September 22, 2016 – GH’s Morgan Creates Scenes & Claudette Creates an Ally


What I Watched Today
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General Hospital – Thursday

Sonny finds Morgan balancing on a park bench and says they have to talk. Carly is upset about the fight Morgan started with Joe.

Carly tells Kiki to take off early and meet Morgan. Kiki is surprised Carly is so chill about her relationship with him. She says she supposes if Ava can accept it, Carly can too.

Ava tells Julian she can smell his freedom in the air. Nah. That’s Calvin Klein’s CK One.

Paul is having dinner and the waitress tells him it’s on the house, since he stinks at his job. The waitress says he’ll get another crack at Julian because guys like him can’t stop killing once they start.

Claudette tries to get Griff to come over, but no luck. She makes another call, telling whoever it is that she might not be their favorite person, but this could change after a meeting.

Obrecht shows up at Claudette’s room. She’s not happy. Claudette tells her to change her attitude because it’s the only way she’s going to see her granddaughter.

Nathan tells Maxie about Charlotte. He shows her the picture and Maxie is like, yep, that’s a picture of a kid. Maxie can’t believe Nathan bought Claudette’s story, but he says he knows she’s been hiding something. Maxie says they’re getting a DNA test.

Michael picks out a photo for Sabrrrina’s casket. Is it going to be closed? Why? Griff is there, helping with the arrangements. Michael tells him that Joe took Teddy back to Puerto Rico, and Sabrrrina would want to be buried with Gabriel. He explains that Gabriel was Sabrrrina’s son who passed away.

Carly says she wasn’t aware that Ava gave her blessing to Kiki and Morgan’s relationship. Kiki says she hasn’t, but she’s gotten off their backs. She thinks that Ava realizes if she has to choose between them, she’ll choose Morgan.

Morgan tells Sonny that Joe looks like Carrrlos and he didn’t like the way he was talking to Michael. Sonny says that didn’t give him the right to throw punches. He says bi-polar people have to watch themselves. Morgan thinks Sonny is accusing him of not taking his meds, but Sonny says that’s only half the battle. When they start reacting without thinking, it’s a sign that’s something is wrong.

Paul and Julian see each other at the restaurant, and Paul acts like he’s disappointed about losing the case. He leaves, and Ava runs after him. Ava tells him if he comes at her, she’ll come at him, and it will be mutual destruction. He says his destruction will be prison, while hers will be hell.

Maxie tells Nathan that Claudette has been there for months with no mention of a child. She wonders if the daughter is Griff’s, and Nathan gives her Claudette’s ridiculous explanation that she was careful with Griff. Maxie says Claudette is trying to lure him back into her web, and they’re not going to let her They’re going to call her bluff.

Claudette shows Obrecht a picture of Charlotte. Obrecht wonders if Claudette is conning Nathan. She says Claudette has done nothing but lie. She asks if the child shows an aptitude for science. Ha-ha! I guess that’s the criteria for her gene pool.

Sonny tells Morgan that when he heard the first not guilty verdict, he wanted to go off on Julian. He says for bi-polar people, the instinct to restrain themselves doesn’t kick in right away, and they have to think things through. Morgan turns this around, saying that Sonny means that he’d need to plan carefully to go after Julian so he’s not a suspect. Sonny asks what would happen if he went after Julian. Morgan says there would be retaliation and people could get hurt or killed. Sonny asks if he gets it and understands how it applies to him. Morgan gets it. He says he’ll also discuss it with Dr. Andre in their next session. Sonny tells him to concentrate on Kiki and school. Kiki is suddenly there, and asks if she heard her name. She says Carly gave her the night off and ordered her to go out with Morgan. Sonny is like, whatever Carly wants, and leaves.

Michael thinks they should have the memorial service at the house. Tracy says done and she’s also written an obituary. She goes to check on Monica, who I guess is home. Michael tells Griff there’s nothing left to do, and Griff says, except grieve

Julian asks Ava why Paul would risk his career and if Paul owes her a favor. She asks why he would care. Julian is concerned that she owes Paul, and he’s going to come to collect.

Paul skulks around the Quartermaine’s with a syringe. Tracy sees him on the staircase headed upstairs. She says she knows what he’s doing and it stops now.

Michael tells Griff he appreciates the support. Michael gets depressed over the baby monitor. Griff thinks Joe taking Teddy is sudden, but Michael says it was better to get it over with. He tells Griff about the custody battle he went through as a kid. Griff says it was quite a sacrifice, and Michael says it’s what Sabrrrina would have wanted.

Sonny shows up at the MetroCourt and Carly talks about Morgan getting into the fight with Joe. Sonny says he spoke to Morgan and thinks he understands. Carly says nothing is going right; Sabrrrina is dead and Julian is free. Sonny says free for now, and Carly tells him the violence must end.

Paul says he came to interview Monica. Tracy says they have a guard by Monica’s room and no one gets in who isn’t on the list. And he’s not. He asks if a guard isn’t a little extreme, and she says she’s not taking any chances after Sabrrrina’s murder.

Ava tells Julian to let it be and focus on his own life. He talks about getting Alexis back and Ava tells him he’s out of his mind. She says he’d better get his survival instincts in overdrive, because everyone wants him dead. She tells him to neutralize Sonny before he neutralizes Julian. She has some ideas.

Morgan and Kiki come into the restaurant. Ava asks if Kiki wants to congratulate her uncle. Kiki says congrats on two successful murders. Ha-ha! That was perfect! Morgan and Julian make snide comments to each other. Ava tells them that a jury said Julian was innocent. Julian brings Sonny into it, and Morgan attacks him.

Nathan and Maxie go to Claudette’s room. Maxie says she doesn’t believe any child Claudette has is Nathan’s. Claudette says not everyone in his family has hardened their heart. Obrecht comes out, sniffling over some videos of Charlotte, and thanks Nathan for making her a grandmother. Maxie says Claudette only brought Nathan’s mother into it so she could use her, and she can’t believe Obrecht is falling for this. Obrecht says she was skeptical, but the spark of intelligence speaks to her, and Claudette knows better than to con her. Maxie says apparently not and they’re getting a DNA test.

Tracy asks if Paul doesn’t have a staff to do this, and he says he thought Monica might be more comfortable with him. Tracy goes to answer the door and Paul tucks the syringe away. Foiled again!

Griff asks if he can do anything. Michael says he already talked to his dad, and his mother didn’t approve of Sabrrrina. She thought Sabrrrina was using him and if anyone knows about using, its Carly. Speak of the devil, Carly and Sonny walk in. Sonny tells Michael it couldn’t have been easy to give Teddy up. He gives Michael a donation to fund a prenatal wing in Sabrrrina’s name. Sonny wants Michael to thank Carly too, since they thought of it together. Michael says it wasn’t given honestly; it’s about making Carly feel better. Sonny says he knows Michael is hurting, but he’s wrong about Carly.

Morgan finally gets off of Julian. The waitress threatens to call the police, and Kiki tells Morgan to get it together. Julian baits Morgan some more, but Kiki drags him away.

Claudette acts all shocked and offended about the DNA test. She says she’s not going to risk bringing Charlotte out in the open just so they can swab her cheek. Maxie says if Griff isn’t the father, it’s probably another clergy member Claudette defrocked and I laugh. Good dialogue today.

Griff leaves. Paul and Tracy have a drink. She tells him to put the verdict behind him and concentrate on what’s going on at the hospital. He sees all the pictures of Sabrrrina on the table. Tracy tells him that he has to catch the maniac who killed her and not let him escape like Julian did. Paul is totally spacing out and Tracy asks what’s wrong.

Julian tells Ava she was brilliant in manipulating Morgan. She says it was just a gentle nudge and might get Sonny off their backs. Julian says Morgan is definitely his father’s son, minus the self-control. Ava says the day will come when he’s no longer of consequence to any of them.

Carly and Sonny talk about Michael. Carly says she knows he’s just lashing out. They see Julian, who tells them Morgan is going to get into more trouble than he can handle. Sonny asks if Julian is threatening his son

Claudette gives Obrecht a lock of Charlotte’s hair that she keeps in a necklace. She tells Obrecht to run the test quickly, because Charlotte needs her father’s protection, and without it, they’re both as good as dead.

Girff says we conceal sadness and grief because they’re not desirable in our society, but if you hang onto them for too long, it turns against you. He says Sabrrrina is dead, but Michael’s mother is still alive, and there’s no reason to lose both of them.

Tracy asks Paul what’s up, and he says he can’t help her. She says he’s the DA and good at his job. He says twelve people just decided he isn’t, and he can’t do anything about it. He storms out.

Morgan acts all stupid and Kiki tries to calm him down. She tells him stop it or she’s out of there. She says it’s the same slimy stuff Julian has been saying for years, and he’s still falling for it. Morgan argues that Julian is a horrible excuse for a human being, but Kiki says him assaulting him isn’t going to help. Morgan says something has to be done.

Julian tells Sonny his son is out of control. Sonny says maybe he should stay out of his way and leave town. Julian says when Sonny dies, there will be nothing to tie it to him. Way to get Alexis back. Carly tells Ava to get Julian out of there. Julian won’t shut up and Ava pushes him out the door. He’s more like Morgan than he thinks.

Sonny tells Carly that she was right. This has to stop.

Tomorrow, Jason visits Franco, Sabrrrina’s funeral happens, and Dante has a lead.

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