October 29 (really 28), 2016 – Two GHs, The Man Vs Murphy & One Decent Quote


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Griff tells Anna that he took sacred vows and broke them. Then he fell in love with Claudette and couldn’t follow through. He says that Charlotte needs a better parent than him. Anna says if he can’t be the parent she needs, he has to give her to someone who is.

Valerie tells Jordan that she and Curtis have a date tonight. Jordan flashes back to the last conversation she had with him when he asked what she’s afraid of.

Jason catches Curtis going through Sonny’s desk drawers. He tells Jason it’s not a robbery; it’s a misunderstanding.

Michael tells Carly that he ran into Nell and Sonny might be worse of than they realized.

Sonny says he wanted to be everything his father wasn’t when he was a boy. He wanted to give Morgan so much and protect him, to give him the life he never had, and he failed. Now his beautiful boy is gone. He says he can’t do it anymore; he can’t fail anyone else. He takes out a gun, but Robin interrupts.

Jordan says she doesn’t want to involve herself in Valerie’s personal relationship, but Curtis is going to jeopardize her job and God knows what else. So much for not getting involved.

Curtis insists he wasn’t stealing anything and that it’s part of an investigation he’s doing. Jason asks why he’s investigating Sonny.

Anna says nobody knows what kind of parent they’re going to be until they are one. She tells Griff that it’s his future and she’ll support him no matter what. He says even if he abandons his daughter? Anna doesn’t look at it that way, but as giving her to someone who will love and care for her. She says she didn’t feel she was equipped as a parent either.

Robin isn’t a vision. She’s there for a visit. Sonny asks how things are going. She says well, but they miss their friends and family. He asks why she’s there. She says she came for him.

Carly says Sonny knows he’s responsible for Morgan’s death. Michael is afraid that since he’s bi-polar, it could push him over the edge, and thinks someone should keep an eye on him. He says he’s sorry, and Carly tells him never to apologize for caring about his dad. She says she’s not going to be upset if he lets go of the anger.

Sonny says he needs to be left alone, but Robin says she wants to stay. She came to say hello to Stone. She talks about how they spread Stone’s ashes from a different bridge, and how they stood together holding the box. Brenda came along and the three of them spread the ashes together. Sonny says it’s been a long time since he paid his respects. She says Stone would forgive him for that, but not for having a gun. She asks him to give it to her, for Stone.

Valerie asks what happened between Curtis and Jordan. She says he might say he cleaned up his act, but he’s as dirty as ever. She tells Valerie that he’s trying to undermine the department’s investigation.

Curtis asks what about professional courtesy? Jason threatens to call Dante, and Curtis tells him that he’s looking for evidence of a car bomb for an interested party.

Anna tells Griff that she hid her pregnancy and gave birth in secret. She had a few precious days with Robin and then gave her to a dear friend to raise, supporting them financially through questionable means. She saw Robin occasionally and was thought of as a friend of the family. Robin called Anna “Love,” Robert’s pet name for her. She says it took her five years to claim Robin as her own and she still regrets the days without her.

Michael tells Carly she has to do what’s right for her. He says only she and Sonny know what the other is going through. She says she doesn’t know what kind of future they have, if any. Michael says same with him.

Sonny acts like the gun is for protection and Robin says there’s no need. He says he doesn’t know about that. He could use it to put an end to Julian. She asks if he’s talking about Julian or putting an end to himself.

Griff asks what kind of priest has a child. Anna says one who had a crisis of faith, and he can’t be the only one it ever happened to. He asks what kind of person would abandon a child. She says all any person needs to be a parent is humility and love, and he lacks neither.

Jason says Sonny didn’t plant the bomb. Curtis says maybe so, but he has people like Jason who will do it. Jason asks if he thinks Sonny is stupid enough to leave evidence around. Curtis tells him that the bomb could have taken out half The Floating Rib, which is stupid. He did a stint with the bomb squad and knows it was activated with sitting and the explosion geared to when the driver got up. I’m thinking that’s stupid, since Morgan actually had plenty of time to walk away from the car. They talk about the various aspects of the bomb. Curtis wonders why Jason isn’t asking Sonny questions. Jason tells him that he should go now.

Jordan gets information about the bomb. Valerie tells her that Curtis knows better than to pump her for facts about a case. Jordan asks her to file the report because she has to leave.

Carly asks Michael to stop putting out fires and let her take some of the slack. She knows he’s grieving too. She tells him not to shut off and withdraw He says he’s right there, but she says he’s taking care of everyone else at his own expense. She tells him that if he doesn’t want to talk to her, call Jason or Dante, but don’t keep it bottled up. She wants him to vocalize what he thinks and feels. He tells her that he feels like a bad brother.

Robin asks if Sonny came to the bridge to kill himself. He says of course not. She tells him that she’s been there before. After her diagnosis, she stood in this same spot wondering what was in store. Sonny says she had reasons to live, but she tells him she didn’t know it then, and thought suicide was the only way out, since she already had a death sentence. Sonny remembers how Jason stopped her. Robin says everything started to change after that, and now she has a future. She says Sonny does too, even though it doesn’t seem that way right now. He says his son is dead because of him. She asks if that’s a reason to kill himself, and says that Morgan wouldn’t approve. She reminds Sonny who Morgan was named after, that he was Morgan Stone. She says Stone would be appalled and ashamed that Sonny is willing to give up his life so easily, when Stone fought so hard to hang on to his.

Charlotte approaches Griff. He asks if she’s thinking about her mom. Charlotte asks when she’ll be back, but Griff says he doesn’t know. He says her mom told him that she loved Charlotte all the way around the moon and across the stars and wherever the sun shines. Griff offers to read her a story.

Curtis comes to pick up Valerie. She says she knows he’s working for Julian. Curtis says he’d hoped to finish the job before telling her, and thought he had an understanding with Jordan. He says his work for Julian is over anyway. He came to his senses and some jobs aren’t worth the money.

Jason talks to Spinelli. He asks him to do his hacking thing and get back to him. Jordan comes in. Jason tells her that Sonny isn’t home, but Jordan asks if he isn’t Sonny’s right hand man. He tells her not anymore. Jordan shows him a folder about an associate of Sonny’s. She says he planted the bomb and she’s thisclose to nailing Sonny.

Carly talks about how much Michael is like Morgan, and Michael says he let Morgan down. She says it’s no one’s fault, life just happened. Michael says he’s trying not to be angry. He knows Sonny is torn up and didn’t mean for this to happen, but he never does.

Sonny tells Robin not to throw Stone in his face. She asks if he’s ever thought what Stone would do with one more day. She tells him that suicide doesn’t ease anyone pain, except maybe his, but it would destroy his family. He says they don’t want him around anyway. He’s a danger and it would be a relief if he wasn’t there.

Anna is impressed that Charlotte is asleep on Griff’s first try. He thanks her for sharing her story; it’s given him a lot to think about. She says she’s there if he needs to talk. He says he should call the bishop and let him know what’s going on. He finds Claudette’s necklace in his pocket and says she must have slipped it in there when he was knocked out.

Valerie has to deal with something and leaves Morgan’s file on the desk. Curtis looks at the cover.

Jordan has the signature of the bomb maker, but Jason says it’s circumstantial. She wonders how long before he gives up the boss. Jordan says it’s a dangerous time to be associated with Sonny, and he might want to think twice, since he’s trying to rebuild his life.

Robin says Sonny has done many selfless things for her, but if he does this, she’ll remember him for his weakness. She says it’s his responsibility to live with the guilt and give meaning to Morgan’s life and death, instead of leaving everyone else to pick up the pieces, and running out on his family. She feels like Stone brought her there tonight and Sonny agrees. She asks Sonny to come with her, but he wants to spend alone time on the bridge . He gives his word he won’t be stupid. She says his word means a lot to her and asks if it does to him. He says it does. They say I love yous and hug.

Michael tells Carly that Sonny had promised to stay away from AJ like he promised with Julian. He believed him when he vowed to be better, but he isn’t. He says Sonny will never change and maybe they should have known better. Maybe it’s their fault Morgan died.

Anna orders an Irish whiskey at the bar. Robin says make it two; she’s buying. Anna is surprised to see her.

Charlotte still can’t sleep. She sees that Griff has the necklace. He says it’s hers now and that mommy gave it to her to take care of. She says she’ll take care of it and he’ll take care of her. He’s reading Good Night Moon, although she seems a tad old for that.

Robin came a day early because of the weather. She says she was looking for Carly, but she’s busy so she’ll pay her respects later. She says she’s glad she’s there. they clink glasses

Curtis starts to walk away, but when he puts on his jacket, he knocks the folder down. He takes pictures of the contents.

Jason says he likes his life now and sees no reason to mess it up. Jordon tells him to steer clear of Sonny. It’s only a matter of time before she has enough evidence to put him away. She leaves and Spinelli calls Jason back.

Curtis puts the folder back in order and back on the desk. Valerie returns and says she’ll be ready to go as soon as she puts the folder away.

Sonny thinks about what Carly said before she kicked him out, how she can’t do this with him, because when she looks at him, she sees the man who killed her son. He takes the gun out again.

Carly tells Michael that they have every right to be angry, but she knows how much he loves his father. She doesn’t want him to do something in grief or anger that he’ll regret. She says angry as she is, she can’t forget she loves Sonny and chose him. She says he’s Morgan’s father and hurting as much as she is. Michael says when Sonny finally laid down his arms and vendetta, it was too little too late.

Sonny says he has to make it right for Morgan, and puts the gun away.

Tomorrow, Maxie plans a New Year’s Eve wedding, trick-or-treating happens, Sonny talks to Kristina, and Nell is worried about Sonny.

General Hospital – Friday

Bobbie comes by the bar. She dropped Josslyn off at a party and has a suggestion for Carly.

Alexis dusts her place like a maniac while she talks to herself about being positive. She pours a bottle of wine out, asking the absent Julian if she’d be doing this if she was a drunk. She calls the liquor store and orders a delivery, confusing all of us.

Lulu just got done chaperoning a party at Rocco’s school and is exhausted from dealing with kids hopped up on sugar. Maxie shows a picture of Georgie dressed up as Ingrid Bergman from Casablanca.

Dante brings Rocco to the station in his costume. He’s a mini police officer.

Doc shows up at Laura’s dressed like a lion with a full rubber mask.

Nell takes pictures of Avery. Sonny comes in looking hungover or tired or both. She tells him Ava is going to take Avery trick-or-treating. Sonny suggests the guards follow. She asks if Sonny wants her to come back in case he needs anything, but he says Avery needs a babysitter and he doesn’t.

Carly says she has to plan the Halloween party, but Bobbie suggests she let Nell handle it. They talk about missing Morgan. Bobbie says when BJ died, the last thing she wanted to do was face the truth that she was gone. She kept busy and the grief built up until she couldn’t take it anymore. She says the only way past the pain is through it. Carly says she can’t deal with it.

Lulu asks if Maxie is sure about the wedding date. Maxie says New Year’s Eve will be the third year anniversary of when she and Nathan met, so that’s when they’ve decided to get married. They talk about The Beard kidnapping Maxie. Maxie says the worst was The Beard thinking she was Claudette. She actually feels badly for Claudette having to leave Charlotte behind.

An officer takes Rocco to get some candy. Rocco acts like he couldn’t care less. Dante asks Nathan where Charlotte is. Nathan tells him that finding out he had a daughter, it opened up a part of his heart he didn’t know he had. Dante asks how he’s dealing with Charlotte not being his. Nathan says he might not be a father, but he’s Georgie’s stepfather, and maybe he and Maxie will expand their own family.

Sam brings Danny to Alexis’s house. He’s dressed in a bear costume. Alexis says she doesn’t have candy, but she has gum hiding somewhere and tells him to look for it. She tells Sam she really doesn’t, but she wanted to distract him. Sam says he’ll have candy at his other grandma’s house, and she has to go to a party. Alexis asks if it’s an invite from Laura.

Doc talks to Laura about selling Windemere. She says she’s glad to have him by her side. Lucy pops in, saying where else would he be?

Maxie tells Lulu there’s no record of Claudette getting of the plane, and hopes Valentin didn’t nab her. She opens pre-wedding gift in a fancy box and says this is something she can use.

Nathan wonders if Claudette used a different name, but he’s having trouble getting the information he needs to download. Dante tells him that according to the WSB, Valentin is still locked up tight.

Bobbie says she wishes she could save Carly from her pain, and Carly says she wishes she could do the same for Bobbie. Nell runs in saying sorry she’s late and shows Carly the pictures. She asks why Sonny isn’t in any of them. Nell says he was out all day and she’s very worried about him.

Kristina asks Sonny if he should be drinking. She’s there to help plan his end of things with Morgan’s funeral. He says he’s not involved, but it’s better that he isn’t, since he didn’t deal with Morgan’s life very well.

Sam wonders if Alexis wants to say good-by to Windemere, but Alexis says she thinks Laura should burn it down. Danny asks Alexis if she’s coming with them when they move, surprising her.

Doc says he’ll be back as soon as he’s done with his official duties. Laura tells Lucy she’s having a small party to say good-by to Windemere and Nicholas. Lucy says that’s why she’s there, and Laura asks if there’s a problem with the sale. Lucy says everything is fine. She was just wondering if Laura might want to part with some of the furnishings. Laura says they all belonged to Nicholas, so she wanted to divvy them up. She’s going to stay with Dante and Lulu. Lucy says if she needs something more permanent, to let her know.

Maxie calls Nathan. She asks if he can work from home, and tells him they have a pre-wedding gift he’s going to like.

Sam tells Alexis that they haven’t made any firm decisions, but it will only be an hour away. She says with the new baby coming, they wanted to put some distance between them and family issues, meaning Julian. Alexis says no argument from her, but Sam is missing out on free babysitting opportunities. The doorbell rings. It’s the liquor delivery. D’oh!

Nell says Sonny is a wreck. He just came home an hour ago and she didn’t even want to ask where he was. She says she didn’t mean to neglect her job and she won’t be late agan. Carly says Avery is more important. Nell says she’s made sure someone will be with Avery at all times, but no matter what, her loyalty is to Carly.

Kristina tells Sonny she knows how he feels. The last time she saw Morgan, she was less than polite, and can’t believe the last few minutes they’d spend together was in an argument over napkins. We flash back to Sonny and Carly yelling at Morgan about being expelled. Sonny says Morgan needed him, and all he did was yell at him. He let Morgan leave thinking he was a disappointment, and he should have stopped him. He says every time he looks at the door, he remembers Morgan walking out. Instead of a place of unconditional love, it was a place that abandoned him. Kristina asks what Sonny would have said, and he says he would have told Morgan that it was just one mistake and they would start over. He would have said they were proud of him, and none of this would have happened. Because he didn’t do that, they’ll never know.

Carly thanks Nell for taking good care of Avery. Nell says she doesn’t want to overstep, but maybe Carly should go home and rest. Carly says her mother said the same thing and Nell suggests she go home and make her mother happy.

Alexis tells Sam that the delivery is cleaning supplies. She changes her mind about going to Laura’s event. She says it might feel good to say good riddance to Windemere.

Dante and Lulu arrive at Laura’s. Lulu sends Dante out for something and Laura says everything reminds her of Nicholas and it’s harder than she thought. Lulu says even if they never set foot in the house again, they still have their memories. Laura asks why she’s so wise, and Lulu says she got it from her mother. A guy in a lion mask comes to the door, but I don’t think it’s Doc. Laura says she wasn’t expecting him back so soon, and to get himself a drink because she has things to do.

Nathan walks into the apartment and hears the shower running. He calls to Maxie that he’s coming in. We miss everything. Next thing we know, it’s the afterglow and Nathan says it was a great gift. He wants them to spend time together and not get caught up in all the planning. His laptop dings and she tells him to ignore it, but he says the footage of Claudette’s plane exit has finally downloaded.

Carly says she’ll go home. She tells Bobbie no guarantees. Bobbie says she doesn’t want to force her to do anything she doesn’t want to. She leaves and Bobbie thanks Nell. She says Carly is desperately in need of downtime. Bobbie tells Nell that modesty is like confidence, it’s good to have both, but too much of either isn’t good. She says Nell goes above and beyond, and has done everything possible to make herself indispensable to Carly.

Kristina suggests she and Sonny go trick-or-treating with Avery. Sonny tells her to go, saying he needs rest. Kristina makes him promise to call if he needs anything. She leaves and he flashes back to Morgan leaving again.

Alexis tells Laura they couldn’t stay away. Laura says she wishes they’d brought Danny, but Sam is sure he’ll get all the candy he needs at Monica’s. Dante and Sam go to get something to drink. Lulu tells Laura that Nicholas was an amazing big brother. He made some mistakes, but he was mostly kind and honorable, and she loved him.

The lion tries to give Alexis a drink, but she says no thanks. Doc comes to the door. Laura is on the phone with Lucy and asks what she means by there being a problem.

Sonny relives the moment as he thinks it should have been. He tell’s Morgan that he’s made mistakes too, and Morgan’s illness got the best of him like it did with Sonny long ago. He talks about being proud of him, and says next time he’s going to win. Sonny will be by his side to take care of him. He’ll do everything he can, because he loves him and Morgan his son. Morgan says he loves Sonny too. At the end, Morgan still leaves, saying he has friends to see.

The doorbell rings. It’s dead Morgan.

Nell wonders what Bobbie is talking about. She says she was hired as Carly’s assistant. Bobbie says she knows Carly’s life inside and out. Nell says she’s got a party to plan and leaves. Carly comes back, saying she’s ready to go and telling Bobbie that she can depend on Nell. Bobbie agrees.

Nathan sees the back of a male and female head. Nathan thinks it’s Claudette using another name, but they wonder who the guy is that she’s with.

Laura tells the others that even with Spencer’s power of attorney, she can’t sell the house because he doesn’t own it. The lion takes off his mask. It’s Valentin.

On Monday, Elizabeth questions Franco about questioning Jason, Valentin has the deed to the house, and Morgan tells Sonny he made it back home. Hmm…since there was no body, it’s hard to tell if that’s real or Sonny’s fantasy. And if Valentin is supposed to be locked up, won’t it be weird if he’s suddenly living at Windemere?

Z Nation

Very creepy start. The Man throws a machete at a zombie, whacking off its head. The head lies on the ground with it’s teeth chattering. A group of zombies are on a leash are chasing a guy through the woods. He climbs a tree and the guy at the other end of the leash is Wesson, one of Murphy’s workers. He asks the guy if he’s heard the good word of Murphy.

Back in Murphytown, Wesson asks people to write down what they did pre_Apocalypse. Someone asks if there are any side-effects from the shots and he says yes, but they’re worth it. Murphy tells his number one man, Will, to get people vaccinated.

Murphy comes out to wave to the crowd. They’re given instructions about the vaccine. Will tells an investment banker he’s surprised someone didn’t kill him before the apocalypse and gives him latrine duty. Ha-ha! Murphy comes down and makes a lame joke, but everyone laughs. Uh-oh. The Man is in line for the vaccines.

Doc pushes a shopping cart with 10K in it along a deserted road. Doc wonders how much more he can put up with and tells 10K if anything happens to him, he might have to go out in a blaze of zombie glory. In perfect timing, Roberta and Operation Bite Mark come by and he flags them down. He tells them that it was like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with zombies and a Black Elvis.

Murphy talks to a woman about his daughter, Lucy. He says she’d be about one now. The woman says they’d do anything for him and suggests a baby shower. Murphy looks out the window and sees The Man getting the vaccine. Murphy was the only one on The Man’s hit list after his last visit.

10K has flash backs of Murphy. Doc tells him he’s not looking too good, and Roberta asks what Doc gave him. He comes to, and Roberta asks about Murphy. 10K says he’s smarter and crazier and has a big plan. He’s controlling people by biting them and everyone likes him. He tells them that Murphy has Merch under control. Hector asks if they’re sure they need Murphy alive, but 10K says they can’t kill them.

Doc explains that Escorpion is Hector now. The group comes upon a gas station where there’s a zombie chained to the pumps. A sign says car thieves pay with their lives.

Citizen Z has taken Kaya, her uncle and nana to his old compound. Kaya asks why he left, and he said he either had to find help or die alone. She says that she and Uncle will help him get everything back in gear. The look at the electric panel and Uncle touches something, getting electrocuted. Citizen Z almost gives him mercy, but he’s still alive.

Doc tells 10K that they have to tell Roberta what happened. 10K says to just give him time to get Murphy out of his head. Roberta comes in with the vials, but 10K says that Merch gave them to him to keep them safe and he doesn’t know what they are. Dr. Sun says maybe it’s the original vaccine.

Addie tries to get something on the radio. They hear Murphy telling people to follow him. An ice cream type truck comes by, it has Murphy’s picture on the side of it, and a loud speaker is promoting him.

In Murphytown, they try to get the electrical power back on. Murphy says there are people who won’t want to join them, and wants his group to get trained to fight them. The Man comes in and Murphy says he knows who he is. He tells him to take his jacket off and checks if he’s been vaccinated. He asks if he’s on The Man’s list. The Man claims he doesn’t work for them anymore, and tells Murphy to test him to prove himself. He tells The Man he needs fresh brains for his research and The Man kills the guy Wesson charmed down from the tree and opens his skull. Murphy says he may prove useful after all.

Murphy asks The Man why he’s there. The Man says there was a cure on Zona, but it failed, and Murphy is humanity’s last hope. Murphy says he’s proven his skill, now prove his loyalty. He tells The Man to eat some brains. The Man takes a bite. And another. He eats all of the brains. He says he couldn’t help himself, and Murphy says it’s in their nature. He asks if The Man can get him more and says to keep it between them .The Man says discretion is one of his skills. Murphy takes a taste of some brain crumbs.

Will comes in and says he’ll clean things up. He tells Murphy that he did The Man’s inoculation himself, but we see how he faked it, using the arm of the man he killed earlier, and also how he faked eating the brains.

Citizen Z tells Kaya to shoot anything that moves and gives her a gun. She tells him his place could use a woman’s touch. He hopes he can get the power going and fiddles with some wires. Uncle keeps flipping switches and it finally comes back on. Citizen Z kisses Kaya and they get busy.

OBM tracks down the Murphy truck. The driver is dead. He’s been shot, but didn’t turn. 10K says he’s a Blend. He says Murphy is just trying to help people and then adds to become Blends. Roberta says they have to get to Lucy before Murphy does.

Dinner is ready and Murphy says steak is only the beginning. He tells his group that soon they’ll have the power back up. A toast is made to Murphy, who took away their fears. He passes on the steak and says he’ll have something later. Yeah, brains.

OBM barbecues some crickets to eat. Roberta says they have to split up. They have to stop Murphy, but also find Lucy before the rest of the world finds out about her. She asks 10K to make a map. Addie and Doc are to find Lucy and the rest will go to Spokane. Doc takes 10K aside and says he has to tell them about the bite. 10K asks Doc to trust him. Doc says he shouldn’t, but he does. Doc and Addie take the ice cream truck.

The Man tells says hello Lucy to Cassidy, the little girl that Murphy had bitten.

Murphy has The Man bring him some brains. He eats them with gusto. The Man puts a gun to his head. He says they’re going to take a little walk.

Kaya says that she knows Citizen Z has a thing for Addie, but she’s not the jealous type. She can kick her ass though, just sayin’.

Roberta, 10K, Hector, and Dr. Sun get to Murphytown. 10K keeps hearing Murphy in his head. He looks for the vials and can’t find them. Roberta asks if these are what he’s looking for and holds them out. 10K grabs a vial and runs. She calls to him to let her help.

Citizen Z gets back on the air. Kaya says she’s the new hot lips of the apocalypse. Doc and Addie get her on the radio. She does a rap calling to OBM. Addie tries to get them on the radio.

The Man tells Murphy to get in the car. He won’t but The Man says he has his daughter. Murphy laughs and says that’s not his daughter. He puts The Man in handcuffs. He asks The Man how he was able to avoid control after being vaccinated, and wants to know who the man is working for. The Man says he can’t give him a name, but if he comes to Zona, he’ll have more wealth and power than he can imagine. The lights come back on, and Murphy says if the man doesn’t answer, he’ll be eating his brains.

Hector isn’t able to catch 10K.

Murphy’s group gathers in the tower. Murphy fires off a flare and says behold a new world order. OBM sees it and Roberta says they’re going to need back up. When Murphy comes back, The Man is gone, leaving only his hand in a cuff with a middle finger up.

Next time, Election capers.

Quote of the Week

Beauty fades. Dumb is forever. Judge Judy

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