October 12, 2016 – Morgan’s Death Rocks GH & Little LA’s Terra Rocks Baby Number Two


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Tracy is on the phone, wondering why she wasn’t informed about the sale of GH. She says she wasn’t aware of being banned either. Dillon comes in and she can’t decide whether the board is duplicitous or deranged. He suggests she worry about his brother instead.

Dillon stops by The Floating Rib to say hi to Kiki. He feels like they’re getting a fresh start and she agrees. Kiki gets a message on her phone about a concert she and Morgan were supposed to go to. She says she has to end things with him before starting something new, but doesn’t understand why he’s not calling her back.

Michael comes to the station and asks Dante what’s going on. Dante tells him that their brother Morgan is gone. He tells Michael that Morgan is dead. Michael asks how it happened and Dante explains about the explosion.

Carly dreams of a better time. Bobbie wakes her up. Carly asks what she’s doing there, and Bobbie says that Sonny called and she came right over. Carly is fuzzy as to what happened.

Sonny looks at family photos. Jason comes in and tells him he’s trying to trace the broker. He says brokers who do double-blind jobs will vanish, especially if there’s a problem. Sonny asks if Jason thinks it’s his fault that Morgan is dead. Sonny tells him that he canceled the job and the broker said he understood. Something is going on, and he’s going to find out who’s responsible. Jason says he’ll get answers. Sonny heads to the station.

Lulu and Laura get together for lunch. Lulu asks about Spencer’s new school. Laura hates that he’s so far away, but she’s happy with the security. She gets a call from Doc, but ignores it. Lulu says Doc told her everything about what happened with the book he was writing. Laura says he already apologized and they’re good friends. Lulu asks if there’s a chance for anything more. Laura says whenever she decides to trust someone, they prove her wrong.

Monica asks what the shouting was about. Tracy says she’s been barred from the board meeting, because they want to sell GH to an investor who wants to turn it into luxury condos. Tracy tells her she’s going to the meeting anyway and Monica says she’s going with her.

Ned visits Dillon at Crimson. Dillon says Paul is in jail, everyone is safe, and he’s moving on. Ned says he’d like to credit his pep talk for changing Dillon’s attitude, but thinks the credit belongs to someone else.

Ava tells Kiki she needs to talk to her. And it’s not good.

Bobbie tells Carly she came to help, and Carly wonders why. She thinks it has something to do with Morgan being expelled, and says they came down too hard on him. She says when Morgan gets home, shes going to tell him it’s never to late to fix something and she loves him. Bobbie tells her Morgan is gone.

Dante tells Michael how Morgan was drinking, had his keys taken away, and took Julian’s car. Michael says no one wanted Julian dead more than Sonny. Sonny and Jason walk in.

Dillon tells Ned that Kiki is the reason he’s smiling. Ned says he guesses Dillon won’t be putting anymore fishhooks in doors. Dillon is puzzled and Ned says maybe Olivia is right, and tells him what happened. Dillon is more curious about Ned and Olivia being in the boathouse together than the fishhook.

Carly says Bobbie is talking about a dream she had, but it’s not true. Bobbie tells her it happened. She says they gave Carly a pill to calm her down, and Carly says that’s why she had the nightmare; they drugged her. Bobbie says they’ll make tea and talk. Carly won’t have it, and still insists Morgan is alive. She wonders why Sonny’s coat is covered with mud, and Bobbie tells her Sonny tried to look for him. Suddenly, Carly remembers Sonny coming home the night before and how scared she was. She says her little boy can’t be dead.

Ava tells Kiki there was an accident involving Morgan. Kiki asks if he’s at the hospital, but Ava says she’s sorry, Morgan is gone. Kiki thinks it’s a sick plan to break them up, but Ava says it’s true. Kiki tries calling Morgan, but of course there’s no answer.

Michael asks Sonny how a bomb got in Julian’s car. Jason suggests they go somewhere more private. An officer gives Morgan’s phone to Dante, saying someone just tried to call. Michael interrogates Sonny, oddly enough in the interrogation room. He asks if Sonny went after Julian and asks if Sonny is the reason Morgan is dead.

Dante goes to Sonny’s place. Carly asks him to tell her what happened – Sonny isn’t there and last night is a blur. Dante asks Bobbie to give them privacy. Carly asks him if Morgan hit something or if he was speeding. Dante says he was getting out of the car and it exploded. She wonders who would do this to Morgan, and Dante tells her it was Julian’s car.

Kiki asks why Morgan would be driving Julian’s car. Ava says she doesn’t know, but he was drinking. Ava says he was set off by seeing Kiki and Dillon getting it on. Kiki says that didn’t happen; they’ve never been together. Ava says mental illness can be hard to understand.

Michael asks Sonny if he tried to kill Julian, but Sonny is silent. Sonny says he doesn’t know how it happened and Michael says he set it in motion by giving the order. He says Sonny had just given him a big speech on how vengeance isn’t worth it, and was vengeance on Julian worth Morgan’s life? Jason leads Michael out of the room.

Dante explains to Carly that Morgan had been drinking and the bartender took his keys. Carly asks if Morgan was having a manic episode. Dante isn’t sure, but says that when TJ tried to give him a ride home, Morgan punched him and took a car that had keys in it. He says he doesn’t think Morgan knew it was Julian’s car. He tells Carly that Jason went after him and saw everything. Carly wants to know why the car exploded, and Dante tells her the bomb wasn’t meant for Morgan – it was meant for Julian.

Jason takes Michael home. He tells Tracy and Monica about Morgan. He says a car bomb killed him.

Carly asks if Sonny had anything to do with it. Dante tries to avoid the question. Carly hyperventilates and starts to cry. She says she warned him. Dante says he knows she’s grieving, but he’s still a cop, so don’t say anything that will implicate Sonny. He says he probably already crossed a line just telling her that. He gives her Morgan’s phone. (Wouldn’t this be evidence? So much for crossing the line.). He says he’s sorry and leaves. Geez.

Olivia joins Laura and Lulu. Lulu gets a call from Dante, who wants her to come to the station. Laura tells her to go have quality time with her husband, and she bounces off. Laura asks Olivia if she remembers being so in love, and Olivia says she still feels young at heart. She asks Laura about Doc. Laura says things got complicated, and Olivia wonders how Doc screwed up. Laura says he broke her trust, although maybe it would be different if her experience hadn’t been so bad. Olivia tells her not to give up on someone who makes her happy, and Laura asks if she’s speaking from experience.

Ned tells Dillon he has to solve the mystery of who put the fishhook in the boathouse door because they saw him and Olivia getting busy. He leaves and Kiki comes in. She falls into Dillon’s arms crying.

Ned tells Olivia that Dillon didn’t put the hook in the door, but he’s not convinced Julian did either. He seemed honestly surprised when they confronted him. Ned says either way, Julian knows they’re a couple, and they don’t have to keep it a secret anymore.

Carly looks at Morgan’s phone. She rifles through some drawers and cupboards to find a charger, and plugs it in.

Dillon tells Kiki he can’t believe Morgan is gone. She says she was trying to find him. Dillon tells her that he’s sorry, and whatever she needs, he’s there for her. She says they can’t do this. She’s the reason Morgan snapped, because he saw them together. Dillon says they didn’t do anything wrong and Morgan had mental health issues. She says they’re the reason he’s dead and runs out.

Monica tells Michael she sorry, and Tracy says this is what happens what the city turns a blind eye to the violence happening around them. She says the bomb was meant for Julian and Sonny is behind it. Jason tries to interject, but Tracy says he lost his right to an opinion when he turned his back on the family. Monica says that’s enough.

Lulu comes to the station where Dante is banging things around. He tells her Morgan is dead, and he might have to arrest his father for it.

Carly listens to her own message on Morgan’s phone, telling him school is only a set back and he can rise above it, learning from his mistakes and moving on. Sonny comes in while she’s listening. Great. We have sad Sonny again. She tells him it’s Morgan’s phone and he never got the voicemail she left, because he was in a car and a bomb blew him up.

Laura calls Doc. She tells him she’d like to go to dinner.

Olivia tells Ned that maybe Julian was just an excuse. Maybe she wanted to keep the relationship quiet because once they tell people, it becomes real, and if it becomes real, she can screw it up. Ned says that’s a two-way street, and he’s been known to screw things up too. He says all he knows is that he missed them together. She tells him Doctor Strange is coming out soon. Ned says he doesn’t want to see it without her. She kisses him.

Kiki looks at her phone in the elevator and listens to a song by Morgan’s favorite band. Dillon looks at pictures and there’s a song part.

Ava tells Bobbie she’s sorry for her loss. Bobbie asks if Ava ever loved Morgan, and that he was just a kid who didn’t know any better. Ava says she loved him very much. There was a time when he was the only one who saw good in her and now everyone who did is gone.

Lulu tells Dante maybe it was a mistake and Sonny didn’t do it. Dante says it wouldn’t be the first time a kid of Sonny’s was caught in a crossfire. He says Morgan was the first Corrinthos he met when he came to town, and talks about how friendly he was. Lulu hugs him

Monica says it was a senseless tragedy, and Michael needs his family, including Jason. Michael says it’s okay, Tracy was just being a Quartermaine. Michael tells Jason that he wanted to believe Morgan was doing better. Jason says it isn’t on him. Michael says he contributed, since he didn’t pay attention, but whoever planted the bomb killed Morgan. Jason says Julian had a lot of enemies, and Sonny might not have anything to do with it. Michael asks if he really believes that. Probably about as much as I do.

Carly shows Sonny a picture of Morgan as a child. She says that Sonny just couldn’t help himself. He had to be the one to finish Julian, and now their beautiful little boy is dead, and Sonny killed him. She throws the picture at him. Sonny starts to cry and so do I. Dammit. I didn’t even like Morgan, but that’s how good this scene was.

Tomorrow, Kiki talks to Franco, TJ forgives Jordan, and Morgan’s death continues to resonate throughout Port Charles.

Little Women: LA

Baby number two is here! Terra says thank God he’s healthy and thank God for the drugs. It was a lot more difficult this time around. They still have to do genetic testing to find out if he has dwarfism, but Terra is happy that the baby is in her arms and not in an incubator. Joe is having doubts about the name though.

Briana is applying for a permit to carry a concealed weapon and wants to check out some guns. She’s shot a gun before, but wants more training and experience. Elena goes along to the range with her. She tells Elena that she’s had threats of violence to her family. She thinks it came from Christy spreading stories and passing her personal information around. She says you never know how crazy people are any more, and wants as much protection as possible. Elena says there are too many things that can go wrong having a gun in the house with small children.

Briana has some pretty decent aim, but Elena’s is even better. She says maybe she missed her calling as a secret spy. (Isn’t “secret spy” redundant?) Briana wants to get everyone together for a sip and see party. She doesn’t want to invite Christy though, and we flash back to Christy’s idiocy on the yacht. Briana has no idea why Elena still wants her as a friend. She tells Elena if that’s what she wants, she’ll go along with it, but not happily.

Tonya visits Terra in the hospital. Tonya thinks the baby is smiling, but Terra says he’s probably pooping. Terra has two godmothers and godfathers for Penny, and wants the same for Not-Named-Yet. She asks Tonya to be one of the godmothers. They wanted to name the baby D’Artagnan, but Terra says the family hates it and now Joe is iffy. She cries, saying she doesn’t want to make a mistake. I think it’s a fabulous name. They could always call him Art for short. No pun intended.

Tonya goes shopping for her dog, Angel, who is like another child to her. Angelique and Kerwin go with her and Angelique tries different outfits on Angel. The woman at the store claims to be an animal psychic. Kerwin asks if the dog knows if anyone has a new boyfriend, but the woman says Angel is pleading the fifth for her sister. They think Angelique is dating her old boyfriend, Reggie. Tonya tells Angelique to be honest.

Terra is feeling more like her old self. Joe’s family is in town and everyone gets together at the hospital. Penny is introduced to her new brother. Terra hopes Penny has a bond with No Name like she does with her brother. Terra suggests Augustus for the baby, but Joe says Willy Wonka ruined that name for everyone. Terra is still stuck on D’Artagnan, but Joe says the baby isn’t a Musketeer. He swears before they leave the hospital, they’ll have a name.

Briana and Jasmine do some flower arranging. Briana tells Jasmine about the threats o her family and how she wants to buy a gun. Jasmine says she should look into an alarm system. Briana says they’re doing that too, but she wants something more. Jasmine doesn’t know if the risk is worth it. She asks who’s being invited to the sip and see. Briana says Elena doesn’t mind inviting Christy, but she doesn’t want Christy around her kids, since it’s the last thing Christy hasn’t picked on her about. We flash back to Christy asking Jasmine for help in fixing her relationships with the girls. In her interview, Jasmine doesn’t think Briana will give Christy another shot unless the other girls are on board. Jasmine tells Briana that she believes people deserve another chance and wants to believe Christy until she shows her otherwise. Briana says that she’ll choose not to believe her until proven otherwise.

Commercial break. Little Women: Dallas will be joining the franchise on November 2. Let’s hope they don’t have a little Leeanne Locken in the group.

Nameless baby is going home. For now Terra is calling him Baby Boy. Joe is still negative on D’Artagnan. He thinks they had a momentary lapse when they came up with the name, but Terra loves it. Terra hopes they can agree on one of her unique back-up names. She suggests Pearce, which I also like, but Joe is like, no. She asks about Grayson and Joe agrees. Grayson Vincent. She wants to still get D’Artagnan in there, and Joe says she can use it as a nickname. Sometimes.

Tonya and Elena are setting up early for the sip and see. Briana has insisted on not inviting Christy. Preston will be bringing the twins by later. Elena talks to Tonya about Briana getting a gun, and Tonya is with her about it being a bad idea with kids in the house. She says a dysfunctional family doesn’t need a gun.

Jasmine arrives with Briana and family right behind her. Briana has a good feeling since Christy won’t be there. In her interview, Jasmine says having a baby with dwarfism can be scary because of all the health problems that can arise, but she’s feeling positive seeing how healthy the other kids are. Briana thanks everyone for coming. The girls are all wearing cute hats and they sit down to tea with the ladies having their own table.

Tonya suggests a taser or pepper spray to Briana. In her interview, Tonya says something doesn’t sit right with her, and she thinks it’s too much for them to get a gun. Briana says Matt has received death threats and she doesn’t feel safe.

Jasmine asks when they started getting threats. Briana says when she was in the hospital the first time, Christy was texting her like crazy and then passed around insane stories, like saying Briana had been kidnapped. Then she started getting threats. Tonya says they don’t want anything to happen to her. In her interview, Tonya says she didn’t know how bad it was.

Elena says it’s a shame Terra couldn’t be there. She adds that she’s a little upset that she couldn’t invite Christy, who is still her friend. Briana says it’s not her mess to clean up. Jasmine feels that Christy deserves a second chance, and says Christy wants to apologize to everyone. Elena thinks Christy is doing stupid things because she’s trying to make it work, like bringing Plastic to the photo shoot. She’s worried about Briana and goes about it he wrong way. Jasmine says sometimes you have to forgive someone for your sake, not theirs, and doesn’t want Briana stuck in a bitter place. Tonya says she’s open to it. Briana says it will take more than a hug and promise. She says Christy needs to really understand what she did, and then they can take baby steps. Elena says she’ll meet with Christy and make sure she understands she needs to change or lose her friends.

Christy and Elena have lunch. She has to make sure Christy understands where everyone is coming from. She tells Christy about the sip and see, and says she didn’t invite Christy because she didn’t want a repeat performance of what happened at her birthday party. She says it’s past the point of apology, they want her to retract some of the things she’s said, like about Terra giving her a concussion. Christy says she’s not bowing down to them, but she’ll show her medical records. Elena says she needs to see things from the others’ perspectives. She asks why Christy brought Plastic to the photo shoot, and Christy says Tonya wanted her to prove what she had said about Matt. Elena says, but not at the photo shoot. In her interview, Elena talks about how Christy needs to take responsibility for her actions .Christy says she’s a peacemaker, and Elena says she’s a troublemaker and has to fix what she started. She tells Christy that she had no business contacting Briana’s family. Christy says she’ll apologize. Elena says she sees what others do wrong, but not herself. Christy whines about how much she has to deal with. Elena says she’s tired of the fighting and she wants it fixed. She thinks there’s too many empty words that are meaningless. In her interview, Christy says the name calling hurts and if it happened to Elena, she’d have a meltdown. Christy says she has enough dealing with the world without this group belittling her

Elena says Christy takes things to another level. She says Terra isn’t the one who went to the police. Christy says she’ll apologize to Terra and Briana perfectly. Elena says it’s not going to fix anything unless it’s sincere and for real. She thinks Christy is being a little sarcastic. In her interview, Christy is confused that Elena says she’s her friend, but is attacking her. She’s trying to help you, you moron. Christy says her apology will make everyone cry and Elena tells her not to make another mistake.

Penny is still with Grandma Olevia, but Terra says the chaos of two children will begin soon. She’s stressed because the contractors aren’t done on the new house until next week and she’ll be starting rehearsal for Dancing with the Stars around the same time. Joe is worried about her taking on too much, and Terra is still worried about her breast health issue. She says she and Joe are a great team and they can beat this if they stick together. They did the genetics test on Baby Boy Grayson, but it will take a couple of weeks to get the results. She still wants D’Artagnan in his name somewhere. She says everyone can call him Grayson, but Joe took this away from her. She says he fought her about Penny’s name and he might be hearing her, but he’s not listening. She says he picked the name, but won’t back it up because he cares what everyone else thinks. She feels like he cares more about everyone else’s feelings than hers.

Next time, the twins get genetically tested, Dawn from Little Women: NY makes an appearance, Christy releases her medical records, and the women go to a casino.

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