October 25, 2016 – GH’s Franco is a Hospital Hero, ILYIW’s Eddie is Still an Idiot, & Below Deck’s Kelley Gets in Everyone’s Business


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Elizabeth and Franco are at the police station. Franco says he has the last piece of evidence and tells Elizabeth they can seal the deal. Jordan asks what this is about, and Franco tells her they can close the case.

Julian thanks Nina for not judging him, but she tells him not to be too sure about that.

Outside the bar, Alexis tells Sonny how sorry she is about Morgan. As she sips some wine.

Jason is still looking for the broker, but he only has a name and the guy is hard to find. Max says it doesn’t make sense. He tells Jason that Carly went back to her own place and says Jason has to take care of things.

Scotty meets Ava at the bar. He’s wondering if she was just being a drama queen, saying she was in a situation where she might not come out alive. She says she got Morgan’s medication and Scotty says good, she covered her tracks. She says she killed Morgan, and he tells her that she’s being melodramatic. She says she set the events in motion that killed him, and Sonny will kill her if he finds out. In true soap opera fashion, Sonny comes up behind her and says, finds out what?

Franco tells Jordan it’s a pleasure being there and not being in cuffs. She tells him the night is still young. Elizabeth tells her that Franco knows who tried to kill Bobbie and Lucas. He gives Jordan a recording of Heather’s confession. He says they should all be getting back to work since idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

Finn and Hayden are getting busy and there’s a knock at the door. Finn says they don’t need any towels, but it’s Tracy. She asks if that’s any way to treat her after he asked her for a huge favor. Hayden tells him to ignore it, but he can’t. Tracy asks what he was doing and then sees Hayden. She says last night’s social engagement took an unexpected social turn, and asks if he ended up jousting for her hand.

Alexis is on the phone telling someone that she’s with the girls, but she’s really swilling wine.

Nina says Julian stole the fruit basket and Julian tells her that he delivered it personally to Sonny. She’s surprised he’s still breathing.

Max tells Jason that he needs to stop Sonny now, before he starts to spiral. Sam comes in with Danny in a pirate costume. Max leaves, telling Jason to think about what he said. Sam steers Danny to cookies in the kitchen, and asks Jason why Max was there. Jason says Max is worried about Sonny and he is too.

Sonny wants to know what Ava was talking about. He asks what she knows that he doesn’t. She says she knows something about Morgan that she hasn’t told him.

Jordan tells Franco she’ll look into the possibility, but does he really expect her to believe Heather escaped from prison and came back? Franco says its his mother they’re talking about, but Jordan says the tape doesn’t prove anything.

Tracy says she told Finn to stay out of it, but obviously he didn’t listen. She asks if he hit Hayden’s date with a club and dragged her back by the hair. Hayden says she doesn’t need saving, and Tracy says that’s what she told Finn. Tracy asks if Hayden seduced him and if she expects her job back because they’re all lovey-dovey. She says she’d have had more respect for Hayden if she’d just asked.

Scotty suggests the only one responsible is Sonny. Ava says Morgan thought Kiki was breaking up with him; he was drinking and obviously out of control. She says she tried to reason with him and stop him, but he wouldn’t listen. She was one of the last people to see Morgan alive, and can’t stop thinking about what she should have done. She says his death isn’t entirely Sonny’s fault. Sonny walks away, and Scotty tells Ava that was good. She screeches at him that he’s the one who stopped her from going after Morgan.

Alexis says she’s spending quality time together with the girls and acts like she has to go. She hangs up and runs into Sonny. He hands her a drink. He says the last time he saw Morgan, he was so angry that he couldn’t even look at him. Sonny says he should have told Morgan that it was okay and he would always be there for him. Alexis says there’s no way he could have known what was going to happen. Sonny says that Morgan was drowning and hurting, but he told Morgan that he was disappointed in him and let him go out the door. Alexis puts her arm around him.

Jason talks about when Sonny’s first wife Lily died, and how he just did whatever Sonny needed until he came out of it, but the second time, Sonny was diagnosed as bi-polar and got medication, which finally leveled him out. Sam wonders if Sonny is going to break down again. Jason says he has to stop it, and asks about their plans to move. Sam says it can wait. Their family needs them. She’s never seen Sonny break down, but losing Morgan, especially if he had a hand in it, has to be the worst pain of his life.

Tracy says so Hayden just happened to spend the night and she gets a call from Finn? Hayden doesn’t know anything about it. Finn says Hayden is great at ELQ and Tracy is letting their history interfere. Hayden thinks he did this to get rid of her.

Jordan is going to look for actual proof, but as it stands, she can’t close the case. Franco has figured out which guard helped Heather, and produces a canceled check made out to a guard named Rob who bought a condo recently. He shows Jordan a car rental agreement for Heather, and also has a confession from low level drug dealer who sold the drug to the guard. Elizabeth can’t believe he did all this. He says he wouldn’t know what he’d do without her if she moves to Rochester.

Sam says it won’t bring Morgan back if Jason finds the broker. Jason says it might calm down Sonny though.

Ava says she was worried about Morgan and Scotty stopped her. Scotty says she’s the one who switched the meds because she wanted Morgan and Kiki to break up, and she succeeded. She says she told Morgan that Kiki was with Dillon, and she set him up to be jealous. All she was trying to do was protect her daughter. She starts to cry and Scotty awkwardly hugs her.

Julian asks if Nina would miss him. She says she doesn’t like him, but she doesn’t wish him dead. He didn’t destroy her life, he only dismantled the magazine. He says he has a long way to go before working his way back to Alexis. Nina says try never. He says Alexis means everything to him, and if he can redeem himself to his children, things might change.

Alexis tells Sonny that she can’t imagine what he’s going through. She says all the cousins were close growing up, and Sonny was a big part in bringing them together. She says he gave Morgan a good life. Sonny says Carly doesn’t think so, and tells Alexis that she left. He says Michael blames him too, and Dante is looking for evidence against him. Alexis says Kristina blames Julian, and Sonny asks what about her?

Tracy says she was considering rehiring Hayden, but now she wouldn’t have her clean floors. She tells Finn the next time he wants a favor, try something simple, like smuggling drugs. After she leaves, Hayden says Finn should have just asked her to get out of his life.

Franco asks Jordan if its the final piece of the puzzle.

Danny brings out a book and Sam says it’s a grown-up book. She explains mommy and daddy are having a baby and he’s going to have a little brother or sister. Danny says it’s way better than a puppy and asks if they can name the baby Scout.

Scotty tells Ava that she has to live with what she did. He’s her lawyer and her friend, and doesn’t want her stuck. He says they all have regrets.

Alexis tells Sonny that this all started because of the mess she made. If she’d done her job, Julian would be in prison and this wouldn’t have happened. Sonny says Julian offered a truce because he’s afraid Sonny is going to kill him. Alexis asks if he is, and Sonny asks if she wants another drink. She says she has to go home. She says what happened to Morgan is a tragedy, but not one single person is to blame, not even Sonny. She kisses his forehead and leaves.

Ava and Scotty come outside. Sonny says, there’s the reason his son is dead.

Finn tells Hayden to explain how him asking Tracy to give her a job is getting rid of her. She says he’s pushing her away in the kindest way possible. Finn says he doesn’t want to be her cause. She says he can’t let himself feel anything for any woman except his wife.

Tracy asks Jordan if there’s been any progress. Jordan tells Tracy about Heather.

Elizabeth tells Franco he’s a good man; he gave her back her health and her livlihood. She asks how he got he drug dealer to talk. He says at the risk of alienating her, there are times when he can appear reverted to his old ways and the bad man thought he was badder. He asks if that bothers her.

Nina tells Julian that Alexis was on trial for a murder he committed and then he tried to kill her. He says Alexis loves him. Nina sees Alexis at the bar and says she doesn’t look like a woman in love. She tells Julian to leave Alexis alone for once.

Scotty tells Ava not to listen, but Sonny says he’s talking to him. If Julian hadn’t walked, his son will be alive. Scotty says it’s karma. Scotty’s daughter lost her life, and now Sonny’s son is gone in return.

Finn says he watched Hayden as she slept and he felt happier and more alive since any day after his wife died. It did scare him, and maybe he thought he was betraying his wife, but he wanted to give Hayden something better to focus on than him. He says when she woke up and kissed him, he wasn’t thinking about anything except her. She says his wife keeps him in limbo, so he doesn’t have to give himself to anyone, including her. She leaves.

Tracy wants to know when she can open the hospital again. Jordan says she’ll let her know as soon as possible. Tracy asks what detective she should thank, but Jordan says it wasn’t anyone from the police department. When Tracy asks what civic-minded civilian gave them back the hospital, Jordan tells her to thank Franco.

Elizabeth says she knows how Franco was, and who he could still be. He tells her about overhearing her with Laura and she asks if he heard her say that she was falling for him. He tells her that he fell for her a long time ago. They kiss.

Julian walks up to Alexis. He says he was unsure how to approach her, and tells her that he was almost killed, like she doesn’t know. Alexis says Morgan was in the wrong place at the wrong time and is dead because of him.

Danny tells his parents that babies don’t do much. Sam says at first, but later he can build pillow forts with Scout. Jason says Danny can help them keep baby safe, and Sam says that’s what families do. Danny runs off to make a picture for Scout. Ava texts Jason, saying that Sonny is in trouble.

Sonny says Scotty hates him because he can’t hate anyone else, and has to put it somewhere. Scotty says that Sonny’s son was collateral damage, and he needs to look in the mirror. Sonny goes for Scotty’s throat.

Tomorrow, Maxie looks for Claudette, Nell tells Michael that Sonny might not make it, and Jason stops Sonny from strangling Scotty.

If Loving You is Wrong

I tune in a little late. Steven is questioning Brad. Steven shoves a picture of a baby at Brad, who claims he killed the baby. Then he says he doesn’t know where the baby and Alex are. He talks about Iraq and following orders. He says Randal is the reason he’s there, but he didn’t kidnap Randal or the baby. Steven thinks it’s weird that he hasn’t asked about Alex. He says she’s missing, and Brad asks if she’s been kidnapped too. Steven says she’s not kidnapped but she’s looking for her lover and baby. Brad reaches across the table and grabs Steven. Steven says that’s the Brad he’s looking for.

Brad says this has to stop. Steven says Brad’s wife running around with the guy next door must make him mad. Brad says he’s not saying anymore, but Steven says keep talking, confession is good for the soul. Brad tells Steven if he wants to put him in cuffs, go ahead. Steven brings up that Randal is Black and Brad wonders why that should matter. Steven says he knows plenty of guys who wouldn’t blame Brad for bashing Randal’s head in. Brad says he’s not saying another word until he gets a lawyer. Steven says if he’d talked, it would have gone a long way with the DA. Outside, Steven tells an officer to just go in and stand next to Brad and see if he’ll say something. The officer is Black and Steven hints around that Brad is a racist.

Esperanza tells Marcie and Kelly that Brad just asked for a lawyer. Kelly says if he was innocent he wouldn’t asks for one, but Esperanza says that’s exactly why he should have one. Otherwise he could get railroaded by the system. Marcie asks if she thinks he’s innocent, and Esperanza says she has other thoughts. Marcie says she keeps vacillating back and forth. She wonders how she could be so wrong about two men that she loves. Kelly asks if she loves Brad and she says yes. She didn’t realize it until tonight and asks them not to judge her. Marcie says Brad couldn’t have done this and asks how two people could create all this hell. Two people, one choice, and look where they are. Kelly says they all have blame in this. Marcie slept with Brad, and she and Esperanza wouldn’t get invovled. Marcie says their world has been thrown upside down and she wants it to stop. She wishes she could go back in time. Kelly tells them her mother used to say the wages of sin is death and she finally gets it. When things like this happen, the good things around us die.

Marcie gets upset about leading the police to Brad and insists he didn’t do it. Esperanza asks who did. Marcie says someone who hates the situation as much as they do. Esperanza says be careful or she’ll incriminate herself. She says the cops are like dogs digging up old bones when they want someone to blame. Marcie wants to do something and not just sit around. She wants to see Louise. Kelly says they will, but stay put right now. Esperanza wants to go to the station and see what else she can find out. She asks Kelly to walk her to the car.

Seriously, where is Randal? Did the actor leave the show or something?

On the porch, Esperanza tells Kelly she doesn’t think that Brad did it. Kelly says who then? Esperanza suggests Alex’s parents. For one, they’re racists. She says Miss Louise said it was the man next door; she didn’t specify Brad. She reminds Kelly about how they mixed up her and Alex when someone said “the woman next door.” She thinks Alex called her parents out of desperation. Kelly tells her to let the police know, but Esperanza wants to be sure. Kelly insists she should say something. Esperanza says if Alex called her parents, it could make her an accessory and she could get in a lot of trouble. She says people who are desperate do crazy things, but if Alex didn’t do it, the police will try to charge her anyway, so she can’t just go in with accusations. She says she’ll try to get more information, and she’ll talk to the captain if she can’t find out anything.

Eddie is still sitting in his car. He tells Esperanza that he’s keeping his eye on the only witness. Esperanza wants to know how to get to Alex’s parents and he tells her to take a left on Hillbilly Road. She tells him there’s a baby involved and he’s acting like an idiot. She points out that the people involved are his relatives. He asks how she would know that. She says she has a feeling. Eddie says most of the time the police go on facts. She asks if he’s going to help her or not. He asks how he’s suppsoed to know anything? He says he knew Uncle Rusty would work his way in there somewhere and this just gets better and better. Esperanza says if this baby dies, it’s all his fault and she hopes his conscience eats him alive. What conscience? He says it would be Alex and Randal’s fault for committing adultery. Esperanza says he cheated a lot when he was married, but he says he was cheating with her. She says she’s paying for it and she’ll get the real police to help her.

Esperanza tells Kelly that Eddie won’t tell her where Alex’s parents live. Kelly asks what’s wrong with him, and Esperanza says everything. Kelly tells Eddie he’s sick and Eddie makes remarks about the men in Kelly’s life. Esperanza gets in her car and Eddie leaves.

The truck driver drops Alex off, asking if she’s sure he doesn’t want her to call someone. She says she’ll be fine.

Pete tries to get up, but the nurse tells him to lie down. She says if he doesn’t, she’ll have to restrain him. He asks why there’s a guy sitting outside and she says he has protection because he was shot. He asks by who, and she says he’ll have to ask an officer. She leaves and Pete dreams about what happened before he got shot and how Ben was nowhere when he needed help. He jerks awake and reaches for the phone.

Lushion’s phone rings. It’s Pete. Lushion says it’s not a good time. Pete says he knows who shot him. It was a gang of guys and Ben just watched. Lushion asks what else he remembers and Pete says he has to get out of there. He says the guy outside of his room is working for the gang, but Lushion says he’s okay; he’s FBI. Pete asks how Lushion knows, and Lushion says somebody put him there for Pete. He asks Pete what he remembers about the tape from the convenience store. Pete says he saw Eddie shooting Ben’s hand off. Lushion asks what he did with the tape, and Pete says he gave it to Natalie and gave the copies to the captain who said he’d take care of it. After that, he was moved to the south side and got shot. He says he’s scared, but Lushion says, don’t be. He has to take care of something and then he’ll come check on him. Lushion goes back to Natalie.

The nurse tells Pete that he needs to rest. She gives Pete something to help him sleep, and he keeps saying he can’t sleep and she doesn’t understand. She tells him goodnight. He says he’s not going to sleep, but she says she bets he will.

Natalie tells Lushion that the pill is wearing off and she needs to know what’s happening with Joey. She’s losing patience. A doctor approaches them, introducing himself as Dr. Norton. He says Joey isn’t in the best condition. He has less than a 12% chance of making it. Natalie says there is hope, but the doctor says his heart and liver are damaged. Lushion asks if they’ve done everything they can, and he says yes; the only thing they can do is wait. He says if Joey recovers, it could take months. If he makes it through the night, his chances will improve, but the doctor doesn’t think it’s going to happen.

The doctor wants to ask Lushion something but Lushion blows him off. Natalie wants to know what the question is and Lushion says he’s going to ask about organ donation. The doctor says they have 12 people waiting for organs and Joey could save a lot of people. Natalie asks if they’re Black, but the doctor says he’s not sure. She wants to know if he’s just saving organs for some rich kid at the expense of hers. Lushion tells her not to take it out on the doctor. He says they shouldn’t think they’re going to lose Joey, but they have to consider organ donation. Natalie says she doesn’t want her son to die. She wants to ask the doctor if they can see him. I’m sure he’ll want to do her a favor after she just insulted him and practically called him a racist and a liar.

Pete asks the nurse what she gave him. She says a sedative. He keeps saying he can’t sleep, as he falls asleep. The door opens. Oh crap, it’s Eddie. I thought Lushion said that was an FBI guy outside. Eddie tells Pete to rest. Pete mumbles something and Eddie says it’s okay.

It’s Randal in a box! He hears the baby crying and hollers like a banshee. The box is moved and dropped. He pounds at it, and someone opens it and punches him. Hmm…I wonder if this is like when Suzanne Sommers had a beef with Three’s Company and her only scenes were brief and alone.

Next time, Alex’s car is found, Lushion questions the FBI guy, and Marcie passes out.

Below Deck

Captain Lee radios Kelley. He says the fiasco with the pool was an embarrassment. He says it’s not rocket science. He doesn’t want Kelley doing what he thinks is right, but what he’s told to. He says they don’t always have the luxury of extra time.

Ben makes the usual fabulous breakfast. Emily is seeing Ben in a different light and noticing the sweet side. Kate says she’s never seen Ben so nervous around a girl as Emily. The crew sets up the dreaded slide. Nico feels like Captain Lee is boring holes in them while watching.

Kate prepares for the guests’ party. She tells Ben she’s doing a Vegas theme and asks if he’d be Elvis. He’s not too receptive. Kelley asks primary guest Steve if he still wants to do some golfing. He does, so the captain tells Kelley how to set up the mat on deck. He’s getting irritated that he has to instruct Kelley about everything. Lauren says she understands why the captain is on Kelley’s ass, but since she’s been in that postion, she feels sorry for him. Steve golfs with one of the other guests.

Kate asks Nico to be Elvis. She radios Kelley, asking him to be the Chippendale. The guests are impressed with the table setting. Emily hasn’t told Kelley that she’s going out with Ben since she doesn’t want to wreck their friendship. I’m thinking it might wreck their friendship unless she does tell him.

Dinner is equally as fabulous as breakfast. Afterward, Kate directs the guests to the dance party. Elvis gets them in the mood. The guests do some dancing and everyone looks like they’re having a great time. In his interview, Ben says Emily has him rattled and he can’t wait for their date. Emily tells Kate pretty much the same thing.

Wow. Another breakfast is happening. All we do on this trip is eat. Steve says he’s glad his new fiance has tiny fingers since the ring looks bigger. Kyle talks to Kate and Ben in the galley about how he was a starving artist at one time. Well, a juggler who followed a girl to London, but then she left him for a rich doctor. In her interview, Kate says she loves when people have no apologies for who they are. I agree. Not everybody is going to like you regardless, so you might as well live honestly.

Kate tells Sierra she should give Kyle a chance. She says the lengths he went to for love are mind blowing. Sierra suggests Kate go out with him, but she says she loves Ro. Wasn’t Sierra here last week?

The guests were thrilled with the trip and Steve lays a fat envelope on Captain Lee. Kelley is psyched to go out, thinking he’s going to spend time with Emily. The crew gathers in the mess for tip time. Kelley keeps leaning on Emily, and in her interview, Emily says that clearly Kelley hasn’t gotten the memo that she’s going out with Ben because he’s lounging on her. The captain tells them that interior nailed it, but there were a few hiccups with the crew, and uses the word “proactive” again. The take is $15,000, $1350 each. Sierra says not too shabby for approximately fifteen hours of work. The captain expects Kyle and Sierra to make up the fishing trip time, but the crew is off for the evening.

Oh, I see. This isn’t a fishing trip like I was thinking. It’s a chartered boat where Kyle and Sierra are having cocktails. He talks about dinner later. Nico asks Emily if she has plans for tonight and she says she’s going to dinner with Ben. In her interview, Lauren says Kelley is going to flip and she’s staying out of it.

Kyle and Sierra sit in the fishing chair together. In her interview, Sierra says that Kyle is aggressive with his flirting, but she still wants to get to know him.

In his interview, Nico points out that Ben rooms with Kelley and it’s a bad situation. Ben asks Kyle how the date went, and he says Sierra kept texting a male friend. I know she didn’t want him to think it was a date, but that’s pretty rude. Kate is the one who ends up telling Kelley that Emily is going out with Ben. When they meet for dinner, Ben tells Emily that her dress is snazzy. Kelley gossips about Ben to Kyle, saying he has a different girl every season. Kyle tells him about Sierra’s texting and Kelley thinks he’s foolish to take her to dinner and manages to talk him out of it. What I think is that Kelley is worried he’s going to end up with Nico and Lauren all night. No girl for you!

The town is beautiful. Ben and Emily go to a fancy restaurant. Ben says he doesn’t like dill and I’m shocked. I love dill. Sierra talks about her family and how independent she was at a young age. Ben says his family was glad to get him out of the country. Ha-ha! In her interview, Emily says she enjoys Ben’s company; it’s easy and natural

Kelley insists to Lauren and Kyle that Sierra has a boyfriend. Lauren relays the information to Sierra about Kyle and Kelley’s gripes. Sierra asks Kelley if he’s upset with her. He says she didn’t tell Kyle the truth about wanting to just be friends, and he’s upset because she played Kyle. She says he absolutely knew how she felt. Kelley starts walking away and Sierra says she isn’t done. She decides not to go to dinner with them because Kelley wants to cause drama. Kate asks what the problem is and tells Kelley its none of his business. Sierra says she’s only been nice to him. Kate tells Sierra he’s taking his jealousy out on her because Emily went out with Ben. In her interview, Kate says Kelley hasn’t mastered the art of handling rejection.

Emily tells Ben it was a breath of fresh air to have him ask her out and she’s glad he did. Ben says he’s glad he’s sitting there and not Kelley. Emily says her too. They toast to Kelley…not being there.

Kate tells Sierra that Kelley is acting like a junior high school girl. The go to the bar where the rest of the crew is, and Ben and Emily show up. Kelley wanders off with Lauren. Sierra talks about how overbearing Kelley is. Kyle tells Sierra that he thinks she’s amazing, but she hurt him, so let’s call it a day now and get on with our lives. In his interview, Nico says it’s super awkward and he’s stuck in the middle of a bunch of emotions. He gets a pizza to go. Sierra tells Kyle she’s sorry and they hug it out. In his interview, Kyle says if Sierra ever comes knocking, the door is closed.

Nico, Kelley and Lauren go back to the boat with the pizza. Ben comes back to the table to find only Emily.

Captain Lee tells Kate that he has an issue with the pizza trail on the way to his quarters. He says he expects Kate will deal with it accordingly. She says things are out of control.

Nico finds the sandwich make on and smoking in the galley. He runs upstairs and out on deck with it wrapped in a towel. Captain Lee wonders what’s going on and Nico says someone left the toaster on and it’s smoking.. Kate says she just got the captain calmed down. She asks Nico what’s going on and he says he found it that way and has no idea who left it on.

Lauren is squinty drunk and tries to talk to Nico. Kelley thinks he’s being thrown under the bus, since he got accused of leaving the sandwich maker on by default.

Ben and Emily talk to each other in French. In her interview, Emily thinks there are real feelings. Ben says they have chemistry and hopes they can continue this.

Lauren sings on deck. Kate talks to Kelley and says the sandwich maker was a sadety issue and they’ll talk in the morning when everyone is clear headed.

Still to come this season, Kyle does drag and might be transgender, Ben calls Emily “the jewel of he Caribbean,” Nico butts heads with Kate, a hated guest returns, Kate has long distance relationship issues, Kelley and Sierra have it out, Kelley and Nico have it out, and Kelley and Captain Lee have it out.

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