October 7, 2016 – Two Days of GH, One Zombie Apocalypse & Three Quotes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Morgan sees a harpoon (or maybe it’s a giant fishhook) next to the cabin and stabs the door with it, leaving it in the wood.

Anna and Griff are having dinner. They talk about Emma. Emma is upset about Sabrrrina, and it hasn’t been that long since she had to accept Duke’s death. Griff can’t understand how Julian got set free.

Set free and walking into Alexis’s house again. Alexis asks what he’s doing there. This poor woman can’t catch a break to drink alone.

Sonny goes to a church. He tells God that Julian is a free man and he has to take action. A priest asks if he’s there for confession. I guess it would be a pre-confession confession?

Morgan heads to the bar. He sees Nell at a table. She asks how he’s doing and he tells her his girlfriend is cheating on him.

Olivia and Ned just got done with making the earth move. Oh ho! She says they just had sex in the boathouse. That must be who Morgan saw. They talk about keeping their reconnection a secret from Julian.

Yep, it was them. Kiki just gave Dillon a ride to the office. He wants to catch up on some work. He thanks her for the ride and for fixing up his hand. Kiki doesn’t think he’s okay, and she doesn’t mean his hand. He says that’s why he wants to work, to keep him from thinking about Paul. I’m not sure that’s the best idea, since he’s going through the Nurses Ball pictures and the next thing he sees is a picture of Paul.

Anna tells Griff that Paul sabotaged his own case. She says killing Sabrrrina had the collateral benefit of keeping her from testifying. Griff says he tries to tell himself it’s all part of God’s plan. Anna asks if it helps with the anger, but he says no, and hatred is new for him. He can’t get rid of it and it’s not very Christian. Anna says, but it is human.

Alexis tells Julian to get the hell out. He says he didn’t know she was home. She explains a restraining order means he needs to stay away from her and her residence. She goes to the phone, but he says he’s just there to pick up a box and after that, he’ll never darken her door again.

Sonny tells the priest that he’s just there to talk to God. After he leaves, Sonny tells God that he stopped going to confession a long time ago and has no right to ask for forgiveness. He has his own code. He let the court deal with Julian and they failed. He says Julian is a threat and he has to get justice himself. He tells God that He knows everything and knows why Sonny has to do this. Griff enters the church.

Nell tells Morgan she’s sorry to hear it. He apologizes for interrupting and she says she was just looking through some real estate listings since she can afford a place now. She asks him to sit down and asks if he wants to talk.

Apparently, Ned and Olivia were in such a hurry, they forgot to lock the door. Olivia checks it and finds the harpoon. She says someone is trying to send them a message.

Alexis tells Julian she’d say good night, but that would imply she wanted him to have one. Ha-ha! I’ll have to remember that. Julian says he thinks she has a problem and she says she does – him. He opens the door and Anna is on the porch.

Sonny tells Griff he was talking things over with the boss. Griff says it sounds like they’re at church for the same reason. They both put their faith in the justice system and now they have to put their faith in God. Sonny says kinda, sorta. He asks Griff what being humble gets him. Griff says he may not know why things happen or get answers, but he knows grace is there.

Dillon tells Kiki not to worry about him. She replies that she’s said those words herself when her mother does something crazy. She says they’re not responsible for their parents’ misdeeds, but she has a hard time believing it sometimes. Dillon says he feels like a character in a disaster movie, walking around the aftermath in shock. His father never showed his true self. Kiki says Dillon wanted to see the best in Paul and matter to him. Paul claimed he loved Dillon and let him down. She hasn’t been exactly where he is, but pretty close. Dillon says it helps that she understands.

Morgan gets a club soda and tells Nell he’s not drinking any more. He shows her his pill container and says they haven’t been working too well lately. He says the crazy thing is, that everyone tells him if he takes them, everything will be fine, but he feels like hell. He can’t even be like a normal person and drink. She tells him she can’t drink either and asks if he thinks she’s not normal.

Olivia says this is just what she said would happen. Ned says they don’t know why the harpoon is there, but Olivia thinks it’s a threat from Julian. He’s not going to stand by and let Ned be the man in Leo’s life. He’s an abuser and murderer who tried to slit his own wife’s throat. Ned says let’s find him and settle it.

Anna says she wondered when she’d run into Julian, but she didn’t expect it to be at Alexis’s house. He says first and last time, but they’re bound to run into each other since they’re both free. She tells him not to be too smug and what goes around comes around. The damage he’s done is coming back to bite him. He says he has protection from the PCPD from Sonny. She says sometimes your friends are really your enemies. He leaves and Alexis tells her she’s not in the mood and hurry it up.

Sonny says God might not approve of what he’s doing, but God sees his heart and knows why he’s doing it. Griff says his wife doesn’t approve of what he’s doing either. Sonny says Carly wanted him to trust the system, but it failed. The justice he wants isn’t just for him. Julian hurt a lot of people, including Griff. Griff says he wants justice served even more than Sonny does, but what gives Sonny the right to serve it? These are really good questions. Griff has added a lot to the scope of this show.

Morgan says he’s sure Nell means well, but their situations are different. She’s sick because she gave up a kidney. Nell says she was a child who had no choice, and it played with her head; he’s not the only one with problems. Morgan asks if they’re one of a kind, and she says if he wants to see it that way. He says he does and kisses her. Let’s not waste time.

Olivia and Ned go to The Floating Rib and see Julian. Olivia says she got his warning and she has one of her own. She says he might not like that she’s bringing another man into Leo’s life, but that’s no reason to threaten her. Julian has no idea what she’s talking about. Ned gives him a list of his sucky qualities. Julian says if he’s being threatened, he’d like to know why. Olivia shows him a picture of the harpoon in the door.

Alexis tells Anna she’s well aware she screwed up. She says her testimony was an incoherent mess. Anna asks if her drinking has anything to do with it, but Alexis says no, and she has no answer. Maybe it was nerves or stress, or maybe because she was in front of Julian, wondering what the blip happened. She says only one charge mattered to Anna – Duke. Anna says she wanted justice for him, but also for Alexis, and even Carrrlos. She says it was their one chance to get Julian. Alexis says no one is more aware of it than her, no one is more sick about it than her, and no one is more disappointed in her than her. Julian should be in jail and she botched it. Anna says she protected him for the better part of a year and hid it well, but fell apart when they had the chance to get him. Alexis says she gets that she’s a miserable failure and Julian is running around because of her. Anna says she’s said it all.

Griff asks what gives Sonny the right to exact justice? Sonny says he has resources other people don’t, and Griff asks if might makes right. Griff tells him, vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. Sonny says he’d love to leave the vengeance to God, but God talks a good game and does nothing.

Nell tells Morgan that she was showing empathy and it wasn’t an invitation to kiss her. She thinks he’s just trying to deal with the pain of Kiki and hopes everything works out for him. She leaves and the alarm on Morgan’s phone goes off.

Kiki finds the picture of her and Dillon at the Nurses Ball. Dillon says it was an incredible night. She says they got thrown together at the last minute and they killed it. He says he remembers being happy that night, and she says she does too.

Alexis explains that she didn’t let Julian in; he let himself in. Anna tells her to change the locks. Anna says she was a witness to Julian violating the restraining order, and Alexis should report it.

Olivia tells Julian that she and Ned were meeting in secret. Julian says until she just told him, he had no idea they were meeting. He says the harpoon was creative, but not his work, and congrats on getting back together. He says it doesn’t interest him, sorry. Julian starts talking about visitation, but Olivia isn’t keen on it. He says he can see Leo whenever he wants, and if she tries anything to stop him, then she’ll have to worry about hooks.

Sonny asks Griff where God was every time a tragedy happened. He has to do what he’s going to do because it’s the only way he knows, and until God is going to take care of business, he has to do the dirty work.

Olivia asks Ned if he believes Julian, and he says he does. She wonders who would put the harpoon in the door and why. Ned thinks it was Dillon venting about Paul. <sound of the X on Family Feud>

Kiki says that was the first night she and Dillon kissed, and Dillon says it was one of the best nights of his life. Kiki says her too, and they kiss again.

Morgan ignores the alarm and puts the pills back in the container. He orders a double vodka straight.

Anna says it might not be enough to get him arrested, but Alexis should get it on the books. Her best hope is that Julian doesn’t come back. Alexis wonders if Sonny will follow through. Anna says when Julian had Duke shot, he was hiding behind Alexis and Danny, but Danny doesn’t need him anymore. She says she wanted Julian to spend all the years rotting away that he stole from Duke. She tells Alexis that she made it clear to Sonny that if he had Julian killed, he’d be prosecuted. She used everything to make sure Sonny didn’t exact revenge, but not any more.

A guy watches Julian go to the elevator and follows. We’re not sure if it’s a crony, Sonny’s henchman, or a coincidence.

Griff says what Sonny is doing is dirty work, but not God’s work. God has his reasons and Sonny isn’t serving God no matter what he tells himself. Sonny asks if believing in God means believing in His infinite wisdom and Griff says maybe.

Tomorrow, Sam asks if Alexis has been drinking, Kiki still cares about Dillon, and Scotty tells Ava to stay away from…someone.

📢 Important information: The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back on Sunday, November 6, and Vanderpump Rules premieres, Monday, November 7. Gratuitous shots of Giggy!

General Hospital – Friday

Dillon thinks he took advantage of Kiki, but she says no. She says she kissed him back. Dillon says he was looking for sympathy and she’s just being gracious. Kiki says she never got over him. He asks what about Morgan?

Alexis is getting her drink on when the doorbell rings. It’s Sam and Molly. Sam asks if she’s been drinking.

Morgan orders a double vodka straight and tells the bartender to leave the bottle. Ava and Scotty walk in. Scotty tells Ava not to get involved with stray dogs. He wants to get paid. Ava is like, already? and says he just gave her a wad of cash. He says that’s why he’s broke. He mentions her giving the placebo to Morgan, and she reminds him of attorney/client privilege. He tells her now that Morgan is crazy, she should stay away from him. She says he might need her and Scotty tells her it’s her funeral.

Griff asks Sonny how he’ll be able to live with himself, or face Carly and his kids, with blood on his hands. Like that’s never happened before. Griff says Sonny doesn’t want the sins of the Father visited on his sons.

Ava sits next to Morgan and asks if he’s drinking. He orders another and she says he hasn’t finished the first one. He tells her she’s right, downs it, and tells her to go away. She says she’s concerned, and he tells her to leave him alone. She asks if he ever found Kiki. HHe says he found her all right.

Jason comes into The Floating Rib and Carly says she’s glad he stopped by. He asks if she needs help taking out the garbage, referring to Julian. Julian tells her she needs legal advice, but she says she’s just fine, thanks. She tells Jason she evicted Julian.

Griff says that Sonny knows in his heart that Griff is right. Sonny says no son or daughter of his will ever pay for what he’s done because he protects them. Griff says if he felt what he was going was okay, he wouldn’t be there, and asks if he can share one thing. Griff says he did terrible things when he was priest, things he’s had to live with, and says he wishes someone had reached out. He tells Sonny that he doesn’t have to do anything he’ll regret. Sonny tells him God helps those tho help themselves Griff says that’s not Scripture (thank you) and what he’s contemplating is a sin.

Alexis explains to Molly that she and Sam made a deal not to drink together, since Sam is pregnant. Molly points out the glass and Alexis says it was Anna’s. They girls had seen her pulling out and Sam apologizes. Alexis asks why they’re at her house on a Friday night when they should have dates. Molly brought pastries to celebrate Alexis’s new gig as a consultant.

Carly tells Jason that Julian’s lease is coming up and there’s a morals clause, and his presence is detrimental to her hotel. A guest saw him threaten Sonny, so he’s out. If he tries using her for a reference on another place, she’ll make his life so miserable, he’ll leave town. Meanwhile, Julian calls Scotty, who says he needs to see the document. Julian says his life would be easier if Anna was locked up, but his primary concern is Sonny.

Sonny says Griff’s demons are between him and his Maker, but he has to deal with his own life in the best way he knows how. He says let’s talk about Julian. He puts a hit on Duke, kills Carrrlos, and puts a knife to Alexis’s throat, and if Sonny hadn’t shown up, she’d be dead. Griff says that doesn’t excuse him. Sonny says Julian threatened him and would go after an innocent child just as easily. He wonders if he should be a sitting duck like Duke, and when should he stop turning the other cheek and defend himself? Griff says it sounds like he’s having doubts. They’re standing in front of a Sacred Heart statue, and Griff says the Sacred Heart is about love. Their purpose isn’t to do miracles like Jesus, but to love and forgive like Jesus, and offer it to the Father. Sonny says Jesus is divine; he’s human and past the point of redemption. Griff says what he’s planning is wrong and he has a chance to make things right for everyone who loves him.

The bartender cuts Morgan off. Ava tells him that whatever she’s done, she’s done because she loves Kiki. She still cares about Morgan, and seeing him like this scares her. He suggests she take her scared ass somewhere else.

Scotty wants to talk in person and Julian says he’ll come to the bar. He leaves and Jason and Carly make jokes about him. Jason asks her what’s really going on, and she tells him about Morgan getting expelled. She says he’s angry and humiliated, but now he seems out of control. Jason says sometimes it takes a while for meds to balance, but she says he’s her baby boy and she feels like she’s not doing enough for him. Jason says she’s supportive of all her kids and a great mom. She thanks him.

Morgan tells Ava that he saw kiki and dillon having sex and says isn’t that what she wanted? She doesn’t seem happy and leaves. Morgan asks for another drink, but the bartender says he’s done. Morgan puts a pile of money on the bar, but his keys are in it and the bartender takes them.

Sonny makes a call. He cancels the job. He says make sure it doesn’t happen, and tell the contractor to stand down.

Julian goes to The Floating Rib. His lackey stays with the car and has a smoke even though he’s wearing the patch. His phone rings and he steps away from the car.

Kiki tells Dillon that things were awkward at first, but she and Morgan reconnected and she thought things were going to be okay. Overnight he changed. She says she’ll always love him, but the love she feels isn’t strong enough. She feels like the relationship is a crutch for both of them – him leaning on her, and her trying to fix things and losing sight of who she is. She made Morgan think he’s the one for her and maybe he’s not.

Morgan leaves and Julian tells Scotty about the eviction. Ava wants to follow Morgan and Scotty says don’t do it.

TJ sees Morgan outside. Morgan says he has to get out of there and Tj offers to drive. Morgan sees Julian’s car with the keys in it and says it’s an easy ride, but TJ says he’s not going to let him go anywhere.

Alexis tells the girls she’s had no luck finding work. She says she made her choices and she has to live with the consequences. Molly says whoever turned her down is an idiot, but Alexis says she’ll broaden her horizons, write a novel , play piano. Molly takes the pastries to the kitchen, and Sam asks Alexis to level with her. She says she has a solution.

Dillon asks if Kiki is talking about him being the right one. She says yes, but she’s been giving him mixed signals. He says he’s a big boy and can take it. She says she can’t seem to stick to a decision, when all she wants to do is the right thing. He tells her he did what he thought was the right thing, giving her and Morgan their space, but he never got her out of his system. They kiss.

TJ suggests a walk. Morgan says he’s a good guy and thanks him. Then he punches him out and takes the car. Alrighty then.

Griff and Sonny make a soap opera face at each other. Sonny nods and leaves. Griff looks at Jesus.

Ava doesn’t think Morgan should be running around drunk. Julian asks why he should care, and she says he’s dating Julian’s niece. Julian says maybe Kiki will dump him, so she should be happy. She says she wants him out of Kiki’s life, but doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

Jason finds TJ, who tells him what happened. He says he’ll handle it.

Morgan drives like a maniac. Who is he going to crash into? Nell? Michael? Kiki and Dillon? Sonny???

Sam wants Alexis to consult with her investigation. Molly comes back, saying social media has devolved to anarchy and mob rule. They’re saying Alexis threw the trial. Alexis says it’s just words. They can take it to heart or it can make them stronger. Molly suggests canceling her date, but Alexis says she’s fine.

Ava says she doesn’t think Morgan is good for Kiki , but she doesn’t want him wandering around drunk. Scotty says she still has a soft spot for her boy toy. She says she’s concerned about Kiki. Julian says she can’t control what anyone ends up doing.

Kiki pulls away from Dillon, wondering what she’s doing. Dillon says it feels right being with her and she agrees.

Carly calls Morgan, but no answer. Jason calls and he picks up. Jason says he’s right behind him. He says Morgan almost hit him peeling out and TJ told him he stole a car. Morgan says he’s an embarrassment to his family and his parents hate him. Jason says they love him and to pull the car over and let him help. Morgan sees Carly calling. She leaves a message apologizing for how they left things. She knows he’s upset, but it’s just a set back, and she knows from experience he’ll rise above it. She says no one wants him to be perfect; they just want him to him. She asks him to call, and says she loves and needs him.

Jason asks Morgan to pull over again Morgan says everything in his life is over and a big pile of crap. He says everything is done. Jason asks him to trust him and pull over. He tells Morgan to pull into the turn ahead.

Molly leaves and Sam asks if Alexis wants her to stay and talk about work, but Alexis says she’s tired, so Sam leaves. Alexis can’t get back to her wine fast enough. She looks pretty good for being a major alcoholic. She says “cheers” to herself.

Griff thanks God for helping Sonny find the goodness within him, and asks Him to help Sonny find peace.

Sonny goes to see Carly. She asks what’s up. She says he seems like something is different; he’s more relaxed. He says he feels like everything is going to be okay for the first time in a long time. This is because he doesn’t know he lives on a soap, or he would know just thinking that is going to cause tragedy.

Kiki says her head is spinning. She can’t move forward with Dillon until she’s honest with Morgan. She doesn’t want to hurt him any further and she has to tell him that Dillon is the one for her. She leaves, and they make soap opera faces at each other as the elevator closes.

Scotty says if Ava wants to waste time, fine, but he wants to get paid. She wants to know if Morgan is okay. Julian is like, hey, what about me> His crony tells him the car is gone.

Morgan and Jason pull over. Morgan says he messed up really bad, but Jason says they can fix it and get out of the car. Morgan gets out and the car blows up.

On Monday, Julian thinks Sonny blew up the car, Nell tells Kiki that Morgan thinks they’re breaking up and Jason rescues Morgan…maybe.

Z Nation

We see a disembowelment. We see a town destroyed. We see spray paint. We see a red hand.

The latest version of Operation Bite Mark comes across several disemboweled zombie guys hanging from a bridge. Hector says it looks like something he would do and someone is trying to send a message. Shots are fired and the zombies fall to the ground, immediately attacking the group. OBM dispatches them all, with Roberta slicing one’s head nicely into several pieces like a ham. Doc says he knew it was a sketchy neighborhood by the graffiti.

They start to walk away, but a trio of armed men on the bridge stops them. One says the zombies were their friends and they shot them down to bury them. They tell OBM that the Red Hand killed everyone, and after they bury their friends, they’re going after them and their leader Escorpion. D’oh! They ask to see OBM’s hands and ask why OBM is there. Roberta says they’re just passing through.

Older guy says the Red Hand came through like a storm and tortured and killed all of them. He says he thought they were an apocalypse legend like The Murphy, but they’re real. They’re crazy vigilantes taking orders from Escorpion. They’ll know Escorpion by his tattoo.

Suddenly, one of the men is shot, and the group is being pelted with Molotov cocktails.

Murphy looks out to a crowd that’s gathering and says he sees seeking squatters in the cheap seats. Murphy checks out the zombie “moat” that surrounds his abode. Kind of like Colonia’s wall in Fear the Walking Dead. He says it’s good, but needs more zombies. A guy comes running up to him saying he needs Murphy’s help. He brings Murphy to a tent where a woman is dying and he asks Murphy to save her. Murphy says he’s too weak because his blood is being taken to facilitate a vaccine. He says he can’t bite everyone, but a cure is coming.

Dr. Merch checks Murphy out. He says he has no pep. She says he needs to up his calorie intake and needs a lot of blood. He says sometimes he feels like he’s slipping away and becoming one of them. The doctor has a booster with a micro-dose of the original vaccine that should make him feel less dead. He asks if she can cure him and she says she’s working on it.

Now that Merch has Murphy’s blood, she can work on a cure. She says he needs the boosters in the meantime so he doesn’t end up like patient zero. 10K tells Murphy the natives outside are getting restless. Merch says she should have something soon, but they’ll need to test it. Murphy says his people need the vaccine now. 10K has some kind of seizure.

Roberta and the others hide inside a building. It’s a novelty company and Hector steps on some squeaky plastic poop. They hear screams and sounds from somewhere. It’s pretty creepy with all the weird toys their flashlights reveal, and they find a trail of blood leading to a woman. She’s still alive. Roberta asks if she’s with the Red Hand. She is, and she says they’re surrounded by a hundred of them, and their hearts will be fed to Escorpion. This is news to Hector.

Doc inadvertently sits on a whoopee cushion. He and Dr. Sun have taken Addie to a table in a different part of the building. Addie has a toothache and Sun says it’s an infection that will kill her. Doc tells Addie they’ll have to pull it. Addie says it’s not going to happen; when you start losing teeth, it’s over.

10K wakes up, asking what happened. Dr. Merch says she gave him a booster shot and she’s been taking them too. It counters Murphy’s bite and stops his control. Merch needs his help. She says they’re immune to Murphy’s control, but not the zombies and the zombies know it. Murphy is turning people into hybrids and she wants to destroy the vaccine and get away from him.

A group of people get into the building looking for Murphy to bite them He says he can’t bite everyone. It would kill him and they’ll all die. The man he encountered earlier asks him to just bite the woman, but she dies and becomes a zombie. Murphy says sorry for his loss but she can become part of the moat guard. He yells to Merch that they need the vaccine now.

The Red Hand goes through the town, setting everything on fire. Roberta asks Hector whats going on, and he says he thinks someone is impersonating him. She says or co-opting his brand. It will only make things worse if they find out who Hector is.

Roberta asks the woman what happened, and she says justice. The guys from the town want to interrogate her. Younger guy tries to hurt her and Hector steps in. Roberta asks why they were targeted and younger guy says they’re crazy. She asks why crazy for them and why did they spray paint “thieves” on the bridge? Roberta draws her gun and says they’re being put in danger and asks what really happened. Older guy says they were starving and it was their food. The woman says they killed innocent people for the food and Escorpion is the protector of the innocent. Older guy says he has to make his way, the same as them; it’s the way it’s always been; it’s nature.

Doc gives Addie some crushed Oxy for her tooth, saying it’s not exactly the party he wanted. They hear sounds. Doc goes to the door and Sun looks outside. They both say, oh sh*t. They grab Addie and run as Molotiv cocktails bombard the room. They get Addie to another room, but Sun thinks she might be going into septic shock.

Hector asks the woman what Escorpion looks like. She says, you and younger guy hears. The woman talks to Hector in Spanish, but zombies are breaking into the room. Hector and Roberta beat the crap out of them, and Hector blocks the door. The woman turns and Roberta has to mercy her.

Doc and Sun hold Addie down and try to pull her tooth, but she’s not having it and fights them. Doc tells her they’re just trying to help and Sun knocks her out long enough to pull the tooth.

Outside, war is being raged by the so-called Red Hand. Older and younger guy want to know what the woman said. They think it’s convenient she’s dead, but Hector says she probably doesn’t think so. They all go to the door. It’s a zombie with a body bomb. Hector says whoever they are, they’ve got style.

Roberta opens the door and tosses a monkey-playing-cymbals out. The zombie bomb follows it and blows up elsewhere, while the monkey plays on. There’s a back-up zombie bomb though. Roberta says get back, but she gets thrown in the blast. Hector stumbles to her. He tells her to wake up. Nooo! Roberta can’t die.

Hector tells Roberta he needs her and to get up. She’s still alive. A zombie grabs Hector and the other two guys jet. Hector struggles with the zombie. Another zombie joins in. Roberta gets up and starts to shoot, but she’s foggy and her aim isn’t too good. A third zombie joins the fray, and she manages to shoot two of them and Hector gets the last one. I think Hector likes Roberta. Uh-oh, older and younger guy see his tattoo.

Older guy draws his gun, but Roberta has also drawn hers.

10K goes through the zombie moat and puts some stuff into a truck bed. He tells Merch to get her stuff and let’s go. She turns around and Murphy is there. He says 10K needs a Murphy booster. He doesn’t have to bite him again, but he wants him to try the new vaccine. He pulls out a something that looks like an ear piercing gun. 10K backs away and jumps out the window. Amazingly, he’s unhurt and runs. Murphy calls everyone to go after him.

10K runs through the woods with Murphy’s guys chasing him. One dressed as a soldier pops out from the side and knocks 10K down. They punch each other for a while and the soldier knocks 10K’s head into a tree. 10K tries to fight some more, but ends up down. He gets the better of the soldier though and jumps over a fence. He continues to run.

Dammit. Murphy’s second in command finds 10K. He says he doesn’t blame 10K, but Murphy cares about him and only wants to help. 10K launches himself off a cement pillar and onto another one.

Hector tells them they have it wrong. He says he has nothing to do with the Red Hand and he’s not that man anymore. For being Escorpion he deserves to die, but not for this and not by them. He grabs the younger guy who ends up falling on his own knife, getting impaled through the throat. I make a noise like oooew out loud. Older guy asks for help, but it’s too late. Younger guy is dead and turns immediately. Hector shoots him. Older guy tries to shoot Hector, but Hector gets him first.

Merch is giving vaccines to a long line of people. With each vaccine, Murphy shakes the person’s hand and says, “Welcome to the future.” Murphy says it’s good to see the doctor recommitted. He says she’s part of the cure and it’s the future. She looks depressed and he asks if it’s about 10K, and if it is, that’s on her. He says it will be a life without fear and desperation. They’ll start over and do it right this time; they’ll do it his way. He says he can feel she’s still fighting it, but she’ll come around.

10K continues to run along a bridge – the same one he walked across with Murphy in the last episode. Zombies are on one side and Murphy’s people are on the other. He looks down into the rapids, the same way he did before. He hoists himself up and over and into the water. He’s gone but maybe not a goner.

Addie apologizes to Sun and thanks her, but adds never to touch her again. Doc looks outside and says he doesn’t see anything moving. He suggests they get out. We see blood all over the novelty items. Roberta and Hector walk out to the street. Hector says he’ll never get away from who he is. Roberta says none of them will; it’s the apocalypse. He says if he stays with her, they’re in danger; everyone close to him dies. Roberta says everyone close to everyone dies, and all they can do is survive another day. She says she doesn’t need a saint or lover, but a killer. He can’t change who he is, but can change what he does. She asks him to use who he is to give them all another chance.

The group merges back together. Doc says it looks like they missed a helluva party. Roberta says she doesn’t believe the Red Hand moved on, and thinks they haven’t seen the last of them. Doc calls to Hector. Hector hesitates, but comes along. We see the word “fear” spray painted above the door they came out of.

Murphy calls to Merch who’s walking away from the building. She walks out into the zombie moat and lets herself be nosed by the zombies. She starts to freak and finally screams. Murphy yells for them to stop, but it’s too late. She’s officially a zombie snack.

Next time, Murphy doesn’t get why they want to stop him, Murphy tries to revive Merch, and 10K might still be alive. Or half-alive. Or whatever he is now.

👓 I also recommend Aftermath, which I’ve been watching on SyFy at 11 pm on Fridays. I have no freaking idea what this show is about – some other kind of apocalypse – but it’s definitely intriguing and has a dragon.

Quotes of the Week:

A life like this develops the comedy sense. You can’t play tragedy while you’re living it. – Edna Ferber, Gigolo, 1922

If you’re drunk and lost, you don’t need to find New Jersey. It’s been inside you all the time. – Michael Che doing a story on SNL’s Weekend Update

I believe most people are essentially good. I know that I am. It’s you I’m not entirely sure of. –Stephen KingFull Dark, No Stars, 2010



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