October 17, 2016 – GH is a Mob Cesspool & on the OC Mean Girls Rule


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Julian thought Sonny would meet him with guns drawn, but Sonny says he’s never afraid to meet an enemy face to face. He asks if Julian is there to kill him.

Franco talks to himself about Elizabeth getting better and not needing him so much, while he does sketches of feet. There’s a knock at the door. Surprise! It’s Elizabeth.

Tracy confronts Lucy, telling her that GH is on the chopping block and she’s the executioner.

Curtis meets with TJ. He says he’s sorry about Morgan, but he knows TJ was one of the last ones to see him alive. TJ says he was worried about Morgan, but not scared. Curtis asks what he saw exactly.

Carly looks at a little ceramic turtle and cries. The doorbell rings. She says it’s not a good time, but it’s Jason. She lets him in and hugs him.

Tracy wants to know what Alan or her father would say about Lucy selling off GH to the highest bidder. Lucy says it’s the Quartermaines’ fault in the first place, due to Tracy’s deranged ex-husband.

Elizabeth brings Franco some Rice Krispy treats. He says he has no excuse for not tidying up his place, but lacks motivation. She looks through his drawings and finds one of her.

TJ says Morgan drinking was a warning sign. Curtis tells him that he did everything he could and got punched for it, but TJ thinks he should have been more aggressive. Curtis says he had no way of knowing what could happen, and no one could ask more of him than what he did. TJ says it’s not enough that Morgan lost his life, but on top of it, everything he was going to do will never happen. He adds that Sonny might have planted the bomb.Curtis asks if there’s an official investigation.

Carly tells Jason that she couldn’t even take her suitcase upstairs. She doesn’t know how to do this or get Josslyn through it. He asks if Josslyn knows about Sonny, and Carly says Kristina told her. He asks why she’s there, and she says where is she supposed to be? He tells her at home. She and Sonny lost their son and need each other.

Julian tells Sonny that he came to offer his condolences and Sonny laughs. Julian says just because they’re enemies doesn’t mean they can’t behave like human beings. He says he knows Sonny still holds grudge about Morgan working for him. Sonny says the only thing he wants to hear about is why Julian is there. Julian says the bomb that killed Morgan was meant to kill him.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he distracted himself by drawing when he stayed with her at the hospital. She tells him how appreciative she is that he stayed by her bedside and thanks him for making her look good in the drawing. He encourages her to paint again. She says her masterpiece will have to wait since her bank account says go back to work.

Tracy says Paul tried to kill her and Monica too. Lucy says she’s sorry, and of course Tracy isn’t responsible. Tracy wants to reopen the hospital instead of selling it. Lucy suggests she buy it.

TJ thinks Curtis should talk to Jordan. Curtis asks if he saw anything out of the ordinary that night. TJ wonders why he’s asking, and he says he’s just curious. TJ isn’t fooled and knows he must be doing a private investigation, but Curtis says he can’t talk about that.

Carly calls Nell to keep an eye on Avery. Nell overhears Sonny and Julian. Sonny tells Julian to take his best shot about planting the bomb. Julian says the business has already spilled enough blood on both sides, and they need to end the cycle. Sonny asks why he should care what Julian wants. Julian says it works to their mutual advantage. He’s not going to retaliate and neither is Sonny.

Jason tells Carly there’s a simple solution – go home. She says every time she looks at Sonny she thinks about how she won’t see Morgan again. Jason says he called off the hit. She says it doesn’t matter; he ordered it in the first place. Jason says no matter how it happened, Sonny lost his child too, and they need each other. She says all she needs is him. He tells her that he wishes he was enough, but he’s not. He wishes he could make everything all right, but he can’t and Sonny can.

Franco asks if GH is officially open. Elizabeth says she misses being there as a nurse, but she hasn’t heard anything and she needs a paycheck yesterday. The other hospitals in the area are staffed up, so she needs to widen her search. She talks about going to Rochester.

Lucy says Tracy could help future generations the way the hospital has helped her family. She tells Tracy to put her money where her mouth is and save it herself.

Curtis asks how TJ would know who he’s working for. TJ says he’s following the logic. He figures it’s either Julian or Sonny, but Curtis isn’t going to say. TJ is happy that Curtis is out there digging, because he wants to know too.

Sonny says Julian has been gunning for him since he got to Port Charles. He goes through what Julian has done since his arrival, and says he has nerve saying what he did, since he caused it. Julian says if Sonny comes after him, he’s coming after Carly, and who is Sonny willing to sacrifice? Is he willing to lose more children or his wife?

Carly says part of her wants to make Sonny feel better and let sonny do the same for her, but it won’t change anything. Morgan will still be dead. Jason asks if she’s willing to lose the father of her kids. She says Sonny killed her son. Jason says something about Sonny keeping his kids safe, and she says he didn’t keep Morgan safe.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she has no idea if and when the hospital will open again, and she needs an income. He asks if he can take her to lunch.

Carly tells Jason that she thought this time would be different. She says she thought Sonny would control the violence, but she was naive. She wonders why Morgan got in the car. She says Sonny never lied about who he is; she’s lied to herself. She says she’s a mother and her first instinct should be to protect her children, but she married a man who brought violence with him. She even didn’t listen when Michael spent a year in a coma, and she’s never going to forgive herself.

TJ says there’s a reason people think Sonny is responsible, but for a father to kill his own son…he trails off. Curtis says if anything good can come of it, it’s to appreciate what we have. He’s glad TJ is back in his life. They agree on getting together to take in a game. TJ leaves.

Tracy says she has to get back to ELQ. She says business has no respect for grief, and they didn’t fight to get the company back for it to flounder. Lucy says GH has to open soon or die. Tracy says two of the attacks remain unsolved, so they can’t reopen just yet.

Julian says he’s not there for retaliation; he’s asking that they lay down their arms. He tells Sonny to honor Morgan by stopping the war. Sonny asks how can Julian can talk about honor after what he’s done and says it’s offensive to him. Julian in his house, breathing his air is offensive, and the fact that his beautiful boy is dead is a violation of everything right and just. He tells Julian that if he doesn’t get out, He might balance out the scales right now and end Julian’s miserable life, because he can. Julian leaves and Sonny throws the fruit basket at the wall. Nell asks if he’s okay.

Elizabeth asks Tracy about the unsolved murders. She says Paul has an alibi for Bobbie and Lucas. There are no other suspects, so it’s not safe enough for GH to reopen. Tracy excuses herself to commune with her martinis. Elizabeth tells Franco that maybe she should talk to Patrick and Robin and check out what Berkeley has to offer. Franco says he has another solution that might keep her local.

Sonny apologizes. He forgot Nell was there. He tells her to go home and says he’s not good company right now. She thinks she should stay for Avery and he thanks her. She tells him to get some rest. He tells her he will and says he’s glad she’s there.

Carly tells Jason to go home to his own family, but he doesn’t want her to be alone. She says she wants to be a better mother to Josslyn than she was to Morgan. Jason says she’s a great mom and Morgan knew it. She asks why he’s dead then. Jason tells her because something completely unexpected and terrible happened. She says Sonny put a bomb in a car that killed her son. Jason says he called it off. Carly says not in time and he tells her that he’s going to investigate what happened. She says it won’t bring him back, but Jason says maybe if he finds out why it happened, it will give them closure.

Julian checks on Curtis’s progress. Curtis is like, you just hired me five minutes ago. He says he’s working on it. Julian says he wants assurances. Curits tells him that he’s starting with TJ. Julian says as long as he has the truth, he can take sonny down. He says he just saw Sonny and he’s a wreck. Curtis says wouldn’t Julian be? Julian says Sonny’s guard is down, and now the perfect time to investigate. Curtis says unless he’s too far gone and just comes gunning for him. Julian isn’t interested in taking a chance in killing Sonny, but wants to focus on rebuilding his life with Alexis and the kids, and making sure Sonny goes to prison.

Sonny goes to his empty bedroom with a decanter of booze. He looks at a picture of him with Carly. Nell knocks at the door, bringing him tea. She says she’s all set to read Avery her bedtime story. Sonny says Morgan used to read her stories and act out the parts, and she loved it. Nell says she’ll do her best. She tells him the tea is chamomile and supposed to be calming. He asks her to shut the door on her way out. He looks at family photos next to the bed.

Carly says Jason’s heart is in the right place, but she doesn’t care about any of it. In the morning she’s going to wake up, and for a few seconds forget that Morgan is dead. Then it will hit her that her baby is gone and her husband is responsible, and there’s no closure. Jason says he tried to save Morgan. He got him to trust him enough to pull over. He felt relieved that Morgan was suddenly not manic, but calm. It should have been okay, but he got out of the car and Jason should have been able to save him. Carly tells him how happy he was that she named Morgan after him. Jason named Michael after Sonny, so she thought it was perfect to name Morgan after him. He says he’s sorry. She shows him the turtle and says all she has left is a memory. She kissed it and a single tear falls.

Lucy tells Tracy she should consider her idea. Tracy says she had no idea Lucy was a jungle animal, stalking prey. Lucy reminds her of how she stole Alan from Monica. She says it wouldn’t be GH, but GH Quartermaine. Tracy drains her martini and gets up.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he might know someone who knows something about what really happened. Heather?

Tomorrow, Anna argues with Griff, Laura wants to sell Windemere, and Franco accuses Heather of the murders.

The Real Housewives of the OC

I thought it was a bad dream, but we’re still in Dublin. Oddly enough, the best thing about this trip is Meghan looking up her ancestors.

Vicki rings Heather, telling her she’s still in bed. She and Shannon stayed out late drinking. In her interview, Vicki says they reconnected and are on the cusp of being friends again. Heather tells her they’re going to a farm today. Vicki says “wonderful,” but I laugh because it doesn’t sound like she really thinks so.

Kelly and Meghan get room service. Kelly has an emotional hangover. Meghan tells her about what the geneologist said and how she can go to a certain town and will probably be related to everyone. Meghan has arranged for the girls to go to the farm that makes the cream for Bailey’s, but she’s going to the town today and Kelly is going to join her. She’ll have company and keep Tamra from killing Kelly.

Everyone else meets in the lobby. Tamra says they can sleep on the bus. Shannon explains about Kelly and Meghan going to find the O’Tooles. Vicki is moving pretty slow and manages to get her arm caught on the back door of the bus while putting her bag in.

Meghan and Kelly take a taxi to Greystones where Meghan’s ancestors are from. In her interview, Meghan says she can give the gift of her heritage to her baby, so she’s more interested in it than ever. An Irish pug sighting! Meghan stops several people, looking for relatives, but finds no one except people who aren’t from there. She says it’s harder than she thought. Pretty much everything is harder than Meghan thought.

Meanwhile, the rest of the girls get to the farm. Joe, the owner, says he heard they’ve come to help, and it’s time to milk the cows. Tamra asks if they don’t have machines that do that, and they do, but he still wants them to help. Vicki nearly steps in a cow-pie. I’m guessing there are a lot of those at the farm. Joe claims it’s a landmine. In her interview, Tamra says Vicki’s life story is stepping in sh*t.

The ladies put on boots and those one-piece Hazmat suits. Joe leads them to where the action takes place. Vicki says she doesn’t drink milk because it comes out of an animal. Since when is she a vegetarian or vegan or whatever? Heather asks if the cows ever poop while they’re being milked, and Joe says that’s why they’re wearing the suits.

Aww! Here come the cows. They get into position. Fancy Pants volunteers to go first. After leeches, this should be a breeze. She plugs the cow in. Vicki is next, but she’s obviously freaked and refuses to do it. A cow takes a weewee and the girls run. How did any of them have babies?

In Greystones, Meghan finally finds someone from the town. The woman’s mother was an O’Toole, but she has no information. Meghan shows her a picture of her mother and they do look a lot alike. Meghan is excited to meet a cousin, even though she doesn’t know for sure. Mission accomplished. They head to the farm.

Heather suggests they just have a peaceful dinner. Tamra says if anyone can test the limits of her faith, it’s Kelly. Well, you failed the last test, so we’ll see how this one goes. Kelly feels pretty uncomfortable. Meghan has suggested she just apologize and be done with it. She tells everyone about meeting Francis O’Toole. Vicki thinks that beats getting peed on. Joe comes out to tell them there’s a barbecue going.

A lovely table is set in a pretty barn. Joe claims they have the chef that makes the best steak in the world. Heather calls Terry and Vicki flashes him, telling him that her nipple is too high and asking if he can fix that. Geez, they’re not even drunk. Kelly is still uncomfortable and feels excluded.

There’s an aerial shot of the farm and it’s absolutely beautiful. Tamra says she got close to the cows and now she feels like she’s eating someone’s brother. I can understand that. I used to order seafood in a restaurant that had fish tanks for walls and felt weird. Kelly tells Tamra she owes her an apology. She says Tamra is a wonderful mother and she never meant to intentionally hurt her. In her interview, Heather says there’s a pattern of behaving badly, apologizing, and then saying she’s not like that. Kelly says she’s trying to be a better person. Heather brings up that she said it again in the car. Nothing like stirring it a little. Kelly says she’s being sincere and doesn’t want any bad feelings harbored. In her interview, Vicki says she understands, but doesn’t know how much to stick her nose in it.

Joe invites the ladies to come for an Irish cream tasting. Kelly apologizes to Tamra again, but Tamra doesn’t want to talk about it. In her interview, Tamra says as a Christian she’s supposed to forgive, but this particular situation is too painful, sensitive and new. Um, I don’t think you’re supposed to pick and choose.

Meghan goes to Tamra’s room. Tamra tells her Heather wants to go bike riding, but she still wants to kill Kelly and needs to stay away from her. She says Kelly is pushing her Christianity. Meghan invites her to go with her to Powerscourt estate and they decide to meet downstairs.

The other girls meet in the lobby. Heather doesn’t want to let the pub crawl color anything, so instead of animosity, she’s just ignoring it. They get picnic baskets from the hotel. Heather says after three days of drinking, riding a bike is tough. Vicki is having a difficult time of it, hitting a curb almost immediately.

Meghan and Tamra take the estate tour. Meghan learns some more about her ancestor who executed people there. She says she can feel that it’s haunted. Okay.

The rest go to Powerscourt Gardens on their bikes. It’s gorgeous and a picnic blanket has been laid out for them. No surprise, Heather pops some champagne. Kelly says no thanks because she wants to give it a rest. Heather has a flask of Fireball and encourages Kelly to drink. Why? Heather feels like she hasn’t seen Meghan the entire trip. She calls and tells Meghan where they are, and suggests she and Tamra join them, but Meghan says they’ll meet later at the hotel. Tamra says she doesn’t really want to see Kelly and is hesitant about dinner.

Vicki is the first to arrive for dinner and Kelly follows. Another beautiful table is set outside. In her room, Tamra calls Sarah. Granddaughter Ava has started walking. Heather and Shannon show up with champagne. Heather gossips about Kelly wearing a low-cut blouse to play croquet.

Kelly talks to Vicki, saying it’s the worst trip of her life. In her interview, she says she feels like Vicki has abandoned her. The other ladies arrive. Everyone is wearing black except for Kelly, who is wearing white. Meghan isn’t feeling well, so she’s opted out of dinner. Kelly doesn’t want to drink because she’s tired. Shannon insists tequila is an “upper,” and orders one for her anyway. WTF? These girls complain about Kelly’s drinking and then foist it on her when she doesn’t want one. Tamra quietly tells the waiter to make it a double.

Shannon and Heather want to have a shindig for Tamra after her competition, with all the food she hasn’t been able to eat. Shannon orders more drinks even before they’ve finished the first one. In her interview, Vicki says Shannon seems like she’s on a mission to get Kelly drunk so she’ll act crazy. She says it smells like Tamra is involved and we flash back to the naked wasted episode with Gretchen. Seriously, what is wrong with these women? I wish Kelly would just not drink.

Kelly says she feels ambushed, but when Shannon asks what she said, she tells Shannon she’s just talking to herself. In her interview, Kelly says she knows they’re trying to get her drunk. Heather calls Meghan and they have a toast to the new baby.

Five hours later. Meghan says she suddenly finds out WWIII is happening. After dinner, Vicki went to Tamra’s room with Kelly and invited her out, but she didn’t want to go. Tamra, Heather and Shannon go for a drink in the pub. Vicki ends up joining them, so nasty Tamra sends Kelly a selfie of her and Vicki, saying Vicki is talking about her. This is so creepy and mean girl, I can’t believe it. Tamra confronts Kelly, saying Vicki told her Kelly was saying things about her. Kelly says she never said anything about Tamra.

On the way to the airport, Kelly tells Shannon she feels ambushed and brings up Shannon pushing the tequila on her and attacking her in the hallway. She attacks Shannon’s appearance. Heather tells Kelly she takes things to a new low. Shannon says Kelly will be lucky to look like her at 52. This whole thing is beyond appalling and makes me embarrassed that Tamra calls herself a Christian. She’s basically a public figure and has set no example by what she just did to Kelly – with Shannon’s help. I’m hating these two right now. Heather tells Tamra that Kelly is insane and she feels sorry for her kid. In her interview, Vicki says Heather has a history of making her friends think they’re crazy and we flash back to a similar incident with Shannon. Vicki doesn’t want to get involved because she doesn’t want to be next. OMG – this is seriously just like junior high. Heather tells Kelly that she can’t hurt her with anything she says because she’s trash. A new low for everyone!

Next time, fingers are wagging all over the place, Tamra screams at Vicki, Briana calls Vicki out on being selfish, Shannon is never speaking to Vicki again, and Tamra competes.

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