October 24, 2016 – GH’s Valentin has a Long Reach, the OC’s Tamra has a Big Win & I have a Film Recommend


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sonny asks Carly to come home with him, saying they need each other now more than ever. They almost kiss and the doorbell rings. It’s Dante. He was at the crash site. Carly asks if he found any trace of Morgan. He pulls out an evidence bag.

Finn watches Hayden sleep. He tells her it’s time to wake up; it’s the afternoon. She jumps up in fighting mode.

Anna looks at Valentin’s dossier. Griff asks if she knows him. She says no, but something is familiar. She’s never met him, but she recognizes something about his face. Laura approaches, having overheard them. Anna introduces her to Griff. Charlotte comes over to the table, and Anna explains to Laura that there’s a connection between Valentin and Claudette’s mother. Laura says from her experience, Valentin will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Claudette insists to Nathan that the room had been ransacked. Nathan picks up a bracelet. It’s Maxie’s. He asks what the hell is going on and where is Maxie?

Maxie talks to herself, saying it’s not her fault The Beard is incompetent and took her by mistake. She says this isn’t the way it’s going to end. She’s the daughter of Frisco and Felicia Jones and there’s got to be a way out.

Dante takes the jade necklace that Carly gave Morgan out of the bag. He tells Carly to keep it since they don’t need it as evidence. She tells them how she’d told him that it promotes peace and wisdom. (Well, that didn’t work.) Sonny asks if Dante has any evidence that might show Morgan is still alive. Carly asks if that’s possible, but Dante says they have nothing, although they’re continuing to canvas the area. He says they’re going to bring whoever did this to justice, and asks if Carly needs any help with the funeral. Carly wonders if there’s going to be enough time for them to get something they can actually bury.

Hayden asks what Finn is doing there. He says technically he lives there. She apologizes, saying when she wakes up in a strange room, her first instinct is to defend herself. He gives her some aspirin and says she should feel better in about a half hour. I dunno about that. She tells Finn that he’s a prince among men and I’m surprised he doesn’t make a joke about Nicholas. She says she’s a little fuzzy about last night and he shows her the check, asking if it rings any bells.

Laura tells Griff that regardless of the situation, they’ve been given the best gift anyone can receive, meaning a child. Doc arrives and she excuses herself. He tells her she looks great, but she thinks she dressed for dinner, not lunch. He says if all goes well, maybe they can have dinner next time. I was thinking if it goes well, lunch could turn into dinner. Lots of missed dialogue opportunities today.

Griff wonders why Valentin seems familiar to Anna. She says there’s something about his eyes, but since he’s been accused of just about everything, she’d remember if she had met him. She says he’s a mercenary, lethal, and smart, since up until Cassadine Island, he flew under the radar. Griff feels badly about Claudette, and blames himself for her turning to Valentin.

Nathan asks Claudette how Maxie’s bracelet ended up there, but she has no clue. She says she’s been busy introducing Charlotte to her father, and Nathan says, which one? BA-DUM-CHH! Nathan puts two and two together, and realizes that someone must have kidnapped Maxie thinking she was Claudette.

Maxie gets out of the duct tape and runs upstairs. The door is locked. She needs to pick the lock and looks for something to use. Did she turn that furnace off? That would be my first move. She finds a cell phone that has power.

Nathan calls the hotel office to get security footage. He explains that Maxie is missing and the hotel was her last known location. Dante shows up and says Maxie’s car is still in the parking lot. Maxie calls Nathan’s phone.

Doc makes up something crazy on the menu to see if Laura is listening. She tells him sorry; she heard Anna talking about Valentin and it’s distracted her.

Griff fills Anna in on what happened between him, Claudette and Nathan. He wonders how their lives would be different if he’d been supportive of her. Anna wonders why Claudette didn’t tell him that she was pregnant.

Nathan asks whose phone she’s using, but she doesn’t know. He says he’ll come and get her, but she doesn’t know where she is either. She says she’s in a basement with no windows, and the door is locked. He asks her if she noticed anything on the drive, and she says she was in the trunk of the car. Nathan tells her they’ll trace the call, but she says she doesn’t think she can wait. The Beard broke something and gas is leaking into the room. I still can’t believe the daughter of Frisco and Felicia Jones can’t figure out something to do there. There’s a lot of stuff on those shelves. She should be MacGyvering this.

Hayden tells Finn that scamming is in her blood…or not. She has to keep reminding herself she’s Jeff Webber’s daughter, not Raymond Berlin’s. She asks what Finn is going to use the money for and how many test tubes it will buy. He says he can’t accept the check.

Sonny tells Carly he was wrong and he knows it, and he’d change it if he could, but it doesn’t mean they can’t honor their son’s memory together. Carly says a burned necklace is all they have to bury, and unless he can go back in time, she can’t help him. She has nothing for him and can’t grieve with him or even look at him.

Kiki enters with what is sure to be bad timing. She’s sorry about Morgan, but also about all the times she hurt him, and every stupid argument they ever had. Most of all she hates that before Morgan died, he was in pain because of her. She wants them to know that she loved him and always will. Carly asks what she meant by causing him pain on his last night. She wants to know her son’s final moments.

Hayden is shocked Finn doesn’t want to accept the check after all she went through to get it. He says it was an impressive feat, but Evan wrote the check because he thought he slept with her. He asks what if Evan comes back for seconds, or worse, realizes she tricked him. She says men are easy to fool, and he’s probably bragging to his buddies right now. She says the last thing she expected was Finn breaking down the door and it was pretty awesome. She remembers accusing Finn of wanting to sleep with her himself.

Laura doesn’t want to think about Valentin. She says he’s in prison and Spencer is safe in school. She wants to concentrate on what really matters, their date. Doc says that works for him.

Charlotte interrupts Anna and Griff, saying she wants her mommy. Griff wonders what’s taking so long.

Nathan tries to get Maxie to remember anything about the drive – how long it was and if they drove over anything like train tracks. She says it was smooth the entire way, but recalls hearing “that annoying song.” She tells Nathan it’s a place they drive past where he always wants to get hot dogs. The phone goes dead.

Sonny asks what Carly is doing, and she says she needs to know. Kiki says Morgan thought there was something going on between her and Dillon. He thought he saw them having sex, and even though she’s never had sex with Dillon, it set him off. Carly says she saw them kiss in the park and asks if Kiki was sneaking around. Kiki admits she was going to break up with Morgan. Carly makes her say it louder. Kiki says she went to their house to do it face to face, but Morgan wasn’t home. Carly says she can’t blame herself for his death, but she can blame herself for not being there for him in his hour of need, and for doing the one thing that Carly asked her not to. I hate to point this out to Carly, but Kiki might have been there for him if he’d bothered answering his phone or was at home instead of the bar. Carly says that Kiki swore she loved Morgan and would stand by him. She insults Kiki and slaps her. She says she wants Kiki out. Sonny gathers Kiki into his arms and hugs her.

Hayden says she can’t believe she suggested that Finn wanted to sleep with her. Finn says alcohol lowers inhibitions, and he can’t count the times he’s woken up and wanted to be put out of his misery. She says go ahead and tell her he’s not interested.

Laura tells Doc that there’s only one thing they can do – schedule another date. They have to keep doing it until they get it right. Aw, I’m glad she’s trying with him again.

Griff wonders where Claudette is and says he’ll go check. Anna plays a game on her phone with Charlotte.

Maxie is passed out, but Nathan arrives in time and brings her upstairs.

Claudette is packing. Griff knocks at the door. She hides the suitcase and answers. She says she thought someone was following her, but it was a false alarm. He wants her to go back downstairs; Charlotte is wondering what happened. She says Charlotte will be fine. Griff is a wonderful father who will take good care of her. He asks if she’ going to leave her daughter and run.

Nathan tells Maxie to come around for Georgie’s sake.

Kiki says everything Carly says is true. Sonny says Carly’s pain is bigger than anything Kiki has done or could do. Kiki says she screwed up, but she loved Morgan. Sonny says she cared for him more than he cared for himself. He’s happy that Morgan experienced that kind of love.

Griff asks how Claudette can abandon her daughter? She says it’s the only way to keep her safe, and that Valentin’s reach is long, even in jail. Griff says he got Anna to help them and asks Claudette to trust him. She says okay, she will. He says let’s go and she goes to get her purse. While he’s looking elsewhere, she smacks Griff over the head with a paperweight and grabs her stuff. She says she’s sorry and take care of Charlotte. She leaves him there unconscious.

Finn says to be clear, Hayden just asked him to confirm he has no romantic interest in her. She says she can take it; she’s the type who likes the band-aid ripped off fast. He says he is interested, very interested, but it doesn’t change that the two of them pursuing a relationship is a bad idea, because he won’t be around. She says she just got him a big check, but he says it doesn’t work that way. (That’s not how any of this works!) Hayden tells him that she knows she’s taking a risk, but in case he didn’t notice, she likes taking risks. They kiss.

Sonny says Morgan wanted the best for Kiki and would want her to move on. She thanks him and leaves. Carly asks Sonny if he thinks she wasn’t being fair. He says he knows she’s grieving, but Kiki did lead Morgan on and quit on him. He adds that she’s a kid though, and it does no good to tear her down. He says they know who she’s really mad at. She says she’s mad at everyone, right down to PCU expelling Morgan without giving him a chance to explain (because the rules don’t apply to him). It changes nothing though – she won’t get to hear him laugh anymore, or get to hold her baby anymore. She says she can’t do this with Sonny, because when she looks at him, she sees the man who killed her son. She tells him to go. Dammit!

Hayden says she had Finn all wrong. He’s willing to take risks too. He says she ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. They get busy.

Griff comes to. He realizes what happened.

Anna asks Charlotte if they should check on Griff.

Nathan cancels the ambulance, but wants Maxie to be checked out. Dante goes to help find the perp. Maxie asks how Nathan found her, and he says via the hot dog place.

Griff calls the hotel office and asks for the surveillance camera to be checked . They’re being kept very busy today. Anna comes to the door, and Griff says he guesses Claudette is skipping town.

Claudette gets on a plane. The seat next to her is empty. You know what’s going to happen, right?

Doc says he’s been thinking about something that Laura said when she got the key. If she pursued it or not, it would haunt her. Laura says Helena is dead, Valentin is in jail, and no one can touch her. After all these years, apparently Laura still lives in a fool’s paradise.

Claudette hears someone singing softly. Valentin sits next to her. He says she has something she stole from him. (Hmm…could Charlotte be his?)

Tomorrow, Nina is surprised Julian is still alive, Alexis apologizes to Sonny, and Ava is concerned about being killed.

The Real Housewives of the OC

I’ve pretty much decided I don’t like anyone on this show. I don’t mind Kelly, but she needs to stay away from alcohol. She’s a big girl and shouldn’t feel pressured by the others to drink. Not that it excuses them from being the d-bags they were last week. Vicki is harmless, but I don’t know what her problem is that she sleepwalks through the drama and pretends it doesn’t exist. The both of them seem like they mean well, even if ultimately they cause a ruckus. I can’t say that about the others.

On the bus to the airport, Heather says, I’m rubber you’re glue. Actually, she declares that nothing Kelly says can hurt her, because Kelly is trash. In her interview, Meghan says she sees how Kelly has become an easy target for the women to prod and see what they can get out of her. OMG – Meghan is suddenly the wise one. She wants to stand up for Kelly, but doesn’t know exactly what happened. Shannon starts screeching at Vicki for not contributing to the conversation, if that’s what we’re calling it. Kelly feels that Vicki abandoned her and Kelly lets fly some things that Vicki told her about Shannon, one of them being that Vicki is afraid of David because he beats his wife.

Heather gets up like the schoolteacher she is, finger wagging, and says that’s enough. Shannon stars bawling and saying he does not. Apparently this is the secret that Vicki was holding onto a couple of episodes ago. Tamra jumps in, saying Vicky has said things about Eddie, and literally screams F-U in Vicki’s face, like two inches away. Tamra claims that Vicki said Eddie is gay. I don’t remember her ever saying that, but now that she mentions it…just kidding. I think. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In her interview, Heather says Vicki shouldn’t have told Kelly anything, even though Kelly is the one that blurted it out. In her interview, Meghan says she’s disappointed in Heather, who’s deflecting her own role in the situation. I know the feeling.

Back in the OC, Shannon is unpacking. She’s upset that one of the best trips of her life was ruined on the airport bus. I feel sorry for her if that was one of the best trips of her life even before then. Tamra comes by the new house. She has to concentrate on the competition and doesn’t know if she’s ready. She told her mom about what went on during the trip. Shannon asks what her status with Vicki is. Tamra says Eddie just laughed it off, but she feels like Vicki wants to present her as being in a bad marriage. Shannon is like, ditto. She says Vicki wants to “attack their men” because of Brooks.

Vicki tells Briana that it was a great trip and they all got along well (!). I’m not sure if Vicki is on medication or has some ability to be in a different dimension. She tells Briana about Tamra thinking she said Eddie is gay, but doesn’t remember saying anything like that. In her interview, Briana says her mother is a dirty fighter. Briana tells Vicki that when other people are hurting, she only focuses on it for a minute, and then turns things back to herself. Vicki says she wants peace, and Briana says she needs to acknowledge it when she hurts someone’s feelings, but Vicki is tired of apologizing. It’s like they’re having two different conversations.

Tamra says she’s putting Vicki out of her mind. Shannon says she has nothing to say to Vicki. If she sees her, she’s leaving the room. Oooh, there’s a threat.

Kelly talks to Michael about the women provoking her on the way to the airport. She says Heather is the puppet and everyone is the master, but Willy Wonka would tell her to strike that and reverse it. She says she was pushed and repeated what Vicki told her about David beating the crap out of Shannon. Michael is like, whoa, and asks if it’s true, but Kelly says she doesn’t know and it’s none of her business. Good one. She says she stuck by Vicki when the rest of the women put her through crap, but then Vicki was silent when she needed support. Michael says maybe Kelly should take baby steps and mend things with Vicki. He says every relationship is different and she’ll have to have a different plan for each. For once, he actually makes sense. It’s like the bizarro OC.

Tamra gets her competition outfits – a bejeweled turquoise bikini, and a pink and black leather bikini bottom and crop top. She tells Mia about what happened on the trip with Kelly, leaving out a lot of her own part in it. In her interview, she says enough is enough with Vicki. Mia tells her that she has to forgive as many times as it takes. We flash back to Tamra and Vicki apologizing to one another at various times. Tamra says she wants to forgive Vicki about as much as she wants to put on the tiny clothing. Which is not at all.

Kelly meets Meghan, who is wearing an awesome faux fur vest. Meghan asks how she’s been doing since the trip. In her interview, Meghan says Kelly’s behavior wasn’t acceptable, but she’s not going to ditch her. Kelly wonders what she did, and Meghan says she wasn’t exactly tactful. Kelly asks if Meghan thinks what the others said to her was okay. Meghan says no, but the power is in Kelly’s hands to move on. She tells Kelly that she should have just ridden it out. Kelly wants to talk to Tamra first, since she’s reached out before, and is trying to be a better person. Meghan tells Kelly she’ll always be there to support her.

Kelly invites Vicki over. Vicki says she thought they had an amazing trip (sound of cuckoo clock in my head). Kelly says she felt like Vicki wasn’t the same. She’s defended Vicki, but Vicki didn’t return the favor. Vicki says she wanted to stay neutral and let Kelly to fight her own battle. How nice of her. She says if she took Kelly’s side, the other women would turn on her, but if she took their side, she was abandoning Kelly. They talk about Shannon and Tamra encouraging Kelly to drink. Vicki says she told Kelly not to drink, but we flash back and that isn’t the case at all. Quite the opposite. Kelly talks about Heather putting in her two cents and how she was the puppet master. Vicki says not with her, but Kelly isn’t buying it. Kelly says Vicki went through it, so why didn’t she say something when they ganged up on her? She says she was backed into a corner and no one was defending her. Vicki says she was mending fences and she doesn’t want to be excluded or have Kelly excluded. In her interview, Vicki admits she was wrong. She apologizes to Kelly and says she was just recovering from her own hell. In her interview, Kelly says she doesn’t like what Vicki did, but she understands her position.

Vicki calls Tamra. Tamra remarks that the trip ended badly. Vicki thinks alcohol fueled a lot of it, and that Shannon was out of line. Tamra says Shannon was hurt, and Vicki says they all were. Ugh! It’s one of those “we were all drinking” excuses. Vicki asks if it’s okay if she comes to Tamra’s competition and the eating party afterward. In her interview, Tamra says she knows the Christian thing is to forgive, and decides Vicki can come.

Tamra meets Kelly for lunch. A lettuce leaf and a glass of water. In her interview, Tamra wants to move on with Kelly, but needs to know where her heart is. They talk about the competition and Tamra’s preparation. Kelly tells Tamra that she was 100% wrong. Tamra says when Kelly talked about her daughter, it put her in a bad place. Kelly says she didn’t want to hurt Tamra and apologizes. Tamra says she’s disappointed in herself, and had she not been drinking, she wouldn’t have pushed Kelly. They talk about forgiveness. The food comes, looking surprisingly more substantial than a lettuce leaf. Kelly tells Tamra that Vicki really loves her. Tamra says she’s over it. Kelly wonders why Shannon is so upset, and Tamra says Shannon once confided in Vicki, and Vicki needs to keep her mouth shut. Kelly talks about Shannon pressing the alcohol on her, but Tamra thinks she should apologize for repeating what Vicki said. Kelly is torn about Shannon, but says she’s tired of Heather being the puppetmaster and everyone seeming scared of her. Tamra tells Kelly they’re all going to be at the competition and she doesn’t want any drama. Kelly says she doesn’t want to screw anything up for Tamra. She tells Tamra to remember that if you’re not first, you’re last, which is what she tells her daughter. No wonder Kelly is messed up. That’s terrible to say, but she probably heard it herself growing up.

Tamra calls Shannon. She says Vicki called her and wants to go to the competition. She says Vicki told her that alcohol was the only thing that messed up the trip. Shannon says that Vicki needs to stop concocting stories. Even though I don’t think that was the whole problem, alcohol certainly contributed. Tamra says Vicki thinks they’re all hurt, but offered no apologies. She tells Shannon they should confront Vicki at the party. Shannon is down with that. Tamra moves on to telling her about lunch with Kelly. Shannon says if Tamra is working past it and wants Kelly at the party, no problem, but she’s not going to hang out with her.

Tamra reads her good luck texts on the way to the competition. She’s in the bikini division. Mia tells her to ask Jesus for strength and that she’s there to inspire other women. We flash back to the accident and Tamra’s recovery. Tamra says she’s worked so hard, she can’t let anything get in her way. She gets a final spray tan before the event starts. The girls arrive and it’s stupid how they’re all saying hello to Briana, but pretty much ignoring Vicki and Kelly. In her interview, Shannon says she’s keeping it to herself (whatever it is) because it’s Tamra’s night.

Tamra looks amazing. Eddie takes pictures and David’s eyes bug out of his head. We see a few of the other contestants. Shannon says since she’s met Tamra, she’s done a complete transformation. The other girls praise her, but my ears are still ringing from her hollering on the bus. Tamra should apologize to me. It’s down to Tamra and another girl. Tamra prays. We go to a commercial.

Tamra wins! She gets her trophy, and Eddie comes up on stage and hugs her. In her interview, Tamra says with all the things she can’t control in her life, she wanted to do something for herself. Everyone congratulates her and they take pictures. Tamra just wants a hamburger and some pizza. Vicki and Kelly come up for pictures, and Shannon walks away. Kelly says Shannon is ignoring her and Heather is icing her out.

Next time, the finale – Shannon has a party, a pile of donuts falls to the ground and Tamra eats them anyway (I made up the Tamra part), Meghan tries to talk to Heather, and Shannon confronts Vicki.

🎭 Recommended: Hamilton’s America in rotation on PBS. This is like seeing two documentaries in one. Lin-Manuel Miranda captured his musical’s journey from start to Tony Awards, and this is interspersed with historical discussion. There are interviews with everyone from historians to Hamilton cast members. And there are enough scenes from the play, that you won’t even need to see it. This is definitely worth a look, or two, or three. Fastest 82 minutes ever.

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