September 29, 2016 – A Dose of Pre-weekend GH


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nathan tells Griff he’s not surprised to see him. He opens the DNA test results.

Laura sits down on a flight and Doc sits next to her. He says he’s been trying to find a way to see her.

Jason wakes up Sam. She says she was just lying down for a minute and it’s been four hours. I know what that’s like. He asks if she’s hungry and says there’s leftover spaghetti from what he fed the kids.

Anna finds a pair of cufflinks the size of a small planet in Paul’s drawer. She calls Jordan and tells her to get over to Paul’s room. There’s something she needs to see.

Paul tells Tracy he can’t let her leave. She says if he’s changed his mind about dinner, he can go back to the hospital and she can go home. He says he knows she was outside Susan’s door and she knows that he’s been killing for Susan.

Sam says she’s never seen her mother hung over before, and now she’s seen it twice in as many days. She says Alexis’s problem isn’t the drinking though, it’s that Julian destroyed her life. Now he’s been acquitted and it’s like a slow-motion nightmare she can’t get out of. Jason asks how they can stop it.

Laura says she’s switching seats, but Doc tells her the flight is booked and she’s stuck with him until they land. She asks how he secured the seat next to her and he tells her that he’s a junior Jedi when it comes to talking people into things. He says it was the only way he could think of to spend one-on-one time with her. She says after everything they’ve been through together, after they make love, she finds out he’s written about things she told him in confidence. He gives her his manuscript and asks her to look at it.

According to the paternity test, Nathan is Claudette’s baby daddy. Claudette says of course, and Griff says an hour ago she wasn’t sure. Claudette says in her heart she knew, and Maxie asks what heart? She wants to know why the one time Claudette tells the truth, it’s this time.

Jordan gets to Paul’s room. Anna tells her Paul isn’t there, and explains how she got in. She tells Jordan how she found the cufflinks.

Tracy says yes, she heard Paul, but she’s too selfish to turn him in. He asks why he should believe her, and she says because they have a son. They can either be civilized co-conspirators or she can leave. He says he can’t take the risk. She says no one can know because of Dillon, and makes the mistake of telling him that no one knows she’s there. I say, “Oh sh*t, Tracy!” out loud. She asks why he did it. He says he’s been meting out justice since he returned to Port Charles.

Jason says the only way Julian is going to leave for good is if he wants to, and Sam is going to make him want to.

Doc’s book is about social media and adolescents. Laura asks what about the other book. She adds that she has Spencer on her mind. She was hoping for a peaceful ride home, and she’s grateful that her innermost thoughts won’t be shared with the world. She tells Doc that she was going to see him when she got back and gives him something from Spencer. It’s a note from the “noble patriarch of the family,” thanking him for what he did for Laura in Greece and taking a bullet for her. Doc says he looks forward to reading it. Laura says she does think about Greece a lot and how Doc protected her.

Maxie wonders if Claudette could have tampered with the test, but Nathan says, sorry, it’s real. He made sure of it. Maxie tells him to stay and do what he needs to do for himself and his daughter. She says with a mother like Claudette, Charlotte needs a father like him. She says they’ll figure it out together later and leaves.

Claudette tells Nathan she knows how hard this must be for the both of them. Nathan tells her to skip the apologies and wants to see Charlotte asap. He asks where she is.

Anna shows Jordan the clippings and Jordan says it’s circumstantial. Anna says she would agree, but they know Paul has killed before.

Paul says Susan is the light of his life. He tells Tracy about each person and how they were involved with Susan’s downfall. A pharmacist, someone who kicked her out of rehab after a slip, and Sloan the rapist. He says after the rape, she went to GH and saw Monica, who is the last person responsible who’s still alive, but she won’t be for long.

Doc asks how Spencer is doing and Laura says he’s unstoppable, but more important, he’s safe. She says she investigated the school thoroughly, and is convinced it’s secure. Doc says Spencer is lucky to have her in his life.

Maxie gets home and there’s a knock at the door. It’s Griff. He asks if she’s okay and she says no. She says she’s not his responsibility, but he says she was just blindsided by something that involves him. He says if there’s any way to make amends, he wants to do it. She tells him short of building a time machine, there isn’t anything he can do. She collapses in his arms crying.

Nathan tells Claudette to arrange for him to see Charlotte safely, but she’s resistant.

Anna brings up Paul’s murder of Sloan, but Jordan says it’s a far cry from him being a serial killer. Anna says he was cold-blooded and methodical about how he covered his tracks, and it lines up with the profile. She says there were no articles kept about Sabrrrina or Lucas, and they had figured them to be unplanned collateral damage. She tells Jordan that they have to figure out the common denominator.

Paul says Susan told the ER she had been raped. Dr. Mays screwed up her rape kit and the only witness (another murder victim) refused to testify. He says Monica told Susan that without a proper rape kit, they couldn’t do an investigation. Tracy says that’s not Monica’s fault and to leave her out of it. Paul says Monica remembered his cologne and it’s time for him to tie up every loose end.

Sam tells Jason that the last time she saw Julian, she slapped him in the face and said he disgusted her. She says she’s willing to talk to Julian if Jason talks to Sonny. She wants Jason to make him see all the ways it could go wrong if he goes after Julian.

Maxie says maybe down the road, she’ll see this as something that made her marriage stronger. She says she thinks Griff is a good person, and can’t figure out how he and Nathan got involved with someone like Claudette.

Nathan wants to know why Claudette is stalling and talking in circles. He says if she won’t tell him where Charlotte is, he’ll turn her into the authorities.

Anna thinks all the murder victims are connected to Susan’s past. Jordan suggests they contact her. Anna says Paul mentioned that Susan needed professional help and wonders if there’s a connection to the social worker who was murdered.

Tracy says what happened to Susan was horrible and the people involved should be held accountable. Paul thanks her for understanding, but says Sabrrrina and Elizabeth weren’t supposed to die. He’s glad Elizabeth will be okay, but he feels guilty about Sabrrrina, and will have to live with it. Tracy says not to make Dillon live with it. Paul promises Dillon will never know, because she won’t be able to tell him. He can’t let her walk out of there alive. As opposed to walking out of there dead.

Doc shows Laura the final draft of the book about her. He says it will never be published and it’s the only copy, for her eyes only. She says she’s not interested, but he tells her to just read the inscription. It talks about her being the bravest and most fascinating women he’s ever known and how she’s faced every challenge with fortitude and grace.

Griff says Claudette could be loving. Maxie stops him and says she appreciates him trying to answer, but he’s focused on finding the good in Claudette. That doesn’t make him a bad person, but delusional. She says look how Claudette just dropped a bomb on all of them.

Claudette says when Nathan shot Griff, she hadn’t realized he could be pushed that far. Griff walked out, and Charlotte was the one good thing she got to keep and she didn’t want to share her. Nathan asks what changed, and she says she got involved with a very bad man. She’s scared to tell him where Charlotte is, and she doesn’t scare easily. Nathan asks her to tell him everything about the man.

Jordan can’t track down Susan. Anna has contacted the WSB and found out there’s a connection with the rehab. Jordan says she’ll get a search warrant. Anna agrees, even though she has reason to search already. She’s going to stay and stall Paul if he gets back. Jordan leaves and Anna keeps looking around. She finds some mail. A statement from the psychiatric hospital is in the pile. It’s called Celestial something and I think of the tea.

Tracy tells Paul she’s willing to be an accomplice to a series of murders in order to not traumatize Dillon, so don’t traumatize him by killing his mother. Paul says she has a point. He says what he’s doing is important and when he’s finished, Susan will come back. He picks up one of his ties and starts twirling it around in his hands. Tracy says she thought he was seriously misguided, but never thought he was crazy. She tells him that Susan isn’t suddenly going to get better because he killed some people. He says the bottom line is that he’s going to kill Monica and if Tracy leaves, she’ll try to save her.

Sam and Jason talk about Jason’s friendship with Sonny. Sam says no one was as good as Jason, and now that he’s not working for Sonny anymore, mistakes could be made. If something goes wrong, it could be traced back to Sonny. She says Carly has changed too. She can’t take the violence any more, and wants Sonny to handle things in a different way. Sam says Carly is a mom and if her kids are in danger, she might leave. She wants Jason to get Sonny to understand that leaving Julian alone is his best option. She calls Kristina to babysit so they can do this tonight

Anna calls someone, saying she needs their help and it’s urgent

Paul thanks Tracy for listening. He says he’s sorry and tells her good-by.

Laura tells Doc the book was positive and not painful at all. He says he calls it as he sees it. She says she needs time until she knows how she feels, and he says okay.

Maxie says she’s done talking about Claudette and if Griff wants to hear Claudette’s epic tale of woe, to ask her. And then come back so they can compare notes to see where she’s lying. Griff asks what in particular bothers her about Claudette’s story and Maxie says, everything. Ever the optimist, she says as bad as today has gone, it’s going to get worse.

Claudette tells Nathan that once he hears the man’s name, he’ll know why she’s scared. It’s Valentin.

I knew it! All along I’ve wondered if it’s him. For one thing, they didn’t hire some big soap name for just a few episodes. I knew it.

Tomorrow, Anna needs to find Paul, Morgan needs help, Jason talks to Sonny, and Sam tells Julian to get out of town.

🗽 Million Dollar Listing: New York is back with Ryan’s wedding. Kevin Lee is the wedding planner, so it’s going to be a million dollar wedding as well. The destination is Greece, and Luis manages to cause trouble by being overly helpful. Tonight was only the second episode, and I think Ryan already wishes they could elope.

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