October 19, 2016 – GH’s Nathan is No Father & Little LA’s Christy has No Apology


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sonny sees Morgan as a child running around the house, playing hide and seek. Morgan disappears and Sonny finds a tiny shoe. Nell asks him if he’s all right and he wakes up.

Hayden decides to make a deal with Evan. He suggests going to his room. She asks if he has a mini bar and tells him to lead the way.

A coughing Finn tells Tracy he’s okay, but she says that she hasn’t seen him this bad in a while. He says he needs to adjust his treatment regimen and gets distracted by Hayden leaving with Evan.

Maxie tells Nathan they saw what Claudette wanted them to see. She has Charlotte listen to the soundtrack from Frozen while they talk. Maxie says Claudette isn’t exactly known for telling the truth. Nathan wonders why she would lie and what she expects to get out of it. Is Nathan really this dense? Maxie says him.

You’d never know it the way she’s going at it with Griff. Half-naked. In the middle of the gym. Griff breaks away and says he can’t.

Nathan says there’s no way the results could be falsified. Maxie says she got a sample from Charlotte’s juice box, but they don’t know what it was Claudette gave them. She says how do they know it was really a sample from Charlotte? He says the results said they were related. Who else could it be? Wait for it…

Obrecht is talking to Ava at the bar. They discuss Morgan’s death. Obrecht says Morgan’s treatment obviously wasn’t working properly. If it had, he never would have gotten in the car. It was the medication failure that really killed him.

Hayden gets to Evan’s room and he’s ready to get busy. She wants a libation to get her in the mood. He throws several mini bottles on the bed for her. He says too much of a good thing leads to not enough of a good thing, so he’s passing. She doesn’t want to drink alone, so he guzzles one.

Finn asks if Tracy saw Hayden. Tracy says she was too busy worrying about him. Finn says that Hayden got in the elevator with the tool. Tracy says they’re consenting adults, but Finn says Hayden might do something she regrets. Tracy asks if that’s a problem for him.

Nell gives Sonny some aspirin. He’s been sleeping in a chair, and she thinks he might be less restless in his own bed. He says he might as well stay awake, since he’ll only dream. Nell talks about her best friend who she drove to a party. When her friend was ready to leave, Nell was didn’t want to, so she got a ride home from someone. They’d been drinking, crashed the car and her friend was killed. She wonders what life would be like if she’d stuck by her but what good does it do? She still dreams about it, and her thinking isn’t the same. Sonny says he saw Morgan as a little boy. He said, “Daddy, come find me,” and Sonny couldn’t find him.

Ava says Obrecht might be on to something. They’ll never know if tragedy could have been avoided; it will remain a mystery. Obrecht says Morgan’s mother will want answers, so maybe not. She says Carly could have the medication tested. She’ll have Andre’s head and Sonny will bury it. Ava has to leave and calls Scotty in the hallway. She tells him where her will is, just in case. She says she’s on her way to deal with an urgent matter and it’s possible she might not come back alive.

Nathan asks Maxie to watch Charlotte. He’s going to see Griff. He’s the most likely candidate, and if anyone can get the truth, it’s him.

Griff says sorry. Claudette says she isn’t, and enough with his promises to God. She tells him to stop lying to himself and denying himself. He already turned from the church to her. She suggests they run away together.

Evan wants to get the party started, but Hayden says she’s not comfortable until he does his half of the deal. He says chicks always want the money up front. She says she’s not doing this or this – although we don’t see what she’s doing – ha-ha! – until it happens, and he says he’ll get his checkbook. I guess this and this was pretty good.

Tracy tells Finn to intervene, but he says Hayden will get the wrong idea. Tracy says he’s resisting the urge to play hero, which she thinks is the right call. She says Hayden is a big girl, but she wants him to do what makes him happy. If he doesn’t find a cure, his time is limited, so he can spend it on intervening in other people’s lives or save himself. If he focuses on the latter, he’ll have time for the former.

Evan writes a check and gives it to Hayden. She wants to go deposit it immediately, but he stops her. He says it’s time for her to pay up. And why wouldn’t she think of the possibility of him stopping payment if she doesn’t come back?

Nell says Avery is asleep, so if it helps, she can keep Sonny company. He says he’s fine and she’s done enough. She says he doesn’t have to go through this alone. Jason and Kristina called and there are a lot of people who care. He says if he can’t be with Carly, he wants to be alone. Nell leaves.

Finn looks at the bill on Evan’s table and finds the room number. He goes upstairs and bursts in the door.

The doorbell rings as Sonny is looking at pictures. It’s Ava.

Maxie calls Obrecht, telling her it’s an emergency and she needs to come over right now. Obrecht says she’s on her way.

Griff says he’s not thinking clearly, and Claudette says it’s because he’s being someone he isn’t meant to be. They can be together now, so why don’t they try it. He asks about leaving Charlotte and she says she doesn’t want to leave her, but she’s safer with her father. Nathan is standing there and says, but he’s not her father, Griff is.

Ava wants ot see Avery. She’s concerned because she called and a strange girl answered, telling her Sonny wouldn’t come to the phone. He says he doesn’t feel like talking, especially to her. She says she’s sorry about Morgan, and he says she’s the worst thing that happened to him. He tells her he tolerates her for Avery’s sake, but not tonight. She says whatever conflict he has with Julian isn’t with her; she’s out of that life for Avery’s sake. She asks about taking Avery temporarily, but he says no. She asks where Carly is and he tells her, not here. She asks if Carly left him.

Evan is passed out, and Finn asks what happened. Finn asks if Evan hurt her, but she says he was on the verge of passing out two vodkas ago. She wants Finn to help her get Evan into bed. If he thinks they didn’t do the deed, he might cancel the check.

Maxie asks Obrecht to watch Charlotte for a while. She’s excited, but Maxie tells her don’t get too attached, because Claudette lied again and Nathan isn’t the father.

Nathan tells Claudette and Griff about Maxie getting Charlotte retested. He figured out on the way there that the hair was from his mother. He says Claudette knew a test was coming eventually, and it explains why the test shows they share DNA when it’s a lie. Griff says Claudette wouldn’t stoop so low and Nathan says, oh yes she would. Claudette admits she took the hair from Obrecht’s brush and Griff is the father.

Ava says Sonny won’t make it through this without Carly. She says she hates to admit it, but Avery needs both of them, especially now with her family on the verge of fracture. She says hold on to Carly, or do whatever he needs to get her back, for Avery and for Morgan. It’s what he would have wanted.

Obrecht says Nathan is the father, there was a test. Maxie says Claudette fooled everyone, except her. She had her own test done. She says she’s sorry, but it’s not true. Obrecht says she’ll make Claudette regret she was born. Maxie says she needs her to babysit right now. She’ll be back as soon as she can.

Nathan asks why Claudette did this. What satisfaction does she get from stepping on his heart and what did he ever do to her? She says she needed his help. They were married once and he loved her. so she took a gamble that he’d love Charlotte. She says if Valentin knew Griff was Charlotte’s father, he’d go after him. She knew Nathan could protect her. Claudette says she knows he doesn’t believe it, but she’s sorry. She asks if Griff wants to meet his daughter.

Hayden shows Finn the check and says it’s for funding. He asks if she was going to sleep with this idiot for him? She says no, she only wanted him to think that. Boys always think they can out drink her. She asks him again to help her get Evan into the bed. Finn says there’s not enough hand sanitizer in the world, but helps anyway. She better take off Evan’s pants or he won’t think they did anything. She sets the stage and says when he comes to, he’ll think she gave him the night of his life. She says Finn should cash the check asap though. Finn is full of what ifs. Hayden asks how he found her and if he was following her. He says he saw the room number on the bar bill and she asks why he’s there. He says he was worried about her. She says what would have happened if he came in and found them together, and what’s it to him?

Hayden says she knows the real reason he came. He thought she was going to have sex with that jerk and was going to stop it, but she stopped all by herself. She says he thinks if she’s going to have sex with anyone, it’s him, and he’s not dead yet. She gets him laughing, and asks if they’re moving because the room is spinning. They sit on the floor.

Nathan comes back and says Charlotte has been though enough already, so be gentle. Obrecht tells Claudette she owes her some answers. Nathan asks why Obrecht is there, and she says Maxie told her everything. She’s babysitting because Maxie had something urgent.

Maxie goes to Claudette’s place. There’s no answer, even though music is blasting, so she lets herself in with a bootleg key, thanks to Spinelli. She calls out for Claudette. She wants a word with Claudette’s lying, piece of trash self. A bearded guy comes out of the other room.

Claudette introduces Charlotte to Griff. This child is going to be seriously confused. When they wrote that kids book about having two daddies, I don’t think this is what they meant.

Maxie apologizes, and starts to leave, but bearded guy grabs her from behind.

Sonny says Ava is the last person who should be speaking for Morgan. She says she can speak for Avery, and Sonny needs space to grieve and has to get on with the business of healing, so he can be there for his daughter. He says she’s got five minutes with Avery and then he doesn’t want to see her again. She goes upstairs.

Ava sneaks into Morgan’s room. She looks at his pills and takes one the bottles, She drops it and it rolls under the bed. She gets on the floor to retrieve it and when she gets up, Nell is there. If she’s smart, she’ll tell Sonny what Obrecht told her about the medication, and say she was going to have it tested.

Tomorrow, Carly tells Sonny that she’ll always love him, Nell wants to know what Ava is doing, and Claudette wants Charlotte out of Port Charles.

Little Women: LA

Terra is still upset about the baby name. She thinks Joe changed his mind because of other people’s influence. She feels like they made a mistake naming the baby Grayson. She wants D’Artagnan in there somewhere. Joe agrees to it as a middle name.

Maverick is six weeks old and not showing any signs of the heath issues that can come with dwarfism. Briana talks to Matt about Christy wanting to apologize. Even though Christy  wasn’t invited to the sip and see, Elena and Jasmine made her a topic of conversation. Matt doesn’t think Christy has a sincere bone in her body, but Briana is torn. Christy is friends with Briana’s friends, and she thinks that she should confront her for the sake of the group.

Terra is managing two babies while packing for the move, and hanging on to what’s left of her sanity. Elena comes over for a visit. Terra tells her about the D’Artagnan issue. Elena says no one else has to like it. Terra tells Elena about her Dancing with the Stars gig. Elena is like, you just left the hospital, but Terra is more concerned about dancing with an average sized person. Elena is supportive.

Elena tells Terra about the sip and see, and how Christy wasn’t invited, but they discussed her while they were there. She says she met with Christy later, but it didn’t go well. We flash back to that. Elena says Christy is desperate to defend herself and she forgives her, but it will be harder with the others. She tells Terra about how Christy wished she hadn’t gone to the police or Briana’s family, and now wants to apologize to everyone.

Dawn (from Little Women NY) visits Christy. No surprise they’re friends. Oh ho! She was behind the police report filing. They’re getting a massage and Christy tells Dawn about her apology tour and shows her an invite to a casino get together. Dawn asks why she felt compelled to highlight her medical records in the slot machine graphic. In her interview, Christy says no one wants to believe she had a concussion. She says she’ll apologize about everything, but she also deserves an apology. Dawn wants to know if she’s including the medical records to prevent people from coming, and asks what makes Christy think things will go smoothly. Dawn says she’ll be there for support, but thinks Christy has a lot of hatchets buried and has run out of olive branches.

Elena and Preston bring the twins for a photo session. The photos are beautiful, but they’re a seriously good-looking family. Elena can’t believe how fast the babies are growing. Elena discusses genetic testing for the babies with Preston. She wants to put her fears to rest, or at least know what she’s dealing with. She thinks it’s time to find out.

Jasmine and Briana go shopping. Jasmine is looking for a bassinet. Jasmine asks if Briana got Christy’s invitation to the casino. Briana says yes, and she feels bi-polar about it. In her interview, she says she was ready to give Christy another chance, but calling Terra out with the medical records makes her wonder what’s in store for her. She says she’s disgusted with Christy as a person. She understands where Jasmine is coming from in wanting peace, but Christy hurt her deeply, and she doesn’t want Christy to think they’re cool if she goes. In her interview, Jasmine thinks Briana shouldn’t throw away the friendship, especially since she could forgive Matt. Well, that’s a little different. She doesn’t sleep with Christy.

It’s move-in day! Joe has left for a gig (geez, thanks Joe – nice planning), and Tonya comes to the new house to help. Tonya asks if the movers are going to help unpack and place the furniture, since it would be difficult for the two of them. Before Terra investigates this, Tonya asks if she got Christy’s invitation. Terra says she’s proud of how classy Christy was to include her medical information. They talk about Christy having been in abusive relationships, and Terra says there’s no indication as to when she got a concussion. In her interview, Terra says she’s surprised Christy can get one since she has such a thick skull. BA-DUM-CHH! Terra has no intention of being her friend again, and says Christy is never going to see the baby or come to her new house.

Jasmine and Elena get ready for casino night. Jasmine says Christy has made a lot of mistakes. Elena is tired of the group being split. Jasmine thinks Briana and Terra are being stubborn. Jasmine thinks Christy has a lot of apologizing to do, but is puzzled as to why she’d put her medical records on the invitation. Because she’s stupid that way, that’s why. Elena says their conversation was about fixing things, not digging them up. She says they can only do so much and Christy has to do the rest.

Besides Dawn, Christy has invited two other friends, Karla and Rhonnie, who reminds me of New York from Flavor of Love, or what I used to call The Big Ass Clock Man Show. Even though she doesn’t know anything about it, Rhonnie says the other girls bully Christy and Karla says Christy is the best person in the world. Elena arrives first and is irritated that Christy invited Dawn. She thinks Christy is just trying to start drama again. Tonya joins them. She’s annoyed at seeing Dawn too. She doesn’t think it’s going to be a fun girls night out apology time. Elena wins at Blackjack, but doesn’t understand how she did it.

Rhonnie tells Tonya she seems bothered. Christy asks if Terra and Brianna are coming. Tonya says Terra thought her invitation was condescending and isn’t going to be there. In her interview, Christy is glad, because it proves she made the right decision. This girl is what Dr. Phil calls a “right fighter.” She only cares about proving her point. Rhonnie tries to cause problems, criticizing the way Tonya delivered the message. In her interview, Tonya says Rhonnie needs to stay in her lane.

Elena tells Christy that Briana feels that Christy’s intentions aren’t genuine. Karla asks if anyone cares about Christy’s feelings. Jasmine says she should ask Briana about that. Karla thinks they’re going behind Christy’s back and starts telling Jasmine how she should behave. Jasmine says she tried to get Briana there, but she chose not to come. Karla says everything is going to turn back on her, making everyone uncomfortable.

Tonya asks Jasmine and Elena if they want to play the slots. In her interview, Christy wonders how she can fix things if they don’t want to stick around. She might try actually fixing things instead of starting more things. Elena says she spent too much time trying to convince Christy to apologize and reconnect, and Christy brought other people to start more sh*t. Tonya says they’ve been bamboozled again.

Christy doesn’t understand. Rhonnie says it was like follow the leader when Tonya wanted to go. She says Christy could sprout wings and a halo and they still wouldn’t like her. She says Tonya was talking trash about saying hell would have to freeze over for Terra to show up, when she’d said something different before. Dawn thinks they should confront her.

Tonya, Jasmine and Elena go for a drink. Jasmine texts Christy to try and smooth things over before it gets out of control. All of them show up at the girls’ table. Tonya says they just wanted to talk to Christy, and the night wasn’t what they thought it was going to be. Jasmine says she didn’t understand the medical report. Christy asks why they think she’s a liar. Tonya says she embellishes. Dawn says Christy proved she had a concussion, and Tonya says she thinks it’s from an abusive ex. Dawn sticks her humongous-for-a-little-person nose in it, and Tonya wonders why she’s there.

Christy pulls out some more medical documents. Tonya asks why she brought them, and suggests they move on. Jasmine and Elena are pissed off, because Christy said she was over it. Christy says she doesn’t see how they can understand her side when they won’t acknowledge she’s right. (See? What did I say?) She says it’s like they’re wearing blinders. Tonya says the person she needs to prove something to isn’t there. She brings up Christy bringing Plastic to the photo shoot. This will never, ever be forgotten. Christy says she brought other friends to the casino because she felt alone. Tonya says she’s invited Christy everywhere, but she’s burning her bridges with all of them.

Rhonnie asks what the problem is with them being there. Tonya says she doesn’t know them and Dawn encouraged Christy pressing charges. Christy thinks they should go around the table and say sorry. I’ll just bet that when she was a drinker, she was one of those people who says, “we were all drunk,” when they were the drunk who created the mess the night before. Rhonnie says she doesn’t think Christy owes anyone an apology. Tonya says she wasn’t there. Christy just wants to move on. Elena says Christy claimed her apology was going to be so good, everyone would cry. That still might happen. Elena says she doesn’t need any apology, but why doesn’t Christy start with ruining Tonya’s photo shoot?

Christy says she’s sorry for what she said to Tonya. Tonya is like, I didn’t come here for all of this. Karla tries to get involved, but Tonya shuts her down. She says she’s not blaming Christy for anything. Everyone starts yelling at once. Elena wants to know why they’re wasting their time, and why are these strangers getting involved? Good question. Jasmine says it’s between them. Rhonnie talks about Tonya making comments when they were playing Blackjack. Tonya says she was having a private conversation. Rhonnie tells her she should have it somewhere private then. Tonya gets loud and Elena tries to intervene. The argument culminates with Karla calling Tonya a @#$%^& bitch. Tonya says she’ll do what she wants.

To be continued…

Next time, Terra refuses to be in Christy’s life anymore, Terra is worried about the height difference on Dancing with the Stars, and the girls go on a survivalist retreat. Oh, swell.

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