October 26, 2014 – GH’s Carly Strikes Back & Little LA’s Christy Strikes Out


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Griff thanks Anna for helping him. She tells him there’s no manual for being a parent. He says it was just him and now he’s plus one. Anna reminds him that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Maxie storms in wondering where “that witch” is. She says it’s Claudette’s fault she was kidnapped. Anna says she’s gone. Nathan asks where, but Griff says they don’t know.

Curtis meets Jordan at the station. She thinks he’s working for Sonny.

Alexis tells Julian the bomb was payback for all the horrible things he’s done. Now Morgan is dead because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he was just a kid. Julian says he was a grown man and Alexis starts getting loud. She asks everyone if they wouldn’t throw a parade if Julian was gone. Julian says she’s drunk. Maybe so, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Michael is on the bridge and Nell comes along. She says it’s a great view and he says it’s a good place to think. She offers to leave, but he tells her to stay. He says he’s not going to find what he’s looking for anyway – his little brother.

Jason interrupts Sonny trying to strangle Scotty.

Griff says he tried to stop Claudette, and Maxie says he did a bang up job. He says he thought he was getting through. He turned his back for a second, and she knocked him out. Anna asks if Claudette knew about the kidnapping. Nathan says they were together when he found Maxie’s bracelet. Anna says Claudette probably thought she was next.

Curtis says he’s a licensed PI, and it’s none of Jordan’s business who he works for. She tells him to stay out of her investigation, because when she goes after Sonny, she might go after him too.

Nell and Michael talk about the history of the bridge. Michael remembers how he and Morgan played there as children. Nell says them, and the body guards, and tells him it’s an intense way to grow up. Michael says they spent half the time with their mom and half with Sonny. He talks about how Morgan loved penguins because the family stays together. He says Morgan was the definition of homebody. Nell wonders how he’d feel about no one sticking by his father.

Scotty says he still dreams about a child he lost and Sonny is going to dream about a child he murdered.

Alexis says she’s not drunk, but she’s working on it. She tells Julian to shut up, and tells him that everyone knows he’s a murderer. He says he didn’t kill Morgan, but she says he might as well have. He says Morgan mixed his meds with alcohol, and it’s lucky he didn’t take other people down with him. He starts talking about Carly and Sonny being bad parents. Carly comes out of nowhere and whacks him good. I laugh and so does Alexis.

Griff asks if Maxie is sure The Beard was Valentin’s emissary. She says he never said it, but she’s sure. Anna says she’ll get an investigation going. Nathan says the PCPD is working with the Coast Guard.

Curtis says Jordan wants to tell him where he can and can’t work, and now she wants to arrest him. She says he’s interfering with the investigation. She tells Curtis that Sonny killed his own son instead of Julian, and if he wants justice, he should turn himself in. Suddenly, it dawns on Jordan that Curtis is working for Julian.

Carly says Julian came into her restaurant and now he’s talking trash about her son. Julian tries to tell her to calm down, but she just gets louder. She says he’s a liar and a murderer. She tells him to come on try to put a knife to her throat, then throws him out.

Ava tells Scotty that she’s sorry about his daughter. She says Sonny is dangerous, and now he’s grieving, so Scotty shouldn’t provoke him. Scotty says Jason is the only reason Sonny let him go, and Ava says he’s welcome; she texted him. Scotty wants to call the police, but Ava stops him.

Sonny tells Jason if it wasn’t for Scotty getting Julian off, Morgan would still be alive. Sonny says he wouldn’t have ordered the car bomb in a million years and the guy refused to do the job, but now his son is dead. Jason asks if he’s blaming him.

Nathan finds out which flight Claudette took and says the Canadian police will be waiting. Anna wants her to know that Charlotte is okay and they can protect them. Nathan says it doesn’t matter that he’s not her father, he’s going to do his job to protect and serve.

Jordan says she wondered why Sonny would hire an outsider, especially one who has connections to the police. She asks what Curtis has, and says it’s his obligation to tell her. He says she refused him entry into the police force, so he worked hard to make it on his own, and now she wants his information. She says she’s trying to stop a war. If he proves that Sonny planted the bomb, there will be retaliation. Curtis says Julian doesn’t want Sonny dead; he wants to put Sonny in prison.

Alexis asks Carly if she wants her to call someone. Carly says no, and Alexis doesn’t look like she’s doing so great herself. Alexis is surprised Carly is at work, and Carly says she doesn’t want to be home because Morgan isn’t coming through the door. Alexis says she’s sorry, and Carly says she hates that phrase. No matter how sorry anyone is it won’t bring Morgan back.

Ava tells Scotty that the first person Sonny will call is Diane, and she’ll want to know what led up to the altercation. She’s afraid she’ll be exposed. Sonny already knows the symptoms of being bi-polar. He’ll remember how he found her in Morgan’s room and put the pieces of the puzzle together. She says how long would she live after that? He’s her attorney and they need to just step back and keep cool. Scotty adds, and let Sonny self destruct.

Nell tells Michael that when you meet Sonny, it’s easy to know he’s in charge, but lately he’s been drinking and seems to have a delayed reactions. She says he’s fine with Avery, but she shouldn’t be responsible for his happiness. She says if he’s left alone to grieve, she’s not sure he’s going to make it.

Sonny tells Jason to leave, but he doesn’t want Sonny to be alone. Sonny says Jason made his choice not to work with him and he honored that. He says they’ve always been honest with each other. Jason could have eliminated Julian, and Morgan would still be alive. He can’t count on Jason anymore.

Curtis says he’s paid to provide a service and Julian knows he’s up to the task. He thinks Jordan is jealous of how he’s better at it than she is. He says she can’t afford to have him beat her to the punch, and thinks she’s threatened by him. He asks what it is about him that she’s afraid of.

Anna says it’s unlikely that Charlotte is the target. Valentin is obsessed with Claudette, and since she left, the target has moved. Griff gives Claudette credit for being a decent mother.

Alexis says they’ve had their differences, but in the end, she and Carly are both mothers who would lay down their lives for their children. She can’t comprehend what Carly is going through. Carly says she doesn’t know what comes next. The thought of life without Morgan terrifies her. Alexis says she could lose one of her daughter just as easily, and if it happened to Carly, it could happen to her.

Sonny swears he didn’t do it. Jason says Sonny made the best decision given the situation, and to let him find out who screwed it up. Sonny says he set it in motion. Carly begged him not to and he didn’t listen because he believed it was right. Now Carly and Michael are gone, and Morgan is dead; he has nothing left. Jason says he’s still there, but Sonny says he lost Jason a long time ago.

Curtis says either Jordan has a problem letting him win or she likes him getting to her. Andre calls, but Jordan asks to call him back. She tells Curtis to go. He has Julian’s bidding to do, which he’ll mess up since he messes up everything he touches. He leaves and his phone rings. Its Julian.

Julian tells Curtis that he wants Sonny in prison and wants Sonny’s wife to stop making him look bad in front of Alexis. He wants proof and wants it now.

Maxie doesn’t feel like eating. She tells Nathan that she’s worried about Charlotte, but Nathan says she has a new life and she’ll adjust. Maxie says as much as she hates Claudette, she doesn’t want her harmed. She says The Beard will come after Claudette like he did with her.

Anna says Griff won’t become a father overnight, but he can be a guardian in the meantime. Griff wonders if Charlotte will ask for her mommy. He says he wasn’t Claudette’s best option’ he was the only the one she had left.

Carly says Julian is arrogant and does what he wants to do. She’s going to her office and tells Alexis if Julian comes back to stay out of it. Alexis says she tried to stop Julian, and all she did was get misery. Carly says she’s miserable too, and wouldn’t mind a fight.

Michael tells Nell all he can think about is his little brother. He talks about how special Morgan was. and now he’s gone because of their dad. He doesn’t know how he can forgive that. Nell says she’s not saying forgive, but someone is in the same pain that he is. She tells Michael that if he thinks there’s anything salvageable in the relationship, think twice about abandoning Sonny.

Alexis calls Michael. She thinks Carly could use some support. Michael tells Nell he has to go. Nell says she hopes she didn’t overstep, but he says she’s just being truthful, kind and cute. Or kind of cute. I’m not sure. He asks if she’ll stay with Avery until they can figure something out.

Sonny says since Jason got his memory back, he’s been distant. It’s not going to work out the way it used to. Jason asks if they’re not friends, and Sonny says he’s on his own now. Jason says he’s blaming himself and punishing himself by pushing everyone away, but he’s not going anywhere. Sonny says when he looks at Jason, all he can think about is what he lost. He doesn’t want him there or his help; he just wants his son. Jason says can’t bring Morgan back, but he’s not giving up on Sonny. Sonny says he gave up a while ago, and don’t try him because he’s got nothing left to lose. He tells Jason to get out and Jason leaves. Sonny does not look good.

Anna tells Griff that things will be clearer in the morning. He says things are clear now, and it’s no wonder Claudette went to Nathan. He’s failed every test he’s had, and Charlotte deserves better. He doesn’t think he can be a father to her. Anna says he’ll have to give her up then.

Nathan tells Maxie that Claudette wasn’t on the plane.

Curtis sneaks into Sonny’s place.

Ave talks to herself, saying she hopes Nicholas and Morgan are at peace, wherever they are. That’s a good question. Where are they? Ava’s phone rings. She asks who it is and then, as though he read our minds, she says, “Nicholas?”

Jordan calls Andre, apologizing for blowing him off. She says it was a work thing, but nothing consequential.

Curtis goes through drawers. Jason finds him and he suggests maybe they can work together.

Michael comes to the hotel. Carly realizes that Alexis must have called him. He says he ran into Nell and Sonny isn’t doing well.

Sonny goes to the bridge. He looks like crap. He relives his last argument with Morgan, telling Carly Morgan is dead, and Carly blaming him. He takes out a gun and says he’s sorry to Morgan. He looks confused and starts to cry.

Tomorrow, Jason asks Curtis who he’s working for, Jordan tells Valerie that Curtis is dirty (and not in a good way), and Sonny sees Robin on the bridge. She spends more time in Port Charles as a vision than she does in actuality.

Little Women: LA

The girls’ night at the casino isn’t going too well. Christy’s friend Rhonnie gets into it with Tonya, and her other friend Karla chimes in, cursing Tonya out. Lovely. Tonya tells Christy she was just the messenger in telling her why Terra didn’t want to be there. In her interview, Christy says she keeps trying to fix things and it gets screwed up. We flash back to all the times she’s tried to prove she’s right, which is what she calls fixing things. Elena tells Rhonnie that they weren’t involved, so it’s none of their business, and Christy had claimed that she wanted them to get together to apologize. In her interview, Elena is disappointed that instead of an apology, they got medical records and Christy’s nasty friends.

Christy apologizes to Tonya. Tonya says that’s why she came. Jasmine says Christy’s problem is Terra and Briana, and asks what she’s going to do to fix that. Christy is up for ideas, but nobody has anything.

Terra meets Tonya for lunch. Tonya is impressed with Terra’s shoes. Terra says she’s breaking in her heels because they’re the first dancing shoes she’s using on Dancing with the Stars. Tonya says she’s always wanted to do the show, but she’s excited for Terra. She suggests Terra use her activewear for rehearsals.

Tonya tells Terra about how Christy brought her posse with her to casino night. Terra says she wants to meet privately and talk to Christy about moving on. Tonya doesn’t have any suggestions for that, but she wants all the girls to go on a survival retreat. In her interview, she says the team building exercises will help them build relationships or the girls will kill each other off one by one. Either way, it’s good.

In her interview, Christy talks about coming up to her seventh anniversary of being sober. She’s upset that Briana was spreading rumors about her popping pills. Christy meets with her “sober sister” to discuss life events. Christy tells her about the retreat and Sis says that Christy can’t make someone be friends with her. Christy says she’s going to apologize one more time to Briana and Terra. Whether they accept it or not is on them.

Commercial break. In the Little Women: Atlanta‘s Reunion Part Two, it looks like there are a lot of soap opera faces and mouths hanging open. I’m passing on this one, even though Juicy’s umbrella trimmed in marabou feathers looks interesting.

In her interview, Briana says being moms has brought her and Terra closer together and they’ve been able to let past things go. The two couples get together. Terra makes her announcement about Dancing with the Stars. In her interview, Briana claims she was supposed to be on it a couple of seasons ago, but had to pass. Terra brings up girls’ night. Matt says no way they want to be around Christy, since she got all up in their legal business. In her interview, Briana says she doesn’t want to get stabbed in the back again.

Terra tells Briana about the retreat. Briana says that there’s no way she can be friends with Christy again, and Terra says there won’t be any kumbaya moment on her end.

Jasmine and Elena go camping shopping. Elena checks out a switchblade. Elena says it’s obvious they don’t know what they’re doing, and hopes they survive the survival shebang. Jasmine asks if this is the worst it’s ever been with Christy. Elena says it is, and she’s tired of trying to help fix Christy’s relationships, but it’s about second chances, so they should give her another one.

In her interview, Terra says she has no idea who her dancing partner is going to be. She’s nervous about their reaction to her being a little person. Tonya and Joe are there for support. I don’t know any of the Dancing with the Stars people. I only watched it once when Mel B was competing, and as soon as she was cut, I was out. It’s Sasha. Terra is excited to be dancing with him. She says he danced with Snookie a few seasons back, and although she’s super short, it won’t be the same. She asks Sasha if he’s scared, but he says he’s brimming with ideas. Tonya thinks the biggest hurdle will be getting everyone over their preconceived notions of what a little person can do.

Terra brings up having just had a C-section, and Sasha says her health is a priority. If she has any pain or feels any weirdness, let him know immediately. He seems like a really nice guy.

Christy runs on the treadmill while Todd watches. In her interview, Christy says a little person’s stomach is the same size as an average sized person’s, so dieting is hard. She wants to buy a treadmill for the house in hopes that Todd will use it too. It scares her that she’s never seen an old little person. Really? I’m pretty sure a lot of them get old.

She tells Todd about the retreat. Todd thinks Christy should back away from Briana since she’s obviously more invested in the relationship than Briana is. Christy says she’s known them a long time and wants ot make things right. She stands her ground about Terra having given her a concussion, and Todd tells her just don’t stand so close she gets burned. Whatever that means.

Tonya says they used to lean on each other for support against an average sized world, but now their group has fallen apart. As soon as Terra sees Christy, she suggests taking out the bug spray, so we’re off to a good start. Instructor Joel shows up, and Elena suggests a last trip to the nice bathroom before they leave. In her interview, Terra says if Christy gets out of hand, it might turn into a real survival situation.

Joel asks what they’re hoping to get out of it. Elena talks about rebuilding the group, and he says that team exercises are good for that. He starts with shelter building and asks Tonya to pick the two groups. He asks who is uncomfortable with who, and Terra says because of legal issues, she refuses to be paired with Christy. So it’s Elena, Christy and Jasmine, and Tonya, Terra and Briana. Jasmine says Christy is on the wrong team for rebuilding relationships.

In her interview, Christy says if Terra and Briana don’t want to be on her team, they’re being childish. Tonya asks Briana and Terra what it would take for them to forgive Christy. Terra says pay her legal bills for one. Since Christy messed with her family, she hates her, and she knows that’s a strong word. Briana says Christy got way out of line with her, and she just can’t be friends again. Tonya heaves a huge sigh. Huge.

With shelter building completed, Sean moves on to fire. He wants them to put mud from the creek on their faces. Elena says the only mud going on her face is from the spa and Jasmine passes because she’s pregnant. Jasmine helps put mud on Terra’s face. She says the team building isn’t working very well.

Joel thinks it would be beneficial if they write down what’s bothering them. Later, they’ll read them and put the problems to rest. Everyone hesitates and Tonya makes me laugh, saying don’t everybody run for the pencils at once. Joel takes them to the fire pit and makes fire in like two seconds. Jasmine thinks it looks easy. I think it’s probably like watching Gene Kelly dance – it looks effortless, but you try it. Jasmine wonders if they’re struggling because they’re little people. Nice try. Two hours later, Terra has success.

They sit around the campfire and Joel says they’re there to rekindle, so get on with the letters. Tonya goes first, telling them to stop being sensitive and stay in their lanes. Everyone claps and she throws it in the fire. Christy tells Briana that there was a lot of name calling and mistrust, but it’s not in her character. She talks about her father having cancer and her daughter being ill, and says that’s why she’s been acting so crazy. In her interview Briana says Christy is rehashing what happened, but no apology came forth. Briana tells Christy that she was on her deathbed, and Christy made a snowball effect that’s irreparable, adding that she still didn’t get an apology. Christy says she can’t control Briana’s family being a-holes. Elena says Christy is side-stepping her part, and Briana feels like she can’t trust Christy anymore.

Christy says she gave Briana’s parents an update because she cares about her. Briana says she’s had death threats and is now looking into getting a gun. She says it’s about overstepping boundaries. Christy claims she’s alone and needs support, and Briana felt the same way. Christy apologizes. Briana says she’s moving forward with the positive in her own life, but she’s done with Christy. Elena thinks she should forgive. Tonya says it’s going to take time, and brings up Terra. Terra says that she was going to apologize to Christy for the iced tea fight, and then found out she needed to lawyer up because Christy filed a police report. Christy says they were both hurt. She goes on about how she’s had concussions before, but she had a recent one and has the medical records to prove it.

Christy says she’s sick of talking sh*t and wants to move forward. Terra says she does too, but Jasmine tells her that she’s not exactly moving on. Elena says it doesn’t look like forgiveness is going to happen on Terra’s part. Terra says she is sorry she refused to be in a group with Christy. She says she’s sorry she responded immaturely. She’s done fighting, but wants everyone to respect that some things cant be fixed. If she’s the broken link in the chain of their group, she wants them to accept it. Tonya says when someone breaks your heart, it can take a long time to mend. In her interview, Terra says the girls need to accept she doesn’t want to be friends with Christy. Terra tells the group that she doesn’t want to prevent them doing things together, but she still doesn’t want to be friends and doesn’t want it brought up again. She feels that it’s something that can’t be fixed.

Next time, the ladies take a defense class, Tonya has Lasik eye surgery, Angelique brings her boyfriend home, and Dancing with the Stars rehearsal begins.

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