October 4, 2016 – GH’s Paul has a Plan, ILYIW’s Lushion is the Man & Below Deck Gets a New Deckhand


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Carly asks Sonny if he’s sure the call he took is from the warehouse. He says she’s been giving him the cold shoulder, so what’s up? She wants to know if he’s lying to her. He says he already told her that if anything happens to Julian, it won’t have anything to do with him.

Ava finds Scotty in a dive bar. She says he was supposed to pick her up on the way to court. She wonders if he’s going back on his promise to represent Paul. Scotty says it’s not like Paul is going anywhere.

Jordan visits Paul in his cell. She wanted to see him in custody with her own eyes. She says when she’s done with him, he’s going to wish he’d spent the morning alone.

Claudette sees Griff at the diner. He wants to know about the man she’s been trying to get away from.

Nathan confirms that Valentin is still in prison. He tells Maxie that he can see his daughter now.

Curtis tells Nina he’s not having much luck finding a baby for her. She says she has another great idea. She’s not just thinking outside the box, but outside the country, and wants to make a child’s life better. Curtis says she can’t just swoop in like Angelina Jolie. Nina says she’s not trying to, but their motives are the same. She tells Curtis that kids are dying in camps and she wants him to broker a deal.

Nell works her cell phone at the bar, trying to score Shawn Mendes tickets for Carly to surprise Josslyn with on her birthday. She finally has success and Kiki says no wonder Carly hired her. Kiki sees Michael and calls him over to tell him the good news, but he’s bummed about Paul being the one who murdered Sabrrrina.

Carly tells Sonny there’s a difference between telling the literal truth and being honest. Are we talking about a sin of omission here? Morgan comes downstairs and Sonny asks what happened to him.

Jordan says Paul was so annoyed at his own incompetence and inability to protect someone he loved, he took it out on innocent people. She tells him that he’s the worst kind of bully. Jordan leaves, and Scotty and Ava come in through the revolving guest door at the jail.

Griff says there have already been too many secrets and Claudette tells him the man is Valentin Cassadine. He asks how she got mixed up with him.

Maxie says Nathan might be jumping the gun. She says they only have Claudette’s word that the hair was from her daughter. Nathan says he can double-check once Charlotte gets there.

Morgan says he was cramming with some guys. Carly asks why he smells like smoke and he says one of the other guys smokes. Yeah, that’s what I used to tell my father too. He goes to take a shower and Carly asks Sonny how much studying he thinks they did. Sonny says none. Sonny gets a call and it’s the dean telling him that Morgan was expelled. Sonny tells the dean that if Morgan did something to break the rules, he has to face the consequences, but thanks him for his help. Sonny tells Carly about Morgan getting caught cheating. Morgan comes back downstairs and Sonny yells at him, asking when he was going to tell them he was expelled.

Curtis says Nina can’t buy a foreign baby. Nina says he knows the baby will be the most precious thing to her. He says he has a sliding scale when it comes to right and wrong, but this is wrong. Nina says she turned Crimson around with her ideas and she’ll handle this too.

Michael says he can’t wrap his head around this right now, using an incredibly dated expression for one so young. Kiki goes into the hallway to call Dillon. Nell asks Michael what he’s going to do.

Ava tells Paul that Scotty is his representation, and Scotty says he’ll represent anyone for a price. He’ll do everything in his power to get Paul a not guilty verdict. He says he did get Julian off. Paul doesn’t question his legal prowess, but doesn’t need his skills. He already has a a lawyer.

Nathan tells Maxie that he’s definitely going to double-check the paternity, but he doesn’t want Charlotte to get hurt. He remembers all the changes he went through when he found out that Madelyn wasn’t his mother. He says if Charlotte is his daughter, he wants her to know she’s loved and wanted. Maxie says he’s so good with Georgie, he’s going to make a great dad. Nathan tells her he loves and appreciates her. They kiss. She suggests they take it to the bedroom, but Nina comes in saying they need to talk.

Claudette tells Griff that when Charlotte was born, she was completely overwhelmed. She got a neighbor to babysit and put on her high heels and slinkiest dress and went out to a nightclub. She felt like her old self again, walking past the velvet rope and right into the club. She tripped going in and suddenly a handsome man was carrying her. He didn’t leave her side all night, and the champagne kept flowing. The next day, there were photos of them in the paper, calling him her knight in shining armor. She says they weren’t wrong, but Valentin changed. Okay, let me stop here. No one even knew Valentin existed until five minutes ago, yet he was on the society pages of a New York City paper? Okay.

Maxie tells Nathan to remind her to get her spare key back. Nina wants Maxie’s wedding planner so they can get a move on. Nina suggest they get a helicopter to fly overhead, so it’s like a celebrity wedding with paparazzi. Maxie says they haven’t done too much planning, since they have other things on their minds. Nina wants to know what.

Charlotte says Valentin went from attentive to suffocating to controlling. He wasn’t physically abusive, but could intimidate her with a look or a gesture. When she tried to leave he told her he’d kill her and her daughter. And her little dog too.

Curtis sees Jordan at the station. He gives her a lottery ticket. He reminds her of when they were partners, and when one of them had a victory or win, the other bought them a lottery ticket. Jordan says he was the one who made the original observation that it was probably someone right under their noses, and it was good police work. He asks if that will get him back on the force.

Paul wants the best lawyer he knows – himself. We know what they say about that. Ava tells Scotty he can leave. Scotty tells Paul he’ll be having his stuff moved into Paul’s old office today, and to enjoy the prison cuisine. He leaves and Paul says he knows a bribe when he sees one. He asks Ava what she really wants.

Morgan asks how Sonny found out. Sonny says the dean called, apologizing that he couldn’t do anything. Morgan says he had a paper due and couldn’t concentrate. He knew how much trouble they went through to get him into school, and didn’t want them to know he screwed up. He says the meds and sessions aren’t working. Sonny says it takes time, but Morgan explodes, saying he’s never going to get better and they might as well accept the fact that he’s always going to be like this. He storms out and Sonny tells Carly to let him go.

Claudette tells Griff that she had to find Nathan because their daughter was in danger. She says Valentin said if she told anyone, he’d kill them. She says she knew deep down that Nathan was Charlotte’s father, but she wishes Charlotte was their daughter.

Nathan tells Nina about Charlotte. Nina says she can’t believe it, and he’d be the best father ever. Nathan says Claudette got involved with a criminal and had reason to hide her. He says he found out the guy is in prison, so he can see Charlotte now. Nina says, then what?

Michael tells Nell that Teddy’s life was flipped upside down because of Paul. Nell says she can’t imagine why he did it, but tells Michael to take comfort in that Paul was caught and he’ll pay for what he did

Ava wants the flash drive. She says she’s offering Paul his freedom in exchange for hers. Paul says what if he didn’t get acquitted; how fair would that be? Ava says he did things to protect his daughter and she’s done questionable things to protect hers. If she goes to jail, who’s going to protect them? What I’m wondering is why does he even need the flash drive at this point?

Jordan tells Curtis that it’s the details that are important. During a sting, he took off to score. A case was blown because he was using. He says it was only surveillance and nothing was supposed to go down, and he screwed up. They were supposed to be partners, but she turned him in.

Carly says Andre told her Morgan has been showing up for all his sessions and he’s been scheduled for blood work. Sonny thinks a piece is missing. He says maybe Morgan wasn’t ready for school. Carly says what if he’s never ready? Sonny tells her that just because Morgan’s bipolar is taking longer to deal with than his, doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed; he just needs more time. Carly says she thought things were going better, but he’s not even out of the woods yet.

Kiki leaves a message for Dillon. Morgan hears her and says she has time for Dillon, but didn’t for him last night. Kiki asks what his problem is. He says his girlfriend is calling another guy, but couldn’t be bothered with him. She asks if he knows that Dillon’s father is the hospital killer. She says she called Morgan back after her shift but he didn’t call her. He tells her he was kicked out of school.

Sonny tells Carly there’s nothing worse than watching your kid be in pain, but he knows from experience that Morgan has to do the work himself. He says Morgan will get through it, because they’ll be beside him every step of the way. It will just take time. Carly knows he’s right, but it’s killing her to watch him struggle. He promises that Morgan will have a healthy happy life.

Nathan says now that he knows Charlotte is his daughter, he’s never taking his eyes off of her. Nina asks if Charlotte is going to live with them, and Nathan says yes. Maxie says Claudette might have something to say about that, and Nathan says joint custody then Nina tells him a child can put a strain on the relationship, and he should think about it, but she has a perfect solution. Yep. Smelled this coming.

Claudette says the love she had for Griff wasn’t a sin and she isn’t a terrible person. He doesn’t think she’s a terrible person, but he makes terrible decisions.

Jordan doesn’t regret turning Curtis in. He says for one mistake, and asks if her career couldn’t absorb one mess up. She says she tried everything to get him to quit and nothing worked  She wasn’t worried about her career, but his life, and the lives of those around him. She says all they were gong to do was put him on suspension while he went to rehab, but he wouldn’t play ball. He says she did it for his own good then?

Paul says he lost himself in trying to make things right for Susan. Ava doesn’t condone his actions, but she understands his motives. He says he was a bully, nothing more, and deserves to be punished. He says it’s almost a relief, and he thinks the same might be true for her.

Michael talks to Nell about Julian getting acquitted. She says but he was prosecuted by Paul, another criminal. Michael says what’s to stop the next DA from letting Paul go? He says everyone was pursuing their own interests, and now it’s his turn.

Jordan says all she wanted was for Curtis to get straight and get back on the job. He says he’s been clean for years, but she says she doesn’t trust him. He tells her that he’s not the same man. She asks how he knows that. He tells her apparently she can’t see it, so play the lottery ticket before her luck runs out.

Claudette tells Griff that it’s time for Nathan to meet Charlotte.

Nina says she’ll take Charlotte.

Kiki asks Morgan what happened. He says he was going to tell her last night, but she didn’t have time. He adds that she’s looking at him like his mom does. He tells her to save her sympathy for someone who needs it.

Michael tells Nell that he’s going to get justice for Sabrrrina and leaves. Nell calls Sonny. She tells him that Michael was upset about Paul, and she’s afraid of what he might do.

Ava says Paul’s mission is accomplished; his daughter is safe, but hers are vulnerable. He says they’re convenient for her. She plays the mommy card to justify murder. She says if he ever cared about her, don’t do this; don’t send her to prison. Jordan comes in and says his arraignment is scheduled. Paul says he has to tell her something.

At the end, there’s a tribute to Agnes Nixon, the creator of One Life to Live, All My Children and Loving, who recently passed away. When I was a little girl and learning soap life at my Aunt Mary’s knee, I wrote to Ms. Nixon. One Life to Live had a plotline about drug addiction where they were using actual recovering addicts. I was impressed by it, and thought it would also help others, and I told her so. This kind lady wrote me back, thanking me and saying a little something. Alas, I no longer have the letter, but the fact that she took the time to write back to me has always stayed with me, and gives you a glimpse into her character.

Tomorrow, Sonny tells Michael not to throw everything away for Paul, Ned comes back, and Andre asks Morgan if there’s a good reason he’s risking his life.

If Loving You is Wrong

Marcie cracks a bottle over Brad’s head. His ear is bleeding and he asks why she did this. She grabs a big kitchen knife and he asks what he did. She asks him what he did. She tells him to back up, grabs her bag, and leaves. Brad keeps yelling, what’s happening? and holds a paper towel to his head.

Lushion is still at the hospital with Natalie. Esperanza dashes in and Lushion tells her Joey was in a shootout with some thug. He’s going to get something to calm Natalie down. Natalie tells Esperanza the hospital isn’t telling her anything. She says they’re trying to stabilize Joey so they can ship him somewhere else. She says she told him to stay away from the corner. She says Joey had a gun and violated his probation, so if he recovers, he’s going to jail. Esperanza tells her it’s going to be okay. Natalie says it’s not, and Joey’s father should be helping her. Joey is a man-child whose been raised in the ghetto. She says she tried, but she couldn’t do it. She starts to freak out and Lushion comes running over. He gives her something from the nurse, but she says she doesn’t want to be numb, she wants to be angry. Pulling herself together, she says she was so young when she got pregnant and made so many mistakes. Things she would never do with the other kids, and she wishes she knew then what she knows now. You and me both, sista.

She goes on about the things she tried to teach Joey. She says she was worried about him being shot by a policeman like Eddie, but he was shot by a thug on the block. She tells Lushion she’s tired. He says he’s there and gives her the medication. He says he knows she’s tired and angry, but he’s there, so lean on him. Natalie tells him to promise Joey will pull through. Lushion says he promises they love him and that they’ll pray for him. He promises that Joey has a fight in him that he got from her, and he loves the both of them. He promises no matter what happens, he’ll be there for them. Lushion is the best. Natalie takes the medication. He wipes the tears from her face. Esperanza thanks him for being the man that he is. She has to leave, but says she’ll be back. She tells Lushion she’ll text him about some other stuff later. Damn. They almost had me crying.

Scumbag Eddie goes to Ben’s desk and asks him if he went through the database. Ben says if Eddie doesn’t think he did a good job, go look for himself. Eddie says Ben f-ed up and I go, wait a second, can you say that on this station? Or did someone just f-up? Eddie grabs Ben’s injured hand and tells him to look again. Ben says Andrew is watching everything. Eddie says he’s got this and tells Andrew to get over here. He says Andrew has a call. Andrew says no he doesn’t. Eddie tells him to look at his monitor. He points out some bogus thing on Ben’s monitor. He asks if Andrew is cut out for this job, since he didn’t notice it.

Andrew leaves and Eddie tells Ben to get back in there. Eddie tells him to watch his mouth and Ben gets snarky, saluting him and calling him the boss. I laugh.

Kelly lingers on the sidewalk outside her house. Marcie runs up and asks what’s happening. Kelly says Louise was hurt, the baby is missing, and Louise said it was Brad. Marcie can’t believe it and Kelly tells her to talk to the police. Kelly calls Steven over and introduces them. Marcie asks where Randal is, but Steven says they don’t know. He shows her a picture of Alex and Randal and he asks if it’s a recent photo. Marcie says yes, and he talks about the “it’s a boy” sign and the light bulb comes on over his head. He starts asking Marcie where she was, and she says she wants to know what’s going on. Kelly asks what he’s trying to pull and he says he was just asking questions. He tells Marcie that according to her mother-in-law, Brad beat Louise up and kidnapped the baby. He asks Marcie if this is something Brad could do and she says she doesn’t know. He asks if she knows where Brad is and she hesitates, but tells Steven he’s at the apartment that they share together and gives him the address. He asks for permission to search and she gives it. She says Brad came in about an hour ago and she hasn’t seen him all day. She asks if Randal is going to be all right and Steven says he doesn’t know.

Kelly asks Marcie if she thinks Brad could have done this, but she doesn’t know what to think. Kelly needs to go back to Alex’s house because the kids are there. Marcie doesn’t want to because she blames Alex for all this

The nurse wheels Pete past Lushion and he asks where they’re taking him. She says they’re going to a more secure part of the hospital. Lushion asks if Pete remembers anything and tells him he got shot. Pete asks by who, but Lushion was hoping Pete could tell him. Pete says he can’t remember. Lushion asks if he remembers anything, but the nurse tells him to back off a little. Pete starts to cry and Lushion says he’s looking good and he’ll see him later. Hmm…moving him. That could be good or bad. Natalie remembers Pete giving her the bag and asks if he’s going to be okay, but Lushion says Joey is their main focus.

Brad throws away the bloody paper towels. His phone is ringing. He doesn’t answer and puts it in his pocket.

Eddie arrives at Brad’s house. The officer says it’s pretty bad and Eddie asks if there are any bodies. The officer says they took an old lady to the hospital. Steven asks what he’s doing there and Eddie says checking out the crime scene and enjoying it, which Steven finds really weird. Eddie says the guy who once tried to sue the department lives here, and Steven tells him all the more reason to get out. He tells Eddie not to touch anything and Eddie touches stuff deliberately because he’s five. Steven says outranks Eddie and Eddie says think about how he got his rank. They go back and forth for a while. Steven makes a crack about ladies underwear and tells Eddie not to test his patience. He finally gives Eddie the bum’s rush out the door. How this guy doesn’t get a smack across the face every five minutes is beyond me.

Esperanza asks Eddie what he’s doing there. He says the primary care giver of his child isn’t home and his daughter is in a house next to a crime scene. Esperanza is like, oh, now Eddie wants to be a father. She tells Steven he’s Eddie’s boss and tell him to get out. Steven asks if she can identify some photos for him. She tells Eddie to wipe the stupid smile off his face and he asks if she’s leaving him for Steven because he has the IQ of a rock.

Marcie acts like a two-year-old, getting loud and flinging herself around in Alex’s house. Kelly tells her to knock it off. Marcie says she needs someone to blame. Kelly says give it time and Marcie says she has, but it’s still there and blah-blah-blah Alex slept with her husband. Yeah? Well, your husband is a raging lunatic who deserves to be in the box he’s in right now, so you should thank her. Kelly tells her the kids are there and Marcie says she doesn’t care about Alex’s kids. Kelly tells her that her son is there too, and to calm down or leave.

Travis calls Kelly. He leaves a voicemail saying she’s ignoring him and he doesn’t like being made a fool of. He doesn’t like the position she’s put him in. Being a stalker?

Kelly ignores the call. Marcie asks who it is and Kelly says nothing important. Travis calls again and says she thinks he’s some kind of kid that she can ignore. He says he’s going to keep calling and calling and calling until she picks up. He calls her a selfish and inconsiderate bitch. He immediately calls back, saying he doesn’t know why he did that, he’s sorry, and please call him back. Then he calls again and says he hates her. He keeps calling like he’s two different people. He asks if he can come by and see Justice. He asks if she’s with the guy next door. He crys, he yells, he has fantasies about being with her, he apologizes.

Marcie says someone is really trying to get in touch with Kelly. She says she doesn’t want to talk to them. Marcie asks if it’s Alex and she says no. Marcie says Alex had everything and had to come looking in her backyard. Kelly says it takes two and Marcie says it takes four, because she and Brad didn’t know. Kelly says now you know, and Marcie gets pissed, asking how she can be so nonchalant. Kelly says she’s not going to be in the middle anymore and she just wants to make sure the baby is safe.

Marcie asks what about Randal, and Kelly says him too. Marcie says Kelly doesn’t care. Kelly says she does, but what’s obvious is that Marcie cares more than she’s letting on. Marcie says she still loves Randal and starts to cry. Kelly says he’s her husband and of course she loves him. Marcie says she hopes he’s somewhere getting his ass kicked for what he did, but part of her hopes he’s okay. Seriously, he’s full-blown batsh*t crazy. Just move on. And not with Brad either.

Kelly says she noticed the look on Marcie’s face when Steven was asking her questions, and asks if she thinks Brad did this. Marcie says she doesn’t see it. Kelly says he was in the military and almost ripped Randal to shreds. Marcie wonders how she can be sure about any man. Randal made her doubt everything. Kelly asks her again and she says she doesn’t know. Kelly asks why she has that look then. Marcie says she saw mud on Brad’s shoes and what he told her didn’t sound true. She says the mud was red and there isn’t any red dirt where he said he was. Kelly says they have to tell the police. Marcie says what if she’s wrong, or worse, what if she’s right? Kelly insists, taking Marcie by the hand and bringing her outside.

Alex is driving while trying to use her phone and crying. She gets through to Brad. She says she needs him. He asks if the kids are okay. She says yes. He says don’t call him for anything else and hangs up. She calls again, but gets voicemail. She’s crying hysterically and continues to call. Suddenly, a deer is in front of the car. She swerves and crashes into a tree. To add insult to injury, a tree branch falls on the car.

Next time, Joey is in surgery, Brad talks to Eddie, Julius tempts Ben, and Kelly tells Esperanza about Travis.

Below Deck

Everyone has recovered from the 12-course tasting menu. Nico says Sierra broke down last night and is thinking of leaving. Kelley says she has to realize that Ben in the kitchen is brutal. Ben admits he was intense. Kate suggests he take Sierra aside and tell her she did a great job.

Sierra calls her mother, telling her how she flipped out because she was overwhelmed. In her interview, she claims to be thick-skinned, but needs positivity, which really isn’t even a word. And I think she folded pretty easily, besides not being totally on top of things.

Ben catches Sierra in the laundry room and asks if they’re cool. She says they are, but doesn’t really look at him and concentrates on ironing. Lauren says she has a crush on Nico and thinks they’re flirting, but we know he’s in competition with Kelley for Emily’s attention. Kate is thrilled to have two stews that actually work, and gives them swimming time while the guests are ashore.

Two of the guests, the bald guy and the less bald guy, want to have a push up contest and they ask for bikini wax. I guess the loser gets waxed? The less bald guy wins and agrees to get some of his back waxed too. Kate gives instructions on how to do it and one of their companions does the honors. It looks pretty painful. Holy! Less bald guy is like a gorilla, he has so much hair. Drunk old guy asks to see Emily’s “V” and he doesn’t mean the 1980’s show. That’s so disgusting, I can’t even, but she takes it in stride.

Another amazing meal is produced by Chef Ben. When Kate serves the wine, she tells the guests they can try other options and even more drunk old guy says he’ll try her too. WTF? She can’t wait for them to leave. Ben thinks it’s an easy evening. No 12-course dinner and no tears in the galley.

The girls laugh about the wax strips of hair. Kate irons it (?) and they’re going to present it to the guests (??). Ben tells her to do it after the tip. It’s time to dock and Nico says the guy on the dock is moving like a turtle. Captain Lee swears the docks are getting smaller.

Kate presents bald guy with the wax art. It’s been made into a poster on dowel rods. Asian guy gives Captain Lee the tip. It looks like a brown bag lunch and I hope there’s money in it and not back hair.

Captain Lee asks if the interior is doing better. He says everyone must have done well, because it’s $20,000, split ten ways, thanks to Trevor. Captain Lee says everyone can go out tonight. In her interview, Kate says she doesn’t know what’s going on between Lauren and Nico, but she believes Nico is thinking friend zone and Lauren didn’t get the memo.

The next primaries are Mark and Heidi, with two daughters each from previous marriages. Nothing to see here, no weirdos. There’s also a new deckhand coming. The captain says he’s kind of green.

Kate and Ben discuss the difference between “love you” and “I love you.” Everyone gets ready to go out. Lauren seems miffed that Nico is flirting with Emily on the boat to the mainland. The crew goes to a really nice cafe and piano bar. The drinking commences. Nico notices that something is up with Lauren, but he’s too stupid to know what, so she ignores him. After dinner Kate suggests they go make bad decisions.

Nico asks Ben about Lauren and Ben says obviously she likes him, but it will blow over. Lauren talks to Kelley on the way to the club or whatever it is. Emily thinks Nico is an interesting character and attractive. Lauren is stumbling around the beach and Kelley sends Nico out to look after her. She blows him off. Kelley claims sake gives you a clean hangover, whatever that means. Lauren tells Nico she can’t talk to him right now. Kelley takes the opportunity to tell Emily that Nico has a girlfriend, whether he does or not.

Back at the Valor, everyone heads to bed. Nico tries to hit on Sierra, but it’s a no, and I think she has hiccups. She tells Kate he tried to kiss her, which she finds hysterically funny. Nico moves on to Emily and tells her he thinks she’s attractive. Emily says he has a girlfriend and she’s not like that. He says it was months ago and she says not according to Kelley, and she’s going to bed, but not with him.

Nico wakes up alone and with his clothes still on. Emily and Sierra compare notes on Nico. Sierra says she thought he was getting on with Lauren. Nico tells Kelley he cares about Lauren, but not that way. In his interview, Kelley says no matter how much you think a girl is “a bro,” she’s not. Girls catch feelings. Very astute of him.

New deckhand Kyle arrives. We need subtitles because his British accent is so thick. Captain Lee has Kelley get him settled in. In his interview, Kyle says yachting is a better choice than the fishing trawlers he was on – there’s women on the boat and it’s not deadly. Ben says he can barely understand Kyle and he’s from England. Kyle meets everyone. Nico apologizes to Emily, saying he was a little drunk. She tells him it wasn’t cool to try to get with the easiest girl, but asks how his head is.

Nico thinks things are weird between him and Lauren and they need to fix it. Kate thinks no matter what, these guests will be better than the last group. Kelley wants Lauren to make a list of all the water toys with Nico, and the girls tell her how he tried to kiss both of them. Lauren says he’s not the guy she thought he was.

Nico asks if everything is all right between him and Lauren. He says he was super drunk and says the “we were all drunk” thing that I hate. No, it was you that was insensitive in the first place. He says she was ignoring him, but she says they’re cool and she’ll get over it. Everyone gets ready for the next guests.

Kate does the tour. I love this boat. Kyle is working out well and Kelley is happy. The guests are easy-going and not very demanding. Kyle says Sierra has the Alaskan face and he’s a Viking. What?

Ben is going to truffle-ize the hell out of the potato salad, which sounds scary. Lunch is served and it’s time to set up the water toys. Kate is surprised the parents are letting their daughters drink so much. She’d like them to remember their vacation, and decides to lighten the drinks.

Kyle has been helping with the water toys and suddenly dislocates his shoulder. That was quick.

Next time, Kate’s girlfriend Ro arrives, Kyle hits on Emily, Kate’s concerned about the guests’ alcohol consumption (and rightly so), and Captain Lee has it out with Kelley over some dirty windows.


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