October 21, 2016 – It’s Double the GH, Doc Institutionalized & Quotes to Help You Recover from All That


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Claudette tells Charlotte to say hi to her new daddy, Griff, but Charlotte runs to Nathan.

Maxie is confronted by a bearded man when she sneaks into Claudette’s room. She tells The Beard that she has the wrong room, but he grabs her before she can make an exit.

Carly goes home. Sonny asks if she forgot something, but she says she’s back for good. She says their son is dead. She’s always going to regret what happened and why, but the only way they’ll get through it is together. She says she knows Sonny made a horrible mistake, but she loves him. They embrace. Dammit! It was a dream. They almost always get me with those.

Michael gives Carly Morgan’s keys from The Floating Rib. The bartender feels badly about what happened, but Michael told him that he did the right thing. Actually he’s one of the few who did. Carly keeps going over it in her head and it deosn’t make sense She wonders why Morgan’s medication wasn’t working

Ava juggles the pill bottles in Morgan’s room, drops one, and when she goes to retrieve it, finds Nell standing there. Nell asks her what she’s doing in Morgan’s room. She asks if Ava dropped something.

Nathan takes Charlotte aside, telling her that Griff and her mother need to talk. Griff says no wonder Charlotte is confused, since she has a different father every day. He asks why any of them should believe anything she says. Claudette says she thought since Nathan was a cop and from a wealthy family, Charlotte would be safer with him. She thinks they shouldn’t waste time on anger and move forward. Nathan says, even if it’s undeserved? Griff tells Nathan about Claudette’s plan to run away with him and leave Charlotte with Nathan and Maxie. Claudette is like, okay you caught me. Nathan says every time he thinks she couldn’t get lower she digs some more. Griff agrees she can’t be trusted.

Maxie struggles with The Beard.

Michael tells Carly to get some rest, but she can’t. She wants to know every detail. She wants to know how much Morgan was drinking. Michael says enough to be cut off. She asks about Morgan seeing Kiki and Dillon, but Michael says it was a misunderstanding Carly wants the timeline of Morgan’s last day. She talks about him being upset about getting expelled from school. She doesn’t think if Morgan’s medication was working, that he would have gone on a bender. She says he was taking his pills, going to therapy, and was supposed to get blood work done. She makes a call, saying she’s going to get some answers.

Ava tells Nell that she and Morgan were once friends, very good friends, and now that he’s gone, she wanted to look around before she checked on Avery. Nell asks if Sonny knows she’s in there, but Ava claims that she doesn’t want to distress him any more. Nell asks if she needs help finding what she’s looking for and Ava stops her from looking. Sonny sees the both of them and Ava scoops up the dropped bottle. Sonny tells Ava not to lie to him tonight and asks why she’s in there.

Claudette wants to move past her lies and figure out what to do next. Griff says he’s been thinking about recommitting to the church. Claudette laughs and tells him to grow up. She says he was a breath away from leaving the church and running away with her. Nathan says, good job, and Claudette tells him to keep his opinons to himself. She says they could all be in danger.

The Beard takes Maxie to the basement and binds her with duct tape. He says she’s going to tell him what he wants to know or it’s going to go badly. He takes the gag out and asks where she stashed the little girl.

Andre visits Carly. He tells her he’s sorry he wasn’t able to prevent a tragedy. She asks about the blood work, but Andre says Morgan never showed up. He says he’s been looking for answers himself, and there’s nothing. She says that proves Morgan‘s medication wasn’t working. He says there’s no way to know for sure, and she asks why Andre let him leave the clinic.

Nell says Ava dropped something and she was helping her find it. Ava pretends it was her phone. Nell leaves and Sonny asks why Ava was in Morgan’s room. She says he knows why.

Maxie says she doesn’t know what The Beard is talking about. She realizes that he thinks she’s Claudette.

Claudette says if Griff will leave with her in the next few days, she knows how to get off the grid. Nathan says nice that she wants Griff to leave the church and medicine to live on the run. He suggests consulting Anna, but Claudette doesn’t know who she is and doesn’t want to.

Sonny tells Ava she has ten minutes and don’t ever pull a stunt like this again. (Ha-ha! It’s always “a stunt.”) She leaves and Sonny looks around the room. He takes a sports trophy down and holds it to his chest.

Carly says Andre told her that Morgan’s condition was under control and manageable. Andre says at the time, Morgan’s blood work confirmed the meds were working. Michael interjects that in the past few weeks something was up. Carly says Morgan seemed manic, but assured her that he was taking his meds and going to therapy. Andre says looking back, he’s never seen anything quite like it.

Nell asks Sonny if it’s okay that Ava stops by, but Sonny says not without supervision. Nell says it sounds like he hates her, and he asks what gave her a clue. She talks about the different kinds of hate and how emotions can be mixed, but the way he looks at Ava, it’s a dangerous hate. He says that’s the right word. She asks how they had a child. Not too nosy with her employer. Sonny tells her that it’s a long story where they both look bad, but the best part is the little girl upstairs and he’s going to do everything to protect her. He says Ava is toxic and ruins everything she touches. Nell says Ava said she and Morgan were friends. Sonny says that Ava seduced him and turned him away from his family. He says Morgan was trusting and vulnerable, and she took advantage. He tells Nell that and what goes around, comes around, and Ava will pay for what she’s done. He says his heart isn’t just cold, it’s arctic He’ll hate Ava for the rest of his life.

Ava comes downstairs. Sonny stairs daggers at her.

Nathan says Anna is qualified and has the government connections to hide Charlotte. Claudette says she needs time to process it, but it seems like a better answer. She says right now she’s focusing on her little girl.

Maxie asks The Beard how anyone could mistake her for that bitch? She suggests The Beard check her I.D. He does. He says she did a good job, even with the name. She asks how he would feel if someone kept referring to him as someone he hates more than anything. He asks why she broke in the room. Maxie tells him that she was going to replace Claudette’s shampoo and conditioner with hair remover because she’s petty that way. He asks where Claudette and Charlotte are.

Claudette starts to leave with Charlotte. Griff tells Charlotte he knows that he’s a stranger, but they’ll get to know each other well, and he’s glad shes there. She hugs him. This kid is going to end up with some sort of misplaced affection disorder. Claudette says she knows there’s nothing she can say to convince them, but she only did what she thought was best and she’s sorry.

Griff wonders if he should go with them. Nathan says he doesn’t think Claudette would leave if there was real danger, and anything she says is subject to verification. Griff has something else to say to Nathan.

Carly asks Andre if he’s saying no one could predict this outcome. Andre says they were both monitoring Morgan closely. Carly tells him that she started noticing something and alarms were going off in her head, but she was supposed to trust the process and not police Morgan. She was supposed to get out of the way and let Andre treat him. She says if she had followed her instincts, he’d still be alive. She stops Andre from saying anything else and tells him to get out. He says he’s not making excuses and tells her how sorry he is.

Carly tells Michael she doesn’t care what anyone says, she knew something was wrong and didn’t do anything.

Nell excuses herself. Ava says she knows Sonny thinks she was bad for Morgan, but she loved him. Sonny says she never loved anything or anyone except herself. She used Morgan the way she uses everyone, including Kiki and Avery. He says they did what they did, and have to carry it for the rest of their lives. He tells her to get out and never presume she knows how he feels. Outside on the porch, she says she does know.

Griff tells Nathan it’s not lost on him that Claudette put him through the same thing. With Claudette’s help, he’s caused Nathan pain and wants to make amends. He thinks Nathan was put in his path for a reason. Nathan says he shot Griff and thinks they’re square. He warns Griff that Claudette will use Charlotte to get what she wants. He asks if Griff is really thinking of staying with her, because one way or another, she’ll destroy him.

Claudette gets back to her room and sees it in complete disarray.

Maxie says she’ll tell The Beard where Claudette is, but she wants a guarantee he won’t kill her. She tells him to take her to a public place and she’ll tell him everything. He says that’s not how this works. (That’s not how any of this works!) She tells him that she’s very well connected on both sides of the law. She works for Julian, her father is the head of the WSB, and her boyfriend is a cop. She says it will go better for the both of them if they do it her way. He says he doesn’t care.

Ava leaves a message for Kiki to call her. She wants her to know that her mother is here for her. She knows Kiki is blaming herself, but it’s not her fault. No one could know how it would play out.

Michael says he knows Carly wants answers and they’ll get them, but blaming herself isn’t right. He says Morgan’s illness didn’t kill him. Maybe the meds weren’t working, but Jason had calmed him down and he got out of the car. He died because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He died because he got in a car that was wired to explode with a bomb planted by Sonny.

Sonny dreams about Carly helping Ava take Avery, telling him at least Ava didn’t kill their son. Nell asks if he’s all right. Deja vu.

Charlotte asks what happened to the room and Claudette runs out with her.

The Beard threatens to kill Maxie.

Carly tells Michael she’s glad she has him and Josslyn, and he says always. He leaves, and she looks at pictures of Morgan, telling him she’s sorry that she didn’t take better care of him.

Sonny says he’s fine, but Nell says clearly not. He goes to check on Avery. Nell calls Carly. She starts to say something about Sonny, but Carly doesn’t want to hear it and hangs up. Sonny goes to Morgan’s room again and picks up a baseball glove. He talks to Morgan, saying if it just could have been him instead and how sorry he is.

Ava throws the pills in a trash can. Someone wearing gloves takes them out. Curtis?

Tomorrow, Lulu needs to discuss something important with Laura, Carly tries to keep Sonny from the funeral, and Maxie wonders if she’s going to die.

General Hospital – Friday

Carly remembers screeching at Sonny. The doorbell rings. It’s Sonny.

Sam notes that Jason is up early. He tells Sam that he needed to go for a ride and think about what comes next.

Felicia sees Anna at the MetroCourt. She tells Anna that she was supposed to meet Maxie, but Maxie never showed up. Anna asks if she’d like to join her for some tea.

Nathan is at the station trying to phone Maxie, but there’s no answer. He leaves a message that he’ll be home soon. Lulu is there to see Dante and asks about the Claudette situation. Nathan asks if she’s familiar with Charlotte and she asks if he means his daughter. He tells her Charlotte is Griff’s daughter. Lulu wonders why Claudette would do something like that. Nathan says she’s consistent – everything she tells him is a lie. Lulu asks if he thinks she’s lying about Valentin.

Claudette tells Griff they’re leaving now if he wants to come. She found her room tossed. Valentin knows that she and Charlotte are in Port Charles.

Maxie tries to get out of her the duct tape binding her wrists. The Beard brings her breakfast and she asks if he’s going to kill her.

Nathan doubts Claudette even knowing Valentin. Dante is having trouble getting the elements of the bomb traced and argues with someone on the phone. He needs a preliminary report to see if there’s a signature. Lulu asks to talk to Dante privately. She tells him he needs to stop working the case. It’s his brother’s murder and he’s too close to it. She says at least take a break, but he says it’s not going to happen. He did nothing for Morgan when he was alive and this is the least he can do. He tells Lulu how he could never be bothered and now he’s going to do everything he can to find out who killed Morgan. Lulu tells Dante that she loves him and leaves. Jordan tells him she has a point.

Carly says she can’t do this, but Sonny says it’s important. She tells him say what he needs to say and then go. He starts talking about what kind of service they should have for Morgan, and that they should do it together; they owe him that much. Carly says she made arrangements without him. It’s going to be on November 11.

Sam asks what Jason means. He said he was thinking about Morgan and Michael. Sonny and Jason found Michael at the station and he went straight for Sonny. It was clear he realized that Sonny must have planted the bomb and Sonny couldn’t deny it. Between Sonny’s remorse and Michael’s anger, they’ve lost each other. Sam says they’ll find a way to help each other heal. Jason thinks Michael will eventually forgive Sonny, but not himself.

The Beard says he’s isn’t going to kill Maxie. Instead, he brought her breakfast. She says she’s a vegetarian. He tells her to just eat and puts some food on a fork to feed her. He says that since he found her in Claudette’s room, she must know where they are. I could make this simpler for him. Why doesn’t he just go back to the room and wait?

Anna talks to Felicia about going back to the WSB. Felicia asks when she’s leaving for Geneva.

Griff tells Claudette to call the police, but she says that she has no evidence. The best they’ll do for her is take a complaint. She says they have to leave now. She tells Griff to come with them or say good-by to his daughter. It’s the last time he’s going to see them.

Sonny tells Carly that it’s not right. She says it’s not right to have to plan your son’s funeral and the only thing harder would be planning it with him. He says she doesn’t get to shut him out from saying good-by to his son.

Jason tells Sam that Sonny called off the hit. but it was too late. He says despite Sonny’s flaws, he loves his children. He can’t have that happen to his family, and wonders if they should leave Port Charles.

Jordan says she heard Dante on the phone. She says she never has to worry about his temperament, but the case is too close to him. Dante says he’d say the same thing, but he has to make sure the investigation is done right and goes as far as it needs to. Jordan reminds him that Sonny might be implicated, and asks if he’s sure he’s okay with his father being charged with the murder of his brother.

Lulu meets Laura for a manicure in the most private nail salon I’ve ever seen. Lulu asks about Laura’s upcoming date with Doc, but Laura says it’s just dinner and she has to get back to start packing. Lulu asks if she’s sure if she wants to sell Windemere. Laura asks if it wouldn’t be nice to put all things Cassadine behind them. Lulu says if only it were that simple.

Griff doesn’t know what the solution is, but it‘s not leaving town. He tells Claudette that he has an idea.

Anna tells Felicia that she self-created a position for herself in Port Charles. She’ll have to travel occasionally, but it will be her base. She’s realizing more and more that her home is there, and she doesn’t want to leave. Felicia is glad Anna is staying and will be there for the wedding, but she has to find Maxie. As soon as she leaves, Griff approaches Anna with Charlotte and Claudette. He says they need her help.

Maxie asks why The Beard keeps asking about Claudette’s daughter. He says he asks the questions. Maxie says he’s just going to kill her anyway, but he says if she cooperates, she’ll be rewarded. He asks if she’ll start talking if he makes her an egg white omelette. She suggests a little goat cheese and he says don’t push it. He leaves and she works at the duct tape again.

Jason tells Sam when they got married he promised he wouldn’t take a risk without thinking of them first, and staying might be a risk. Sonny worked hard to protect his family and Morgan still got killed. She says he doesn’t work for Sonny anymore and they’re not targets. He says Morgan wasn’t a target either. His relationship with Sonny makes him vulnerable. Sam says he’ll leave some of the people who are the most important to him, and asks if he’s willing to do that.

Sonny tells Carly that he loved and still loves Morgan. Morgan was a part of him and just because she’s angry, she can’t take that. Carly says like he took Morgan from her. She says if he didn’t love power and his business more than his family, Morgan would still be alive. He can’t compare how they feel. He’s the one who lost Morgan. She starts to cry. She begged him not to retaliate, but he didn’t listen or care, and he didn’t choose his family. Sonny says he went after Julian to keep them safe. Carly tells him Morgan’s not safe, and because of his choice, Morgan is dead.

Griff introduces Claudette to Anna. He asks if she still has a connection at the WSB. She asks why. Right away, Claudette starts griping that she can’t help them. Charlotte introduces herself to Anna. Very precocious for a kid who can’t even spell “safe.” Griff tells Anna that she’s their daughter. Anna says, Duke’s granddaughter and smiles, making me smile. Anna asks what’s going on.

Felicia comes to the station and asks if Nathan knows where Maxie is. She says they had breakfast plans and she’s officially worried.

Maxie gets free, but hears The Beard coming and pretends she’s still bound. When he puts the plate on her lap, she gets the better of him for a second, but he grabs her again.

Jason says he’s not talking about moving to Australia and changing their names, but thinks they should put some distance between themselves and Port Charles. Sam says she’d once thought starting over would be an adventure, but her sisters are there and her mother needs her. Jason suggests relocating a few towns over. He wants them to be safe. That is the stupidest logic I’ve ever heard from him. It wouldn’t exactly be hiding to be a few towns over, and if Sam is visiting her family all the time, wouldn’t the mob have a good idea of where she might be? Geez.

Carly says she can blame Sonny for Morgan’s death, but she’s just as much to blame. She knew who he was and the life she was exposing Morgan to. She convinced herself that marrying Sonny for the 5th time was worth the risk, and Morgan paid with his life for their choices. Being with him hurts her soul. She looks at him and sees Morgan and the life he’s never going to live. She lists all the life events Morgan won’t have and says he’ll never grow old, and they did that. Sonny says he doesn’t want to make it worse, but she says it can’t get worse. She says no one will stop him from going to the funeral and he thanks her.

Dante says he’ll arrest Sonny personally if it comes to that. He gets a call. Someone found something in the river.

Anna wonders why Valentin would be after Charlotte. Claudette tells her that Valentin will do anything to get to her, including using her daughter. Anna says if they stay, she can use her resources to protect them. Claudette agrees. She asks them to watch Charlotte while she goes to her room to regroup. I’m thinking, more like run. She tells Charlotte that everything is going to be okay, and that she loves her and to never forget that.

Lulu explains the Claudette/Charlotte/Valentin connection to Laura. Lulu says if Laura wants to sell Windemere because she needs the money or she’s sick of looking at it, she’s all for it, but if she wants the Cassadines out of their lives, she doesn’t see it happening. Coincidence always brings them back. Laura asks if Lulu is sure it’s coincidence.

Maxie asks The Beard if he’s married and has kids. She asks what if something happened to his family; how would he feel if they just disappeared? She says she has a daughter who won’t understand and it will break her heart. She begs him not to kill her.

Outside of her room, Claudette is on the phone ordering a one-way ticket out of town for one person. Nathan is standing behind her. He’s looking for Maxie. Claudette tells him that her room was tossed. He says he was at the station, so he knows she didn’t call the police. She says they can’t help and neither can he. He walks ahead of her into her room, which is perfectly neat.

Griff and Anna make a fuss over Charlotte’s coloring pages. Griff tells Anna that he knows it’s a lot. Anna says people wonder why she stays in Port Charles and she keeps getting new answers to that question.

Carly asks Sonny what he wants. He wants her to come home. He doesn’t deserve her forgiveness, but can’t do this without her. He doesn’t know if he can get through the grief. She says they’re not grieving in the same way for the same reasons. He says they made their son together and he was the best part of them. They’re the only ones understand what they’re going through and feeling. He begs her, saying they shouldn’t do this alone.

Sam doesn’t know what to say. She asks when Jason is thinking of doing this and he says, soon. He wants to make sure Sonny, Carly and Michael are okay first. Sam asks if he’s heard of a town called Aurora. She’s been there a few times and she thought it was cool and wondered what the people were like. He says they can try it, and she says okay. She feels something and he asks if it’s the baby.

It is. Jason says it’s a ninja kick. Sam says he or she wants them to pay attention. Jason talks to the baby, saying they’re here and never going to leave.

Sonny begs some more. I’m begging too. Come on, Carly. He says they can’t do it unless they do it together. They almost kiss and the doorbell rings. Dammit! It’s Dante. He says he came from the crash site and they found something.

Laura tells Lulu to be careful. Now that Valentin is involved. She wonders if there’s a connection between Claudette, Valentin and Helena’s mind games. Lulu says when it comes to the Cassadines, there are no coincidences.

Anna looks at Valentin’s dossier on her phone. Griff asks if she knows him.

Claudette swears to Nathan that the room was wrecked. He asks what the game is and says they’re done. He sees a bracelet on the nightstand. Claudette says it’s not hers and he says he knows. It’s Maxie’s.

The Beard has a gun now. He messes with the furnace, saying no one suffers, she’ll just fall asleep. Maxie says it’s worse than shooting her, and begs him not to leave her there alone. He goes up the stairs and she yells for help. She says she can’t breathe and is losing air, although I think that’s a little quick.

On Monday, Nathan asks Claudette where Maxie is, Anna thinks Valentin looks familiar (yeah, she’s seen him on All My Children – ha-ha!), and Sonny asks Dante what he found.

Z Nation

Doc calls out for Roberta. He’s in the woods alone, wondering where everyone went. He says he takes five minutes to take care of business and everyone disappears. Elvis hits him with a guitar and a nurse tells Elvis to hit Doc again because he’s still standing.

Doc comes to, surrounded by a small crowd of patients. He’s in a straitjacket. The nurse tells him, welcome to the Serenity Falls Institution for the Criminally Insane. Doc says, sh*t. I concur.

Zombies cross a field to the hospital and several pound on a door. There’s a group therapy session going on inside. One patient (Liddy) wonders if Doc was sent by the government to infect them. Doc says there is no more government and Liddy says that’s what he’d say if he was sent by them. The nurse tells Doc that it’s not an asylum; it’s an extended care facility. Doc asks what her definition of extended is, since the zombies sound close.

Nurse tells Doc that the hospital is patient run and self-sufficient. They’ll continue to maintain a level of personalized care for as long as the patients live. Doc asks how they found him, and she tells him they were looking for mushrooms and heard him say he was a doctor. He tells her he has a PhD in clinical psychology. She says they help one another with their issues in group, and to convince her he’s a doc and she’ll let him out of the jacket. He makes diagnoses until she’s satisfied. Elvis says he passes The King’s inspection and calls him Doctor Hippie, welcoming him to the Heartbreak Hotel.

A girl introduces herself as Winona. She hugs Doc. Nurse holds out her hand and Winona gives her Doc’s stash. He dubs Winona a kleptomaniac, and tells Nurse the drugs are for medicinal purposes only. Doc is able to reason with a guy who thinks the chairs are crooked, and Nurse is sufficiently impressed. She wants Doc to look at their latest patient, who is too insane to be with the others.

Nurse takes Doc to another room. She says that normally she doesn’t ask for a second opinion, but this one is beyond her knowledge. The symptoms are hallucinations, psychosis and delusions of grandeur. She says he’s been slipping in and out of consciousness, talking about blue men and the planet Zona. It’s 10K.

A zombie cluster is at the hospital door. The nurse asks if Doc knows the patient, but he says 10K is a diagnosis. He says it’s a relatively new illness, and calls it 10K fever. He says there’s an obsession with counting along with delusions. Nurse leaves and Doc tells 10K that he’s glad to see him. 10K says Red isn’t there, but he always sees Murphy. He asks for Roberta and says he doesn’t want to be blue. Doc tells him to hang in there.

The nurse shows Doc the syringes 10K had and thinks he’s addicted to something. She asks if the fever is contagious. Doc says no, but he’d like to do a more thorough exam. Nurse says there’s no time; she’s scheduled a lobotomy. She says there are hardly any side effects and points out another patient (Bob) who had one. If being capable of doing nothing but shuffling along means no side effects, then she’s correct. An alarm sounds and she says it’s medication time. Doc says now they’re talking.

The patients line up. Doc says that Nurse runs a tight ship. She tells him that rituals restore harmony. She’s giving them placebos and says sometimes the illusion of normalcy is all they have

10K is having a convulsion. Nurse asks for surgical tools, but Doc says he needs real medication. Nurse says there’s a fully stocked pharmacy in the Z Ward. He asks what the big deal is. She tells him zombies who died during shock treatment are in there and you have to go past them to get to the pharmacy.

Doc gets ready to go. Elvis sings Only Fools Rush In, and says he’ll help. On three, they go in. Winona sees 10K getting sick and calls for the doctor. Doc and Elvis continue on. The ward is a wreck. A zombie wearing a straitjacket runs out and Elvis kills him, but breaks his guitar. he tells Doc, easy come, easy go.

Winona tells Nurse that 10K is foaming at the mouth. Nurse says it can’t wait, and takes Winona with her, leaving Chair Guy to stay in the unlikely event Doc and Elvis return. Doc electrocutes the next zombie. They continue on and get to the pharmacy, or what Doc calls a smorgasbord.

10K is wheeled to surgery. Doc and Elvis grab all the medication and put it into a bag. Winona bangs on the door and Elvis wonders why she’s all shook up. Nurse tells Liddy to make sure 10K is immobilized, and they put duct tape on him. Chair Guy is having a hard time opening the door back up, and on top of it, has some kind of OCD where he has to keep starting over. The zombies are getting close. Winona tells Chair Guy to hurry and Doc starts to freak out. In the OR, Nurse says it’s a pity they have no anesthesia.

Chair Guy keeps trying to open the door. Nurse tells 10K it might sting a little. In the ward, a zombie with tons of needles sticking out of him almost reaches Doc, but Elvis kicks him away. Doc tells Elvis that he is king and Elvis says, thank you, thank you very much. Chair Guy finally gets the door open. Winona tells Doc that Nurse is operating. They run to the OR and there’s blood everywhere. Doc asks what the hell they’ve done.

Nurse says he’s there just in time. She tells him the technique has been perfected and Doc sees that she did a lobotomy on Bob. Doc says he has the cure for 10K fever and that’s his patient. Nurse says since he has it under control, she’ll look after the others.

Doc makes a med cocktail for 10K – and himself. He cooks it up, calling it Doc’s Kitchen Sink Anti-Apocalypse Special – if it doesn’t kill you, it will cure you. He injects 10K and 10K sits up, saying he feels like he’s been shot in the ass. He lies back down.

The nurse tells the patients Doc will be dispensing the new prescriptions and gives the medication out. Real medication based on his diagnoses. Elvis brings 10K in. Doc quietly tells him that no one knows that they know each other. 10K says he feels super, and he looks pretty high. Doc says last he saw 10K, he was on the sinking submarine. 10k says that Murphy saved him. He asks where the others are; he has to get to Roberta, so she can stop Murphy. He tells Doc about Murphy starting a new world order. 10K is having trouble speaking, and Doc tells him to hold it together. They have to get out.

Nurse conducts an exercise class. Doc pretends to be exercising in the back row with 10K. They exercise through the room and out the door. 10K is having a hard time walking, and Doc has to support him. Doc doesn’t want to leave the others. They see the zombies gathered at the door. Nurse and the patients suddenly appear and she says the area is out of bounds. Doc says the whole hospital is going to be out of bounds if they don’t do something. Elvis raises his guitar and Doc tells him he thought they were friends and don’t be cruel. Elvis knocks Doc out.

The zombies are pushing the blockade in. The patients sit in a circle and Nurse says that hospital policy lets patients make decisions by vote. She wants to revoke Doc’s privileges. Even though it’s not unanimous, Nurse says it is. Doc says he wanted to warn them. Nurse tells him that she won’t be feeding them to the zombies, but they need treatment. Doc realizes she wants to give them lobotomies and says he wants a second opinion. Everyone starts to argue, and Doc says they’re all going to be zombie chow if they don’t fix the barricade. 10K says, save them from Murphy, and Nurse thinks his delusions back. Doc explains Operation Bite Mark’s mission and everyone laughs.

Liddy says they’re insane and Nurse says, there’s your second opinion. Doc says the zombies are going to kill them and the only one who’s delusional is her if she thinks they’re safe. The zombies start to break through. Nurse tells Elvis to hold Doc and 10K down. He asks if she’s talking to him and Doc wonders if he’s the Travis Bickle Elvis. The patients start to revolt. Doc tells Nurse that her ego and stubbornness will get them killed and that she’s the crazy one. Nurse smacks him and says she thought they’d be colleagues, but now she has no choice. She comes at Doc with a surgical tool, but Bob comes up behind her and breaks her neck. Then he stabs her in the head with the tool she was going to use on Doc. Nice.

The zombies break through the barricade. Doc puts the medication in a backpack and asks for the fastest way out. Chair Guy tells him there’s a bus out back, but they have to go through the Z Ward. Doc thanks Bob and tells him to blink if he understands. Bob blinks. Doc and 10K get ready to move.

Commercial break with important information – The Walking Dead begins again this Sunday, October 23, 9 PM.

Doc tells the patients that he doesn’t care what Nurse said, they’re not insane. They’re survivors, and the only way out alive is to stick together and be a team. Liddy asks where they’re going, and Doc says anywhere but here. They go through to the Z Ward. Doc has to keep the patients from getting distracted, and they kill a few zombies along the way. Winona steals a bracelet from one.

Here come the Z’s! Doc suggest they get the hell out of Dodge. They go through the ward, but Bob lags behind. Doc tells the rest to stay put and redirects Bob. He finds Liddy pounding a zombie to smithereens, and Liddy says it was his doctor. Doc hustles everyone out.

A zombie in a wheelchair pops out, along with one who has electrodes on his head. Doc electrocutes them and wheelchair zombie’s oxygen tank catches fire. Everyone runs into a nearby room as the zombie bursts into flames and wheels past them down the hall. Doc says he still has the touch.

Doc tells the patients to keep running until they get to the bus. They get outside, closing the door on the zombies, and Winona tells them to synchronize their watches because she always wanted to say it. I can understand that. They go down the steps and everyone goes in different directions. Doc tries to get them pointed toward the bus. 10K thinks he can’t make it and sits down, leaning against a tree. Doc tells him to wait, and herds the patients in the right direction again. The bus door is closed and zombies are coming across the field. Doc gets 10K to stand.

In the hospital, the zombies are clawing to get out. Bob gets the bus door open by banging it with his head. The zombies are getting closer to the bus. Doc gets 10K moving. Winona hot wires the bus, and the patients drive away – without Doc and 10K.

Doc tells 10K, there goes their ride. He sees the bite on 10K’s neck and curses Murphy. He says he’ll fix it if he has to track Murphy down and make a vaccine himself. He wants to get 10K back to the group. 10K begs him not to tell anyone about the bite and says he’s not like Cassandra. He passes out and Doc says he’s going to punch Murphy’s teeth in.

The zombies inside finally get the doors open. Doc tells 10K, puppies and kittens, and grabs him, dragging him to the gate and out. The zombies claw at the fence and stare at them.

Meanwhile, the wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round, and the patients sing Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

Next time, Roberta needs to stop Murphy, Murphy continues with his plan of a New World Order, and Roberta thinks they might need a bigger boat back-up.

Quotes of the Week

If you believe a personal truth, you will generate the results you think you deserve.Dr Phil

Thank God he was born an orphan. It would have killed his parents. — Janet’s mother in Shock Treatment

A coward judges all he sees by what he is. — The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, 1982, Stephen King

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