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October 30, 2016 – Captain Nemo Finds Storybrooke, Carol Finds a King & Siggy Finds No Closure


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Once Upon a Time

Long ago, on the Jolly Roger, Hook yells at the crew for being slow. One of the men says they’re tired and Hook asks who dares defy him?. It’s a stowaway who says he’s no one and wants to ask him a simple question. He asks if taking revenge on the Dark One has been worth the time and effort. Hook says he’ll have to settle for him first, but suddenly sees what he thinks is a sea monster. The stowaway tells him there isn’t one, and he’s saving Hook’s life. He pushes him into the water and dives in after him.

In Storybrooke, Regina hunts down the Evil Queen for a little chat. The Queen insults her lack of entrance flair. Zelena joins them. Regina says that her masquerade as a cricket therapist didn’t work.

Snow and David are inside Zelena’s house. Snow lets Jiminy Cricket out of his cage. I’ll say it again – he’s so cute! I want one.

The Evil Queen says she’s not there just to gloat, she’s there for something else. Zelena runs inside where David and Snow are. The Evil Queen says the real fun can begin and Regina appears in between them, poof! in a puff of purple smoke. She tells the Evil Queen to bring it on.

At Granny’s, Jasmine tells Aladdin they haven’t talked about Agribah – they still need his help. He doesn’t want to hear about it and leaves the diner.

Hook joins Henry and Emma for breakfast, but Emma gets a text from Jasmine that she doesn’t know where Aladdin is. Emma and leaves to help find him. Hook tosses Henry’s Pop Tarts in the trash and says he’s going to make him a pirate’s breakfast of grapefruit and mackerel. I have to admit, it’s a lot healthier. God only knows what’s in a Pop Tart. I won’t touch them. Henry takes the trash out.

The Evil Queen is waiting outside, and asks Henry if his new father is bothering him. Henry says Hook isn’t his father, but she says he may be soon. She says she knows what it’s like to be that person, and Henry says Hook isn’t like her. She shows him a box that Hook was fooling around with, and he finds the shears. The one thing that can take away what makes Emma special. She says Hook doesn’t care about Henry or Emma, and he needs to asks himself what he’s going to do about it.She disappears, poof! in a cloud of purple smoke. Copycat.

Emma catches Aladdin breaking into a car. He says it’s his, and she says they need to talk. He says he knows Jasmine sent her.

Hook looks for Henry. He sees that the shears are gone.

Back in the day, Hook comes to on a submarine. A man with a harpoon tells Hook welcome aboard. Hook punches him out and asks where he is. He asks what magic this is, and a captain welcomes him to the Nautilus, saying to call him Nemo. Hook asks what he wants. Nemo says the ship is a second chance. Hook says he’s not staying. Nemo says he knows Hook’s heart is full of hatred and seeking revenge, and he finds people like him. The one thing missing in his life is family. Hook says no one will replace what the Dark One took. Nemo says he knows how it feels. He lost a family too, brutally murdered while he was at sea. He spent decades hunting the murderers down. When he was finished, all he was left with was an empty heart and a blood-stained harpoon.

Hook wants out, but Nemo needs his help with a mission. He tell Hook that when it’s done, he’ll see this ship is where he belongs.

Hook finds Henry at the docks and asks what he’s doing there. Henry says what his mom wanted Hook to do. Hook says he’s trying to protect Emma. They see something rise out of the water and start to run, but their path is blocked by a guy who says the captain wants to see Hook.

Henry and Hook are taken on to the Nautilus. Hook opens the window shade and it’s super cool under the water. The ship is pretty amazing too.

Snow and David meet at the hospital. Another refugee from the Land of Untold Stories has been brought in. David is going to go to the station to see if he’s been reported missing. Snow sees Belle in the waiting room. She’s getting her first ultrasound. She doesn’t want Rumpel to be a part of anything, but doesn’t know how to deal with it. Snow says she doesn’t have to deal with it for three trimesters.

Henry wonders what would happen if Hook had just gotten rid of the shears. He says he’s saving her life. Henry says her being the Savior is what brought them together, and Hook doesn’t get to make decisions since he not part of the family. Henry says they’re just going to be fish food now anyway. Hook says the captain isn’t someone he’s going to want to meet.

Way back when, Nemo and Hook are in old-fashioned diving suits with those big round helmets. Nemo tells him stay on the path. They go through a cavern. Another diver says he’d give his life for Nemo. His family was taken for him and he grew up on the docks, vowing revenge, and Nemo saved his life. Hook asks if he found those who wronged him. They guy says no, and Hook says he shouldn’t give up so easily.

They come across a huge treasure chest. Nemo says there’s more than gold and jewels in it. Hook tries to back away and a giant squid grabs him. Nemo said stay on the path, dude. The squid is awesome, all tentacles and teeth. Nemo harpoons it. Good-by giant squid! Nemo says Hook is stubborn, but he hasn’t given up on him. He’s part of the family.

Rumpel as Gold visits the Evil Queen. She says she’s driving a wedge through the Charming clan and asks if he’d care to join her. He asks if she remembers her lessons. Never take what’s his being the most important one. He says the shears are gone, and he can smell her magic all over it. The Evil Queen realizes he wants to use them on Belle so he can change the fate of his family. She tells him like everyone he’s ever loved, the shears are long gone. He tells her to be careful who she crosses; she might need an ally. She says you don’t need allies when you win, and she’s doing fine without him.

Emma drives Aladdin out to the woods. She shows him the Welcome to Storybrooke sign. She shows him the base where a car hit it. She says she hit it after Henry tried to convince her she was the Savior. She says it wasn’t the only time. Yesterday when he gave her the shears, she was worried she might use them. She imagines her family having to watch her die. She says she ran, but came back to face the people she disappointed, and tried to make up for her mistakes. He says he doesn’t know how to fix things in Argribah. She tells him finding out what happened is a good place to start.

Hook tells Henry he killed his own father. When he did it, he didn’t just take his life. He had a son, named Liam after Hook’s older brother, and he left an innocent boy an orphan.

In the past, Nemo shows Hook a key. He says all they do is sail with no place to call home. This key opens the gateway to the Mysterious Island, where you can start over. He tells Hook this is his chance. Hook says he can’t give up now. Nemo says Hook has lost people he loves and doesn’t want to open his heart, but the island is a place where he never has to lose anyone again. He asks Hook to join his crew. Hook asks where he got the key, and Nemo says it belongs to his first mate. He was a young boy when his father was murdered. He tells Hook his first mate’s name is Liam.

Fast forwarding, Henry thinks Hook is trying to make up for Liam with him. He says Hook can’t do that, but maybe he can, and shows him the shears. He says, first rule of kidnapping is they never search the kid. Hook gives Henry a diving suit. He says there’s only one helmet, so he’s not going. He says if only one of them can go back to Emma, it’s Henry. Henry dives into the water.

Back in time, Liam approaches, calling Hook “brother.” He says he’s been waiting a long time for this and produces a weapon.

Hook runs farther into the submarine. He sees Nemo who tells him that running from Liam won’t solve anything. Liam is like a son to him and gave up seeking vengeance. Liam enters, saying he was a son to someone else once too. Nemo says killing Hook won’t quench the fire inside him. Liam tells Nemo that’s easy for him to say; he got his revenge. Nemo says they were so close to finding a home. Liam says his heart is no stronger than the captain’s. Nemo gets in between Hook and Liam, and Liam stabs Nemo accidentally. Hook says Liam deserves better, and hopes he finds it. He jumps into the water.

In the present, Liam tells Hook he’s taken everything, his father and Nemo. Hook realizes the Mysterious Island is the Land of Untold Stories, and Nemo is in Storybrooke. Liam says that Hyde took Nemo, and he’s dead because of Hook. Henry returns and tells Liam to stop. While he’s distracted, Hook knocks him out. Hook says he told Henry to leave, and Henry says if he had Hook would be dead. Hook says he couldn’t see another family ruined, and Henry says neither could he.

Hook says he won’t use the shears if Henry doens’t want him to. They’ll find another way to save Emma; the decisions don’t have to come true. He puts the shears in a chest and it sinks into the water.

Aladdin approaches Jasmine. He apologizes. She says she knows he feels guilty, but there’s more he needs to know. He says he might not be the Savior anymore, but if they go back to Agribah, he might be able to help. Jasmine says she went to a neighboring kingdom seeking an alliance. She got caught in a sandstorm on the way back, and when she got there, Agribah was gone. Way to end their storyline.

Belle asks Snow about the patient that was brought in. Snow says he’s in surgery, but the doctor thinks he has a chance. Belle has two copies of the sonogram. Snow asks if she’s giving one to Gold. Belle doesn’t know if he can ever repair things. She does know the son in her dream looked at him with hatred. She wishes things could turn out differently.

The patient is Liam. Hook sits next to the bed and tells him he’s in the hospital. He’s surprised Hook didn’t kill him, but Hook says he has something to live for now. Liam realized if he killed Hook in front of Henry, he’d be creating another boy filled with hate. He wishes Nemo could see them.

Nemo is wheeled in. He was found this morning, and was the patient in surgery. He and Liam join hands and Hook goes to the waiting room. Emma is confused as to what happened. Hook says he’ll fill her in, and Henry jets. He says everything that happened was his fault. Henry was looking to right a wrong. He didn’t dispose of the shears, thinking it might help save her even if she hated him for it. He says Henry made him see the error of his ways, and they’re at the bottom of the ocean. She says she would have done the same thing. They embrace.

Gold looks at a huge book. He says the pirates and the son worked things out in the end. The Evil Queen tells him that they’re an insipid bunch, too forgiving of each other. She says she’s come to make amends, and has been going about it all wrong. She forgot the most important lesson – know what you want and go after it with everything you have. He asks what she wants. She kisses him. Hmm…

Belle comes to Gold’s shop. She sees it’s closed and slips the sonogram picture under the door.

Gold asks if the Evil Queen wants him. She says something else, but she needs his help. He asks what makes her think he would help her. The Evil Queen says fortunately for him, there are still a few underwater creatures who owe her a favor. She has the shears. He asks what she needs his help with. She tells him that the one thing she’s always wanted is Snow White’s heart and smiles

Next time, the contents of a bottle could destroy Storybrooke, they have 12 hours to figure it out, danger lurks around every corner, and the Evil Queen thinks the cemetery is a good place for endings.

The Walking Dead

Carol is being hauled in a wagon by two guys on horseback that look like knights. Morgan follows.

Zombies attack and Carol falls off. Morgan and the others fight them off. Carol thinks she sees someone she knows, but it’s a zombie. She staggers away while the guys are still fighting. She comes to a house and sees a lady beckon from the window, but it’s a zombie. She slumps against a fence. A zombie is headed toward her and gets it’s face sliced off. Nice one. A bunch of people on horseback come in and dispatch the rest. I’m going with this crowd.

A guy named Daniel says they’ve been looking for Morgan, but it looks like he found some people himself. Morgan fiddles with a mailbox because maybe that zombie mailman from Z Nation is coming along.

Carol sleeps while Morgan sits next to the bed. She wakes to the sound of makeshift wind chimes. She asks how long she’s been asleep and he tells her two days. I always think that would be freaky to wake up and so much time has gone by. But it’s better than American Werewolf in London where he was out for three weeks. She asks where they are.

Morgan wheels her through the town. He says their weapons will be with held until they leave. In about a week, they can go back to Alexandria. The town is called The Kindgom. Morgan says they were helping Carol, so he helped them. It’s beautiful, lots of plants and animals, and Renaissance Faire clothing. Morgan explains the story he gave the man in charge, whose name is King Ezekiel.

Morgan wheels Carol into a building. He tells her Ezekiel does his own thing. They go into an auditorium where Ezekiel sits on a throne with his pet tiger next to him. I like him already. He could possibly save this show for me. I’m getting to the point where I’m tired of it being depressing and more depressing.

Ezekiel tells the tiger to settle down; these are their guests. He says if she’s a friend of Morgan, she’s considered a friend of the realm unless proven otherwise. He introduces himself and welcomes her to The Kingdom. He asks if he detects skepticism, and if she thinks he’s mad. He asks what she thinks of The Kingdom and King. She tells him that she thinks he’s amazing, the place is amazing, and Shiva the tiger is amazing. She says she doesn‘t know what’s going on in the most wonderful way. He says he let’s everyone take what they want as long as they contribute. Drink from the well, replenish the well.

He has one of his men give her some fruit. She says she doesn’t want to be any trouble and she’s not a fruit person. He says if there’s anything she wants or needs, just ask, and mentions they have a great musician. She says more rest and maybe a hairbrush; no one told her she was meeting royalty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile like this, but I don’t know if she’s faking it. They both say it’s a pleasure, and Morgan wheels her out.

Carol is like, what the what? She tells Morgan that this is make believe and she can’t do this. Freakin’ spoilsport. Morgan tries to talk to her. She says when he’s not there to stop her, she’ll go. He says he’ll stop her, but she says it’s not up to him. He says he won’t let her die out there. She says it doesn’t matter what he does.

Is she kidding? This place is awesome!

Ezekiel and company hunt some wild pigs. They drive them to a place where a zombie is hanging from the ceiling, because they want the pigs’ bellies full of rot. I don’t get that, but okay. Some zombies wander up and one of the guys, Benjamin, is learning how to kill them. He doesn’t quite get it, so Ezekiel finishes the zombie off. Morgan is told that no one back at The Kingdom needs to know about any of this. Ezekiel yells to the zombies that one day they will be released from the curse and in the meantime, they live in their place. I’m fascinated.

Back at The Kingdom, Ezekiel asks Morgan how he acquired his skills with the staff. Morgan says from a cheese-maker. Ezekiel says Benjamin’s path is in need of adjustment, and asks if Morgan will train him. Morgan says the staff could have saved the man he shot to save Carol. Ezekiel says like it saved Morgan. He needs Benjamin to live because he’ll be an important member of his staff. Morgan agrees, and Ezekiel says The Kingdom is favored by his presence again.

Carol sits in her room. Shiva suns herself and an acapella choir sings It’s All Right. Morgan shows Benjamin how to use the staff. Watching Benjamin reminds me of one of my martial arts workout DVDs. Carol wheels around the place, faking it, acting all nice to a guy and pretending to be over the moon about some cobbler. She pretends to tear up about how great the town is, and asks for a tissue. She steals some clothing when they guy has his back turned. She’s pissing me off.

Benjamin asks about Morgan’s book. Morgan tells him it’s philosophy. Benjamin says he’s read all the books there several times, and air conditioning manuals are boring. Morgan gives him the book. Ezekiel tells them they have matters of import to attend to.

He says the swine are slaughtered far from the kindgom. It’s a secret and secrets are burdens that come with a cost. A bunch of guys get out of cars and meet them. They belong to the Saviors (not to be confused with Emma and Aladdin in the previous show). Ezekiel says their arrangement is important. Oooh, I think I’m getting this. One of the guys says the pigs look bigger than last time, and Ezekiel’s man, Richard, says they were well fed. The man asks for help loading them into the truck. A woman starts to quietly tell Morgan they’re from another group, but Morgan says he knows who they are. Apparently, Ezekiel is trying to poison the Saviors or turn them into zombies.

The guys load the truck. One of the Saviors tells them they’ve gotten off easy. Richard says maybe he has it backwards. They start to fight. Guns are drawn. Ezekiel says to lower their weapons and tells Richard to let him go; this isn’t what they do. The guy gets in a few more punches until he’s made to stop. He’s a real a-hole. Ezekiel tells Richard they’ll discuss it. The Savior says it’s produce week next week, so they’d better produce or Richard is going first.

Ezekial asks if the man Morgan killed to save Carol was one of them. Morgan says yes, and asks if that’s why Ezekiel wanted him here, because he could do it again? Ezekiel says the opposite.

It’s movie night! Everyone is finishing up dinner and Benjamin and Morgan talk. Benjamin is raising a little boy. He says Ezekiel was tight with his father, who was a good fighter. He was sent out to clear a building, but there wasn’t enough back-up and eight men didn’t make it out. His father was one of them. He says Ezekiel is more careful now. He’s keeping his deal with the Saviors because they want to fight, but don’t want to lose people. Morgan asks if Benjamin agrees, but he says he doesn’t know enough to know.

Benjamin asks about an inscription in the book about not killing. Morgan says he didn’t write it, but it’s not about what he thinks. People can point you in the right direction, but can’t show you the way. You have to find that for yourself. He says he’s just fumbling through, and sometimes we change our minds. He leaves to talk to Carol.

Carol is gone. Good. She was no fun anyway. Morgan sits on the bed and smiles.

Carol limps around to the apple tree. Ezekiel tells her to help herself. The garden is his favorite place, and he’s glad she saw it before she left . She apologizes, but asks what good she is there. Ezekiel tells her to never bullsh*t a bullsh*tter. He says the sweet and innocent act is clever. Blend in, get people to trust her, get what she needs, and disappear. He says the gun she has belongs to the Saviors, and she did more than put up a fight – she won. She says by ending up here? and he asks if it’s funny. She tells him that this place is a joke, and out there it’s real. She says he’s selling people a fairy tale. He says maybe they need one. She asks if having his ass kissed is a perk.

Ezekiel sits with her. He says people want someone to follow; it’s human nature. They want someone to make them feel safe, and people who feel safe are less dangerous and more productive. They see a dude with a tiger and make him larger than life, a hero. Who is he to burst their bubble? They needed someone to follow, so he faked it until he made it. He was a zoo keeper and Shiva fell into a moat. There was no medical assistance, and she was hurt and going to bleed out. He knew the risk, but she was in pain, so he saved her life. After that she never even showed a tooth in his direction. She could do a lot of damage, but she hasn’t and won’t. He lost a lot like everyone else. When it started to end, he came back to the zoo. Shiva was alone, hungry, and trapped, like him. She was the last thing left in the world he loved. She protected him, got him here, and made him larger than life. He used to act in community theater and played some kings. He says his name is really Ezekiel though. Cards on the table, nothing up his sleeve, but appreciates it if she keeps it between them, at least for now.

Carol says she doesn’t care. Do what he wants. She’s going to go. He asks where? She says away. He says he’s sorry for whatever bad she’s been through. There’s too much of it out there. It feels like it’s all bad, especially when you’re alone, but it’s not all bad. Where there’s life, there’s hope, heroism, grace, and love. He hopes that she’s not walking away from life. He made his own world. He found a way to embrace the contradiction, by being over-the-top good. He says maybe he’s crazy, but maybe he can help if she lets him. She asks why he cares, and he says it makes him feel good. He says she can go or not go, see if he’s on to something or it’s more bullsh*t.

Morgan and Carol ride down a road. Morgan asks if she’s sure this is what she wants. She does. They stop at the house where Morgan was fixing the mailbox. He says she’s his favorite person he ever knocked down, or at least in the top two or three. He tells her to take care of herself. She says always watching, always ready. He gets back on his horse and she goes in the gate. He puts the mailbox flag down.

Carol sees the zombie in the house and goes inside brandishing her weapon. She buries the now dead zombie in the yard. She builds a fire and there’s a knock at the door. She hears the tiger. It’s Ezekiel with an apple. He tells her she has to try one. She gives him a real smile. Almost.

Next time, more Negan (sigh), Daryl gets shoved around, and Negan likes it that he doesn’t scare easy.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

It’s time for Melissa’s fashion show. Siggy and Dolores discuss Jacqueline in the car. Dolores thinks Jacqueline overreacted to her text. She’s been going around saying Dolores set her up to look like a no show.

Preparing for the show, Melissa feels abandoned, since her partner is in the Bahamas. She says she doesn’t know what she’s doing and didn’t sleep last night. The models practice their walks.

Jacqueline is on the couch hacking and coughing. She tells Chris that she wouldn’t have gone to the fashion show even if she wasn’t sick. Chris thinks that some of her friends aren’t really her friends. He thinks she should get to the bottom of why Dolores asked if she was coming to the fashion show when she knew Jacqueline was sick. Um…maybe she forgot or was just making conversation. The overreaction is trickling down.
The Wakiles and Teresa cross paths at the bar, and it’s awkward. In her interview, Teresa says she’s done with her cousins and there’s no confusion about that. She doesn’t wish anyone ill will, she just wants to be left alone. Joe #2 and Richie talk. Teresa tells Melissa she wants to be there for her, but she feels sad. It’s her first event without Joe #1.

Siggy and Dolores arrive. Dolores tells Kathy about calling Jacqueline and that Jacqueline is paranoid that she was being set up. I’m not getting this. Does Jacqueline think Dolores was trying to catch her in a lie about being sick? Kathy asks if Dolores is open to talking to Jacqueline, but Dolores says she’s too angry right now. She shows Kathy the text. Teresa joins them. She says she wishes Jacqueline the best, but she’s evil. Kathy insists she’s not.

Melissa gets the models ready. She’s nervous and gets a glass of wine. Teresa tells Siggy that she walked into something with Kathy and Dolores. Siggy says Jacqueline got weird with Dolores. In her interview, Teresa says Jacqueline is sweet at first, but then you get to know her.

Backstage, things are crazy. The music starts. The models begin to walk the runway. Melissa runs around like a nut, telling everyone they need to move faster. All of a sudden, no one is on stage and she doesn’t know what to do. Melissa starts to freak, but everything falls back into place. The clothes are really cute.

Melissa makes a speech, thanking everyone at Envy and her family. Joe #2 is proud of her. She turned a crumb into a cake. She talks about feeling a tug on her pillow the night before and no one being there, but she had “a feeling.” That morning, her mother reminded her that it was the anniversary of her father’s death and she feels like he’s there.

Siggy asks Melissa to lunch on Friday. She’s invited everyone because she wants closure. She says Jacqueline is fighting with Dolores now, and she wants everyone to say their peace without fighting and walk away like ladies. Good luck with that. In her interview, Siggy says she wants everyone to move forward and shut up. She’s hoping Jacqueline comes.

Dolores meets Frank for lunch. She tells him he said the kitchen would never get done and it happened. She adds that he won’t be getting a bill because she’s on a payment plan with the contractor. Frank is the best ex-husband in the world. Next to Bruce Willis. He jokes that she’s breaking up with him, and she says she’s just taking the pressure off. In her interview, Dolores says Frank is in another relationship, but they have a bond that can’t be broken. He feels concerned that she doesn’t want help anymore. She says he’s like a part of her, and it’s just the financial help she doesn’t need.

Frank tells Dolores that her father took him aside when the problems started, and said sh*t happens, but you never turn your back on your family and children, and he’ll always be a part of the family. She wants to get the check. He says he likes the new Dolores, but she tells him don’t get used to it.

Teresa’s lawyer, Jim, comes over. He says he’s gotten a few emails from Joe #1 and she says she missed his call because she was doing yoga. She’s getting certified and needs to put in a certain amount of hours. Jim asks about finances. Teresa says after they got married Joe did everything, but it’s going back to the way it was before that, and she might have to sell the house. She says the kids have been through enough, but she’ll do what it takes to keep things afloat, since Gia is almost college bound. She shows him a framed cover of her new book that the publisher sent. She has one of the last book, and says she’s definitely a different person now and proud of who she is. She can’t wait for Joe to get home. Jim says to never feel like she’s by herelf.

Dolores and her mother are doing some cooking. Siggy comes by, loud as ever, with her own mother, and all of them put together a meal. Siggy thinks their moms are too selfless and should do more for themselves. They sit down to eat, and she toasts to their mothers being wonderful. Siggy says she’ll always take care of her mother the way her mother has taken care of her, and Dolores says her too. Siggy tells them there has to be a way to get the friends back together, but Dolores doesn’t think so.

Melissa comes home to Joe #2 cooking dinner and roses on the table. He tells her to sit down. He’s made chicken cordon bleu. They talk about Melissa’s sales, which are thriving. In her interview, she’s afraid he wants her to scale back. He apologizes for saying she made crumbs where he made cake. He says he loves her and stands by her and he’s a lucky man. He brings out parfaits for dessert. She asks if they’re having cappuccino with candy sticks, and he says he got the kind she likes. She says she’d like his candy stick after dinner and he picks her up out of the chair. These two are so cute.

Siggy is bringing the girls together because she wants Vermont laid to rest. She’s having the lunch at a restaurant because she doesn’t want a repet performance in her house. She removes the knives from the table. She hasn’t heard from Jacqueline, so she doesn’t know if she’s coming, but she’s hired security. She tells some bald guy in a black jacket what the score is.

Melissa tells Teresa that Jacqueline is super paranoid and doesn’t like them together. Teresa says she’s a cuckoo. Melissa is hoping for closure, but the most Teresa thinks she’s getting is a nice lunch.

Jacqueline shows up first. Siggy gets all teary. Jacqueline says she came for Siggy because she knows what it’s like to be in the middle. She says she said horrible things to Teresa in Vermont. She claims Melissa didn’t like her and Teresa being friends. She says she couldn’t even sit down before everyone tried to talk for each other. In her interview, Jacqueline says she wants to make it more comfortable for everyone and is glad to explain where she was coming from. Whatever that insane place might be. Siggy says Dolores loves her. Jacqueline says she knows Dolores explodes, but then gets over it. She wants to get to the bottom of the animosity with Teresa, but has no interest in Melissa.

Dolores joins them and Siggy starts crying again. What is wrong with her? Dolores apologizes to Jacqueline. Jacqueline gives some half-assed explanation about her paranoia. She says she knows Dolores’s heart. She wants to talk to Teresa and Melissa one on one. Siggy tells Jacqueline that Teresa was sincere, but Jacqueline wonders why she took the first opportunity to disband the friendship. This woman is so delusional. The first time she saw Teresa after she got home, she took the opportunity to be insulting, and she did all that finger-in-the-face stuff in Vermont.

The second Teresa and Melissa get in the room, Jacqueline demands that Teresa sit across from her and Melissa leave the room. She wants to talk one on one. She has a ride waiting if they refuse. She says it’s the way she likes to do things. Teresa says she doesn’t call the shots, and she says she is today. Teresa calls her “teacher,” and Jacqueline doesn’t like it. Teresa asks if Miss Teacher is better, and Jacqueline asks if bitch is better. Teresa asks if a word I’m not going to type is better. Jacqueline tells Melissa to leave the room again. Siggy says she’s giving them orders, and no one wants to be spoken to like a child. Teresa says she thinks Jacqueline is evil to the core. Jacqueline wants everyone to leave. I don’t think evil is the word I’d use, but she’s something abnormal. Dolores suggests everyone try something new and speak softly. Jacqueline asks if Teresa needs a back up, and Teresa says yes, she does. She wants everyone to see what’s going on. Joacqueline says call her when she can talk one on one (which will be never) and leaves. In the other room, Jacqueline apologizes to Dolores. In her interview, Jacqueline calls Teresa and Melissa animals. WTF?

Teresa says Jacqueline is a coward. Melissa says when Jacqueline is in a situation where she isn’t controlling things, it’s run, Forest, run. Agreed. Which is why I find her tagline so amusing. Teresa says she’s conniving and twisted. Siggy asks Dolores if she thinks Jacqueline handled things wrong. Dolores does, and they go out to find her. Jacqueline definitely sees them. The car slows down and she sticks her head out the door, but then they drive away. Why don’t they dump this chick?

Dolores says on a good day you don’t speak to an Italian like that. Teresa says Jacqueline wants them out of the room so no one else can tell her she’s wrong. Melissa says if you have nothing to hide, you don’t run. Teresa tells them that Jacqueline is dead to her. Melissa adds that she took off her mask. Dolores thinks no one was mentally prepared for the meeting. Huh?

Teresa says she’s been home three months and it feels like she never left. She thanks them for being supportive.

It’s the finale, so they have the little blurbs about what everyone is doing. It’s all boring. Until we get to Teresa – whose yoga partner is now Danielle StaubI don’t even know what to say.

Next time, the reunion. Duck and run.

October 29 (really 28), 2016 – Two GHs, The Man Vs Murphy & One Decent Quote


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Griff tells Anna that he took sacred vows and broke them. Then he fell in love with Claudette and couldn’t follow through. He says that Charlotte needs a better parent than him. Anna says if he can’t be the parent she needs, he has to give her to someone who is.

Valerie tells Jordan that she and Curtis have a date tonight. Jordan flashes back to the last conversation she had with him when he asked what she’s afraid of.

Jason catches Curtis going through Sonny’s desk drawers. He tells Jason it’s not a robbery; it’s a misunderstanding.

Michael tells Carly that he ran into Nell and Sonny might be worse of than they realized.

Sonny says he wanted to be everything his father wasn’t when he was a boy. He wanted to give Morgan so much and protect him, to give him the life he never had, and he failed. Now his beautiful boy is gone. He says he can’t do it anymore; he can’t fail anyone else. He takes out a gun, but Robin interrupts.

Jordan says she doesn’t want to involve herself in Valerie’s personal relationship, but Curtis is going to jeopardize her job and God knows what else. So much for not getting involved.

Curtis insists he wasn’t stealing anything and that it’s part of an investigation he’s doing. Jason asks why he’s investigating Sonny.

Anna says nobody knows what kind of parent they’re going to be until they are one. She tells Griff that it’s his future and she’ll support him no matter what. He says even if he abandons his daughter? Anna doesn’t look at it that way, but as giving her to someone who will love and care for her. She says she didn’t feel she was equipped as a parent either.

Robin isn’t a vision. She’s there for a visit. Sonny asks how things are going. She says well, but they miss their friends and family. He asks why she’s there. She says she came for him.

Carly says Sonny knows he’s responsible for Morgan’s death. Michael is afraid that since he’s bi-polar, it could push him over the edge, and thinks someone should keep an eye on him. He says he’s sorry, and Carly tells him never to apologize for caring about his dad. She says she’s not going to be upset if he lets go of the anger.

Sonny says he needs to be left alone, but Robin says she wants to stay. She came to say hello to Stone. She talks about how they spread Stone’s ashes from a different bridge, and how they stood together holding the box. Brenda came along and the three of them spread the ashes together. Sonny says it’s been a long time since he paid his respects. She says Stone would forgive him for that, but not for having a gun. She asks him to give it to her, for Stone.

Valerie asks what happened between Curtis and Jordan. She says he might say he cleaned up his act, but he’s as dirty as ever. She tells Valerie that he’s trying to undermine the department’s investigation.

Curtis asks what about professional courtesy? Jason threatens to call Dante, and Curtis tells him that he’s looking for evidence of a car bomb for an interested party.

Anna tells Griff that she hid her pregnancy and gave birth in secret. She had a few precious days with Robin and then gave her to a dear friend to raise, supporting them financially through questionable means. She saw Robin occasionally and was thought of as a friend of the family. Robin called Anna “Love,” Robert’s pet name for her. She says it took her five years to claim Robin as her own and she still regrets the days without her.

Michael tells Carly she has to do what’s right for her. He says only she and Sonny know what the other is going through. She says she doesn’t know what kind of future they have, if any. Michael says same with him.

Sonny acts like the gun is for protection and Robin says there’s no need. He says he doesn’t know about that. He could use it to put an end to Julian. She asks if he’s talking about Julian or putting an end to himself.

Griff asks what kind of priest has a child. Anna says one who had a crisis of faith, and he can’t be the only one it ever happened to. He asks what kind of person would abandon a child. She says all any person needs to be a parent is humility and love, and he lacks neither.

Jason says Sonny didn’t plant the bomb. Curtis says maybe so, but he has people like Jason who will do it. Jason asks if he thinks Sonny is stupid enough to leave evidence around. Curtis tells him that the bomb could have taken out half The Floating Rib, which is stupid. He did a stint with the bomb squad and knows it was activated with sitting and the explosion geared to when the driver got up. I’m thinking that’s stupid, since Morgan actually had plenty of time to walk away from the car. They talk about the various aspects of the bomb. Curtis wonders why Jason isn’t asking Sonny questions. Jason tells him that he should go now.

Jordan gets information about the bomb. Valerie tells her that Curtis knows better than to pump her for facts about a case. Jordan asks her to file the report because she has to leave.

Carly asks Michael to stop putting out fires and let her take some of the slack. She knows he’s grieving too. She tells him not to shut off and withdraw He says he’s right there, but she says he’s taking care of everyone else at his own expense. She tells him that if he doesn’t want to talk to her, call Jason or Dante, but don’t keep it bottled up. She wants him to vocalize what he thinks and feels. He tells her that he feels like a bad brother.

Robin asks if Sonny came to the bridge to kill himself. He says of course not. She tells him that she’s been there before. After her diagnosis, she stood in this same spot wondering what was in store. Sonny says she had reasons to live, but she tells him she didn’t know it then, and thought suicide was the only way out, since she already had a death sentence. Sonny remembers how Jason stopped her. Robin says everything started to change after that, and now she has a future. She says Sonny does too, even though it doesn’t seem that way right now. He says his son is dead because of him. She asks if that’s a reason to kill himself, and says that Morgan wouldn’t approve. She reminds Sonny who Morgan was named after, that he was Morgan Stone. She says Stone would be appalled and ashamed that Sonny is willing to give up his life so easily, when Stone fought so hard to hang on to his.

Charlotte approaches Griff. He asks if she’s thinking about her mom. Charlotte asks when she’ll be back, but Griff says he doesn’t know. He says her mom told him that she loved Charlotte all the way around the moon and across the stars and wherever the sun shines. Griff offers to read her a story.

Curtis comes to pick up Valerie. She says she knows he’s working for Julian. Curtis says he’d hoped to finish the job before telling her, and thought he had an understanding with Jordan. He says his work for Julian is over anyway. He came to his senses and some jobs aren’t worth the money.

Jason talks to Spinelli. He asks him to do his hacking thing and get back to him. Jordan comes in. Jason tells her that Sonny isn’t home, but Jordan asks if he isn’t Sonny’s right hand man. He tells her not anymore. Jordan shows him a folder about an associate of Sonny’s. She says he planted the bomb and she’s thisclose to nailing Sonny.

Carly talks about how much Michael is like Morgan, and Michael says he let Morgan down. She says it’s no one’s fault, life just happened. Michael says he’s trying not to be angry. He knows Sonny is torn up and didn’t mean for this to happen, but he never does.

Sonny tells Robin not to throw Stone in his face. She asks if he’s ever thought what Stone would do with one more day. She tells him that suicide doesn’t ease anyone pain, except maybe his, but it would destroy his family. He says they don’t want him around anyway. He’s a danger and it would be a relief if he wasn’t there.

Anna is impressed that Charlotte is asleep on Griff’s first try. He thanks her for sharing her story; it’s given him a lot to think about. She says she’s there if he needs to talk. He says he should call the bishop and let him know what’s going on. He finds Claudette’s necklace in his pocket and says she must have slipped it in there when he was knocked out.

Valerie has to deal with something and leaves Morgan’s file on the desk. Curtis looks at the cover.

Jordan has the signature of the bomb maker, but Jason says it’s circumstantial. She wonders how long before he gives up the boss. Jordan says it’s a dangerous time to be associated with Sonny, and he might want to think twice, since he’s trying to rebuild his life.

Robin says Sonny has done many selfless things for her, but if he does this, she’ll remember him for his weakness. She says it’s his responsibility to live with the guilt and give meaning to Morgan’s life and death, instead of leaving everyone else to pick up the pieces, and running out on his family. She feels like Stone brought her there tonight and Sonny agrees. She asks Sonny to come with her, but he wants to spend alone time on the bridge . He gives his word he won’t be stupid. She says his word means a lot to her and asks if it does to him. He says it does. They say I love yous and hug.

Michael tells Carly that Sonny had promised to stay away from AJ like he promised with Julian. He believed him when he vowed to be better, but he isn’t. He says Sonny will never change and maybe they should have known better. Maybe it’s their fault Morgan died.

Anna orders an Irish whiskey at the bar. Robin says make it two; she’s buying. Anna is surprised to see her.

Charlotte still can’t sleep. She sees that Griff has the necklace. He says it’s hers now and that mommy gave it to her to take care of. She says she’ll take care of it and he’ll take care of her. He’s reading Good Night Moon, although she seems a tad old for that.

Robin came a day early because of the weather. She says she was looking for Carly, but she’s busy so she’ll pay her respects later. She says she’s glad she’s there. they clink glasses

Curtis starts to walk away, but when he puts on his jacket, he knocks the folder down. He takes pictures of the contents.

Jason says he likes his life now and sees no reason to mess it up. Jordon tells him to steer clear of Sonny. It’s only a matter of time before she has enough evidence to put him away. She leaves and Spinelli calls Jason back.

Curtis puts the folder back in order and back on the desk. Valerie returns and says she’ll be ready to go as soon as she puts the folder away.

Sonny thinks about what Carly said before she kicked him out, how she can’t do this with him, because when she looks at him, she sees the man who killed her son. He takes the gun out again.

Carly tells Michael that they have every right to be angry, but she knows how much he loves his father. She doesn’t want him to do something in grief or anger that he’ll regret. She says angry as she is, she can’t forget she loves Sonny and chose him. She says he’s Morgan’s father and hurting as much as she is. Michael says when Sonny finally laid down his arms and vendetta, it was too little too late.

Sonny says he has to make it right for Morgan, and puts the gun away.

Tomorrow, Maxie plans a New Year’s Eve wedding, trick-or-treating happens, Sonny talks to Kristina, and Nell is worried about Sonny.

General Hospital – Friday

Bobbie comes by the bar. She dropped Josslyn off at a party and has a suggestion for Carly.

Alexis dusts her place like a maniac while she talks to herself about being positive. She pours a bottle of wine out, asking the absent Julian if she’d be doing this if she was a drunk. She calls the liquor store and orders a delivery, confusing all of us.

Lulu just got done chaperoning a party at Rocco’s school and is exhausted from dealing with kids hopped up on sugar. Maxie shows a picture of Georgie dressed up as Ingrid Bergman from Casablanca.

Dante brings Rocco to the station in his costume. He’s a mini police officer.

Doc shows up at Laura’s dressed like a lion with a full rubber mask.

Nell takes pictures of Avery. Sonny comes in looking hungover or tired or both. She tells him Ava is going to take Avery trick-or-treating. Sonny suggests the guards follow. She asks if Sonny wants her to come back in case he needs anything, but he says Avery needs a babysitter and he doesn’t.

Carly says she has to plan the Halloween party, but Bobbie suggests she let Nell handle it. They talk about missing Morgan. Bobbie says when BJ died, the last thing she wanted to do was face the truth that she was gone. She kept busy and the grief built up until she couldn’t take it anymore. She says the only way past the pain is through it. Carly says she can’t deal with it.

Lulu asks if Maxie is sure about the wedding date. Maxie says New Year’s Eve will be the third year anniversary of when she and Nathan met, so that’s when they’ve decided to get married. They talk about The Beard kidnapping Maxie. Maxie says the worst was The Beard thinking she was Claudette. She actually feels badly for Claudette having to leave Charlotte behind.

An officer takes Rocco to get some candy. Rocco acts like he couldn’t care less. Dante asks Nathan where Charlotte is. Nathan tells him that finding out he had a daughter, it opened up a part of his heart he didn’t know he had. Dante asks how he’s dealing with Charlotte not being his. Nathan says he might not be a father, but he’s Georgie’s stepfather, and maybe he and Maxie will expand their own family.

Sam brings Danny to Alexis’s house. He’s dressed in a bear costume. Alexis says she doesn’t have candy, but she has gum hiding somewhere and tells him to look for it. She tells Sam she really doesn’t, but she wanted to distract him. Sam says he’ll have candy at his other grandma’s house, and she has to go to a party. Alexis asks if it’s an invite from Laura.

Doc talks to Laura about selling Windemere. She says she’s glad to have him by her side. Lucy pops in, saying where else would he be?

Maxie tells Lulu there’s no record of Claudette getting of the plane, and hopes Valentin didn’t nab her. She opens pre-wedding gift in a fancy box and says this is something she can use.

Nathan wonders if Claudette used a different name, but he’s having trouble getting the information he needs to download. Dante tells him that according to the WSB, Valentin is still locked up tight.

Bobbie says she wishes she could save Carly from her pain, and Carly says she wishes she could do the same for Bobbie. Nell runs in saying sorry she’s late and shows Carly the pictures. She asks why Sonny isn’t in any of them. Nell says he was out all day and she’s very worried about him.

Kristina asks Sonny if he should be drinking. She’s there to help plan his end of things with Morgan’s funeral. He says he’s not involved, but it’s better that he isn’t, since he didn’t deal with Morgan’s life very well.

Sam wonders if Alexis wants to say good-by to Windemere, but Alexis says she thinks Laura should burn it down. Danny asks Alexis if she’s coming with them when they move, surprising her.

Doc says he’ll be back as soon as he’s done with his official duties. Laura tells Lucy she’s having a small party to say good-by to Windemere and Nicholas. Lucy says that’s why she’s there, and Laura asks if there’s a problem with the sale. Lucy says everything is fine. She was just wondering if Laura might want to part with some of the furnishings. Laura says they all belonged to Nicholas, so she wanted to divvy them up. She’s going to stay with Dante and Lulu. Lucy says if she needs something more permanent, to let her know.

Maxie calls Nathan. She asks if he can work from home, and tells him they have a pre-wedding gift he’s going to like.

Sam tells Alexis that they haven’t made any firm decisions, but it will only be an hour away. She says with the new baby coming, they wanted to put some distance between them and family issues, meaning Julian. Alexis says no argument from her, but Sam is missing out on free babysitting opportunities. The doorbell rings. It’s the liquor delivery. D’oh!

Nell says Sonny is a wreck. He just came home an hour ago and she didn’t even want to ask where he was. She says she didn’t mean to neglect her job and she won’t be late agan. Carly says Avery is more important. Nell says she’s made sure someone will be with Avery at all times, but no matter what, her loyalty is to Carly.

Kristina tells Sonny she knows how he feels. The last time she saw Morgan, she was less than polite, and can’t believe the last few minutes they’d spend together was in an argument over napkins. We flash back to Sonny and Carly yelling at Morgan about being expelled. Sonny says Morgan needed him, and all he did was yell at him. He let Morgan leave thinking he was a disappointment, and he should have stopped him. He says every time he looks at the door, he remembers Morgan walking out. Instead of a place of unconditional love, it was a place that abandoned him. Kristina asks what Sonny would have said, and he says he would have told Morgan that it was just one mistake and they would start over. He would have said they were proud of him, and none of this would have happened. Because he didn’t do that, they’ll never know.

Carly thanks Nell for taking good care of Avery. Nell says she doesn’t want to overstep, but maybe Carly should go home and rest. Carly says her mother said the same thing and Nell suggests she go home and make her mother happy.

Alexis tells Sam that the delivery is cleaning supplies. She changes her mind about going to Laura’s event. She says it might feel good to say good riddance to Windemere.

Dante and Lulu arrive at Laura’s. Lulu sends Dante out for something and Laura says everything reminds her of Nicholas and it’s harder than she thought. Lulu says even if they never set foot in the house again, they still have their memories. Laura asks why she’s so wise, and Lulu says she got it from her mother. A guy in a lion mask comes to the door, but I don’t think it’s Doc. Laura says she wasn’t expecting him back so soon, and to get himself a drink because she has things to do.

Nathan walks into the apartment and hears the shower running. He calls to Maxie that he’s coming in. We miss everything. Next thing we know, it’s the afterglow and Nathan says it was a great gift. He wants them to spend time together and not get caught up in all the planning. His laptop dings and she tells him to ignore it, but he says the footage of Claudette’s plane exit has finally downloaded.

Carly says she’ll go home. She tells Bobbie no guarantees. Bobbie says she doesn’t want to force her to do anything she doesn’t want to. She leaves and Bobbie thanks Nell. She says Carly is desperately in need of downtime. Bobbie tells Nell that modesty is like confidence, it’s good to have both, but too much of either isn’t good. She says Nell goes above and beyond, and has done everything possible to make herself indispensable to Carly.

Kristina suggests she and Sonny go trick-or-treating with Avery. Sonny tells her to go, saying he needs rest. Kristina makes him promise to call if he needs anything. She leaves and he flashes back to Morgan leaving again.

Alexis tells Laura they couldn’t stay away. Laura says she wishes they’d brought Danny, but Sam is sure he’ll get all the candy he needs at Monica’s. Dante and Sam go to get something to drink. Lulu tells Laura that Nicholas was an amazing big brother. He made some mistakes, but he was mostly kind and honorable, and she loved him.

The lion tries to give Alexis a drink, but she says no thanks. Doc comes to the door. Laura is on the phone with Lucy and asks what she means by there being a problem.

Sonny relives the moment as he thinks it should have been. He tell’s Morgan that he’s made mistakes too, and Morgan’s illness got the best of him like it did with Sonny long ago. He talks about being proud of him, and says next time he’s going to win. Sonny will be by his side to take care of him. He’ll do everything he can, because he loves him and Morgan his son. Morgan says he loves Sonny too. At the end, Morgan still leaves, saying he has friends to see.

The doorbell rings. It’s dead Morgan.

Nell wonders what Bobbie is talking about. She says she was hired as Carly’s assistant. Bobbie says she knows Carly’s life inside and out. Nell says she’s got a party to plan and leaves. Carly comes back, saying she’s ready to go and telling Bobbie that she can depend on Nell. Bobbie agrees.

Nathan sees the back of a male and female head. Nathan thinks it’s Claudette using another name, but they wonder who the guy is that she’s with.

Laura tells the others that even with Spencer’s power of attorney, she can’t sell the house because he doesn’t own it. The lion takes off his mask. It’s Valentin.

On Monday, Elizabeth questions Franco about questioning Jason, Valentin has the deed to the house, and Morgan tells Sonny he made it back home. Hmm…since there was no body, it’s hard to tell if that’s real or Sonny’s fantasy. And if Valentin is supposed to be locked up, won’t it be weird if he’s suddenly living at Windemere?

Z Nation

Very creepy start. The Man throws a machete at a zombie, whacking off its head. The head lies on the ground with it’s teeth chattering. A group of zombies are on a leash are chasing a guy through the woods. He climbs a tree and the guy at the other end of the leash is Wesson, one of Murphy’s workers. He asks the guy if he’s heard the good word of Murphy.

Back in Murphytown, Wesson asks people to write down what they did pre_Apocalypse. Someone asks if there are any side-effects from the shots and he says yes, but they’re worth it. Murphy tells his number one man, Will, to get people vaccinated.

Murphy comes out to wave to the crowd. They’re given instructions about the vaccine. Will tells an investment banker he’s surprised someone didn’t kill him before the apocalypse and gives him latrine duty. Ha-ha! Murphy comes down and makes a lame joke, but everyone laughs. Uh-oh. The Man is in line for the vaccines.

Doc pushes a shopping cart with 10K in it along a deserted road. Doc wonders how much more he can put up with and tells 10K if anything happens to him, he might have to go out in a blaze of zombie glory. In perfect timing, Roberta and Operation Bite Mark come by and he flags them down. He tells them that it was like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with zombies and a Black Elvis.

Murphy talks to a woman about his daughter, Lucy. He says she’d be about one now. The woman says they’d do anything for him and suggests a baby shower. Murphy looks out the window and sees The Man getting the vaccine. Murphy was the only one on The Man’s hit list after his last visit.

10K has flash backs of Murphy. Doc tells him he’s not looking too good, and Roberta asks what Doc gave him. He comes to, and Roberta asks about Murphy. 10K says he’s smarter and crazier and has a big plan. He’s controlling people by biting them and everyone likes him. He tells them that Murphy has Merch under control. Hector asks if they’re sure they need Murphy alive, but 10K says they can’t kill them.

Doc explains that Escorpion is Hector now. The group comes upon a gas station where there’s a zombie chained to the pumps. A sign says car thieves pay with their lives.

Citizen Z has taken Kaya, her uncle and nana to his old compound. Kaya asks why he left, and he said he either had to find help or die alone. She says that she and Uncle will help him get everything back in gear. The look at the electric panel and Uncle touches something, getting electrocuted. Citizen Z almost gives him mercy, but he’s still alive.

Doc tells 10K that they have to tell Roberta what happened. 10K says to just give him time to get Murphy out of his head. Roberta comes in with the vials, but 10K says that Merch gave them to him to keep them safe and he doesn’t know what they are. Dr. Sun says maybe it’s the original vaccine.

Addie tries to get something on the radio. They hear Murphy telling people to follow him. An ice cream type truck comes by, it has Murphy’s picture on the side of it, and a loud speaker is promoting him.

In Murphytown, they try to get the electrical power back on. Murphy says there are people who won’t want to join them, and wants his group to get trained to fight them. The Man comes in and Murphy says he knows who he is. He tells him to take his jacket off and checks if he’s been vaccinated. He asks if he’s on The Man’s list. The Man claims he doesn’t work for them anymore, and tells Murphy to test him to prove himself. He tells The Man he needs fresh brains for his research and The Man kills the guy Wesson charmed down from the tree and opens his skull. Murphy says he may prove useful after all.

Murphy asks The Man why he’s there. The Man says there was a cure on Zona, but it failed, and Murphy is humanity’s last hope. Murphy says he’s proven his skill, now prove his loyalty. He tells The Man to eat some brains. The Man takes a bite. And another. He eats all of the brains. He says he couldn’t help himself, and Murphy says it’s in their nature. He asks if The Man can get him more and says to keep it between them .The Man says discretion is one of his skills. Murphy takes a taste of some brain crumbs.

Will comes in and says he’ll clean things up. He tells Murphy that he did The Man’s inoculation himself, but we see how he faked it, using the arm of the man he killed earlier, and also how he faked eating the brains.

Citizen Z tells Kaya to shoot anything that moves and gives her a gun. She tells him his place could use a woman’s touch. He hopes he can get the power going and fiddles with some wires. Uncle keeps flipping switches and it finally comes back on. Citizen Z kisses Kaya and they get busy.

OBM tracks down the Murphy truck. The driver is dead. He’s been shot, but didn’t turn. 10K says he’s a Blend. He says Murphy is just trying to help people and then adds to become Blends. Roberta says they have to get to Lucy before Murphy does.

Dinner is ready and Murphy says steak is only the beginning. He tells his group that soon they’ll have the power back up. A toast is made to Murphy, who took away their fears. He passes on the steak and says he’ll have something later. Yeah, brains.

OBM barbecues some crickets to eat. Roberta says they have to split up. They have to stop Murphy, but also find Lucy before the rest of the world finds out about her. She asks 10K to make a map. Addie and Doc are to find Lucy and the rest will go to Spokane. Doc takes 10K aside and says he has to tell them about the bite. 10K asks Doc to trust him. Doc says he shouldn’t, but he does. Doc and Addie take the ice cream truck.

The Man tells says hello Lucy to Cassidy, the little girl that Murphy had bitten.

Murphy has The Man bring him some brains. He eats them with gusto. The Man puts a gun to his head. He says they’re going to take a little walk.

Kaya says that she knows Citizen Z has a thing for Addie, but she’s not the jealous type. She can kick her ass though, just sayin’.

Roberta, 10K, Hector, and Dr. Sun get to Murphytown. 10K keeps hearing Murphy in his head. He looks for the vials and can’t find them. Roberta asks if these are what he’s looking for and holds them out. 10K grabs a vial and runs. She calls to him to let her help.

Citizen Z gets back on the air. Kaya says she’s the new hot lips of the apocalypse. Doc and Addie get her on the radio. She does a rap calling to OBM. Addie tries to get them on the radio.

The Man tells Murphy to get in the car. He won’t but The Man says he has his daughter. Murphy laughs and says that’s not his daughter. He puts The Man in handcuffs. He asks The Man how he was able to avoid control after being vaccinated, and wants to know who the man is working for. The Man says he can’t give him a name, but if he comes to Zona, he’ll have more wealth and power than he can imagine. The lights come back on, and Murphy says if the man doesn’t answer, he’ll be eating his brains.

Hector isn’t able to catch 10K.

Murphy’s group gathers in the tower. Murphy fires off a flare and says behold a new world order. OBM sees it and Roberta says they’re going to need back up. When Murphy comes back, The Man is gone, leaving only his hand in a cuff with a middle finger up.

Next time, Election capers.

Quote of the Week

Beauty fades. Dumb is forever. Judge Judy

October 26, 2014 – GH’s Carly Strikes Back & Little LA’s Christy Strikes Out


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Griff thanks Anna for helping him. She tells him there’s no manual for being a parent. He says it was just him and now he’s plus one. Anna reminds him that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Maxie storms in wondering where “that witch” is. She says it’s Claudette’s fault she was kidnapped. Anna says she’s gone. Nathan asks where, but Griff says they don’t know.

Curtis meets Jordan at the station. She thinks he’s working for Sonny.

Alexis tells Julian the bomb was payback for all the horrible things he’s done. Now Morgan is dead because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he was just a kid. Julian says he was a grown man and Alexis starts getting loud. She asks everyone if they wouldn’t throw a parade if Julian was gone. Julian says she’s drunk. Maybe so, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Michael is on the bridge and Nell comes along. She says it’s a great view and he says it’s a good place to think. She offers to leave, but he tells her to stay. He says he’s not going to find what he’s looking for anyway – his little brother.

Jason interrupts Sonny trying to strangle Scotty.

Griff says he tried to stop Claudette, and Maxie says he did a bang up job. He says he thought he was getting through. He turned his back for a second, and she knocked him out. Anna asks if Claudette knew about the kidnapping. Nathan says they were together when he found Maxie’s bracelet. Anna says Claudette probably thought she was next.

Curtis says he’s a licensed PI, and it’s none of Jordan’s business who he works for. She tells him to stay out of her investigation, because when she goes after Sonny, she might go after him too.

Nell and Michael talk about the history of the bridge. Michael remembers how he and Morgan played there as children. Nell says them, and the body guards, and tells him it’s an intense way to grow up. Michael says they spent half the time with their mom and half with Sonny. He talks about how Morgan loved penguins because the family stays together. He says Morgan was the definition of homebody. Nell wonders how he’d feel about no one sticking by his father.

Scotty says he still dreams about a child he lost and Sonny is going to dream about a child he murdered.

Alexis says she’s not drunk, but she’s working on it. She tells Julian to shut up, and tells him that everyone knows he’s a murderer. He says he didn’t kill Morgan, but she says he might as well have. He says Morgan mixed his meds with alcohol, and it’s lucky he didn’t take other people down with him. He starts talking about Carly and Sonny being bad parents. Carly comes out of nowhere and whacks him good. I laugh and so does Alexis.

Griff asks if Maxie is sure The Beard was Valentin’s emissary. She says he never said it, but she’s sure. Anna says she’ll get an investigation going. Nathan says the PCPD is working with the Coast Guard.

Curtis says Jordan wants to tell him where he can and can’t work, and now she wants to arrest him. She says he’s interfering with the investigation. She tells Curtis that Sonny killed his own son instead of Julian, and if he wants justice, he should turn himself in. Suddenly, it dawns on Jordan that Curtis is working for Julian.

Carly says Julian came into her restaurant and now he’s talking trash about her son. Julian tries to tell her to calm down, but she just gets louder. She says he’s a liar and a murderer. She tells him to come on try to put a knife to her throat, then throws him out.

Ava tells Scotty that she’s sorry about his daughter. She says Sonny is dangerous, and now he’s grieving, so Scotty shouldn’t provoke him. Scotty says Jason is the only reason Sonny let him go, and Ava says he’s welcome; she texted him. Scotty wants to call the police, but Ava stops him.

Sonny tells Jason if it wasn’t for Scotty getting Julian off, Morgan would still be alive. Sonny says he wouldn’t have ordered the car bomb in a million years and the guy refused to do the job, but now his son is dead. Jason asks if he’s blaming him.

Nathan finds out which flight Claudette took and says the Canadian police will be waiting. Anna wants her to know that Charlotte is okay and they can protect them. Nathan says it doesn’t matter that he’s not her father, he’s going to do his job to protect and serve.

Jordan says she wondered why Sonny would hire an outsider, especially one who has connections to the police. She asks what Curtis has, and says it’s his obligation to tell her. He says she refused him entry into the police force, so he worked hard to make it on his own, and now she wants his information. She says she’s trying to stop a war. If he proves that Sonny planted the bomb, there will be retaliation. Curtis says Julian doesn’t want Sonny dead; he wants to put Sonny in prison.

Alexis asks Carly if she wants her to call someone. Carly says no, and Alexis doesn’t look like she’s doing so great herself. Alexis is surprised Carly is at work, and Carly says she doesn’t want to be home because Morgan isn’t coming through the door. Alexis says she’s sorry, and Carly says she hates that phrase. No matter how sorry anyone is it won’t bring Morgan back.

Ava tells Scotty that the first person Sonny will call is Diane, and she’ll want to know what led up to the altercation. She’s afraid she’ll be exposed. Sonny already knows the symptoms of being bi-polar. He’ll remember how he found her in Morgan’s room and put the pieces of the puzzle together. She says how long would she live after that? He’s her attorney and they need to just step back and keep cool. Scotty adds, and let Sonny self destruct.

Nell tells Michael that when you meet Sonny, it’s easy to know he’s in charge, but lately he’s been drinking and seems to have a delayed reactions. She says he’s fine with Avery, but she shouldn’t be responsible for his happiness. She says if he’s left alone to grieve, she’s not sure he’s going to make it.

Sonny tells Jason to leave, but he doesn’t want Sonny to be alone. Sonny says Jason made his choice not to work with him and he honored that. He says they’ve always been honest with each other. Jason could have eliminated Julian, and Morgan would still be alive. He can’t count on Jason anymore.

Curtis says he’s paid to provide a service and Julian knows he’s up to the task. He thinks Jordan is jealous of how he’s better at it than she is. He says she can’t afford to have him beat her to the punch, and thinks she’s threatened by him. He asks what it is about him that she’s afraid of.

Anna says it’s unlikely that Charlotte is the target. Valentin is obsessed with Claudette, and since she left, the target has moved. Griff gives Claudette credit for being a decent mother.

Alexis says they’ve had their differences, but in the end, she and Carly are both mothers who would lay down their lives for their children. She can’t comprehend what Carly is going through. Carly says she doesn’t know what comes next. The thought of life without Morgan terrifies her. Alexis says she could lose one of her daughter just as easily, and if it happened to Carly, it could happen to her.

Sonny swears he didn’t do it. Jason says Sonny made the best decision given the situation, and to let him find out who screwed it up. Sonny says he set it in motion. Carly begged him not to and he didn’t listen because he believed it was right. Now Carly and Michael are gone, and Morgan is dead; he has nothing left. Jason says he’s still there, but Sonny says he lost Jason a long time ago.

Curtis says either Jordan has a problem letting him win or she likes him getting to her. Andre calls, but Jordan asks to call him back. She tells Curtis to go. He has Julian’s bidding to do, which he’ll mess up since he messes up everything he touches. He leaves and his phone rings. Its Julian.

Julian tells Curtis that he wants Sonny in prison and wants Sonny’s wife to stop making him look bad in front of Alexis. He wants proof and wants it now.

Maxie doesn’t feel like eating. She tells Nathan that she’s worried about Charlotte, but Nathan says she has a new life and she’ll adjust. Maxie says as much as she hates Claudette, she doesn’t want her harmed. She says The Beard will come after Claudette like he did with her.

Anna says Griff won’t become a father overnight, but he can be a guardian in the meantime. Griff wonders if Charlotte will ask for her mommy. He says he wasn’t Claudette’s best option’ he was the only the one she had left.

Carly says Julian is arrogant and does what he wants to do. She’s going to her office and tells Alexis if Julian comes back to stay out of it. Alexis says she tried to stop Julian, and all she did was get misery. Carly says she’s miserable too, and wouldn’t mind a fight.

Michael tells Nell all he can think about is his little brother. He talks about how special Morgan was. and now he’s gone because of their dad. He doesn’t know how he can forgive that. Nell says she’s not saying forgive, but someone is in the same pain that he is. She tells Michael that if he thinks there’s anything salvageable in the relationship, think twice about abandoning Sonny.

Alexis calls Michael. She thinks Carly could use some support. Michael tells Nell he has to go. Nell says she hopes she didn’t overstep, but he says she’s just being truthful, kind and cute. Or kind of cute. I’m not sure. He asks if she’ll stay with Avery until they can figure something out.

Sonny says since Jason got his memory back, he’s been distant. It’s not going to work out the way it used to. Jason asks if they’re not friends, and Sonny says he’s on his own now. Jason says he’s blaming himself and punishing himself by pushing everyone away, but he’s not going anywhere. Sonny says when he looks at Jason, all he can think about is what he lost. He doesn’t want him there or his help; he just wants his son. Jason says can’t bring Morgan back, but he’s not giving up on Sonny. Sonny says he gave up a while ago, and don’t try him because he’s got nothing left to lose. He tells Jason to get out and Jason leaves. Sonny does not look good.

Anna tells Griff that things will be clearer in the morning. He says things are clear now, and it’s no wonder Claudette went to Nathan. He’s failed every test he’s had, and Charlotte deserves better. He doesn’t think he can be a father to her. Anna says he’ll have to give her up then.

Nathan tells Maxie that Claudette wasn’t on the plane.

Curtis sneaks into Sonny’s place.

Ave talks to herself, saying she hopes Nicholas and Morgan are at peace, wherever they are. That’s a good question. Where are they? Ava’s phone rings. She asks who it is and then, as though he read our minds, she says, “Nicholas?”

Jordan calls Andre, apologizing for blowing him off. She says it was a work thing, but nothing consequential.

Curtis goes through drawers. Jason finds him and he suggests maybe they can work together.

Michael comes to the hotel. Carly realizes that Alexis must have called him. He says he ran into Nell and Sonny isn’t doing well.

Sonny goes to the bridge. He looks like crap. He relives his last argument with Morgan, telling Carly Morgan is dead, and Carly blaming him. He takes out a gun and says he’s sorry to Morgan. He looks confused and starts to cry.

Tomorrow, Jason asks Curtis who he’s working for, Jordan tells Valerie that Curtis is dirty (and not in a good way), and Sonny sees Robin on the bridge. She spends more time in Port Charles as a vision than she does in actuality.

Little Women: LA

The girls’ night at the casino isn’t going too well. Christy’s friend Rhonnie gets into it with Tonya, and her other friend Karla chimes in, cursing Tonya out. Lovely. Tonya tells Christy she was just the messenger in telling her why Terra didn’t want to be there. In her interview, Christy says she keeps trying to fix things and it gets screwed up. We flash back to all the times she’s tried to prove she’s right, which is what she calls fixing things. Elena tells Rhonnie that they weren’t involved, so it’s none of their business, and Christy had claimed that she wanted them to get together to apologize. In her interview, Elena is disappointed that instead of an apology, they got medical records and Christy’s nasty friends.

Christy apologizes to Tonya. Tonya says that’s why she came. Jasmine says Christy’s problem is Terra and Briana, and asks what she’s going to do to fix that. Christy is up for ideas, but nobody has anything.

Terra meets Tonya for lunch. Tonya is impressed with Terra’s shoes. Terra says she’s breaking in her heels because they’re the first dancing shoes she’s using on Dancing with the Stars. Tonya says she’s always wanted to do the show, but she’s excited for Terra. She suggests Terra use her activewear for rehearsals.

Tonya tells Terra about how Christy brought her posse with her to casino night. Terra says she wants to meet privately and talk to Christy about moving on. Tonya doesn’t have any suggestions for that, but she wants all the girls to go on a survival retreat. In her interview, she says the team building exercises will help them build relationships or the girls will kill each other off one by one. Either way, it’s good.

In her interview, Christy talks about coming up to her seventh anniversary of being sober. She’s upset that Briana was spreading rumors about her popping pills. Christy meets with her “sober sister” to discuss life events. Christy tells her about the retreat and Sis says that Christy can’t make someone be friends with her. Christy says she’s going to apologize one more time to Briana and Terra. Whether they accept it or not is on them.

Commercial break. In the Little Women: Atlanta‘s Reunion Part Two, it looks like there are a lot of soap opera faces and mouths hanging open. I’m passing on this one, even though Juicy’s umbrella trimmed in marabou feathers looks interesting.

In her interview, Briana says being moms has brought her and Terra closer together and they’ve been able to let past things go. The two couples get together. Terra makes her announcement about Dancing with the Stars. In her interview, Briana claims she was supposed to be on it a couple of seasons ago, but had to pass. Terra brings up girls’ night. Matt says no way they want to be around Christy, since she got all up in their legal business. In her interview, Briana says she doesn’t want to get stabbed in the back again.

Terra tells Briana about the retreat. Briana says that there’s no way she can be friends with Christy again, and Terra says there won’t be any kumbaya moment on her end.

Jasmine and Elena go camping shopping. Elena checks out a switchblade. Elena says it’s obvious they don’t know what they’re doing, and hopes they survive the survival shebang. Jasmine asks if this is the worst it’s ever been with Christy. Elena says it is, and she’s tired of trying to help fix Christy’s relationships, but it’s about second chances, so they should give her another one.

In her interview, Terra says she has no idea who her dancing partner is going to be. She’s nervous about their reaction to her being a little person. Tonya and Joe are there for support. I don’t know any of the Dancing with the Stars people. I only watched it once when Mel B was competing, and as soon as she was cut, I was out. It’s Sasha. Terra is excited to be dancing with him. She says he danced with Snookie a few seasons back, and although she’s super short, it won’t be the same. She asks Sasha if he’s scared, but he says he’s brimming with ideas. Tonya thinks the biggest hurdle will be getting everyone over their preconceived notions of what a little person can do.

Terra brings up having just had a C-section, and Sasha says her health is a priority. If she has any pain or feels any weirdness, let him know immediately. He seems like a really nice guy.

Christy runs on the treadmill while Todd watches. In her interview, Christy says a little person’s stomach is the same size as an average sized person’s, so dieting is hard. She wants to buy a treadmill for the house in hopes that Todd will use it too. It scares her that she’s never seen an old little person. Really? I’m pretty sure a lot of them get old.

She tells Todd about the retreat. Todd thinks Christy should back away from Briana since she’s obviously more invested in the relationship than Briana is. Christy says she’s known them a long time and wants ot make things right. She stands her ground about Terra having given her a concussion, and Todd tells her just don’t stand so close she gets burned. Whatever that means.

Tonya says they used to lean on each other for support against an average sized world, but now their group has fallen apart. As soon as Terra sees Christy, she suggests taking out the bug spray, so we’re off to a good start. Instructor Joel shows up, and Elena suggests a last trip to the nice bathroom before they leave. In her interview, Terra says if Christy gets out of hand, it might turn into a real survival situation.

Joel asks what they’re hoping to get out of it. Elena talks about rebuilding the group, and he says that team exercises are good for that. He starts with shelter building and asks Tonya to pick the two groups. He asks who is uncomfortable with who, and Terra says because of legal issues, she refuses to be paired with Christy. So it’s Elena, Christy and Jasmine, and Tonya, Terra and Briana. Jasmine says Christy is on the wrong team for rebuilding relationships.

In her interview, Christy says if Terra and Briana don’t want to be on her team, they’re being childish. Tonya asks Briana and Terra what it would take for them to forgive Christy. Terra says pay her legal bills for one. Since Christy messed with her family, she hates her, and she knows that’s a strong word. Briana says Christy got way out of line with her, and she just can’t be friends again. Tonya heaves a huge sigh. Huge.

With shelter building completed, Sean moves on to fire. He wants them to put mud from the creek on their faces. Elena says the only mud going on her face is from the spa and Jasmine passes because she’s pregnant. Jasmine helps put mud on Terra’s face. She says the team building isn’t working very well.

Joel thinks it would be beneficial if they write down what’s bothering them. Later, they’ll read them and put the problems to rest. Everyone hesitates and Tonya makes me laugh, saying don’t everybody run for the pencils at once. Joel takes them to the fire pit and makes fire in like two seconds. Jasmine thinks it looks easy. I think it’s probably like watching Gene Kelly dance – it looks effortless, but you try it. Jasmine wonders if they’re struggling because they’re little people. Nice try. Two hours later, Terra has success.

They sit around the campfire and Joel says they’re there to rekindle, so get on with the letters. Tonya goes first, telling them to stop being sensitive and stay in their lanes. Everyone claps and she throws it in the fire. Christy tells Briana that there was a lot of name calling and mistrust, but it’s not in her character. She talks about her father having cancer and her daughter being ill, and says that’s why she’s been acting so crazy. In her interview Briana says Christy is rehashing what happened, but no apology came forth. Briana tells Christy that she was on her deathbed, and Christy made a snowball effect that’s irreparable, adding that she still didn’t get an apology. Christy says she can’t control Briana’s family being a-holes. Elena says Christy is side-stepping her part, and Briana feels like she can’t trust Christy anymore.

Christy says she gave Briana’s parents an update because she cares about her. Briana says she’s had death threats and is now looking into getting a gun. She says it’s about overstepping boundaries. Christy claims she’s alone and needs support, and Briana felt the same way. Christy apologizes. Briana says she’s moving forward with the positive in her own life, but she’s done with Christy. Elena thinks she should forgive. Tonya says it’s going to take time, and brings up Terra. Terra says that she was going to apologize to Christy for the iced tea fight, and then found out she needed to lawyer up because Christy filed a police report. Christy says they were both hurt. She goes on about how she’s had concussions before, but she had a recent one and has the medical records to prove it.

Christy says she’s sick of talking sh*t and wants to move forward. Terra says she does too, but Jasmine tells her that she’s not exactly moving on. Elena says it doesn’t look like forgiveness is going to happen on Terra’s part. Terra says she is sorry she refused to be in a group with Christy. She says she’s sorry she responded immaturely. She’s done fighting, but wants everyone to respect that some things cant be fixed. If she’s the broken link in the chain of their group, she wants them to accept it. Tonya says when someone breaks your heart, it can take a long time to mend. In her interview, Terra says the girls need to accept she doesn’t want to be friends with Christy. Terra tells the group that she doesn’t want to prevent them doing things together, but she still doesn’t want to be friends and doesn’t want it brought up again. She feels that it’s something that can’t be fixed.

Next time, the ladies take a defense class, Tonya has Lasik eye surgery, Angelique brings her boyfriend home, and Dancing with the Stars rehearsal begins.

October 25, 2016 – GH’s Franco is a Hospital Hero, ILYIW’s Eddie is Still an Idiot, & Below Deck’s Kelley Gets in Everyone’s Business


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Elizabeth and Franco are at the police station. Franco says he has the last piece of evidence and tells Elizabeth they can seal the deal. Jordan asks what this is about, and Franco tells her they can close the case.

Julian thanks Nina for not judging him, but she tells him not to be too sure about that.

Outside the bar, Alexis tells Sonny how sorry she is about Morgan. As she sips some wine.

Jason is still looking for the broker, but he only has a name and the guy is hard to find. Max says it doesn’t make sense. He tells Jason that Carly went back to her own place and says Jason has to take care of things.

Scotty meets Ava at the bar. He’s wondering if she was just being a drama queen, saying she was in a situation where she might not come out alive. She says she got Morgan’s medication and Scotty says good, she covered her tracks. She says she killed Morgan, and he tells her that she’s being melodramatic. She says she set the events in motion that killed him, and Sonny will kill her if he finds out. In true soap opera fashion, Sonny comes up behind her and says, finds out what?

Franco tells Jordan it’s a pleasure being there and not being in cuffs. She tells him the night is still young. Elizabeth tells her that Franco knows who tried to kill Bobbie and Lucas. He gives Jordan a recording of Heather’s confession. He says they should all be getting back to work since idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

Finn and Hayden are getting busy and there’s a knock at the door. Finn says they don’t need any towels, but it’s Tracy. She asks if that’s any way to treat her after he asked her for a huge favor. Hayden tells him to ignore it, but he can’t. Tracy asks what he was doing and then sees Hayden. She says last night’s social engagement took an unexpected social turn, and asks if he ended up jousting for her hand.

Alexis is on the phone telling someone that she’s with the girls, but she’s really swilling wine.

Nina says Julian stole the fruit basket and Julian tells her that he delivered it personally to Sonny. She’s surprised he’s still breathing.

Max tells Jason that he needs to stop Sonny now, before he starts to spiral. Sam comes in with Danny in a pirate costume. Max leaves, telling Jason to think about what he said. Sam steers Danny to cookies in the kitchen, and asks Jason why Max was there. Jason says Max is worried about Sonny and he is too.

Sonny wants to know what Ava was talking about. He asks what she knows that he doesn’t. She says she knows something about Morgan that she hasn’t told him.

Jordan tells Franco she’ll look into the possibility, but does he really expect her to believe Heather escaped from prison and came back? Franco says its his mother they’re talking about, but Jordan says the tape doesn’t prove anything.

Tracy says she told Finn to stay out of it, but obviously he didn’t listen. She asks if he hit Hayden’s date with a club and dragged her back by the hair. Hayden says she doesn’t need saving, and Tracy says that’s what she told Finn. Tracy asks if Hayden seduced him and if she expects her job back because they’re all lovey-dovey. She says she’d have had more respect for Hayden if she’d just asked.

Scotty suggests the only one responsible is Sonny. Ava says Morgan thought Kiki was breaking up with him; he was drinking and obviously out of control. She says she tried to reason with him and stop him, but he wouldn’t listen. She was one of the last people to see Morgan alive, and can’t stop thinking about what she should have done. She says his death isn’t entirely Sonny’s fault. Sonny walks away, and Scotty tells Ava that was good. She screeches at him that he’s the one who stopped her from going after Morgan.

Alexis says she’s spending quality time together with the girls and acts like she has to go. She hangs up and runs into Sonny. He hands her a drink. He says the last time he saw Morgan, he was so angry that he couldn’t even look at him. Sonny says he should have told Morgan that it was okay and he would always be there for him. Alexis says there’s no way he could have known what was going to happen. Sonny says that Morgan was drowning and hurting, but he told Morgan that he was disappointed in him and let him go out the door. Alexis puts her arm around him.

Jason talks about when Sonny’s first wife Lily died, and how he just did whatever Sonny needed until he came out of it, but the second time, Sonny was diagnosed as bi-polar and got medication, which finally leveled him out. Sam wonders if Sonny is going to break down again. Jason says he has to stop it, and asks about their plans to move. Sam says it can wait. Their family needs them. She’s never seen Sonny break down, but losing Morgan, especially if he had a hand in it, has to be the worst pain of his life.

Tracy says so Hayden just happened to spend the night and she gets a call from Finn? Hayden doesn’t know anything about it. Finn says Hayden is great at ELQ and Tracy is letting their history interfere. Hayden thinks he did this to get rid of her.

Jordan is going to look for actual proof, but as it stands, she can’t close the case. Franco has figured out which guard helped Heather, and produces a canceled check made out to a guard named Rob who bought a condo recently. He shows Jordan a car rental agreement for Heather, and also has a confession from low level drug dealer who sold the drug to the guard. Elizabeth can’t believe he did all this. He says he wouldn’t know what he’d do without her if she moves to Rochester.

Sam says it won’t bring Morgan back if Jason finds the broker. Jason says it might calm down Sonny though.

Ava says she was worried about Morgan and Scotty stopped her. Scotty says she’s the one who switched the meds because she wanted Morgan and Kiki to break up, and she succeeded. She says she told Morgan that Kiki was with Dillon, and she set him up to be jealous. All she was trying to do was protect her daughter. She starts to cry and Scotty awkwardly hugs her.

Julian asks if Nina would miss him. She says she doesn’t like him, but she doesn’t wish him dead. He didn’t destroy her life, he only dismantled the magazine. He says he has a long way to go before working his way back to Alexis. Nina says try never. He says Alexis means everything to him, and if he can redeem himself to his children, things might change.

Alexis tells Sonny that she can’t imagine what he’s going through. She says all the cousins were close growing up, and Sonny was a big part in bringing them together. She says he gave Morgan a good life. Sonny says Carly doesn’t think so, and tells Alexis that she left. He says Michael blames him too, and Dante is looking for evidence against him. Alexis says Kristina blames Julian, and Sonny asks what about her?

Tracy says she was considering rehiring Hayden, but now she wouldn’t have her clean floors. She tells Finn the next time he wants a favor, try something simple, like smuggling drugs. After she leaves, Hayden says Finn should have just asked her to get out of his life.

Franco asks Jordan if its the final piece of the puzzle.

Danny brings out a book and Sam says it’s a grown-up book. She explains mommy and daddy are having a baby and he’s going to have a little brother or sister. Danny says it’s way better than a puppy and asks if they can name the baby Scout.

Scotty tells Ava that she has to live with what she did. He’s her lawyer and her friend, and doesn’t want her stuck. He says they all have regrets.

Alexis tells Sonny that this all started because of the mess she made. If she’d done her job, Julian would be in prison and this wouldn’t have happened. Sonny says Julian offered a truce because he’s afraid Sonny is going to kill him. Alexis asks if he is, and Sonny asks if she wants another drink. She says she has to go home. She says what happened to Morgan is a tragedy, but not one single person is to blame, not even Sonny. She kisses his forehead and leaves.

Ava and Scotty come outside. Sonny says, there’s the reason his son is dead.

Finn tells Hayden to explain how him asking Tracy to give her a job is getting rid of her. She says he’s pushing her away in the kindest way possible. Finn says he doesn’t want to be her cause. She says he can’t let himself feel anything for any woman except his wife.

Tracy asks Jordan if there’s been any progress. Jordan tells Tracy about Heather.

Elizabeth tells Franco he’s a good man; he gave her back her health and her livlihood. She asks how he got he drug dealer to talk. He says at the risk of alienating her, there are times when he can appear reverted to his old ways and the bad man thought he was badder. He asks if that bothers her.

Nina tells Julian that Alexis was on trial for a murder he committed and then he tried to kill her. He says Alexis loves him. Nina sees Alexis at the bar and says she doesn’t look like a woman in love. She tells Julian to leave Alexis alone for once.

Scotty tells Ava not to listen, but Sonny says he’s talking to him. If Julian hadn’t walked, his son will be alive. Scotty says it’s karma. Scotty’s daughter lost her life, and now Sonny’s son is gone in return.

Finn says he watched Hayden as she slept and he felt happier and more alive since any day after his wife died. It did scare him, and maybe he thought he was betraying his wife, but he wanted to give Hayden something better to focus on than him. He says when she woke up and kissed him, he wasn’t thinking about anything except her. She says his wife keeps him in limbo, so he doesn’t have to give himself to anyone, including her. She leaves.

Tracy wants to know when she can open the hospital again. Jordan says she’ll let her know as soon as possible. Tracy asks what detective she should thank, but Jordan says it wasn’t anyone from the police department. When Tracy asks what civic-minded civilian gave them back the hospital, Jordan tells her to thank Franco.

Elizabeth says she knows how Franco was, and who he could still be. He tells her about overhearing her with Laura and she asks if he heard her say that she was falling for him. He tells her that he fell for her a long time ago. They kiss.

Julian walks up to Alexis. He says he was unsure how to approach her, and tells her that he was almost killed, like she doesn’t know. Alexis says Morgan was in the wrong place at the wrong time and is dead because of him.

Danny tells his parents that babies don’t do much. Sam says at first, but later he can build pillow forts with Scout. Jason says Danny can help them keep baby safe, and Sam says that’s what families do. Danny runs off to make a picture for Scout. Ava texts Jason, saying that Sonny is in trouble.

Sonny says Scotty hates him because he can’t hate anyone else, and has to put it somewhere. Scotty says that Sonny’s son was collateral damage, and he needs to look in the mirror. Sonny goes for Scotty’s throat.

Tomorrow, Maxie looks for Claudette, Nell tells Michael that Sonny might not make it, and Jason stops Sonny from strangling Scotty.

If Loving You is Wrong

I tune in a little late. Steven is questioning Brad. Steven shoves a picture of a baby at Brad, who claims he killed the baby. Then he says he doesn’t know where the baby and Alex are. He talks about Iraq and following orders. He says Randal is the reason he’s there, but he didn’t kidnap Randal or the baby. Steven thinks it’s weird that he hasn’t asked about Alex. He says she’s missing, and Brad asks if she’s been kidnapped too. Steven says she’s not kidnapped but she’s looking for her lover and baby. Brad reaches across the table and grabs Steven. Steven says that’s the Brad he’s looking for.

Brad says this has to stop. Steven says Brad’s wife running around with the guy next door must make him mad. Brad says he’s not saying anymore, but Steven says keep talking, confession is good for the soul. Brad tells Steven if he wants to put him in cuffs, go ahead. Steven brings up that Randal is Black and Brad wonders why that should matter. Steven says he knows plenty of guys who wouldn’t blame Brad for bashing Randal’s head in. Brad says he’s not saying another word until he gets a lawyer. Steven says if he’d talked, it would have gone a long way with the DA. Outside, Steven tells an officer to just go in and stand next to Brad and see if he’ll say something. The officer is Black and Steven hints around that Brad is a racist.

Esperanza tells Marcie and Kelly that Brad just asked for a lawyer. Kelly says if he was innocent he wouldn’t asks for one, but Esperanza says that’s exactly why he should have one. Otherwise he could get railroaded by the system. Marcie asks if she thinks he’s innocent, and Esperanza says she has other thoughts. Marcie says she keeps vacillating back and forth. She wonders how she could be so wrong about two men that she loves. Kelly asks if she loves Brad and she says yes. She didn’t realize it until tonight and asks them not to judge her. Marcie says Brad couldn’t have done this and asks how two people could create all this hell. Two people, one choice, and look where they are. Kelly says they all have blame in this. Marcie slept with Brad, and she and Esperanza wouldn’t get invovled. Marcie says their world has been thrown upside down and she wants it to stop. She wishes she could go back in time. Kelly tells them her mother used to say the wages of sin is death and she finally gets it. When things like this happen, the good things around us die.

Marcie gets upset about leading the police to Brad and insists he didn’t do it. Esperanza asks who did. Marcie says someone who hates the situation as much as they do. Esperanza says be careful or she’ll incriminate herself. She says the cops are like dogs digging up old bones when they want someone to blame. Marcie wants to do something and not just sit around. She wants to see Louise. Kelly says they will, but stay put right now. Esperanza wants to go to the station and see what else she can find out. She asks Kelly to walk her to the car.

Seriously, where is Randal? Did the actor leave the show or something?

On the porch, Esperanza tells Kelly she doesn’t think that Brad did it. Kelly says who then? Esperanza suggests Alex’s parents. For one, they’re racists. She says Miss Louise said it was the man next door; she didn’t specify Brad. She reminds Kelly about how they mixed up her and Alex when someone said “the woman next door.” She thinks Alex called her parents out of desperation. Kelly tells her to let the police know, but Esperanza wants to be sure. Kelly insists she should say something. Esperanza says if Alex called her parents, it could make her an accessory and she could get in a lot of trouble. She says people who are desperate do crazy things, but if Alex didn’t do it, the police will try to charge her anyway, so she can’t just go in with accusations. She says she’ll try to get more information, and she’ll talk to the captain if she can’t find out anything.

Eddie is still sitting in his car. He tells Esperanza that he’s keeping his eye on the only witness. Esperanza wants to know how to get to Alex’s parents and he tells her to take a left on Hillbilly Road. She tells him there’s a baby involved and he’s acting like an idiot. She points out that the people involved are his relatives. He asks how she would know that. She says she has a feeling. Eddie says most of the time the police go on facts. She asks if he’s going to help her or not. He asks how he’s suppsoed to know anything? He says he knew Uncle Rusty would work his way in there somewhere and this just gets better and better. Esperanza says if this baby dies, it’s all his fault and she hopes his conscience eats him alive. What conscience? He says it would be Alex and Randal’s fault for committing adultery. Esperanza says he cheated a lot when he was married, but he says he was cheating with her. She says she’s paying for it and she’ll get the real police to help her.

Esperanza tells Kelly that Eddie won’t tell her where Alex’s parents live. Kelly asks what’s wrong with him, and Esperanza says everything. Kelly tells Eddie he’s sick and Eddie makes remarks about the men in Kelly’s life. Esperanza gets in her car and Eddie leaves.

The truck driver drops Alex off, asking if she’s sure he doesn’t want her to call someone. She says she’ll be fine.

Pete tries to get up, but the nurse tells him to lie down. She says if he doesn’t, she’ll have to restrain him. He asks why there’s a guy sitting outside and she says he has protection because he was shot. He asks by who, and she says he’ll have to ask an officer. She leaves and Pete dreams about what happened before he got shot and how Ben was nowhere when he needed help. He jerks awake and reaches for the phone.

Lushion’s phone rings. It’s Pete. Lushion says it’s not a good time. Pete says he knows who shot him. It was a gang of guys and Ben just watched. Lushion asks what else he remembers and Pete says he has to get out of there. He says the guy outside of his room is working for the gang, but Lushion says he’s okay; he’s FBI. Pete asks how Lushion knows, and Lushion says somebody put him there for Pete. He asks Pete what he remembers about the tape from the convenience store. Pete says he saw Eddie shooting Ben’s hand off. Lushion asks what he did with the tape, and Pete says he gave it to Natalie and gave the copies to the captain who said he’d take care of it. After that, he was moved to the south side and got shot. He says he’s scared, but Lushion says, don’t be. He has to take care of something and then he’ll come check on him. Lushion goes back to Natalie.

The nurse tells Pete that he needs to rest. She gives Pete something to help him sleep, and he keeps saying he can’t sleep and she doesn’t understand. She tells him goodnight. He says he’s not going to sleep, but she says she bets he will.

Natalie tells Lushion that the pill is wearing off and she needs to know what’s happening with Joey. She’s losing patience. A doctor approaches them, introducing himself as Dr. Norton. He says Joey isn’t in the best condition. He has less than a 12% chance of making it. Natalie says there is hope, but the doctor says his heart and liver are damaged. Lushion asks if they’ve done everything they can, and he says yes; the only thing they can do is wait. He says if Joey recovers, it could take months. If he makes it through the night, his chances will improve, but the doctor doesn’t think it’s going to happen.

The doctor wants to ask Lushion something but Lushion blows him off. Natalie wants to know what the question is and Lushion says he’s going to ask about organ donation. The doctor says they have 12 people waiting for organs and Joey could save a lot of people. Natalie asks if they’re Black, but the doctor says he’s not sure. She wants to know if he’s just saving organs for some rich kid at the expense of hers. Lushion tells her not to take it out on the doctor. He says they shouldn’t think they’re going to lose Joey, but they have to consider organ donation. Natalie says she doesn’t want her son to die. She wants to ask the doctor if they can see him. I’m sure he’ll want to do her a favor after she just insulted him and practically called him a racist and a liar.

Pete asks the nurse what she gave him. She says a sedative. He keeps saying he can’t sleep, as he falls asleep. The door opens. Oh crap, it’s Eddie. I thought Lushion said that was an FBI guy outside. Eddie tells Pete to rest. Pete mumbles something and Eddie says it’s okay.

It’s Randal in a box! He hears the baby crying and hollers like a banshee. The box is moved and dropped. He pounds at it, and someone opens it and punches him. Hmm…I wonder if this is like when Suzanne Sommers had a beef with Three’s Company and her only scenes were brief and alone.

Next time, Alex’s car is found, Lushion questions the FBI guy, and Marcie passes out.

Below Deck

Captain Lee radios Kelley. He says the fiasco with the pool was an embarrassment. He says it’s not rocket science. He doesn’t want Kelley doing what he thinks is right, but what he’s told to. He says they don’t always have the luxury of extra time.

Ben makes the usual fabulous breakfast. Emily is seeing Ben in a different light and noticing the sweet side. Kate says she’s never seen Ben so nervous around a girl as Emily. The crew sets up the dreaded slide. Nico feels like Captain Lee is boring holes in them while watching.

Kate prepares for the guests’ party. She tells Ben she’s doing a Vegas theme and asks if he’d be Elvis. He’s not too receptive. Kelley asks primary guest Steve if he still wants to do some golfing. He does, so the captain tells Kelley how to set up the mat on deck. He’s getting irritated that he has to instruct Kelley about everything. Lauren says she understands why the captain is on Kelley’s ass, but since she’s been in that postion, she feels sorry for him. Steve golfs with one of the other guests.

Kate asks Nico to be Elvis. She radios Kelley, asking him to be the Chippendale. The guests are impressed with the table setting. Emily hasn’t told Kelley that she’s going out with Ben since she doesn’t want to wreck their friendship. I’m thinking it might wreck their friendship unless she does tell him.

Dinner is equally as fabulous as breakfast. Afterward, Kate directs the guests to the dance party. Elvis gets them in the mood. The guests do some dancing and everyone looks like they’re having a great time. In his interview, Ben says Emily has him rattled and he can’t wait for their date. Emily tells Kate pretty much the same thing.

Wow. Another breakfast is happening. All we do on this trip is eat. Steve says he’s glad his new fiance has tiny fingers since the ring looks bigger. Kyle talks to Kate and Ben in the galley about how he was a starving artist at one time. Well, a juggler who followed a girl to London, but then she left him for a rich doctor. In her interview, Kate says she loves when people have no apologies for who they are. I agree. Not everybody is going to like you regardless, so you might as well live honestly.

Kate tells Sierra she should give Kyle a chance. She says the lengths he went to for love are mind blowing. Sierra suggests Kate go out with him, but she says she loves Ro. Wasn’t Sierra here last week?

The guests were thrilled with the trip and Steve lays a fat envelope on Captain Lee. Kelley is psyched to go out, thinking he’s going to spend time with Emily. The crew gathers in the mess for tip time. Kelley keeps leaning on Emily, and in her interview, Emily says that clearly Kelley hasn’t gotten the memo that she’s going out with Ben because he’s lounging on her. The captain tells them that interior nailed it, but there were a few hiccups with the crew, and uses the word “proactive” again. The take is $15,000, $1350 each. Sierra says not too shabby for approximately fifteen hours of work. The captain expects Kyle and Sierra to make up the fishing trip time, but the crew is off for the evening.

Oh, I see. This isn’t a fishing trip like I was thinking. It’s a chartered boat where Kyle and Sierra are having cocktails. He talks about dinner later. Nico asks Emily if she has plans for tonight and she says she’s going to dinner with Ben. In her interview, Lauren says Kelley is going to flip and she’s staying out of it.

Kyle and Sierra sit in the fishing chair together. In her interview, Sierra says that Kyle is aggressive with his flirting, but she still wants to get to know him.

In his interview, Nico points out that Ben rooms with Kelley and it’s a bad situation. Ben asks Kyle how the date went, and he says Sierra kept texting a male friend. I know she didn’t want him to think it was a date, but that’s pretty rude. Kate is the one who ends up telling Kelley that Emily is going out with Ben. When they meet for dinner, Ben tells Emily that her dress is snazzy. Kelley gossips about Ben to Kyle, saying he has a different girl every season. Kyle tells him about Sierra’s texting and Kelley thinks he’s foolish to take her to dinner and manages to talk him out of it. What I think is that Kelley is worried he’s going to end up with Nico and Lauren all night. No girl for you!

The town is beautiful. Ben and Emily go to a fancy restaurant. Ben says he doesn’t like dill and I’m shocked. I love dill. Sierra talks about her family and how independent she was at a young age. Ben says his family was glad to get him out of the country. Ha-ha! In her interview, Emily says she enjoys Ben’s company; it’s easy and natural

Kelley insists to Lauren and Kyle that Sierra has a boyfriend. Lauren relays the information to Sierra about Kyle and Kelley’s gripes. Sierra asks Kelley if he’s upset with her. He says she didn’t tell Kyle the truth about wanting to just be friends, and he’s upset because she played Kyle. She says he absolutely knew how she felt. Kelley starts walking away and Sierra says she isn’t done. She decides not to go to dinner with them because Kelley wants to cause drama. Kate asks what the problem is and tells Kelley its none of his business. Sierra says she’s only been nice to him. Kate tells Sierra he’s taking his jealousy out on her because Emily went out with Ben. In her interview, Kate says Kelley hasn’t mastered the art of handling rejection.

Emily tells Ben it was a breath of fresh air to have him ask her out and she’s glad he did. Ben says he’s glad he’s sitting there and not Kelley. Emily says her too. They toast to Kelley…not being there.

Kate tells Sierra that Kelley is acting like a junior high school girl. The go to the bar where the rest of the crew is, and Ben and Emily show up. Kelley wanders off with Lauren. Sierra talks about how overbearing Kelley is. Kyle tells Sierra that he thinks she’s amazing, but she hurt him, so let’s call it a day now and get on with our lives. In his interview, Nico says it’s super awkward and he’s stuck in the middle of a bunch of emotions. He gets a pizza to go. Sierra tells Kyle she’s sorry and they hug it out. In his interview, Kyle says if Sierra ever comes knocking, the door is closed.

Nico, Kelley and Lauren go back to the boat with the pizza. Ben comes back to the table to find only Emily.

Captain Lee tells Kate that he has an issue with the pizza trail on the way to his quarters. He says he expects Kate will deal with it accordingly. She says things are out of control.

Nico finds the sandwich make on and smoking in the galley. He runs upstairs and out on deck with it wrapped in a towel. Captain Lee wonders what’s going on and Nico says someone left the toaster on and it’s smoking.. Kate says she just got the captain calmed down. She asks Nico what’s going on and he says he found it that way and has no idea who left it on.

Lauren is squinty drunk and tries to talk to Nico. Kelley thinks he’s being thrown under the bus, since he got accused of leaving the sandwich maker on by default.

Ben and Emily talk to each other in French. In her interview, Emily thinks there are real feelings. Ben says they have chemistry and hopes they can continue this.

Lauren sings on deck. Kate talks to Kelley and says the sandwich maker was a sadety issue and they’ll talk in the morning when everyone is clear headed.

Still to come this season, Kyle does drag and might be transgender, Ben calls Emily “the jewel of he Caribbean,” Nico butts heads with Kate, a hated guest returns, Kate has long distance relationship issues, Kelley and Sierra have it out, Kelley and Nico have it out, and Kelley and Captain Lee have it out.

October 24, 2016 – GH’s Valentin has a Long Reach, the OC’s Tamra has a Big Win & I have a Film Recommend


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sonny asks Carly to come home with him, saying they need each other now more than ever. They almost kiss and the doorbell rings. It’s Dante. He was at the crash site. Carly asks if he found any trace of Morgan. He pulls out an evidence bag.

Finn watches Hayden sleep. He tells her it’s time to wake up; it’s the afternoon. She jumps up in fighting mode.

Anna looks at Valentin’s dossier. Griff asks if she knows him. She says no, but something is familiar. She’s never met him, but she recognizes something about his face. Laura approaches, having overheard them. Anna introduces her to Griff. Charlotte comes over to the table, and Anna explains to Laura that there’s a connection between Valentin and Claudette’s mother. Laura says from her experience, Valentin will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Claudette insists to Nathan that the room had been ransacked. Nathan picks up a bracelet. It’s Maxie’s. He asks what the hell is going on and where is Maxie?

Maxie talks to herself, saying it’s not her fault The Beard is incompetent and took her by mistake. She says this isn’t the way it’s going to end. She’s the daughter of Frisco and Felicia Jones and there’s got to be a way out.

Dante takes the jade necklace that Carly gave Morgan out of the bag. He tells Carly to keep it since they don’t need it as evidence. She tells them how she’d told him that it promotes peace and wisdom. (Well, that didn’t work.) Sonny asks if Dante has any evidence that might show Morgan is still alive. Carly asks if that’s possible, but Dante says they have nothing, although they’re continuing to canvas the area. He says they’re going to bring whoever did this to justice, and asks if Carly needs any help with the funeral. Carly wonders if there’s going to be enough time for them to get something they can actually bury.

Hayden asks what Finn is doing there. He says technically he lives there. She apologizes, saying when she wakes up in a strange room, her first instinct is to defend herself. He gives her some aspirin and says she should feel better in about a half hour. I dunno about that. She tells Finn that he’s a prince among men and I’m surprised he doesn’t make a joke about Nicholas. She says she’s a little fuzzy about last night and he shows her the check, asking if it rings any bells.

Laura tells Griff that regardless of the situation, they’ve been given the best gift anyone can receive, meaning a child. Doc arrives and she excuses herself. He tells her she looks great, but she thinks she dressed for dinner, not lunch. He says if all goes well, maybe they can have dinner next time. I was thinking if it goes well, lunch could turn into dinner. Lots of missed dialogue opportunities today.

Griff wonders why Valentin seems familiar to Anna. She says there’s something about his eyes, but since he’s been accused of just about everything, she’d remember if she had met him. She says he’s a mercenary, lethal, and smart, since up until Cassadine Island, he flew under the radar. Griff feels badly about Claudette, and blames himself for her turning to Valentin.

Nathan asks Claudette how Maxie’s bracelet ended up there, but she has no clue. She says she’s been busy introducing Charlotte to her father, and Nathan says, which one? BA-DUM-CHH! Nathan puts two and two together, and realizes that someone must have kidnapped Maxie thinking she was Claudette.

Maxie gets out of the duct tape and runs upstairs. The door is locked. She needs to pick the lock and looks for something to use. Did she turn that furnace off? That would be my first move. She finds a cell phone that has power.

Nathan calls the hotel office to get security footage. He explains that Maxie is missing and the hotel was her last known location. Dante shows up and says Maxie’s car is still in the parking lot. Maxie calls Nathan’s phone.

Doc makes up something crazy on the menu to see if Laura is listening. She tells him sorry; she heard Anna talking about Valentin and it’s distracted her.

Griff fills Anna in on what happened between him, Claudette and Nathan. He wonders how their lives would be different if he’d been supportive of her. Anna wonders why Claudette didn’t tell him that she was pregnant.

Nathan asks whose phone she’s using, but she doesn’t know. He says he’ll come and get her, but she doesn’t know where she is either. She says she’s in a basement with no windows, and the door is locked. He asks her if she noticed anything on the drive, and she says she was in the trunk of the car. Nathan tells her they’ll trace the call, but she says she doesn’t think she can wait. The Beard broke something and gas is leaking into the room. I still can’t believe the daughter of Frisco and Felicia Jones can’t figure out something to do there. There’s a lot of stuff on those shelves. She should be MacGyvering this.

Hayden tells Finn that scamming is in her blood…or not. She has to keep reminding herself she’s Jeff Webber’s daughter, not Raymond Berlin’s. She asks what Finn is going to use the money for and how many test tubes it will buy. He says he can’t accept the check.

Sonny tells Carly he was wrong and he knows it, and he’d change it if he could, but it doesn’t mean they can’t honor their son’s memory together. Carly says a burned necklace is all they have to bury, and unless he can go back in time, she can’t help him. She has nothing for him and can’t grieve with him or even look at him.

Kiki enters with what is sure to be bad timing. She’s sorry about Morgan, but also about all the times she hurt him, and every stupid argument they ever had. Most of all she hates that before Morgan died, he was in pain because of her. She wants them to know that she loved him and always will. Carly asks what she meant by causing him pain on his last night. She wants to know her son’s final moments.

Hayden is shocked Finn doesn’t want to accept the check after all she went through to get it. He says it was an impressive feat, but Evan wrote the check because he thought he slept with her. He asks what if Evan comes back for seconds, or worse, realizes she tricked him. She says men are easy to fool, and he’s probably bragging to his buddies right now. She says the last thing she expected was Finn breaking down the door and it was pretty awesome. She remembers accusing Finn of wanting to sleep with her himself.

Laura doesn’t want to think about Valentin. She says he’s in prison and Spencer is safe in school. She wants to concentrate on what really matters, their date. Doc says that works for him.

Charlotte interrupts Anna and Griff, saying she wants her mommy. Griff wonders what’s taking so long.

Nathan tries to get Maxie to remember anything about the drive – how long it was and if they drove over anything like train tracks. She says it was smooth the entire way, but recalls hearing “that annoying song.” She tells Nathan it’s a place they drive past where he always wants to get hot dogs. The phone goes dead.

Sonny asks what Carly is doing, and she says she needs to know. Kiki says Morgan thought there was something going on between her and Dillon. He thought he saw them having sex, and even though she’s never had sex with Dillon, it set him off. Carly says she saw them kiss in the park and asks if Kiki was sneaking around. Kiki admits she was going to break up with Morgan. Carly makes her say it louder. Kiki says she went to their house to do it face to face, but Morgan wasn’t home. Carly says she can’t blame herself for his death, but she can blame herself for not being there for him in his hour of need, and for doing the one thing that Carly asked her not to. I hate to point this out to Carly, but Kiki might have been there for him if he’d bothered answering his phone or was at home instead of the bar. Carly says that Kiki swore she loved Morgan and would stand by him. She insults Kiki and slaps her. She says she wants Kiki out. Sonny gathers Kiki into his arms and hugs her.

Hayden says she can’t believe she suggested that Finn wanted to sleep with her. Finn says alcohol lowers inhibitions, and he can’t count the times he’s woken up and wanted to be put out of his misery. She says go ahead and tell her he’s not interested.

Laura tells Doc that there’s only one thing they can do – schedule another date. They have to keep doing it until they get it right. Aw, I’m glad she’s trying with him again.

Griff wonders where Claudette is and says he’ll go check. Anna plays a game on her phone with Charlotte.

Maxie is passed out, but Nathan arrives in time and brings her upstairs.

Claudette is packing. Griff knocks at the door. She hides the suitcase and answers. She says she thought someone was following her, but it was a false alarm. He wants her to go back downstairs; Charlotte is wondering what happened. She says Charlotte will be fine. Griff is a wonderful father who will take good care of her. He asks if she’ going to leave her daughter and run.

Nathan tells Maxie to come around for Georgie’s sake.

Kiki says everything Carly says is true. Sonny says Carly’s pain is bigger than anything Kiki has done or could do. Kiki says she screwed up, but she loved Morgan. Sonny says she cared for him more than he cared for himself. He’s happy that Morgan experienced that kind of love.

Griff asks how Claudette can abandon her daughter? She says it’s the only way to keep her safe, and that Valentin’s reach is long, even in jail. Griff says he got Anna to help them and asks Claudette to trust him. She says okay, she will. He says let’s go and she goes to get her purse. While he’s looking elsewhere, she smacks Griff over the head with a paperweight and grabs her stuff. She says she’s sorry and take care of Charlotte. She leaves him there unconscious.

Finn says to be clear, Hayden just asked him to confirm he has no romantic interest in her. She says she can take it; she’s the type who likes the band-aid ripped off fast. He says he is interested, very interested, but it doesn’t change that the two of them pursuing a relationship is a bad idea, because he won’t be around. She says she just got him a big check, but he says it doesn’t work that way. (That’s not how any of this works!) Hayden tells him that she knows she’s taking a risk, but in case he didn’t notice, she likes taking risks. They kiss.

Sonny says Morgan wanted the best for Kiki and would want her to move on. She thanks him and leaves. Carly asks Sonny if he thinks she wasn’t being fair. He says he knows she’s grieving, but Kiki did lead Morgan on and quit on him. He adds that she’s a kid though, and it does no good to tear her down. He says they know who she’s really mad at. She says she’s mad at everyone, right down to PCU expelling Morgan without giving him a chance to explain (because the rules don’t apply to him). It changes nothing though – she won’t get to hear him laugh anymore, or get to hold her baby anymore. She says she can’t do this with Sonny, because when she looks at him, she sees the man who killed her son. She tells him to go. Dammit!

Hayden says she had Finn all wrong. He’s willing to take risks too. He says she ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. They get busy.

Griff comes to. He realizes what happened.

Anna asks Charlotte if they should check on Griff.

Nathan cancels the ambulance, but wants Maxie to be checked out. Dante goes to help find the perp. Maxie asks how Nathan found her, and he says via the hot dog place.

Griff calls the hotel office and asks for the surveillance camera to be checked . They’re being kept very busy today. Anna comes to the door, and Griff says he guesses Claudette is skipping town.

Claudette gets on a plane. The seat next to her is empty. You know what’s going to happen, right?

Doc says he’s been thinking about something that Laura said when she got the key. If she pursued it or not, it would haunt her. Laura says Helena is dead, Valentin is in jail, and no one can touch her. After all these years, apparently Laura still lives in a fool’s paradise.

Claudette hears someone singing softly. Valentin sits next to her. He says she has something she stole from him. (Hmm…could Charlotte be his?)

Tomorrow, Nina is surprised Julian is still alive, Alexis apologizes to Sonny, and Ava is concerned about being killed.

The Real Housewives of the OC

I’ve pretty much decided I don’t like anyone on this show. I don’t mind Kelly, but she needs to stay away from alcohol. She’s a big girl and shouldn’t feel pressured by the others to drink. Not that it excuses them from being the d-bags they were last week. Vicki is harmless, but I don’t know what her problem is that she sleepwalks through the drama and pretends it doesn’t exist. The both of them seem like they mean well, even if ultimately they cause a ruckus. I can’t say that about the others.

On the bus to the airport, Heather says, I’m rubber you’re glue. Actually, she declares that nothing Kelly says can hurt her, because Kelly is trash. In her interview, Meghan says she sees how Kelly has become an easy target for the women to prod and see what they can get out of her. OMG – Meghan is suddenly the wise one. She wants to stand up for Kelly, but doesn’t know exactly what happened. Shannon starts screeching at Vicki for not contributing to the conversation, if that’s what we’re calling it. Kelly feels that Vicki abandoned her and Kelly lets fly some things that Vicki told her about Shannon, one of them being that Vicki is afraid of David because he beats his wife.

Heather gets up like the schoolteacher she is, finger wagging, and says that’s enough. Shannon stars bawling and saying he does not. Apparently this is the secret that Vicki was holding onto a couple of episodes ago. Tamra jumps in, saying Vicky has said things about Eddie, and literally screams F-U in Vicki’s face, like two inches away. Tamra claims that Vicki said Eddie is gay. I don’t remember her ever saying that, but now that she mentions it…just kidding. I think. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In her interview, Heather says Vicki shouldn’t have told Kelly anything, even though Kelly is the one that blurted it out. In her interview, Meghan says she’s disappointed in Heather, who’s deflecting her own role in the situation. I know the feeling.

Back in the OC, Shannon is unpacking. She’s upset that one of the best trips of her life was ruined on the airport bus. I feel sorry for her if that was one of the best trips of her life even before then. Tamra comes by the new house. She has to concentrate on the competition and doesn’t know if she’s ready. She told her mom about what went on during the trip. Shannon asks what her status with Vicki is. Tamra says Eddie just laughed it off, but she feels like Vicki wants to present her as being in a bad marriage. Shannon is like, ditto. She says Vicki wants to “attack their men” because of Brooks.

Vicki tells Briana that it was a great trip and they all got along well (!). I’m not sure if Vicki is on medication or has some ability to be in a different dimension. She tells Briana about Tamra thinking she said Eddie is gay, but doesn’t remember saying anything like that. In her interview, Briana says her mother is a dirty fighter. Briana tells Vicki that when other people are hurting, she only focuses on it for a minute, and then turns things back to herself. Vicki says she wants peace, and Briana says she needs to acknowledge it when she hurts someone’s feelings, but Vicki is tired of apologizing. It’s like they’re having two different conversations.

Tamra says she’s putting Vicki out of her mind. Shannon says she has nothing to say to Vicki. If she sees her, she’s leaving the room. Oooh, there’s a threat.

Kelly talks to Michael about the women provoking her on the way to the airport. She says Heather is the puppet and everyone is the master, but Willy Wonka would tell her to strike that and reverse it. She says she was pushed and repeated what Vicki told her about David beating the crap out of Shannon. Michael is like, whoa, and asks if it’s true, but Kelly says she doesn’t know and it’s none of her business. Good one. She says she stuck by Vicki when the rest of the women put her through crap, but then Vicki was silent when she needed support. Michael says maybe Kelly should take baby steps and mend things with Vicki. He says every relationship is different and she’ll have to have a different plan for each. For once, he actually makes sense. It’s like the bizarro OC.

Tamra gets her competition outfits – a bejeweled turquoise bikini, and a pink and black leather bikini bottom and crop top. She tells Mia about what happened on the trip with Kelly, leaving out a lot of her own part in it. In her interview, she says enough is enough with Vicki. Mia tells her that she has to forgive as many times as it takes. We flash back to Tamra and Vicki apologizing to one another at various times. Tamra says she wants to forgive Vicki about as much as she wants to put on the tiny clothing. Which is not at all.

Kelly meets Meghan, who is wearing an awesome faux fur vest. Meghan asks how she’s been doing since the trip. In her interview, Meghan says Kelly’s behavior wasn’t acceptable, but she’s not going to ditch her. Kelly wonders what she did, and Meghan says she wasn’t exactly tactful. Kelly asks if Meghan thinks what the others said to her was okay. Meghan says no, but the power is in Kelly’s hands to move on. She tells Kelly that she should have just ridden it out. Kelly wants to talk to Tamra first, since she’s reached out before, and is trying to be a better person. Meghan tells Kelly she’ll always be there to support her.

Kelly invites Vicki over. Vicki says she thought they had an amazing trip (sound of cuckoo clock in my head). Kelly says she felt like Vicki wasn’t the same. She’s defended Vicki, but Vicki didn’t return the favor. Vicki says she wanted to stay neutral and let Kelly to fight her own battle. How nice of her. She says if she took Kelly’s side, the other women would turn on her, but if she took their side, she was abandoning Kelly. They talk about Shannon and Tamra encouraging Kelly to drink. Vicki says she told Kelly not to drink, but we flash back and that isn’t the case at all. Quite the opposite. Kelly talks about Heather putting in her two cents and how she was the puppet master. Vicki says not with her, but Kelly isn’t buying it. Kelly says Vicki went through it, so why didn’t she say something when they ganged up on her? She says she was backed into a corner and no one was defending her. Vicki says she was mending fences and she doesn’t want to be excluded or have Kelly excluded. In her interview, Vicki admits she was wrong. She apologizes to Kelly and says she was just recovering from her own hell. In her interview, Kelly says she doesn’t like what Vicki did, but she understands her position.

Vicki calls Tamra. Tamra remarks that the trip ended badly. Vicki thinks alcohol fueled a lot of it, and that Shannon was out of line. Tamra says Shannon was hurt, and Vicki says they all were. Ugh! It’s one of those “we were all drinking” excuses. Vicki asks if it’s okay if she comes to Tamra’s competition and the eating party afterward. In her interview, Tamra says she knows the Christian thing is to forgive, and decides Vicki can come.

Tamra meets Kelly for lunch. A lettuce leaf and a glass of water. In her interview, Tamra wants to move on with Kelly, but needs to know where her heart is. They talk about the competition and Tamra’s preparation. Kelly tells Tamra that she was 100% wrong. Tamra says when Kelly talked about her daughter, it put her in a bad place. Kelly says she didn’t want to hurt Tamra and apologizes. Tamra says she’s disappointed in herself, and had she not been drinking, she wouldn’t have pushed Kelly. They talk about forgiveness. The food comes, looking surprisingly more substantial than a lettuce leaf. Kelly tells Tamra that Vicki really loves her. Tamra says she’s over it. Kelly wonders why Shannon is so upset, and Tamra says Shannon once confided in Vicki, and Vicki needs to keep her mouth shut. Kelly talks about Shannon pressing the alcohol on her, but Tamra thinks she should apologize for repeating what Vicki said. Kelly is torn about Shannon, but says she’s tired of Heather being the puppetmaster and everyone seeming scared of her. Tamra tells Kelly they’re all going to be at the competition and she doesn’t want any drama. Kelly says she doesn’t want to screw anything up for Tamra. She tells Tamra to remember that if you’re not first, you’re last, which is what she tells her daughter. No wonder Kelly is messed up. That’s terrible to say, but she probably heard it herself growing up.

Tamra calls Shannon. She says Vicki called her and wants to go to the competition. She says Vicki told her that alcohol was the only thing that messed up the trip. Shannon says that Vicki needs to stop concocting stories. Even though I don’t think that was the whole problem, alcohol certainly contributed. Tamra says Vicki thinks they’re all hurt, but offered no apologies. She tells Shannon they should confront Vicki at the party. Shannon is down with that. Tamra moves on to telling her about lunch with Kelly. Shannon says if Tamra is working past it and wants Kelly at the party, no problem, but she’s not going to hang out with her.

Tamra reads her good luck texts on the way to the competition. She’s in the bikini division. Mia tells her to ask Jesus for strength and that she’s there to inspire other women. We flash back to the accident and Tamra’s recovery. Tamra says she’s worked so hard, she can’t let anything get in her way. She gets a final spray tan before the event starts. The girls arrive and it’s stupid how they’re all saying hello to Briana, but pretty much ignoring Vicki and Kelly. In her interview, Shannon says she’s keeping it to herself (whatever it is) because it’s Tamra’s night.

Tamra looks amazing. Eddie takes pictures and David’s eyes bug out of his head. We see a few of the other contestants. Shannon says since she’s met Tamra, she’s done a complete transformation. The other girls praise her, but my ears are still ringing from her hollering on the bus. Tamra should apologize to me. It’s down to Tamra and another girl. Tamra prays. We go to a commercial.

Tamra wins! She gets her trophy, and Eddie comes up on stage and hugs her. In her interview, Tamra says with all the things she can’t control in her life, she wanted to do something for herself. Everyone congratulates her and they take pictures. Tamra just wants a hamburger and some pizza. Vicki and Kelly come up for pictures, and Shannon walks away. Kelly says Shannon is ignoring her and Heather is icing her out.

Next time, the finale – Shannon has a party, a pile of donuts falls to the ground and Tamra eats them anyway (I made up the Tamra part), Meghan tries to talk to Heather, and Shannon confronts Vicki.

🎭 Recommended: Hamilton’s America in rotation on PBS. This is like seeing two documentaries in one. Lin-Manuel Miranda captured his musical’s journey from start to Tony Awards, and this is interspersed with historical discussion. There are interviews with everyone from historians to Hamilton cast members. And there are enough scenes from the play, that you won’t even need to see it. This is definitely worth a look, or two, or three. Fastest 82 minutes ever.

October 23, 2016 – Once Upon Aladdin, Walking Dead Reveal & NJ’s Dolores’s Kitchen Gets Warmed


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Once Upon a Time

In the capital of Agribah, the market is busy and Jafar pushes people around. He corrals three guys, telling them that the Sultan doesn’t tolerate thieves and neither does he. He zaps them and poof! they turn into rats in a cloud of red smoke. Maybe dusty rose is closer.

Jasmine comes to Aladdin’s rug shop. She’s there to hire him. He wonder if she shouldn’t be in a palace, but she’s unhappy there. She wants Aladdin to help her defeat Jafar. He’s not interested, but she tells him look in his pocket. He finds a royal scarab as payment. When he tries to give it back, she screams, “thief!” and he says he’ll help just to shut her up. She wants him to steal a weapon called the Diamond in the Rough.

Emma’s visions are still haunting her. She and Archie walk through the forest. They find the Oracle, but she keels over dead. So much for her part. A girl runs past them. Emma runs after her and the girl falls. It’s Shireen.

Emma and David talk to Shireen. Emma asks what her story is and says maybe they can help. Shireen explains that she’s really Princess Jasmine, but says she didn’t kill the Oracle and doesn’t know who did. The Oracle was helping her find Aladdin. She says he was special and the Savior.

The Evil Queen shows up at Archie’s office. She wants to talk about Emma. She says Hyde told her that the Oracle gave Emma visions of her future, and Archie realizes the Evil Queen is the one who killed the Oracle. She asks him to team up for old time’s sake. He tells her no way, and she turns herself into his clone. She says if he won’t help, she’ll ask Emma herself.

Zelena tends to her baby, and finds Archie  in her kitchen tied up. He wants her to untie him, but she says her sister must have her reasons. He tries using psychology to trick her into setting him free, but it doesn’t work.

The Evil Queen sees Emma, who sees her as Archie. “Archie” says they have more to explore, but Emma says the plans have changed. She says Aladdin is another Savior and she has to help find him. She drives off in her yellow VW bug.

In the old world, Jasmine takes Aladdin to the Cave of Wonders. She says he’ll learn everything he needs from there. He jokes around, but she tells him it’s serious. Rather than living a life of comfort, she wants to save the world. He says she can’t blame Jafar for everything though. It’s been bad for a while, and only when her own family was persecuted did she get involved. He tells her that she’s selfish. He juggles an apple and gives it to her, making her smile.

They approach the cave. The closed entrance stumps Aladdin she wonders how hard a little breaking and entering can be for a thief. He says “Open Sezme!.” Nothing happens. But then the door slowly opens. He says, after her.

The Storybrooke group gathers at Emma’s place. David says they’re not giving up on finding Aladdin, but it doesn’t look good. The Evil Queen as Archie enters. He says Emma has a secret, encouraging her to tell her family. Emma says she’s been having visions of what she thinks is her future. She says all of the Saviors died, but she thought if she found Aladdin alive, he could help her avoid her fate. As they argue, Archie leaves and turns back to the Evil Queen outside.

Emma says Regina isn’t there in the vision. Regina wonders if she’s dead or if she’s the hooded figure. She says they’ll find another way to track down Aladdin and tells them meet in her vault in an hour. Jasmine wonders if Aladdin is dead.

The Cave of Wonders definitely is. Lots of gold and treasure and a booby trapped rough diamond. Aladdin sees a gold monkey and uses it as a weight so he can take the diamond. It turns to dust in his hands and the cave starts to shake. He covers Jasmine. When it’s over, she says he’s magic. He asks if she knew that would happen, and she says she suspected. The actual gem wasn’t the Diamond in the Rough; he is. He can challenge Jafar and defeat him and be the Savior of Agribah.

In today’s Storybrooke, Jasmine is sitting in Henry’s room and he tells her that she can play his X-Box or whatever helps. She feels like she’s intruding, but he says he knows it’s hard on her. She says the worst part is knowing that being a Savior is a death sentence, and back in Agribah, she’s the one who encouraged Aladdin. Henry says he did the same thing with his mother, but maybe Hyde is wrong. Jasmine hopes so, for both their sakes.

Snow says Emma should have been honest. Emma says she didn’t lie, she was just scared. David gets a message from Leroy. He had an appointment with Archie, but Archie never showed.

The Evil Queen pops into Zelena’s place and says thanks for watching Archie. She tells Zelena to come with her and let Archie babysit. She says Zelena’s little sister is going to make everything better.

Zelena and the Evil Queen go to the spa and gossip. The Evil Queen asks if this isn’t what Zelena always wanted, a family that supports her? She says the rest want Zelena to squelch her gifts. She says she lied to Henry for years, but she never gave him a chance to accept the real her. She tells Zelena that she’s strong, powerful, and wicked, and that her daughter might turn out as wonderfully wicked as she is.

Regina concocts a potion. It’s a locator spell. She says there’s one thing Aladdin didn’t steal – his magic. If he’s alive, it’s still with him. She tells Emma to drink it and they’ll go find him.

Back in the day, Aladdin asks why Jasmine didn’t tell him, but she says he wouldn’t have believed her. She says that the scarab was a gift to her family for freeing the kingdom from darkness. Now it’s his. Even if he doesn’t believe in himself, she believes in him. She leaves Aladdin in the cave.

Jafar appears, asking how it feels to be a Savior. He asks if Aladdin wants to see what happens, and produces an Oracle bird that looks an awful lot like a cardinal. The bird’s eyes glow and Aladdin sees death. Jafar says that death is the fate of all Saviors, but there’s a way to alter his destiny. He shows Aladdin a pair of gold shears that can sever the ties. He’ll live a long, prosperous, happy life, paid for by the treasures in the cave, and no longer be Savior. Jafar asks if prince doesn’t sound more appealing than dead Savior.

In Agribah, Jasmine finds her father. She wants to get him somewhere safe; a great battle is coming. She says Jafar has torn the kingdom apart, but she’s found a Savior to defeat him. Jafar appears and says that sounds like treason. She tells Jafar a Savior is coming. He says her Savior had a heart for gold rather than a heart of gold, and the only thing between Aladdin and the throne is her. Jafar puts Jasmine inside of a huge hourglass. The sand begins to pile up around her.

Aladdin swoops in on a flying carpet and tells Jafar not to be so sure. He breaks the glass, releasing Jasmine, who is about to be covered in sand. Jafar says Aladdin has never had to pay a price for anything, but someday he will, and he’ll know this was no victory.

Jasmine thought Aladdin abandoned them, but he says she changed his mind. The king wonders who Aladdin is. Aladdin says he’s returning something she lost and gives her the scarab. She wants him to keep it as a remembrance that a friend believes in him.

The Storybrooke gang walks through the forest. Emma feels a quake and steers Henry in another direction. They go underground, and Regina says they’re under the cemetery in a forgotten crypt. Jasmine says Emma must have made a mistake. She looks around in the dark with a flashlight and sees the scarab. She says Emma is right: he’s there. Regina asks if she’s sure it’s Aladdin, and she says yes. I’m not. Henry asks what this means, but Emma doesn’t know. She needs to be alone.

Emma has her vision. Henry interrupts. He says he’s sorry and it’s all his fault. He says if he’d never knocked on her door and dragged her to Storybrooke in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened. He forced her to be Savior. Emma says now she has actual magic in her life – him – and she has a family now. She tells him not to worry about the end of the story, just enjoy the middle of the journey together. They hug. Aladdin appears. He tells Emma from one Savior to another, it’s no fun.

In Agribah, Aladdin and Jasmine walk through the market. Her father wants Aladdin to have his pick of the royal treasures, but he says he doesn’t want that. Jasmine asks what he does want. He says just to be Savior. He asks Jasmine to go away with him; he wants to show her the world. She says she can’t; there’s much work to be done in the kingdom. She says it’s not good-by. He’ll defeat Jafar and he knows where to find her.

Aladdin finds the shears in his bag along with a note from Jafar – for a rainy day, or coming storm, or when the Savior’s burden becomes too much.

Aladdin tells Emma that he used them and ran to the Enchanted Forest to hide. Emma realizes he planted the scarab at the crypt. He never intended to reveal himself, but after hearing Emma and Henry, he couldn’t do it. Henry says he has to go to Jasmine. Aladdin says he doesn’t want to see the look in her eyes when she realizes he’s just a common thief. Emma doesn’t think that will happen.

Jasmine sits on a park bench and looks at the scarab. Aladdin approaches. They embrace. She thought he was dead and he thought he’d never see her again. He asks now what. She says now he needs to help her. Agribah is in terrible danger and needs the Savior. He’s like, um….

The Evil Queen and Zelena get back. Archie asks if they’re going to torture and kill him. Zelena tells him not to be ridiculous; she has to show her daughter who her mommy is. She turns Archie into a cricket and puts him in a cage above the baby’s crib. OMG – he’s so cute!

The group gathers. Emma says she doesn’t want to use the shears. Aladdin didn’t trust the people he loved, and that’s why he failed. If her magic comes with a price, they’ll pay it. David says they can protect her and the town. Hook says he’s with her, and she apologizes for not trusting him. She says no more secrets and gives him the shears so they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Emma tells Hook to get rid of them.

Emma watches as Hook goes out in a rowboat. He comes back and says they’re ten thousand leagues under the sea. She thanks him. He promises that she’ll have her heart’s desire. She leaves him on the dock. We see he still has the shears. Bad Hook.

Next time, Hook travels 20,000 leagues under the sea.

The Walking Dead

All right, let’s get it over with. I don’t even care anymore. Unless it’s Daryl.

Rick says he’s going to kill Negan. Good luck with that. Negan asks him to speak up. Rick says not today or tomorrow, but he’s going to kill him. Negan asks right hand man Simon what he has, and Simon says a hatchet. He plays with Rick a little and asks for the ax.

Negan shows Rick the ax. He puts it in his belt. He drags Rick off. He says maybe Rick will be back and they can turn the people inside out who are left. We see a bloody pulp. So who died? Are they going to stretch this out even more? I’m annoyed already and it’s only four minutes into the show.

Negan kicks Rick’s ass around the RV and then suggests they go for a ride. The trailer won’t start and he calls it a piece of sh*t. He laughs about Rick saying he’s going to kill him, and asks if Rick saw what he just did. I didn’t. He says Rick’s best bet is to get him in the back of the head with the ax, but when Rick picks it up, Negan is faster. He tells Rick to drop it and pounds him when he does. He tells Rick not to make him get up again, like he’s dad on a Sunday car ride. He says that dawn is braking and it’s a brand new day. He wants Rick to think about what happened, and what could still happen. He starts to drive.

Negan drives into a zombie who splatters all over the windshield. We see flashes of Rosita, Sasha and Glenn. Negan stops the van. He says Rick is his, and the people back there are his, and Lucille is his. Okay. I get it. Everything is his. He opens the door and throws out the ax, telling Rick to go get it. He threatens Rick with Lucille and says get his ax. Negan finally tosses Rick out the door. The zombies surround Rick, but he fights them off.

We see a flash of Abe. Rick fights off more zombies. We see an Aaron flash back and more zombies. Abe again, and more zombies. Maggie, and more zombies. Rick climbs to the top of the van and a zombie pulls at him. A flash of Daryl. Rick gets to the roof. He stands up and looks out. There are lots of small fires everywhere and tons of zombies wandering around. A Michonne flash back. Rick sees a zombie hanging from a bridge and falls to his knees. A Carl flash back. Negan says they thought they were all going to grow old together and have Sunday dinner, but now it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

Rick flashes back to when Negan first appeared. Negan does that eenie, meenie, minie, mo thing. We move on to the my mother told me part, and I’m thinking this is taking forever. Rick sweats and shakes. It’s Abe. After the first wallop, Abe tells Negan to suck his nuts. Alrighty then.

Negan keeps pounding on Abe long after he’s dead. What’s the point? Especially since it just looked like he was hitting the ground. (Wattup wit dat, editing department?) Negan flings Lucille around, getting blood everywhere. He shoves the bat in Rosita’s face and asks if they were together. He says it sucks, but there was a reason. He took it for the team, so take a look. Daryl jumps up and punches him and a bunch of guys take Daryl down. Negan laughs. He says that’s a no-no and won’t fly here. A guy asks if Negan wants Daryl dead, and points his crossbow at him. Negan says no, he doesn’t die until they’ve tried everything. Guess he wants to keep Daryl around because he’s feisty.

Negan says this isn’t how it works. (That’s not how any of this works!) The first one is free. He doesn’t know what kind of lying a-holes they’ve been dealing with, but he’s a man of his word and first impressions are important. He needs them to know him. (Get to know me!) He whacks Glenn with Lucille. I guess the first one wasn’t free? Glenn tells Maggie he’ll find her. Negan asks if Glenn is trying to speak and we see Glenn’s eyeball practically hanging out. Negan says he’s truly sorry, but he did say no exceptions and beats Glenn some more. The focus is on how distraught Maggie is, but we hear the bat keep hitting. Lots of blood flies, and Negan says he’s just getting started. He says Lucille is a vampire bat. Rick looks spacey, and Negan asks if the joke was that bad. It was pretty stupid.

Back in the present, Negan tells Rick that the rest of them don’t have to die, and get him his ax. Because he’s really Joan Crawford. He says it’s Rick’s last chance and starts shooting through the RV roof. Rick jumps onto the hanging zombie. The others grab at his feet. Hanging zombie’s neck stretches until Rick reaches the ground. Negan shoots at the zombies and tells Rick the clock is ticking. Rick climbs over the zombie pile and finds the ax. He ends up next to a head that’s trying to bite.

As Rick kills each zombie, he sees each character getting hit by Lucille. Did this happen or is that just his motivation? Negan shoots the zombies remaining around Rick, and Rick gets back in the RV. Negan holds out his hand and Rick gives him the ax. Road trip!

Rick is understandably tired and starts to nod out. The RV stops. Negan says, “We’re here, prick,” and I laugh. Is he going to call him that now? Negan says it must be hard, since Rick has been King Sh*t for so long. Losing two of his own in front of his boy is screwed up. He wipes the ax blade on Rick’s jacket, saying tht Rick was probably addicted to being in charge, but now that’s over. He says Rick can still lead a nice productive life, producing for Negan. He gives Rick the ax and says he thinks Rick is going to need it.

When they get back, Rick tumbles out of the RV. Negan asks Rick if he knows what that trip was about. Um…power trip? He wanted Rick to look at him differently, and he wants Rick to understand. He says that Rick is still looking at him like he sh*t in his scrambled eggs, and it’s not going to work. He asks if he should give Rick another chance and Rick says yes. Negan says what he does next determines if his crap day becomes everyone else’s crap day or just another crap day. He tells his men to put guns at the back of everyone’s heads.

Negan tells Carl to come to him. I can’t imagine they’d take Carl away from the teens and tweens and 16 Magazine. He asks if Carl is a lefty. He isn’t and Negan ties Carl’s right arm with a belt like he would for a shot. He tells him to get down next to Rick. He asks Simon for a pen and draws a line on Carl’s forearm. Rick asks what he’s doing, and Negan says he ain’t doin’ sh*t, which is apparently his favorite word. He wants Rick to cut Carl’s arm off at the line. Michonne says he doesn’t have to do this; they understand. Negan says she might, but he’s not sure that Rick does. He gives Rick instructions, saying they have a great doctor and Carl will be fine. Probably. It needs to happen now or he’ll kill Carl. Rick says do it to him instead, but Negan says it’s the only way. Joan Negan tells him to pick up the ax. He says not making a decision is making a big decision, and Rick will see everyone die. He asks if Rick is going to make him count. Rick gets embarrassingly weepy and Negan slaps him, telling him this is it. Carl tells him just do it. He raises the ax and Negan stops him, saying Rick answers to him and provides to him and belongs to him, right? Rick says right, and Negan says that’s the look he wanted to see. Ooh, it’s like an Abraham sacrificing his son thing. Except Negan is a lot meaner than God.

Negan says all of us together did it, and even the dead guys get the spirit award today. He says it was a productive day, and he hopes for all their sakes that they get it now and understand how things work. Things have changed. Whatever they had going for them is over now. He tells Dwight to load Daryl up and they toss him in the van. Negan says he has guts; he’s not a little bitch like some people. He asks if Rick still wants to try something. If he does, he’ll cut pieces off of Daryl and put him on Rick’s doorstep or better yet he’ll have Rick do it.

Negan tells them, welcome to a brand new beginning. He leaves the truck so they can get stuff for him. He’ll be back in a week.

Negan and his men leave. Rick’s group sits staring into space, some crying, some just stunned. I guess they don’t have to worry about Glenn and Abe turning into walkers, since their heads were smashed to pulps. They sit quietly. Maggie gets up. Rick tells her to sit, but she says no. He says they need to get her to Hilltop, and she says they need to fight them. Rick says they have Daryl and they have an army; they would die, all of them. Maggie tells him to go home and take everyone. They need to go to Alexandria. She says they were out there for her and Rick says they still are.

Maggie says she needs them to go back. She can’t have them out there. Michonne says they’re not letting her go; it’s not going to help. Sasha says she’ll take her. She’ll get her there and keep her safe. Maggie is not looking too good. Maggie says she needs to do this, but Aaron says they need to help her. Rick begs her to let them help. He says Glenn was their family too. Maggie breaks down crying. She hugs Carl. They lift the bodies – or what’s left of them. There’s a crane shot of Maggie between the two blood spots.

We see everyone around a table with Glenn holding a little boy.

Rick picks up the ax. He goes in the RV, closes the door, and starts it up. He stares at a single zombie. It screeches at them as they drive away. He sees it fall to its knees. Rick’s eyes are fearful.

Next time, Negan takes over.

Seriously annoying and distracting were the several commercials featuring zombies that made me think the show was back on.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa and Joe #2 go to Teresa’s house with Chinese food. Milania complains about Teresa being boring and daddy being more fun. Joe asks if Teresa has talked to Joe #1 yet, but she hasn’t. Milania says she’s going to have grey hair by the time her father gets back.

Milania rides the ATV and Joe #2 stops her from riding so fast. He tells her she doesn’t want her dad to come home to her in the hospital. Melissa asks Teresa if she’s going to Dolores’s kitchen warming party. Teresa isn’t thrilled that Jacqueline will be there, but wants to be supportive. They talk about the transition Teresa is going through with Joe #1 going into the clink.

Siggy and Dolores talk to a party planner about Dolores’s party. Really? Siggy is proud of Dolores for getting her gym going and not having ex-husband Frank pay for everything. They talk about Teresa and Melissa being with Jacqueline in the same room, and hope that no one clashes.

Melissa talks to Derek about the fashion show. Her partner isn’t going to be there, so it’s just her and two employees. She demonstrates a runway walk.

Jacqueline is hoarse. Probably from yelling at people. We can only hope she gets full blown laryngitis. She and Chris talk about who’s going to be at the party. Jacqueline says she’s not ready to talk to Teresa and Melissa, and Chris says he’s staying out of it. Wise move.

It’s party time! Siggy and kids arrive first. Dolores says renovating the house has helped her move forward with her life. Siggy asks if Dolores is nervous about Teresa and Jacqueline being together, but she says no, and expects them to act like big girls. Has she seen this show before? She expects a lot. Dolores’s mom shows up. Everyone is very impressed. It’s definitely a beautiful kitchen. Even more impressive is that Dolores’s grandmother is 102 years old. Siggy asks for her secret, but she says if she told, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. Dolores explains the Jacqueline/Teresa fight to her. I’m sure it’s just what she wants to hear about, especially being on borrowed time.

On the way over, Joe #2 asks what Melissa is going to say to Jacqueline. She says she has nothing to say and didn’t deserve to be screamed at. Joe says she deserves an apology. She calls Teresa, but Teresa says she’s not going to make it. The girls are missing Joe #1 and he’s going to call tonight, so she wants to be there.

Creepy Kim D arrives. Siggy makes a point of introducing son Josh, saying he came out of her “cookie.” Why? Why would you say something like that? Dolores brings a statue of the Virgin Mary into the room, hoping that the Blessed Mother will watch after everyone. I laugh because it reminds me of my aunt and her statue of St. Anthony. He’s the patron saint of lost things, and if she prayed to him and still couldn’t find something, she’d turn his face to the wall. When Melissa gets there, she says she sees the trouble makers are there already and heads for the kitchen. The most sickening thing is that Jacqueline is wearing a shirt that says Nama’ Stay Away From Me, obviously geared to bug Teresa. There is something wrong with this woman.

Melissa tells Dolores that Teresa won’t be coming. Dolores understands and is going to send her a text. The Wakhili gang comes in. In his interview, Joe #2 says their issues are minor and he’s going to be nice. He goes over to say hello and none of them are that friendly, but Jacqueline is totally icy. Rich makes rude remarks about having a foursome with Rosie.

Dolores is a little annoyed about Jacqueline’s shirt. I’d make her go home and change. Since she can’t start trouble with Teresa not there, Jacqueline wants to leave. Chris approaches Joe #2 and says Jacqueline feels like she wasn’t given the opportunity to give her side of the story about Vermont. Chris thinks Joe should have called him. Joe says he respects that Chris sticks up for his wife, and he does the same, but when they’re wrong you should say so. He says Jacqueline went buck wild on Melissa. Chris says she defended herself, and Joe wonders if hey were at the same party. I think Chris should take a look at the shirt his wife is wearing and justify that. And why is this dude even involving the two of them?

Chris says Jacqueline deserves more love than she got. All she got was a smack in the face. Joe #2 points out how cold Jacqueline was when he said hello. He says frankly he thinks they were both wrong. He mentions the fashion show, but Chris is like, you didn’t come to our popcorn event and Jacqueline is still feeling sensitive. He adds they should get together soon, just to confuse things more. Sensitive Jacqueline starts beeping the car horn.

Dolores makes a toast thanking everyone for coming.

Siggy takes her mom for a hair makeover. She feels badly about her mom saying they don’t spend enough time together. Afterwards, they’re going to lunch. She wants to see her mother enjoy her life more. She tells her mother that they’re coming every week from now on. She wants her to know how valuable she is.

Milania helps Teresa with Joe #1‘s chores. She keeps comparing how Teresa does things to how Joe does them. Teresa asks what she misses and if there’s anything she can do to make it better. Milania says no one can replace him and Teresa is embarrassing.

Siggy takes her mother to lunch. She says she doesn’t like the fact that her mother doesn’t take enough time for herself. She says sometimes she feels sad being with her. Her mom says that she appreciates the time she has, especially since she missed them so much when she lived in Israel.

Dolores is having a ladies’ night at the gym. Teresa is teaching a yoga class, and Siggy is coming to talk about her book, Write Your Own Fairy Tale.

Jacqueline is feeling worse. Chris thinks she should see a doctor. Chris tells her about the conversation with Joe. She writes on a pad that no freaking way is she going to the fashion show.

Dolores leaves a message for Jacqueline. She says she’s not expecting her to come to ladies’ night, but she’s helped in the past, and Dolores wants her to know she’s appreciated. Robyn shows up, which surprises Dolores a little. She tells Robyn that she has no problem with her, except for her not getting along with Jacqueline. Robyn says she has no reason not to get along with Dolores. Teresa says too bad; she wants nothing to do with Jacqueline anymore.

Melissa is anxious about the fashion show. She says there’s so much going on and she can’t figure out how it will all come together. Joe calls her into the bathroom to help with shaving his back. She tries to convince him that she’s in the middle of something right now.

Teresa’s class begins. She explains she’s getting her certification and teaches several poses. In her interview, Teresa says she love the way yoga makes her feel, and that it’s good for both your body and mind. Afterward, the girls all have a health food version of a martini, some kind of smoothie concoction.

Siggy discusses having the life of your dreams. Dolores thanks everyone for comeing she says as women they all have something to share and have to stick together. In her interview, she says she feels like she’s back.

Teresa makes breakfast. Milania says if her egg sandwich isn’t like dad’s, she’s throwing it out. Teresa tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t want to discuss her father. Gabriela doesn’t understand why they have to talk about it and says it’s fine. In her interview, Teresa says they’re trying to find the new normal.

Melissa gets ready for the fashion show. She wants to prove to Joe that she’s not just bringing in crumbs. It’s time for a run through and Melissa is still adding last minute outfits. Joe #2 has to get the kids ready, and wonders what the blip happened to his life. A question I often ask myself.

On the way to the fashions show, Dolores and Siggy discuss who’s coming or not. Dolores says Jacqueline is accusing her of saying she was a no-show at the gym event and whined because her name wasn’t on the flyer. It escalated into an argument that Dolores ended with an F-U. Dolores says she’s heard nothing except Jacqueline badmouthing her. She says Jacqueline has alienated herself and she’s not gong to be a whipping post. Siggy thinks Jacqueline is paranoid and insecure. Who is the common denominator in all of these arguments, people?

Next time, the finale – Melissa’s fashion show happens, Teresa might need to sell the house, Jacqueline alienates herself further, and Siggy invites Jacqueline over. It doesn’t look like it ends well.