October 31, 2016 – GH on the Fly & an OC Good-by


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

The condensed (for me) version, because Halloween. The spellcheck also isn’t working on my site today, so forgive any typos.

Valentin says he’s a free man. Must be a technicality. He has a document that grants him unconditional release from the Greek authorities. Of course everyone thinks he’s lying. He pled self-defense.

Valentin likes Ava’s new hairdo. I like that he noticed she changed it. He’s definitely smooth. He wants to become acquainted with his sister Alexis and the rest of the family, but they’re not receptive. Dante calls Jordan and yep, Valentin is free on a legal technicality. Called it.

Love, love, love Kiki’s steampunk outfit. I have one of tose little hats. I’ll bet she got it at Spirit Halloween.

Is Morgan really here?

Nina meets Charlotte, who has run away from Griff. Griff has been looking for her and explains to Nina that she’s his daughter. Nina brings out a bunch of costumes for Charlotte to pick from. She’d been hoping to look after Nathan’s daughter, but realizes that’s out the window. Griff says Claudette is missing, but they don’t know the story.

The Floating Rib is rocking. Franco the mime wonders why Elizabeth is there with Jason when she said she was spending time with the boys. Elizabeth tells him that Jason is there to pick up Jake. Franco tells Jason to let Monica know she’s welcome for him saving GH. Jason and Jake leave, and Elizabeth asks if Franco has to assume the worst when she’s with Jason. Apparently so. Dillon shows up as Elvis.

Sonny tells Morgan he’s sorry, and Morgan forgives him. They hug, and Morgan isn’t Morgan any more, but a guy who tells Sonny to get off of him.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she and Json will always be connected – it’s part of the package. She asks if Franco would like her jealous of Nina. Franco tells her that he feels like they’re too polite together.

Everyone is annoyed about Valentin skating on the murder charges. He says it’s Ava’s word against his. He claims he shot Nicholas in self=defense, and Doc was an accident.

Kiki says that seeing Dillon reminds her of everything she did wrong. Dillon says she’s not responsible for what happened, but she says she’s responsible for what led up to it. Like she should have babysat Morgan. She says she was disloyal for being happy with Dillon. She asks him to go.

The kid at Sonny’s came on a dare. His friends encouraged him to go trick-or-treating at “the godfather’s house.” Sonny roughs him up for pretending to be Morgan and the kid calls him crazy.

Doc brings up the attempted kidnappng of Spencer, and Valentin has an answer for that too. The deal he struck got rid of all charges in the US. Anna is taking the case. Valentin says this is his home now. He hands Alexis the papers.

Charlotte freaks out at The Floating Rib, wanting mommy.

Sonny tells the kid he disreapected him and his son. Jason comes in just in time, and the kid skedaddles. Jason tells Sonny he’s checking on him. Sonny says he’s doing just great; his son is gone and he’ll never see him again. For a moment, he thought everything was okay, but Morgan is dead because of something he did.

Nina explains how Charlotte changed fathes to Dillon.

Ava tells Valentin that  he’d won; he didn’t have to shoot Nicholas. Valentin insists it was an accident. Laura givs the papers back to Valentin. He says they can live together peacefully and become friends. Lulu asks what he wants.

Charlotte screams like a banshee, and says she hates Griff. Elizabeth intervenes. She says blah blah, mom loves her, but daddy does too. Charlotte is dressed as a nurse and Elizabeth says that she’s a nurse too. She works with her daddy who’s a doctor.

Jason tells Sonny about a guy named Christoph, who’s bomb signature matches the one in the car. He says the cops are trying to link him to Sonny, and if they’re chasing a false lead, it could work to his advantage. Sonny says it won’t change anything about his responsibility. Morgan, who Sonny sees on the couch, tells him that he told Morgan to take responsibility, not it’s his turn.

Valentin says he’s sorry; he has childhood abandonment issues. He wants to prove himself to the family. He says he’ll give them some time to process things and leaves.

Griff thanks Elizabeth, who says she’s an old hand at tantrums. Griff says he’s going to deal with explaining about Clauette tomorrow.


Franco tells Kiki that he can’t turn his back on Elizabeth for a second; she’s not even safe with a priest. Kiki tells him to quit being insecure and jealous; he’s sounding like Morgan. Franco says yeah, and Morgan had nothing to worry about.

Franco makes a crack about Griff to Elizabeth. She’s like, what the hell, she was just helping a friend and he’s acting like a moron. He says they’ve been set back a few times. Elizabeth says he knows how she feels, but he says he wants to know if what’s happening between them is real. She asks if he’s talking about sex, and Franco says no, yes, are they going to have it?

Not-really-there Morgan tells Sonny he has to make it right. Jason asks how much Sonny has had to drink, and Sonny says not enough to pass out. He tells Jason that he’s a bad man with many failings, but not a coward. He has to live with a son being dead because of him, and he might not be sober, but he’ll be sane. Jason tells him to get some sleep and offers to stay. Vision Morgan tells Sonny to send him away. He knows what he has to do. He has his piece.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he has real feelings and needs to know if what they have is real. Elizabeth says she wants to really, really get to know him, and when the time is right, they’ll most likely end up in bed. She lays a tremendous kiss on him.

Ava tells Laura that Valentin murdered Nicholas without a second thought, and thinks he’d murder anyone who got in his way. Doc asks about Spencer. Laura says he’s safe, but the school is stepping up security. She’s shocked about the house being stolen out from underneath her. She says if he thinks they can get along, he’s insane. Sam tells Alexis she’s sorry, but Alexis says she needs to know what she’s dealing with. Dante calls Griff.

Griff tells Charlotte that in spite of his mistakes, God gave her to him, and he’s keeping her safe.

Valentin enters the office at Crimson, and tells Nina hello.

Sonny tells Jason to leave; he’s going to sleep. Jason says Max is outside, and he’s just a cell phone call away if Sonny needs anything. They say good-by.

Spectre Morgan gives a thumbs up. Sonny calls Diane. He wants to know what he owns legally offshore, and tells her he wants to get his affairs in order. In-Sonny’s-head Morgan tells him good-by and disappears.

I have no clue what’s happening tomorrow, because Halloween.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Meghan wants to be with her family when she and Jim learn the sex of their baby. The doctor has helped them have a cake made, where the inside icing will either be pink or blue. They cut the cake and it’s pink. In her interview, Meghan says she’d like to give Jim a boy, but she’s excited about having a girl. We flash back to her IVF treatments and how difficult the whole process has been.

Vicki and Briana check out Briana’s new house. The renovations are taking forever and they’ve totally blown the budget. Briana has brought her interior designer along. In her interview, Briana says, as usual, her mom is overly involved. They talk about Tamra’s party, and Vicki says they’ve had a roller coaster relationship for years. Briana thinks she’s being used as a buffer, but she’s okay with it because she cares about both of them.

Shannon talks to David about the party for Tamra, and how Vicki and Kelly are invited because Tamra wanted them on the guest list. David isn’t thrilled about having Vicki over and neither is Shannon. David says he’ll just suck it up. They’re taking one for the Tamra team.

Everyone gets ready for the party. Things are going well with Kelly and Michael. She says he’s been looking after her concerns and is attentive, and maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. Meghan comes by, and Kelly says Shannon thinks she owes her an apology, even though they were both wrong. Meghan thinks Kelly should just apologize first. In her interview, she says she saw a side of Heather on the Ireland trip that she didn’t like, and that she can be coniving. She tells Kelly that she can give low blows, like telling Shannon she had hair on her chin. Kelly jokes that it wasn’t mean, she was just helping a sister out. To our discredit, Meghan and I both laugh.

Shannon tells her makeup person that she’s not into seeing Vicki or Kelly at the party. She says Vicki crossed the line and you never know what you’re going to get with Kelly.

Tamra is pissed because Vicki said something about Eddie a hundred years ago, even though Eddie couldn’t care less. In her interview, it sounds like she’s being angry in retrospect about things that Vicki has done. Eddie gives Tamra a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes and now I’m wondering if he’s gay. JUST KIDDING. I think.

Terry asks Heather what the party is about, and immediately Heather starts gossiping about Vicki and Kelly. We flash back to how some of the girls foisted alcohol on Kelly in Ireland. Heather says she’s seen who they are and she gets it. Whatever that means. Heather has contributed a donut tower to the party.

The donut tower collapses and Tamra scarfs up the donuts on the ground, since she’s been deprived for so long. Really just kidding this time. But only because she’s not there yet.

Vicki has written a nice apology letter to Shannon, saying she’s in a better place and hopes they can make a fresh start and move on. She tells Briana that Shannon will never take any responsibility, so she’s willing to do it. In her interview, Vicki says she doesn’t want any conflict with the girls any more, and just wants to move on. It will never happen. Never. They are totally in the stuck position with Vicki. Except for Meghan, who threw me for a loop this season. Maybe she just needed to be more hormonal.

The honored guest arrives. Ha-ha! There’s one of those things you put your head through to take a picture and it’s Tamra’s body. Everyone attacks the donuts. Tamra and Mia talk about her next fitness goal. No rest for the wicked. Heather and Shannon are all kissy-kissy. Shannon tells Heather about the donut tower, and we flash back to the cake bow incident. I’d forgotten about that. Another time when I thought Heather overreacted. Tamra makes nasty remarks about a nice text Vicki sent to her. She teleports across the room the second Vicki enters the party. Vicki gives Shannon the card. In her interview, Shannon isn’t pleased. She doesn’t like that Vicki couldn’t “woman up” and tell her in person. Well, some people write better than they talk. I don’t think anything would be enough though. Vicki hunts down Tamra and asks if she got the text, and Tamra pretends she didn’t. What an a-hole she is.

Meghan, Kelly and Michael arrive. Meghan tells everyone it’s a girl. Vicki asks her about names and such. Tamra, Heather and Shannon sit apart from them. Shannon says it’s been 15 days since they came back from Ireland and now Vicki is apologizing. Vicki tells Kelly that the clique is clique-ing. Kelly says when you have a party, you should want to make everyone comfortable. I agree. I don’t get why Tamra wanted her there if she was just going to be rude. I also don’t like the public confrontation stuff.

Meghan joins the clique. Shannon gripes about the late apology. Meghan talks about Kelly wanting to apologize, but feeling like she was being ganged up on, and that they were trying to get her drunk. Shannon jokes about a conspiracy theory, and wonders if Kelly thinks she’s involved with JFK’s death too. Meghan tells Heather that Kelly thinks she’s meddling, and says Heather was whispering about her. Of course Heather justifies what she did. Meghan says she likes Kelly. Healther says it’s so vile, Vicki and Kelly belong together.

I’ve decided that Tamra should invest in a dictionary since she can’t come up with anything better to say than the f-word. I’m not opposed to it, but she’s like Johnny One-Note. Any time she doesn’t like what someone says, it’s an immediate f-u.

Tamra has ice-breaking gifts that are also an f-u to Vicki. What did I just say? They’re “mug shots” of each woman, with their charges underneath them. Kelly’s is public drunkeness; Shannon’s, judgy eyes; Meghan’s, concealing a child; Heather’s, being too fancy. Since Vicki realized she wasn’t wanted, she wandered off to the bar, but Tamra tracks her down. Her charge is lying. Vicki acts like it’s a big joke. In her interview, Tamra says she’s going to put it on a bumper sticker next. What is wrong with this woman? I probably say that at least three times during every Wives episode. In her interview, Vicki says Tamra is trying to bait her, and she’ll be polite, but the shirt is going in the garbage.

Kelly wants to talk to Shannon about their “miscommunication.” Shannon says she’d made amends with Kelly, and then Kelly dared to say she had hair on her chin. Like that came out of the blue. Shannon says this is the first time she’s heard Kelly say that she’s wrong, and talks about the lies that could hurt her children, dragging Vicki into it. Kelly says she was wrong, but felt backed into a corner. Shannon says what the two of them repeated wasn’t true, but now it’s out there. Heather tries putting in her two cents, but Kelly calls her an interloper and wants to know why Heather is after her. Heather says that Kelly lashes out and says mean things; saying horrible stuff and then apologizing is her algorithm. Please. Fancy isn’t the word. Kelly talks about Heather saying she was having a mental breakdown, and Heather says she is. Kelly calls her insecure for interfering in other people’s business. Heather says she wanted to like her.

Vicki starts to walk away and Heather says don’t move. Really, she says that. She tells Vicki she has things to answer for.Vicki says she’s not going on the witness stand again, and Tamra tells her to quit talking about people. She says Vicki is insecure because she dated a d-bag, and Vicki agrees that she did. Tamra says bottom line, Vivki needs to stop talking about people and STFU.

Vicki tells Tamra to stop talking about her. We flash back to Tamra talking about Vicki. Vicki says she’s not apologizing anymore. In her interview, she says if you don’t like people talking about you, stop talking about people; it’s that simple. Vicki tells Tamra that she doens’t want any more mean girl stuff, and heads for the door. Shannon stops her, saying she can write an apology, but can’t say it? Vicki says sorry. Shannon says she draws the line at her children. She tells Vicki that they had fun together in Ireland, but then she realized she was back in bed with the devil. Why does it always have to be so dramatic? Vicki says she’s worried about her. Shannon says that she and David renewed their vows and they’re fine. She saysshe and Vicki are done, even though she has empathy for her. Vicki is pretty apathetic through Shannon’s whole tirade, and says fine, have a nice life. In her interview, she says she doesn’t want to be around toxic people anymore.

Shannon and Heather talk about Vicki. In her interview, Heather says sometimes relationships aren’t salvagable and it’s time to move on. She doesn’t know the future with either Kelly or Vicki.

It’s the finale, so they have the blurbs about what’s happening now, along with a few parting sentences. Meghan feels that she’s not so sure she wants her child exposed to this nonsense, and is thinking about a permanent move back to St. Louis.

Briana approaches Tamra and asks if she’ll talk to Vicki. Tamra says she will for Briana. Briana thinks Vicki’s deflection and lack of taking responsibility have cost a lot in regard to her friendships. Vicki apologizes to Tamra for repeating a rumor. Tamra says that Vicki continuously talks about people, and it’s vicious, like her saying David beat Shannon. Vicki says she worries about Shannon. Tamra trots away from her, saying Shannon is fine and Vicki is a bitch. Her final Christian parting shot. Vicki tells Briana, let’s go. We flash back to Vicki’s apologies at the beginning of the year. She tells Briana that she thought they cold move forward, but she’s tired of their accusations and she’s done.

Tamra says sometimes you have to let people go, and a lot of blah blah blah.

Vicki tells Briana that she hates conflict, but every time she thinks it’s done, something else happens. The end blurbs aren’t very interesting, although Briana was diagnosed with Lupus, so at least that puts her health issue to rest.

Next time, the reunion. Same advice as for New Jersey – duck and run.

🎃 Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween! 🎃

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