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October 21, 2016 – It’s Double the GH, Doc Institutionalized & Quotes to Help You Recover from All That


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Claudette tells Charlotte to say hi to her new daddy, Griff, but Charlotte runs to Nathan.

Maxie is confronted by a bearded man when she sneaks into Claudette’s room. She tells The Beard that she has the wrong room, but he grabs her before she can make an exit.

Carly goes home. Sonny asks if she forgot something, but she says she’s back for good. She says their son is dead. She’s always going to regret what happened and why, but the only way they’ll get through it is together. She says she knows Sonny made a horrible mistake, but she loves him. They embrace. Dammit! It was a dream. They almost always get me with those.

Michael gives Carly Morgan’s keys from The Floating Rib. The bartender feels badly about what happened, but Michael told him that he did the right thing. Actually he’s one of the few who did. Carly keeps going over it in her head and it deosn’t make sense She wonders why Morgan’s medication wasn’t working

Ava juggles the pill bottles in Morgan’s room, drops one, and when she goes to retrieve it, finds Nell standing there. Nell asks her what she’s doing in Morgan’s room. She asks if Ava dropped something.

Nathan takes Charlotte aside, telling her that Griff and her mother need to talk. Griff says no wonder Charlotte is confused, since she has a different father every day. He asks why any of them should believe anything she says. Claudette says she thought since Nathan was a cop and from a wealthy family, Charlotte would be safer with him. She thinks they shouldn’t waste time on anger and move forward. Nathan says, even if it’s undeserved? Griff tells Nathan about Claudette’s plan to run away with him and leave Charlotte with Nathan and Maxie. Claudette is like, okay you caught me. Nathan says every time he thinks she couldn’t get lower she digs some more. Griff agrees she can’t be trusted.

Maxie struggles with The Beard.

Michael tells Carly to get some rest, but she can’t. She wants to know every detail. She wants to know how much Morgan was drinking. Michael says enough to be cut off. She asks about Morgan seeing Kiki and Dillon, but Michael says it was a misunderstanding Carly wants the timeline of Morgan’s last day. She talks about him being upset about getting expelled from school. She doesn’t think if Morgan’s medication was working, that he would have gone on a bender. She says he was taking his pills, going to therapy, and was supposed to get blood work done. She makes a call, saying she’s going to get some answers.

Ava tells Nell that she and Morgan were once friends, very good friends, and now that he’s gone, she wanted to look around before she checked on Avery. Nell asks if Sonny knows she’s in there, but Ava claims that she doesn’t want to distress him any more. Nell asks if she needs help finding what she’s looking for and Ava stops her from looking. Sonny sees the both of them and Ava scoops up the dropped bottle. Sonny tells Ava not to lie to him tonight and asks why she’s in there.

Claudette wants to move past her lies and figure out what to do next. Griff says he’s been thinking about recommitting to the church. Claudette laughs and tells him to grow up. She says he was a breath away from leaving the church and running away with her. Nathan says, good job, and Claudette tells him to keep his opinons to himself. She says they could all be in danger.

The Beard takes Maxie to the basement and binds her with duct tape. He says she’s going to tell him what he wants to know or it’s going to go badly. He takes the gag out and asks where she stashed the little girl.

Andre visits Carly. He tells her he’s sorry he wasn’t able to prevent a tragedy. She asks about the blood work, but Andre says Morgan never showed up. He says he’s been looking for answers himself, and there’s nothing. She says that proves Morgan‘s medication wasn’t working. He says there’s no way to know for sure, and she asks why Andre let him leave the clinic.

Nell says Ava dropped something and she was helping her find it. Ava pretends it was her phone. Nell leaves and Sonny asks why Ava was in Morgan’s room. She says he knows why.

Maxie says she doesn’t know what The Beard is talking about. She realizes that he thinks she’s Claudette.

Claudette says if Griff will leave with her in the next few days, she knows how to get off the grid. Nathan says nice that she wants Griff to leave the church and medicine to live on the run. He suggests consulting Anna, but Claudette doesn’t know who she is and doesn’t want to.

Sonny tells Ava she has ten minutes and don’t ever pull a stunt like this again. (Ha-ha! It’s always “a stunt.”) She leaves and Sonny looks around the room. He takes a sports trophy down and holds it to his chest.

Carly says Andre told her that Morgan’s condition was under control and manageable. Andre says at the time, Morgan’s blood work confirmed the meds were working. Michael interjects that in the past few weeks something was up. Carly says Morgan seemed manic, but assured her that he was taking his meds and going to therapy. Andre says looking back, he’s never seen anything quite like it.

Nell asks Sonny if it’s okay that Ava stops by, but Sonny says not without supervision. Nell says it sounds like he hates her, and he asks what gave her a clue. She talks about the different kinds of hate and how emotions can be mixed, but the way he looks at Ava, it’s a dangerous hate. He says that’s the right word. She asks how they had a child. Not too nosy with her employer. Sonny tells her that it’s a long story where they both look bad, but the best part is the little girl upstairs and he’s going to do everything to protect her. He says Ava is toxic and ruins everything she touches. Nell says Ava said she and Morgan were friends. Sonny says that Ava seduced him and turned him away from his family. He says Morgan was trusting and vulnerable, and she took advantage. He tells Nell that and what goes around, comes around, and Ava will pay for what she’s done. He says his heart isn’t just cold, it’s arctic He’ll hate Ava for the rest of his life.

Ava comes downstairs. Sonny stairs daggers at her.

Nathan says Anna is qualified and has the government connections to hide Charlotte. Claudette says she needs time to process it, but it seems like a better answer. She says right now she’s focusing on her little girl.

Maxie asks The Beard how anyone could mistake her for that bitch? She suggests The Beard check her I.D. He does. He says she did a good job, even with the name. She asks how he would feel if someone kept referring to him as someone he hates more than anything. He asks why she broke in the room. Maxie tells him that she was going to replace Claudette’s shampoo and conditioner with hair remover because she’s petty that way. He asks where Claudette and Charlotte are.

Claudette starts to leave with Charlotte. Griff tells Charlotte he knows that he’s a stranger, but they’ll get to know each other well, and he’s glad shes there. She hugs him. This kid is going to end up with some sort of misplaced affection disorder. Claudette says she knows there’s nothing she can say to convince them, but she only did what she thought was best and she’s sorry.

Griff wonders if he should go with them. Nathan says he doesn’t think Claudette would leave if there was real danger, and anything she says is subject to verification. Griff has something else to say to Nathan.

Carly asks Andre if he’s saying no one could predict this outcome. Andre says they were both monitoring Morgan closely. Carly tells him that she started noticing something and alarms were going off in her head, but she was supposed to trust the process and not police Morgan. She was supposed to get out of the way and let Andre treat him. She says if she had followed her instincts, he’d still be alive. She stops Andre from saying anything else and tells him to get out. He says he’s not making excuses and tells her how sorry he is.

Carly tells Michael she doesn’t care what anyone says, she knew something was wrong and didn’t do anything.

Nell excuses herself. Ava says she knows Sonny thinks she was bad for Morgan, but she loved him. Sonny says she never loved anything or anyone except herself. She used Morgan the way she uses everyone, including Kiki and Avery. He says they did what they did, and have to carry it for the rest of their lives. He tells her to get out and never presume she knows how he feels. Outside on the porch, she says she does know.

Griff tells Nathan it’s not lost on him that Claudette put him through the same thing. With Claudette’s help, he’s caused Nathan pain and wants to make amends. He thinks Nathan was put in his path for a reason. Nathan says he shot Griff and thinks they’re square. He warns Griff that Claudette will use Charlotte to get what she wants. He asks if Griff is really thinking of staying with her, because one way or another, she’ll destroy him.

Claudette gets back to her room and sees it in complete disarray.

Maxie says she’ll tell The Beard where Claudette is, but she wants a guarantee he won’t kill her. She tells him to take her to a public place and she’ll tell him everything. He says that’s not how this works. (That’s not how any of this works!) She tells him that she’s very well connected on both sides of the law. She works for Julian, her father is the head of the WSB, and her boyfriend is a cop. She says it will go better for the both of them if they do it her way. He says he doesn’t care.

Ava leaves a message for Kiki to call her. She wants her to know that her mother is here for her. She knows Kiki is blaming herself, but it’s not her fault. No one could know how it would play out.

Michael says he knows Carly wants answers and they’ll get them, but blaming herself isn’t right. He says Morgan’s illness didn’t kill him. Maybe the meds weren’t working, but Jason had calmed him down and he got out of the car. He died because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He died because he got in a car that was wired to explode with a bomb planted by Sonny.

Sonny dreams about Carly helping Ava take Avery, telling him at least Ava didn’t kill their son. Nell asks if he’s all right. Deja vu.

Charlotte asks what happened to the room and Claudette runs out with her.

The Beard threatens to kill Maxie.

Carly tells Michael she’s glad she has him and Josslyn, and he says always. He leaves, and she looks at pictures of Morgan, telling him she’s sorry that she didn’t take better care of him.

Sonny says he’s fine, but Nell says clearly not. He goes to check on Avery. Nell calls Carly. She starts to say something about Sonny, but Carly doesn’t want to hear it and hangs up. Sonny goes to Morgan’s room again and picks up a baseball glove. He talks to Morgan, saying if it just could have been him instead and how sorry he is.

Ava throws the pills in a trash can. Someone wearing gloves takes them out. Curtis?

Tomorrow, Lulu needs to discuss something important with Laura, Carly tries to keep Sonny from the funeral, and Maxie wonders if she’s going to die.

General Hospital – Friday

Carly remembers screeching at Sonny. The doorbell rings. It’s Sonny.

Sam notes that Jason is up early. He tells Sam that he needed to go for a ride and think about what comes next.

Felicia sees Anna at the MetroCourt. She tells Anna that she was supposed to meet Maxie, but Maxie never showed up. Anna asks if she’d like to join her for some tea.

Nathan is at the station trying to phone Maxie, but there’s no answer. He leaves a message that he’ll be home soon. Lulu is there to see Dante and asks about the Claudette situation. Nathan asks if she’s familiar with Charlotte and she asks if he means his daughter. He tells her Charlotte is Griff’s daughter. Lulu wonders why Claudette would do something like that. Nathan says she’s consistent – everything she tells him is a lie. Lulu asks if he thinks she’s lying about Valentin.

Claudette tells Griff they’re leaving now if he wants to come. She found her room tossed. Valentin knows that she and Charlotte are in Port Charles.

Maxie tries to get out of her the duct tape binding her wrists. The Beard brings her breakfast and she asks if he’s going to kill her.

Nathan doubts Claudette even knowing Valentin. Dante is having trouble getting the elements of the bomb traced and argues with someone on the phone. He needs a preliminary report to see if there’s a signature. Lulu asks to talk to Dante privately. She tells him he needs to stop working the case. It’s his brother’s murder and he’s too close to it. She says at least take a break, but he says it’s not going to happen. He did nothing for Morgan when he was alive and this is the least he can do. He tells Lulu how he could never be bothered and now he’s going to do everything he can to find out who killed Morgan. Lulu tells Dante that she loves him and leaves. Jordan tells him she has a point.

Carly says she can’t do this, but Sonny says it’s important. She tells him say what he needs to say and then go. He starts talking about what kind of service they should have for Morgan, and that they should do it together; they owe him that much. Carly says she made arrangements without him. It’s going to be on November 11.

Sam asks what Jason means. He said he was thinking about Morgan and Michael. Sonny and Jason found Michael at the station and he went straight for Sonny. It was clear he realized that Sonny must have planted the bomb and Sonny couldn’t deny it. Between Sonny’s remorse and Michael’s anger, they’ve lost each other. Sam says they’ll find a way to help each other heal. Jason thinks Michael will eventually forgive Sonny, but not himself.

The Beard says he’s isn’t going to kill Maxie. Instead, he brought her breakfast. She says she’s a vegetarian. He tells her to just eat and puts some food on a fork to feed her. He says that since he found her in Claudette’s room, she must know where they are. I could make this simpler for him. Why doesn’t he just go back to the room and wait?

Anna talks to Felicia about going back to the WSB. Felicia asks when she’s leaving for Geneva.

Griff tells Claudette to call the police, but she says that she has no evidence. The best they’ll do for her is take a complaint. She says they have to leave now. She tells Griff to come with them or say good-by to his daughter. It’s the last time he’s going to see them.

Sonny tells Carly that it’s not right. She says it’s not right to have to plan your son’s funeral and the only thing harder would be planning it with him. He says she doesn’t get to shut him out from saying good-by to his son.

Jason tells Sam that Sonny called off the hit. but it was too late. He says despite Sonny’s flaws, he loves his children. He can’t have that happen to his family, and wonders if they should leave Port Charles.

Jordan says she heard Dante on the phone. She says she never has to worry about his temperament, but the case is too close to him. Dante says he’d say the same thing, but he has to make sure the investigation is done right and goes as far as it needs to. Jordan reminds him that Sonny might be implicated, and asks if he’s sure he’s okay with his father being charged with the murder of his brother.

Lulu meets Laura for a manicure in the most private nail salon I’ve ever seen. Lulu asks about Laura’s upcoming date with Doc, but Laura says it’s just dinner and she has to get back to start packing. Lulu asks if she’s sure if she wants to sell Windemere. Laura asks if it wouldn’t be nice to put all things Cassadine behind them. Lulu says if only it were that simple.

Griff doesn’t know what the solution is, but it‘s not leaving town. He tells Claudette that he has an idea.

Anna tells Felicia that she self-created a position for herself in Port Charles. She’ll have to travel occasionally, but it will be her base. She’s realizing more and more that her home is there, and she doesn’t want to leave. Felicia is glad Anna is staying and will be there for the wedding, but she has to find Maxie. As soon as she leaves, Griff approaches Anna with Charlotte and Claudette. He says they need her help.

Maxie asks why The Beard keeps asking about Claudette’s daughter. He says he asks the questions. Maxie says he’s just going to kill her anyway, but he says if she cooperates, she’ll be rewarded. He asks if she’ll start talking if he makes her an egg white omelette. She suggests a little goat cheese and he says don’t push it. He leaves and she works at the duct tape again.

Jason tells Sam when they got married he promised he wouldn’t take a risk without thinking of them first, and staying might be a risk. Sonny worked hard to protect his family and Morgan still got killed. She says he doesn’t work for Sonny anymore and they’re not targets. He says Morgan wasn’t a target either. His relationship with Sonny makes him vulnerable. Sam says he’ll leave some of the people who are the most important to him, and asks if he’s willing to do that.

Sonny tells Carly that he loved and still loves Morgan. Morgan was a part of him and just because she’s angry, she can’t take that. Carly says like he took Morgan from her. She says if he didn’t love power and his business more than his family, Morgan would still be alive. He can’t compare how they feel. He’s the one who lost Morgan. She starts to cry. She begged him not to retaliate, but he didn’t listen or care, and he didn’t choose his family. Sonny says he went after Julian to keep them safe. Carly tells him Morgan’s not safe, and because of his choice, Morgan is dead.

Griff introduces Claudette to Anna. He asks if she still has a connection at the WSB. She asks why. Right away, Claudette starts griping that she can’t help them. Charlotte introduces herself to Anna. Very precocious for a kid who can’t even spell “safe.” Griff tells Anna that she’s their daughter. Anna says, Duke’s granddaughter and smiles, making me smile. Anna asks what’s going on.

Felicia comes to the station and asks if Nathan knows where Maxie is. She says they had breakfast plans and she’s officially worried.

Maxie gets free, but hears The Beard coming and pretends she’s still bound. When he puts the plate on her lap, she gets the better of him for a second, but he grabs her again.

Jason says he’s not talking about moving to Australia and changing their names, but thinks they should put some distance between themselves and Port Charles. Sam says she’d once thought starting over would be an adventure, but her sisters are there and her mother needs her. Jason suggests relocating a few towns over. He wants them to be safe. That is the stupidest logic I’ve ever heard from him. It wouldn’t exactly be hiding to be a few towns over, and if Sam is visiting her family all the time, wouldn’t the mob have a good idea of where she might be? Geez.

Carly says she can blame Sonny for Morgan’s death, but she’s just as much to blame. She knew who he was and the life she was exposing Morgan to. She convinced herself that marrying Sonny for the 5th time was worth the risk, and Morgan paid with his life for their choices. Being with him hurts her soul. She looks at him and sees Morgan and the life he’s never going to live. She lists all the life events Morgan won’t have and says he’ll never grow old, and they did that. Sonny says he doesn’t want to make it worse, but she says it can’t get worse. She says no one will stop him from going to the funeral and he thanks her.

Dante says he’ll arrest Sonny personally if it comes to that. He gets a call. Someone found something in the river.

Anna wonders why Valentin would be after Charlotte. Claudette tells her that Valentin will do anything to get to her, including using her daughter. Anna says if they stay, she can use her resources to protect them. Claudette agrees. She asks them to watch Charlotte while she goes to her room to regroup. I’m thinking, more like run. She tells Charlotte that everything is going to be okay, and that she loves her and to never forget that.

Lulu explains the Claudette/Charlotte/Valentin connection to Laura. Lulu says if Laura wants to sell Windemere because she needs the money or she’s sick of looking at it, she’s all for it, but if she wants the Cassadines out of their lives, she doesn’t see it happening. Coincidence always brings them back. Laura asks if Lulu is sure it’s coincidence.

Maxie asks The Beard if he’s married and has kids. She asks what if something happened to his family; how would he feel if they just disappeared? She says she has a daughter who won’t understand and it will break her heart. She begs him not to kill her.

Outside of her room, Claudette is on the phone ordering a one-way ticket out of town for one person. Nathan is standing behind her. He’s looking for Maxie. Claudette tells him that her room was tossed. He says he was at the station, so he knows she didn’t call the police. She says they can’t help and neither can he. He walks ahead of her into her room, which is perfectly neat.

Griff and Anna make a fuss over Charlotte’s coloring pages. Griff tells Anna that he knows it’s a lot. Anna says people wonder why she stays in Port Charles and she keeps getting new answers to that question.

Carly asks Sonny what he wants. He wants her to come home. He doesn’t deserve her forgiveness, but can’t do this without her. He doesn’t know if he can get through the grief. She says they’re not grieving in the same way for the same reasons. He says they made their son together and he was the best part of them. They’re the only ones understand what they’re going through and feeling. He begs her, saying they shouldn’t do this alone.

Sam doesn’t know what to say. She asks when Jason is thinking of doing this and he says, soon. He wants to make sure Sonny, Carly and Michael are okay first. Sam asks if he’s heard of a town called Aurora. She’s been there a few times and she thought it was cool and wondered what the people were like. He says they can try it, and she says okay. She feels something and he asks if it’s the baby.

It is. Jason says it’s a ninja kick. Sam says he or she wants them to pay attention. Jason talks to the baby, saying they’re here and never going to leave.

Sonny begs some more. I’m begging too. Come on, Carly. He says they can’t do it unless they do it together. They almost kiss and the doorbell rings. Dammit! It’s Dante. He says he came from the crash site and they found something.

Laura tells Lulu to be careful. Now that Valentin is involved. She wonders if there’s a connection between Claudette, Valentin and Helena’s mind games. Lulu says when it comes to the Cassadines, there are no coincidences.

Anna looks at Valentin’s dossier on her phone. Griff asks if she knows him.

Claudette swears to Nathan that the room was wrecked. He asks what the game is and says they’re done. He sees a bracelet on the nightstand. Claudette says it’s not hers and he says he knows. It’s Maxie’s.

The Beard has a gun now. He messes with the furnace, saying no one suffers, she’ll just fall asleep. Maxie says it’s worse than shooting her, and begs him not to leave her there alone. He goes up the stairs and she yells for help. She says she can’t breathe and is losing air, although I think that’s a little quick.

On Monday, Nathan asks Claudette where Maxie is, Anna thinks Valentin looks familiar (yeah, she’s seen him on All My Children – ha-ha!), and Sonny asks Dante what he found.

Z Nation

Doc calls out for Roberta. He’s in the woods alone, wondering where everyone went. He says he takes five minutes to take care of business and everyone disappears. Elvis hits him with a guitar and a nurse tells Elvis to hit Doc again because he’s still standing.

Doc comes to, surrounded by a small crowd of patients. He’s in a straitjacket. The nurse tells him, welcome to the Serenity Falls Institution for the Criminally Insane. Doc says, sh*t. I concur.

Zombies cross a field to the hospital and several pound on a door. There’s a group therapy session going on inside. One patient (Liddy) wonders if Doc was sent by the government to infect them. Doc says there is no more government and Liddy says that’s what he’d say if he was sent by them. The nurse tells Doc that it’s not an asylum; it’s an extended care facility. Doc asks what her definition of extended is, since the zombies sound close.

Nurse tells Doc that the hospital is patient run and self-sufficient. They’ll continue to maintain a level of personalized care for as long as the patients live. Doc asks how they found him, and she tells him they were looking for mushrooms and heard him say he was a doctor. He tells her he has a PhD in clinical psychology. She says they help one another with their issues in group, and to convince her he’s a doc and she’ll let him out of the jacket. He makes diagnoses until she’s satisfied. Elvis says he passes The King’s inspection and calls him Doctor Hippie, welcoming him to the Heartbreak Hotel.

A girl introduces herself as Winona. She hugs Doc. Nurse holds out her hand and Winona gives her Doc’s stash. He dubs Winona a kleptomaniac, and tells Nurse the drugs are for medicinal purposes only. Doc is able to reason with a guy who thinks the chairs are crooked, and Nurse is sufficiently impressed. She wants Doc to look at their latest patient, who is too insane to be with the others.

Nurse takes Doc to another room. She says that normally she doesn’t ask for a second opinion, but this one is beyond her knowledge. The symptoms are hallucinations, psychosis and delusions of grandeur. She says he’s been slipping in and out of consciousness, talking about blue men and the planet Zona. It’s 10K.

A zombie cluster is at the hospital door. The nurse asks if Doc knows the patient, but he says 10K is a diagnosis. He says it’s a relatively new illness, and calls it 10K fever. He says there’s an obsession with counting along with delusions. Nurse leaves and Doc tells 10K that he’s glad to see him. 10K says Red isn’t there, but he always sees Murphy. He asks for Roberta and says he doesn’t want to be blue. Doc tells him to hang in there.

The nurse shows Doc the syringes 10K had and thinks he’s addicted to something. She asks if the fever is contagious. Doc says no, but he’d like to do a more thorough exam. Nurse says there’s no time; she’s scheduled a lobotomy. She says there are hardly any side effects and points out another patient (Bob) who had one. If being capable of doing nothing but shuffling along means no side effects, then she’s correct. An alarm sounds and she says it’s medication time. Doc says now they’re talking.

The patients line up. Doc says that Nurse runs a tight ship. She tells him that rituals restore harmony. She’s giving them placebos and says sometimes the illusion of normalcy is all they have

10K is having a convulsion. Nurse asks for surgical tools, but Doc says he needs real medication. Nurse says there’s a fully stocked pharmacy in the Z Ward. He asks what the big deal is. She tells him zombies who died during shock treatment are in there and you have to go past them to get to the pharmacy.

Doc gets ready to go. Elvis sings Only Fools Rush In, and says he’ll help. On three, they go in. Winona sees 10K getting sick and calls for the doctor. Doc and Elvis continue on. The ward is a wreck. A zombie wearing a straitjacket runs out and Elvis kills him, but breaks his guitar. he tells Doc, easy come, easy go.

Winona tells Nurse that 10K is foaming at the mouth. Nurse says it can’t wait, and takes Winona with her, leaving Chair Guy to stay in the unlikely event Doc and Elvis return. Doc electrocutes the next zombie. They continue on and get to the pharmacy, or what Doc calls a smorgasbord.

10K is wheeled to surgery. Doc and Elvis grab all the medication and put it into a bag. Winona bangs on the door and Elvis wonders why she’s all shook up. Nurse tells Liddy to make sure 10K is immobilized, and they put duct tape on him. Chair Guy is having a hard time opening the door back up, and on top of it, has some kind of OCD where he has to keep starting over. The zombies are getting close. Winona tells Chair Guy to hurry and Doc starts to freak out. In the OR, Nurse says it’s a pity they have no anesthesia.

Chair Guy keeps trying to open the door. Nurse tells 10K it might sting a little. In the ward, a zombie with tons of needles sticking out of him almost reaches Doc, but Elvis kicks him away. Doc tells Elvis that he is king and Elvis says, thank you, thank you very much. Chair Guy finally gets the door open. Winona tells Doc that Nurse is operating. They run to the OR and there’s blood everywhere. Doc asks what the hell they’ve done.

Nurse says he’s there just in time. She tells him the technique has been perfected and Doc sees that she did a lobotomy on Bob. Doc says he has the cure for 10K fever and that’s his patient. Nurse says since he has it under control, she’ll look after the others.

Doc makes a med cocktail for 10K – and himself. He cooks it up, calling it Doc’s Kitchen Sink Anti-Apocalypse Special – if it doesn’t kill you, it will cure you. He injects 10K and 10K sits up, saying he feels like he’s been shot in the ass. He lies back down.

The nurse tells the patients Doc will be dispensing the new prescriptions and gives the medication out. Real medication based on his diagnoses. Elvis brings 10K in. Doc quietly tells him that no one knows that they know each other. 10K says he feels super, and he looks pretty high. Doc says last he saw 10K, he was on the sinking submarine. 10k says that Murphy saved him. He asks where the others are; he has to get to Roberta, so she can stop Murphy. He tells Doc about Murphy starting a new world order. 10K is having trouble speaking, and Doc tells him to hold it together. They have to get out.

Nurse conducts an exercise class. Doc pretends to be exercising in the back row with 10K. They exercise through the room and out the door. 10K is having a hard time walking, and Doc has to support him. Doc doesn’t want to leave the others. They see the zombies gathered at the door. Nurse and the patients suddenly appear and she says the area is out of bounds. Doc says the whole hospital is going to be out of bounds if they don’t do something. Elvis raises his guitar and Doc tells him he thought they were friends and don’t be cruel. Elvis knocks Doc out.

The zombies are pushing the blockade in. The patients sit in a circle and Nurse says that hospital policy lets patients make decisions by vote. She wants to revoke Doc’s privileges. Even though it’s not unanimous, Nurse says it is. Doc says he wanted to warn them. Nurse tells him that she won’t be feeding them to the zombies, but they need treatment. Doc realizes she wants to give them lobotomies and says he wants a second opinion. Everyone starts to argue, and Doc says they’re all going to be zombie chow if they don’t fix the barricade. 10K says, save them from Murphy, and Nurse thinks his delusions back. Doc explains Operation Bite Mark’s mission and everyone laughs.

Liddy says they’re insane and Nurse says, there’s your second opinion. Doc says the zombies are going to kill them and the only one who’s delusional is her if she thinks they’re safe. The zombies start to break through. Nurse tells Elvis to hold Doc and 10K down. He asks if she’s talking to him and Doc wonders if he’s the Travis Bickle Elvis. The patients start to revolt. Doc tells Nurse that her ego and stubbornness will get them killed and that she’s the crazy one. Nurse smacks him and says she thought they’d be colleagues, but now she has no choice. She comes at Doc with a surgical tool, but Bob comes up behind her and breaks her neck. Then he stabs her in the head with the tool she was going to use on Doc. Nice.

The zombies break through the barricade. Doc puts the medication in a backpack and asks for the fastest way out. Chair Guy tells him there’s a bus out back, but they have to go through the Z Ward. Doc thanks Bob and tells him to blink if he understands. Bob blinks. Doc and 10K get ready to move.

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Doc tells the patients that he doesn’t care what Nurse said, they’re not insane. They’re survivors, and the only way out alive is to stick together and be a team. Liddy asks where they’re going, and Doc says anywhere but here. They go through to the Z Ward. Doc has to keep the patients from getting distracted, and they kill a few zombies along the way. Winona steals a bracelet from one.

Here come the Z’s! Doc suggest they get the hell out of Dodge. They go through the ward, but Bob lags behind. Doc tells the rest to stay put and redirects Bob. He finds Liddy pounding a zombie to smithereens, and Liddy says it was his doctor. Doc hustles everyone out.

A zombie in a wheelchair pops out, along with one who has electrodes on his head. Doc electrocutes them and wheelchair zombie’s oxygen tank catches fire. Everyone runs into a nearby room as the zombie bursts into flames and wheels past them down the hall. Doc says he still has the touch.

Doc tells the patients to keep running until they get to the bus. They get outside, closing the door on the zombies, and Winona tells them to synchronize their watches because she always wanted to say it. I can understand that. They go down the steps and everyone goes in different directions. Doc tries to get them pointed toward the bus. 10K thinks he can’t make it and sits down, leaning against a tree. Doc tells him to wait, and herds the patients in the right direction again. The bus door is closed and zombies are coming across the field. Doc gets 10K to stand.

In the hospital, the zombies are clawing to get out. Bob gets the bus door open by banging it with his head. The zombies are getting closer to the bus. Doc gets 10K moving. Winona hot wires the bus, and the patients drive away – without Doc and 10K.

Doc tells 10K, there goes their ride. He sees the bite on 10K’s neck and curses Murphy. He says he’ll fix it if he has to track Murphy down and make a vaccine himself. He wants to get 10K back to the group. 10K begs him not to tell anyone about the bite and says he’s not like Cassandra. He passes out and Doc says he’s going to punch Murphy’s teeth in.

The zombies inside finally get the doors open. Doc tells 10K, puppies and kittens, and grabs him, dragging him to the gate and out. The zombies claw at the fence and stare at them.

Meanwhile, the wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round, and the patients sing Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

Next time, Roberta needs to stop Murphy, Murphy continues with his plan of a New World Order, and Roberta thinks they might need a bigger boat back-up.

Quotes of the Week

If you believe a personal truth, you will generate the results you think you deserve.Dr Phil

Thank God he was born an orphan. It would have killed his parents. — Janet’s mother in Shock Treatment

A coward judges all he sees by what he is. — The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, 1982, Stephen King

October 19, 2016 – GH’s Nathan is No Father & Little LA’s Christy has No Apology


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sonny sees Morgan as a child running around the house, playing hide and seek. Morgan disappears and Sonny finds a tiny shoe. Nell asks him if he’s all right and he wakes up.

Hayden decides to make a deal with Evan. He suggests going to his room. She asks if he has a mini bar and tells him to lead the way.

A coughing Finn tells Tracy he’s okay, but she says that she hasn’t seen him this bad in a while. He says he needs to adjust his treatment regimen and gets distracted by Hayden leaving with Evan.

Maxie tells Nathan they saw what Claudette wanted them to see. She has Charlotte listen to the soundtrack from Frozen while they talk. Maxie says Claudette isn’t exactly known for telling the truth. Nathan wonders why she would lie and what she expects to get out of it. Is Nathan really this dense? Maxie says him.

You’d never know it the way she’s going at it with Griff. Half-naked. In the middle of the gym. Griff breaks away and says he can’t.

Nathan says there’s no way the results could be falsified. Maxie says she got a sample from Charlotte’s juice box, but they don’t know what it was Claudette gave them. She says how do they know it was really a sample from Charlotte? He says the results said they were related. Who else could it be? Wait for it…

Obrecht is talking to Ava at the bar. They discuss Morgan’s death. Obrecht says Morgan’s treatment obviously wasn’t working properly. If it had, he never would have gotten in the car. It was the medication failure that really killed him.

Hayden gets to Evan’s room and he’s ready to get busy. She wants a libation to get her in the mood. He throws several mini bottles on the bed for her. He says too much of a good thing leads to not enough of a good thing, so he’s passing. She doesn’t want to drink alone, so he guzzles one.

Finn asks if Tracy saw Hayden. Tracy says she was too busy worrying about him. Finn says that Hayden got in the elevator with the tool. Tracy says they’re consenting adults, but Finn says Hayden might do something she regrets. Tracy asks if that’s a problem for him.

Nell gives Sonny some aspirin. He’s been sleeping in a chair, and she thinks he might be less restless in his own bed. He says he might as well stay awake, since he’ll only dream. Nell talks about her best friend who she drove to a party. When her friend was ready to leave, Nell was didn’t want to, so she got a ride home from someone. They’d been drinking, crashed the car and her friend was killed. She wonders what life would be like if she’d stuck by her but what good does it do? She still dreams about it, and her thinking isn’t the same. Sonny says he saw Morgan as a little boy. He said, “Daddy, come find me,” and Sonny couldn’t find him.

Ava says Obrecht might be on to something. They’ll never know if tragedy could have been avoided; it will remain a mystery. Obrecht says Morgan’s mother will want answers, so maybe not. She says Carly could have the medication tested. She’ll have Andre’s head and Sonny will bury it. Ava has to leave and calls Scotty in the hallway. She tells him where her will is, just in case. She says she’s on her way to deal with an urgent matter and it’s possible she might not come back alive.

Nathan asks Maxie to watch Charlotte. He’s going to see Griff. He’s the most likely candidate, and if anyone can get the truth, it’s him.

Griff says sorry. Claudette says she isn’t, and enough with his promises to God. She tells him to stop lying to himself and denying himself. He already turned from the church to her. She suggests they run away together.

Evan wants to get the party started, but Hayden says she’s not comfortable until he does his half of the deal. He says chicks always want the money up front. She says she’s not doing this or this – although we don’t see what she’s doing – ha-ha! – until it happens, and he says he’ll get his checkbook. I guess this and this was pretty good.

Tracy tells Finn to intervene, but he says Hayden will get the wrong idea. Tracy says he’s resisting the urge to play hero, which she thinks is the right call. She says Hayden is a big girl, but she wants him to do what makes him happy. If he doesn’t find a cure, his time is limited, so he can spend it on intervening in other people’s lives or save himself. If he focuses on the latter, he’ll have time for the former.

Evan writes a check and gives it to Hayden. She wants to go deposit it immediately, but he stops her. He says it’s time for her to pay up. And why wouldn’t she think of the possibility of him stopping payment if she doesn’t come back?

Nell says Avery is asleep, so if it helps, she can keep Sonny company. He says he’s fine and she’s done enough. She says he doesn’t have to go through this alone. Jason and Kristina called and there are a lot of people who care. He says if he can’t be with Carly, he wants to be alone. Nell leaves.

Finn looks at the bill on Evan’s table and finds the room number. He goes upstairs and bursts in the door.

The doorbell rings as Sonny is looking at pictures. It’s Ava.

Maxie calls Obrecht, telling her it’s an emergency and she needs to come over right now. Obrecht says she’s on her way.

Griff says he’s not thinking clearly, and Claudette says it’s because he’s being someone he isn’t meant to be. They can be together now, so why don’t they try it. He asks about leaving Charlotte and she says she doesn’t want to leave her, but she’s safer with her father. Nathan is standing there and says, but he’s not her father, Griff is.

Ava wants ot see Avery. She’s concerned because she called and a strange girl answered, telling her Sonny wouldn’t come to the phone. He says he doesn’t feel like talking, especially to her. She says she’s sorry about Morgan, and he says she’s the worst thing that happened to him. He tells her he tolerates her for Avery’s sake, but not tonight. She says whatever conflict he has with Julian isn’t with her; she’s out of that life for Avery’s sake. She asks about taking Avery temporarily, but he says no. She asks where Carly is and he tells her, not here. She asks if Carly left him.

Evan is passed out, and Finn asks what happened. Finn asks if Evan hurt her, but she says he was on the verge of passing out two vodkas ago. She wants Finn to help her get Evan into bed. If he thinks they didn’t do the deed, he might cancel the check.

Maxie asks Obrecht to watch Charlotte for a while. She’s excited, but Maxie tells her don’t get too attached, because Claudette lied again and Nathan isn’t the father.

Nathan tells Claudette and Griff about Maxie getting Charlotte retested. He figured out on the way there that the hair was from his mother. He says Claudette knew a test was coming eventually, and it explains why the test shows they share DNA when it’s a lie. Griff says Claudette wouldn’t stoop so low and Nathan says, oh yes she would. Claudette admits she took the hair from Obrecht’s brush and Griff is the father.

Ava says Sonny won’t make it through this without Carly. She says she hates to admit it, but Avery needs both of them, especially now with her family on the verge of fracture. She says hold on to Carly, or do whatever he needs to get her back, for Avery and for Morgan. It’s what he would have wanted.

Obrecht says Nathan is the father, there was a test. Maxie says Claudette fooled everyone, except her. She had her own test done. She says she’s sorry, but it’s not true. Obrecht says she’ll make Claudette regret she was born. Maxie says she needs her to babysit right now. She’ll be back as soon as she can.

Nathan asks why Claudette did this. What satisfaction does she get from stepping on his heart and what did he ever do to her? She says she needed his help. They were married once and he loved her. so she took a gamble that he’d love Charlotte. She says if Valentin knew Griff was Charlotte’s father, he’d go after him. She knew Nathan could protect her. Claudette says she knows he doesn’t believe it, but she’s sorry. She asks if Griff wants to meet his daughter.

Hayden shows Finn the check and says it’s for funding. He asks if she was going to sleep with this idiot for him? She says no, she only wanted him to think that. Boys always think they can out drink her. She asks him again to help her get Evan into the bed. Finn says there’s not enough hand sanitizer in the world, but helps anyway. She better take off Evan’s pants or he won’t think they did anything. She sets the stage and says when he comes to, he’ll think she gave him the night of his life. She says Finn should cash the check asap though. Finn is full of what ifs. Hayden asks how he found her and if he was following her. He says he saw the room number on the bar bill and she asks why he’s there. He says he was worried about her. She says what would have happened if he came in and found them together, and what’s it to him?

Hayden says she knows the real reason he came. He thought she was going to have sex with that jerk and was going to stop it, but she stopped all by herself. She says he thinks if she’s going to have sex with anyone, it’s him, and he’s not dead yet. She gets him laughing, and asks if they’re moving because the room is spinning. They sit on the floor.

Nathan comes back and says Charlotte has been though enough already, so be gentle. Obrecht tells Claudette she owes her some answers. Nathan asks why Obrecht is there, and she says Maxie told her everything. She’s babysitting because Maxie had something urgent.

Maxie goes to Claudette’s place. There’s no answer, even though music is blasting, so she lets herself in with a bootleg key, thanks to Spinelli. She calls out for Claudette. She wants a word with Claudette’s lying, piece of trash self. A bearded guy comes out of the other room.

Claudette introduces Charlotte to Griff. This child is going to be seriously confused. When they wrote that kids book about having two daddies, I don’t think this is what they meant.

Maxie apologizes, and starts to leave, but bearded guy grabs her from behind.

Sonny says Ava is the last person who should be speaking for Morgan. She says she can speak for Avery, and Sonny needs space to grieve and has to get on with the business of healing, so he can be there for his daughter. He says she’s got five minutes with Avery and then he doesn’t want to see her again. She goes upstairs.

Ava sneaks into Morgan’s room. She looks at his pills and takes one the bottles, She drops it and it rolls under the bed. She gets on the floor to retrieve it and when she gets up, Nell is there. If she’s smart, she’ll tell Sonny what Obrecht told her about the medication, and say she was going to have it tested.

Tomorrow, Carly tells Sonny that she’ll always love him, Nell wants to know what Ava is doing, and Claudette wants Charlotte out of Port Charles.

Little Women: LA

Terra is still upset about the baby name. She thinks Joe changed his mind because of other people’s influence. She feels like they made a mistake naming the baby Grayson. She wants D’Artagnan in there somewhere. Joe agrees to it as a middle name.

Maverick is six weeks old and not showing any signs of the heath issues that can come with dwarfism. Briana talks to Matt about Christy wanting to apologize. Even though Christy  wasn’t invited to the sip and see, Elena and Jasmine made her a topic of conversation. Matt doesn’t think Christy has a sincere bone in her body, but Briana is torn. Christy is friends with Briana’s friends, and she thinks that she should confront her for the sake of the group.

Terra is managing two babies while packing for the move, and hanging on to what’s left of her sanity. Elena comes over for a visit. Terra tells her about the D’Artagnan issue. Elena says no one else has to like it. Terra tells Elena about her Dancing with the Stars gig. Elena is like, you just left the hospital, but Terra is more concerned about dancing with an average sized person. Elena is supportive.

Elena tells Terra about the sip and see, and how Christy wasn’t invited, but they discussed her while they were there. She says she met with Christy later, but it didn’t go well. We flash back to that. Elena says Christy is desperate to defend herself and she forgives her, but it will be harder with the others. She tells Terra about how Christy wished she hadn’t gone to the police or Briana’s family, and now wants to apologize to everyone.

Dawn (from Little Women NY) visits Christy. No surprise they’re friends. Oh ho! She was behind the police report filing. They’re getting a massage and Christy tells Dawn about her apology tour and shows her an invite to a casino get together. Dawn asks why she felt compelled to highlight her medical records in the slot machine graphic. In her interview, Christy says no one wants to believe she had a concussion. She says she’ll apologize about everything, but she also deserves an apology. Dawn wants to know if she’s including the medical records to prevent people from coming, and asks what makes Christy think things will go smoothly. Dawn says she’ll be there for support, but thinks Christy has a lot of hatchets buried and has run out of olive branches.

Elena and Preston bring the twins for a photo session. The photos are beautiful, but they’re a seriously good-looking family. Elena can’t believe how fast the babies are growing. Elena discusses genetic testing for the babies with Preston. She wants to put her fears to rest, or at least know what she’s dealing with. She thinks it’s time to find out.

Jasmine and Briana go shopping. Jasmine is looking for a bassinet. Jasmine asks if Briana got Christy’s invitation to the casino. Briana says yes, and she feels bi-polar about it. In her interview, she says she was ready to give Christy another chance, but calling Terra out with the medical records makes her wonder what’s in store for her. She says she’s disgusted with Christy as a person. She understands where Jasmine is coming from in wanting peace, but Christy hurt her deeply, and she doesn’t want Christy to think they’re cool if she goes. In her interview, Jasmine thinks Briana shouldn’t throw away the friendship, especially since she could forgive Matt. Well, that’s a little different. She doesn’t sleep with Christy.

It’s move-in day! Joe has left for a gig (geez, thanks Joe – nice planning), and Tonya comes to the new house to help. Tonya asks if the movers are going to help unpack and place the furniture, since it would be difficult for the two of them. Before Terra investigates this, Tonya asks if she got Christy’s invitation. Terra says she’s proud of how classy Christy was to include her medical information. They talk about Christy having been in abusive relationships, and Terra says there’s no indication as to when she got a concussion. In her interview, Terra says she’s surprised Christy can get one since she has such a thick skull. BA-DUM-CHH! Terra has no intention of being her friend again, and says Christy is never going to see the baby or come to her new house.

Jasmine and Elena get ready for casino night. Jasmine says Christy has made a lot of mistakes. Elena is tired of the group being split. Jasmine thinks Briana and Terra are being stubborn. Jasmine thinks Christy has a lot of apologizing to do, but is puzzled as to why she’d put her medical records on the invitation. Because she’s stupid that way, that’s why. Elena says their conversation was about fixing things, not digging them up. She says they can only do so much and Christy has to do the rest.

Besides Dawn, Christy has invited two other friends, Karla and Rhonnie, who reminds me of New York from Flavor of Love, or what I used to call The Big Ass Clock Man Show. Even though she doesn’t know anything about it, Rhonnie says the other girls bully Christy and Karla says Christy is the best person in the world. Elena arrives first and is irritated that Christy invited Dawn. She thinks Christy is just trying to start drama again. Tonya joins them. She’s annoyed at seeing Dawn too. She doesn’t think it’s going to be a fun girls night out apology time. Elena wins at Blackjack, but doesn’t understand how she did it.

Rhonnie tells Tonya she seems bothered. Christy asks if Terra and Brianna are coming. Tonya says Terra thought her invitation was condescending and isn’t going to be there. In her interview, Christy is glad, because it proves she made the right decision. This girl is what Dr. Phil calls a “right fighter.” She only cares about proving her point. Rhonnie tries to cause problems, criticizing the way Tonya delivered the message. In her interview, Tonya says Rhonnie needs to stay in her lane.

Elena tells Christy that Briana feels that Christy’s intentions aren’t genuine. Karla asks if anyone cares about Christy’s feelings. Jasmine says she should ask Briana about that. Karla thinks they’re going behind Christy’s back and starts telling Jasmine how she should behave. Jasmine says she tried to get Briana there, but she chose not to come. Karla says everything is going to turn back on her, making everyone uncomfortable.

Tonya asks Jasmine and Elena if they want to play the slots. In her interview, Christy wonders how she can fix things if they don’t want to stick around. She might try actually fixing things instead of starting more things. Elena says she spent too much time trying to convince Christy to apologize and reconnect, and Christy brought other people to start more sh*t. Tonya says they’ve been bamboozled again.

Christy doesn’t understand. Rhonnie says it was like follow the leader when Tonya wanted to go. She says Christy could sprout wings and a halo and they still wouldn’t like her. She says Tonya was talking trash about saying hell would have to freeze over for Terra to show up, when she’d said something different before. Dawn thinks they should confront her.

Tonya, Jasmine and Elena go for a drink. Jasmine texts Christy to try and smooth things over before it gets out of control. All of them show up at the girls’ table. Tonya says they just wanted to talk to Christy, and the night wasn’t what they thought it was going to be. Jasmine says she didn’t understand the medical report. Christy asks why they think she’s a liar. Tonya says she embellishes. Dawn says Christy proved she had a concussion, and Tonya says she thinks it’s from an abusive ex. Dawn sticks her humongous-for-a-little-person nose in it, and Tonya wonders why she’s there.

Christy pulls out some more medical documents. Tonya asks why she brought them, and suggests they move on. Jasmine and Elena are pissed off, because Christy said she was over it. Christy says she doesn’t see how they can understand her side when they won’t acknowledge she’s right. (See? What did I say?) She says it’s like they’re wearing blinders. Tonya says the person she needs to prove something to isn’t there. She brings up Christy bringing Plastic to the photo shoot. This will never, ever be forgotten. Christy says she brought other friends to the casino because she felt alone. Tonya says she’s invited Christy everywhere, but she’s burning her bridges with all of them.

Rhonnie asks what the problem is with them being there. Tonya says she doesn’t know them and Dawn encouraged Christy pressing charges. Christy thinks they should go around the table and say sorry. I’ll just bet that when she was a drinker, she was one of those people who says, “we were all drunk,” when they were the drunk who created the mess the night before. Rhonnie says she doesn’t think Christy owes anyone an apology. Tonya says she wasn’t there. Christy just wants to move on. Elena says Christy claimed her apology was going to be so good, everyone would cry. That still might happen. Elena says she doesn’t need any apology, but why doesn’t Christy start with ruining Tonya’s photo shoot?

Christy says she’s sorry for what she said to Tonya. Tonya is like, I didn’t come here for all of this. Karla tries to get involved, but Tonya shuts her down. She says she’s not blaming Christy for anything. Everyone starts yelling at once. Elena wants to know why they’re wasting their time, and why are these strangers getting involved? Good question. Jasmine says it’s between them. Rhonnie talks about Tonya making comments when they were playing Blackjack. Tonya says she was having a private conversation. Rhonnie tells her she should have it somewhere private then. Tonya gets loud and Elena tries to intervene. The argument culminates with Karla calling Tonya a @#$%^& bitch. Tonya says she’ll do what she wants.

To be continued…

Next time, Terra refuses to be in Christy’s life anymore, Terra is worried about the height difference on Dancing with the Stars, and the girls go on a survivalist retreat. Oh, swell.

October 18, 2016 – GH’s Franco Nails Heather & Below Deck’s Kyle Hopes to Nail Sierra


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nathan prepares a candlelight dinner to make things up to Maxie. He wants them to have some alone time. He says it will be a while until dinner is ready, so they start to get busy. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Claudette, who apparently has radar. She says she knows they’re in there because she can smell dinner. Huh? How does she know they don’t have a crockpot? She’s brought Charlotte. She asks if she’s interrupting dinner…or something. She’s so annoying, I can’t stand it.

Anna is at the gym using a punching bag. Griff asks if she wants to talk. She says she thought it was over, that she could figure out a way to handle Julian’s release. She says innocent people are dying because of him, and because she didn’t’ do enough to keep him off the streets.

Tracy tells Finn about Lucy saying she should buy the hospital. She says if she had that kind of money, she wouldn’t be dealing with a board. He starts to cough, and she asks how he’s doing. Hayden pops in and seconds that.

Franco tells Elizabeth he thinks he has a way for GH to reopen. Elizabeth asks Franco to meet her at Kelly’s later.

Anna says Morgan is collateral damage in a hit intended for Julian. Sonny was out for blood and is responsible for the death of his own son, and she’s responsible too. She didn’t make anyone aware of what she suspected, and Morgan’s death is on her hands. Griff says no, but she tells him he can’t possibly know what she’s feeling right now.

Claudette tells Nathan that she was at the park and thought of something. She’s sorry for slowing down the process of Nathan and Maxie getting to know Charlotte. She asks if they’d like to look after her.

Finn asks to talk to Hayden alone. Tracy takes her martini to the terrace. Hayden asks what happened to Finn’s research breakthrough, and he says it was a bust. He ran a trial on himself and it didn’t work. She asks if he’s doing it in his hotel room and tells him he’s going to end up killing himself.

Claudette doesn’t want to drag Charlotte around to her meetings and interviews, so she thought Nathan and “his little friend” could spend some time with her. They’re hesitant, but agree. Claudette leaves and the smoke alarm goes off. Nathan runs to the kitchen.

Anna says every corner she comes to, she faces a mistake she’s made. Griff says there’s plenty of blame to dole out, but he hates hearing her say that it’s her burden. She says she owns her responsibility. Robert calls and she asks if Griff wants to have dinner later, but he begs off. She says they’ll talk tomorrow. She leaves and Griff punches the bag.

Finn says running clinical trials on himself is his only shot. Hayden says he looks tired and weak. He says he’s fine. Tracy cut him slack at GH, but he’s not going to find anywhere else where he’ll get the same treatment. Evan, the guy who sent Hayden the champagne, enters the restaurant, and Hayden introduces them. Evan is obviously a poser, and she tells him to get a table. Finn tells Hayden that Evan seems like a real winner. She tells him be careful with himself and joins Evan.

Elizabeth sees Laura and asks how Spencer is. Laura says he’s adjusting well being away from her, but she wishes she could do the same. Elizabeth asks about Dante and Lulu. Laura says they’re doing as well as they can. She tells Elizabeth that she’s made a decision. She’s going to sell Wyndemere.

Franco visits Heather. She wants to know what he’s been creating since GH shut down. He says he’s been distracted. She wants to know if he’s still hung up on Elizabeth. He says he is, but she’s thinking of moving to Rochester. Heather asks why, when Port Charles is so exciting? Ha-ha! Although it’s more exciting than where I live. He tells Heather that Elizabeth needs work since the hospital shut down. Heather says they caught the killer and put the nutjob away. He tells her not the one who attacked Bobbie and Lucas, and she says it’s a major bummer. He tells her that the police have no idea, but she does. She says she only knows what she reads in the papers. He says he has no idea how she did it, but he knows it was her.

Heather tells Franco besides his good looks, she knows they’re related because of their imaginations. He reminds her that she told him she’d done something to protect him when he was a suspect. She says all right, he got her. She injected Bobbie and Lucas, but they lived. She says she knew he’d be at the Nurses Ball and would have an alibi. He says it’s unbelievable. She says what’s unbelievable was Lucas forgetting his keys and coming back in; who does that? Franco says Lucas saved his mother’s life, and Heather says that it messed up hers. Franco knows that she did it out of maternal concern, but he needs her to do one more thing to prove that she loves him.

Elizabeth says she’s supportive of Laura selling. Laura says there’s very little cash on hand and Elizabeth says she’s sorry Laura feels pressured. Laura says if she sold just one property, she could preserve the rest of the Cassadine estate, and that’s what Nicholas would want. She says there’s also no way she’s living in the same house with a woman she can’t stand.

Evan talks…and talks…and talks. Tracy says she’s glad Finn hashed out his personal life. He says it was nothing personal. Tracy says she knows sparks when she sees them – and there are sparks. Finn calls Evan a tool, but not just because Hayden is on a date with him. Evan talks some more. He tells Hayden he looks over grant proposals and peaks her interest. They’re medical research grants.

Anna talks on her cell phone at the bar. Andre comes in. She tells him that Robert is exasperating. Andre says he thought they were the best of exes, and Anna says they are, when they’re not yelling at each other. Robert wants her to go back to work at the WSB.

Claudette goes to the gym and says she thought she’d find Griff there. She says it’s like Hell’s Kitchen all over again and goes down Memory Lane. He asks what she wants. She says she wants him. She’s figured out a way for them to be together.

Nathan, Maxie and Charlotte have pizza. There’s a knock at the door. It’s a delivery for Maxie – the DNA test results.

Heather says she’d do anything to prove how much she loves Franco. He says confess, and she tells him anything but that. He talks about GH staying shut and gives all the reasons why it should reopen. Heather says the only reason he wants it open is to date Elizabeth, and she’s upset at him choosing Elizabeth over her. If she confesses, she’s ll lose her privileges and there will be no more sneaking around. He says she gives him no choice and leaves with her calling after him not to go.

Laura tells Elizabeth sorry for leaving her sister with no place to live. Elizabeth says there’s no sibling relationship, and if Hayden ends up on the street, she’ll figure it out like she always does. She’s never met anyone so selfish.

Hayden tells Evan that she has a friend who is in dire need of a grant, and asks if he could expedite one. He says absolutely. She doesn’t know how to thank him and he says sure she does. Ugh! Double tool.

Tracy asks where Hayden met her tool, but Finn doesn’t want to talk about it, and suggests they talk about the hospital. Tracy says they’re not going to reopen unless whoever attacked Bobbie and Lucas is caught, and every day they’re closed, they’re hemorrhaging money. She tells Finn she knows he needs a place for his research, but all is not lost.

Anna says she’s not really entertaining the job offer, but she wanted to hear Robert out. He wants her to train new agents. Andre says that’s up her alley, but she says it’s in Geneva. She’d have to leave Port Charles. He asks if she’s going to take it.

Griff tells Claudette not to reminisce; there was never anything between them except lies. She says everything is out in the open now, and they can start over. He says he’s a priest, but she says his Holy Orders should be just a memory at this point. She tells him about leaving Charlotte at Nathan’s and has no reason to think it won’t work out. He asks if she plans on leaving Charlotte there permanently.

Maxie talks about the wedding, and Nathan asks if she’s okay. She say yes. He tells Charlotte not to touch stuff on Maxie’s desk, and picks up the test result envelope. He asks if she did this without asking him. Well that’s a stupid question.

Laura says it’s good to see Elizabeth out and about. Elizabeth says she dropped off some treats for Franco and he asked her to go to dinner. She thanks Laura for not jumping all over it. Laura says she knows what it’s like to fall for someone with a dark side. Elizabeth says people think she’s crazy, and Laura says her too. Laura tells her that if she feels the good outweighs the bad, then more power to her. Elizabeth hopes that the people closest to her see what she sees one day, or at least accept that she’s happy. Laura asks if she’s falling in love with him. Franco stands around the corner, listening.

Hayden asks Evan if he’s for real. He says he could say the same about her. She calls him disgusting and he says no more than she is. The date was going nowhere until he said he gave away money. She ends up throwing her martini in his face. She tells him that the next time a woman shows interest in his work, not to assume she’ll exchange sex for a favor.

Finn has a coughing jag.

Anna says her first impulse was to say no., but the long answer is more complicated. She says every time she turns a corner in Port Charles, she thinks about how she compromised herself, and doesn’t think that she has a purpose there. Andre says what about door number three? The Anna he knows would come up with another option.

Claudette tells Griff that Nathan can take care of Charlotte better than she can. She says he already loves her, and Charlotte is safer without Claudette drawing attention to her. She’s made mistake after mistake. Nathan is good person and Maxie is annoying, but a good mother. Claudette says the only time she was good was when she was with Griff. Don’t do it, Griff.

Nathan asks how Maxie could do this. She says the longer it drags out, the longer Claudette will manipulate everyone. She’s using Charlotte as a tool – a different kind than Evan. Nathan says she ran the test without his consent and knowledge, and throws it into the trash. He says when he runs one, it will be the right way. Maxie says she’s not letting it go, and opens the envelope, saying that he’ll thank her one day.

Anna tells Robert she’ll rejoin the bureau, but she has something in mind other than the teaching position.

Tracy tells Finn that he’s scaring her, but he says he’s fine.

Hayden tells Evan she’ll go along with it. He asks why he should after what she did. She tells him to take her someplace private and she’ll explain.

Laura asks if Elizabeth is in love with Franco, but they’re interrupted by a phone call. Laura has to go. Franco pretends to suddenly be walking by, and tells Elizabeth he thinks he has what he needs to get the hospital reopened. He shows her his phone. It has a recording on it.

Nathan is not Charlotte’s father.

Claudette says Griff makes her a good person. He says he can’t save her soul and isn’t sure he can save anyone. She says to let her save his then.

Tomorrow, Claudette asks Griff to run away with her, Hayden goes to Evan’s room, Ava says something will remain a mystery.

Below Deck

The crew is relaxing poolside at the resort. In his interview, Ben says that he’s getting older and should probably start taking relationships more seriously. he thinks it’s time to meet someone he can see himself with.

In her interview, Kate says that absence has made the heart grow fonder with her and Ro. Lauren is bummed because everyone is coupling up and she gets a friend in Nico. Emily talks to Sierra about Kelley being hot, but not her type, so it’s awkward. Kelley thinks she believes he’s a musclehead and Kyle tells him she’s very posh because of where she’s from. Emily questions Ben on how he feels about Kate dating a woman because she wouldn’t want to see someone she dated with some dude. Ben says he takes it as a compliment. Ha-ha!

Lots of PDA with Kate and Ro back on the boat.In her interview, Kate talks about how in the first few months of a relationship, you can’t get enough. Truth!

Captain Lee wants to make Kelley more proactive. He says he can’t just sit in the crew mess waiting for the captain to tell him what to do. He’s not impressed with someone who just does what they’re supposed to do; he’s impressed with someone who goes beyond. He tells Kelley that a good idea would be to find out what the guests want and stay a step ahead of them.

Ben tells Emily that Kate and Ro are a noisy couple. It’s time for Ro to leave and she compliments the dishes Ben has lined up and hugs him. In his interview, he says meeting Ro was odd, but he’s happy if Kate’s happy. Really. Lots of good-by kisses. Kate isn’t going to see Ro until the season is over and she calls it a “midpoint check-in.”

The dreaded slide is here. Nobody likes them. They’re big and cumbersome and hard to set up. Every crew curses the slide. Even Captain Lee curses it. He wants them to unfold it on the dock since there’s more room. The captain gives them instructions, and Kelley feels micromanaged.

Sierra talks to Kyle about how he got into yachting. In his interview, he says he falls in love quickly. He tells her about how much he loves fishing and food. She thinks he’s entertaining even if she can’t understand a word he’s saying.

Kate thinks Emily and Ben could be cute together. Kyle is going to MoneyGram and asks Sierra if she wants to come. He needs to send money back home for his daughter. He doesn’t have a relationship with the mother who he’d gotten pregnant on their first date. He says he’ll make sure she’ll never have to work again though. Wow. He doesn’t want to tell Sierra how old his baby momma is, because people think she’s too young for him.

The primary guests are Steve and Rachel, and they’re bringing along several other people. Kate thinks it looks like their photo is from Dancing with the Stars.Steve is in finance and intends to propose to his girlfriend the first night because it’s Valentine’s Day. Ben suggests doing it on the second night in case she says no. Captain Lee says it’s not his call, although they should have a contingency plan. Kate suggests lifeboats. She asks how the captain proposed and he blows the question off.

It’s Valentine’s Day and Kelley hints around to Emily, but she’s not receptive . The captain is disgusted that the crew left their garbage from last night’s dinner on the table. Emily tells Kate that no one has ever given her flowers. Kate tells Ben maybe he should get her some, and gives him suggestions. In her interview, Kate says Emily is perfect for Ben, especially with her English upbringing. The captain calls the crew to clean up their mess in the mess.

The flowers are delivered. They’re beautiful, a blue rose bouquet with one red one, but Ben is getting cold feet. The guests arrive and Ben runs with the flowers to put them on Emily’s bunk. The captain is annoyed that Ben isn’t on deck to greet the guests. He flies in at the last second.

The ladies all get small bouquets along with their champagne. Kate does the usual tour. Emily sees the display on her bunk. She’s very impressed. In her interview, she says it touched her heart and she can’t stop smiling.

Steve talks to Kate about his proposal. Sierra hugs Ben and thanks him. Kate acts surprised. Emily says she’ll be smiling all day, and Ben says that’s what he wanted. In her interview, Emily says a small gesture like that can change the way you feel about someone. Kate gets the ring from Steve’s luggage so she give it to one of the other guests to hold. She tries it on in the galley. It’s okay. It’s big, that’s for sure. Emily tells Sierra about Ben giving her flowers and they get giggly.

The tuna dish Ben makes is to die for. The guests say it tastes good too. Like I doubted that. The deckhands set up all the toys because Kelley is being proactive and thinks the guests will want them – without asking them. Lauren asks the guests if they want to get in the water while the other deckhands do pull-ups on the deck. The guests have decided on snorkeling.

Ben discusses the dinner with Emily. He’s thinking about a red velvet cake. The captain hears the deckhands messing with the pool. They have to pull it in for the guests to go snorkeling. Apparently, Kelley’s proactiveness went to far. Nico says Kelley’s hat is on backwards so that means he’s serious. The captain wonders how they can turn something so simple into a difficulty. He comes down to the deck and Kelley feels micromanaged again. Captain Lee says they don’t look like seasoned professionals and says Kelley needs more lessons in line handling. Finally, the guests get on the small boat to head out.

Sierra tells Emily that Kyle has a daughter. She says she’s not saying it puts her off, but it’s a lot of pressure. The guests snorkel and it’s amazingly beautiful under the water. Kelley says worst. day. ever. and wonders why everything backfires on him. Nico is annoyed that Kelley gets to go on a snorkeling trip while they get stuck finishing the pool job.

Emily chats with Kelley. In her interview, she doesn’t want to hurt him and says it’s a little awkward. Ben has never cooked a proposal dinner and it’s nerve wracking. He says imagine if she said no because he overcooked her steak, and I laugh. Kate says love is everywhere. Emily talks to Sierra about Kyle. She just wants to hang out and get to know each other.

Kate tells Ben he’s been affected by the love bug and he tells her to cut it out. The entree is filet mignon with some kind of corn thing and looks phenomenal. By the time dessert happens, Steve looks like he’s going to pass out. Kate says she’s scared, since this could go really good or really bad. Steve gets up and talks about how it’s been the best day of his life and how fortunate he is. He says he wants to keep the good times going and asks Rachel to marry him. He seems like a really nice guy and obviously loves her. She says yes and everyone cries. Kate says this day in their lives is gong to be talked about for a long time.

Sierra is going fishing with Kyle. She thought maybe Kelly and Emily would like to come along. The other deckhands listen at the door. Kyle is annoyed that Sierra wants to invite everyone since he thought of it as a date. Nico is annoyed that he and Lauren will have to work while the others go fishing.

There are rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed in Steve and Rachel’s cabin. They profess their love for one another. Sierra thinks Kyle might be expecting too much. She tells him she’s sorry and she thought the more the merrier. Nico thinks they should do it on their own time and gripes to Lauren.

Kate asks Ben what his dwarf mood is, and he tells her it’s Bashful. He says he feels like a young schoolgirl. What? Kate thinks it’s romantic and he should use that line on Emily. No, don’t. In his interview, Ben says it’s been many years since he asked an English rose out, if ever. Kate keeps making suggestions and he says while he appreciates it, he wants to just digest the idea.

Ben digests enough and talks to Kate on the deck. She’s convinced that Emily will say yes to the date, but Ben is doubtful. She gives him a pep talk. In her interview, she says she’s never seen Ben this way around any girl. Ben goes to the galley and asks Emily if she’d like to go to dinner. She says that would be lovely. Kelley and Kate listen in. Ben tells Kate the good news. She thinks it’s cute that he’s nervous and proud.

Nest time, Kate tells Sierra to give peace Kyle a chance, Ben and Emily go to dinner, and Kelley gets angry with Sierra.

October 17, 2016 – GH is a Mob Cesspool & on the OC Mean Girls Rule


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Julian thought Sonny would meet him with guns drawn, but Sonny says he’s never afraid to meet an enemy face to face. He asks if Julian is there to kill him.

Franco talks to himself about Elizabeth getting better and not needing him so much, while he does sketches of feet. There’s a knock at the door. Surprise! It’s Elizabeth.

Tracy confronts Lucy, telling her that GH is on the chopping block and she’s the executioner.

Curtis meets with TJ. He says he’s sorry about Morgan, but he knows TJ was one of the last ones to see him alive. TJ says he was worried about Morgan, but not scared. Curtis asks what he saw exactly.

Carly looks at a little ceramic turtle and cries. The doorbell rings. She says it’s not a good time, but it’s Jason. She lets him in and hugs him.

Tracy wants to know what Alan or her father would say about Lucy selling off GH to the highest bidder. Lucy says it’s the Quartermaines’ fault in the first place, due to Tracy’s deranged ex-husband.

Elizabeth brings Franco some Rice Krispy treats. He says he has no excuse for not tidying up his place, but lacks motivation. She looks through his drawings and finds one of her.

TJ says Morgan drinking was a warning sign. Curtis tells him that he did everything he could and got punched for it, but TJ thinks he should have been more aggressive. Curtis says he had no way of knowing what could happen, and no one could ask more of him than what he did. TJ says it’s not enough that Morgan lost his life, but on top of it, everything he was going to do will never happen. He adds that Sonny might have planted the bomb.Curtis asks if there’s an official investigation.

Carly tells Jason that she couldn’t even take her suitcase upstairs. She doesn’t know how to do this or get Josslyn through it. He asks if Josslyn knows about Sonny, and Carly says Kristina told her. He asks why she’s there, and she says where is she supposed to be? He tells her at home. She and Sonny lost their son and need each other.

Julian tells Sonny that he came to offer his condolences and Sonny laughs. Julian says just because they’re enemies doesn’t mean they can’t behave like human beings. He says he knows Sonny still holds grudge about Morgan working for him. Sonny says the only thing he wants to hear about is why Julian is there. Julian says the bomb that killed Morgan was meant to kill him.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he distracted himself by drawing when he stayed with her at the hospital. She tells him how appreciative she is that he stayed by her bedside and thanks him for making her look good in the drawing. He encourages her to paint again. She says her masterpiece will have to wait since her bank account says go back to work.

Tracy says Paul tried to kill her and Monica too. Lucy says she’s sorry, and of course Tracy isn’t responsible. Tracy wants to reopen the hospital instead of selling it. Lucy suggests she buy it.

TJ thinks Curtis should talk to Jordan. Curtis asks if he saw anything out of the ordinary that night. TJ wonders why he’s asking, and he says he’s just curious. TJ isn’t fooled and knows he must be doing a private investigation, but Curtis says he can’t talk about that.

Carly calls Nell to keep an eye on Avery. Nell overhears Sonny and Julian. Sonny tells Julian to take his best shot about planting the bomb. Julian says the business has already spilled enough blood on both sides, and they need to end the cycle. Sonny asks why he should care what Julian wants. Julian says it works to their mutual advantage. He’s not going to retaliate and neither is Sonny.

Jason tells Carly there’s a simple solution – go home. She says every time she looks at Sonny she thinks about how she won’t see Morgan again. Jason says he called off the hit. She says it doesn’t matter; he ordered it in the first place. Jason says no matter how it happened, Sonny lost his child too, and they need each other. She says all she needs is him. He tells her that he wishes he was enough, but he’s not. He wishes he could make everything all right, but he can’t and Sonny can.

Franco asks if GH is officially open. Elizabeth says she misses being there as a nurse, but she hasn’t heard anything and she needs a paycheck yesterday. The other hospitals in the area are staffed up, so she needs to widen her search. She talks about going to Rochester.

Lucy says Tracy could help future generations the way the hospital has helped her family. She tells Tracy to put her money where her mouth is and save it herself.

Curtis asks how TJ would know who he’s working for. TJ says he’s following the logic. He figures it’s either Julian or Sonny, but Curtis isn’t going to say. TJ is happy that Curtis is out there digging, because he wants to know too.

Sonny says Julian has been gunning for him since he got to Port Charles. He goes through what Julian has done since his arrival, and says he has nerve saying what he did, since he caused it. Julian says if Sonny comes after him, he’s coming after Carly, and who is Sonny willing to sacrifice? Is he willing to lose more children or his wife?

Carly says part of her wants to make Sonny feel better and let sonny do the same for her, but it won’t change anything. Morgan will still be dead. Jason asks if she’s willing to lose the father of her kids. She says Sonny killed her son. Jason says something about Sonny keeping his kids safe, and she says he didn’t keep Morgan safe.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she has no idea if and when the hospital will open again, and she needs an income. He asks if he can take her to lunch.

Carly tells Jason that she thought this time would be different. She says she thought Sonny would control the violence, but she was naive. She wonders why Morgan got in the car. She says Sonny never lied about who he is; she’s lied to herself. She says she’s a mother and her first instinct should be to protect her children, but she married a man who brought violence with him. She even didn’t listen when Michael spent a year in a coma, and she’s never going to forgive herself.

TJ says there’s a reason people think Sonny is responsible, but for a father to kill his own son…he trails off. Curtis says if anything good can come of it, it’s to appreciate what we have. He’s glad TJ is back in his life. They agree on getting together to take in a game. TJ leaves.

Tracy says she has to get back to ELQ. She says business has no respect for grief, and they didn’t fight to get the company back for it to flounder. Lucy says GH has to open soon or die. Tracy says two of the attacks remain unsolved, so they can’t reopen just yet.

Julian says he’s not there for retaliation; he’s asking that they lay down their arms. He tells Sonny to honor Morgan by stopping the war. Sonny asks how can Julian can talk about honor after what he’s done and says it’s offensive to him. Julian in his house, breathing his air is offensive, and the fact that his beautiful boy is dead is a violation of everything right and just. He tells Julian that if he doesn’t get out, He might balance out the scales right now and end Julian’s miserable life, because he can. Julian leaves and Sonny throws the fruit basket at the wall. Nell asks if he’s okay.

Elizabeth asks Tracy about the unsolved murders. She says Paul has an alibi for Bobbie and Lucas. There are no other suspects, so it’s not safe enough for GH to reopen. Tracy excuses herself to commune with her martinis. Elizabeth tells Franco that maybe she should talk to Patrick and Robin and check out what Berkeley has to offer. Franco says he has another solution that might keep her local.

Sonny apologizes. He forgot Nell was there. He tells her to go home and says he’s not good company right now. She thinks she should stay for Avery and he thanks her. She tells him to get some rest. He tells her he will and says he’s glad she’s there.

Carly tells Jason to go home to his own family, but he doesn’t want her to be alone. She says she wants to be a better mother to Josslyn than she was to Morgan. Jason says she’s a great mom and Morgan knew it. She asks why he’s dead then. Jason tells her because something completely unexpected and terrible happened. She says Sonny put a bomb in a car that killed her son. Jason says he called it off. Carly says not in time and he tells her that he’s going to investigate what happened. She says it won’t bring him back, but Jason says maybe if he finds out why it happened, it will give them closure.

Julian checks on Curtis’s progress. Curtis is like, you just hired me five minutes ago. He says he’s working on it. Julian says he wants assurances. Curits tells him that he’s starting with TJ. Julian says as long as he has the truth, he can take sonny down. He says he just saw Sonny and he’s a wreck. Curtis says wouldn’t Julian be? Julian says Sonny’s guard is down, and now the perfect time to investigate. Curtis says unless he’s too far gone and just comes gunning for him. Julian isn’t interested in taking a chance in killing Sonny, but wants to focus on rebuilding his life with Alexis and the kids, and making sure Sonny goes to prison.

Sonny goes to his empty bedroom with a decanter of booze. He looks at a picture of him with Carly. Nell knocks at the door, bringing him tea. She says she’s all set to read Avery her bedtime story. Sonny says Morgan used to read her stories and act out the parts, and she loved it. Nell says she’ll do her best. She tells him the tea is chamomile and supposed to be calming. He asks her to shut the door on her way out. He looks at family photos next to the bed.

Carly says Jason’s heart is in the right place, but she doesn’t care about any of it. In the morning she’s going to wake up, and for a few seconds forget that Morgan is dead. Then it will hit her that her baby is gone and her husband is responsible, and there’s no closure. Jason says he tried to save Morgan. He got him to trust him enough to pull over. He felt relieved that Morgan was suddenly not manic, but calm. It should have been okay, but he got out of the car and Jason should have been able to save him. Carly tells him how happy he was that she named Morgan after him. Jason named Michael after Sonny, so she thought it was perfect to name Morgan after him. He says he’s sorry. She shows him the turtle and says all she has left is a memory. She kissed it and a single tear falls.

Lucy tells Tracy she should consider her idea. Tracy says she had no idea Lucy was a jungle animal, stalking prey. Lucy reminds her of how she stole Alan from Monica. She says it wouldn’t be GH, but GH Quartermaine. Tracy drains her martini and gets up.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he might know someone who knows something about what really happened. Heather?

Tomorrow, Anna argues with Griff, Laura wants to sell Windemere, and Franco accuses Heather of the murders.

The Real Housewives of the OC

I thought it was a bad dream, but we’re still in Dublin. Oddly enough, the best thing about this trip is Meghan looking up her ancestors.

Vicki rings Heather, telling her she’s still in bed. She and Shannon stayed out late drinking. In her interview, Vicki says they reconnected and are on the cusp of being friends again. Heather tells her they’re going to a farm today. Vicki says “wonderful,” but I laugh because it doesn’t sound like she really thinks so.

Kelly and Meghan get room service. Kelly has an emotional hangover. Meghan tells her about what the geneologist said and how she can go to a certain town and will probably be related to everyone. Meghan has arranged for the girls to go to the farm that makes the cream for Bailey’s, but she’s going to the town today and Kelly is going to join her. She’ll have company and keep Tamra from killing Kelly.

Everyone else meets in the lobby. Tamra says they can sleep on the bus. Shannon explains about Kelly and Meghan going to find the O’Tooles. Vicki is moving pretty slow and manages to get her arm caught on the back door of the bus while putting her bag in.

Meghan and Kelly take a taxi to Greystones where Meghan’s ancestors are from. In her interview, Meghan says she can give the gift of her heritage to her baby, so she’s more interested in it than ever. An Irish pug sighting! Meghan stops several people, looking for relatives, but finds no one except people who aren’t from there. She says it’s harder than she thought. Pretty much everything is harder than Meghan thought.

Meanwhile, the rest of the girls get to the farm. Joe, the owner, says he heard they’ve come to help, and it’s time to milk the cows. Tamra asks if they don’t have machines that do that, and they do, but he still wants them to help. Vicki nearly steps in a cow-pie. I’m guessing there are a lot of those at the farm. Joe claims it’s a landmine. In her interview, Tamra says Vicki’s life story is stepping in sh*t.

The ladies put on boots and those one-piece Hazmat suits. Joe leads them to where the action takes place. Vicki says she doesn’t drink milk because it comes out of an animal. Since when is she a vegetarian or vegan or whatever? Heather asks if the cows ever poop while they’re being milked, and Joe says that’s why they’re wearing the suits.

Aww! Here come the cows. They get into position. Fancy Pants volunteers to go first. After leeches, this should be a breeze. She plugs the cow in. Vicki is next, but she’s obviously freaked and refuses to do it. A cow takes a weewee and the girls run. How did any of them have babies?

In Greystones, Meghan finally finds someone from the town. The woman’s mother was an O’Toole, but she has no information. Meghan shows her a picture of her mother and they do look a lot alike. Meghan is excited to meet a cousin, even though she doesn’t know for sure. Mission accomplished. They head to the farm.

Heather suggests they just have a peaceful dinner. Tamra says if anyone can test the limits of her faith, it’s Kelly. Well, you failed the last test, so we’ll see how this one goes. Kelly feels pretty uncomfortable. Meghan has suggested she just apologize and be done with it. She tells everyone about meeting Francis O’Toole. Vicki thinks that beats getting peed on. Joe comes out to tell them there’s a barbecue going.

A lovely table is set in a pretty barn. Joe claims they have the chef that makes the best steak in the world. Heather calls Terry and Vicki flashes him, telling him that her nipple is too high and asking if he can fix that. Geez, they’re not even drunk. Kelly is still uncomfortable and feels excluded.

There’s an aerial shot of the farm and it’s absolutely beautiful. Tamra says she got close to the cows and now she feels like she’s eating someone’s brother. I can understand that. I used to order seafood in a restaurant that had fish tanks for walls and felt weird. Kelly tells Tamra she owes her an apology. She says Tamra is a wonderful mother and she never meant to intentionally hurt her. In her interview, Heather says there’s a pattern of behaving badly, apologizing, and then saying she’s not like that. Kelly says she’s trying to be a better person. Heather brings up that she said it again in the car. Nothing like stirring it a little. Kelly says she’s being sincere and doesn’t want any bad feelings harbored. In her interview, Vicki says she understands, but doesn’t know how much to stick her nose in it.

Joe invites the ladies to come for an Irish cream tasting. Kelly apologizes to Tamra again, but Tamra doesn’t want to talk about it. In her interview, Tamra says as a Christian she’s supposed to forgive, but this particular situation is too painful, sensitive and new. Um, I don’t think you’re supposed to pick and choose.

Meghan goes to Tamra’s room. Tamra tells her Heather wants to go bike riding, but she still wants to kill Kelly and needs to stay away from her. She says Kelly is pushing her Christianity. Meghan invites her to go with her to Powerscourt estate and they decide to meet downstairs.

The other girls meet in the lobby. Heather doesn’t want to let the pub crawl color anything, so instead of animosity, she’s just ignoring it. They get picnic baskets from the hotel. Heather says after three days of drinking, riding a bike is tough. Vicki is having a difficult time of it, hitting a curb almost immediately.

Meghan and Tamra take the estate tour. Meghan learns some more about her ancestor who executed people there. She says she can feel that it’s haunted. Okay.

The rest go to Powerscourt Gardens on their bikes. It’s gorgeous and a picnic blanket has been laid out for them. No surprise, Heather pops some champagne. Kelly says no thanks because she wants to give it a rest. Heather has a flask of Fireball and encourages Kelly to drink. Why? Heather feels like she hasn’t seen Meghan the entire trip. She calls and tells Meghan where they are, and suggests she and Tamra join them, but Meghan says they’ll meet later at the hotel. Tamra says she doesn’t really want to see Kelly and is hesitant about dinner.

Vicki is the first to arrive for dinner and Kelly follows. Another beautiful table is set outside. In her room, Tamra calls Sarah. Granddaughter Ava has started walking. Heather and Shannon show up with champagne. Heather gossips about Kelly wearing a low-cut blouse to play croquet.

Kelly talks to Vicki, saying it’s the worst trip of her life. In her interview, she says she feels like Vicki has abandoned her. The other ladies arrive. Everyone is wearing black except for Kelly, who is wearing white. Meghan isn’t feeling well, so she’s opted out of dinner. Kelly doesn’t want to drink because she’s tired. Shannon insists tequila is an “upper,” and orders one for her anyway. WTF? These girls complain about Kelly’s drinking and then foist it on her when she doesn’t want one. Tamra quietly tells the waiter to make it a double.

Shannon and Heather want to have a shindig for Tamra after her competition, with all the food she hasn’t been able to eat. Shannon orders more drinks even before they’ve finished the first one. In her interview, Vicki says Shannon seems like she’s on a mission to get Kelly drunk so she’ll act crazy. She says it smells like Tamra is involved and we flash back to the naked wasted episode with Gretchen. Seriously, what is wrong with these women? I wish Kelly would just not drink.

Kelly says she feels ambushed, but when Shannon asks what she said, she tells Shannon she’s just talking to herself. In her interview, Kelly says she knows they’re trying to get her drunk. Heather calls Meghan and they have a toast to the new baby.

Five hours later. Meghan says she suddenly finds out WWIII is happening. After dinner, Vicki went to Tamra’s room with Kelly and invited her out, but she didn’t want to go. Tamra, Heather and Shannon go for a drink in the pub. Vicki ends up joining them, so nasty Tamra sends Kelly a selfie of her and Vicki, saying Vicki is talking about her. This is so creepy and mean girl, I can’t believe it. Tamra confronts Kelly, saying Vicki told her Kelly was saying things about her. Kelly says she never said anything about Tamra.

On the way to the airport, Kelly tells Shannon she feels ambushed and brings up Shannon pushing the tequila on her and attacking her in the hallway. She attacks Shannon’s appearance. Heather tells Kelly she takes things to a new low. Shannon says Kelly will be lucky to look like her at 52. This whole thing is beyond appalling and makes me embarrassed that Tamra calls herself a Christian. She’s basically a public figure and has set no example by what she just did to Kelly – with Shannon’s help. I’m hating these two right now. Heather tells Tamra that Kelly is insane and she feels sorry for her kid. In her interview, Vicki says Heather has a history of making her friends think they’re crazy and we flash back to a similar incident with Shannon. Vicki doesn’t want to get involved because she doesn’t want to be next. OMG – this is seriously just like junior high. Heather tells Kelly that she can’t hurt her with anything she says because she’s trash. A new low for everyone!

Next time, fingers are wagging all over the place, Tamra screams at Vicki, Briana calls Vicki out on being selfish, Shannon is never speaking to Vicki again, and Tamra competes.

October 16, 2016 – Once’s Jekyll & Hyde Finish Their Story & NJ’s Joe #1 Starts His Sentence


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

Once Upon a Time

I gotta say, Hyde and the Evil Queen make a handsome couple.

Gold fiddles with some kind of magnifying mirror and comes out with a haircut. The Evil Queen is waiting and she’s impressed at how well he’s cleaned up. Hyde has come with her and says Gold can change the outside, but what’s inside is still there. Gold tells Hyde to get lost, but Hyde wants a cameo necklace that’s in Gold’s shop. Hyde isn’t offering anything in return, and Gold strangles him without touching him, but he and the Queen just laugh, the Evil Queen telling him that he can’t kill Hyde. Gold let’s go and Hyde sees the necklace. He says it has meaning to him. He’s going to take it and Gold is going to let him. He says the stories are going to play themselves out, whether Gold likes it or not, and it’s likely not. Gold tells the Evil Queen that she promised not to touch Belle. She says yes, she has a deal with him, but Hyde says he doesn’t.

David cooks a massive breakfast for Emma. He says once Hook moves in with her, they won’t see her as much, but she says she’ll still come for breakfast. Regina comes by with Jekyll. She says Hyde has escaped and when Jekyll woke up, he found a cameo that belonged to someone he cared deeply about.

Back in the day, Jekyll’s friend, Mary, adjusts his tie. She tells him her father is going to be impressed with his research. Jekyll tells her that he’s working on a serum that can separate a man’s personality in two, separating his good nature from the beast inside, so he can be in control. He wants Mary’s father to grant him membership to the science academy, but when her father drops by, he says Jekyll’s work is too dangerous. He and Mary leave and Jekyll smashes stuff.

Rumpelstiltskin pops in and says he’s there to help Jekyll. He has a vested interest in his work. He says that what Jekyll sees as strength might actually be weakness. Jekyll says something about particles that he can’t get to do whatever, and Rumpel tosses some magic around, fixing it. He asks Jekyll how far he’ll go to get what he wants. Jekyll swallows the serum.

Hook gives Belle a conch shell. He tells her it’s mermaid magic. If she needs help, she’s to call into it and he’ll hear her. Gold pops in and says he’s there to protect them both. Belle says they only need protection from him. He tells them that Hyde is on the warpath, but Belle doesn’t understand why he’s interested in them, and wants Gold to go away. Gold says he’ll go, but casts a protection spell on the boat. Belle can’t leave because of it and gets pretty annoyed.

Snow brings Henry to school. Jasmine is wandering the halls, lost. She introduces herself as Shireen, and Snow realizes that she’s her class assistant. Jasmine tells her that she’s from the group of Untold Story people. Snow talks about how she decided to become a teacher again.

Jekyll is at an impasse with the serum. Emma asks Regina if she’ll talk to Hyde. She and David are going to hunt down Hyde and the Evil Queen. Jekyll asks Grumpy to bring back a sandwich which makes Grumpy grumpier, since he’s not an errand boy.

In the past, Hyde looks at himself, not recognizing his reflection. Rumpel tells him he’s parts of a man and comes up with the name Hyde. Hyde goes to a ball at Mary’s house and introduces himself to her father, saying that he’s a friend of Jekyll’s. Mary says Jekyll has never mentioned him and Hyde says Jekyll has definitely mentioned her. Mary’s father speaks to Hyde alone, telling him if he’s there to plead Jekyll’s case, he’s not letting him into the academy. Hyde tells him that he and Jekyll heard all about his new lab assistant, and alludes that she’s more than an assistant.

Grumpy brings Jekyll’s sandwich back. He wants to go back to his real job of being the wall between chaos and calm. Regina comes in and knocks Grumpy out with some magic. Hyde is with her and says they were led to him by the cameo, which has a beckoning spell on it. He tells Jekyll that they’re going to see what the monster he made can really do.

Snow is teaching Newton’s third law of motion, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. She asks for volunteers to solve the equation on the board, but there are no takers. This seems real.

Regina goes to Gold’s shop He says he’s seen the Evil Queen, but wasn’t interested in what she had to offer. Regina tells him that Jekyll has a serum that can stop Hyde, but they need his help.

In the old days, Jekyll wakes up with a headache, and Rumpel shows him his invite into the academy. Rumpel tells him he has to snag Mary before another suitor does, and tells him to let Hyde do the talking. Jekyll asks what he wants, and Rumpel says he needs the serum. He wants to make sure it works though and tells him to let Mr Hyde out to play.

Regina and Gold go to Jekyll’s lab. Everything is destroyed. Jekyll tells Regina that Gold doesn’t care about their cause, and Gold says Hyde is Jekyll, except smarter and stronger. Jekyll produces a vial of the serum, which he’d hidden. Regina takes it. Gold reaches for it, but she tells him to work his magic from a distance. Suddenly, he grabs Jekyll’s heart. Gold tells Regina that he did make a deal with the Evil Queen because of Belle. He takes out the magic dagger and pours the serum on the blade. He says Regina can no more fight the darkness than he can, and disappears, poof! in a cloud of red smoke. Well, actually it’s sort of magenta.

Snow goes through her student’s papers and says the students don’t remember anything she taught them. Jasmine says she was gone a while. She tells Snow that once her kingdom needed a princess and perished for lack of one. She says that for the students to reach their potential, she needs to embrace who she is, Snow White.

Jekyll visits the Jolly Roger. He tells Hook and Belle that Gold took the serum and has a deal with the Evil Queen. Hook leaves to help. Belle tells Jekyll that she’s sorry about Gold. He says nothing can bring back Mary, the girl he loved until Hyde destroyed the love.

Way back when, Hyde sees Mary walking in the woods at night, which strikes me as really odd. Mary says he left her curious, and asks if he’s known Jekyll long. He says their entire lives, and he’s here on Jekyll’s behalf. Jekyll has feelings for her. She says she likes him, but can’t be with him that way – she needs someone with passion and who can give in to desire. She thinks he understands. She says she saw the way other people looked at him; they were afraid, but she saw a man unencumbered by fear and social obligation. She asks how he does that, and he says he doesn’t know, maybe he was just made that way. They kiss. A few times. A lot.

In the same woods in the present, Emma asks David if he’s okay with her and Hook. He says at first he was against it, but if she’s happy, he’s happy. Hyde approaches them and Emma zaps him, but he ducks. He flattens David and runs. Gold enters the picture and stabs him with the dagger. He asks if this is how Hyde imagined his story playing out. Hyde says yes, and pulls the dagger out. He also pulls out the vial of serum. Gold realizes that Hyde switched the vials. Hyde wants to show Gold the end of his story and watch him suffer. He holds up the dagger and tells Gold he wants to go to Belle. They both disappear, poof! in a two-person capacity cloud of magenta smoke.

Snow takes the kids outside. She nails their assignments to a tree. She tells them that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. She shoots an arrow into the papers to demonstrate. She asks if they’d like to try.

Hyde and Gold go to the Jolly Roger. Gold says Hyde won’t have the vial forever, but Hyde says he’s not harming Belle, and he isn’t the monster Gold needs to worry about.

In old Storybrooke, Jekyll wakes up next to Mary. She asks how he got there and where’s Hyde? He says he sent Hyde to talk to her and she brought him here? She says it’s none of his business and where is he? Jekyll says he is Hyde. She’s like forget it, you’re crazy. He tries to convince her and they struggle, and she falls out the window to her death. He quickly drinks the serum. Way to go. Now Hyde will be in trouble, not him. The people below see Hyde in the window. Mary’s father and another guy enter the room and Hyde runs.

Belle tells Jekyll that she’s sorry about what Hyde did to Mary. He says if she’d been strong enough to resist Hyde, she’d have been his. Belle pretends to get sugar for the tea and picks up the shell. Jekyll grabs her hand, she drops it, and it breaks. She stabs him with a piece of it and he chases her up to the deck. She calls to Gold to lift the spell, but he can’t. Hyde says here comes the real villain.

Jekyll comes up and says it’s he chance he needed to make the Dark One pay. Gold says Belle has nothing to do with this, and Hyde says neither did Mary. Hook appears and struggles with Jekyll, who meets his end by getting impailed on a fishhook. Hyde says the story isn’t over yet, and starts to command Gold to do something, but keels over. He and Jekyll die in tandem. Gold says there was one final twist.

Regina says now they know the serum works Gold says Hyde destroyed it The only way to destroy one’s doppleganger is to kill the original Regina says the way to take out the Evil Queen….and Gold finsihes is to kill her.

Emma sees Regina on the dock and asks if she’s okay. She says to get rid of the Evil Queen, she has to die. They thought Hyde was the evil one, but the capacity for evil was the same in Jekyll. She says Emma trusted her to keep her family safe in Camelot, and she needs to trust her if it comes to this.

Gold approaches Belle. He says he wanted to make a fresh start, but she doesn’t want to hear it. She says he destroyed two lives instead of one, and what could be worth all this destruction?

In olden times, Hyde packs his bags, and Rumpel says things just started to get interesting. He says the news is everywhere. Hyde says he didn’t kill Mary; it was Jekyll. Rumpel asks how he could be so weak, and says it’s all a failure; his experiment has been a waste. Rumpel tells Hyde that he should kill him now, but instead he’ll have to share a life with the weakness inside him. Hyde asks why he did this. and Rumpel says his reasons are just that, his.

Belle asks Gold why he did this. He says it was all about her. He sought Jekyll out when Belle became the maid in his castle. He thought his feelings for her would make him weak.. but the experiment was a failure. He took the necklace and sent Jekyll to the Land of Untold Stories. Belle asks what would have happened if Hook hadn’t come along? She tells Gold that it costs to much to be with him. She says he cut his hair for him, not her, because he’s tired of looking at the man in the mirror. I know that song is now playing in your head too. Belle says she’ll always see him for who he really is. Ouch.

Gold says she doesn’t think she needs him, but she will. The child she’s carrying is his, and if she wants what’s best for him, she’ll come back. He says necessity will convince her.

Snow has something for Jasmine. She gives her an apple, telling her it’s a teacher tradition. It’s a Snow White tradition too, so I’d be careful. She asks if the princess from Jasmine’s kingdom ever fixed things. Jasmine says she came from the Land of Untold Stories, but she doen’s think so. Snow says ir still could happen.

Jasmine walks thorugh the woods and meets the Oracle. Jasmine says they have no idea who she really is and asks the Oracle if there’s evidence he’s there. She says she didn’t come all this way not to find Aladdin. The Oracle promises they’ll find him.

Next time, answers for Emma lie within Aladdin’s story.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

I still say Dolores should keep her nose to herself regarding whether Chris goes to Joe #1‘s going away party. Who would take advice from her anyway? Unless it’s about how to leech off of your ex-husband.

Teresa and Joe #1 take the girls to a cupcake making class. Joe demonstrates how to ice them, since it’s similar to stucco work. Teresa is trying to make memories for him to think back on after he’s gone. Milania gives Joe a cupcake for his next birthday, since they won’t be together. That’s really touching and sweet. In her interview, Teresa says she’s doing everything in her power to make sure he girls aren’t scarred for life. The other girls give Joe cupcakes, and Milania sings happy birthday, smushing a cupcake in his face. He smushes her back and they take selfies. Joe talks to Gia about looking out for the others when he’s in the clink, and not dating anyone. Ever. He says he’ll be home before they can blink. They have a group hug.

Jacqueline goes baby shopping with Ashlee. Ashlee is consulting a mid-wife, and Jacqueline thinks she’s nuts for wanting a natural birth. Jacqueline says her phone is blowing up. Ashlee says she got a text from Melissa. Jacqueline wishes she hadn’t reacted to Teresa the way she did. Ashlee says Teresa has a lot going on, and Jacqueline says they made choices that had consequences. She tells Ashlee that  it’s not easy to be a mom. We flash back to turbulent times with Ashlee. Jacqueline gets weepy in her interview.

Siggy gathers the family together, including her parents. Siggy says she feels like she and the kids are drifting. After the trip to Vermont, she wants to communicate better. In her interview, she talks about moving to Israel in high school and how she ended up coming back to America and living with friends of the family. She doesn’t want her kids to run from her and be separated like she was from her parents.

Her mother says she knows Siggy is busy with her job and kids, but when they come to visit, she doesn’t even give them ten minutes. Siggy apologizes. Josh thinks it’s interesting that Siggy yells at him for the same things her own mother is upset about.

Melissa and Joe #2 get ready to go to Joe #1‘s party. Joe points out that while Teresa is having a bad week, Jacqueline is having a good one with a new baby coming. He wonders what’s going on in Joe #1‘ head. He says it’s almost like a funeral, and wonders what to say. Melissa says you can’t make this sh*t up, which is why we watch reality TV. In the car, Joe tells the kids not to go crazy, and to stay inside the restaurant.

Jacqueline and Chris go bowling with Richie and Kathy. Rosie and her girlfriend, Laura, join them. Even the worst of them is better than I am. Chris talks about Joe #1‘s party and how Dolores discouraged him from going. He says if anyone said something stupid about Jacqueline, there would be a problem, so he just sent a text. Hmm…I guess I can see his point. Why set yourself up for a fight?

Joe #2 asks Melissa if Jacqueline is coming to her fashion show, but she doesn’t know. She talks about not being invited to the popcorn event. Melissa says if Jacqueline wants to be an a-hole, it’s not important; getting through the next few days is important.

Chris asks Rosie if she said good-by to Joe #1. She says no, and he brings up how Joe gave her the cold shoulder at Teresa’s book signing. Rosie says she’s more focused on her new relationship. Chris says watching her bowl, he can tell she’s no good with balls. BA-DUM-CHH!

In her interview, Teresa says she was afraid the party wouldn’t be happy, but once she got there, it was actually fun being with friends and family. There’s a mechanical bull. Joe and Teresa get on together and fall off pretty quickly. Siggy says they’ll get through it. In her interview, she says you’d have to be an empty shell of a person not to be affected by a father leaving his four daughters, whether you think he deserves it or not. Joe says everyone is trying to make him cry. After years of watching these people, I feel like the Giudices are like those annoying cousins you have to invite to Thanksgiving. You love them, but would rather love them from a distance. I think they got made examples of because they’re so-called celebrities, and did something a lot of people skate for. As ridiculous as I find them, it does make me sad that the family is being separated. They really seem to care about one another and the girls are pretty good kids.

Dolores meets Siggy for lunch. She wants to have everyone over to see her new kitchen. Siggy tells her about having the family over. She calls it an intervention. She says she realized that she didn’t see her family for eight years. She talks about how her mother said she’s not spending enough time with her, and how Josh called her on it. She’s thinking of taking a family trip to the Holocaust Museum. In her interview, she says the kids know the names of every popular song and sports stats, but not their history. Siggy says all the unnecessary fighting among the women is sad.

Melissa talks with Derek about social media. She tells him to post more outfits on Instagram. She wants eight to ten posts a day, and their Instagram has to jive with their site. She says a customer should be able to buy everything that’s posted on Instagram immediately. She tells him that every day they lose money, and she wants to make back what they’ve pumped into it. Derek says they’ll get it done. Yeah, after he talks to Radar Online.

Siggy takes the kids to the Holocaust Museum. Her sister, Iris, meets them, along with her parents and Iris’s daughter. Siggy’s father, Malachi, talks about their family fleeing to France and how the French surrendered, so they were stuck there. In her interview, Siggy hopes her kids have a better appreciation for their good lives. Malachi talks about going to Switzerland, but when the war was over, they got kicked out and went back to Belgium. He says he was lucky he didn’t end up on a train or in a camp. Josh says he feels like a nurtured Jappy kid. Malachi says it’s important for him to be able to remember them being close together, because one day they won’t be here. They have a group hug and sing Hava Nageela.

Teresa and Joe #1 sit outside. She wonders if their German Shepherd knows he’s leaving, since he’s been nuzzling Joe, and Joe thinks he does. She doesn’t know how it’s going to hit her. She says in 16 years she was never away from him and he says she just was. Ha-ha! She means being there without him. She says she’ll know how he felt, but thinks it’s going to be harder. They grew up together and we flash back to some old good times from home movies. She tells him how much she’s going to miss him. He just wants to get it over with. He says they made mistakes and they’re paying their debt, and as long as you mind your business and be humble you’ll be fine in jail. He tells Teresa you can either become a criminal or a better person, and he’s opting for the latter. She says she’ll give him rosary beads and suggests he celebrate with the other religions on their holidays. She puts a strawberry in her mouth and passes it to Joe in a kiss. He says they’ll get through this, which seems to be tonight’s running theme.

The paparazzi is everywhere. Joe #1 and Teresa come out, and she hugs him. This is making me sad. The girls are crying and Joe #2 doesn’t know what to say or do. He says it’s like you’re lost. Joe #1 says he’s not scared of too many things, but you can’t predict what’s going to happen, even in the next few minutes. Boy, does he have that one right. He says no one is mentally prepared for this, but it’s really happening. He’s going in

Siggy calls Teresa to let her know she’s there if Teresa needs anything. Teresa says it sucks right now, and probably will until she talks to him, but she’s going to take a nap before the girls get home. She’s emotionally exhausted. She thanks Siggy for reaching out.

Joe #2 is setting up a trampoline. Melissa asks the kids if they had fun riding the bull. She tells them how cute they were giving kisses to Uncle Joe. Melissa says she got a text from Teresa saying “love you,” and Joe asks if she feels better about the relationship. In her interview, Melissa says she couldn’t be happier that she’s the one Teresa is reaching out to. Joe talks about how even though you can fight with family members, you have to be there when they need you.

Dolores and Siggy visit Jacqueline. She’s doing the weirdest thing. She has these baby dolls and she’s smearing their diapers with chocolate. Are these party favors or something to practice with? Dolores asks about Joe #1 and how Jacqueline feels, since she’s been on an emotional roller coaster. Jacqueline says when she saw the pictures of them hugging, she lost it. Siggy says that even though there’s no relationship right now, Teresa and Jacqueline have a long history, and there will always be a bond. Jacqueline says she would be there for Teresa regardless. Siggy says it’s heartbreaking to watch the kids have to go through it a second time. She wonders if Teresa is coming to Dolores’s housewarming party, and Dolores says definitely. I still have no idea what’s up with the diapers.

Teresa talks to Joe #2 and Melissa on the phone. She talks about her father crying and how upsetting it was. Joe asks if she wants to get Chinese food and hang out tomorrow. She says it would be nice and that the girls will be sleeping with her tonight.

Sure enough, they all get in the bed, which is pretty big. Teresa asks if the girls want to say a prayer for daddy. Each of the girls takes a turn except for Gabriela. To be honest, I mix these kids up except for Gia, so I think that’s who opted out. Teresa adds a prayer and Milania tells her not to cry because she’ll cry. Audriana (I think) turns out the lights

Next time, Siggy’s housewarming happens, Melissa has a fashion show, and Dolores tells Jacqueline f-u. Wow.

October 15, 2016 – GH is All About Morgan, Z Nation is All About 10K, Ryan is All About His Wedding & Quotes are What You Make of Them


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Michael listens to Morgan’s phone message from Kiki. He wanders around looking at family photos. Jason comes in. Michael tells Jason that both of his parents want to be alone, but Jason says he came to see Michael.

Jordan and Nathan go over the car bomb case. Jordan is hoping to find some kind of signature that leads them to who planted the bomb. Nathan suggests it might trace back to Sonny, and Jordan says he’d be living out his worst nightmare. Dante walks in.

Lulu visits Maxie who immediately launches into her plans for a New Year’s Eve wedding. Lulu starts to cry. She tells Maxie that Morgan is dead.

Nina has gotten flowers and a fruit basket to send to Sonny’s house, and tells Dillon it’s crazy to think fruit and flowers will help ease the pain of losing someone. Dillon says it’s just a gesture, a tribute to their loss. He tells her that Kiki was going to break up with Morgan to be with him, but now she’s pushing him away.

Franco comes home and finds Kiki sitting on the steps, holding her head and crying.

Nathan asks Dante if he’s sure he wants to be at work. Dante says he wants to find out who killed his brother. Jordan asks what if it leads back to his father, and he says he’ll recuse himself if that happens. TJ comes into the station.

Lulu tells Maxie that it was a car bomb. Maxie is stunned. She tells Lulu she’s sorry and hugs her.

Kiki says she went to Morgan’s house and she was going to dump him. Franco says she’s been unhappy with him for a long time. She says she was breaking up with him so she could be with Dillon. She blames herself, saying she’s not a decent person and doesn’t care about anyone else. Jason says he’s just checking in, and Michael wishes he’d done that with Morgan. He says it was his job to take care of Morgan and he wasn’t there when it mattered the most. Morgan was spiraling out of control and he wasn’t there to help him. He says he accused Sonny of it being his fault, when it’s really himself he should accuse.

TJ and Jordan take a walk. He says Molly is a mess because Morgan was more like a brother than a cousin. Jordan apologizes for taking him away, but she wanted to talk to him about who’s responsible for putting the bomb in Julian’s car. He asks about Sonny and she admits he’s the most likely suspect.

Dante tells Nathan that Morgan being dead doesn’t feel real. He says Morgan was working hard to put his life back on track, and he wasn’t there for him. He says he was too concerned about Sonny. He begged Sonny not to do anything after Julian’s acquittal, but he didn’t get through. He feels like a failure as a cop and a brother.

Maxie asks how Dante is doing and Lulu says he’s devastated. She says it doesn’t help that it looks like Sonny is the one who put the bomb in Julian’s car, and explains how it happened. She says no one warns you about how terrifying it is to be a parent, Maxie says Nathan is about to find out. Lulu asks if she’s prepared for the possibility. Maxie is hoping Charlotte isn’t his.

Dillon tells Nina that Kiki thinks she let Morgan down and that’s why he spiraled out of control. He says she doesn’t even want to be around him. Nina says deep down, she knows she needs him, and he has to make her see that.

Franco says breaking up with someone isn’t selfish. She says it’s the one thing Carly begged her not to do. She tells Franco that Morgan saw her with Dillon. She says he got it wrong that they were having sex, but they were kissing. She told Dillon that she’d been thinking about him since the Nurses Ball and she was going to break up with Morgan. She says she’s the reason Morgan was drinking. Franco explains that Morgan wasn’t thinking rationally because he was ill, and she can’t let this stop her from having a happy life. She tells Franco she needs to be alone. She gets up, and I can’t help but notice the great joggers she’s wearing.

Jason tells Michael that he didn’t neglect Morgan. Michael says he could have been a big brother, but he was wrapped up in his own life and didn’t see any signs of trouble. Jason reminds him that Sabrrrina just died. Yeah, Michael has been legitimately busy. Jason says he was there when Morgan was killed; he got him to stop, but no one could have done anything about the explosion. He says Morgan was the victim of terrible circumstances and Michael needs to stop blaming himself.

TJ says Jordan has no idea how much Sonny loved Morgan. She says she does. A parent’s job is to love and protect, and she almost lost TJ in the warehouse shootout thanks to Sonny. He says he forgives her for the past and hopes that she can do the same and forgive him.

Jason tells Michael that the way he’s thinking is a trap, and there’s a lot of blame to go around. He says Michael loved Morgan and was good to him. Michael says except for when he wasn’t, and talks about how angry he’d gotten with him. He says Morgan did stupid stuff, like kidnapping Avery (yeah, you know, stupid little things like that), and didn’t think things through. He relied on Michael for that. Jason says he was a grown man and we all make our own decisions. He says remember when Morgan came home from the hospital as a baby – Michael was the first one to hold him. Michael was the first one to give him love and acceptance, and when he screwed up, the first to forgive him. Jason tells him to stop blaming himself for something that wasn’t in his control, and to give himself credit for being the person Morgan loved and looked up to.

Dillon knocks on Kiki’s door. He says no pressure, she doesn’t have to let him in, but even if she wants to use him as a punching bag, whatever she needs, he’s there for her. He says he’s not going to leave. She doesn’t have to answer the door, he’ll sit out in the hallway so she can know she isn’t alone. He asks her to just let him know she hears him. She stops the music on her phone and goes to the door.

Maxie says if Charlotte turns out to be Nathan’s daughter, she’ll accept it and be supportive. Lulu says Charlotte would be lucky to have her as a stepmom. She asks where Charlotte is, and Maxie says Claudette put her somewhere safe because of a guy who’s after them. She says it’s someone Lulu knows too – Valentin Cassadine.

Nathan can’t imagine how Sonny must feel. Dante said if something happened to Rocco that was his fault, he couldn’t live. Nathan says he’s starting to know what it’s like, and he hasn’t even met his daughter. Claudette has come in with a child that looks exactly like her and says he has now. Because everyone is allowed to wander anywhere they like at the police station.

Claudette tells Charlotte to say hello to her dad. Nathan tells her it’s nice to meet her, but she’s not too responsive. He tells Claudette to give her time since he’s a stranger. He tells Charlotte that he’s excited to meet her. Claudette says she just had to make sure it was s-a-f-e. Charlotte goes to Nathan and hugs him. That didn’t take long. Claudette says she imagined this moment and that it looks happy and right. Dante tells him to take the rest of the day off. He asks Charlotte if they can spend some time together, and Claudette suggests feeding the ducks. He wants Charlotte to meet Maxie first.

Lulu says she can’t imagine what Charlotte went through with Valentin in the picture. Maxie says at least Claudette had the good sense to get her away from him. Lulu has to leave and tells Maxie she’s strong and can handle this. I just have to interject that when we met Valentin, he certainly didn’t act like this ruthless villain they’re talking about.

TJ tells Jordan about how he offered to drive Morgan anywhere he wanted, but Morgan saw the keys in Julian’s car. He thought he was getting through, when Morgan sucker punched him. He thinks he should have done something more, but Jordan says he did what he could and called the police.

Franco shows up at Nina’s office. She tells him about how she sent Dillon over to see Kiki. Franco is glad because he couldn’t get through to her. Nina tells him he’d be an amazing father.

Kiki tells Dillon that she knows he wants to help but seeing him doesn’t make her feel better. The last time she saw Morgan, they got in a fight about him. Dillon is perplexed and she tells him about how Morgan said she was making time for Dillon, but not him. She’s so weepy, I can barely understand what she’s saying. Michael listens outside the door. He comes in and asks her if she was breaking up with Morgan.

Michael says Morgan’s phone was recovered and he listened to her messages. He says there was a tone of her felling sorry for herself like she always does, and standing by someone with bipolar disease isn’t very fun. Morgan was desperate scared and needed her, but she was too busy screwing Dillon. He starts getting belligerent and loud and aggressive, and Dillon grabs him.

Franco says just because he gave Kiki a shoulder to cry on in her hour of need doesn’t mean he’d make a good father. Nina says your child is any child who loves you back. Or something like that.

Nathan comes home. Maxie is on the phone with Spinelli and says her good-byes. Nathan brings in Charlotte and introduces her. It might have been nice to give Maxie a heads up. Not too insensitive. I’m surprised at Nathan.

Lulu goes to the station and says she has to talk to Dante. She tells him about why Charlotte was kept away from Nathan. He says Claudette brought Charlotte to the station.

Dillon says Michael is grieving and he’s sorry, but that doesn’t give him the right to abuse Kiki. They almost come to blows and Kiki says she deserves it. Dillon says that’s not reality. She says she convinced herself that she was righteous and good in breaking up with Morgan before starting a relationship with Dillon. Well, yeah. She tells Dillon to go and not come back. She can’t look at him. What an idiot Michael is. I’ve never liked him. Dillon leaves. Michael and Kiki look at each other. She says she’s sorry. He says he’s sorry too. Moron. My ambivalence has turned to hate.

Jordan says Sonny planted the bomb and it’s tragic, but now TJ should understand what his life costs. She asks if he’s done with Sonny. He says he was the last person to see Morgan alive. Jordan says she’s there for him.

Dante says there was no excuse for Claudette keeping Nathan’s daughter from him. Lulu says the man Claudette was hiding her daughter from was Valentin.

Maxie asks if Charlotte would like cookies. She says yes, and Claudette says she had a bagel in the car. She thinks it was a mistake to come since Charlotte has to get comfortable with Nathan first. He says he doesn’t notice she’s distressed, and Claudette says shes quiet around new people. Claudette is looking stupid and contrary because Charlotte hardly seems shy around Maxie.

Maxie takes Nathan aside and tells him that she was fully prepared to welcome Charlotte into their lives, but now that she’s seen her, there’s no way she’s his daughter.

Nina says she’s investigating other avenues for a baby. Franco says the child will be lucky. She says she’d rather have gotten pregnant, but it wasn’t in the stars. Franco tells her that being a birth parent isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and sometimes that makes it worse,

Michael apologizes to Kiki. He says they can keep lashing out, but it’s not going to change things. “They?” Is this one of those “we were all drunk” statements? Seems to me he was the only one lashing. He says all they know for sure is that they’re going to be hurting for a long time. Get that man a psyche degree.

Next time, Claudette plays with Nathan, Scotty tells Julian he’s responsible, and Carly tells Sonny he’s responsible.

General Hospital – Friday

Maxie says she knows in her heart that Charlotte isn’t Nathan’s. Claudette hears her talking and says how dare she, but Maxie says how dare Claudette try to pass off Charlotte as Nathan’s daughter. She says there’s absolutely nothing of Nathan in her. Since the kid looks like a Claudette clone, I tend to agree, but that doesn’t mean she’s not his.

Sam meets Alexis at The Floating Rib. Sam says on the outside, Jason acts like everything is okay, but on the inside Morgan’s death has to be tearing him apart. They talk about the bomb being meant for Julian.

Julian drops off financials at Crimson. He tells Nina that Sonny ended up killing his own son and now he has to live with it.

Kristina tells Sonny she can’t believe Morgan is gone. She thought he would always be there. Josslyn comes downstairs. She says she keeps thinking she’ll wake up and it will just be a dream. She says she loved Morgan and Kristina says he loved her too. Kristina asks about Michael. He’s upstairs with Carly.

Carly tells Michael she doesn’t ever want him to think she takes him for granted. She’s going to get Josslyn and go back to her own place. Michael asks for how long, and says he’ll be supportive. He asks if she’s sure she wants to walk out, and she says she doesn’t have a choice.

Nathan tells Maxie to stop it. She says when Claudette stops trying to pass off her daughter as Nathan’s, she’ll stop calling her on it. Claudette says she doesn’t need Charlotte around Maxie and hustles her out the door. Maxie asks Nathan when he’s going to stop letting Claudette play him.

Scotty shows up at Crimson to get Julian. They leave and Curtis arrives. Nina asks if there’s any baby news. He says yes.

Scotty tells Julian that Carly can’t evict him, but that’s not his problem. Morgan is dead instead of him and Sonny is going to want revenge.

Michael tells Carly to make sure she’s doing the right thing. She says if she’d done the right thing, Morgan might still be alive. She begged Sonny to stop the retaliation of violence, but she couldn’t stop him and now Morgan is dead. Michael says Sonny told him he had nothing to do with it, but she says because of Sonny’s actions, Morgan is dead. She says she understands Sonny is Michael’s dad and he worked at getting the relationship back on track, but she can’t stay in the house another minute. He says they’ll get through it together.

Josslyn tells Kristina that Carly told her to stay in her room until she came to get her. Carly comes downstairs with her bag.

Nathan asks Maxie how she could do that in front of a child? Maxie tells him that if Claudette doesn’t want to be exposed as a liar and a fraud in front of her kid, she shouldn’t lie and perpetuate fraud in front of her kid. He tells her the paternity test isn’t at the top of his priority list. Maxie says he wants to believe Charlotte is his daughter regardless if it’s a lie.

Claudette tells Charlotte she’s going to get to know her dad and she can’t do anything to stop it.

Sam tells Alexis that Morgan saw the keys in the car, but no one knows if he knew that it was Julian’s car. She thinks it was just a horrible and strange coincidence. Alexis says the bomb wasn’t a coincidence, Sonny is behind it.

Julian tells Scotty he’s not worried about Sonny. Scotty says he should be, because Sonny wants him dead more than ever now. Scotty tells him there might be a way out of this for him.

Michael wants to take the girls to the park to play with Avery. Kristina wants to know what’s going on, but he hurries them out. Sonny asks Carly if she was leaving without saying anything. She says she was going to get Josslyn settled, then come say good-by. He says their boy just died. She says Sonny made a decision and now Morgan is dead. She says the pain and despair is going to be there forever, but there’s going to be one less consequence – her and Sonny.

Nathan says he’s been thinking it over for a long time. There’s a chance he could be Charlotte’s father. He’d never forgive himself if he lost her for good, and he needs Maxie to understand that. Maxie says if she’s really his daughter, she would have a stepdaughter that’s part him, and that would be a gift. She apologizes. He has no idea if this will smooth things over with Claudette, but Maxie says she has a solution.

Charlotte skips around the park. Claudette says it was worth it to do what she did to keep Charlotte safe. Nathan calls and Claudete says it’s not a good time. Nathan says listen and she won’t regret it.

Curtis says he can’t get Nina a baby. He says he feels terrible, but at the end of the day, they’re talking about a black market baby and it’s dangerous for both sides She asks for his research, but he doesn’t want to give it to her.

Scotty says it would be a lot harder for Sonny to kill Julian if Sonny is behind bars. He suggests proving that Sonny tried to have him killed.

Josslyn takes Avery – who is so big, she should be walking by now – to push her on the swings. Kristina asks Michael what his mom is doing to her dad.

Carly says that she told Sonny not to let his need for revenge have a hold on him. She tells him that she should have given him an ultimatum, but she stayed, and now Morgan is dead. Sonny says she and Griff convinced him and he called off the hit. Carly says it was too late. when he had his big epiphany, their son was already driving to his death, and now he’s asking her why she’s leaving. The doorbell rings.

Nell says she hopes she’s not interrupting. She tells Carly that people want to know what they can do. Carly says she hasn’t even made funeral arrangements. She says she doesn’t even know what to do, since their beautiful, passionate, erratic son was blown to bits. Sonny tries to comfort her, but she tells him not to touch her.

Claudette and Charlotte come back to Nathan’s. Maxie tells Charlotte that seeing her was more of a surprise than she expected and she snapped. Claudette asks if that’s what they’re calling crazy baseless accusations now, but Maxie ignores her, saying she was wrong and she’s sorry. Maxie says she’s happy to have Nathan’s daughter there. Charlotte – who I have to mention doesn’t seem to care what’s going on – goes off to play. Claudette tells Maxie that was nice, but she doesn’t believe it.

Sam says Morgan was just a kid and had his whole life ahead of him. She can’t say the same for Julian, who’s left a trail of broken lives and misery. She still doesn’t wish him dead though. Alexis says she doesn’t either.

Nina says she paid for the research, so she can do what she wants with it. Curtis says Nina will get caught and he’ll be the accessory. He wants to stay out of trouble, but he’s also her friend. He tells her to believe that he’s doing what’s best. Nina storms out and Julian asks Curtis whats up. Curtis says he had to turn down a job. Julian says he might have one for him. Don’t do it, Curtis.

Carly has nothing else to say. She walks out. Nell looks at their family photo and follows, leaving Sonny alone. He starts to cry. This dude is killing me.

Michael says Kristina doesn’t understand. Kristina says Julian is the one who went after both of her parents. She says their father was trying to do what the courts couldn’t, and everyone needs to stop blaming Sonny for Morgan’s death. Josslyn appears and asks why that would be happening.

Nathan shoves Claudette out into the hallway. He tells her he needs time with the daughter she kept from him. He says her, him and Maxie need to work together to keep Charlotte safe. Claudette says she realizes she did the right thing telling him and when he takes charge, it makes her believe everything will be okay. She tries to take his hand and there’s an awkward moment, but he goes back inside and she smirks.

Nell shows up at the park asking to take Avery back home to see her dad. She leaves with Avery, and Josslyn asks why Sonny is to blame. Kristina explains about the retaliation with Julian. Josslyn doesn’t want to believe Sonny planted the bomb, and wants to talk to Michael. Kristina leaves to check in with Molly. Josslyn asks Michael to tell her what he knows. He says Morgan stole Julian’s car but no one knows what really happened. She says he does and begs her to tell him. He says Julian has a lot of enemies and he doesn’t know for sure. He says Sonny didn’t sas it was him, but it could have been. She cries and asks how he could do that.

Julian wants proof on who put the bomb in his car. Curtis says the police are on it, but Julian scoffs. Curtis says he can personally vouch for the integrity of the commissioner. Julian says he wants to launch his own investigation. Curtis says he wants to get back on the force. Julian says if he finds out who planted the bomb, he’ll get back on the force. Julian gives him some payment figures like it’s a real estate transaction, and Curtis says he can’t promise anything, but he’ll be in touch.

Nell brings Avery back to Sonny’s.

Michael says the odds of Morgan stealing the car were a million to one. Josslyn says, but he did, and she hates Sonny now. Carly arrives and Josslyn runs to her. Kudos to the show for Carly looking like she’s been ugly crying like a real person. (And kudos to Laura Wright for letting them.)

Nathan has to get back to the station. Claudette says they have to go to. Maxie says maybe next time they can stay longer, and Claudette sarcastically says, here’s hoping. Out in the hallway Claudette says Nathan was right and Charlotte hugs Nathan.

Maxie makes a call and asks how long paternity test results take. She says she has a sample and looks at a juice box in a plastic bag.

Alexis says despite everything, she doesn’t want Julian dead. She cant hep thinking though, if Julian had died instead of Morgan, it would solve her problems.

Curtis asks Nina if she’s okay and they’re still good. She says she respects his position. She has to figure out what happens to her next. Curtis makes a call to TJ, leaving a message for hims to call back. It’s about Morgan.

Nina does some normal work. She sees the fruit basket has disappeared.

Josslyn tells Carly that Kristina told her what Sonny did. Carly says it’s awful, but they’ll get through it together. Josslyn says Morgan won’t. Good point. She says her dad never talks about hating Sonny, but when she mentions Sonny, he gets a look on his face. She says she just thought Sonny was kind of cold until Morgan died. Now she believes her dad was right about Sonny all along.

Sonny has to go out and Nell says she’ll watch Avery. Looking at Avery, Sonny looks almost happy for a moment. The phone rings. Sonny says to let him in. It’s Julian with a fruit basket. What a cheap b*st*rd.

On Monday, Sonny tells Julian to take his best shot, TJ and Curtis talk about the investigation, and Tracy blames Lucy for GH being on the chopping block.

Z Nation

10K is in the rapids. He periodically comes up for a breath. We see him doing a dead man’s float (ha-ha) and he hears a voice telling him to wake up. He emerges from calmer waters. And amazingly still has his backpack. He must be a New Yorker. Lily Tomlin once said being a New Yorker is always knowing where your purse is.

His backpack has the vials of booster shots he needs. He’s bleeding and crawls to the water, putting moss on the injury. He sees someone on the bridge. It’s Murphy’s Number One dude. He grabs his stuff and runs.

Murphy is trying to put Merch back together. one of his minions hands him her forearm. Another says she should have had more faith and didn’t deserve him. Murphy says everyone deserves him. He says they move forward. Merch chose her fate, but they can make different choices. He tells them to finish the moat, plant food, and live without fear.

One stays behind. He wants to thank Murphy. He says he was going to end it all and was without hope, but then Murphy came along. He leaves to help out with the moat.

10K continues through the woods. He hears growling sounds like a werewolf. He’s still bleeding and sees Number One.

Murphy says Merch wasn’t actually afraid of the zombies, so what was it. He wonders if something went wrong with the vaccine, like unexpected side-effects. He asks why she left him alone to do everything himself; he’s a savior, not a doctor. He wishes he knew what was going on in her head. He sees her exposed brain and almost takes a bite, but stops himself. He licks his lips.

Number One sees the blood by the water. He runs in the other direction, and 10K emerges from the water. 10K sees and upside down picnic table floating along and takes a ride on it. He flashes back to being chased by the zombies with 5K. He falls into a dream and calls out to 5K. He dreams of coming back the village and Red running into the zombie horde. Back on land, it starts to rain. He finds a grub to eat.

Murphy says, “To Z or not to Z; alas, poor doctor, I thought I knew you.” He says they were so close to his vision, not just for him, but for everyone. He says people found safety for the first time in years, maybe ever. He wonders why she would stop him from helping them. He says the truth is out there, and he’ll find the answer. He wonders if it’s in there, and looks at Merch’s brain.

10K hears a motorcycle. Then he’s on the motorcycle, and the driver is tied up. 10K takes off. He finds an abandoned building. A gun came with the bike, and he shoots some zombies. Is he counting again? He runs into a rope and gets knocked off the bike. Some people run to where he’s lying.

10K wakes up in Red’s arms. She kisses him. He’s dreaming. He’s chained to a car and some zombies come toward him. He fends one off and then tries to break the chain with his bare hands. He whacks a zombie in the face with a hubcap. He gets on top of the car. A zombie grabs the chain and pulls him off, but he kills it with a windshield wiper. He smashes another’s head with the hubcap and then uses it like a Frisbee and cuts another’s head off. He grabs a rat-tail comb from the car, and kills another. No rest for the wicked, here come some more.

Just as one gets close, it’s dispatched from behind. Number One tells the rest to get out. He patches 10K’s wound and sees a puncture. He says 10K stole the injectors and used them. He wants to know where Murphy’s medicine is. 10K says he was ambushed, and they took his bike and the medicine. Number One says they’re getting the medicine back and going back to Murphy.

Murphy examines Merch’s dismembered hand and does a palm reading. He wonders why she chose death over a long life. He sees a vial on the floor and realizes it’s the original vaccine and she took it before she entered the moat. He doesn’t think it makes sense that she’d want to die. He wonders if she was testing it on herself, and concludes it was an accident. Or was it? He sees needle marks on the wrist and knows she took it on purpose. It was the vaccine that was supposed to make her more human. Murphy realizes she must have given it to 10K as well. He wonders if it’s worse being him than being dead, and if she would rather not exist than be part of his world. He asks if there’s something wrong with him. He tells Merch to answer him.

10K sees a rock in the water. He whacks Nimber One in the head with it and runs. It doesn’t take long for Number One to get up again and follow. They run through the woods. 10K sees Red ahead of him. All of a sudden Number One can’t find him, and follows the blood trail. 10K falls. Man, I can’t take this. 10K sees Number One coming, and Number One asks how this running away is working for him. Okay, Dr. Phil. Murphy offered him peace and freedom, but he ran. Number One asks if 10K wants fear and pain, and pushes his thumb into 10K’s wound.

The two people who stopped 10K are in the woods. We hear the growling again and the man is attacked by something. I’m not so sure it’s zombies though. The girl gets away.

Number One tells 10K that Murphy has a plan to get the electricity and water running again. He says Murphy’s cure fixes everything, and how can he not want to be part of that? 10K says he knows Murphy too well. Number One says his daughter is still alive because of Murphy. 10K says he only feels this way because Murphy bit him, but he traded freedom for safety. Number One says he is free, and 10K says it’s not freedom, it’s brainwashing. Number One asks what 10K thinks was in the medicine, and 10K says his free will. Number One says it made him sick in the head, and that’s why Murphy sent him to get the vials back.

A creepy Sasquatch-looking zombie comes up and Number One lets it pass, but 10K bashes it with a rock,  even though his hands are bound. He falls and starts to crawl, and the zombie crawls after him. Number One says the world without Murphy is just more of this. He asks if 10K wants mercy and 10K says he doesn’t want to be afraid anymore. We think Number One is going to shoot 10K, but he shoots the zombie and tells 10K welcome back to sanity.

Murphy opens a safe and takes out some vials. He sees himself in a broken mirror. He wants to finish the plan and bring it to completion, even if he has to do it himself. He says, what else is new? and I know the feeling. He passes Merch’s exposed brain again and hesitates, but goes to his food tray. He goes through her notes, but doesn’t understand them. He looks at the two-tyned fork in his hand.

Number One and 10K find the bike, but there’s no backpack. They see a guy’s body, and 10K says there were two people who attacked him. Number One can’t tell if it was a zombie or animal attack. 10K sees Red again and Number One tells him to move it, it’s time to go home. A crow flies overhead. There are growls again and 10K takes off running.

The girl who was with the guy on the bike hides behind a tree. A creature is after her. Number One runs after 10K. 10K comes to the edge of a cliff.

Number One sees fur on a branch. He sees 10K’s jacket at the edge of the cliff. Red whispers to 10K to wake up. She tells him to be quiet. He sees a dead deer next to him. Number One thinks 10K is dead and leaves. Red tells 10K to run and leads him through the forest. The creature follows. 10K hears growling and rustling in the bushes. Red tells him to go back. He says no way. She pushes him and says they can’t leave. She says he has to save 5K, because “they” have him. 10K sees her sword on the ground.

10K continues on with the sword. He sees a pack of wolves surrounding something. He starts hacking at them. Lots of fur and blood flies. It also looks like there are zombies or people on the outskirts. When the wolves are dispatched, he sees 5K. He asks if the kid is okay, but he’s a little zombie, and 10K kills him. The wolves have turned into dead soldiers. 10K finds his backpack.

10K sees a sign for Spokane. He sees Red and turns to follow, but falls. He injects himself with one of the vials and has a seizure. He wakes with his head in Red’s lap. 5K joins them. All is happy. 5K tells them his dead zombie count. 10K thanks Red for saving him, and she says she’s not real. He says he doesn’t care and kisses her.

A shadow falls over a sleeping 10K.

Murphy suddenly understands all of Merch’s notes. Because he’s eating her brain. Number One comes back…alone. He tells Murphy that 10K is dead and he’s sorry. He thinks it was a pack of wolves, or zombies; whatever it was, it was fast. Murphy asks if he saw 10K die. He says no, and Murphy says then he’s not dead. He’ll be joining Roberta, and they’ll all come after them. He says prepare for an attack, siege, or both. The battle for humanity is about to begin, and he intends to win.

Next time, looks like an all Doc episode. Doc ends up in the Serenity Falls Institution for the Criminally Insane. And he’s in a straight jacket.

💍 Hope you caught Million Dollar Listing NY’s Ryan’s Wedding. If not, I’m sure Bravo will be rerunning it. It was fun to see Kevin Lee flutter around, directing things, and ending up with an assistant he hadn’t expected. Luis, now retired from real estate, added some Latin charm as well. The location in Greece was absolutely gorgeous, and Ryan almost bought one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen – complete with its own mini castle and infinity pool. While the wedding ceremony was awesome, the reception venue looked like something out of a fairy tale. Everyone went through a lot of angst to create the perfect day, and I was glad to see these two get a happy ending.

Quotes of the Week

We need a new brand of scotch. This taste’s like a poor man’s kilt.Alan Alda as Myles Clarkson in The Mephisto Waltz

Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.Francois Rabelais

The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.Julia Child

October 12, 2016 – Morgan’s Death Rocks GH & Little LA’s Terra Rocks Baby Number Two


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Tracy is on the phone, wondering why she wasn’t informed about the sale of GH. She says she wasn’t aware of being banned either. Dillon comes in and she can’t decide whether the board is duplicitous or deranged. He suggests she worry about his brother instead.

Dillon stops by The Floating Rib to say hi to Kiki. He feels like they’re getting a fresh start and she agrees. Kiki gets a message on her phone about a concert she and Morgan were supposed to go to. She says she has to end things with him before starting something new, but doesn’t understand why he’s not calling her back.

Michael comes to the station and asks Dante what’s going on. Dante tells him that their brother Morgan is gone. He tells Michael that Morgan is dead. Michael asks how it happened and Dante explains about the explosion.

Carly dreams of a better time. Bobbie wakes her up. Carly asks what she’s doing there, and Bobbie says that Sonny called and she came right over. Carly is fuzzy as to what happened.

Sonny looks at family photos. Jason comes in and tells him he’s trying to trace the broker. He says brokers who do double-blind jobs will vanish, especially if there’s a problem. Sonny asks if Jason thinks it’s his fault that Morgan is dead. Sonny tells him that he canceled the job and the broker said he understood. Something is going on, and he’s going to find out who’s responsible. Jason says he’ll get answers. Sonny heads to the station.

Lulu and Laura get together for lunch. Lulu asks about Spencer’s new school. Laura hates that he’s so far away, but she’s happy with the security. She gets a call from Doc, but ignores it. Lulu says Doc told her everything about what happened with the book he was writing. Laura says he already apologized and they’re good friends. Lulu asks if there’s a chance for anything more. Laura says whenever she decides to trust someone, they prove her wrong.

Monica asks what the shouting was about. Tracy says she’s been barred from the board meeting, because they want to sell GH to an investor who wants to turn it into luxury condos. Tracy tells her she’s going to the meeting anyway and Monica says she’s going with her.

Ned visits Dillon at Crimson. Dillon says Paul is in jail, everyone is safe, and he’s moving on. Ned says he’d like to credit his pep talk for changing Dillon’s attitude, but thinks the credit belongs to someone else.

Ava tells Kiki she needs to talk to her. And it’s not good.

Bobbie tells Carly she came to help, and Carly wonders why. She thinks it has something to do with Morgan being expelled, and says they came down too hard on him. She says when Morgan gets home, shes going to tell him it’s never to late to fix something and she loves him. Bobbie tells her Morgan is gone.

Dante tells Michael how Morgan was drinking, had his keys taken away, and took Julian’s car. Michael says no one wanted Julian dead more than Sonny. Sonny and Jason walk in.

Dillon tells Ned that Kiki is the reason he’s smiling. Ned says he guesses Dillon won’t be putting anymore fishhooks in doors. Dillon is puzzled and Ned says maybe Olivia is right, and tells him what happened. Dillon is more curious about Ned and Olivia being in the boathouse together than the fishhook.

Carly says Bobbie is talking about a dream she had, but it’s not true. Bobbie tells her it happened. She says they gave Carly a pill to calm her down, and Carly says that’s why she had the nightmare; they drugged her. Bobbie says they’ll make tea and talk. Carly won’t have it, and still insists Morgan is alive. She wonders why Sonny’s coat is covered with mud, and Bobbie tells her Sonny tried to look for him. Suddenly, Carly remembers Sonny coming home the night before and how scared she was. She says her little boy can’t be dead.

Ava tells Kiki there was an accident involving Morgan. Kiki asks if he’s at the hospital, but Ava says she’s sorry, Morgan is gone. Kiki thinks it’s a sick plan to break them up, but Ava says it’s true. Kiki tries calling Morgan, but of course there’s no answer.

Michael asks Sonny how a bomb got in Julian’s car. Jason suggests they go somewhere more private. An officer gives Morgan’s phone to Dante, saying someone just tried to call. Michael interrogates Sonny, oddly enough in the interrogation room. He asks if Sonny went after Julian and asks if Sonny is the reason Morgan is dead.

Dante goes to Sonny’s place. Carly asks him to tell her what happened – Sonny isn’t there and last night is a blur. Dante asks Bobbie to give them privacy. Carly asks him if Morgan hit something or if he was speeding. Dante says he was getting out of the car and it exploded. She wonders who would do this to Morgan, and Dante tells her it was Julian’s car.

Kiki asks why Morgan would be driving Julian’s car. Ava says she doesn’t know, but he was drinking. Ava says he was set off by seeing Kiki and Dillon getting it on. Kiki says that didn’t happen; they’ve never been together. Ava says mental illness can be hard to understand.

Michael asks Sonny if he tried to kill Julian, but Sonny is silent. Sonny says he doesn’t know how it happened and Michael says he set it in motion by giving the order. He says Sonny had just given him a big speech on how vengeance isn’t worth it, and was vengeance on Julian worth Morgan’s life? Jason leads Michael out of the room.

Dante explains to Carly that Morgan had been drinking and the bartender took his keys. Carly asks if Morgan was having a manic episode. Dante isn’t sure, but says that when TJ tried to give him a ride home, Morgan punched him and took a car that had keys in it. He says he doesn’t think Morgan knew it was Julian’s car. He tells Carly that Jason went after him and saw everything. Carly wants to know why the car exploded, and Dante tells her the bomb wasn’t meant for Morgan – it was meant for Julian.

Jason takes Michael home. He tells Tracy and Monica about Morgan. He says a car bomb killed him.

Carly asks if Sonny had anything to do with it. Dante tries to avoid the question. Carly hyperventilates and starts to cry. She says she warned him. Dante says he knows she’s grieving, but he’s still a cop, so don’t say anything that will implicate Sonny. He says he probably already crossed a line just telling her that. He gives her Morgan’s phone. (Wouldn’t this be evidence? So much for crossing the line.). He says he’s sorry and leaves. Geez.

Olivia joins Laura and Lulu. Lulu gets a call from Dante, who wants her to come to the station. Laura tells her to go have quality time with her husband, and she bounces off. Laura asks Olivia if she remembers being so in love, and Olivia says she still feels young at heart. She asks Laura about Doc. Laura says things got complicated, and Olivia wonders how Doc screwed up. Laura says he broke her trust, although maybe it would be different if her experience hadn’t been so bad. Olivia tells her not to give up on someone who makes her happy, and Laura asks if she’s speaking from experience.

Ned tells Dillon he has to solve the mystery of who put the fishhook in the boathouse door because they saw him and Olivia getting busy. He leaves and Kiki comes in. She falls into Dillon’s arms crying.

Ned tells Olivia that Dillon didn’t put the hook in the door, but he’s not convinced Julian did either. He seemed honestly surprised when they confronted him. Ned says either way, Julian knows they’re a couple, and they don’t have to keep it a secret anymore.

Carly looks at Morgan’s phone. She rifles through some drawers and cupboards to find a charger, and plugs it in.

Dillon tells Kiki he can’t believe Morgan is gone. She says she was trying to find him. Dillon tells her that he’s sorry, and whatever she needs, he’s there for her. She says they can’t do this. She’s the reason Morgan snapped, because he saw them together. Dillon says they didn’t do anything wrong and Morgan had mental health issues. She says they’re the reason he’s dead and runs out.

Monica tells Michael she sorry, and Tracy says this is what happens what the city turns a blind eye to the violence happening around them. She says the bomb was meant for Julian and Sonny is behind it. Jason tries to interject, but Tracy says he lost his right to an opinion when he turned his back on the family. Monica says that’s enough.

Lulu comes to the station where Dante is banging things around. He tells her Morgan is dead, and he might have to arrest his father for it.

Carly listens to her own message on Morgan’s phone, telling him school is only a set back and he can rise above it, learning from his mistakes and moving on. Sonny comes in while she’s listening. Great. We have sad Sonny again. She tells him it’s Morgan’s phone and he never got the voicemail she left, because he was in a car and a bomb blew him up.

Laura calls Doc. She tells him she’d like to go to dinner.

Olivia tells Ned that maybe Julian was just an excuse. Maybe she wanted to keep the relationship quiet because once they tell people, it becomes real, and if it becomes real, she can screw it up. Ned says that’s a two-way street, and he’s been known to screw things up too. He says all he knows is that he missed them together. She tells him Doctor Strange is coming out soon. Ned says he doesn’t want to see it without her. She kisses him.

Kiki looks at her phone in the elevator and listens to a song by Morgan’s favorite band. Dillon looks at pictures and there’s a song part.

Ava tells Bobbie she’s sorry for her loss. Bobbie asks if Ava ever loved Morgan, and that he was just a kid who didn’t know any better. Ava says she loved him very much. There was a time when he was the only one who saw good in her and now everyone who did is gone.

Lulu tells Dante maybe it was a mistake and Sonny didn’t do it. Dante says it wouldn’t be the first time a kid of Sonny’s was caught in a crossfire. He says Morgan was the first Corrinthos he met when he came to town, and talks about how friendly he was. Lulu hugs him

Monica says it was a senseless tragedy, and Michael needs his family, including Jason. Michael says it’s okay, Tracy was just being a Quartermaine. Michael tells Jason that he wanted to believe Morgan was doing better. Jason says it isn’t on him. Michael says he contributed, since he didn’t pay attention, but whoever planted the bomb killed Morgan. Jason says Julian had a lot of enemies, and Sonny might not have anything to do with it. Michael asks if he really believes that. Probably about as much as I do.

Carly shows Sonny a picture of Morgan as a child. She says that Sonny just couldn’t help himself. He had to be the one to finish Julian, and now their beautiful little boy is dead, and Sonny killed him. She throws the picture at him. Sonny starts to cry and so do I. Dammit. I didn’t even like Morgan, but that’s how good this scene was.

Tomorrow, Kiki talks to Franco, TJ forgives Jordan, and Morgan’s death continues to resonate throughout Port Charles.

Little Women: LA

Baby number two is here! Terra says thank God he’s healthy and thank God for the drugs. It was a lot more difficult this time around. They still have to do genetic testing to find out if he has dwarfism, but Terra is happy that the baby is in her arms and not in an incubator. Joe is having doubts about the name though.

Briana is applying for a permit to carry a concealed weapon and wants to check out some guns. She’s shot a gun before, but wants more training and experience. Elena goes along to the range with her. She tells Elena that she’s had threats of violence to her family. She thinks it came from Christy spreading stories and passing her personal information around. She says you never know how crazy people are any more, and wants as much protection as possible. Elena says there are too many things that can go wrong having a gun in the house with small children.

Briana has some pretty decent aim, but Elena’s is even better. She says maybe she missed her calling as a secret spy. (Isn’t “secret spy” redundant?) Briana wants to get everyone together for a sip and see party. She doesn’t want to invite Christy though, and we flash back to Christy’s idiocy on the yacht. Briana has no idea why Elena still wants her as a friend. She tells Elena if that’s what she wants, she’ll go along with it, but not happily.

Tonya visits Terra in the hospital. Tonya thinks the baby is smiling, but Terra says he’s probably pooping. Terra has two godmothers and godfathers for Penny, and wants the same for Not-Named-Yet. She asks Tonya to be one of the godmothers. They wanted to name the baby D’Artagnan, but Terra says the family hates it and now Joe is iffy. She cries, saying she doesn’t want to make a mistake. I think it’s a fabulous name. They could always call him Art for short. No pun intended.

Tonya goes shopping for her dog, Angel, who is like another child to her. Angelique and Kerwin go with her and Angelique tries different outfits on Angel. The woman at the store claims to be an animal psychic. Kerwin asks if the dog knows if anyone has a new boyfriend, but the woman says Angel is pleading the fifth for her sister. They think Angelique is dating her old boyfriend, Reggie. Tonya tells Angelique to be honest.

Terra is feeling more like her old self. Joe’s family is in town and everyone gets together at the hospital. Penny is introduced to her new brother. Terra hopes Penny has a bond with No Name like she does with her brother. Terra suggests Augustus for the baby, but Joe says Willy Wonka ruined that name for everyone. Terra is still stuck on D’Artagnan, but Joe says the baby isn’t a Musketeer. He swears before they leave the hospital, they’ll have a name.

Briana and Jasmine do some flower arranging. Briana tells Jasmine about the threats o her family and how she wants to buy a gun. Jasmine says she should look into an alarm system. Briana says they’re doing that too, but she wants something more. Jasmine doesn’t know if the risk is worth it. She asks who’s being invited to the sip and see. Briana says Elena doesn’t mind inviting Christy, but she doesn’t want Christy around her kids, since it’s the last thing Christy hasn’t picked on her about. We flash back to Christy asking Jasmine for help in fixing her relationships with the girls. In her interview, Jasmine doesn’t think Briana will give Christy another shot unless the other girls are on board. Jasmine tells Briana that she believes people deserve another chance and wants to believe Christy until she shows her otherwise. Briana says that she’ll choose not to believe her until proven otherwise.

Commercial break. Little Women: Dallas will be joining the franchise on November 2. Let’s hope they don’t have a little Leeanne Locken in the group.

Nameless baby is going home. For now Terra is calling him Baby Boy. Joe is still negative on D’Artagnan. He thinks they had a momentary lapse when they came up with the name, but Terra loves it. Terra hopes they can agree on one of her unique back-up names. She suggests Pearce, which I also like, but Joe is like, no. She asks about Grayson and Joe agrees. Grayson Vincent. She wants to still get D’Artagnan in there, and Joe says she can use it as a nickname. Sometimes.

Tonya and Elena are setting up early for the sip and see. Briana has insisted on not inviting Christy. Preston will be bringing the twins by later. Elena talks to Tonya about Briana getting a gun, and Tonya is with her about it being a bad idea with kids in the house. She says a dysfunctional family doesn’t need a gun.

Jasmine arrives with Briana and family right behind her. Briana has a good feeling since Christy won’t be there. In her interview, Jasmine says having a baby with dwarfism can be scary because of all the health problems that can arise, but she’s feeling positive seeing how healthy the other kids are. Briana thanks everyone for coming. The girls are all wearing cute hats and they sit down to tea with the ladies having their own table.

Tonya suggests a taser or pepper spray to Briana. In her interview, Tonya says something doesn’t sit right with her, and she thinks it’s too much for them to get a gun. Briana says Matt has received death threats and she doesn’t feel safe.

Jasmine asks when they started getting threats. Briana says when she was in the hospital the first time, Christy was texting her like crazy and then passed around insane stories, like saying Briana had been kidnapped. Then she started getting threats. Tonya says they don’t want anything to happen to her. In her interview, Tonya says she didn’t know how bad it was.

Elena says it’s a shame Terra couldn’t be there. She adds that she’s a little upset that she couldn’t invite Christy, who is still her friend. Briana says it’s not her mess to clean up. Jasmine feels that Christy deserves a second chance, and says Christy wants to apologize to everyone. Elena thinks Christy is doing stupid things because she’s trying to make it work, like bringing Plastic to the photo shoot. She’s worried about Briana and goes about it he wrong way. Jasmine says sometimes you have to forgive someone for your sake, not theirs, and doesn’t want Briana stuck in a bitter place. Tonya says she’s open to it. Briana says it will take more than a hug and promise. She says Christy needs to really understand what she did, and then they can take baby steps. Elena says she’ll meet with Christy and make sure she understands she needs to change or lose her friends.

Christy and Elena have lunch. She has to make sure Christy understands where everyone is coming from. She tells Christy about the sip and see, and says she didn’t invite Christy because she didn’t want a repeat performance of what happened at her birthday party. She says it’s past the point of apology, they want her to retract some of the things she’s said, like about Terra giving her a concussion. Christy says she’s not bowing down to them, but she’ll show her medical records. Elena says she needs to see things from the others’ perspectives. She asks why Christy brought Plastic to the photo shoot, and Christy says Tonya wanted her to prove what she had said about Matt. Elena says, but not at the photo shoot. In her interview, Elena talks about how Christy needs to take responsibility for her actions .Christy says she’s a peacemaker, and Elena says she’s a troublemaker and has to fix what she started. She tells Christy that she had no business contacting Briana’s family. Christy says she’ll apologize. Elena says she sees what others do wrong, but not herself. Christy whines about how much she has to deal with. Elena says she’s tired of the fighting and she wants it fixed. She thinks there’s too many empty words that are meaningless. In her interview, Christy says the name calling hurts and if it happened to Elena, she’d have a meltdown. Christy says she has enough dealing with the world without this group belittling her

Elena says Christy takes things to another level. She says Terra isn’t the one who went to the police. Christy says she’ll apologize to Terra and Briana perfectly. Elena says it’s not going to fix anything unless it’s sincere and for real. She thinks Christy is being a little sarcastic. In her interview, Christy is confused that Elena says she’s her friend, but is attacking her. She’s trying to help you, you moron. Christy says her apology will make everyone cry and Elena tells her not to make another mistake.

Penny is still with Grandma Olevia, but Terra says the chaos of two children will begin soon. She’s stressed because the contractors aren’t done on the new house until next week and she’ll be starting rehearsal for Dancing with the Stars around the same time. Joe is worried about her taking on too much, and Terra is still worried about her breast health issue. She says she and Joe are a great team and they can beat this if they stick together. They did the genetics test on Baby Boy Grayson, but it will take a couple of weeks to get the results. She still wants D’Artagnan in his name somewhere. She says everyone can call him Grayson, but Joe took this away from her. She says he fought her about Penny’s name and he might be hearing her, but he’s not listening. She says he picked the name, but won’t back it up because he cares what everyone else thinks. She feels like he cares more about everyone else’s feelings than hers.

Next time, the twins get genetically tested, Dawn from Little Women: NY makes an appearance, Christy releases her medical records, and the women go to a casino.