September 30, 2016 – Paul’s Murder Spree is at an End, a Postmaster Meets His End & End of the Week Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Julian tells his crony Pete that while he’s been exonerated, he doesn’t exactly have his life back and needs to gain his family’s trust. This is beyond an understatement and is just more proof of how delusional he is. Sam comes to the door. She tells Julian they have a lot to talk about.

At the gym, Sonny talks to his crony Billy. He wants Julian to have an accident. At least he’s not whining about his family. The most annoying thing about Julian is that he whines all the time. Jason shows up at the gym and says he has a way to fix the Julian problem.

Carly gives Morgan a present.

Dillon comes to the MetroCourt and tells Kiki he’s there to meet Anna. She’s not there yet, so they talk about Morgan going back to school and how great it is. Anna arrives. She asks Dillon if he knows where his father is. She says it’s imperative that she find out where Paul is and to keep it under the radar.

Tracy tells Paul they share a beautiful son. He thanks her for listening and apologizes, but he’s still wrapping his tie around his hands. She says she knows he doesn’t want to do this, and he says of course he doesn’t. She says killing her isn’t going to solve anything. It will only guarantee he’ll die too. I’m intrigued.

Sonny tells Jason he’s got the situation with Julian handled. He says he’s brought in a third party, and when Julian dies, he’ll be as surprised as everyone else. I guess this is the mob’s way of subcontracting.

Morgan opens the box. It’s a jade necklace, to promote wisdom, balance and peace. If that worked, we’d all have one. Morgan says he doesn’t deserve it, but Carly says she’s proud of him. She says he’s making really good choices for himself. He puts the necklace on. They hug. Carly suggests he stay home and have dinner with her since everyone else is MIA. He says he has plans with Kiki, but thanks her again.

Anna asks Dillon to just trust her and he asks if Paul is in danger. She says no; it involves Susan. She says they believe there’s a link between the hospital murders and his sister. Dillon says Tracy was concerned about how Sabrrrina’s death affected Paul. He said she thought there was some connection to Susan, but it didn’t make any sense.

Tracy asks Paul what happens to Susan if he’s dead. She says if the authorities don’t make him pay, Luke will. He thinks Luke is dead, but she tells him Luke is very much alive. He says Luke will have to solve it first. She tells him Dante said there will be DNA evidence and if she disappears, this will be the first place anyone looks. She says he needs her help and she can only help him if she’s alive. Good point. Although that’s assuming she’s dealing with someone to who is logical.

Ava comes by Sonny’s house and Carly asks why she’s there. She has something for Avery. It’s a dress that looks about ten sizes too big. She wants to leave it in Avery’s room, but Carly says she doesn’t want Avery to wake up. Ava says Carly should understand her wanting to look in on Avery, especially since Morgan has been volatile lately.

Sam tells Julian he’s psychotic and that a relationship with Alexis isn’t going to happen again. She says a restraining order is in place and no one wants him in Port Charles. He tried to kill Alexis, and there’s nothing left for him there. He needs to leave.

Jason asks Sonny what if he didn’t need to kill Julian; what if he just disappeared? He tells Sonny that Sam is going to talk to him. Sonny says Julian wants to win, and as long as he lets Julian roam the streets, he’s vulnerable. He says he’s not the only target – there’s also Carly and the kids. He understands Jason is out of the business, but he’d do the same in Sonny’s position. Sonny says he tried doing it through the legal system, but it failed, so he has to go another way.

Morgan is working on his laptop at the MetroCourt. Kiki reminds him that it’s not a coffee shop. He flashes back to what Dillon said about the website catching cheaters. He tells her he’s just checking to see if his paper was graded yet. She has to get back to work and tells him to quit worrying – it’s not going to give him a grade any faster. He makes a call to Spinelli. He says he’s in a jam and is hoping Spinelli can help.

Dillon tells Anna that Tracy wanted to track down Susan. She was somewhere near the Finger Lakes and Tracy went looking for her. That’s the last they talked. Anna asks if she’s still there and Dillon says maybe.

Tracy tells Paul it’s one thing for Dillon to be disillusioned, but another to find out Paul is a serial killer. Paul says don’t call him that. Semantics. Tracy brings up Paul’s reasoning that this would make Susan better. He says those who have hurt her are gone and now she’s safe. Tracy says she doesn’t agree with his methods, but understands his motive, and is willing to cover things up. Her phone rings and Paul says if she wants him to trust her, not to answer it.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s made the decision and has no choice. Jason asks to be heard out. He says Sam hates Julian, but he’s still her father and saved Danny with the bone marrow transplant. He says if this is going to happen, it can’t be traced back to Sonny. He asks who the broker is, so he can check them out.

Julian tells Sam it’s not going to happen. She says his being here is killing her and her mother. She asks him to do the right thing and disappear for the people he says he loves. He talks about his business being there. She says he can’t go back to that, and if he stays in Port Charles he’ll die.

Carly says Morgan’s mental health is none of Ava’s business. Ava says he’s dating one of her daughters, and his illness often manifests itself in bad decisions and violence. Carly says he’s on medication and doing fine. Ava tells Carly she’s glad he’s following doctor’s orders, but then mentions how he attacked Julian. Carly says it doesn’t make him crazy to have a problem with Julian. Ava says a lot of people don’t like Julian, but Morgan is the only one who acted on it. Carly tells her go see Avery. In the hallway, Ava takes a bag of pills out of her purse and looks at them. She tells herself to stay the course.

Morgan tells Spinelli he needs to get his paper off of the website. He says there’s a zero tolerance policy for cheating and he’s over if he gets caught.

Paul tells Tracy to hand him the phone. Instead, she screams into it. Paul says thanks for clearing up any doubts he had, and smashes the phone with his foot. Dillon asks Anna if his mother is okay. She’s fine. That’s why she’s screaming.

Sam says Julian ordered the hit on Duke and tried to kill Alexis, who is also Kristina’s mother. She’s trying to stop the mess that will be created, but Julian thinks she’s worried about him. She says she has nothing but contempt for him, but she’s seen enough bloodshed and doesn’t want his added to it. He asks what she knows and how he can protect himself.

Sonny says he has no one on his payroll like Jason who he can trust, so he has to work with what he’s got. Jason says sorry, but Sonny says it’s okay, he should keep his promise, but guys like himself can’t just walk away. He says however peaceful Jason’s life is, it never hurts to keep practicing. Lots of valid points today.

Ava tells Carly that Avery is an absolute angel. She says she knows Carly loves Avery, but she’s caught between two potentially dangerous men, Julian and Sonny. Carly says Julian threatened Sonny, but Ava says there’s a difference between hot air and bullets, and she doesn’t want Avery caught in any crossfire.

Tracy tells Paul that it was Anna on the phone and she’s going to trace the call. Paul comes after her and she starts screaming. Someone is at the door and asks if everything is all right. Yeah, never mind that screaming. Paul opens the door and it’s another guest wondering if everything is okay. Paul tries to blow him off, but he says he heard a woman screaming. Paul gives the old loud TV excuse, saying he was watching a horror film, and is glad it wasn’t a porno. Paul closes the door. He has a gag in Tracy’s mouth and says that was close.

Morgan tells Kiki that he was asking Spinelli about jailbreaking his phone because he wanted to play a game. Ava comes into the bar and Kiki says she’ll be back. Ava asks if she’d like to have a movie night, but Kiki has plans with Morgan. Ava says she’s surprised, after the way he attacked Julian. She suggests Morgan is out of control.

Sonny comes home and Carly tells him about Ava’s visit, saying Avery was an excuse. She says Ava’s real agenda was to tell her Morgan needs to get himself under control .She says as much as she hates Ava, she might have a point. Sonny says Morgan is on edge, Julian got in his face and deserved what he got. Carly says Ava was also concerned about Avery getting caught in a crossfire. Sonny says don’t worry, but Carly says she knows him and what he’s not saying. She knows Julian threw down and he’s going to answer. She asks him not to make a move against Julian.

Julian says Sam must have overheard something and asks if Sonny recruited Jason. Sam says she doesn’t know anything except that Julian went back to the business he promised not to. She says you either win or die, and if he comes at Sonny, he’ll die. She suggests he leave immediately. No one will look for him. They just want to forget he existed. Ouch. Although Julian will translate that into, I’ll love you forever, papa.

Paul says this is worse than Sabrrrina. Tracy is Dillon’s mother and Dillon loves her. He hesitates. He says he can’t do it this way and takes out a syringe. He says it’s the least he can do for everything he’s put her through. Anna busts in and tells him to drop it. Man, she got to the Finger Lakes fast.

Anna tells him to step away. He tells her to put the gun down. She asks if it’s all about Susan. He says no matter how well trained she is, she won’t be able to shoot him before he puts the needle in Tracy’s neck. I’ll bet she can.

Kiki tells Ava that Morgan’s number one priority is staying well. Ava says he’ll take a turn, and it won’t be for the better. Kiki asks how she would know that.

Spinelli can’t get the paper down off the website and Morgan asks if he can find out if they’ve seen it yet. He gets another call. He he tells them that he can be at the office in the morning.

Sam goes to the gym. She asks Jason how his talk with Sonny went. Not well. Sam says ditto for Julian, who wants his family back and doesn’t want to go anywhere. Jason says it’s on him now. Sam is worried that Julian won’t be the only one who gets hurt.

Crony Pete asks how it went, and Julian says it wasn’t good, but it reminded him to be more careful. Sonny is preparing to take him out and they have to make sure nothing happens.

Carly tells Sonny that she doesn’t trust the situation. It puts them at risk and there are other options. He can stop Julian’s shipments or take out his credibility, but taking him out will only cause pain. Sonny gives his word that if Julian comes to an unfortunate end, it won’t be on his hands.

Paul is talking so much, just shoot him. Dillon comes running in. He says if Paul kills his mother, he’ll have to kill him too. Paul’s head is going to explode.

On Monday, Morgan runs away before, Lucy asks if GH is for sale, and Scotty knows who the killer is (well, so do we – where has he been?).

Z Nation

Murphy finds the only traffic jam in the apocalypse. He’s stuck behind a couple with a little girl who is dying. The father is about to give her mercy, when Murphy opens the car door. He says he thinks he can help. When we next see her, the little girl is alive with a bite mark on her cheek.

Escorpion/Hector thinks they should take a break from looking for Murphy and look for some gas. Dr. Sun is getting a GPS signal that Murphy is close by, but they don’t see his car. Addie dispatches a zombie, and the transmitter is in his chest. Foiled by Murphy again. Operation Bite Mark (now minus 10K) looks for supplies.

It’s puppies and kittens when the gang sees a mail truck surrounded by pawing zombies. There’s a guy inside. Roberta goes forward with her machete, and the guy tells her not to mercy them. He rolls down the window and throws a piece of meat out. The zombies follow it. He gets out of the truck and tells OBM that he’s from the US Postal Service, and to follow him if they want to live. Neither snow, nor rain, nor zombie hordes, quips Doc.

The postman asks what they want. Roberta says they’re not bandits and they just need supplies. The postman says he’ll help them if they don’t kill any zombies. He adds that they’re so slow, anyone who gets killed by them is an idiot. He leads them into the safest building in town, a post office that’s also a civil defense shelter.

Citizen Z is doing exercises and Kia calls him on cheating. She tells him they need to get him back in shape so he can get back on the air. He says he’s super grateful, but there are no more transmitters. He doesn’t even know if there’s anyone to listen. Kia says she and Nana would listen and makes him jog.

The Murphymobile stops. He wants to take in the view. Spokane, Home of the 1974 World’s Fair. He says it’s perfect. 10K doesn’t look too happy.

Addie asks the postman if he’s alone and he says he has his friends and neighbors. He doesn’t have the heart to mercy them and doesn’t want to be by himself. He says he was postmaster for 17 years, knew all of them and everything about them. He has a Christmas tree up and says he opens a few cards every year. He offers OBM some fruitcake. At one point, he calls the zombies “walkers,” and I wonder if it’s a nod to Walking Dead, since no one has ever called them that on this show.

He asks what they need. Roberta says gas, food and water, and they’ll be on their way. Addie asks if there’s a radio anywhere and he says yes. He asks for help with pushing his truck in return and makes them agree to no mercy of any kind.

10K tells Murphy he’s insane. Murphy says just the opposite, giving the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different outcome. He says he’s been with OBM long enough and it’s time for something completely different. He tells 10K he’ll see the wisdom of his actions and thank him later. As they walk past some zombies, Murphy says they won’t hurt 10K now because 10K is with him. 10K says he’ll never be with Murphy. Murphy thinks 10K will change his mind.

They walk across a bridge and 10K thinks about throwing himself off and into the rapids. He leans forward, but Murphy puts a hand on his shoulder. He tells 10K it will be okay.

The postmaster leads OBM to the motor pool and the radio. Hector tells postmaster that one day the zombies are going to eat his brains.

Addie, Doc and Dr. Sun go to where the radio is. A zombie pops out and Dr. Sun dispatches it, saying they have work to do. Dr. Sun has a way to power the radio, but for only a short amount of time. She wants to contact her superiors, but Addie wants to contact Citizen Z. Addie threatens Dr. Sun, but Doc says the world doesn’t need another zombie.

Kia fiddles with the radio. Citizen Z says it’s been months since he’s had contact with anyone. He says there’s no one out there and Kia starts to cry. She says since he came she’s had hope, and without it, she doesn’t know what happens. He says just because Citizen Z is dead doesn’t mean hope is dead. They’re still alive. They hear something on the radio. Citizen Z tunes in some music and they dance.

Dr. Sun hears the same music. She says it’s a signal when all other means of communication have failed. It means the mission is over and everyone is dead. Addie asks to try the radio. She calls Citizen Z. He and Kia hear her. Citizen Z says Addie is still alive.

Citizen Z answers and asks if OBM copies. Addie can’t hear him and keeps asking if he copies. The transmitter dies. Hector and Roberta have managed to get the truck going. The postmaster picks the others up. Doc tells Roberta that Dr. Sun’s people are dead and Addie says there’s no word on Citizen Z.

Citizen Z talks about what it was like at Camp Northern Lights. He says he’s not proud of everything he did, but he tried. He gave his all and has no more to give. Kia’s uncle comes in for dinner. He’s been working on getting a seaplane going. Citizen Z is the only one with a plate of food. Kia says they’ve learned to live on less and he needs his strength. He divvies up the food and it’s gone in a blink. He asks how much food they have left. Kia shows him the cupboard and he says it’s enough for a couple of months at best, but he knows where they can get more.

The postmaster wants to untangle the town librarian from her car. They stop. OBM stays with the truck, but zombies are coming from everywhere. The zombies focus on the postmaster, but ignore the others. Dr. Sun says there’s something about him they’re after and it’s not the chum he throws to them. Roberta thinks they should take a closer look at him.

Murphy gets excited over the Museum of Progress, thinking there will be cool stuff they can use. Looters have gotten there first and the place is stripped clean. Murphy likes the space though. They walk around. Murphy picks out a lab for Merch and a nursery for Lucy. He chooses a room with a view of a waterfall for his inner sanctum and makes plans for the future. He says he can see his whole world from here. He also picks out a throne room.

They hear noises. The two soldiers go to investigate. There’s a scuffle and a soldier and (we assume) a zombie fight. One soldier ends up shooting the other one, and the zombie turns out to be a human. Murphy tells 10K to shoot him, but 10K says no. Against his will, he fires the gun, but there are no bullets. Murphy goofs around with the gun and the guy gets shot anyway.

Hector disarms the postmaster. Dr. Sun asks why the zombies are attracted to him. He says they were his friends. OBM isn’t buying it. They look for bites or signs of infection. Dr Sun asks him a bunch of questions. She wants to take his blood to see if it will give them an explanation. She can’t find anything. The postmaster wants them out and says he’ll give them supplies. Roberta says okay, but he can’t have his gun back.

He leads them to the supplies in the shelter. Way, way, way in the basement. He has Roberta hold the light. We see a dead mail carrier and then another one. They’ve been shot before they turned. The postmaster opens the door and a bunch of zombies pop out. He locks OBM in. Hector kicks zombie ass in the dark. Addie puts a hole through a zombie’s head. Doc shoots another one. Roberta tells them to meet the real postmaster, showing them another body. She says the people didn’t all die; they were executed. Always the jokester, Doc says somebody went postal.

Dr. Sun continues to check out the blood. The postmaster walks in, and she tells him the zombies aren’t following him because of anything in his blood. He says he tried to tell her that, now he’ll have to show her.

The postmaster brings Dr. Sun downstairs to some kind of workroom. It has body parts everywhere. He calls it an abattoir or slaughterhouse. She says he’s crazy, but he says they’re the ones looking for a blue guy. He says they’re strangers that he’s feeding to his friends and neighbors. Dr. Sun says it’s more like the zombies are trophies. He says he knew she was the smartest and he wanted her for her big brain. She says she’ll help him with his work, but he’s not having it. He says he hated these people. He delivered postcards from vacations he’ll never go on, birthday cards that were never for him, and love letters no one would want to write to him. He says he was just the mailman, who delivered checks late and stepped in dog sh*t. He says on the first day of the apocalypse, he shot all of them, starting with his boss. He shot them in the heart so he could watch them turn. Now they know who he is because he was the last thing they saw before they turned, but they still have to be fed.

Dr. Sun distracts the postmaster by throwing a jar of something at him. She picks up a butter knife and tells him to stay away. He tells her the door is locked, but she’s pretty fast and unlocks it with the knife before he can shoot. She lets all the zombies in and they descend on the postmaster.

Dr Sun finds OBM. Doc says the postmaster’s mail is certifiable. Dr. Sun tells them he’ll be spending quality time with his friends and neighbors.

Citizen Z, Kia and family load up sleds, along with Pup.

Roberta says the postmaster was the last thing they saw before they died, and maybe deep in their souls, they hated him. Dr. Sun says zombies have no souls, but Roberta says if that’s the case, why are they given mercy? Doc says the mailman licked the wrong stamp, and off they go. The postmaster is now a zombie, with only a stump for one arm.

Murphy surveys his kingdom and says something about this feels so right. Merch tells him someone is there to see him, the family of the little girl. He tells Merch to send them away, but they come in and thank him for giving them back their daughter. The father says she’s not just cured, she’s not afraid anymore. The little girl goes to Murphy and hugs him.

The father asks him to bite his wife. Murphy smiles.

Next time, Murphy says a cure is coming, OBM continues on Murphy’s trail, and Murphy intends to save humanity with zombie blends.

Quotes of the Week

I’m not feeding these people diamonds. — Ryan Serhant when he finds out his wedding budget is going to be a million dollars, on Million Dollar Listing.

The best way to execute French cooking is to get good and loaded and whack the hell out of a chicken. Bon appétit.Julia Child

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.Maya Angelou



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