October 11, 2016 – Morgan is Missing on GH, Randal & the Baby are Still Missing on ILYIW, & Two Guests Almost Go Missing on Below Deck


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Franco is getting some take-out food from The Floating Rib, and tries to con Nell into giving it to him for free. He tells her to put it on his tab and that he’s Jason Morgan. Nell says she knows Jason Morgan. Carly walks in and interjects that Franco is no Jason Morgan.

Sam stops by Elizabeth’s with a text book that Jake forgot. Elizabeth invites her in and asks how she’s doing with the pregnancy. Sam says she’s glad the first trimester is over. She says she’s happy that Elizabeth survived Paul’s attack, and Elizabeth says she’s one of the lucky ones.

Julian asks if anyone has spoken to whoever stole the car, or if they were crispy fried in the crash. An officer tells Dante there are no signs of his brother.

Sam tells Elizabeth she knows they’ll never be friends, but maybe they can try to get along better. Elizabeth says that Sam and Jason have to accept that Franco is part of her life.

Carly suggests that Nell google Franco (why isn’t she telling her to use Spyder-Finder?), but only if she has a strong stomach. She asks Nell what the problem is, and Nell tells her that he’s out of cash. Carly takes the bag out of his hands, but he tells her it’s for Elizabeth. He says once upon a time, Elizabeth gave Carly’s kid a kidney from her kid, and even if it turned out that it didn’t happen, it’s the thought that counts. Carly gives him back the bag and tells him to get out.

Dante says he wants updates every five minutes and tells the officer to get with the Coast Guard. Julian says it must have been Morgan who stole the car, and Dante says it was. Julian says there are no skid marks and that it was no accident; it was meant to happen, just not to Morgan. Dante tells him to shut up.

Jason tells Sonny there was an accident. He tells Sonny about TJ trying to stop Morgan from stealing the car and that Morgan was drunk. He talks about getting Morgan to pull over and how when Morgan got out, the car exploded. What was that Griff said about the sins of the fathers? Although Sonny did call it off. Someone besides Pete is going to get fired.

Julian walks into Ava’s place and he asks if they’re alone. She says they are, and he wants her to double the guard. He says they’re in trouble.

Sam says Elizabeth can’t expect her and Jason to give their blessing after all Franco has done. Elizabeth says she just doesn’t want them interfering. Sam says fine, but Franco will turn on her like he does everyone else. She tells Elizabeth to keep Franco out of her face, and Elizabeth says don’t turn around. Franco is in the doorway.

Carly says Franco’s google is pretty disturbing. Carly says she’s made some bad choices, but he was one of the worst. Nell asks about Elizabeth. Carly tells Nell about how they thought Josslyn had gotten Jake’s kidney. Carly says she’s not exactly welcome in some circles. Nell says there are plenty of awful people in Port Charles, but Carly isn’t one of them.

Ava says she doesn’t need protection. Julian says he does. Someone just tried to kill him.

Sonny comes running to the accident scene. Dante tells him there’s no trace of Morgan. Sonny thinks he got away. Jason says that when the car went over, Morgan did too. Dante says they’re searching for him. Maybe he’s off with Nicholas, sipping umbrella drinks on an island somewhere.

Franco asks if everything is okay, and Elizabeth tells him that Sam was dropping off a book for Jake. He asks if she wants to join them for take-out. Sam tells Franco to stay away from her and her son. Jake comes downstairs and asks why they’re fighting.

Carly tells Nell that when she was Nell’s age, she was a wrecking ball. She says she interfered in her mother’s marriage and hurt people she cared about, and probably others who didn’t deserve to be hurt. Nell says people are probably just jealous of her. They want what she has – respect, a great job, and a strong marriage. Nell says she has it all, and if she could be like Carly, it would be awesome.

Dante explains that when Morgan got out of the car, it went over the cliff. He says that they’re looking for Morgan in the water. Sonny wants to help. He takes his jacket off and goes down the hill. Dante tells Jason it wasn’t a vehicle malfunction or accident, it was a bomb in Julian’s car and Sonny put it there.

Ava asks if Julian is talking about a hit. Julian tells her about the car and says they need protection. Ava says she and Sonny have an understanding, and Julian says then at least he needs protection. Ava doesn’t think Sonny is that stupid. Julian tells her someone they know was driving the car. She says they don’t know any car thieves, do they? He tells her it was Morgan.

Elizabeth asks why Jake isn’t in bed and he says he heard them fighting about Franco. He asks why Sam doesn’t like him.

Ava says it’s not possible and Julian must be mistaken. Julian says Dante was at the scene and had confirmation. Ava says it doesn’t make any sense. She asks if they found his body, but Julian doesn’t think so, and says there’s no body to be found. Ava says Morgan can’t be dead. Julian says the bomb was meant to leave no doubt and incinerate whoever was in the car. He says Sonny killed his own son.

Dante tells Jason that Carrrlos killed Duke, Julian killed Carrrlos and almost killed Alexis, yet he’s walking around free. Sonny can’t look weak, because if you’re weak, you can’t protect your family. Jason doesn’t know what to say. Dante tells him don’t say anything, but wants him to understand what happened. Sonny tried to end the war with Julian and Morgan ended up a casualty.

Carly says she might not have it all, but she’s fought for what she has. She tells Nell that she’s meant for great things. Nell says all she ever wanted was to be a teacher and Carly tells her teachers change the world. Nell tells Carly to go home and she’ll finish up. Oh, I get it, she’s in love with the whole family.

An officer handcuffs Sonny to the car. Sonny begs to be released and Dante says okay. Sonny gets crabby with the officer. Dante tells him that they found something. Sonny asks if Morgan is okay, but Dante says they found remains enough for forensics to run a DNA test. Sonny says Morgan is a good swimmer, and Dante says the test is going to confirm what they already know – Morgan died in the explosion. Sonny looks over the cliff and screams Morgan’s name.

Jordan arrives and asks Dante what they know. He says everything indicates a bomb. She asks if someone was targeting his brother, but Dante says it was Julian’s car and Morgan stole it. Jordan is like ah-ha! Julian was the intended victim. Dante says Julian has a lot of enemies. Jordan asks where Sonny was, and Dante says at home.

At the same home, Carly calls Sonny, asking where he went. He’s with Jason right outside. Sonny says he wants to be alone for a while, and tells Jason to tell his family how much he loves them, and to protect them, because he couldn’t protect his son.

Ava looks sick and Julian asks if she’s okay. She says definitely not. She says she saw Morgan tonight. She wonders why he would steal Julian’s car. Julian says maybe it was a prank, but he doesn’t know what would be going through Morgan’s head, especially being drunk. He says Morgan had a natural chemical imbalance, and you don’t need to be a doctor to know not to mix psych drugs with alcohol. He says Sonny will probably find a way to blame him, and Ava flashes back to switching Morgan’s drugs. She says it was her fault.

Franco tells Jake that he hurt Sam. Jake says Franco is his friend and wouldn’t hurt anyone. Franco explains that they might be friends, but he and Sam won’t be. He says a long time ago, he wasn’t very nice. Jake asks why. Franco says at the time, he had something growing in his head that made him sick. Jake asks if it’s contagious and Franco tells him not to worry. Franco says he did bad things and he hurt Sam bad, because he told her the worst lie ever. Jake asks if he’s sorry and Franco says every minute of every day. He should have told them that, but figured it was useless because they were never going to forgive him. He says he tries to be a good guy now, because he wants everyone to know that he never wants to hurt anyone again. He just wants everyone to get along, because they’re not going anywhere. Sam watches and listens.

Jordan tells Dante she’s sorry and that Sonny isn’t the only one grieving tonight.

Jason stops to see Jake and wonders what Sam is doing there. Jake tells him that he smells and Jake says he needs a shower, but he’s glad to be there.

An officer gives Jordan something in a bag. It’s Morgan’s phone.

Sonny comes in, and Carly asks what happened. He says he was in the river and she needs to sit down. He says this is going to hurt. Again, she asks what happened. He says Morgan.

Julian asks how Morgan’s death could be Ava’s fault. She says she knew what was going on, and Julian says everyone did. He says the way Sonny set things up, it was either going to be him or Morgan, and he’s glad it wasn’t him. He leaves and Ava cries alone.

Jason tells Jake that it’s time for bed. He leaves with Sam. Franco asks if Jason just didn’t notice he was there. Elizabeth says something bad happened. Outside, Jason tells Sam he’ll tell her about it in the car, but he wants to go home and be with their son.

Ava drinks a martini and flashes back to Morgan drinking at the bar and her messing with his meds. She flashes back even further to their affair when he was practically in diapers. She gets raccoon eyes and sobs on the floor, asking what she’s done.

Carly asks if Morgan is okay. Sonny says he’s sorry and Carly says no. She says if something happened to her baby, she would know. She insists he’s okay. She’s going to call and he’s going to answer. Sonny says he’s dead. We see Carly argue with him through the window and they embrace as the phone rings.

Tomorrow, Carly says it’s just a dream, Kiki wants to end things with Morgan (that should be easy), and Sonny asks Jason if he thinks Sonny is the reason Morgan is dead.

If Loving You is Wrong

Alex hits a tree, but her crash isn’t nearly as bad as the one on GH. Although she is out in the middle of nowhere. She can’t find her phone and flames start shooting out of the cars hood. She tells it, “No, no, no, no, no, no,” but it’s not listening.

The cops spend more time at Randal’s house than any crime scene ever. Kelly calls Steve over. Marcie tells him that Brad had mud on his shoes. She says it’s nothing, but Steve says the police will be the judge of that. They spend time discussing Brad’s shoes. Marcie tells Steve about where Brad said he was, but Steve says the place closes earlier than Brad said he was there.

Steve leaves and Esperanza takes his place. She asks Marcie if she’s okay. Marcie says fine and runs inside. Esperanza has something to talk to Kelly about. Steve sees Eddie sitting in a patrol car and says he told Eddie to get to wherever Brad was before forensics gets there. Eddie has a bunch of why questions, but Steve says he’s too close to the people there and tells him to secure the other scene. I honestly don’t think Eddie would be a welcome employee anywhere, much less a police force.

Eddie stops one of the officers who says they have a suspect. Eddie pumps him for information saying their on the same team but the officer laughs, saying he’s heard about Eddie’s team. He tells Eddie that they have an eye witness and Brad is the suspect. Eddie is still annoyed that he actually has to work. Esperanza asks what he’s doing there. He says he’s an officer and she says he’s a disgrace. She asks what he and Brad did. Eddie says he has no idea what she’s talking about. She says Brad didn’t work alone. She tells him that Louise said Brad kidnapped Randal and the baby. Eddie says Brad is his boy. Esperanza says he could go to jail and what about Brad’s kids? She says if something happens to the baby and he has something to do with it… She doesn’t finish, but tells him that she hates him. The only one who doesn’t hate Eddie is Eddie.

No surprise, Eddie calls Brad. Brad says it’s late. Eddie says not too late for Brad, and tells him to get out of there. He tells Brad to meet him at a certain corner. Brad doesn’t understand what’s going on, and Eddie says the cops are coming to arrest him. Eddie asks where Randal and the baby are, but Brad doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Eddie spells it out for him and tells him that he should have conferred with Eddie first. Brad asks if Eddie is high. He says Alex and Marcie have been blowing up his phone, and Marcie hit him in the head with a bottle. All of a sudden, the light bulb comes on and he tells Eddie he didn’t do anything. Eddie tells him that’s very believable and to keep it. He asks where the bodies are and Brad says he really doesn’t know anything and he’s not meeting him. Brad hangs up. Do we still say “hanging up” today? Or is it clicking off?

Brad calls Marcie. Kelly and Esperanza tell her not to answer. Marcie feels sick and runs to the bathroom. Don’t tell me she’s pregnant. Esperanza says this is a nightmare. She notices 39 missed phone calls from Travis on Kelly’s phone. Kelly says he got aggressive with her. He was mad because she slept with him and kicked him out. She says he won’t stop calling and leaving crazy messages, and he’s been circling the house. She plays some of the messages for Esperanza. Yep, they’re crazy. Esperanza says it’s scary, and she didn’t see this coming from Travis. Kelly says neither did she. They agree he sounds possessed. Kelly thinks he’ll calm down.

Esperanza brings up Travis being engaged to someone else. She suggests Kelly call the authorities. She says she’s had enough crazy ass men in her life to know, but Kelly insists it will blow over. Esperanza makes her promise to call the police if it doesn’t. Kelly reminds Esperanza that she wanted to talk to her about something, but Esperanza says they’ll talk about it later.

Joey’s probabtion officer, Hardy, asks Natalie how Joey is doing. Natalie says they don’t know yet and introduces him to Lushion. Lushion takes him aside and asks if it’s necessary that he be there. Hardy says witnesses said Joey had a gun and that’s a probation violation. Lushion says they don’t know if he’s going to make it through the night. Hardy is more like heartless and says he’ll just talk to Natalie, but Lushion says if he’s going to talk, he talks to Lushion. He gives Hardy his card. Hardy tells Natalie he hopes Joey gets better and leaves.

Natalie asks if Hardy wanted to take Joey to jail. Lushion tells her worry about Joey right now. Natalie says Hardy flirts with her all the time and questions if he was really there for Joey. She wonders about the gun, and Lushion says it was registered to Mr. Kim. Quan was going to rob Faun. Natalie is surprised her father let her make the deposits, and wonders how she’s doing. Natalie says she’d told Joey to always comply with cops and instead of protesting the cops, they should protest the ignorant asses who walk among them.

Ben tries to do some actual work and Julius calls. He wonders how Julius got the number and asks what Julius wants. Julius says Ben hasn’t called, and Ben says he’s been busy. Julius asks if he’s too busy for pure Colombian. Ben says he’s not sure if he should be talking to him. Julius says Ben already knows the answer. Ben says he’s intrigued, but Eddie is all over him. Julius says like a boyfriend? and Ben is like, hell no, but Eddie is out of control, freaking out when Ben isn’t at his beck and call. Julius says like a jealous boyfriend and what’s up with Ben? but Ben says he has a girlfriend. Julius asks if Ben wants to change his life and says he’s the man to do it. He says he doesn’t beg, he just moves on and can find someone else. Ben says he can do this. Julius says he wants Ben and Ben is like, what do you mean? and Julius says he wants him on his team. He doesn’t want to have to call Ben again.

Eddie looms over Ben who says it’s his girlfriend on the phone. He calls Julius “honey” and Julius says this is some weird stuff. You’re tellin’ me. Eddie tells him get off the phone and get him some coffee from the coffee shop – the low fat vanilla latte he likes. He says pick up his dry cleaning too, and no whipped cream. When he’s not pissing me off, Eddie cracks me up.

Kelly gets a call from her ex’s mother, Diane. She says if Kelly doesn’t want to talk to her son, she needs to tell him. She says it’s Kelly’s ass that should be in jail. Her son took the fall so Kelly could raise their nappy headed kid. Kelly is like, whoa there, and Diane tells Kelly she’d better talk to her son or she’s going to the police.

Alex tries to flag down more cars than should be on this road. A truck slows down. She asks for help. The driver, who looks like one of the Duck Dynasty guys, tells her to hop in. He’s not going as far as she is, but she asks him to take her as far as he can. He tells her she shouldn’t be out on the road like this. She tells him that she wrecked her car, and he asks if she’s all right. She says she will be, and he asks if she called the law. She says her phone is in the car and he asks if she wants to use his. She says the car is totaled. He introduces himself as Carl and says she’s pretty. Not surprisingly, this makes her nervous, but he tells her that he wouldn’t want his daughter out at night, and talks about how many lowlifes live around there. He wonders who she knows in town and she says she grew up there. He wishes he could take her all the way, but can’t be late with his delivery. He asks if she likes Christian music and puts on the radio.

Marcie cries in the bathroom. Esperanza asks her to come out and talk. Kelly tells Esperanza that Marcie isn’t all right. Esperanza says the worst part of the whole thing is that she’s still in love with Randal. Agreed. She says they can’t get away from it, no matter how hard they try, and I guess she’s referring to herself with Eddie as well. Kelly wants to know what Esperanza had to say. She says Joey got shot and they don’t know if he’s going to be okay. Kelly wonders what’s happening tonight. Esperanza says she doesn’t want to imagine being in Natalie’s position. Kelly wants to call her, but Esperanza says give her a moment. Esperanza asks Marcie to come out again, but she repeats that she’s fine.

Kelly says think about how Alex feels and that Brad has taken it too far this time. Esperanza asks if they’re sure. Kelly reminds her of Brad being stupid at the hospital, but Esperanza thinks something isn’t right. She doesn’t believe Brad would kidnap anyone.

Brad calls Marcie. She asks why he’s calling her. He says Eddie called asking if he’d kidnapped Randal and the baby. He says he’d never do that; it would be insane. He’s put two and two together about her hitting him and says he was trying to kiss her, not attack her. She says explain the mud on his shoes and why it was red. He says there was new construction and he walked across the pavilion. She doesn’t believe him. He says she knows he wouldn’t do anything like that, but she says not really. He can’t think of anything he can do to make he believe otherwise. She says the baby is innocent in all of this. Brad says he believes Marcie thinks he did it. The police knock on Brad’s door. He asks Marcie not to hang up, but she does.

The police ask to come in. Ha-ha! It’s Steve because no one else really works. He tells the officers to search the place and Brad asks if they have a warrant. Steve tells him they’ve been given permission by his roommate. He arrests Brad and suggests Brad tell them everything. Oh sure, go right ahead, without a lawyer.

Next time, Ben gets hospital duty, Eddie threatens Lushion and attacks Ben, and Julius wants Ben on his team. Are we ever going to see Randal again? Are they recasting him?? Did contract negotiations not go well???

Below Deck

New deckhand Kyle has dislocated his shoulder. Lauren resets it. The pool is set up and the guests get in the water. We suddenly see Barry, the first officer, who must be hiding all of the time. Somehow things get out of control, and a couple of guests get thrown off of a water toy, nearly colliding with the boat pulling them. They’re fine. And probably too drunk to care. The crew is a little shaky though.

Captain Lee tries to call just about everyone and no one is answering their radios. He asks if anyone is on service. He tells Sierra to make a batch of painkillers immediately. She thinks he means ibuprofen, but he means the drink. He ends up having to help her.

The captain wants to get into calmer waters and hunts for Kelley. He’s getting more annoyed about no one responding. He finds Kelley’s radio unattended. Kelley claims he was in the bathroom, but Captain Lee says he should bring it with him. Ben jokes to Kate that the captain is worried about his creme brulee, so he’s moving the yacht. Kate wonders what happened while she was on break, and Ben tells her nothing much, just a couple of the guests almost dying. Captain Lee isn’t thrilled with the deckhands not being at the top of their game and looking like Larry, Moe and Curly.

Kate says the guests are drinking at a rate that impresses and scares her. Ben thinks Kate is texting Ro too much, and should be dealing with the job at hand. I don’t know if he’s making a joke or not. The guests are having a white party this evening, and Kate is psyched. She’s turning it into a White Rabbit party. Kelley wonders how long it will take for Kyle to realize that Sierra is nuts.

Kate tells Ben she doesn’t know if the guests will notice or care what time dinner is. Ben thinks it would be interesting if he took an Ambien before dinner. Lauren tells Sierra that Kyle is obsessed with her, and Sierra says she’s kind of into his ruggedness. Captain Lee thinks Kelley should know what he expects and be doing better and bigger things at this point.

The stews make up cute little Alice in Wonderland themed trays with “drink me” and “eat me” stuff on them to lead the guests to dinner. Kate and Ben get into an argument. He says he doesn’t have the luxuries she does and needs to know when dinner is early on. Kate says in Ben’s world he tells the guests when to eat, but she prefers the guests enjoy their very expensive vacation. The stews wear bunny ears and fluffy tails, but it’s White Rabbity, not Playboy.

As usual, dinner is amazing and the creme brulee comes out fine, the guests thinking it’s the best thing ever. Ben checks out Kate’s phone and tells Lauren that he doesn’t know about this Ro character.

Kate wonders when the guests are finally going to pass out, and tells Emily if they ask for more Irish coffee to give them decaf. Kate talks to Ro, telling her that the guests are wasted and in the Jacuzzi. Ro wanted to come visit, but says she won’t be able to make it. The guests barely get themselves to their rooms.

Captain Lee notices the yacht windows are filthy. He’s going to chew on somebody’s ass, and Kelley is the one. He says if Kelley doesn’t start performing the way he should, he’ll have to babysit him the whole season. He asks Kelley why no one is dealing with the windows. Kelley says it’s on the inside and that’s for interior to handle. The Captain isn’t having it and Kelley feels like he gets picked on for Kate’s responsibilities. The captain says Kelley has been wallowing in self-pity for two days. He shows Kelley that it’s not all on the inside and Kelley says okay, he’ll deal with it. In his interview, Kelley says the captain is terrified of Kate, but I find that doubtful. Kelley gets the deckhands together and the windows are cleaned.

Miraculously, the guests are up. OMG THE BREAKFAST! The Captain tells Kelley he has more responsibility now and he wants Kelley to see what he sees. Lauren is selected to bring the anchor up by herself. As with those before her, the captain doesn’t understand her hand signals. The captain says it’s just a learning experience, but Lauren calls it bullshit. She complains to Kelley that she has no experience. She complains that he didn’t have her back, but Kelley says he did everything he could and he’s in the hot seat. He tells her that he’ll always have her back.

It’s time to dock. The guests squeeze in a final cocktail and Captain Lee gets a fat envelope. The captain thanks the crew and says the radios are still a pet peeve and everyone better get it together with that. The tip is $15,000, or $1,350 each. Kate says it was like a really good one-night stand. Captain Lee says he has good news bad news. The bad news is that the hated slide has arrived, but the good news is that the crew has a resort to themselves the next day, thanks to a friend of the captain’s. He asks them to stay on the boat tonight, but they can crawl into a bottle of rum tomorrow if hey want.

The crew gets ready to go to ashore to Scrub Island, and here comes Ro. Nico is disappointed that she’s so good looking. Kate is super surprised. She says she’s happy, but also freaking out. Ben is fascinated watching them kiss. He says Ro knows that he and Kate have a history and it’s making him nervous. Kate gives Ro a tour of the boat and they make out. She introduces Ro to the others. Ben says it looks like Ro just crawled out of a fallout shelter in Moscow because she’s dark on dark on dark. Everyone takes a boat to the mainland.

Ben says it’s funny to finally place a face to the laugh he hears every night on Kate’s phone. The crew hangs around the pool and drinks. Ben blatantly stares at Kate and Ro kissing. Kelley flirts with Emily, but she finds him too touchy feely. In his interview, Kelley says it’s all small signals and he’s going to sweep Emily off he feet before she knows what hit her. Um…you might be the one in for a surprise, Kelley.

Kyle and Sierra argue over the loaves and the fishes. Sierra thinks that Jesus turned loaves into fishes, and Kyle has to correct her. Kyle tells Sierra she’s stunning and Sierra says he’s cool. In his interview, Kelley thinks Sierra is a lunatic. Kate says Ro is a retired professional athlete, but still has the same commitment to physical endurance and excellence.

Next time, it’s Valentine’s Day, Kelley makes Emily feel awkward (it’s not the first time he’s done that to a woman), and Captain Lee wants Kelley to be proactive.

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