briana says it was a rough delivery – she was as wide as she is tall – and she’s relieved that it’s over. Briana asks what’s going on with the girls, and Tonya tells her about the photo shoot. She says they gave Christy the benefit of the doubt and invited her, and then she brought Plastic into the picture. In her interview, Briana says that she and Plastic met when they were both at the publicist’s office, and Plastic tried to piggyback onto Briana’s fame. Briana says Christy probably thought she was going to be at the photo shoot and she’s sorry Tonya had to field that. Tonya tells her that Christy will most likely be at Elena’s party.

Christy goes to therapy. Sounds like a children’s book. She wants advice for dealing with the mean girls. She tells the therapist about how she horned in on Tonya’s photo shoot by bringing Plastic there. The therapist asks if she could have done something differently to rectify the situation, but Christy just gives more excuses as to why this was a brilliant move. In her interview, it’s obvious she’s not really listening to the therapist. The therapist says it’s easy to walk away, but she’s there to make changes, so try to do something different. Yeah, like keeping your nose to yourself.

Joe and Terra are meeting with the realtor and a locksmith to try and get into the house. If the previous owner is there though, they won’t be able to break in. I’m kind of not getting this. If they closed, it’s their house now, isn’t it? They discuss what they’re going to say if the seller is there. Joe says he’s nervous because she might be in there doing weird things. Terra starts to cry and says he’s acting like it’s a big joke. He says nothing about the process has been normal. In her interview, Terra says their American dream has turned into a nightmare. She says she can’t even make a nursery in the house and she just wants to move in. Joe says they will, and she cries some more about him treating it like a joke. In his interview, he says he’s just trying to lighten the mood.

The realtor brings flowers and says welcome home. I guess we’ll see. Joe says if the seller is in there, he’ll be happy to chuck a glass at her head, but Terra says she doesn’t need any more police reports. The realtor is nervous and everyone goes up the walk like they’re going to a guillotine.

Joe rings the bell. And then hides behind Terra. There’s no answer, so the locksmith is allowed to go to work. The screen door is locked, so they go around to the back. Terra says she won’t feel good about the situation until they’re moved in. The locksmith looks through the window and the seller’s stuff is still in there. There are two guest houses and Terra is worried she might end up with a tenant too.

They go to a guest house and someone answers the door. They explain the situation, and Joe says the seller has all their money and this is their house now. The tenants clearly have no idea what’s been going on. Joe says if the seller doesn’t leave, they’ll need to have a cop drag her out in 30 days. Terra is pretty upset, but glad they didn’t bring Penny. They put up notice to quit signs.

Briana and Matt go out to eat. Briana tells Matt about the photo shoot and Christy bringing Plastic there. Matt says there’s something seriously wrong with Christy. They agree his whatever with Plastic was over and done with long ago, and they were done discussing it back then. Matt says Christy plays the victim, but brings it on herself. Briana says Christy’s madness has only brought them closer together. Ride or die and all that. She tells Matt that Christy will probably be at Elena’s party.

Everyone gathers on the yacht. Briana talks about Baby Maverick. In her interview, she says she hopes Christy can swim, since she might be going overboard. Tonya talks about the photo shoot and how Christy claimed she was proving her point. Matt says he and Briana were over the Plastic thing, and now Christy is trying to divide and conquer. Joe calls her a piece of <bleep!>. Tonya is pissed about Christy trying to include her in the mess.

Christy and Todd are the last to arrive. Before anyone can insult anyone else, Joe gets a text from Preston saying they’re almost there. Jasmine is the only one who even says hello to Christy. Preston brings Elena to the dock blindfolded and everyone yells surprise. In her interview, Elena is annoyed because she didn’t want to spend her birthday trapped on a boat while the babies are at home.

Terra asks Elena what’s wrong and she says nothing. She says if Terra wants to talk about it, talk to someone else. In her interview, Terra says she knows Elena is weird about her birthday, but this is the most depressed she’s seen her in forever. Elena cries in the bathroom, and Tonya says this isn’t exactly what they had in mind. She tells Elena she’s a new mommy and her family is here, and she should be celebrating. Elena finally comes back out, but she eats dinner with her family on the lower deck.

The rest of the girls have drinks on the upper deck. Tonya asks to talk to Christy. She tells her she apologizes to Plastic, but didn’t appreciate Christy bringing her to the photo shoot and how they took over trying to prove their point. She says when she asked Plastic to leave, Plastic called her a bitch. Christy goes on about the things Tonya said. Tonya says she’s not interested in Briana and Matt’s situation, and Christy needs to keep her nose out of it. Christy continues to focus on what Tonya said to Plastic, and they start shouting and wagging their fingers in each other’s faces. In her interview, Christy once again acts like the wronged one. Christy tells Briana she has autism, but I’m not sure what that’s about. I think it’s supposed to be an insult, but, really? She keeps saying it too. Maybe she’s confusing it with something else. Matt gets up and tells Christy she’s sick and needs to go. Todd tries to interject, and Matt tells him to deal with his own business. In her interview, Tonya says this heifer is about to become a sea cow, and I laugh.

Todd and Christy leave. I don’t know if the boat was already at the dock or it went back because of them. Matt says they’re batsh*t crazy. I dunno about that, but they certainly have some serious problems.

Next time, the girls learn belly dancing, Joe and Terra go into the new house, Christy complains to her mother, and Tonya and Jasmine argue.


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