October 18, 2016 – GH’s Franco Nails Heather & Below Deck’s Kyle Hopes to Nail Sierra


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nathan prepares a candlelight dinner to make things up to Maxie. He wants them to have some alone time. He says it will be a while until dinner is ready, so they start to get busy. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Claudette, who apparently has radar. She says she knows they’re in there because she can smell dinner. Huh? How does she know they don’t have a crockpot? She’s brought Charlotte. She asks if she’s interrupting dinner…or something. She’s so annoying, I can’t stand it.

Anna is at the gym using a punching bag. Griff asks if she wants to talk. She says she thought it was over, that she could figure out a way to handle Julian’s release. She says innocent people are dying because of him, and because she didn’t’ do enough to keep him off the streets.

Tracy tells Finn about Lucy saying she should buy the hospital. She says if she had that kind of money, she wouldn’t be dealing with a board. He starts to cough, and she asks how he’s doing. Hayden pops in and seconds that.

Franco tells Elizabeth he thinks he has a way for GH to reopen. Elizabeth asks Franco to meet her at Kelly’s later.

Anna says Morgan is collateral damage in a hit intended for Julian. Sonny was out for blood and is responsible for the death of his own son, and she’s responsible too. She didn’t make anyone aware of what she suspected, and Morgan’s death is on her hands. Griff says no, but she tells him he can’t possibly know what she’s feeling right now.

Claudette tells Nathan that she was at the park and thought of something. She’s sorry for slowing down the process of Nathan and Maxie getting to know Charlotte. She asks if they’d like to look after her.

Finn asks to talk to Hayden alone. Tracy takes her martini to the terrace. Hayden asks what happened to Finn’s research breakthrough, and he says it was a bust. He ran a trial on himself and it didn’t work. She asks if he’s doing it in his hotel room and tells him he’s going to end up killing himself.

Claudette doesn’t want to drag Charlotte around to her meetings and interviews, so she thought Nathan and “his little friend” could spend some time with her. They’re hesitant, but agree. Claudette leaves and the smoke alarm goes off. Nathan runs to the kitchen.

Anna says every corner she comes to, she faces a mistake she’s made. Griff says there’s plenty of blame to dole out, but he hates hearing her say that it’s her burden. She says she owns her responsibility. Robert calls and she asks if Griff wants to have dinner later, but he begs off. She says they’ll talk tomorrow. She leaves and Griff punches the bag.

Finn says running clinical trials on himself is his only shot. Hayden says he looks tired and weak. He says he’s fine. Tracy cut him slack at GH, but he’s not going to find anywhere else where he’ll get the same treatment. Evan, the guy who sent Hayden the champagne, enters the restaurant, and Hayden introduces them. Evan is obviously a poser, and she tells him to get a table. Finn tells Hayden that Evan seems like a real winner. She tells him be careful with himself and joins Evan.

Elizabeth sees Laura and asks how Spencer is. Laura says he’s adjusting well being away from her, but she wishes she could do the same. Elizabeth asks about Dante and Lulu. Laura says they’re doing as well as they can. She tells Elizabeth that she’s made a decision. She’s going to sell Wyndemere.

Franco visits Heather. She wants to know what he’s been creating since GH shut down. He says he’s been distracted. She wants to know if he’s still hung up on Elizabeth. He says he is, but she’s thinking of moving to Rochester. Heather asks why, when Port Charles is so exciting? Ha-ha! Although it’s more exciting than where I live. He tells Heather that Elizabeth needs work since the hospital shut down. Heather says they caught the killer and put the nutjob away. He tells her not the one who attacked Bobbie and Lucas, and she says it’s a major bummer. He tells her that the police have no idea, but she does. She says she only knows what she reads in the papers. He says he has no idea how she did it, but he knows it was her.

Heather tells Franco besides his good looks, she knows they’re related because of their imaginations. He reminds her that she told him she’d done something to protect him when he was a suspect. She says all right, he got her. She injected Bobbie and Lucas, but they lived. She says she knew he’d be at the Nurses Ball and would have an alibi. He says it’s unbelievable. She says what’s unbelievable was Lucas forgetting his keys and coming back in; who does that? Franco says Lucas saved his mother’s life, and Heather says that it messed up hers. Franco knows that she did it out of maternal concern, but he needs her to do one more thing to prove that she loves him.

Elizabeth says she’s supportive of Laura selling. Laura says there’s very little cash on hand and Elizabeth says she’s sorry Laura feels pressured. Laura says if she sold just one property, she could preserve the rest of the Cassadine estate, and that’s what Nicholas would want. She says there’s also no way she’s living in the same house with a woman she can’t stand.

Evan talks…and talks…and talks. Tracy says she’s glad Finn hashed out his personal life. He says it was nothing personal. Tracy says she knows sparks when she sees them – and there are sparks. Finn calls Evan a tool, but not just because Hayden is on a date with him. Evan talks some more. He tells Hayden he looks over grant proposals and peaks her interest. They’re medical research grants.

Anna talks on her cell phone at the bar. Andre comes in. She tells him that Robert is exasperating. Andre says he thought they were the best of exes, and Anna says they are, when they’re not yelling at each other. Robert wants her to go back to work at the WSB.

Claudette goes to the gym and says she thought she’d find Griff there. She says it’s like Hell’s Kitchen all over again and goes down Memory Lane. He asks what she wants. She says she wants him. She’s figured out a way for them to be together.

Nathan, Maxie and Charlotte have pizza. There’s a knock at the door. It’s a delivery for Maxie – the DNA test results.

Heather says she’d do anything to prove how much she loves Franco. He says confess, and she tells him anything but that. He talks about GH staying shut and gives all the reasons why it should reopen. Heather says the only reason he wants it open is to date Elizabeth, and she’s upset at him choosing Elizabeth over her. If she confesses, she’s ll lose her privileges and there will be no more sneaking around. He says she gives him no choice and leaves with her calling after him not to go.

Laura tells Elizabeth sorry for leaving her sister with no place to live. Elizabeth says there’s no sibling relationship, and if Hayden ends up on the street, she’ll figure it out like she always does. She’s never met anyone so selfish.

Hayden tells Evan that she has a friend who is in dire need of a grant, and asks if he could expedite one. He says absolutely. She doesn’t know how to thank him and he says sure she does. Ugh! Double tool.

Tracy asks where Hayden met her tool, but Finn doesn’t want to talk about it, and suggests they talk about the hospital. Tracy says they’re not going to reopen unless whoever attacked Bobbie and Lucas is caught, and every day they’re closed, they’re hemorrhaging money. She tells Finn she knows he needs a place for his research, but all is not lost.

Anna says she’s not really entertaining the job offer, but she wanted to hear Robert out. He wants her to train new agents. Andre says that’s up her alley, but she says it’s in Geneva. She’d have to leave Port Charles. He asks if she’s going to take it.

Griff tells Claudette not to reminisce; there was never anything between them except lies. She says everything is out in the open now, and they can start over. He says he’s a priest, but she says his Holy Orders should be just a memory at this point. She tells him about leaving Charlotte at Nathan’s and has no reason to think it won’t work out. He asks if she plans on leaving Charlotte there permanently.

Maxie talks about the wedding, and Nathan asks if she’s okay. She say yes. He tells Charlotte not to touch stuff on Maxie’s desk, and picks up the test result envelope. He asks if she did this without asking him. Well that’s a stupid question.

Laura says it’s good to see Elizabeth out and about. Elizabeth says she dropped off some treats for Franco and he asked her to go to dinner. She thanks Laura for not jumping all over it. Laura says she knows what it’s like to fall for someone with a dark side. Elizabeth says people think she’s crazy, and Laura says her too. Laura tells her that if she feels the good outweighs the bad, then more power to her. Elizabeth hopes that the people closest to her see what she sees one day, or at least accept that she’s happy. Laura asks if she’s falling in love with him. Franco stands around the corner, listening.

Hayden asks Evan if he’s for real. He says he could say the same about her. She calls him disgusting and he says no more than she is. The date was going nowhere until he said he gave away money. She ends up throwing her martini in his face. She tells him that the next time a woman shows interest in his work, not to assume she’ll exchange sex for a favor.

Finn has a coughing jag.

Anna says her first impulse was to say no., but the long answer is more complicated. She says every time she turns a corner in Port Charles, she thinks about how she compromised herself, and doesn’t think that she has a purpose there. Andre says what about door number three? The Anna he knows would come up with another option.

Claudette tells Griff that Nathan can take care of Charlotte better than she can. She says he already loves her, and Charlotte is safer without Claudette drawing attention to her. She’s made mistake after mistake. Nathan is good person and Maxie is annoying, but a good mother. Claudette says the only time she was good was when she was with Griff. Don’t do it, Griff.

Nathan asks how Maxie could do this. She says the longer it drags out, the longer Claudette will manipulate everyone. She’s using Charlotte as a tool – a different kind than Evan. Nathan says she ran the test without his consent and knowledge, and throws it into the trash. He says when he runs one, it will be the right way. Maxie says she’s not letting it go, and opens the envelope, saying that he’ll thank her one day.

Anna tells Robert she’ll rejoin the bureau, but she has something in mind other than the teaching position.

Tracy tells Finn that he’s scaring her, but he says he’s fine.

Hayden tells Evan she’ll go along with it. He asks why he should after what she did. She tells him to take her someplace private and she’ll explain.

Laura asks if Elizabeth is in love with Franco, but they’re interrupted by a phone call. Laura has to go. Franco pretends to suddenly be walking by, and tells Elizabeth he thinks he has what he needs to get the hospital reopened. He shows her his phone. It has a recording on it.

Nathan is not Charlotte’s father.

Claudette says Griff makes her a good person. He says he can’t save her soul and isn’t sure he can save anyone. She says to let her save his then.

Tomorrow, Claudette asks Griff to run away with her, Hayden goes to Evan’s room, Ava says something will remain a mystery.

Below Deck

The crew is relaxing poolside at the resort. In his interview, Ben says that he’s getting older and should probably start taking relationships more seriously. he thinks it’s time to meet someone he can see himself with.

In her interview, Kate says that absence has made the heart grow fonder with her and Ro. Lauren is bummed because everyone is coupling up and she gets a friend in Nico. Emily talks to Sierra about Kelley being hot, but not her type, so it’s awkward. Kelley thinks she believes he’s a musclehead and Kyle tells him she’s very posh because of where she’s from. Emily questions Ben on how he feels about Kate dating a woman because she wouldn’t want to see someone she dated with some dude. Ben says he takes it as a compliment. Ha-ha!

Lots of PDA with Kate and Ro back on the boat.In her interview, Kate talks about how in the first few months of a relationship, you can’t get enough. Truth!

Captain Lee wants to make Kelley more proactive. He says he can’t just sit in the crew mess waiting for the captain to tell him what to do. He’s not impressed with someone who just does what they’re supposed to do; he’s impressed with someone who goes beyond. He tells Kelley that a good idea would be to find out what the guests want and stay a step ahead of them.

Ben tells Emily that Kate and Ro are a noisy couple. It’s time for Ro to leave and she compliments the dishes Ben has lined up and hugs him. In his interview, he says meeting Ro was odd, but he’s happy if Kate’s happy. Really. Lots of good-by kisses. Kate isn’t going to see Ro until the season is over and she calls it a “midpoint check-in.”

The dreaded slide is here. Nobody likes them. They’re big and cumbersome and hard to set up. Every crew curses the slide. Even Captain Lee curses it. He wants them to unfold it on the dock since there’s more room. The captain gives them instructions, and Kelley feels micromanaged.

Sierra talks to Kyle about how he got into yachting. In his interview, he says he falls in love quickly. He tells her about how much he loves fishing and food. She thinks he’s entertaining even if she can’t understand a word he’s saying.

Kate thinks Emily and Ben could be cute together. Kyle is going to MoneyGram and asks Sierra if she wants to come. He needs to send money back home for his daughter. He doesn’t have a relationship with the mother who he’d gotten pregnant on their first date. He says he’ll make sure she’ll never have to work again though. Wow. He doesn’t want to tell Sierra how old his baby momma is, because people think she’s too young for him.

The primary guests are Steve and Rachel, and they’re bringing along several other people. Kate thinks it looks like their photo is from Dancing with the Stars.Steve is in finance and intends to propose to his girlfriend the first night because it’s Valentine’s Day. Ben suggests doing it on the second night in case she says no. Captain Lee says it’s not his call, although they should have a contingency plan. Kate suggests lifeboats. She asks how the captain proposed and he blows the question off.

It’s Valentine’s Day and Kelley hints around to Emily, but she’s not receptive . The captain is disgusted that the crew left their garbage from last night’s dinner on the table. Emily tells Kate that no one has ever given her flowers. Kate tells Ben maybe he should get her some, and gives him suggestions. In her interview, Kate says Emily is perfect for Ben, especially with her English upbringing. The captain calls the crew to clean up their mess in the mess.

The flowers are delivered. They’re beautiful, a blue rose bouquet with one red one, but Ben is getting cold feet. The guests arrive and Ben runs with the flowers to put them on Emily’s bunk. The captain is annoyed that Ben isn’t on deck to greet the guests. He flies in at the last second.

The ladies all get small bouquets along with their champagne. Kate does the usual tour. Emily sees the display on her bunk. She’s very impressed. In her interview, she says it touched her heart and she can’t stop smiling.

Steve talks to Kate about his proposal. Sierra hugs Ben and thanks him. Kate acts surprised. Emily says she’ll be smiling all day, and Ben says that’s what he wanted. In her interview, Emily says a small gesture like that can change the way you feel about someone. Kate gets the ring from Steve’s luggage so she give it to one of the other guests to hold. She tries it on in the galley. It’s okay. It’s big, that’s for sure. Emily tells Sierra about Ben giving her flowers and they get giggly.

The tuna dish Ben makes is to die for. The guests say it tastes good too. Like I doubted that. The deckhands set up all the toys because Kelley is being proactive and thinks the guests will want them – without asking them. Lauren asks the guests if they want to get in the water while the other deckhands do pull-ups on the deck. The guests have decided on snorkeling.

Ben discusses the dinner with Emily. He’s thinking about a red velvet cake. The captain hears the deckhands messing with the pool. They have to pull it in for the guests to go snorkeling. Apparently, Kelley’s proactiveness went to far. Nico says Kelley’s hat is on backwards so that means he’s serious. The captain wonders how they can turn something so simple into a difficulty. He comes down to the deck and Kelley feels micromanaged again. Captain Lee says they don’t look like seasoned professionals and says Kelley needs more lessons in line handling. Finally, the guests get on the small boat to head out.

Sierra tells Emily that Kyle has a daughter. She says she’s not saying it puts her off, but it’s a lot of pressure. The guests snorkel and it’s amazingly beautiful under the water. Kelley says worst. day. ever. and wonders why everything backfires on him. Nico is annoyed that Kelley gets to go on a snorkeling trip while they get stuck finishing the pool job.

Emily chats with Kelley. In her interview, she doesn’t want to hurt him and says it’s a little awkward. Ben has never cooked a proposal dinner and it’s nerve wracking. He says imagine if she said no because he overcooked her steak, and I laugh. Kate says love is everywhere. Emily talks to Sierra about Kyle. She just wants to hang out and get to know each other.

Kate tells Ben he’s been affected by the love bug and he tells her to cut it out. The entree is filet mignon with some kind of corn thing and looks phenomenal. By the time dessert happens, Steve looks like he’s going to pass out. Kate says she’s scared, since this could go really good or really bad. Steve gets up and talks about how it’s been the best day of his life and how fortunate he is. He says he wants to keep the good times going and asks Rachel to marry him. He seems like a really nice guy and obviously loves her. She says yes and everyone cries. Kate says this day in their lives is gong to be talked about for a long time.

Sierra is going fishing with Kyle. She thought maybe Kelly and Emily would like to come along. The other deckhands listen at the door. Kyle is annoyed that Sierra wants to invite everyone since he thought of it as a date. Nico is annoyed that he and Lauren will have to work while the others go fishing.

There are rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed in Steve and Rachel’s cabin. They profess their love for one another. Sierra thinks Kyle might be expecting too much. She tells him she’s sorry and she thought the more the merrier. Nico thinks they should do it on their own time and gripes to Lauren.

Kate asks Ben what his dwarf mood is, and he tells her it’s Bashful. He says he feels like a young schoolgirl. What? Kate thinks it’s romantic and he should use that line on Emily. No, don’t. In his interview, Ben says it’s been many years since he asked an English rose out, if ever. Kate keeps making suggestions and he says while he appreciates it, he wants to just digest the idea.

Ben digests enough and talks to Kate on the deck. She’s convinced that Emily will say yes to the date, but Ben is doubtful. She gives him a pep talk. In her interview, she says she’s never seen Ben this way around any girl. Ben goes to the galley and asks Emily if she’d like to go to dinner. She says that would be lovely. Kelley and Kate listen in. Ben tells Kate the good news. She thinks it’s cute that he’s nervous and proud.

Nest time, Kate tells Sierra to give peace Kyle a chance, Ben and Emily go to dinner, and Kelley gets angry with Sierra.

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